I go often. Most of the time I don’t listen to what the clerk says, because I know more than the clerk. No matter whose store it is, Xiaomi, oppo, vivo, Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Meizu and Hammer, I do. But sometimes, I will pretend to be someone who knows nothing to listen to the introduction of the store staff. Here is a brief introduction to the differences between the stores. Xiaomi: I often go to Xiaomi’s store, this is one of my favorite stores. Before, as long as I didn’t open my mouth, no one would ask me. Now the clerk will come up and ask if I need help? As long as I say just take a look, they also took a few steps back with a smile. Redmi K40 flagship Snapdragon 870 Samsung AMOLED 120Hz high-swipe straight screen 480 Jingdong ¥ 2199.00 to buy​Note that I am talking about Xiaomi stores, including all types of stores except Xiaomi stores. In addition, Xiaomi shop assistants also have the most knowledge of hardware. Many shop assistants even know the A55 core frequency of the Snapdragon 865. Xiaomi 11 5G Snapdragon 888 2K AMOLED four-curved flexible screen 100 million pixels 55 Jingdong ¥ 4299.00 to buy Huawei: Huawei has more stores in shopping malls than Xiaomi, and I have been to several larger stores, like Shenzhen And several storeys in Zhengzhou. The clerk in these stores will enthusiastically ask you what you need, and then start to sell your own products. Huawei’s clerk is not much professional, but it’s better than OV’s. They may ask some slightly more complicated situations, such as P40pro+’s wide-angle telephoto focal length and screen. I’ve asked several shops to tell us about 18mm and 240mm focal lengths. And the Samsung E3 screen (including the global maximum brightness of 700-800nit), but you have to talk about some more complicated issues, such as the power consumption of Kirin 990 5G, they can’t tell. Huawei HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro Kirin 9000 SoC chip super-sensing Leica Jingdong ¥ 6999.00 to buy oppo and vivo: These two stores are of the same type, I have been to that kind of counter, and I have also been to the direct-operated stores in Shenzhen. Tell the truth I don’t like their sales method, it is really tailored for people who don’t understand mobile phones. The most important thing is that their clerk doesn’t know much about the hardware. For example, the vivoX60pro. I asked him how the screen was, and then I passed the standard parameters. I asked PWM, and he was immediately stunned. This should be a basic question. I asked the Exynos1080 GPU score, the clerk knew, but he didn’t know the clock speed. Apple: Apple’s direct-sale store is the best experience store. In addition to the large number of people and the knowledgeable staff, they will never sell you. Apple iPhone 12 (A2404) 128GB Black Supports China Mobile Unicom and JD.com ¥ 6549.00 to buy it. That’s it. I don’t buy mobile phones offline mainly because I used to sell mobile phones next door. I still know the offline routines. They are all about making money, which is normal. Offline, your mouth is very powerful and you may make a small profit, but the mobile phone seller will never lose.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Parents in the operator’s business hall: Is this mobile phone loud, and is the screen big? Can I use Douyin? Service staff: As long as our monthly rent reaches xxx, we will send it for free, and we will send dozens of g of data per month. Me: What processor, price, and battery… Mom and Dad: By the way, apply for a card. I: The sister of oppo and vivo specialty stores: the phone looks good. Service staff: this phone is just out, now for activities, discount xxx yuan, also comes with power bank, earphones, electric kettle and thermos. I: what processor, how much price , How big battery……. Sister: Just this phone. I: I won’t check it online. Sister: Anyway, I don’t understand it. Trouble me: I’m at Xiaomi’s home. I: Is Xiaomi 11 Smoke Purple available? ? Service staff: It’s sold out, there are still black ones, or you can take a look. Me: No need, thank you! Slip…Huawei Store Me: Is there any color matching of mate40 Autumn Populus? Service staff: The person in front has been queued for 2 weeks. There is no stock for the time being. You can register first. Me: Then I’ll look at others. Apple store friends and I said in unison: Go in and stroll around. A few minutes later, friends and me: It’s really good. Finally came back empty-handed. The real experience of last year was either out of stock, insufficient budget, or pissed off.

8 months ago

Q: What kind of processor is this mobile phone? A: True eight-core Q: I know eight-core, what kind of processor? A: Eight-core processor? Q: Well, let me see for myself (switch on the phone), Snapdragon 765 Ah, which model do you sell now on the 865? A: Oh, the configuration is too low. This one has 512GB, but the high-end version Q: Isn’t 512GB storage? A: For the 512GB memory, do you want to see it? I will show you the high-end version. Q: What’s so good? , Isn’t it this one? Don’t take it. A: I’ll take it for you. This one is high-end, and the configuration is much smoother than this tall one. Q: No, no, no, no, I want it. How many models of Snapdragon 865 machines do you have here? There is no A: 65, there are 64, 128 and 256, and the top is 512. Q: Oh, that’s not what it means, forget it, myself Can you see, what is the screen refresh rate? A: Screen refresh? The screen does not need to be refreshed. The refresh is on the computer. The screen does not need to be refreshed. Q: No, I mean the screen with a high refresh rate. I know that 120Hz seems to be smoother. A: This top-of-the-line model is super smooth , 40 months without lag, let me show you the top with 512, it is very smooth Q: Oh, forget it, forget it, then what is this screen panel, Oled or LCD? I heard that LCD has some low-brightness eye protection. A: Oh, then this one must be the eye protection of the LCD screen. Look here, the ultra-low blue light eye protection screen, which has obtained the German certification, the super eye protection screen ( As a result, I took the phone to search the corresponding model parameters and found that it was an OLED screen) Q: Well, do I have a better model? A: Oh, good, some, good but good It’s a bit more expensive. It’s 1,000 yuan more expensive than this. Yes, look at this. This is also an eight-core processor. It’s a bit smoother than this. The body is ultra-thin, and the main camera function is very easy to use. This is the one used by my relatives. Q: (As a result, I switched to another 765G on the phone) Is there any higher configuration? A: Oh, this one is the top version with 12+512GB, which is 520+ memory, and this one is smoother , Playing games, playing King of Glory and eating chicken are very smooth and very easy to use. If you believe me, just buy this one. Q: No, I want to change it. Is there a higher configuration? A: Brother Ah, let me see you, do you want to look at a mobile phone or buy a mobile phone, can you buy the more expensive one? If you can buy it, I’ll get it for you. You have seen so many models (I watched two models from start to finish), and you have a match to tell your sister Q: Didn’t I just watch two models? A: Yes, but all kinds of configurations are available, and the top configurations are also available for you. Q: Oh, forget it, let’s go. A: (Mumbling quietly) After watching for a long time, I didn’t buy anything. I kept trying to get a high pair, and you couldn’t afford it. The top pair was given to you haha, just For such a series, everyone just looks at the picture like this, thank you, thank you for your love, I am also half-knowledgeable about the mobile phone, and the keyboard man can probably distinguish some of the most basic parameters based on personal truth. The incident is adapted, it will be around May 20, the epidemic has not yet started school, I went to my girlfriend’s house to play, a well-known historical ancient capital city, the specific line is not clear, at that time my old antique OnePlus 3 has not retired, the signal is strange It’s too bad to use the data (probably because of the dropped crystal oscillator, which is often not connected to 4G, but it is normal in some places with stronger signals, and it’s okay to make calls.) I want to change my mobile phone to catch up with 5G and high-brush popularization. , I was shy in my pocket, so I thought about whether to use 5G and high-brush mobile phones. The Internet was too awesome. I wanted to experience it in a physical store. At that time, the budget for buying a mobile phone was 2000+. I thought I could pick a flagship processor at the very least. (It is also the new features and selling points that will cause the premium to be too high, Snapdragon 865, there is only one iqoo neo3 within 3000 yuan to choose), personal reasons do not look at 765G, in fact 765G is also quite expensive, I want to buy 765G I want to budget 2000 I went to a mobile phone store. Ovmi is the kind of glory that is all together. I really asked all the counters. I wanted to experience the high brush. Probably it is to ask all the strange questions encountered in the counters and write an answer. It is the most praised answer so far. Haha, it is edited, but not fictitious. The real incident was not even the flagship at that time. There is no Mi 10 in the rice store. I only showed Mitsubishi Broken. I really didn’t pay attention when I opened Mitsubishi Broken. There was no high brush when I opened Mitsubishi Broken. I saw that it was wrong when I opened Mitsubishi Broken. I thought I didn’t need to look at Mitsubishi! In the end, my first experience was to see the high brush on the a92s in oppo. After the experience, I really like the high brush, but I assert that the high brush will be popular and the premium will not be so high. Fortunately, the mother-in-law is about to iterate on the mobile phone. After discussing, I found a second-hand Honor 9X as a transition machine on the Internet and prepared to send it to the mother-in-law after the transition (Don’t be my filial piety, I am really poor). As a result, the Honor 9X didn’t send it to the mother-in-law, but the uncle of my target. I then bought Kai Mitsubishi, bought Kai Mitsubishi Osho (obtained at the original price in 1999), currently I bought Lizard II for use, drove Mitsubishi to give away my mother-in-law, and drove Mitsubishi Osho to give my girlfriend iterative mobile phone. Wow, I feel it I know the enthusiasm of friends, continue to thank you for your praise, it is an honor to be able to resonate with everyone, this time is to correct the error, it is true that the story is compiled based on the integration of real events, a good friend pointed out that the 765G does not have a 12+512 configuration. I am negligent, hee hee, everyone is happy, I am also dissatisfied with the mobile phone half a bottle of sloshing, blindly integrated, indeed, hahaha, probably that means, I can’t remember the specific data for a long time, Oh, yes, this It’s not all to me. Some shopkeepers will read the configuration mistakes. At that time, they watched reno3. The shopkeeper gave me a string of mobile phones and reversed the A92s and reno3. He also introduced which frivolous, the thief was embarrassed! The phone will be wrong! Go shopping with my girlfriend, and bury her after shopping. Look at your broken place. I don’t understand if you sell a mobile phone. The configuration turns out to be 6+64 and 6+128. There are good friends who asked my girlfriend how to give the mobile phone to me. Her family, she will give good things to my family. They are all considered family. Not all her family members give things away. Her aunt is very close to her. It happened that my uncle went to work and broke the old mobile phone. I said that I knew a little about mobile phones and asked me to help choose them. I asked my uncle if I dislike the “three mobile phones”. “! I just sent the transition machine directly, which in a sense is a “returning gift”, hehe

8 months ago

As the Chinese New Year approached, my family wanted to change phones, so I learned about the level of vivo salespersons in physical stores: 1. Questioned the chip’s high price and low timing: “You can’t choose a phone based on your gameplay criteria (the voice is super loud), this phone The processor used is definitely the best for daily use!” 2. Salesman: “Our mobile phone uses Samsung’s 5nm chip, and now only this mobile phone uses 5nm!” Hey, mate40, ip12, mi11 are all used Did she eat it? By the way, the things Samsung is ashamed to use become your selling point? 3. When you talk about Huawei (referring to Huawei’s excellent battery life, etc.): “Huawei’s mobile phone is also expensive and the brand is loud. In fact, it is just like that. I have felt for so many years that our vivo has a better reputation than Huawei! (Voice) Pointy and big)”. Good guy, bravado, I don’t know who the clown is. 4. When you talk about Xiaomi: “Xiaomi 11 is not a class of things with us at all. Except for the processor for playing games, we are better than Xiaomi 11 in all aspects, especially our screen (shocked on the spot) After doing so many years, the quality is here.” The key point is that you recommend this phone to be hundreds of thousands cheaper than Mi 11, are you not ashamed? Just close your eyes and talk nonsense and you’re done?

8 months ago

My experience was a bit special. The on-line clerk also knew how to go to the township mobile phone shop to help my aunt buy a mobile phone. A very young clerk: Welcome to oqqo! Excuse me… I: (interrupting) Reno 4 gave me Kangkang (my aunt asked for this, I think it looks good, I don’t want to persuade it) Clerk: Ok! this way please! Lead me to a counter with reno 4 se and reno 4 on it, but no signs. Me: Tell me about the configuration. Clerk: (pointing to se) This phone has an eight-core processor! Very smooth! The camera can reach more than 40 million pixels! The screen is also very good! Has the German Blu-ray eye protection certification! (It should be referring to the German Rheinland Low Blu-ray certification) Now it is more comfortable to have a good screen and to swipe the vibrato! Me: Oh, yes, then… Clerk: (Continues to point at se) Its front is more than 30 million pixels! There is also AI automatic beauty! It also has facial recognition and fingerprint recognition at the same time! 65w super fast charge! Most importantly, it is a 5G mobile phone! (It sounds like 5G is available in this town) I have always wanted to refute a few words, but it seems that what he said is all right… Me: Thank you, thank you, I understand, how about this phone? (Pointing to Reno 4) Clerk: This is okay, it’s more expensive. Me: (Waiting for him to introduce the parameters of Reno 4) Clerk: How are you thinking about it? Me: Ah, don’t you introduce it? Clerk: Octa-core processor, more than 40 million main cameras, more than 30 million front cameras, fast charging, 5G, the price is 400 more expensive than that (with no expression) I understand at this time, this clerk just wants me Buy se ah, take the Karma verbal wow road! I didn’t pick a mobile phone for someone else. They asked for Reno 4 by name. Can I buy a different one for them? Me: The one you mentioned earlier is se, not Reno 4. I asked you to introduce Reno 4. Don’t think I won’t know if you remove the sign. It is true that these two are eight-core, se is Dimensity 720, Reno 4 is Snapdragon 765, can these two be the same? People who don’t use NFC can really ignore it. Reno 4’s Sony IMX586 sensor made you eat it? I don’t deny that se may indeed be worth more than Reno 4 for the people here, but your introduction is obviously oriented and the withdrawal is a bit too much, right? Clerk: (slightly angry) I’m all for your good! What kind of performance does this person buy a mobile phone to see? (The customers here are mostly local villagers) Will it be enough? The seven-nanometer process is not much different. MediaTek has one core but many cores, but that is the past tense! The se battery is even bigger! Do you care about the sensor when you buy a mobile phone to take pictures? Can you feel the difference? The pixels are all the same, but there is a 2 million lens missing from the front. Is there a big difference in your shooting standards? Except for these two points, aren’t they all the same? Do you think the extra 400 yuan is worth it? I was speechless, indeed for my aunt, se cost-effectiveness seems to be higher, but the quality of the processor directly affects the lifespan! My aunt is not very willing to change planes! I just wanted to refute it. At this time, someone who seemed to be the owner of the shop hurried over. The owner: I’m sorry he’s new here! He is usually very interested in this aspect of mobile phones, so let him help! He is a college student who has nothing to do on vacation to help me! He doesn’t understand the rules and is very immature. I’m very sorry for the unpleasantness he caused you! Well, let me give you a 10% discount. Normally we don’t allow discounts. Even if I compensate you for this money myself… I know I’m not very reasonable, plus the owner A humble apology, he said that it was okay, no discount, and asked him to bag the checkout, so the clerk blankly checked me out. Before leaving, he said mechanically “come again” and thought about it afterwards, maybe It’s the shop owner’s idea to induce customers to buy se. After all, it’s impossible for him to fail to see that there is no sign. This clerk should have been fooled by the shop manager. In addition, the local buyers really don’t have any requirements for performance (young people buy Xiaomi Redmi). I went, middle-aged men went to Huawei Honor) I felt that I was helping customers, and this happened. I responded to the next comment question 1: Why didn’t I buy 865. My aunt was affected by the advertisement. I chose OPPO to take pictures and charge quickly. (In fact, it’s not that good at all.) At that time, I had forgotten the existence of ACE and so on. I don’t want to excuse anything. To be honest, if I were a reader, I would think it was edited. The clerk’s performance surprised me. He also knows that one core is difficult and many cores are onlookers. It doesn’t matter how you judge it, I just want to share my experience 3: I have already called for reno, why bother with the configuration/arguing with the clerk. To be honest, I just look at the township mobile phone shop and I’m not happy. Put a sign on purpose to find the difference. 4: I agree with what the clerk said is right. I raised my hands and feet to agree. I also told my aunt what he said, but I recommended other brands.

8 months ago

Uninvited, I just happened to be bored today. I went around the offline stores of Huami ovguo, played with the new machines of various manufacturers, and was almost trapped in the vi store and refused to let it out. Let’s start with the conclusion, Apple Xiaomi and Huawei’s own stores give the best experience, followed by third-party authorized stores, and ov is hard to say. . 1. Apple’s offline store gives me the main experience, which also sells mobile phones. The clerk won’t just look at it just because you don’t buy it. They understand hardware knowledge and all generations of upgrades, and they can basically get serious answers to questions. Me: I want to see 12pm. A: Okay, I have a question. Me: What is the upgrade of 12pm compared to 11pm? A: Image system, a14, appearance, etc. (demonstrated by experience machine) Me: How much does it cost to get 12pm offline? Answer: 128g version is xx yuan 256g version is xx yuan Me: What about 11pm? ……. The attitude of the clerk is not enthusiastic, nor cold, I feel that I don’t ask you to buy it, but more to answer questions, I will chat with you, and you are welcome to look at it if you don’t buy it, it feels like More comfortable 2. Mi Home/Huawei put these two together because I personally feel that the experience of the two is not much different, it is more cordial than Apple, the clerk will greet you with a smile, and the mobile hardware clerk knows that too The most clear, including power consumption, manufacturing process and a series of partial doors can be answered. If it is Xiaobai, he will also recommend it according to your needs (Hua’s family has the probability to recommend the emperor). After a long chat, he will pour water for you, provide charging sockets and chairs, and show a wave of its own ecological Xiaomi home and talk to you about the price/performance ratio. Tucao is hard to grab, and even advise you to wait a while and don’t rush to buy. Huawei will talk to you about sanctions against China, Kirin chipset, and camera performance. The difference is that the k40 is out of stock, and the Xiaomi clerk will leave you with WeChat and notify you as soon as it is available. The mate40 series is out of stock, the clerk will tell you that you can transfer the goods from the dealer if you add money, mate40rs add 2000, and matex2 has third-party channels, add about 6000.

8 months ago

It’s like a lamb has entered the wolf pack! Every employee in the store is drooling and staring at you, feeling like you are really going to eat you. Half a year ago, I took a friend to see the mobile phone. At that time, I only showed him how he experienced the mobile phone I recommended. If you are satisfied, you can buy it online. Of course, if the price in the physical store is similar to that online, you can buy it. After all, you must be courteous. Then as soon as I entered the store, I felt uncomfortable. My purpose was very clear, so I took him straight to the counter of that brand. Let him play with the phone, and he feels satisfied. I asked the teller how much money and asked him to give a reserve price. I think the price of the mobile phone is very transparent, and it should be similar online and offline. Unexpectedly, the physical store is much higher. Then the teller introduces how good the mobile phone is and how much the official website price is. You can also give away some (not valuable) things. Then I said that I was very clear about the market. I asked the teller to give a reserve price, which was still much higher than the online price. The teller said that it is not comparable online, and the rent for our storefront is very expensive. I thought to myself, can high rents be the reason why you sell high? We left, and others didn’t even mean to lower the price. However, according to my inference, their business should be good. After all, there are not as many people who know mobile phones as you think, including some boys, but they don’t. Then there are some older people. Flickering from left to right, the buyer was in a cloud of fog, and he paid the money obediently. Anyway, I don’t want to go to the cell phone store anymore. The posture of those people can really eat you up.

8 months ago

Let me remember that I bought a mobile phone in 18 years, that is, I am holding the NEXS 8+256 version soon. To be honest, this phone has been with me for two years, but I finally chose to change it, because I already have a spare X20, and I plan to trade it with the old one, but found that it can only sell for more than 900, and then I gradually fell into contemplation. A digression. I asked this at the time. When I entered the vivo flagship store, shopping guide: hello sir, which vivo phone do you buy? I: buy the one with the strongest performance here. (Actually, I already knew which model it was, and I knew which model it was.) Shopping guide: Sir, take a look at our X21, the latest and strongest mobile phone! Me: Oh, is it? Let me take a look! (Shopping guide started to fool people) I saw, wow, this configuration reminds me of Sprite’s ad slogan, Too Heart Cool, Heart Flying, Ancestral 660, Sure enough, this shopping guide is a bit interesting. I: What chip is your mobile phone using? ? Shopping guide: Our phone uses Qualcomm chips. Me: What model of Qualcomm? Shopping guide: We are using the latest Qualcomm model. Me: I think it’s okay. Are there any other models? Shopping guide: If you don’t like it, you can take a look at our flagship phone. Then the shopping guide dragged me to the NEX counter. I looked at this phone and it made me feel very amazing. It’s really a complete screen, plus 6.5. It’s a large screen, but I can’t look at the outside, I still have to look at the inside. I took a look this time, well, the processor is indeed the new Qualcomm Fire Dragon 845. Shopping guide: Sir, do you like it? If you like it, we have special offers here. Me: It looks good, but which one is better than the X21 you mentioned before? Then the shopping guide was silent…, hesitated and couldn’t tell. Me: Forget it, I’ll take a look at it myself, just tell you when I want to buy it. Shopping guide: Okay. Then I said that I have to comment on the attitude of this service. I did not comment. Then I finally bought the first generation of NEX top matching. Although this pixel is really terrible, it feels no different from 1080P during the day. I am a blind person at night. Let me talk about it first. , The reasons for choosing this at the time: First: the country’s first mobile phone with a lifting structure, there were no FIndX&K20 and other similar models at that time. Second: a complete P3 color gamut 1080P 6.59-inch straight screen. Third: excellent temperature control. , This matter did not blow, I can say that, at the time there were not many mobile phones that could control the temperature to 37-41 degrees. I have to admire vivo at this point, but now, this is the first temperature control that is about to be scrapped. Four: The backlight is colorful, it is really beautiful under the light, and there is a sense of mystery. Fifth: The top high-end processor Fire Dragon 845 in the Android market in 18 years. Since this processor, all games that can be played on the mobile phone can run with high quality and high frame rate. But in that era, if now At this time, I played a crash 3 card into a PPT, so I said that I need to change the phone. Sixth: Very affordable price. Why do you say that? The official phone store can bargain, and the discount is very strong, mainly because I am a gold member, this The original price of the mobile phone was 4999. I bought the last 4599. The above are the advantages, and the following are the disadvantages: The mobile phone weighs two hundred grams and it is really a brick, especially when lying on the bed, when the mobile phone slips off, I seem to vaguely see four Black people stand in front of me and stare at me. Due to the larger body, 6.59 inches can be said to be an advantage or a disadvantage. Although this improves the look and feel of the screen a lot, it is really difficult to hold with one hand, and it cannot be held with one hand. type. Summary: You can buy offline mobile phones, you must look for the official store to buy, there will be no fakes, but do not listen to shopping guides, do your homework before buying a mobile phone, and then buy a suitable mobile phone according to the performance of the mobile phone and your needs , Many people were just put into the box by the shopping guide I experienced above, and they cut a wave of leeks after saying a little bit of good things. Pay attention to precautions.

8 months ago

As an iOS/Android dual repair user, I went to the Huawei store to look at the phone. Me: “Hello pretty boy, do you have this Mate40Pro Porsche version now? What’s the difference between it and the regular version? Compared with the P40 super cup, what upgrades are there in the image?” Shopping guide: “Sorry sir, we are today There are a lot of customers, please check it out for yourself and call me whenever you need.” Then he left! gone! For a shopping guide, you will know if you really want to buy a mobile phone in a few words, or just come and have a look.

8 months ago

I work in the mobile phone shop 11 64. Is there a beautiful green phone? 35 WeChat payment arrives at 3,500 yuan, paste a label, take a shell, and leave. Is there a standard version of Redmi K30Pro? This machine is discontinued, do you want to consider adding money to buy one Xiaomi 10? Then the K30 Supreme Commemorative Edition is out of stock, why don’t you think about Mi 10, I want a mobile phone that supports WIFI6 technology, 5G, and there are no other requirements, even if the CPU is Snapdragon 210, you can play games? I’m not playing, then you Or consider Xiaomi 10lite (although the color of 10lite is good, but there is no WIFI6), and Redmi K30Pro does not have WIFI6, and Redmi K30Pro has WIFI6 (take out the Hatsune Miku war-damaged version of Redmi Note4X in your pocket, open the Xiaomi store and point to the red Mi K30Pro’s WIFI6) Ah, oh, oh, but there’s no stock in the store, or you can buy it online. Peach gold is really good-looking and the phone case is easy to buy. As for WIFI6, the AX200 and AX1800 routers I replaced by myself in the game book can’t be bought for nothing, so WIFI6 has become a required condition.

8 months ago

Although I am a mobile phone player, I am confident to be the best salesperson. I like to go to offline stores. I also like to help customers choose mobile phones in stores and sell mobile phones to promoters. I have encountered many happy things. There is nothing special about this, knowing mobile phones, knowing customers, knowing how to speak, respecting products, respecting technology, respecting customers, and respecting this thing. If a mobile phone player goes to the store and cannot take the initiative, and cannot make promoters or consumers willing to listen to you, then your mobile phone for so many years is useless. Playing with mobile phones should not just memorize parameters and test data, but also understand the industry, products, needs, and operation of the industry. Only in this way can you understand the product better and play more interestingly. The so-called embarrassment of speaking skills does not exist for me. I can let the sales know as quickly as possible that I understand the mobile phone I am looking at better than him, including the product, the price, and the brand behind it. The same goes for sales. I have seen that kind of snobby promoter, as long as you are not really willing to buy a mobile phone, he will immediately change his face, but this kind of person is not the normal state of mobile phone sales, and it must not be an excellent sales person. A salesperson is a job, a normal service job, and serving customers well is the essential job and basic ability of sales. Customers who understand or don’t understand mobile phones, buy mobile phones or experience mobile phones are all customers. A truly excellent salesman should never be so short-sighted. If he can’t sell mobile phones well, then, either he doesn’t really understand mobile phones, or he doesn’t really understand users, or he really doesn’t respect it. I have visited many offline stores and talked a lot with the sales or customers in the store. They never thought I was a fool, and I didn’t think they had any problems. The source of many contradictions is not a question of knowledge or ability, but a lack of respect. Since you really know mobile phones, there are two things to go to the store, either buy a mobile phone or experience the real phone. If it is to experience the real machine, do a few things: First, don’t take up other people’s normal sales resources, including prototypes, sales staff, etc., when the store is busy, try to go when people are free, and don’t disturb people’s business; Second, don’t show superiority, don’t use so-called cleverness to deliberately play sales, make things difficult for sales, and learn to respect other people’s work. Third, let us know what you are coming from as quickly as possible, and don’t delay other people’s energy. If you are buying a mobile phone, since you understand mobile phones, you should know what you need. If you like Xiaomi phones, don’t go to the OPPO store to find it. For those who understand mobile phones, going to offline stores is nothing more than three situations: don’t want to wait, offline is faster; online is out of stock, offline, try your luck; offline, seek discounts. Don’t use words like Snapdragon 765 and cmos to make sales difficult at this time. Respect for people is a manifestation of personal qualities. For some products that are in short demand, it is natural for others to increase prices. The price is determined by the relationship between supply and demand. Don’t quarrel deliberately, just don’t accept it or buy it. For discounts, you should figure out the pricing logic and profit margins of the product in advance, and remember to leave a good tea money for the seller when bargaining. For a 3,000 yuan mobile phone, it is only natural for the store to make 200-300 yuan. Otherwise, why would someone open a store? Opening a store is not for charity. Give the price that the other party still earns, and let the other party understand that you are really an expert. If you don’t accept it, change another one. Bargaining is actually quite simple.

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