Che fans said that because Yinglang has launched the 4-cylinder now, not only the price has become more expensive, but the two 4-cylinder models immediately became the main sales models. Does this prove that the three-cylinder policy has failed? Will other car companies regret quitting the three-cylinder?
In the past three months, the resources of the Yinglang Model 1.5L Elite Edition (four-cylinder high configuration) have become more and more scarce, and the price has risen all the way. At present, the full price of 90,000 yuan can be on the road even if it is a conscience price, and it will take about two weeks to wait. In order to be “lined up; the three-cylinder light-mixed version can be on the road for 83,000, with sufficient resources, you can pick up the car at any time.

GM compares the top iron, even if you don’t believe that BMW and Ford can’t play the three-cylinder, he can play it. At that time, the four-cylinder Hideo used a larger preferential policy to beat Lavida and kick Corolla, and almost brought down the sales champion of the same level at that time. In this case, the three-cylinder is nothing more than an attempt to reduce costs and pressure due to double integration. As for the double points, I won’t say much. In short, either your fuel car’s fuel consumption meets the standard, or you have a new energy model to compensate for the points. Looking at all the GM models at that time, it was actually a very convenient way to push the small displacement three-cylinder engine. After all, models such as Yinglang, Weilang, Kovoz, and Mai Ruibao have sales support. As everyone knows, once GM’s cars are discounted, it can be said to be frenzied. A 20% discount for a new car in the market for three months is a routine operation. The best-selling configuration of Yinglang that year was the automatic elite of 126,900, and the terminal discounted about 50,000 per year. It was only 76,900 for the bare car, and the landing was only within 90,000. The most direct disadvantage of trading price for sales is that dealers are under too much pressure, and naked cars lose too much financial and additional products to fill this huge pit, and they can’t stand it by taking a mid-year rebate. Can only think of relying on after-sales to fill the vacancy. In fact, GM is also facing pressure from distributors. It is a fact that terminal discounts are large. If the cost is not lowered, it will be a little bit too much. Anyway, Yinglang’s workmanship and configuration cannot be reduced, so you can’t replace plastic with cardboard. Thinking about it seems that it is feasible to change the engine. As a result, with the confidence of sales support, the entire series of Yinglang was replaced with three cylinders. Then it was ruthlessly slapped by the market. Because the technology is so awesome and advanced, but consumers do not approve of this stuff, Yinglang fell out of the top three on the sales list after being replaced with a three-cylinder. Weilang’s monthly sales plummeted from 10,000+ to several hundred units. GM took a look at who could stand this, so in September 2020, it brought out the four-cylinder again. No matter what you think, the sales of the four-cylinder immediately picked up as soon as it went online. After all, you can buy a joint venture A-class car at 80,000 to 90,000 yuan, and there is still competitiveness. It is not surprising that the four-cylinder Hideo became the main sales model. It is said that GM’s head iron was replaced because he had insisted on it for a year or two, and another Ford with a new head iron was stunned to turn the sacred car of the year into a third-line model. It is estimated that it can’t stand it now. It is said that Changan Ford has set up a four-cylinder engine team to restart the four-cylinder Focus. As for whether the three-cylinder machine really failed, no one dared to say this technically, but it was a 100% failure in the market. It has been three cylinders for many years, and it is still unacceptable. Look at this, unless everyone changes to three-cylinders, there is no four-cylinder on the market to buy. Cars in the 100,000-200,000 range only have three-cylinders, and that may have to be said, otherwise, the three-cylinders are difficult to get ahead.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Without Buick to prove, based on the domestic auto market, the three-cylinder has long failed. How early is it? At least it was failed, contradicted, and unsellable before all Yinglang’s three-cylinder series were equipped. (Of course, this is from the market level, not the engine itself) It is hard to say that the three-cylinder automakers will not regret after launching the three-cylinder, but under the requirements of the domestic double-point policy, the three-cylinder once became the response solution of the automakers. In June 2020, when the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology answered the reporter’s question on the “Double Points Amendment” policy, the basic goal was “By 2025, the average fuel consumption of new passenger vehicles will reach 4.0 liters/100 kilometers, and the proportion of new energy vehicles produced and sold will reach the total number of vehicles 20%”. Under the double points policy, the fuel consumption standards of traditional energy vehicles produced by auto companies are tightened year by year, and if the double points fail to meet the standards, the consequences will be production restrictions, penalties, and money to buy points. Therefore, various car companies must bite the bullet to reduce the average fuel consumption for traditional fuel vehicles, or increase the proportion of new energy vehicles in production and sales. After years of silence, the three-cylinder model suddenly “resurrected” under the requirement of the dual-point policy. Car companies tell users that this is a more beneficial power combination, but it is actually just their own life-saving straw. It’s just that they didn’t expect that adding turbines to increase power, adding gaskets to reduce jitter, and adding marketing expenses to brainwash the market would not be very effective. Because the domestic market has already rejected the three-cylinder early, although there is no sample data on hand, judging from the actual situation of the first-line channels, the elderly users have more obvious rejection of the three-cylinder. This shows that only one tagging is needed to allow users to continue to reject one thing for many years and years later. ——This label is “three-cylinder machine”.

8 months ago

SAIC GM announced relative cost data during media events in 2018. The biggest difference between the 1.0T and 1.5L engine configurations is that the cost has increased by 40%. Many people are entangled in the matter of missing one cylinder, but how can they forget to upgrade to an all-aluminum cylinder block, double fuel injectors and upgraded injection system, electronically controlled supercharger (how much is a supercharger?), intelligent heat What about managing this set of things? What do you mean? Accelerate faster, accelerate faster, respond faster, and achieve lower fuel consumption. The cost of 1.3T will only be higher than that of 1.0T, and it has also been upgraded to 6AT, and now it also adds 48V light hybrid (light hybrid light system cost is +5000 ~ 10000). As a result, everyone still bought the 1.5L version under the conspiracy theory of the three-cylinder engine. Now dealers are also willing to use the 1.5L version, and currently directly cut off 1.0T. @孙少军’s Yinglang article just came out and I liked it, and I also ridiculed how to forget 1.0T. Many people have been wondering why SAIC-GM is so determined to take the three-cylinder road. In fact, SAIC-GM’s three-cylinder strategy is a very simple reason for “straight men’s cancer”: if there are good things, everyone should use it together. SAIC-GM launched a three-cylinder engine in 2017. The research and development started in 2012-2013. At that time, the research and development background was GM’s globalization. At that time, there was a strong demand for GM to reduce fuel consumption and maintain high performance. Transformation is the strongest technological trend. Therefore, at that time, General Motors formulated a technical route for the unified development of high-efficiency three-cylinder engines for the global market. This technical route was not pioneered by General Motors, and it can even be said that it is a few years later than its competitors. At that time, Volkswagen’s 1.0T/1.0NA and PSA’s 1.2T were all ready, and a large number of competitors’ small three-cylinder supercharged models were in the research and development schedule. Supercharged three-cylinder to hybrid is also a very good technical route. Therefore, GM was afraid to fall behind when it advanced the development of three-cylinder engines. At that time, two families of three-cylinder engines were developed at the same time. The first family was 1.0T/1.3T with an advanced dual-injection system. 2016-2023; The second family is 1.0T/1.3T with 35Mpa direct injection system. Starting from 2019MY, it will be equipped with Kovoz/Miruibao, etc., and fully support RDE for 2019-2023+. At that time, the European VW 1.0T/1.0NA began to sell in large quantities as early as 2014. The PSA 1.2T is equipped with many high-end models, and the BMW 1.5T is also widely acclaimed. Then SAIC-GM’s global team divided the labor separately and produced 1.0T/1.3T in 2016 (you read that right, the original plan was 1.0T to launch Chevrolet Kovoz 2016MY), but at this time SAIC-GM suddenly found out how one water Europe Do auto companies only sell Chinese special editions in China? What about energy saving and emission reduction? SAIC GM has been working on it for a year, until October 2017, it really couldn’t understand the operation of these friends, and if it felt it was right, it should be done, and it began to really invest. As a result, SAIC-GM became a front runner in the Chinese market inexplicably on the issue of three-cylinder engines. In 2017-2018, SAIC GM has also been wondering whether its three-cylinder engine is of poor quality, which has led to poor sales. Therefore, at that time, many media and consulting companies, including, provided many investigations and paid consultations for SAIC-GM. All the results are the same: as long as customers are willing to test drive, the signing rate is similar to or even higher than that of four-cylinder models, and customer satisfaction after purchase exceeds that of four-cylinder models. But the biggest problem is going to the store. Simply put, you don’t even look at it. Half of the reason is media rendering, and half of the reason is displacement. Many customers in Shanghai heard that 1.0T was recommended by the sales, and they directly said: “Motorcycles need to be 1200cc (1.2L). Is 1.0 still a car?”. Some customers even think that the power of a 1.5L car should be better than that of a 1.3T car. After buying a car, they found that their car did not accelerate as fast as 1.3T, and came back to the 4S shop to complain. SAIC GM has publicized the technical reality of three-cylinder engines for a long time. By the end of 2018, many people thought that this issue should be a paragraph, and as a result, there was an organized spread of “the rubber of the machine leg is aging after a period of time, which will cause jitter.” At that time, because I also recommended Yinglang 1.3T, someone asked me about the aging of the rubber on the feet. I first asked: Do you really think that three-cylinder engines rely on the hard rubber on the feet to eliminate all vibrations? The balance mechanism, rubber damping gears, damping inertia, Mount spring structure, half-shaft stiffness adjustment and so on are more than a dozen structures inside. These are all life-long parts, but the rubber on the feet is the smallest change. . This kind of skepticism is the same as the “sceptical epistemology” mentioned by Teacher Luo Xiang at Station B. The end of the infinite hollow skepticism is the doubt and the unknowability of everything. Speaking of Yinglang’s 1.3T, the reason why you will find that this engine has a good low-speed torque response is because this series of engines was originally intended to be exported to Europe. The reason is not only the globalization problem I mentioned earlier, but also because of Europe. 10% of customers in the market are companies buying cars and driving them. These groups are very concerned about low-speed torque and starting response. They hope that they can reach the end of the throttle together. Medium-to-high speed acceleration response is also very important. So at the end of 2018, SAIC GM also participated in the World Annual Engine China Test Drive Conference in Europe. I also saw the appearance of the three European judges Kaiyinglang 1.3T who had just finished evaluating the World Engine of the Year. At the time, I was still with Juergen Zoellter. The husband chatted for a while, and he told me that he ran 1.0T at 200kph on the German track, and the fuel consumption was very high, but the road conditions in China are the best choice for small displacement supercharged engines (because it can avoid daily The low-load operating condition of the whole vehicle is at the position where the average effective pressure of the large-displacement engine is too low, resulting in fuel consumption, carbon deposits, and poor emissions). I remember that I said to him at the time: But you need to understand that Chinese customers always have their own views on technical issues, but I didn’t expect it to come true. Later, because GM completely abandoned Europe, Yinglang’s 1.3T was not able to evaluate the world’s annual engine (the evaluation conditions require that the engine must be sold in more than 2 countries in a certain number).

8 months ago

In recent years, SAIC GM has basically given up treatment no matter whether it has been rumored or criticized about three-cylinder engines. Because the rebuttal to these remarks is nothing more than strengthening the three-cylinder machine again, which is controversial, just like I said “Don’t imagine that there is a pink elephant in my hand”. People who like it naturally like it. Now there are two very affordable options: Yinglang 1.3T+48V light hybrid. From the cost of the manufacturer, the material cost of the 1.5L optical hardware has increased by at least 10,000 yuan. As a result, the manufacturer is now tearful Sell ​​1.5L at the same price for the same money. Kovoz 1.0T, this 1.0T is better than the original Yinglang 1.0T. This is currently the only mass-produced 1.0T engine with a thermal efficiency of 38%+ on the market, and this 38% is a real mass-produced full-condition engine Thermal efficiency is neither dependent on the hybrid system only need to do a few low-performance DHE engines, nor is it the data realized by some companies through special means (this matter in the industry has led to the neutral organization that mainly promotes this certification test. The certification business has been suspended), people in this industry understand naturally. This engine was originally planned to be launched simultaneously in China, the United States (South America) and Europe, with a planned peak annual output of up to 1 million units. At present, a large number of models are no longer equipped due to sales problems, and Kovoz is the only remaining model. I have driven this car before, and it has a fuel consumption of 4.2 in normal driving on highways. The fuel consumption of medium and high speeds is even better than that of hybrids. Both engines are equipped with GM’s latest coating technology, especially DLC diamond-like coated piston pins and piston rings, as well as the most advanced piston coating and bearing coating, as well as the latest generation of precision dimensional technology. In the durable dismantling of 240,000 kilometers and 300,000 kilometers that I have participated in, even the parts coatings are as bright as new. The wear amount of the DLC coating can only be detected under a microscope, even below 0.3 microns. Therefore, GM dares to promise 160,000 kilometers in 8 years in the market at the beginning of this generation of engines. In fact, for this batch of models, especially the direct injection 1.0T, the hardware quality is the direct goal. It still meets the requirements of more than 300,000 kilometers and 15 years without maintenance. The above goals, plus the design protection reliability made by the certification margin, are the existence of Zenith Stars. Many of the limit requirements here are directly compared to the huge customer mileage and messy maintenance conditions of the American Standard. If you encounter a similar Pinduoduo event again, or I don’t know if there is still a 55-car shopping season this year, you can decide whether to buy it or not after a test drive. Because SAIC-GM currently has a very serious point pressure, but with the launch of this year’s light-hybrid models and the replacement of some models with new 1.5T four-cylinder high-efficiency engines in the second half of the year, at the same time, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s CAFE preferential policy for light hybrids and hybrids The intensity is expected to increase (just adjusted once in March) and a large number of GM pure electric models will be launched in China in 2022. Therefore, just like last year, with regard to subsidies and discounts for a wave of three-cylinders to dilute the points, SAIC-GM will be the last crazy this year. After this wave, it will enter the normal sales rhythm.

8 months ago

The three cylinder is the original sin. I don’t understand the technology. I’ll talk about the fact that consumers can see my father who is 50 years old. Old drivers, who usually don’t pay attention to new cars, know that Volvo is good and safe. Recently, I have bought a car. Demand, I told him Volvo has a 200,000-year-old suv, can you buy it? He said, Volvo still has such a cheap car? Buy it! I said a three-cylinder engine, waved my hand and decided not to buy it. I don’t even know from what channel he knew that the three cylinders were not good… Also, the public opinion of the navy forces was upset, and all propaganda three cylinders. No matter what the rhetoric, the core themes are all upset. There is only one, called “My three-cylinder black technology, other three-cylinders are all rubbish”, that family all say so, who do I believe? Then I still believe that the three-cylinder is rubbish, anyway, your three-cylinder is inherently inferior to the four-cylinder. There is no refutation, right? So I think that the three-cylinder is a configuration with original sin. Manufacturers must recognize this fact before selling the car. Don’t keep blowing like three-cylinders can beat four-cylinders, as long as other configurations are sufficient. Sell ​​cheaper, and consumers will always buy it. For example, high EQ: Lingpai, low EQ: Fox

8 months ago

“Consumers say they don’t like it, but the manufacturer disagrees. How old is the manufacturer?” The 3-cylinder engine is discriminated against in the market. However, I don’t even bother to say that there is indeed a difference in experience like the 3 cylinder. Let me talk about the house. Houses below the 20th floor are of course more comfortable, but the 12th floor of the same type of house is more expensive than the 13th and 14th floors, and 15 and 12 are close. The 16th floor surpasses the 12th floor again, and then the 17th and 18th floors are cheaper. Do you have any reason to say? Who provoked someone on the 13th floor? Who provoked whom on the 18th floor? Is the house on the 13th floor worse than the one on the 12th floor? Of course not, but when you sell a second-hand house, you can’t sell it at the price of the 12th floor… There is no place to reason, respect the market and respect the buyers, you can’t go wrong.

8 months ago

The three-cylinder owner will first talk about the advantages 1. Strong power, with sports mode, I have been running mountain roads for a long time, if the power is not good, in the case of short and short straight lines, superbuss and trucks will make you doubt your life. The high-speed performance is excellent. I don’t know that around 135 is very stable, and the line change is clean and no unnecessary movements. 2. The comprehensive configuration can also be cruise at a fixed speed, multi-function steering wheel, reversing radar, reversing image, automatic air conditioning, dual independent suspension, remote basic control, carlife, carplay3, it is cheap, and the discount is tens of thousands. What kind of car can you buy for more than 70,000 yuan? Let’s talk about the disadvantages 1. Fuel consumption is not as low as I thought. The overall road conditions are around 7.5, the high speed is five to a few. 2. The interior is not good-looking, all made of hard plastic. A sense of technology. The ride comfort is not good. I bought a lumbar support. I haven’t been sitting in the back for a long time. It’s not very clear. 3. The gearbox tuning feels entirely based on the pursuit of power, and downshifts if there is a disagreement, causing a frustration. The engine speed is basically 2000-3000. 4. The suspension is soft, insufficient support for fast cornering, and a bit of side tilt. The tire noise is very loud, basically vulgar listening to the tire noise, listening to the wind noise at high speed, and directly buzzing without the music, but the engine sound is very small, and the sound is not loud after more than two thousand revolutions. Through the comprehensive consideration at the beginning and the actual experience of nearly 20,000 kilometers, now I don’t change the four-cylinder. Finally, I think the three-cylinder machine is not good, and the three-cylinder machine spicy chicken can be said to be an inherent impression. I bought a 1.3t three-cylinder. Does it shake? It does shake, but it is only idling at d-gear. When the traffic light is in d-gear, it shakes, and the traffic light is in n-gear. It does not shake at all and the power is excellent.

8 months ago

If the wording is more rigorous, it should not be regarded as a three-cylinder failure here; it can only be said that the three-cylinder is not as pleasing to consumers as the four-cylinder. If it depends on which is more expensive and which is more, then many six-cylinders also fail; in fact, it is also It’s not difficult to understand consumers. If it’s not online, it is estimated that the three-cylinder will develop well; and in the future, as long as the internal combustion engine does not die, then the three-cylinder will definitely occupy most of the A0~A level market, and it will be more compact. These two points of volume and more efficient output have always attracted designers to engage in this thing, and will not give up in the future.

8 months ago

In fact, Buick’s 1.3t three-cylinder is not that bad, and even I think it’s a bit good. It has enough power, low fuel consumption, and the sound is not too unpleasant. The rapid acceleration sound is better than the low speed. Just a little bit of shaking. This jitter can be clearly perceived at idling speed and slow acceleration at low speeds, but it is not intolerable. On the contrary, the rapid acceleration does not shake, and the sound is not thin, which is not much different from the ordinary four-cylinder. This is a very important advantage. But in reality, Buick’s three-cylinder sales are not good when the reputation is not bad, especially the Yinglang three-cylinder and Angkola three-cylinder. After switching to the 1.5 four-cylinder, the sales have soared. I have to say that this is a very good one. Interesting things. Analyze, it is actually related to Yinglang’s own positioning. In Yinglang’s positioning, the three cylinders encounter the greatest resistance. Because Yinglang is generally the first car or the only car in the family, the family has too much hope for this car. I would rather have a 1.5 four-cylinder with less powerful power than a three-cylinder that is good in many ways. It is like finding a partner. A long body is not a big problem, but if there are some birth defects, then many people are not easy to accept. This analogy is not appropriate, but the actual situation is that if you are a junior, this car is quite good. But Hideo itself is not the position of a junior. It’s not the same like mini, so the mini three-cylinder is no problem. In my own situation, there is no shortage of cars at home. There are 6 cylinders and 8 cylinders. This is a common brand that buys a car for my wife and needs to be fashionable and easy to drive. Why is the common brand not explained? It doesn’t matter whether three cylinders or three cylinders are not. I bought this car as a very precise positioning. Has also been strongly affirmed by his wife. And even if I drive this car myself, I don’t care about the slight jitter at all. I think it’s actually excellent in all aspects. But the demand for buying a car like me is actually very small. So Hideo’s three-cylinder is a tragedy.

8 months ago

The three-cylinder engine in the United States is very impressive, but the field of family cars is different. However, the three-cylinder engine does not necessarily fail, because the three-cylinder engine can be said to be the most complete, as opposed to a four-wheeled car. Or else, wouldn’t it be nice to give you a two-cylinder machine? It must be the choice of three-cylinder, but the shortcomings of three-cylinder engines are not his shortcomings, but the shortcomings of all fuel-burning engines. Look at Lexus and other hybrids, Mercedes-Benz’s three-cylinder activity, right?

8 months ago

False low fuel consumption power system: three-cylinder engine. The cost has been reduced a little, the fuel consumption may not necessarily be reduced, but the jitter has increased a lot. Even if the initial optimization is not obvious, the damping system in the later period will still be shaken after it is attenuated. In the end, the price hits the bone. The real low fuel consumption power system: DMI. The cost has increased a bit, the fuel consumption has been directly halved, the driving quality and power have been greatly improved, and the price has risen a lot, but it is still popular.

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