Looking closely at it, it is actually Jiangong. I can only say how the good ethos that Wo Gong was proud of turned into this way. I also know that the chairman and vice-chairmen of the student union can get places, and the average student basically has no chance. As for the students in the student union, as an old senior who has both been in the undergraduate and the student union, I can only say that there is really a mix of good and bad. The cows are really powerful, but there are also many kinds of ghosts and snakes. The teaching support for graduate students was originally intended to encourage students from Guangxi University to devote themselves to the west, but now it has gradually evolved into a way for student cadres who are not admitted for postgraduate entrance and usually can’t get into postgraduate school. I know some classmates who walked this way. Some of them are really doing their best to support the teaching, preparing lessons every day until late at night, and every year after graduate school, they will go back to visit the group of students he brought. I still remember a circle of classmates and friends who posted the letter he brought to him after the junior high school, saying that he thanked him, and he also replied very seriously, and agreed to meet again after the high school entrance examination. This is the real intentional support for education. On the other hand, today’s classmate who is a jobless student, I can only say that the difference between people is really great. If this kind of person can get this qualification, the student union’s teacher who originally elected him should have to reflect on it. This is a question of fundamental values. Why can such a person become the chairman of the student union? With his thoughts, can he serve his classmates wholeheartedly? This time, this classmate likes to vent on the public network, so it was exposed. How many of those have not been exposed? Laid-off workers have appeared, are there any other schools before? I also came from a small city. Although I am not considered poor, I can understand how hard it is to bring students who can’t learn anything. Some classmates are in poor conditions at home and don’t pay much attention to reading, and some teachers wear off their patience and yell at them. But the resulting discrimination and even personal insults are absolutely not allowed. Most of the families who can be admitted to the homeworker have a solid foundation and have abundant educational resources since they were young. It is extremely unreasonable and extremely unfair to use this kind of self-growth environment to demand those poor students at home. This time, the student canceled the place for postgraduate study, which can be regarded as a lesson for him to reflect on his behavior and values. This time it was just that the school cancelled the qualification for postgraduate study. If it doesn’t improve next time, then you really have to think about the severe beatings of the society. Of course, the teachers of the Youth League Committee of the Wo Workers should also reflect on what they should value when choosing the cadres of the student union. Don’t just choose the people who have a good relationship with you and run by your side.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

First of all, regardless of the discriminatory and insulting nature of his remarks, this objective reality alone also shows that education resources are extremely uneven and there are huge regional differences. This is also one of the meanings of supporting education. In the last photo, I saw the same students all over the world, just like those from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, Fudan University and other prestigious universities. Possibly, due to insufficient educational resources, talented children who could have done a lot of work will be smashed into the sand… From a young age, this affects a child’s life. From a big perspective, the country has lost its “pillars”! As for the children in the photo, no one dares to predict their future! This is also the magic of growth and education! Let me talk about the management of this support teacher. Obviously, she is a “student undergraduate” who uses “supporting education” as a means. Of course, this is also the role of national policy tilt and leverage. It’s just that, in this selection process, did we not intensify “education” and focus on “ethics” considerations. Is the teaching support process neglected to manage? This phenomenon was “reported” rather than discovered by the school. Is it better to criticize education in a timely manner and reduce adverse effects? Is the effect good for undergraduate teaching support? Isn’t it more advantageous to support teachers for normal students? Finally, talk about this support teacher. In fact, when you discriminate against these children, many more advantageous people can discriminate against you. Why do you want to support education and postgraduate examinations instead of going directly to the postgraduate examinations? Not sure? Ha ha! (Do you feel comfortable?) I hope that in this society, everyone will treat each other kindly. Be more loving, be kind to others, and be kind to yourself. I don’t want to support teaching like you, and then go to support teaching.

7 months ago

Supporting education in rural areas should be an important means to increase her qualifications for postgraduate research. Otherwise, she discriminates and abuses rural students, so how can she be willing to go to the countryside? This is called the beggar discriminates against the owner who gives him food and forgets the original. When you discriminate against others, others are discriminating against you. This classmate has the courage and ability, should he go to the postgraduate entrance examination, what kind of postgraduate study? Through the support of teaching, I asked a group of first-year students who have just finished elementary school. In her own words, they are really “idiots” and “stupid”. People who are going to graduate school, discriminate against students who are in the junior high school, and use her own words, “intelligently unsound”, right? The gap between rural and urban education is mainly due to the weak rural teachers, the unique educational environment under urbanization, and the asymmetric advantage of urban educational knowledge acquisition in the information age. The responsibility of supporting teachers is to make up for the lack of rural students in acquiring knowledge of informatization education. Rural students are no worse than urban students. The countryside has made too many sacrifices for the city. Any form of discrimination and abuse should be punished. It is reasonable for such people to cancel their graduate admission qualifications, and they are also responsible for themselves.

7 months ago

Every time I support teaching, I only take pictures of the scenery and rarely take pictures of children. Why? Because I don’t want to treat any child with a heart of compassion. I insist that our personalities are equal, but we have different resources. When they grow up, children in the city have information and a variety of information that cannot be matched by children in the countryside. Educational Resources. But I am really uncomfortable, because every young soul has the same expectations for the world, and they also hope to grow up to be a part of the future world. The soul has colors. Cyan is the soul mark of these children. They have been with nature for a long time. They lack the rendering of industrial products and are not so colorful, but they are also full of hope and yearning for freedom. I told my daughter-in-law about my thoughts this year. After I finished my Ph.D., I gave up staying in school to continue teaching and chose to teach in a western university. This is something I have been thinking about for many years, and it is also my goal in life. Why? Because personalities are equal, and Chinese are equal, I am not an idealist, but I am a person who stands for the disadvantaged. I must have my most independent behavioral characteristics to express my thoughts and play my role. There are a large number of children in western China. They should enjoy the same educational resources as in the eastern part. Although I do not teach well, only in those positions can I feel that I am living on the right track of my unique life. I have had this idea for too many years, but my mother is in poor health and the child is born. Everything tells me that the current resources are hard-won. Until last year I saw the deeds of Mr. Zhang Guimei, I began to be determined, I can bear the suffering of a person than me, but I can not bear the suffering of a group of people than me, let alone a group of children. How about staying in school, taking graduate students, maybe there is still a chance to take a PhD in this life. But that is not my ideal of life. My ideal is that there is no fairness, fairness, no resources, no resources, no education, I will educate. I saw that the subject invited me for the first time, and the subject must think that with my Hunanese violent temper, I would be furious and would scold this female teacher of 985. In fact, after watching this time, I blamed myself very much. Why? Because this is not only a failure of society, but also my failure. Our group of people who speak respectfully for the disadvantaged group did not really stand behind this group of children and did not protect them. We are the group that really has problems. people. We really are like Mr. Zhang Guimei, whether we are poor, whether right or wrong, whether health or disease, are we standing behind our children like a mountain? No, this society has many problems, many unfairness, not only need to blame and criticize, but also need to appear next to this child at a critical moment, to slap those who don’t know good or bad. Tell them that there is not only evil in this world, but also fairness and justice. I haven’t done this in the past, really. Therefore, I am ashamed to ask this question, and I firmly believe in my thoughts. Stand here, and act to prove my heart.

7 months ago

I look at this problem, and I am sorry to be sad. We always think that people in the world are as smart as the friends above, but it is actually wrong. There is a boss who eats and scolds the waiter: why are they so smart? ? Of course this is nonsense. If he is smart, will he come to serve you? He has the same resources as you, and has already squeezed you down. You obviously live by these dumb and unsmart people. If they are all smart, can you make money? But you are still triumphant and proud of it. This is really murderous! When education is equal, we will spread out the truth of the world so that everyone knows what the world is like. At that time, there will be real fairness. This female student, a female student who wants to be a graduate student, what she said Maybe it’s right, that’s really idiots, but without them, you can’t get to where you are today. These idiots nurtured you and gave you milk and steak.

7 months ago

I worked as a rural teaching supporter for two months in college, and the photos I took at that time are still kept up to now. Looking at the children’s innocent expressions, I always think of it and feel a little moved. The place where I teach is a rural area with underdeveloped economy and transportation. The traffic is so bad that there is only one short-distance bus passing by, and you have to wait more than half an hour for one trip. When I took a bath, I was in a very shabby room with a big spider web on the top of the room. Every time I took a bath, I was very uncomfortable and always worried that the spider would fall. This is the classroom where the lessons are taught. Although the sparrow is small, it has all five internal organs. The subjects I teach are Chinese and Mathematics. Some of these children are very smart, some are dull, 55X60 is always wrong, but as long as they dare to answer questions on the blackboard, they are still rewarded with a candy. This is before graduation. I handwritten a postcard to each of them, each with a sentence: Go out and see the bigger world. I hope to plant a seed in their hearts to let them know that there are more possibilities in this world. A small event was held in the middle, and I asked everyone to write what I want to say the most. This is written by Xiaobanhua. This is written by class monitor Chen Haonan. The children are very cute, and I will show them some cartoons at noon. The hard living environment, with these students, feels infinitely interesting. Going back to this matter, I don’t know why this classmate despised the children in the countryside aloft. The country trains you and the school resources support you, so that you can use your abilities to better return to the society. What you said and what you did was obviously not considered. What I saw was full of superiority and strong utilitarianism. I hope that this student can learn from the pain and reflect on what he did wrong. After all: “When you want to criticize others, know that not everyone has the advantages you have.”

7 months ago

I know a girl from Jiangsu who went to Tibet after graduation. Not to support the education, but to stay there. What do you say about living everyday? Very sand-sculpted and happy~ You have to say stupid, she may be so stupid, she ran all the way to suffer. You have to say that she is a fool, she may be so foolish, she lives so happily in Tibet every day! Well, I got the certificate with the subject recently! Happy birthday to my sister here! If this is stupid and stupid, then I like fools far better than “smart people” in the title. I also managed the student party branch. A student refused to talk to the teacher after repeated urging. I saw him at the time and felt that he didn’t really want to join the party. The political trial teacher finally felt that it didn’t matter and passed him. You asked whether the cancellation of graduate qualifications is reasonable or unreasonable, I don’t know, but it certainly makes sense. If a person’s morality is not good enough, we still give him more qualifications to pass the customs. Later, he will become a big boss. Then let’s say, oh my god, this boss is terrible, but it is difficult to judge the morality at first! Is it too late? Is it better to have stricter standards for each review? Is it better to deal with minor problems in time? Regardless of reasonable or unreasonable, support cancellation!

7 months ago

When I just graduated from my undergraduate program, I also considered supporting teaching. After thinking about it, I still gave up. The responsibility is too great, my ability is not enough. Teaching is not something cats, dogs and dogs can mix. Children’s psychology is essentially different from that of adults. Adolescent children are more sensitive. If it is hard, he is rebellious; if it is soft, he pushes his nose to face; guides, he points to the west; let it go, he degenerates to you every minute. If you stay closer, students of the opposite sex will want to fall in love with you. You noticed this trend of deliberate alienation, and he stopped learning again. What are the characteristics of children’s psychology, which are the normal mentality of adolescence, which are abnormal behaviors that need attention, which means bullying in school, and which represent domestic violence, these are all teachers need to know. It is strange that non-teacher professionals go to support the teaching. When we choose teachers for our children, even new teachers who have just graduated from the normal school can’t trust them. We must be at ease with experienced old teachers. Why do you think you are a freshly graduated non-teacher undergraduate who has the ability to teach mountain children? The education of children in mountainous areas is more difficult than that in cities. Without a complete support system, everything has to be mobilized and flexible. It is so easy… Now it seems that I am right, a group of people who can’t even bring their own babies. , I am embarrassed to support education? Do you really think that the four-year undergraduate major in normal education is a bachelor’s degree? That’s it, cold treatment is good for everyone. Although this punishment is heavy, it will not “destroy a life.” Not this year, just change to the 985 postgraduate exam next year, and reflect on what went wrong with yourself. If you know your mistakes, you can change it to be a good comrade.

7 months ago

I am curious about who is the designer of the education support development degree. In today’s short and fast days, the focus of supporting education and research is to support research, and supporting education is only a condition for disgusting applicants. Except for a few who are sentimental, they are disgusted and of course resentful. In this case, why tie two unrelated things together? Supporting education should let people who really have feelings and abilities go, and guaranteeing research will really let people who have the potential for scientific and technological research to go. Since you don’t agree with supporting education, don’t wrong yourself for protecting research. If you agree, you will meet, if you are the one. Regardless of whether they support education or discriminate against innocent people, they can only be said to be morally corrupt and low-quality.

7 months ago

This classmate may not even realize that if he himself was also born in these ravines, he might not even be qualified to be mocked by a [stupid and exquisite egoist] like himself. Sorry, my wording may be a bit extreme, but I really can’t think of a better description. The so-called [exquisite egoist] regards the support of education in the name of love and education as a greedy means of gaining profits. For him, as long as he can protect research, he will teach children from the mountain village or the mountain village. There is no essential difference between pigs and dogs. Knowledge and academic qualifications only bring the arrogant capital of 985 students. To some extent, this is a kind of brutality more cold-blooded than ignorance. The so-called “stupid” means that even the exquisite egoist knows to cherish his feathers. But this classmate received a high-quality education, but he did not realize how insignificant personal hard work is under the bottleneck of intelligence and resources. Such people are those visionaries who miss the Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties and think that they can be a literati and poet of the Wei and Jin Dynasties. They are those who sing praises to the Republic of China, think that they can swear Fang Qiu, are romantic and chic-but actually go back to that era, you are nothing. When I was in college, there was a well-known senior in our school. During her sophomore summer internship, she went to teach in the mountains for the first time. Since then, she has always been concerned about the children in the mountains. But then she died. She died on the way to support education. It was difficult to walk in the mountains. No one expected this accident. I believe that many college students only regard this as a task before supporting the teaching, a means to add money to their resumes and to increase the size of their school selection. But because we have received education, we have a better understanding of the truth of the world. This allows us to reflect on ourselves after seeing these shocking realities when we were originally living in modern civilization and enjoying the fruits of economic development. What has accomplished oneself, and what is the real ladder to change destiny? I believe that the deceased school sister must have experienced such inner turmoil. But obviously, this Dagong’s classmate, he didn’t. I would rather believe that this is an intellectual difference, because it is really difficult for me to accept an intellectual who has not been baptized by society, and his heart is so cold-blooded and gloomy. As for this penalty decision, I don’t know whether it is reasonable or not. I only know that our education should not be like this, and the college students we have cultivated should not be like this. the above.

7 months ago

I have also taught in the mountain village in Weining County, Bijie City, Guizhou Province. It is really a mountain village. After passing the winding road, I have to drive a long dirt road. I myself grew up in a rural area, and I thought I would not be unfamiliar with life in a mountain village. But when I got to the place, I was still shocked. This experience of teaching support left me a very deep memory, unforgettable and precious. During that time, I really felt too much powerlessness and helplessness. Many of the things we found ordinary were precious to a small group of people. In my impression, Guizhou should not be short of water, but when I went to support education, I didn’t wash my hair and bath for half a month, and I saved water every day when I brushed my teeth and washed my face. The weather in Guizhou has a big temperature difference between morning and evening, and it is cold at night with a quilt, but the sun at around ten o’clock in the morning can peel people in the sun and the ultraviolet rays are also strong. I sweat a lot every day and I really can’t stand it. I insisted on it until the weekend of the second week. Several of our classmates who were teaching support together asked a little brother from the local government to send us back to Weining County to find a hotel to take a shower and wash our hair. . Because it is a minority area, the living and eating habits are also different from usual. What I remember particularly deeply is that every day I eat potatoes and beef, standing with the principal and the others. My usual eating habit is to sit and eat slowly when eating is to relax. But they just gathered around a bunch, and they finished eating soon after standing. And as you eat and eat, seeing that there is less food in your bowl, a large spoon is scooped into the bowl. I was too embarrassed not to finish the meal. Later, all of us were scared. We all ran out with bowls for dinner, squatting on the edge of the yard, looking at the chicken shit in the yard, and gobbled it up. The children are very innocent, most of the children in the lower grades still don’t understand anything, and occasionally they mature very early, but they are still full of curiosity about the outside world. The courageous children will ask questions around the teacher, the cowardly children just stare at us with a pair of eyes, which makes people very sad. For us, this is just an experience. But it is not so good for them. Young teachers are always easy to get the love of children. We brought them some things outside, but their lives are like looking up at the mountain or the mountain. Mountains, how many children can go out, and how many children will be trapped inside. We left, we left, but I feel emotional when I think of it. For them, it is not so beautiful, just like a child who has tasted the sweetness, knows the taste of sugar, but is suddenly told that he will never eat it again. I always thought that China’s economic development is already relatively good, but there are really poor places. There are no kindergartens in the local area, and when they are in school, they go straight to elementary school. Every child’s family has its own difficulties. A father went out to work, his mother ran away, and his grandparents lived in a mud house with seven children, relying on the government’s subsistence allowance and relief. Mom and Dad are divorced, and no one cares about the children. Even the deputy principal of the local elementary school gave birth to a child when her wife was sixteen. Every family basically has five children, and there are seven children. Every time I go to a home visit, I will be shocked once. Some emotions can’t be expressed, just feel sad. I have thought about what my life would be like if I were one of the girls. Gray, hopeless at a glance, full of mountains, will you marry at the age of fourteen or five and prepare to have a child in life? Weakness and helplessness made me very tired during that time. My partners and I are thinking about how to make them happier and learn something happily. Supporting education is not a way to mix an experience and give yourself extra points. If you choose to support education, you must treat it with your heart. These children are really worth it. I don’t comment on this teacher who supports teaching. I just think of my own experience and feel very sad and helpless.

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