I almost only watched iQiyi’s drafts before, and I also played in the c position, and I never missed it once. This time I found that Chuang’s stage had a surprise before I went to chase the show. I have heard about the name Liu Yu before, and I usually have more or less doubts about his dancing ability. However, when I really watched the initial stage and various Behind the camera, I was still amazed. In the stage he showed, there are the first stage of the national style, the classical dance big fish and the freestyle battle. I can see all kinds of people who may be physically uncoordinated and judge him to be admitted to the classical dance of Beiwu without the advantage of height. The foundation is really unnecessary. The threshold of professional dance appreciation is relatively high. It seems to be very simple to turn and jump. When you do it yourself, you will realize that it is difficult to maintain a balance. And his advantage for dancers who are more skillful than him is that his body, feelings, and moods are combined with a sense of atmosphere that allows you to feel the transcendent language even if you haven’t learned Chinese dance on your own basis. Expressed beauty. His big fish, I see the urge to cry, even if I have been studying ballet as an amateur since elementary school, I rarely watch the stage of folk dance and Chinese dance except for street dance. I usually tend to watch various dance studios or professional street dance. A video of the dancer, but his dance briefly stripped me from the daily habit of following the rhythm of the drums that I had developed, and for the first time in a long time I felt that I was calm. Lian’s stage was the first stage I saw in this year’s creation, and I also watched pen-hold shooting. I have also seen that many people criticize classical dance for a long time. There will be some inherent problems in the power and control of street dance, and the professional practice habits are quite difficult to change (for example, classical dance is “soft”, although it seems soft It needs to work hard, but in fact it also pursues the physical extension of the music, which is a restrained way. Now the choreography of the men’s group actually does not have a very strong and full choreography for internal entertainment, but the main reason is that there will be a very clear explosive force. And muscle control, the place that should be clean should be clean and not vague) and Liu Yu is still a professional Chinese dance practicer for 16 years, but he did not show these common problems to a large extent when he danced hip-hop. Know how much effort he has practiced. What he is even better is the flexibility that he has laid down for more than ten years and the characteristics of force. He will feel that his movements are very full and not dry. Although not necessarily strong enough to be “explosive”, they are full and consistent. You You may think that he didn’t jump to cheer, but if you look closely, his actions are still beautiful, and the stage is a comprehensive effect. The simple and superb detail processing may be in front of the camera or in the audience. If you can’t see it, Liu Yu is absolutely good at creating an overall appreciation. Although I don’t have a real feeling about him yet, I still have a good impression of him. I work hard to be strong and have a good character, clean and free. In fact, no matter who is the first c, anyone will be hacked by the draft-no Black material can be used to dig into strength, if strength is no problem, look and style, or air-mouth rumors can consume the fan circle mentality. I think he became the c-rank of this group, and I hope that fans can break the rule that the first c can’t make his debut (but it seems that the celebrity celebrity can’t make the final c this time, and the domestic entertainment draft is about to welcome a new era), I also hope that he can go farther and farther and go to a larger stage with the gentleman’s demeanor in his bones. Some random bb: Every time I really feel that I have a burden in the draft, I really have a heart attack when I chase it down. I am a typical youth victim. This time I always want to just look at the comedians and see the entertainers I haven’t seen for a long time. On the trainee stage, but every time I see a child who works hard, I still understand it. After I understand it, I feel distressed. Most of them know that the path of domestic entertainment debut may be cut and voted during the draft. It may even be hard to find that this person will still be caught in the capital game. The months-long intensive training is accompanied by unreasonable slander and abuse outside the practice room, and the only crime is to block the capital side. Road; even if the fans fight for their debut, they may face a high probability event that the debut is the peak, or a more bloody and fierce competition for resources compared to the show period. The most valuable thing is that they have come along this way. So the meaning of the existence of fans is to try their best to make them walk a little bit easier on the road of pursuing their dreams. (I have never voted for anyone before, even if I love and feel my true feelings, maybe I don’t have time because of academic problems, but now I’m free, I really want to vote for Liu Yu hahaha) After watching the theme song stage Up! He is really suitable to wait for the pen-hold shooting to come out and then write about the afterthought. After all, this choreography is really not difficult and not very beautiful. The technical gap of the dance will not be reflected too much, which corresponds to whether his frame is really beautiful. . (But after the pen-hold shooting came out, there should be a comparison with the guardian position, comparison with the popular contestants, and comparison with the previous c-position. The marketing account may also make a fuss. There should be a wave of drafts. I have to deal with it. It is said that he is the best ever c, although I don’t know if it is a human or a ghost)


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7 months ago

I think Liu Yu can break this law. Chinese, the current debut position, except for the two excavator royals, it is Liu Yu and my son Lin Mo. It is impossible for foreigners to be c, at least the language must be proficient. After the first episode was broadcast, I had a candidate for c-Zhou Keyu. 188 height, good strength, good looks, multilingual, no one is more suitable for c than him. Until he smokes indoors to be a PC, be your old smoker. I made a comprehensive analysis. If a foreigner can’t C, C is either Liu Yu or Lin Mo, but the goose blasts Lin Mo, and I can’t make a hot search. (The ghost knows how desperate I was that night, I was originally No. 1 on the entertainment list. One, it disappears as soon as it is refreshed), Lin Mo can only make his debut in the middle and low positions (5-9), which is equivalent to abandoning the son in C position. Therefore, C can only be Liu Yu. Goose cannot risk letting Zhou Keyu become C. If Lin Mo’s popularity does not explode, it is even more unlikely that Goose will reuse abandoned children. In fact, I think that Goose does not have a favorite C candidate, but Liu Yu is undoubtedly the most suitable person for C so far. Liu Yu made his 100% debut, and is a high-ranking debut. What we want to explore is whether the first c can be the final c.

7 months ago

I feel that he is quite suitable, because except for him, I basically didn’t remember it before I watched it officially, except for Maruko and Zanzan, because the creation camp was originally out of the circle because of the joyous comedy, and PS is actually the end of internal entertainment. The pain masks and expression packs of the instructors are out of the circle. Later, the goose made a reversal. Isn’t it that Liu Yuzanduo and the others danced the most out of the circle? So basically even people who don’t watch Chuang basically know Riki Zando and Liu Yu. Although there are some out of circles, there are many but they are not very good. For example, I have a personal impression of Ganwangsung Candy Super Sweet and Shao Mingming’s performances are relatively average. I like the interactive performances of him and Zanduo and his personal performance skills are great. Wouldn’t it be good for someone who has an out-of-the-loop performance and a certain fan skills to be a c? I hope he can always be the c-place. Although foreign friends may be stronger, he is not good at language skills. Doesn’t he have to wait for interviews, and he doesn’t necessarily understand what people say? What. I hope Zandoriki must form a group, after all, are the free stage teachers not fragrant? I said that I was running off the track, I hope all three of them can make their debut. As for c, it’s okay. Don’t get too bad grades. Although I said about other members, I hope I don’t rise. Thank you.

7 months ago

The situation is different every season! As long as the fans maintain this momentum, there is no problem at all and the money is in place. Whatever you do, this is a goose. And I think Liu Yu is pretty good. There are no black people and smart. He knows what to show in front of the camera, and there is no mid- to late-stage trouble. (The editing of the goose can’t be controlled. But it’s impossible to cut it without saying it from your mouth. ) I think fans can rush to c. Now that the situation is down, the Chinese will also be able to fight Liu Yu fault.

7 months ago

If Liu Yu wants to make his debut. . . Can it really continue to attract fans? Besides, it is still C. . . Just imagine it like this and feel suddenly worse than other boy group Bibi. If a foreigner can’t be a C, I really hope that the younger brother behind can give more shots, not him (call from i boy group, It’s rare that there are so many cute and unrestrained brothers this time) Variety show, without the bonus of comedians, there is really no sense of variety, and it is easy to be sprayed because of “temperament” without a stem. Facade, the body shape is not good, and I don’t comment on the value of the face (but can the boy group really make up boys! This is China, not South Korea! The skin is really not as good as everyone’s saying!), after leaving the island, follow The degree to which anyone in the same frame will be diss. . . Hey singing and dancing in the entertainment industry, dancing is definitely better than singing (soso), but as a group, maybe only the Guofeng stage can have him? But what if the more powerful Guofeng Dance comes on the other side? What the boy group dance wants is to show hormones and attractiveness. It needs to shine with the light of Star~. Looking at the live repo and group visits of a public, you should know that there is no light. . . . . . But it doesn’t feel like he’s going to collapse the house? The national style Hanfu itself is great.

7 months ago

The following is purely personal analysis, I prefer Liu Yu, which may be subjective. After watching the draft for a few years, Tao has the first C and the end C. Goose’s previous C has never made a debut. It feels that after the first issue of this year’s creation, Liu Yu’s fans have appeared. From now on, Liu Yu is very high in many data charts, and he is also number one. From the perspective of popular elections, Liu Yu’s debut can be determined, and he has nothing to expect at the moment. I don’t think there will be any surprises. Liu Yu has always been more self-disciplined. But after all, he is not the son of Goose Chosen, not a Goose Push, but looking at the momentum of his fans, Goose will not squeeze him out of his debut position. However, it is difficult to say whether the first C is the end C, it depends on the goose and Liu Yu’s fans. After all, there are always royal families relying on capital, and if the goose gets involved, it will affect the popularity. Although it is not clearly stated that wgr cannot be C, the goose will indeed start to pay attention to the Chinese people with a high probability, and there will be people who have not been out of the circle before will be paid attention to. Recently, I have noticed that some passers-by are dissatisfied with Liu Yu’s fans, which may affect the popularity of passers-by. There is no major event yet, but I hope everyone is more rational. Actually, if Liu Yu makes his debut, the goose can still make a fuss about Liu Yu breaking the C curse. To sum up, I boldly predicted that Liu Yu will make his debut. In Chuang, his strength is indeed quite good. The way the people are elected, the goose should make a few debuts if he is not determined to make trouble. In the past, the creation of 101 period was the first time. It was quite unexpected that Xiaodou Li Zixuan did not make his debut, but there were indeed many talented and beautiful people in that year. It was a pity for Li Zixuan. Later, he created 2019, Lin xx, to be honest, it was strange for him to debut. Created 2020 Lin Junyi. That season, the smell of gunpowder was too heavy, and there were few group positions. There were more vocals in front, and Lin Junyi was relatively less competitive. Looking at this year, Liu Yu has some fans of the beautiful youth of Guofeng, and the Guofeng route is relatively unique and stable, which is more in line with the purpose of this year’s international group. Several stages are also good. CP has also started to be popular. The probability of debut is still relatively high, just not Know whether the goose will negotiate what terms. Finally, I hope Liu Yu and Riki will make their debut.

7 months ago

Liu Yu fans look over, don’t be too obsessed about chasing idols, don’t be too sensitive, others will say something like what the fans are doing, or ruining passersby to the righteous master, they will be too scared. If you listen to it, continue to do what you should do. Remember that “no passerby will end up”, the real passerby only looks at the work and does not go to background checks on fans.

7 months ago

I think Liu Yu is the most suitable player for the C position in this year. The C position excludes foreigners, not for other reasons, but the group launched by China makes foreigners feel impossible. Secondly, Liu Yu has a classical temperament, he likes and tries his best to spread Chinese culture. His style is gentle and elegant, and he is very patient and friendly to foreign players. According to the current ranking situation, he is undoubtedly the most suitable candidate. The other Chinese players are not bad, but they think that he does not meet the C position of the international team.

7 months ago

Goose’s first c is indeed unable to make his debut, but this year’s schedule has been changed. One male is ranked before the theme song assessment. Therefore, the first c of Genesis 4 is actually the first celebrity of one male, the auspicious younger brother of Daxiang Jing, so auspicious younger brother. He should not be able to make a debut, but Liu Yu is equivalent to a former male supporting the king, he can definitely make a debut

7 months ago

It is difficult for Liu Yu to make his debut in the upper position because of the hidden interests. In Genesis 4, several big companies and Goose must have signed their debut. Liu Yu’s company is too small, like a large company and Goose and both parties are mutually beneficial. Liu Yu’s company is not qualified to negotiate with Goose. In the end, c may pick a reluctant ace from a large company, and then give someone a very good persona. Liu Yu’s debut is really not comparable to big companies. Buying black Liu Yu is simple. Starting from Liu Yu’s jz of hundreds of thousands, it began to darken slowly, including the current impression of Liu Yu’s fans. There will also be Liu Yu’s brainwashing kit. Liu Yu fans see if they can change their lives.

7 months ago

Being able to get the initial c is to show that there is a reason for the c, and Liu Yu is indeed a good jumper. As for the candidate for c, it doesn’t mean that someone has to do it. To be honest, Liu Yu doesn’t have a particularly high level of other people. It can be said that he was selected from a high-level set. I am not a fan of Liu Yu and I did not pick one very much. For this result, although I think it is not the best but reasonable, I will not question it too much. After all, Chuang may want to choose a player who can represent Chinese characteristics, and The children of the same comparison do lack popularity, and some businesses are not good. It’s a coincidence that Tao’s first c can’t make his debut. This is the personal feeling. For this time, we need to combine the specific situations of the previous few times. Compared with the beans in the 101 period and the children in the 303 period (suddenly forgot what they are called), there is a big gap in both passerby and popularity. Take the 303 period. Let’s talk about it. It’s true that the child is very good and the business is very good, but it does have the problem of not having a good appearance and not enough for the audience and stature (mainly for the audience). As a non-fan, Liu Yu said that die-hard loyalists can fight and fight. The shooting ability is very strong, and the popularity is quite good, so the ending should be different. Finally, it is predicted that Liu Yu should be able to make his debut at a high position. It may not necessarily be the final c, but he should not run in the high position. I don’t know whether foreigners can do c. Anxious, it’s just a way to buy milk by goose abuse powder.

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