Dear summoner, hello everyone, today we are here to introduce a brand new system: Project Lucky Star. Joining the Fuxing Program can immediately experience the latest mall theme series skins, and receive benefits including 20 yuan skin coupons (3 pieces), double experience bonus, free name change, free zone transfer, and free ping number.

What is the Fuxing Project?

The Fuxing Project is a brand-new game experience value-added service launched by League of Legends. For only 68 yuan a month, you can open the benefits of the Fuxing plan for 31 days, and you can experience the following 5 value-added services during the effective period of the Fuxing plan.

During the test period of the Fuxing Program, the price will be discounted to 60 yuan per month for a limited time.

Free to use the latest theme skins

After joining the Fuxing Program, you will immediately get the 31-day free use right of the latest theme series skin (you can learn about the free skin rights in the skin pool introduction on the event page). At the same time, during the effective period of the Fuxing program, you will also automatically receive the 31-day free trial right after the new skin is put on the shelves, subject to the skin pool configuration.

Note 1: For the right to use the new theme skins obtained during the effective period of the Fuxing Program, the skin experience rights will not exceed the remaining time of the Fuxing Program, and the maximum time is 31 days.

Please note that the free use of the new skin is only valid during the benefit period of the Fuxing plan. If the benefit of the Fuxing plan expires, you will not be able to continue to experience the skin. After the expiration of the follow-up fee, the skin rights that have not been used for 31 days will be supplemented to 31 days.

Note 2: The free and experienceable theme skins in the skin rights only include the skins that are normally newly listed on the store during the rights period. It does not include special skins such as limited, Zhizhen, Hex, etc., does not include limited-time shelf skins, and does not include dazzling colors. skin.

Note 3: The free experience of theme skins is subject to the announcement of the skin pool on the Fuxing Project page, and will be adjusted according to the content of the new version. When the test goes online on March 19, the new skin pools are: Battle Academy 2021, Little Bee 2021, Shanhai Eju 2021, Ruined Legion 2021, Foyego, Guardian of Fortune Cow.

Note 4: The maximum free use time for each new skin is 31 days.

3 RMB 20 skin coupons

During the effective period of the Fuxing Program, you will get 3 20 yuan skin coupons every 31 days, which can be used in Daojucheng and Pocket League of Legends APP.

If the summoner purchases the skins in the Lucky Stars plan skin pool at the offer price, for each skin purchased, one coupon can be exchanged for 2000 points during the coupon validity period.

Note 1: The face value of the coupon is “20 yuan less than 20.01” skin coupons. The minimum value of the skin purchased must be 20 yuan or more before it can be used.

Note 2: The use of coupons includes skins normally sold in the mall (including the latest skins), but discounted skins, limited skins and other items cannot be used.

Note 3: Coupons are valid within 31 days of receipt, and they will automatically become invalid if they are not used or redeemed at the expiration date.

Note 4: If you purchase the Fuxing plan for multiple months at a time, 3 coupons will be issued every 31 days.

Note 5: You already have the function of redeeming coupons into points when you purchase a new skin at the original price, subject to the skin pool announced on the Fuxing Program page when you click the redemption. Because the skin pool will be adjusted according to the version update, please redeem it in time by the summoner.

Double experience bonus

Join the Lucky Star Program, and every time you purchase a plan, you will automatically receive a 31-day double experience bonus. The experience bonus is issued in the form of a 31-day double experience card, which can be stacked with the event card, but cannot be used with the duration double experience card.

Free name change

Every time you purchase a month of Fuxing plan, you can get a free chance to change your name. If you purchase for more than a month, you can get multiple chances to change your name, and the chances to change your name can be cumulative. All rename opportunities are valid during the duration of the plan. After the plan expires, an additional 180-day validity period will be added. If it is not used, it will automatically become invalid. Free rename will comply with all rules of the rename system. The rename opportunity cannot be used during the period when the rename card is removed.

Free Ding

Dinghao is a new value-added service launched by League of Legends. For every two months you purchase the Lucky Star plan, you can get one chance for Dinghao. If you purchase for multiple months, you can get multiple Ding chances, which can be accumulated. All Dinghao opportunities are valid during the duration of the plan, and an additional 180-day validity period will be added after the plan expires. If it is not used, it will automatically become invalid.

Use 1 chance of Ding number, you can directly upgrade an account less than level 30 in any area of ​​the Summoner’s QQ number to level 30, and get all unclaimed rewards before level 30. “Ding!”

If the summoner has reached level 30 in all regions, you can use the opportunity to ding the number once to directly upgrade the account that is planned to be bound to the region with level 30 or above to level 10, and get all upgrade rewards.
Note: The prerequisite for the plan to directly upgrade to level 10 in the bound region is that all accounts in other regions reach level 30 or above.
Free zone transfer
For every 3 months of Fuxing plan purchased, you will get a free transfer opportunity. After purchasing for multiple months, the transfer opportunities can be accumulated. All transfer opportunities are valid during the duration of the plan. After the plan expires, an additional 180-day validity period will be added. If it is not used, it will automatically become invalid. Free zone transfer will comply with all the rules of the zone transfer system.
Note: Getting a free transfer opportunity does not mean that you can transfer directly to the zone immediately. If the daily transfer quota of the transfer system has reached the upper limit, the transfer is not allowed. Please refer to the transfer system rules for the transfer operation.
How to join the Fuxing Project
The Fuxing Project will start testing soon. The appointment will be opened on March 12, and the test qualifications will be released in batches from March 19th. Summoners with test qualifications can purchase to join the Fuxing Project. If you do not obtain the test qualification in the first time after the appointment, please be patient and we will gradually expand the scale of the test qualification issuance according to the test situation.
During the test period, Fuxing plans to purchase a limit of 36 months.
During the test period, you can enjoy a special price of 60 yuan/month for a limited time, and the original price will be restored after the test.
We will continue to optimize and adjust the activities and rules based on user feedback.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

First express the point of view: the subscription system led by xgp is the current trend of the game platform. It is understandable that Tencent hopes to increase revenue channels. I can understand the “not worth it” that everyone criticized. Let me first summarize the things in the Fuxing plan 1. Free experience for 31 days of skins (not Zhizhen, Hex, limited) 2.3 20 yuan skin coupons 3. Double experience 4. Free name change every month 5. Free Ding Number every two months (up to level 30) 6. Free transfer order every three months. From the point of view of value, three skin coupons of 20 yuan are equivalent to the monthly fee, even if there is no discount. It is also equivalent to buying four other services with 8 yuan. So, if you are a medium to heavy skin collection party, you can guarantee to buy three skins or more per month. There is no doubt that the Fuxing plan is indeed worth buying. , Excluding medium-to-heavy krypton players, this subscription service is a bit tasteless. Few people have the need for three or more zones to play together. Even if they do, most of them will choose Taobao for less than 15 yuan. Most of the 5w’s quintessential trumpets are only required once for zone transfer and name change. And so far, basically all resident players have level 100 or higher, and basically have a hero pool that is skilled in use. There is no need to brush levels and essence, so the last four services can only be said to be launched for specific groups of people. Of course, I personally appreciate the first item very much, but it is too limited. The most obvious point is that it can only work on the new series of skins. It is limited by the efficiency of fisting new skins, the quality of the skins, and the corresponding skins. The appearance rate of heroes and so on. Few players specialize in practicing heroes in order to try new skins. Heroes that can’t play hard to experience the skin will also destroy the game environment. If only the first service is reserved, and some t3 skins are randomly launched every month for free experience, plus a skin coupon of 20 yuan, the monthly subscription price is 20 yuan, so I would be more willing to go to Krypton.

7 months ago

Seeing a picture in the group gave me some inspiration. In fact, this kind of experience service is also something that everyone needs to experience by hand, and recognize that skin effects are a derivative of the era, because everyone is now more sensible and less impulsive for consumption. If the experience is good, I will buy it again, which is in line with the consumption philosophy of many people. But let’s change our minds to think about it, once you participate in the Fuxing Project, in a sense, you should have taken a fancy to one of the skins in the Fuxing Project and want to get started and try its effects. If you simply experience the skin for 31 days, then the price of 60 (that is, a rough calculation of 2 yuan/day) is relatively expensive for most users. The most important thing should be the three coupons for 20 yuan and the service of changing the name of the district for free, so that a transaction that seems not to lose is actually ready to buy a skin when you purchase this service. , Unless you have more weird ideas and want to do more outrageous things. I still hope that everyone can use it wisely, healthy games and enjoy reasonable consumption of life.

7 months ago

Just after the Arbor Day, you still regarded me as a cash cow, right? All the ding horns are here, it is better to divide the lol into two camps, the player must join one of them, while the leader is a great little prince, and the leader is an extremely black heart. Cruel queen. In this way, there is one pass on both sides, and the skins are also integrated into two series. It is best that this camp is ugly and the other is good this time. Next time, this camp is good to look at the ugliness of the other, so that players have to buy twice, and the most important thing is to be able to show Switch to faction service.

7 months ago

Let me talk about the related content of the Fuxing plan first: Price: 68 yuan/month, 60 yuan/month in the test phase (upper limit test on March 19) Appointment link: “League of Legends” Fuxing plan-reservations are hot, premium rights, super cool experience ~-League of Legends official website-Tencent Games has the following benefits after opening: 1. One month trial of the latest theme skins (here refers to the latest sets, not one set). 2. One-month double experience card 3. One-time free name change card 4. 3 20 yuan skin coupons The above four are the benefits that can be enjoyed by purchasing for one month, followed by the purchase of multiple months of benefits for 2 months: purchase One account in any region under the Fuxing Plan QQ can be directly upgraded to level 30 for purchase for 3 months: a free transfer opportunity is given. For those who buy several passes in one year, or even have no recharge at all, this Fuxing plan is indeed attractive. It’s not big, but it’s not to the point where everyone shouts. After all, it can give consumers more choices without affecting the fairness of the game. Just enumerate a few scenarios: Scenario 1: Need to change the name, but there is no half price for the name change card. According to the previous two choices, 1. Half price and 2. Purchase at the original price of 49 yuan. But now there is a third option: 68 yuan (60 yuan in the test period). After buying a renamed card, you can also experience the latest sets of skin demos and double experience cards for a month for only 20 yuan. Scenario 2: Need to transfer zone, but there is no half price for transfer zone. The previous options: 1. Wait for half price 2. Purchase at the original price of 199 but now there is a third option: buy the Fuxing Plan 204 for 3 months (the test period is 180), and come with the latest three-month trial sets of skins and double experience cards , At the same time, you can directly upgrade the role of the next large area of ​​the account to 30 levels. Scenario 3: I have friends playing with me in a certain district, but there is another group of friends in other districts. The previous options 1. There is no cost to borrow an account, but it may not be possible to borrow every time 2. Renting an account is 2-4 yuan/h every time you need to rent and switch accounts 3. Buying a quintessential account on Taobao costs 20-30 but each You need to switch accounts for the second time. Now you have a fourth option: buy a two-month Fuxing plan for 136 yuan (120 in the test phase) and use your own QQ to upgrade that area to level 30. It comes with a 2-month double experience card and a skin trial. , Rename card. Generally speaking, this item is good, but I shouldn’t buy it either. After all, I moved to the district a long time ago, and the name has just been changed. Skins that I don’t usually like are rarely bought separately. I put aside these orders for a single month The double experience card, the skin trial and the few coupons that will not be used are obviously not worth my 68 months to raise, unless you help me arrange the function with the highest number of votes in the picture below

7 months ago

What interests me most is this right, “Ding Number”, which directly turns a new number into level 30. Can meet the minimum requirements for qualifying. In the past few years, when I started hacking with my friends, the most troublesome thing was that the area was different, so I got a loan number. In high school, my class was mainly in two districts, most of them were in Shadow Island, but a few were in the Watching Sea; while the next class was mostly in the Watching Sea. Every time there is a civil war within a class, or an external war with the next class, due to the different regions, borrowing and changing numbers are always messed up, and the network expenses are all spent on the coordination account. It’s even more difficult when you get to college, there are all kinds of places to play. Some large numbers have hundreds of skins, and it is not realistic to change the number. Every time I bring someone up, I have to go to Taobao to buy a new account, but even if I buy seven or eight districts, I still don’t have an account. And I don’t remember most of these accounts. The login is all based on the mobile memo. At that time, I wanted to practice an account, each district is full level (30j). Of course it is impossible. After graduation, most of them abandoned the pit. Tencent is now launching the “Dinghao” rights, but it gives me the illusion that “League of Legends is going to be cold”. Nowadays, the live broadcast barrage of various platforms is obviously much less. The League of Legends area has also become a retirement area for several major anchors, and no new major anchors have appeared for a long time. This game’s rising period (before and after s4) and the ZTE period (s8) basically attracted young players of a certain age, but now this group is slowly losing, and there are fewer and fewer new players. In fact, this phenomenon existed before S8, but then the two consecutive championships of lpl brought back the heat. With the loss of the S10 World Championship, steam competition, and the younger generation accustomed to mobile games, the League of Legends seems to be no longer in its prestige. So, this behavior will be Tencent at the end of a game’s life cycle, make another fortune? Hope this is another illusion. The mobile game national service is still out, and the international service high-end game environment is too messy.

7 months ago

The effort to make money has increased. The previous client is clean, start the game, store, friends, very simple. Now as soon as I enter, there is a mess of lottery, tickets, and treasures. I remember that the previous lottery was opened once half a year, and then once every three months, once a month. Up to now, there are 24 hour shifts, this lottery is over, the next one will come up seamlessly, and at the same time, the tickets will not drop. Then did this monthly plan again? I really want to make money and want to go crazy. Maybe it’s because I think this game hasn’t been better in a few years. Think about how CF DNF became a Krypton Purgatory step by step. . It feels a bit like that now. I hope not to follow in the footsteps of MOBA Krypton Gold’s ancestor Qifan, Krypton Gold defeated himself to death. In the beginning, I also launched Qifan membership, and later evolved into using ingots (point coupons) to draw equipment directly in the game, and then I retired. . . Originally, the 10V10 Brawl is still very fun, and it is 100 times stronger than the Polar Brawl. I miss the previous CEWD key here. There are also a few favorite heroes: C who is pregnant with Guo Jia, the blower moves Sima, the halo hammer clone Xiahou, the ice jade is back-stabbed in the forbidden, the fierce jade splits Zhao Yun Xuanwu Jiang Wei, the poisonous jade Zhang Yun, the tower Li Dian, the killing sword Cao Xiu, Killing Book Cao Pi Ganning Zhang Liao, Disgusting People Burning Blue Ma Liang, Hidden Knife Electrotherapy Xu Shu, Hidden Knife Combination D Second Yuan Shu, 98K Huang Zhong, Mage Nemesis Deng Ai, 4 consecutive bursts of Jia Xu, invincible double knife Jiang Qin, one knife Liu Diaochan. . . It’s a pity, it’s all memories. . . It is impossible for me to buy this 68VIP. But if there is such a package, I should buy it. [LOL VIP] 30 yuan/month functional privileges: 1. VIP enjoys the purest client without any functional pages related to games (lottery, tickets, TV stations, etc.), priority access to high-speed channels, no queues during peak periods, no Giggs’ mystery shop. 2. VIP enjoys the blackout function. After the game is over, other players can be blacked out. After entering the game queue, the player will be automatically blocked (the number of blocked games is limited to 10 games). 3. VIP Changxiang is renamed once a month for free.

7 months ago

In fact, the subscription system is the general trend of the game industry. Tencent is not the first subscription system. Prior to this, major manufacturers such as EA in the United States, Uplay in France, and Paradox in Sweden have all launched their own subscription packages. Let me first talk about why this model is popular: because the market for single-player games is extremely serious, the investment of a single-player game from development to promotion and subsequent updates is quite high. Only by maintaining high prices and high sales can manufacturers “live” “Go on”, and with the advancement of technology, the game’s graphics are getting closer and closer to “real”, and the tastes of players are constantly improving. This has caused extremely strict involution. The new 3A must have better image quality than the previous one. The optimization is better than the previous one, and the plot is even better. Consumers like to shop around again. For a long time, the buyers of games from many manufacturers are loyal fans. Stand-alone games are very expensive. The subscription system is launched to attract new customers, which is very cost-effective for players. If you encounter a pit, you can terminate the subscription at any time, and you can play all the games of the manufacturer for only a few hundred dollars a month. The special domestic game environment has caused Chinese gamers to be almost derailed from the game industry, so this time the Fuxing Project was misunderstood as Tencent’s “newly developed money-making mode”. Theoretically, the cost-effective model of the “Fuxing Project” is for all new and old players, but in fact, because Chinese players are generally poor (without any derogatory meaning), the horse service far exceeds the skin pricing strategy of all other servers. This plan is actually It became the “Benefits for Krypton Players”. There is a coupon of 60 yuan for 68 yuan, which is equivalent to eight yuan for all new skins + renamed card + transfer service + double experience. Double rounding. I didn’t spend any money. Let’s talk about poor players. Poor is not only the economy. It’s more about time. To be honest, many league players are student parties or hit workers who have entered society. Let’s talk about the student party first. These players have the energy and time to play, but generally they don’t have money. A high school student may cost 300 to 400 meals a week. The school cafeteria is still expensive and not tasty. You can buy snacks and drinks for odds and ends. Stationery goes out and sings a song with classmates, eats a meal, pays a phone bill, and makes an appointment. There may not be 100 yuan left to play games in a month. Some homes don’t even buy a computer. They go online for 20 to 30 yuan an hour. Every month, I spend sixty-eight to open the family members and just kill them. For college students, they have free money and time, but they don’t have time to play in the league. Freshmen and sophomores are busy with dating, traveling, societies, student unions, and juniors. The senior year is busy joining the party, researching, internship, and playing a few games a day is considered a lot. It’s even worse for hitting workers. They may work overtime every day, buy a house and engage in objects, buy a car, and socialize. These players may play a few games from time to time and are forced by life and have no energy to play. In the final analysis, this is the society. Too fragmented

7 months ago

At present, it doesn’t seem to be very useful, the skin can be bought at half price, and the name change and transfer are not attractive. As a distinguished member of Xinyue, it is recommended that Mr. Ma 1. increase the price to 688 a month. 2. You can get a limited skin every month. 3. The opener enjoys the VIP customer service channel of Xinyue 2 at the same level, and has the permission to lift the ban and remove the ban twice a month. 4. The in-game report on hang-up abusive and other in-game reports are given priority. The reported person has a minimum number of 7 days after verification. If the reported person is also a Fuxing program user, the penalty will be deducted credit points. 5. The speed of obtaining rewards for various types of passes, treasures and other activities has been increased by 100%. 6. Launched a special client for Fuxing users, and optimized the loading speed and the game for VIP. 7. Priority is given to matching teammates with high winning rate and opponents with low winning rate when matching games. 8. Typing in the game is not restricted by shielding, and can be forced to unilaterally access voice, which is convenient for communicating tactics with other players in the same game. Above, I charge it every month.

7 months ago

On this day, tx was holding a planning conference, and the host on the stage said: “Those who think that the game should mainly focus on squeezing players’ property, please sit to the right, and think that game operations should ignore public opinion and player opinions. As a last resort, if you don’t fix the error, please sit on the left.” Part of the planners in the audience sat on the right, and some planners went to the left. Only the planners of the League of Legends remained motionless in the middle of the audience. The host asked, “You This is?” LOL planner said: “I think it is necessary to gradually change the game charging mode to increase the monthly flow, empty the wallet of the wrongdoer, but also to purify the player as a dutiful son. If ordinary players say, I will be fart.” Surprised: “Then please come to the stage as soon as possible!”

7 months ago

That is, the virtual currency of the game sells cheaply. Which game costs money? Skin decoration! hero! Transfer zone! Local tyrants don’t care about your membership benefits. It’s ridiculously expensive if you don’t have money. To engage in membership, there are two levels, only for local tyrants, at least 100,000 a year, VIP kicks people and pulls black titles, special services, free unlimited firepower and other rooms, and skins are limited to buy. Game privileges are valuable. Ordinary members can choose 10 skins per month for a month in 2030, and earn 23% more than video members in a year. Guaranteed to increase income by hundreds of millions.

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