Like the question, what do the girls who say that wedding photos are not important think? If the financial foundation is sufficient, do they still choose not to shoot?

In fact, going to different places to take wedding photos, the cost or budget is very different. Based on my own experience, I would like to briefly talk about the most popular cities for domestic travel photography, the main style of shooting, and the approximate cost. There are mainly islands: Sanya, Qingdao, Xiamen and Dalian. Comprehensive (with mountains and water): Dali, Lijiang, Lugu Lake, Shangri-La, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Tibet. Other categories: Chengdu, Beijing. (There may be memory problems and omissions) The styles mentioned below are based on the mainstream of the market, and the prices are average prices, except for those who have friends or relatives doing this business. (Because of different relationships and different profit margins, I believe everyone can do it. Understand) Except for large-scale chain studios nationwide (because the style of large-scale chain studios is basically based on the aesthetics most acceptable to the public, it is rarely adjusted based on the destination city. The price is higher because the shop rents are higher, the decoration is more luxurious, and the advertising costs Countless, so the price is relatively higher than the average price of the city) First, let’s talk about the islands. On the whole, Sanya has the best natural conditions among the current island travel cities, with an annual average temperature of 25 degrees and a maximum temperature of 32 degrees. The lowest temperature is around 18 degrees. Suitable for shooting all year round, the main shooting elements are beaches, sea water, reefs, coconut groves, and some artificially constructed bases. Compared with the other three cities, it has the highest quality of seawater. There are many scenic spots to choose from, such as Sanya Bay and Dadonghai at the beginning, and then various five-A-level scenic spots such as Dadongtian, Wuzhizhou Island, and West Island, etc., there are also high-end hotel gathering areas such as Qingshui Bay and Haitang Bay. The overall style of shooting in Sanya over the past few years is still based on the atmospheric beauty of the islands, plus some Internet celebrity shooting methods that have emerged in the popularity of Douyin in the past two years. The style depends on this preference and does not elaborate too much. However, the shooting methods of internet celebrities are not very recommended. For example, pour a pot of water soaked with flowers on a person, and then create a very large effect in the later stage. In fact, most of them are pursuing a visual impact effect, but if you really want to shoot, you have to A photo with this effect is at least 200 to 800, because there are a lot of post-processing things, mainly because a lot of things are added. If it is not processed well, it will be fake. Let’s talk about the price of a trip to Sanya. It doesn’t include airfare, boarding and lodging. Basically, it should be around 15K. Don’t believe in Sanya, it’s either a very poor level or invisible consumption. heap. In terms of prices in Sanya, the average price of a house price of 30,000 or more would cost around 800 for a barbecue for five or six people. Four or five thousand would definitely not be able to shoot. Don’t be greedy for petty and cheap. It will affect your mood. The big one is not necessary. If the budget is not that high and you want to take pictures of the islands, you can consider Dalian and Qingdao. These two cities belong to the northern cities, and the climate and environmental conditions are restricted. Generally speaking, the price is at least two-fifths cheaper, because it is Sanya. Taking away many customers, the customers in Dalian and Qingdao are not much left. In addition, the prices are generally cheap. The local permanent population is large and it is easier to recruit workers, so the price will not be too high. Of course, this The natural conditions of the two cities will also be worse, mainly reflected in the climate, air quality, blue sky and white clouds, and the sea and beaches are not as delicate and clean as Sanya, so the budget for these two cities can be controlled at 8K to 10K. Let’s talk about Xiamen. Xiamen’s travel photography was developed very early. I didn’t compare him with Dalian and Qingdao because the style of Xiamen is different from that of the above three cities. The overall shooting is mainly literary and fresh, and the atmospheric and beautiful style is relative. It is relatively small, basically low saturation, and the price is not much different from Dalian Qingdao. It is suitable for newcomers who like Japanese art and freshness, but the quality of seawater is really gray and black, so it may also be caused by this aspect. Shooting style. Comprehensive category: Dali and Lijiang are popular cities in the past two years, but the shooting styles are not very the same. The reason why they are classified into the comprehensive category is because the shooting elements are relatively rich. These two cities have their own waters. Dali is Erhai. The area is relatively wide, about 150 kilometers around the sea, and the scenery can be photographed along the way. The mountain view is the Cangshan mountain that stretches for dozens of kilometers, as well as ancient towns, wetlands, characteristic buildings and some constantly updated man-made bases. The waters of Lijiang are relatively narrow, that is, Lashihai, Blue Moon Valley and there are some artificial pools at the foot of the snow mountain. However, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is more beautiful, but it is only recommended to shoot at the foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, because the snow mountain is more than 4,000 above sea level and newcomers in the plain area. Shooting up the mountain is easy to cause high reflections, and there is a certain danger. Another thing is that it is actually snow when you go up to the top of the mountain. There is not much difference between shooting snow and it is of little significance. Lijiang also has an ancient town, and the man-made base is basically renewed every year. The annual average temperature of these two cities is about 22 degrees, the highest temperature is 28 degrees, and the lowest temperature is about 14 degrees (the above temperatures are daytime). They are suitable for shooting all year round. The temperature in Lijiang is about 1000 meters higher than Dali, so the temperature To be five or six degrees lower. In Dali, there are basically green plants in the four seasons, just how many, and there are more flowers. The blue sky and white clouds are basically standard for the four seasons. In winter, you can also take pictures of Jesus light. In previous years, you can also feed seagulls to take wedding photos at the Erhai Lake. There are small animals. The photos will be more natural, but it is said that feeding will not be allowed this year, and the seagulls are worried about the infection caused by the new crown virus, and the control is stricter. In winter Lijiang can also take pictures of snow-capped mountains, but the temperature at the foot of the snow-capped mountains is low throughout the year, and strong perseverance is required to take photos in winter. Because of the cultural environment and natural selection in Dali (mainly because of its slow pace of life and relatively low commercial atmosphere), most of the studios here are based on entrepreneurial young photographers, and most of the shooting styles are Japanese, literary and fresh or documentary. The employees in Lijiang are basically Sanya branches or those who have opened stores in Sanya. The commercial competition is too high, so the style will be closer to Sanya. The style is mainly atmospheric, fresh and natural style will be less, and the price will be less. It is reasonable for these cities to be between 8K and 12K a day. Although Shangri-La and Lugu Lake are not far from Dali and Lijiang, there are almost no direct flights from cities outside the province. They can only transit within the province. The high-speed has not yet been opened, so it takes about 5 hours on the road, which leads to long shooting time. It will take at least two to three days. In addition, there are few studios and photo studios in Shangri-La and Lugu Lake, and the competition is relatively small, so the price will be higher. The style is basically based on travel style and ethnic style, supplemented by atmosphere or literature. It mainly depends on which city you are looking for. If it is Lijiang, the style is more atmospheric or travel style, if it is Dali’s style, it is more literary. The price ranges from 12K to 20K, usually two to three days, one day shooting is basically impossible under the current traffic conditions. Unless some freelance photographers take the order and drive the newcomer by themselves, there may be situations in which the contract is not binding and cannot be completed. Choose carefully. The three provinces of Xinjiang, Qinghai and Tibet, I think the natural scenery conditions are very good, and there are many shooting elements and styles, but the disadvantage is that the temperature difference is large in the four seasons, and the energy-saving shooting in autumn and winter is relatively difficult to complete. Although it is possible to shoot snow scenes, the temperature of tens of degrees below zero is not acceptable to ordinary people. There are also many shooting elements in these cities, including mountains, lakes and hills, Populus euphratica forests, characteristic buildings and characteristic costumes, and Xinjiang also has deserts. In these three cities, it is recommended to shoot from June to September, the temperature is more comfortable, and there are more types of food. Ili, Xinjiang, Qinghai Lake, and Lhasa, Tibet have a lot of sceneries that can be photographed, but the distances are relatively long, often hundreds of kilometers, and the shooting starts in at least two days, so the cost is basically around 20K. Moreover, the transportation cost is relatively high, and the round-trip time is relatively long, so it is more suitable for newcomers who want to take photos of small scenic spots with sufficient vacations and sufficient funds. Finally, let’s talk about Chengdu and Beijing. These two were not actually travel cities before, because of the limited natural conditions, there is no blue sky and white clouds, and they are not cities that people yearn for tourism. But in the past two years, some newcomers from other cities will choose these two places to shoot. The main reason is that the advertising shops are relatively fierce, and the two cities themselves want to squeeze into the travel because of the poor natural conditions If you take a share of the city, the frequency of technology development and sample shooting is quite fast, so overall the level of technical staff is fairly good. In terms of price, the average price in Beijing is higher than that in Chengdu. After all, the price is high. Beijing basically needs to shoot at 10K to 12K in a day. In Chengdu, 6K to 8K is almost the same. No matter how high the price is, there is no need to choose these two places. After all, the basic conditions are not very good. If you want to go to Chengdu for food, you can consider shooting by the way.


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7 months ago

The price of wedding photos fluctuates greatly, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands. There are also differences between different cities. Taking Changsha as an example, most newcomers who take wedding photos in Changsha will choose to take about 4 sets of clothes, and the price is usually around 5k. There are usually two interior scenes and two exterior scenes, which can usually be done in one day. If you want to try a few more styles, shooting locally in Changsha, around 8k is basically enough. This will change according to the newcomer’s situation, and you can choose the one that suits you within your own economy.

7 months ago

The price of wedding photos generally ranges from a few thousand to tens of thousands. In addition, whether or not to take wedding photos depends on personal needs. Some people think it is unnecessary, while some people think that taking wedding photos is an unforgettable and ceremonial thing before marriage. It is also a record of love, leaving happiness worth remembering. When taking wedding photos, everyone will have a budget, but there are many factors that cause price fluctuations: 1. Each studio will have a different price depending on the quality of the shooting. 2. The shooting style is different and how many sets to choose. 3. The choice of clothing styling will vary. Different prices 4. What kind of cities do you travel to? Five. There are high-end and low-end photography studios. The price of wedding photos is generally around 7/8 thousand, or slightly higher, but it depends on this. According to your own needs, in fact, you don’t need to take a wedding photo that is too expensive, you can just look at it if it suits you. In addition, whether or not to take wedding photos depends on personal needs. Some people think it is unnecessary. Although taking wedding photos is a form of marriage for everyone, it has different meanings. At the happiest moment, it will leave the most memorable memories. Just like my girl’s glance back at this moment, it is full of affection, and there is undisguised love, and our love is enough to withstand all the passage of time, probably 3-4 sets of clothes can be photographed, interior view + Locations are available, or different photographers have different price points, or you can choose to travel in some cities. As for the final budget, the most important thing is to choose a dedicated photography studio. No matter which gear you treat, there will be no difference in attitude, and you will be very attentive and careful to do a good job. In fact, it doesn’t matter how much you budget, as long as you portray the happiness of two people, the cute appearance between emotional interactions is the perfect experience for wedding photos. The truth left behind, the appearance of happiness is the most important ~ Passing happiness and recording happiness are the value of wedding photos~ It is also expressed in countless and unbroken lives, our love life. And the life we ​​will experience together in the future.

7 months ago

Speaking of my wedding photos, I also encountered a heartwarming thing. If the economy allows wedding photos must be taken, there is no regret medicine in the world. Before my husband and I got married, my idea was that it didn’t matter whether we filmed or not. I didn’t even care about the wedding video or the ceremony. I thought that as long as the two of us had a good relationship, those were just forms. The wedding photos were introduced by a friend of my husband. In the newly opened store, the charge for friend relations is cheap, about more than two thousand. I think I don’t care anyway, just treat it as a cheer for my friends, and I don’t care about the level of shooting. Then, the good guy on the day of the photo shoot, I didn’t expect it to be so troublesome to take wedding photos. I changed a lot of dresses, and shot the scene in Xujiahui for a whole day. After I got the photos, I found that the shooting level was too bad. Not only did the makeup look ugly and heavy, but the shooting level was mediocre. The most damning thing was that the people in the post-photographs were deformed. The only thing I can see is the clothes and the scenery, super speechless. Because I was afraid of taking wedding photos this time, I didn’t want to make up for it. I regretted it when I thought about it after I got married. Seeing the wedding photos of other relatives and friends were so good-looking, I was really frustrated, and I was brooding about it when I thought about it. Until one day, when we went to the mall, we saw a wedding photography company on the first floor at a catwalk event, so I planned to take a new set of wedding photos, thinking that the one I found in the mall would be OK. I placed a deposit of almost 5,000 yuan and made an appointment for a photo shoot. On the day of the photo shoot, we went to Jinshan Beach to shoot the location, and then went to the shooting base. The inside was really beautiful like a fairy tale. Changed several sets of gifts, several styles. Tossing from morning to night, exhausted. I thought I should be very satisfied this time. After waiting for a while, I suddenly received an email from an employee of a photography company. He sent dozens of our wedding photos, but he sent me a message saying that the negatives were all in him. Then, if you want other negatives, you have to pay him, otherwise you will delete all the photos. I was very scared at the time. We tossed for a whole day, and finally took the photo. You told me to delete it? But I didn’t reply to him. Maybe the person found it out of his conscience, and then he didn’t send me a message. When it came time to get the photos, we went to the wedding photography company to get the photos, and they gave me all of them. Everyone really has them. The photos are generally okay, but there are still some problems with the photos. The PS traces are too heavy. Obviously, the retoucher hired is a novice. Therefore, if you have not taken wedding photos, you must go to a reliable company to take wedding photos, otherwise it will be very laborious and costly. Although the photos this time were not so satisfying, it was that way. If you have financial conditions, let’s take a set, so as not to regret it later.

7 months ago

Nowadays, usually the travel package price ranges from 6K-8K. Most people’s budget is also within this range. Starting from 1W, the content is relatively rich. For MV micro movies, film shooting, etc. As for some girls who don’t plan to take wedding photos, If you don’t really want to shoot, we still recommend simply taking a set of wedding photos. After all, you only have one set of wedding photos in your life. Time goes by, and there are not many things that can be preserved. It’s pretty cool to use a wedding photo to carry the happiness and sweetness of the two of you. meaningful.

7 months ago

I’m the girl who says it’s not important to take wedding photos~ What do I think, it’s not about money (I didn’t know the market, I probably glanced at everyone’s budget, and I feel I can afford it), but I just don’t think it is necessary. That’s all, I don’t need a wedding dress or a wedding, I don’t need to keep this moment deliberately, I will cherish every moment together in the future. But if he needs it, if he needs a wedding dress, a wedding, or a ceremony to witness and remember this moment, I will respect and happily cooperate with him~ (Key point: cooperation means normal consumption is OK, luxury consumption is his own view (Do it) Okay, I’ve finished answering your question, and it’s my turn: Who is he? Where is he? Is he coming yet? When will he come? Will he leave when he comes? …

7 months ago

In fact, there is no absolute correct answer. Everyone has different requirements and quality of shooting, and the budget is the same. Why are there so many photography studios on the market that make people feel the same but whose prices are so different? 1. For example, the group buying studios around 2000-3000 are very busy every day. Some people feel unsatisfied after shooting, and some feel that they are not bad. The price is about the same, and so on. Each store has its own positioning and its own customer groups. Many newcomers are not financially capable, but wedding photos, once in a lifetime, are naturally taken to commemorate. We often say that wedding photos, such a warm and happy thing, can only be beautiful once. You should not feel sorry for money too much, and you should choose what you like to record and testify for this beautiful love. In fact, sometimes I think about it, if there is really too much financial pressure, plus, for wedding photos, you really think that I like this very much, then it’s okay to make such a choice. What suits you is the best. 2. Let me tell you about the 4000-7000 wedding photos. Wedding photos at this price are not too bad, and even some studios that specialize in technology are quite good. In fact, in our industry (wedding photography), technology and price are quite matched (except photo studios). The referral of regular customers is very important to us. This is the key to the quality of a store. Only when every newcomer who chooses us is satisfied, they will recommend their friends to us. Therefore, the studio is still very strict in quality, technology, and service control. Therefore, if the economic conditions are good, choosing a wedding photo at this price is a good choice, and the price is very high. 3. Finally, I will tell you about 6000-10000+ wedding photos. Wedding photos at this price are more extreme. There are roughly three types. The first is a niche style. The second type is a large-scale photography agency with excellent brand packaging. The third type of studio, the group is more biased towards the public, mostly travel studios. For wedding photos at this price, I would recommend the first niche style or travel studio. These two styles are technically compatible. In the end, I recommend 4000-7000 wedding photos, which have better technology, more advanced style, and the most cost-effective price. Wedding photos are generally what girls think of, because they can record beautiful youth, beautiful years, and beautiful records. If the economy is sufficient, most girls will still look forward to it. Hope the above content is helpful to you. Share some wedding photos with friends, for reference,

7 months ago

Wedding photos here in Chengdu are photo studios and studios. The basic price is about 4,000 to 10,000. If you choose a studio to shoot, you can customize it privately. The shooting is relatively casual, and there is more creative work. In the case of the room, there must be a difference between the high and low packages. You can choose the interior and exterior scenery according to their package content and combined with your own shooting needs. In fact, they can be matched. Generally speaking, there are more pure exterior shots. In fact, there are many shooting elements in the style of interior and exterior scenes. If you like, you can shoot together. The main thing depends on your preference.

7 months ago

The price range of wedding photos is very large, ranging from several thousand to ten thousand. If you are shooting locally, a package of several thousand is usually sufficient. At the price of 4,000 to 6,000, our set costumes are basically three to four sets. The interior and exterior scenes are all randomly matched and can be shot in one day. Don’t think about enough or anything, it’s really complete. Enough! And there is no VIP area when choosing scenic spots or dresses. They are all randomly chosen and universal. Everyone must understand the two most important points when they understand a studio. 1. Style: Does the style of this studio match your taste? Also, I suggest that you try to mention the guest film when you understand these, because sometimes the difference between the sample film and the guest film is a little big. 2. Price: The price of the package is clearly marked, but it is meaningless when shooting. You must verify all the items of consumption beforehand. If there are some relatively invisible consumptions that are not verified in the early stage, the process of taking pictures after accidental consumption may not be very pleasant~

7 months ago

I have been married a long time ago. I remember that it was April and May of 2010, and I actually spent 8,800 yuan on a wedding dress. Yes, it was a routine. But the budget? It was around 3,000 at the time. Later, my wife said to marry me and wanted to take a good wedding dress. After being 3000, adding to 6000, and then to 8800, I just think that the bridal shop is really stupid, and the naked words are trapped to make you upgrade your consumption. Of course, I also unconsciously spend money along with it.

7 months ago

No budget, but I like bargaining and bargaining. I was satisfied with it. In the end, I spent 5599 yuan because there were not many people taking pictures in the epidemic, so I bargained hard. I didn’t need to upgrade the package on the basis of adding money. No photo albums, no gifts. There are also better photographers and more clothes. Finally, there are night scenes, cruise ships, and horses. But I don’t know what the girl who doesn’t plan to shoot thinks. My husband and I said that I will often shoot in the future, try different styles, and shoot with my baby in the future.

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