I don’t know much about your entertainment industry. I haven’t seen you for a few days. I have developed to the point that I don’t even dare to disclose if I have children. If I do so, it may have an impact on my career, so that it takes courage to tell others that I have children. Things. You are so awesome. People have five relationships. It is the most normal thing to have marriage, love, and children. Just like people eat grains, it is like the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and the earth turns and the stars move. It is completely a matter of natural law and objective existence. In your circle, It can actually become something that needs to be specifically discussed, researched, and even possibly impacted on the career. This is a transcendence in Guiquan, with both feet off the ground, flying towards the sun, jumping out of the Three Realms, not in the Five Elements. Living on the same earth with me and other laymen is really a shame. This stinking problem in your circle made me the first reaction to the Japanese idol industry. The Japanese idol industry can be regarded as the highest level in this aspect. Not to mention having children, not even dating, and being found alone with men. It is a major accident together. Things like getting married and getting married can directly declare the end of career and life. If the fans are gone, they may be compensated by the brokerage company. It is said that there are idol group members who shave their heads to apologize to fans because of their love affair, and there are fans who are more extreme, because their favorite idol members have been rumored, and they have furiously issued death threats and even followed them. Over time, not to fall in love has changed from unspoken rules directly to plain text clauses, which is a big issue in the world. The reason is that Japan’s idol industry essentially creates group fantasies among fan groups, allowing fans to have the illusion that they have a certain degree of personal connection with their idols, and then through this fantasies from fans’ pockets. In the industry that pays for money, this actually means dicing some financial products. First, shape a concept and then sell it, cutting leeks in a vain way. Then, if the idol himself has a love or marriage, it will break the economic relationship based on the fan’s illusion of the idol, allowing the fan to return to reality from the illusion, so idols cannot be married. It is also called “the profession of selling dreams”. To tell the truth, this kind of thing feels quite disgusting to me. A group of people is estrusing to one person, and this estrus object must abide by the precepts to meet the increasing estrus needs of other people. The end result is that both fans and idols do not make people or ghosts, and the songs and dances that idols sing all day are love and love, but the actual life is the ancient blue light scroll, and the fans are all alone. Run into chemical bliss without the help of drugs. The most interesting thing is that everyone knows that this imaginary relationship is fake. Hold a handshake coupon to hold a fan meeting. There are crowds of people in the line. How can so many people form an intimate relationship with you alone? ? Then everyone does not pierce, and whoever pierces is the villain. This is not as good as the Australian gem beetle, who is in heat with beer bottles. The beer bottle is at least real, and the gem beetles are usually a group of gem beetles lying on a bottle. They do not require that the wine bottle must abide by the precepts and cannot interact with other bugs. Together alone. The entertainment industry in other regions also has this problem more or less. For example, Andy Lau, he didn’t dare to announce when he got married, and covered my life for decades. I can’t even imagine how this day would go, a whole day. Those who live under the camera have to hide the person sleeping in a quilt with them for decades. This is really a shame as an actor and is suitable for confidential work. When you are getting older, you have to be cautious when you announce the news, like walking on thin ice, just like being a thief and being caught, you have to apologize first. And now the domestic atmosphere is getting more and more popular. To be honest, I am quite curious. The entertainment industry is obviously the most developed in the United States. How come there are no such poor rules in the industry? Why don’t you learn all the papers?


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Hua Chenyu: Yes, I have a child. Wang Ziwen: Yes, I have a 7-year-old child. Zheng Shuang: Qie’er, I have two children, who are also surrogates! Concealing marriage, concealing birth, giving birth out of wedlock, and giving birth to surrogacy are not all routine operations in the entertainment industry! How many times have I been photographed by paparazzi a few years ago? This can be said to be an open “secret”. In the past, children needed protection so they might conceal it, but now they admit it when they are old and sensible, and just smashed the window paper. Wang Ziwen admitted to having children! What is the impact of Heathcliff’s video 24,000 broadcasts? Not admitting is Wang Ziwen without children, youth is beautiful and pure and lovely; admitting is Wang Ziwen with children, frank and majestic! You and I are ordinary people. Wang Ziwen is a star. We don’t understand this mysterious group. What we see is “acted out” through the media. Most of them are “personal design”. To be honest, I don’t care about this. What effect does it have on her career and relationship? It’s not like the collapse of the celebrities in the entertainment circle together. Many people are packaged. There are many dirty souls under the bright coat. Since it is an “entertainment circle”, everyone should be regarded Have fun, don’t be serious!

7 months ago

The choice under weighing the pros and cons. At this time, the mother-child relationship should be disclosed, and there should be no obstacle to the children, to themselves, to fans, and to their future development. After all, this should be a matter of course that we need to face sooner or later. When I woke up early in the morning, Wang Ziwen admitted that I had a son when I saw a message on my mobile phone. I accepted it in an instant. At her age, it’s normal to have children. It’s just the peculiarities of the industry. Artists often choose to avoid or keep it private. Wang Ziwen, who I know in Ode to Joy, also likes this actor. I hope she will get better and better. It is a good thing to open the mother-child relationship with the child from the perspective of parent-child and from the perspective of the child’s growth, which is conducive to the healthy growth of the child. Today, the dragon raised his head. Yesterday’s program admitted that he can take his son for a haircut today. It’s good!

7 months ago

2021 is destined to be the year of discovering new children. It is set off by the “real and cool in the world”. The female star broke out that she had a child, so long as the child was born by herself. I didn’t throw it away, and I grew up well. It is worthy of blessing. As for the father of the child, it is not important. Adults who haven’t talked about a few love affairs yet? The feeling between two people disappeared, but a child is left. This kind of thing is not so rare. As a female star, Wang Ziwen has this financial ability and can give this child a good life. It is normal to be born and raised. Single mothers are also great. In addition, she was originally an actor, not a traffic star. In my cognition. Only traffic idols who sell sexual fantasies need to honestly maintain a single personality. Otherwise, the idol is disqualified. If you want to get married or have children, you should honestly come up with your work, and don’t be useless except for a face. To be an oiran requires the professional ethics of being an oiran. Male celebrities, Hua Chenyu should be the best way to deal with it. Directly publicize the woman and ask the woman to come out and say that he secretly gave birth to the child. Not getting married does not mean being irresponsible. It is irresponsible if you don’t have feelings to make do with your child’s marriage. In addition to the previous Chen Kun, his son is so old, doesn’t anyone still know who the biological mother is? It’s a good thing that the handsome guy has a child who has passed down his beautiful genes.

7 months ago

This is not a courageous choice at all, but a rational choice. For one thing, her career as an artist has reached this age, and her marriage and childbirth relationship can be made public without affecting her career. Maybe she can usher in a new career turnaround. How many old celebrities rely on their children to become popular? You can check the parent-child variety shows in recent years. Of course, I am not saying that Wang Ziwen is using his own children, but that exposing children is more beneficial than harmful. Secondly, you simply cannot hide a child forever. The child will grow up, and he will go to the famous school to mix up with other star second generations or even walk the show to make movies. But the premise is that he is a child who has been made public by his parents, rather than being hidden from the public. What do you think his second-generation partner should think of him? Three things, she now chooses to appear on this remarriage variety show. All of this must be arranged. If she does not disclose her own child on this show, she will only be backlashed when the media is exposed in the future, and the audience will feel that the marriage is cheated or the variety show is fake. Why not start the broadcast, because it needs to stretch the front and control the rhythm of the fire. Whether it was hiding and tucking in the past, or exposing the child on a remarriage variety show, in my eyes, it is a rational choice to maximize my own interests. How can anyone think this is a courageous choice? It’s normal to praise her for her good mind, right? Is Dao’s true temperament higher than a good mind in this world?

7 months ago

She is not alone. There are other actresses and children who have not been exposed. After all, many are not married. For example, I know one reason is very coincidental. My work is the interior design of villa decoration, so I often see some drawings and find a well-known one by chance. The actress’s new villa has a children’s room. It is normal to have a children’s room. After all, the house is large, and it may be used to have children when we get married in the future. But when I look at the drawings carefully, this children’s room is designed for twins. The bedroom hasn’t given birth yet, how do you know that you are going to have twins in the future? It can be seen that her child has been born, but now even a boyfriend has not made it public. It seems that being a star is not easy to give birth to twins. What a beautiful thing can’t be made public and can only be born quietly and raised quietly.

7 months ago

This reminds me of an unmarried single mother who Wan Qian played in the Chinese New Year movie “The Crowd”. Every time I see her and her children, I feel quite warm. As a celebrity in the circle, Wang Ziwen is almost 40, isn’t it normal to have children? Female celebrities belong to the high-income group, and they raise children easier than ordinary families. The country has opened up second-children to encourage everyone to have babies. They are taking the lead in this way. In addition, children born out of wedlock are now allowed to register. It’s 2021, please don’t discriminate against single-parent families.

7 months ago

It has no effect, and even helps. 1. She is not an idol, she does not rely on people to set up traffic, she still speaks by works; 2. She is responsible for her children, and it is not good to have trouble with her father (at least on the stage); the above two points are reasonable and reasonable , She has done nothing wrong, naturally there will be no negative effects. What’s more, the country is still thinking of ways to encourage childbirth. . . There are only two types of children exposed in the entertainment industry that have negative effects: 1. Irrespective of children, which is a bottom line issue; 2. Idols that rely on singles to set up a meal are a matter of professional ethics; this time Wang Ziwen discloses children. , It is a kind of relief for themselves, for children, and in a sense, they can face life more calmly.

7 months ago

Did Zheng Shuang and Hua Chenyu take the entertainment industry away? Isn’t it normal for celebrities to have children? Wang Ziwen has always been tepid, in a state of being quite popular among niche groups, but unable to get out of the circle and being well-known to everyone. In short, her popularity matches her achievements. The media had exposed her hidden marriage before, but with her traffic, a large-scale discussion was triggered. The controversy and powder fanfare hadn’t reached that level, and that matter was gone. When she breaks out that her son is already a eldest and no children, it’s not surprising that her friends have said that she is a hidden marriage earlier. Therefore, Wang Ziwen has already entered a state: there are few fans, and those who like it will not have fans. People who have no effect on their masters have low achievements, big-name film and television dramas will not find her, and small producers will not care if she has children, because she does not rely on her to attract fans! This is the current state of Wang Ziwen. To tell the truth, if it weren’t because Zheng Shuang and Hua Chenyu have children, it really doesn’t matter at all! So, thank them for giving stars with children another opportunity to attract traffic! The deity of immeasurable merit, the children of Amitabha are capitals, Amen…

7 months ago

What do I want to say? Why didn’t her child look for me at Full Moon Wine? People don’t know me at all, what am I talking about? Wang Ziwen has a son. If I were her friend, I would definitely wish her a good deed. I never figured out why some people are so interested in the private lives of celebrities. Are you familiar with them? What is the impact of affection on career? Her star can’t continue acting and singing if she has children? Can’t get married if you have children? Or are some people unable to work if they have children? Some older single youths are still worried about yourself. Just like Wang Ziwen’s figure, he doesn’t worry about marrying, it depends on whether he wants to marry or not. After all, they don’t need money. In real life, women with high incomes or with their own company or business, it is too common for a sperm bank to find a sperm to give birth to a child. This is a manifestation of feminism. Children with their own surnames are usually exchanged for small white faces and small fresh meat every day. Is it interesting to spend time watching celebrities’ works or to discuss their private lives? My life is in a mess. I can’t afford a house without spending my parents’ money. I am willing to work overtime in order to pay off my mortgage. I eat Erdaoyou takeaway every day, and my food is almost bubbling. Then I care about how the stars with annual income of tens of millions or even hundreds of millions live their lives. Who is the situation is low, the consumption is extravagant, the private life is too casual, the first product is too bad… Do you have a high income for a babysitter? Real examples around me. I often ridicule and abuse celebrities at gatherings of friends. This female celebrity looks ugly, that male celebrity is nothing, that celebrity scumbag… how about her? I played a QQ game and met a college student who ran to open a room with someone at noon. He looked really awkward and a little fat. I don’t know what the college student thought. Isn’t the 19-year-old girl in school beautiful? Isn’t the skin delicate? Are long legs sexy? Isn’t it cute? It may be that my friend’s girlfriend has reached the pinnacle in bed, and the little fresh meat is also addicted to the first taste of the forbidden fruit. This woman may also be addicted to Xiaoxian meat, she even dared to call home. If you don’t know what you can do, then the incident occurred in Dongchuang and the boyfriend was hospitalized. This matter spread to the circle of friends and classmates. I don’t feel at all about it. I’m really lazy to discuss other people’s private lives. I have to squeeze time out for exercise every day, not willing to waste a second. I just think that when some people evaluate celebrities on the Internet, they are too rude. Do they want to live their own lives? You are rich and good-looking, can you still be loyal to the woman who doesn’t buy a big house and doesn’t give you a high-stakes gift that you marry you because of love? Will you be indifferent when faced with Bai Fumi who keeps buying luxury gifts for you? You suddenly become more beautiful, your body becomes better, and facing the handsome and humorous 6-pack abs, will you still miss the husband who only knows to play games, smoke, drink, beer and be pregnant? Some people have an annual income of less than 100,000, and they are willing to change their phones every year. Suddenly they have an annual income of over 100 million, so they can live diligently and thriftily? It’s definitely more extravagant than celebrities. Saving 50,000 a year to consume 30,000, which is equivalent to consuming 60% of the annual income and earning 50 million a year. The bank interest is more than 2 million. Is it a luxury for a celebrity to buy a car? Obviously ordinary people consume more luxury. Those who show that the income of stars should not be so high, and that the income of scientists is low, do you watch movies and TV series every day or read academic papers in various fields? You are actually supporting the scientific researchers with practical actions. The key is that top scientists are not bad at money. The most funny is the few people who don’t donate a penny and mock the star’s donation. People who mock celebrities might as well sweep away all the feathers in their lives and care about the private lives of celebrities. It’s better to feel more distressed for your parents, and you can save a little money to buy a house for you. Take half an hour to learn how to cook with food bloggers, cook meals for parents, and take the time to travel with parents, even in the province. Life is short, and the time we spend with our parents is extremely precious. Don’t wait until a hundred years later to regret it. This is far more meaningful than eating celebrities. In this beautiful and regrettable world, in this world of sorrow and joy, some stories are even more exciting than movies.

7 months ago

The honor of having a child and the merit of raising a child are the positive energy that the entertainment industry should uphold. In the past, the entertainment industry had bad habits of late marriage and late childbearing, hidden marriage, hidden childbearing, and non-marriage and infertility, which had a negative impact on social atmosphere. Early birth, fast birth and more birth, is to contribute to the response to the aging crisis. Promote righteousness, start from the star.

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