Recently, the Ministry of Education issued the “Regulations on Enrollment of Regular Higher Education Institutions in 2021.” The regulations are clear: The children of martyrs, and veterans who have earned second-class merit or higher during their service, or have been awarded honorary titles by units of the theater (former military region) or higher, the provincial recruiting committee may decide on the basis of the local entry and admission methods, and their results in the cultural unified examination Based on the total score, add a certain score to the file, and it shall not exceed 20 points.

The interests are somewhat related.

My dad almost became a martyr that year, and the portrait was taken. I had 200 Shandong liberal arts in the college entrance examination that year. If I add 20 points, Beijing Normal University will become Beijing University.

But without my dad’s company and encouragement, I might not even have the opportunity to take the college entrance examination, and I would work early to support my family. His comrades have such a control group.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

Regrettably, these expedition members who took their lives to explore were prepared to become martyrs before they set off, but they were not properly placed after returning home. Many of my father’s comrades did not do well. Some went back to work in the countryside, some went out to work, and some died young due to illness. Over the years, he himself has also stumbled, experienced glory, and despair. When a grain of sand of the times falls on a person, it is a mountain. For a small family, the skin does not exist, and the hair is attached? I was fortunate that the whole process of growth was accompanied by the rising period of my father’s career, and I was well taken care of and a relatively good learning environment. Born in a province where the college entrance examination is a big province, I don’t need to worry about anything at home before the age of 18, just study hard. However, some of my father’s comrades did not develop smoothly, and some children who died early had to drop out of school to work to support their families.

9 months ago

During the years when my dad did a good job in his career, he did not rarely rush to speak up for his comrades, hoping to get some care, but it hasn’t been very echoed. A few years ago, he suffered a bankruptcy crisis and was a little overwhelmed. At that time, my brother had not graduated and his studies were also affected. From the perspective of studying, he was not as smooth as I did. Coming back to this question, combined with the personal experience of my dad and his uncles, I think it might be more appropriate to directly provide practical placement and help to the families of martyrs. This not only comforts the hero’s contribution, but also does not affect education fairness. After all, without their father, many children would not even have the opportunity to use those 20 points.

9 months ago

Adding 20 points is too little. It should be the same as the special project for poor students. A special project for martyrs, one carrot and one pit will directly give enough places for admission, and the specific rules of the school level and majors will be studied. ————Dividing line——Added on February 21————I saw the problem of Zhihu yesterday, and sent it to me. I spoke casually with voice. Several netizens pointed out that there are “special items”. In fact, I don’t understand this, but from the bottom of my heart, I think such a “special project” should be done well. “Dedicated youth to life, dedicated life to children and grandchildren”, this is the life portrayal of the two bombs, one star, and three-line construction in the early days of New China. It is also what I heard when I went to the “Two Bomb City” in Mianyang, Sichuan many years ago. Many of the heroes of the two bombs and one star have dedicated their lives to the country incognito, but their children have neglected to take care of them and did not get good development. I saw a certain hero in a TV show saying that the biggest regret is that his children did not go to college.

9 months ago

It should be said that the martyrs in our country are guaranteed in various preferential care policies, but it is more reflected in the economy. In the protection of the life development of the children of martyrs, the intensity can be strengthened. The high school entrance examination is a good thing, but in the face of the policy that points can be added by a vaguely defined “descent”, it seems a bit weak. After all, the two are in the face of encounters, difficulties, gray spaces, and black box operations. , Are all worlds apart. For the national selective examination of the college entrance examination, preferential policies should be given to those who have made great sacrifices for the country and the nation, while those who rely on hereditary origins, or those who write essays and do aerobics, can be given less. Some, let them compete fairly in the exam, or give some professional colleges a discount. In many places, even left-behind children are assigned by districts. The development of the children of martyrs should be more systematic and complete.

9 months ago

After taking a look, I concluded that the main dispute is about stock and increment. The stock means that adding 20 points will squeeze the students behind, so it is better to pay directly. The increase means that it is better to directly enroll in the designated school, and the school will increase the number of places. However, I understand that there are at least two considerations for the bonus points policy for the children of martyrs. One is to retain the assessment of the basic abilities of the children of martyrs. If the study is too poor, going directly to a higher education institution is actually encouraging. One is to respect the right of choice of the children of martyrs. Designating schools will deprive them of the right to choose. It would be too unfair to let him designate schools. It seems that the most reasonable way is to add up to 20 points for the children of martyrs in the college entrance examination. After that, the school he attends will be extended by one place. This kind of guarantees a basic fairness, and the country and schools can do it. After all, there are not many people.

9 months ago

The 20 points given by the state to the children of martyrs are very rare, and it is like delaying some people from being admitted to Beijing University and Tsinghua University. Points can be added before the competition, points can be added for special skills, and points can be added for messy certificates. Why can’t you add points here? Don’t be irritating, if you can, people don’t want that 20 points. Let me talk about whether you can add points, I think you can. But I think there can be better ways. For example, it might be better to give special quotas to the children of martyrs. It’s really not possible to send them directly. It’s best not to occupy the quotas of ordinary students and try to ensure the fairness of education.

9 months ago

Let me talk about the conclusion first. I have given out some of the quotas for foreign students in various universities to the children of martyrs. 20 points are totally sorry for the contribution of the martyrs, and it involves the extremely important problem of the transfer of contradictions. The focus of this answer is to analyze how contradictions are transferred. This question is interesting. Families with 2021 college entrance examination candidates react differently from others. Everyone admits that martyrs have contributed a lot and should be taken care of by their families. So why is it that bonuses and house allocation are not as controversial as bonus points for the college entrance examination? At the time of SARS, there was also a policy of extra points for children of medical staff who made outstanding contributions. At that time, I wrote a short story and posted it under this question, and the conclusion was similar. In a family of four, the elder brother and younger brother can receive 2 yuan in pocket money every day, which is 1 yuan per person per day.

9 months ago

In a family of four, the elder brother and younger brother can receive 2 yuan in pocket money every day, which is 1 yuan per person per day. One day, my mother forgot to turn off the gas while cooking. Everyone was poisoned at night. Fortunately, my brother was slightly poisoned by the window, so he called for help with trembling, and the family survived. The next day everyone praised my younger brother. Dad slapped the table. My younger brother has done a great job and needs a reward! Otherwise, the pocket money will not be divided into half in the future, brother 5 Mao and brother 5 yuan! My brother stopped listening and rolled on the ground. Mom came over to comfort his brother: “It’s good to have 5 cents. If it wasn’t for your brother to save you, you wouldn’t even have the chance to spend 5 cents.” My brother refused to listen and continued to roll. Dad was angry and reprimanded, “Something ungrateful! There is no ideology! Don’t keep your 5 cents, and 2 yuan for your brother! You don’t see how much your brother contributes to the family!

9 months ago

The elder brother shouted while rolling, “Brother saved the life of the whole family, not mine alone! Why give him a bonus, not from the family account, not from your smoking money, not from mom’s cosmetics Deduction, only from my pocket money?” Regarding the issue of the extra points for the children of SARS medical workers, the same can be discussed: Medical workers have made outstanding contributions to the people of the country, why are they not rewarded from public accounts In deduction, just take out the admission quota of 03 college entrance examination candidates as rewards? Is this a conflict of interest between elder brother and younger brother, or a conflict of interest between elder brother and father? How did Dad cleverly shift the contradiction between himself and his brother to between him and his brother?

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