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Music is more layman, only from the perspective of interpersonal communication. Although everyone laughed at Chen Xiaojun, this dispute exposed a very common problem in interpersonal communication: always centering on oneself, unable to truly listen to and understand the demands of others. In a modern society where “independence” and “individualism” are admired, if “self-centeredness” (in other words, selfishness) becomes an addictive habit, people will never be able to obtain high-quality love, affection, and friendship. When two people disagree, the correct way of expression should be: explain a fact that has happened, tell the other person their emotions (how do you feel about this matter), make your own demands, and then the two people listen to each other and understand. Find a solution that can meet the demands of both parties. First, how did the conflict happen? When discussing their respective parts, Chen Xiaoyun took the initiative to choose section A. According to the correct way of expression, what she should say is: 1. This song is difficult, in my opinion, the latter part is not easy to sing (state the facts) 2 .I am worried that I will not be able to sing the latter part well and will mess up the whole performance, so I am very anxious (tell the other party my emotions) 3. So I hope to sing the opening part (make my own demands); and Joey Yung waits for a few singers The opinion is that the beginning part is not as simple as imagined, and it is also difficult for singers. It is necessary to find the person who is most capable of this part to sing. However, due to his extremely self-centered thinking and way of expression, Chen Xiaojun finally expressed the meaning: The latter part is difficult to sing, so it should be left to the singers to sing. I am confident that I can sing the opening part well, and I hope everyone believes me. If I want to sing in public, I just want to embarrass me, let me change parts, and question my ability. First of all, she directly expressed her feelings as a request to others: “You come to sing the latter part.” There is no even the stage of consultation (the reason is that singers who have strong ability should sing what she thinks is the most difficult part). At the same time, he completely ignored the concerns and demands of the singers. And for singers like Joey Yung, if they can correctly realize that Chen Xiaojun’s appeal comes directly from anxiety about their singing ability at the time of the conflict, they will spend more time explaining that the latter part may be simpler than the beginning, and comfort Chen Xiaojun everyone will work hard to help her sing her part well. But in fact, Joey Yung has done a good job. She explained that the second half of the song may not have the previous difficulties, but it is a pity that Chen Xiaoyu can’t listen to it. Later, when the two people quarreled in public in class, Chen Xiaoyu understood Joey Yung’s encouragement to everyone as a “persecution” to himself in a super-self way of thinking. In Joey Yung, he kept apologizing, saying that he was “tired and just wanted to be the team.” When it’s good, it ignores and responds to the views and emotions expressed by the other party, but reiterates “I know, I am also very anxious”. If you can stand in the position of others and see Joey Yung crying and apologizing, the first reaction should be to comfort her, respond to her apology, and then explain your feelings. –Why do so many people always only take themselves as the center in their interpersonal relationships? This is a way of self-protection, able to resist possible attacks from the outside world in a short time, and put one’s own emotions in the most important position. In other words, it is to put “be happy” in the first place. However, this approach will allow a person to shut out all high-quality intimacy, friendship, and family relationships, which is harmful and unhelpful in the long run. In order to pursue short-term happiness and comfort, they will lose long-term happiness.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

I think it’s difficult for ordinary people to comment on the right and wrong of this matter. The opinions of several singers are that it is easy to sing the bass part if it is out of tune, but it is very difficult to sing well. It is impossible for non-singer to sing well. The singer interprets the bass in order to add highlights to the performance. People from actors, or even ordinary people like us, think that the high pitch is difficult to sing. If I can’t reach the range, I can’t sing. If I can’t sing up, I can’t sing up. Hard sing is a broken tone and out of tune. . So the key to this matter is whether Chen Xiaojun and several non-singer members of the team, if they are really arranged to sing the high-pitched part, will they be able to sing smoothly. Regarding the judgment of whether they can sing high notes, is Joey Yung’s judgment as a professional singer accurate, or their own judgment of their own voice conditions. If Joey Yung can be determined from a professional point of view, and with their voice conditions, after certain practice, they can complete the high pitch without errors, then Joey Yung’s word segmentation plan should be supported. If Joey Yung failed to correctly judge the range conditions of several actors, but as a singer, I think that there is something difficult about such a high pitch, and I can definitely sing, then maybe I really owe it to consideration. In any case, I think there is a problem with their communication. Joey Yung only emphasized that the bass part is difficult to sing well, but did not provide a solution for how to make several actors sing the high-pitched part well, and did not give them confidence. I am also a person who can’t sing. You suddenly asked me to sing a high pitch. I couldn’t sing instinctively. I resisted it. Can you tell me a professional vocal teacher to teach me how to sing? I must feel hung, is it really possible to have a broken voice like me? But I also want to hear what a professional teacher will say in person. If the teacher thinks I am sure I can do it, then I will practice and try it, but if the teacher does not say I am OK, you say I have to perform a high-pitched singing. I’m sure I’ll run away.

8 months ago

I just can think of how happy Mani will be when he knows this. Zu Goe has proven his excellence time and time again through hard work, and there is no shortage of popularity or strength. Did she come to Sister Lang to improve her singing and dancing? Or to improve leadership? Or come to make friends in the circle? It’s not to show you how explosive the stage is. After all, she can achieve this goal by participating in any variety show or concert. So what is the difference between Lai Lang? It’s just a decent way for colleagues to set off. The sisters of Sister Lang 2 all took the strategy of Sister Lang 1. They would rather be said to pull the hips than to stand out casually. Everyone is smarter, so in this regard they have been criticized by the lively netizens. No, someone finally lost his breath. People who are online in strength and popularity are really not afraid of not having a chance. After all, there are always unknowing and smart people doing something funny for their own sake. Social competition has never been about campus scoring, it is mainly set off by peers.

8 months ago

In fact, disputes over word participles are not a big problem. Both the first season and the second season exist. The main reason is that the group’s private relationship is too general. The dispute lasted for so long, from the training room to the conference room, Jiang Yingrong barely stepped forward until he was about to lose control. Joey Yung was too cautious as the captain. I still remember when she first came, she said that she hoped that a group could share the joy and bear the pain. In the end, she still bears the pressure on herself. In fact, it’s not just her, most of the sisters are too tight this season, so in fact the team really needs Zhang Yuqi, Sidan, Daxi, Meng Jia, Shen Mengchen, and Huang Ling. People who need this kind of adjustment atmosphere, but also need A Duo, Yi Nengjing, this kind of mental adjustment person. When Naying and the group were eating hot pot, they asked Meng Jia and Sidan how to do it. Meng Jia said don’t think so much, just leave a stage that belongs to you. This is what it means for everyone to do this together! Word segmentation cannot tell right from wrong, no matter what the result of the word segmentation, the whole group will fight together. If someone is gone, cry again!

8 months ago

Didn’t Joey Yung say, “Fools step on each other, wise men lift each other.” In this issue, Chen Xiaojun is an interpretation of what is a fool’s stepping on people, what is a layman’s guidance to an insider, what is self-contained, what is moral kidnapping, what is my weakness, what is reasonable, what is using tears as a weapon, what is a double standard, and what is Invert black and white. (Unfortunately accepting Joey Yung squatting on the ground crying to apologize to her, and still pretending to say “this will not affect us” in the post-harvest?) It is a pity that a wise man meets a wise man and complements each other. When a wise man meets a fool, he is instantly caught by the other person. Use IQ and physical limitations to drag down the water. It is said that Sigong Jiang Yingrong was eliminated. Isn’t this the wise man being dragged into the water by the fool? Dear friends, in the show, the team members of Joey Yung and Liu Zhuo analyzed that “this is the difference between the cognition of the actor and the singer” is nothing more than a stage talk. Otherwise, what else can they say? “This is the difference between Chen Xiaoyun and Joey Yung”? “Is this the difference between Chen Xiaoyu and Joey Yung’s level?” We don’t have to talk about these stage talks, okay? Be confident, not because of different identities, different cognitions, but different levels, different personalities, different personalities, and different patterns. When Joey Yung and Chen Xiaojun confronted, Lu Yi comforted Chen Xiaojun (also related to Lu Yi sitting next to Chen Xiaojun), and other people had to give her warmth when they saw her crying hard. at this time. Jiang Yingrong’s actions are really great. Sit on the table to form a human screen, which is physically separated first. But she is facing Joey Yung. My understanding is that she is on the side of Joey Yung, and then she plays a lively atmosphere. She can see and let go, very wise and cute. Joey Yung’s weakness is that she is too sensible, too eager to know everything, too much to take care of everyone, too much afraid of others feeling bad about her, afraid of not being accepted. She is very sincere and very angry, but she doesn’t love herself enough, so it makes people feel distressed. Chen Xiaojun said “I am also for the good of the team”, please don’t take it seriously. In order to live through the four males, in order to stay until the end, it is true. The current teammate atmosphere, other people’s perspectives, and the moral laws in the heart, as long as they don’t have anything, there is nothing to hold her back. Why is there a segment, only a is not a high pitch? (In Chen’s original words, it’s hard to say cdfg, so there is obviously be). Very simple, A is the opening, singing A can stand in the c position at the beginning, and it gives the audience a deep impression. One male and two males, Chen is the opening c-place, and the second male also sings the first line. The question is in the current group, do you have the strength to start the game? So I want something that I can’t control, and I’m so fake. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make progress in your career, everyone thinks. But using extravagance and kidnapping with morality is really low.

8 months ago

Jiang Yingrong pointed out the main problem. First, there is a gap between the singing right and the goal. Singing the right paragraph is just a basic operation, the goal is to sing well. Joey Yung assumes that everyone can sing directly and judges who can sing better. But she overlooked that Chen Xiaoyun did not possess some of the abilities of a singer. First of all, Chen Xiaojun can’t read scores. She needs to practice to find the intonation, but professional singers have the ability to sing directly by looking at the scores and lyrics. Secondly, Chen Xiaojun said that she was not confident, which meant that she might not be able to sing emotionally, which caused Liu Zhuo’s misjudgment. Joey Yung is working hard for the goal, she has the basic skills of a singer. Chen Xiaojun can only sing A based on the difficulty or the characteristics of the range. Jiang Yingrong said that everyone finds this song difficult. But Chen Xiaojun thinks that the difficulty is that the high pitch is difficult, while Joey Yung thinks it is difficult to sing well. Second, Jiang Yingrong said that after practicing the whole song, he should consider which passage to sing. This statement is correct. How can you be emotional when you don’t sing well? This is also a question that Chen Xiaoyun considered. It has nothing to do with green tea. It is related to professional ability. Chen Xiaoyun did not communicate very well, and did not clearly state his demands.

8 months ago

Why did Chen Xiaoyun cry? Actually, Teacher Liu Zhuo said later. Chen Xiaoyun felt that it was embarrassing for her to sing this song as soon as she got it. If she couldn’t sing well, she would have to change the passage. Chen Xiaoyun should not only want A, or they started out. When there was a disagreement on A, the following word selection did not proceed. Who said that, the singer thinks that the treble is not difficult to sing, the actor thinks that the treble is difficult to sing, the singer does not want to sing badly in the front and the treble in the back is useless, the actor thinks that the treble is really uncontrollable. Singing a high note, the singer did not give an actor how to make the high note long and not unpleasant. If the front sing is done well, the treble at the back will not be nice, not to mention that the singers in the front may not sing well when they say it. In the end, Mr. Liu Zhuo decided on a plan for the actors to sing. There may be contrasts in the front, and the high notes in the back are really only the singers can sing. This is a decision to decide where to put the short board in order to make the whole song as high as possible. They really didn’t communicate well. If Naying or Rainie Yang were the team leader, this would definitely happen. Naying would consider who could sing and who could not sing, and directly convince Rainie Yang to be a good decision maker. This is really a big problem in communication. Weibo is really one-sided. Maybe it’s because Sister Langer has finally had a quarrel for so long.

8 months ago

Haha, isn’t this what I answered yesterday? Answer it again. Chen Xiaojun is indeed wrong, Joey Yung is really difficult, but it is wrong to scold Chen Cha, it is better to say she is water. After seeing the first stage, she probably sang out of tune, not purely for the sake of dazzling. It’s just a poor student’s thinking, and quickly grab a segment that can be completed, don’t be ashamed of not being able to sing. The result was a live sing? Isn’t that out of tune exposed? I certainly couldn’t be selected, so I could only cry and hide. After all, the other sisters came to Akabella in the last game, and she was with the hula hoop next to her. Chen is still good at dancing, archery is also good, but singing is really not good. In addition, the dispute did not create much heat, but I like watching Lang Er very much, and I like my sisters.

8 months ago

I think it will not rise to the height of respect and disrespect, nor use green tea to describe me, but I think it is normal. A normal person will really feel unconfident and inferior in the face of his shortcomings. It’s really uncomfortable to show my shortcomings without preparation. I’m very resistant. At least for me, I’ll be very resistant to my shortcomings. Only when I’m fully prepared can I dare to show a little bit. Communication has its own problems

8 months ago

The show has been aired until now, and finally it has become hot because of the hair. In the interview, Chen Xiaojun confessed that the desire to win was aroused. And the result is that Joey Yung, a generation queen of Hong Kong, was bullied by this third- and fourth-tier star who wanted to win. The traces of the script cannot be ruled out here. After all, the decline in the popularity of the show has made everyone anxious, and sponsors are also asking Mango Channel to lose money. Obviously, the ratings of this issue have come up. However, even if it is a script, the program team will communicate with the sister who is interested to ensure that the other party is willing to cooperate with the performance. Therefore, if there is a script, it means that Chen Xiaojun wants to be red too much, even if black and red are red. She can no longer care about the growing demand for celebrities’ reputation in domestic entertainment today. If you don’t have a script, it’s not just going crazy, it’s a real problem of character.

8 months ago

When I was watching the show, I was also thinking about who was right, and it was difficult for me to judge. From the perspective of non-singers such as Chen Xiaojun: If ordinary people sing high notes, there is a high chance that they will break the tone. What they think is not to let this performance drop to a level. From the perspective of Joey Yung and other singers: This song needs feelings and skills very much, and it must be opened well at the beginning. What they think is to try their best to bring this performance to a higher level. In the end, Joey Yung temporarily compromised. In fact, I really admire Chen Xiaojun, how I think I can stick to the end, even if there is a certain conflict with his teammates. I think if I were Chen Xiaojun, I might be arranged to sing a high pitch without insisting on it, and then show a broken-sounding howling of pigs during the performance….Wait, howling of pigs? Chen Xiaojun sang the high pitch, and Joey Yung knew immediately that Chen Xiaojun was really not suitable for high pitch? So there is still a problem with the way they communicate…

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