KFC has also been linked with two-dimensional games such as Azur Lane and Tomorrow’s Ark before, but there is no such thing as an out-of-circle phenomenon of queuing up to buy packages to get badges overnight. In this event, some players even claimed that they would line up for 28 hours in a row to receive the badge of the day after tomorrow. Why are the Yuanshen players so “enthusiastic”?

According to the quagmire news, the official survey conducted by the original god kfc is sr10, that is, ten out of a thousand people came for the original god. This ratio is lower than tomorrow’s Ark. Now everyone has seen the result. According to the situation on the scene, sr100 should be It’s not too much. I’m in a store near the suburbs, and the waitress in the store has already put things in the bucket. She said too many people said that she just didn’t let it go. That is to say, the original god linkage has been The non-themed fringe stores have felt the obvious pressure of the flow of people. A few days ago, even the linkage barrels were dried up. The first day of the event should be considered a major Waterloo, and there are no measures to open themed stores and add badges. Tomorrow What to do on the second day of the event? In addition, I bought the Yuanshen package in Changsha a little closer to the urban area at 1:30. I bought it in a KFC store that is not marked on the map today, and 50% of the people in the store are aiming for Yuanshen linkage. This is still marginal. In the case of non-themed stores, Huiyi City was sold out directly at 1 point. KFC seriously wrongly estimated the number of Yuanshen players this time, and Yuanshen players are different from previous mobile game players, and there is a certain threshold for new players who want to play Yuanshen. , The consumption power should be stronger. Now I want to get closer to the problem of tomorrow. I can only open theme stores, at least three times more, and cover every provincial capital, as well as non-provincial capital cities, or tomorrow will be the end again.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Anything with a little bit of competition and enough people can roll it up. In addition, this wave of Yuanshen fully proves the true popularity of a real top-tier ip. I heard that kfc puts Weibo to investigate Yuanshen users to determine the market volume, laugh to death, the data and purchases on Weibo are really true. Can you find anything out of the survey? Yuanshen’s recent 1.4 version live broadcast on Oil Bunny is up to 17w live watch. Note that the 17w real person is not a purchase amount. Only a few large game competitions on Gas Bunny can match this data scale. So it is really possible to say that this wave of activities resonantly breaks the wall.

8 months ago

Tencent, say something! Mihayou is so rampant, don’t you plan to develop (copy) a new game? Where is your studio? Don’t you have a sense of crisis? There is Douyin before 2333 and Mihayou afterwards. Tencent, say something! Shouldn’t it be an indie game that only plundered other people’s Ghost Valley Bahuang at a low price. 23333 passed all night, and it was a lot of praise. It seems that the masses are very grieving about a certain news. I am very happy that Mihayou can stand up, although it still can’t compete with certain news, at least there are other games on the market. A certain cybernetic refused to even transplant a mobile game from a terminal game, and has been daunting, just wanting to lie down and make money. It is also gratifying that Mihayou can turn a certain news over.

8 months ago

As a real-time participant today, I will talk about the early morning queuing as a participant and a melon. Basically yesterday (Friday) night there were many rumors of waiting all night. First, I watched the excitement, second, I really wanted it, and third, the competitiveness of the four companies in Guangzhou was relatively low. I started from school at about 5:30 at 5 in the morning. When I got there, I found that there was already a certain scale. At that time, I thought it might be possible to get a tail number. As expected, the number of people counted was 89. Basically I can get it so-so, and I am naturally very excited about my fat house legs and the team tail brand at the time. However, when the number of players is again at 7 o’clock, my rank has changed to 91. I instantly feel “The clown is myself.” “What’s it like.” I was a little annoyed at the time. Someone jumped in the queue in front. The store didn’t check the fairness of the customer’s hard queuing. Instead, it tried to get me to accept this fact… It’s hard to tell the truth. After that, I calmed down a bit and communicated with the store manager: It is really difficult to prevent such incidents from the number of people in the morning. The lack of timely statistics is due to her lack of experience. The second is that the enthusiasm of Yuanshen players staying up all night and the employees formally go to work at seven o’clock and the official start of sales at 10:30 a.m. conflicts. The way different theme stores deal with conflicts results in different results. The third is that the store manager said that she is also a Yuanshen player and she also wants a badge, but as the store manager, she can only do things according to the rules for others. Hope I can understand… Basically, based on the above-mentioned reasons, I was also relieved. But comparing different theme stores, you will find that some theme stores temporarily cancel the event due to epidemic prevention requirements, and some theme stores choose to distribute the two-day portion today, which has caused controversy among fans in the local area, and some have chosen to craze and draw a lottery. The number of people has expanded. This led to the formation of “large gatherings” and finally the police had to intervene in unhappiness. Some were tense because of disputes before and after the management disorder, and some simply pulled the group internally to digest… It was clearly a matter of clear rules, and the final solution. It is very different from the result, and there are two basic conclusions that can be drawn from the previous events. 1. The KFC party seriously miscalculated the enthusiasm of the fans. 2. The internal management of the KFC party is not strict. Looking back now, the home I went to can be said to have the least problems and the most compliant…

8 months ago

At KFC, I was impressed by the appearance of Two-dimensional Yuan sitting on a chair and crying. Since then, I have made up my mind that if I become two-dimensional, I cannot lose, I will win everything. That thing (linkage badge) has now been lost once, and it has belonged to us in the second dimension for five years, so the obsession to take back what once belonged to us is much better than simply guarding it. It is incumbent on us to recast the glory of the second dimension.

8 months ago

You, Tencent, can naturally rely on holding the funds to keep pace with the public opinion field and think of ways to go to the Heiyuanshen. You can buy a scolding sound from Tencent, so that the original player in the network environment is in the position of “game despise the bottom of the chain”. But game companies and players will not disappear out of thin air, we can remain silent. However, if you Tencent still does not face up to the popularity of the original god ip in the world and the vast number of fans. So when they all yelled “So, you also play the original God”, don’t be surprised that “Where did you come from?” I think mhy’s best advertisement this year is the “So you also play the original God” trilogy. This sentence of slogan can really be regarded as the sentence that “creates player cohesion most. The Vinono installed on the Internet, but in reality secretly cheers, just like the film in the “New Year”-once you sneak a glance at someone’s mobile phone screen, good fellow, you are also my companion in Tivat mainland…

8 months ago

Looking closely, they are all college students.

Taking a closer look, there is also a K in front of our school in the main picture.

The loyalty of Yuanshen users is higher than expected.

However, a small part of the reason is that most of the selected stores are next to the university. It is common for contemporary college students to stay up late.

Pay attention to your body.

8 months ago

Written at the forefront: KFC never expected that this game, which was still on the cusp of less than a year ago and was besieged by countless people, already has such a large and loyal fan base. The last time I went to kfc specifically for the game was the linkage between 2015 and lol. I bought a barrel and gave it a skin. Even the rush of the day at the time did not show the popularity of the original god. (This is the beauty of our two-dimensional element, right?) The reason is that I think the original god players are under a lot of pressure from public opinion. If you often go to the toilet (refer to the post), you will find that the original god players are the lowest. The batch of posts clearly ranks in the top of the game area, but they dare not show their identities outside their own post bars. Hiding their original attributes has become one of the means for post bar people to protect themselves. The popularity of this linkage activity made everyone realize: So many people play the original god? ! ! As a result, a kind of excitement of underground workers encountering comrades spontaneously arises. KFC has become a tacit offline communication place for the original gods. Here, the faint-hearted can click a bucket and hide in a corner to observe secretly. Looking for comrades, the brave can put on a battle uniform and take the lead to attract the attention of the audience, and even publish the Declaration of Independence (by mistake), while those who are not involved can also watch the excitement and activities online. Yuanshen effectively supplemented its lack of social attributes in the most direct and effective offline way. In this event, KFC sold dishes, Yuanshen gained traffic, and the players agreed with each other, but the enthusiasm of the players exceeded many expectations, which caused some trouble to the jc uncles, but it was acceptable. Within the range (roughly equivalent to doing a star security), the only unhappy person should be the Zelda player in a void with Uzi.

8 months ago

The base of Yuanshen players is really very large. Many people really like this game. Unlike some people who take the rhythm every day and distort the reputation of Yuanshen, the original players don’t need to secretly sign “So you play the original. “But like other games, it has a good game experience, excellent art music, a relaxed game atmosphere, and a moving plot development. Players can share the bits and pieces of their own world with others, and they can even shout in front of others.” Encounter in different worlds and enjoy delicious food”. Therefore, the original god is really worthy of your experience, don’t be biased by the rhythm, you can only know its beauty after playing with your heart. As for its achievements, I won’t say anything about it, a bunch of~ But KFC’s preparations for this wave are too bad, the original players love it, but don’t forget the epidemic prevention and safety~ You should pay attention to the details in the next linkage of Mihayou, although this The main responsibility of wave is KFC, but after all, it is its own activity. It is best to take care of the love of the players. This follow-up, it is best to come out and care about it, earn a wave of word-of-mouth, and don’t be cheered by the sunspots. I hope that the original god will get better and better. ~

8 months ago

What I expected, even if it weren’t for the fact that there is no theme store in my city, I would also like to line up (๑•﹏•) For example, the Azur Lane and Tomorrow’s Ark in it are basically not enough. There is no such thing as a sense of belonging. (I can’t say it clearly.) After all, even if they have peripherals, they are basically just a game as the core… ip? From my personal opinion on Yuanshen’s side, the vast majority of people who have lined up in the past few years should be Mi Huyou, a group of old players left by Beng 3 and even Beng 2, Beng 2’s two-dimensional horizontal battle game in 14 years, and Beng 3 in 16 years. The 3DACT mobile game turned out (directly laid the foundation for the level of the game I want to play). The position of the original god in the world two-dimensional game in 20 years (there is also the original god who was pressed from 19 to 20 years Wind review) It is completely reasonable to have such a “fanatic phenomenon”. Mihayou is indeed doing the game I (or even the two-dimensional game players) want to play and have been looking forward to, bit by bit. (Even the ip system) This is an advantage that even the ch that is sick all day long cannot cover up. The world game lineup dominated by European and American realistic style should set aside a few positions for this type of two-dimensional game (the previous FF game) The category is still not typical enough. xb2 is one of my most satisfied games and there is still a bit of regret)

8 months ago

Personally, it feels like a failed linkage. . Yuanshen players currently have 1000w+ conservative in the country. Let me just say that. KFC and Yuanshen officials greatly underestimated the popularity of this linkage: 1. KFC officials look down on the second element. The linkage unexpectedly failed to report, resulting in two of the 16 theme stores (Shanghai, Hangzhou) “death first”, followed by the “Zhongdao collapse” in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, and even the KFC store manager was arrested (outrageous). Then there is the linkage barrel and postcard. . . Both of these should be produced by KFC. As a result, the barrel disappeared on the 3rd and 4th day of the linkage. Even KFC APP exploded. . Then I heard people say that KFC is conducting research activities on Weibo. . . The result was an incorrect estimate of the number of people involved in the linkage. However, in the warm-up activities on weekdays, KFC has already known that the base of the original god players is large, and still chooses not to report or prepare. This only shows that KFC does not respect the original god players and just treats the original god players as a cash cow. It is recommended not to choose KFC2 and mhy official stingy for linkage in the future. There are 16 theme stores across the country, each store has only 180 badges, and the total number is 16×180=2880. . . It’s outrageous. It is said that there will be 90 on the 12th at 8 or 9 in the evening. . . At the beginning, Yuanshen xKFC pv reached 160w of playback volume at station B, and the subsequent linkage of 10,000-level playback volume also shows that linkage is popular. Under this circumstance, Miha Tour officially released only 2,880 badges. . . , I don’t know what to say. 3. This event is not too bad. At least it gave the original god players a chance to base themselves, so that hundreds of thousands of original god players “the Viet Cong raised their heads”, which belonged to the original god players. Group carnival. Finally, I hope that next time Mihayou will cooperate again, it is best to choose a sincere company, and don’t use KFC, which is a spicy chicken that runs away with money.

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