Congratulations TES! In today’s three rounds of bp, TES has the upper hand, and EDG is clearly considered. Let me analyze these three rounds of bp, and talk to you about how TES gained the advantage of the lineup. TES started layout very early. The ban on the EDG side is more conventional: Keg, Olaf, and Scorpion (the version is weakened, but Karsa is unique, and it is speculated that it is very fierce in the training game); TES in addition to ban the centaur and the crocodile, also pressed Lilia together and released Udy To EDG. OK, EDG really grabbed Udyr, and then TES got the most practical version of the mid-lane spring + wild auxiliary Thresh. In this way, EDG chooses a small gun (if Kai’Sa, it is not easy to beat Aphelios), and then has to select Scout, otherwise it will be banned in the second round of TES (so EDG can’t choose the bull head), then EDG The Victor is locked to ensure the output in the later stage, and the clockwork can be developed safely. There are two considerations for TES to supplement Jace here: ①Strong laning and high damage to equipment molding; ②You can trick EDG into a Aphelios ban position, so that the jungle hero will not be banned. In the second round of bp, TES directly blocked the assistance, removed the small artillery head combination and banned Riel by the way, and EDG fixed ban Aphelios and Mundo (to beat Udyr). TES won the only remaining Leopard girl in the jungle position, and now EDG has nothing to choose, only Titan + Thain, the formation of the lineup: classic on the road to resist pressure, jungle protection. As a result, TES finally showed his fangs and calmly showed Delevingne. Delevingne Thresh could penetrate the Cannon Titan. It is estimated that the Viper people were stupid at the time. . . At this point, TES has the advantage of aligning the top and bottom lanes, and the mid lane is evenly balanced. Because Victor needs to develop, the clockwork has a lot of room to play. The three output ignition powers are fully opened, and the leopard girl speeds up the rhythm, and the EDG can be overwhelmed in the early and mid-term without leaving a chance for breathing. This Draven is a lore. In this round of bp, I think TES is still better. Although the Tsar and Cannon on EDG are good at playing Vayne, these two C-positions are also restrained by the captain of TES, and Thain can’t get up in front of Vayne. In addition, there is one more C-position from EDG on TES. Taken together, TES has a stronger lineup. Of course, the second game ended with EDG’s victory. Their counter-attack was so beautiful. They successfully caught two big mistakes in the middle and lower of TES and completed the comeback. (And I was wondering if it would be better for the captain to have an armor-piercing bow…) EDG began to change his mind. In order to ensure the absolute advantage of the bottom lane, he would not hesitate to grab Thresh and trade Udyr for Aphelios. But this brings about a problem: Jace Keg is banned by himself, so if you want to match the Thresh Aphelios combination, you have to make a group control on the road. According to the hero pool of the holy gun, only Aoun and Thain. The warhorse understands too much, immediately press the best-used Thain, and then the backhand is a wrist hero, the Uezhong field is full of antagonism, and the lineup is proactive. The lineups on both sides of this round have their own priorities. TES hopes to use the powerful upper middle field to tear open the holes in the upper half and constantly find opportunities to bring rhythm; EDG needs to expand Aphelios’s line advantage and output large nuclear groups around AD. . EDG has two problems here. First, it is difficult for them to restrict the entry of this wrist hero. Second, they lack an AP core. Zoe, who relies on poke output, does not match the overall lineup. Generally speaking, TES is better here.


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7 months ago

I can see that the strong condition of edg is that the top order of edg is not in the shape of edg. As long as the upper singles play and start to adapt to the rhythm of edg, then it is over who the holy gun used to be, Lu Xian with the left hand and Jace with the right hand, and after turning into the shape of edg, Aoun with the left hand and Thain with the right hand. What is this called, this is called assimilation. edg wants to make a difference this year. It is recommended to learn ig, buy six substitutes for the order, and draw lots before the game, so as to make the order without the shape of edg

7 months ago

Group visits to JackeyLove after the TES game: Delevingne is useless, it should be similar to other heroes<img src=”” data- caption=”” data-size=”normal” data-rawwidth=”690″ data-rawheight=”388″ data-default-watermark-src=” jpg?source=1940ef5c” class=”origin_image zh-lightbox-thumb” width=”690″ data-original=””/>Q: How did it feel to be on line with Viper today? How do you feel about Draven’s performance today? JackeyLove: They’re still pretty good at laning lanes, right, and Delevingne is useless to tell the truth, it should be similar to changing other heroes. Q: The third game started with a beautiful single kill and got a blood. Can you share your thoughts at that time? knight: I feel that I have won after being online, and I have won four or five Qs. It feels better in the hand and I feel that the opportunity is greater. Q: Today’s match was very anxious. What is the key to winning? Coach: The key to winning is that we have different players who played very well in each game, so we won. Q: In the third key game, the wrist hero was selected as the top laner and played very well. How do you evaluate the hero’s performance on the top lane? 369: This hero is more restrained from tanks if he is on the order. Q: Today, Niutou played a very exciting performance, comment on his performance? Zhuo: It’s better than before, but there are still some mistakes. Q: Today’s second game was overturned. What adjustments were made during the break? Karsa: It feels like we lost the second game, but we still feel that our form is still very good, so we played better than the other side. Just adjust your mentality and play the third game well.

7 months ago

I’m outrageous on Nima. When did my holy gunman suffer from this kind of gas? During the LNG Dean’s period, he can play any order. When I arrive at EDG, it’s either Orn or Thain. I’m nicknamed acrobatics for the World Championship In the top lane, the best team is either Thain or Aoun. Isn’t this just keeping Goryeo playing 4 packs of 1? On the road is an orphan road, either by the middle of the wild 4 packs of 1 or being taken care of by the jungler. If you lose, you will be backed up. Isn’t this a replica of S8RNG? How do you think this Korean generation is more worth 4 guarantees than the puppies back then? This version of the road, my holy gun brother has no cards? My confidence in seeing the third shot of my holy gun brother Aoun is almost gone. If you really can’t do it, let’s go, why bother with this EDG!

7 months ago

Jdg knows that you can’t put zoom alone to resist stress, so at least I will go around and help me out in the early stage. edg really put the holy gun brother alone to resist pressure. What kind of player Saint Gun brother is, normal people should understand after watching for so many years, he is happy to play well, and when he is autistic, he feels dizzy. In fact, this kind of personality is similar to 369. If 369 defaults that he can’t beat his opponent, then 369 will become extremely pull. But 369 will shake 69 whenever he feels he has an advantage. This time is good, the opponent hasn’t shut down the holy gun, and edg has started it himself. The tactical arrangement of edg seems to have no place for top orders. Why do you love, but you have to be useful if you play a group. You can’t let Gongzi come here. Although Gongzi can resist the pressure, he will return blood to Gongzi immediately after the laning period is over. It’s not that your edg is tied to the current platoon operation. This version of the tank does not mean that it cannot be played, it just means that the current tank is not the old one. Because the version of the damage overflow tank hard resistance can not be carried, it must have an economic level advantage. This is destined that the tank cannot simply resist pressure. You have to give some meat.

7 months ago

edg really has you, just continue to play like this, and you will be done with the holy gun brother. bp does not give a single point of priority, and treats a strong top laner as a blue-collar player. The problem is him. There is an excellent offensive top laner pool. I would like to ask how many top laners of the s game champions are only for meat? Does fpx choose meat to win the championship? Don’t you just believe in your top order? Otherwise, other roads collapsed and forcibly caught, and the rhythm was not good enough to catch it. You have to give the holy gun brother the priority of bp and tactics, give him resources, don’t let him support it, the current top laner really can’t support it like this, it’s really not a good title to fight around the holy gun brother, the top laner grave. Yes, Brother Holy Gun himself has made mistakes, but he has to give him a chance to try it. Before, Edg also selected Brother Holy Gun as an offensive top laner. Wasn’t the effect good? It’s not that he is willing to sacrifice. As the entire team, he should be allowed to play as a jerk. As the team’s coaching team, it is necessary to exercise the team’s tactical adaptability. Yes, Brother Holy Gun himself has not performed well recently, or even bad, but edg really can’t just give up treatment like this. The team must learn to change tactics as a whole, not just rely on team fights, team strength is really not a panacea. . When you choose a mixed player, the team members have no voice, because the weight is not high, and they can’t lead the command. They can only listen to the team’s command and defeat the pressure and self-confidence. The point is not that every version can be played with meat. For short-term wins, I don’t want to improve and change. If I want to change, there may be a period of pain. If the score has been consistently bad, I personally think this edg is There is no hope. Certainly some people think that this is the regular season. It’s too early to the playoffs and s games. Slowly adjust and practice slowly, but the audience who watched more games always know that a team will have its own tactical inertia. Inertia is not reversible in a short time, and even changing coaches and players has little effect. This situation exists objectively, let’s look at it later.

7 months ago

To be honest, Brother Shuizi and Brother Shuizi are really hard brothers. When c is the same as the c, such as 2 to 5 in the spring show, it is really pulling when pulling the hips, such as the world game, one stealth and one sudden death, such as the second game of edg, one clockwork and one vn, originally edg Tianhu The game just came back. This one, I think the best 369 and Zhuo, let me talk about the small Zhuo first, in fact, the second game should be relatively okay for the other teammates, after all, the quarter-finals fnc let the second chase and three. But Xiao Zhuo is actually really afraid of his mentality exploding, after all, the newcomer, and secondly, he played so well. The third little Zhuo quickly adjusted his status, so I think it is very valuable to have such a good mentality as a newcomer. The second is 369. The 369 at the beginning of this spring split was very problematic. The line was exploded and the team play was low. On the contrary, the double c at the beginning of the spring split was quite satisfactory. It seems that Jace started with the second game of IG, and 369 has continued to improve himself. Up to now, I can even say that all three of them have exploded. Compared to the car of the Holy Gun and Orn’s. Yang Guo, 369 whether it is Captain Jace’s poke or the opening of the Marriott Sky Show, it is very delicate. Speaking of edg, in fact, the most funny thing is the comparison of team data before the game. Edg ranks second in the league, but the bloody level has reached an incredible fifteenth. This means that edg will be at a loss when facing a team (ig tes) with a high level of blood (in fact, a high level of bloody team opponents are very strong), but in the final analysis it is nothing more than personal strength, edg is obvious here Viper is superior in strength, but whether it is the holy gun, scout (the Tsar is playing well, but Zoe’s state is too bad), or Jiejie, they are not as good as tes in strength, and meiko, although he and Shi Senming About the same age, but Xiao Ming is now glowing with his second spring, but the failure to deduct may be due to high command pressure, and his performance here is even inferior to the fledgling Xiao Zhuo. tes here, the current state of 369, can not be said to be better than theshy, nuguri, zoom, xiaohu, but you can see the results by helping him. Brother Shouzi and Brother Ka are like 369’s parents, feeding 369 resources crazily. Originally, knight belonged to the kind of brush-type mid laners. This version has gone crazy. On the contrary, the strategic resources of Brother Saint Gun in edg are too low for his wife. Of course, Jiejie’s jungler did not help the team very well. Compared with rng’s wei crazy to help the tiger feed resources, tes Zhongye feeds on the road, Saint Gun Brother was crying greedy. Secondly, in the mid-lane, I knew that Victor was the first player in scout. I knew I wanted gg. I didn’t control it. I didn’t have a strong roam. I could only use hard brushes in the early stage. It’s not like clockwork czars that can turn the tide. I wonder why. Zoe did not choose when it was lighted up. King K grabbed the clockwork directly, but something happened to the clockwork clockwork. The second deadly clockwork trick brought a touch of humor to the intense competition, but whenever the big trick was drawn to the same wave. Both won, but the czar of scout, the second hand, was able to turn the tide. But the third one didn’t understand edg from bp, and banned the k9 clockwork? ? ? After playing the scene on k9, the real coach shouldn’t be a game of heart. It depends on whether you still choose clockwork. Choose one. Will you get sick again with clockwork? Don’t you choose? Then I will take the clockwork, the clockwork of scout is not weak at all. But the clockwork was banned and even k9 was activated. Good guy, I don’t have to think about it, I didn’t even think about Sindra. The blood came up, and came up to kill Li Zuoyi solo. But Zoe’s state in the third game of scout is really bad, and I really know why the first game was not taken. Many people say that Zoe’s inferior game is useless, but to be honest, the hypnotic bubble scout has never been hit. And knight’s Syndra, every time he pushed, he pushed to someone, and two waves of on-road ganks returned with a load. In the situation where the upper and middle disadvantages are huge, edg has no choice but to raise the moon man, but like the moon man in the first game of ig playing tes, he is not a hero who is full of displacement, but has Thresh. Once opened, then gg. On the contrary, when the small guns are fat and fat in the upper and middle schools, let you point resources, let Jack’s time be more moisturized, and the economy will slowly make up for it. In fact, the edg group at the end of the third game is really a little bit close, because the flash of the knight is poor, but the Aoun of the holy gun is very common, and the brother Ka is also very important. Blocking the front to help k9 block the skills In fact, after thinking about it, I feel that edg teamfights shouldn’t be lost in the tes wave. If it weren’t for the five pushes of k9 and the 369 gods Marriott, if edg wins that wave, Syndra’s advantage will be lost, and the subsequent teamfights will simply not be able to fight. But in the end, edg still didn’t fill in all the details, and the viper was smashed by seconds. Another point is that tes’s current decision to face the big dragon group is really that lpl’s template coordination is really smooth. In fact, you can see from their games that they are always dangerous to stand in Longkeng, and it is easy to diarrhea. Kind of. But this time tes played very decisively in the team battle, and did not hesitate to face the big dragon. I think this is the best part of tes. As for mistakes, there are actually two waves, one wave of clockwork and one wave of vn. As for how to adjust, that is their problem.

7 months ago

At present, ig orthodoxy is in tes (laugh). Jkl and theshy have the same thinking and style of play. They are very reckless. 369 today has a taste of theshy when he entered the game, plus a French king who is strong in the middle of the line. He used to be rookie, now he is knight. , The trident has become the decisive game, knight Syndra pushed 5,369 wrists to open the team, jkl cannon does not sell teammates decisively output! This team battle, tears! My 3c! Here is the most blowing wave Jkl, the favorite ad player, replaced it with another ad. After 369 rushed up, he immediately collapsed and sold out. Even if the audience was suppressed and did not develop well, jkl didn’t hesitate to jump up and output at the first time. Reminiscence, “Jie Kuo, sure to win now?”, woo, 3c of my destiny

7 months ago

Because of the fist holiday, 11.4/11.5 was updated together, and two versions were skipped, and the changes were very large. The biggest change is the experience and economic reduction of wild monsters. The reason given by the fist is that the position of the jungler is too strong at present, so that they can’t tell whether the hero is strong or what is the reason, so they don’t weaken the hero at all. The wild area is weakened. This has caused the wild nuclear play to be greatly cut. Although the wild nuclear hero can still play, the play should change from gank after the wild game to active gank. This version is very suitable for junglers with strong ability to do things. It can be said that Casa or tes finally waited for the version suitable for them. The tes team is born to fight wild nuclear offenders, because knight needs resources to be able to C, and Casa is good at catching people and squatting out of the team instead of scouring the wild. This season, tes started losing two games in a row because it wouldn’t be forced to play wild core, and then after karsa found the correct position, the winning streak began. In this version update, both Kai’Sa and Samira have been weakened, which is bad news for edg and fpx. This also results in a very high priority for the cannon. Now the BP for the bottom lane will be transformed into how to deal with the cannon system, that is, how to advance the cannon and what heroes and combinations to use to fight the cannon. Jkl used VN and Delevingne to play small cannons and achieved good results. But this may also be related to the proficiency of Viper’s current artillery. Although he took the five kills in the second game, the healing artillery can’t purify the VN, which is quite outrageous. In addition, Aphelios and the policewoman should also become the choice to restrain the cannon. The main reason for edg’s loss of bo3, I think it is related to their style of play. edg pays too much attention to the development of the bottom road and causes the top road to collapse. In fact, edg loses ig and rng is for this reason. On the road, he chose an extremely inferior laning for Brother Saint Gun, and then restocked it completely. The result was that the opponent Lu Tianfei directly cleared the game. The new version weakened the barrel, which resulted in basically no tank heroes on the road that could resist pressure. At the same time, this version of Jace is simply a T0 hero. The magic change has led to Jace as long as the balance of power is now the advantage, and the two-piece Jace is very important in the dragon group. But edg’s play style that doesn’t matter on the road can neither choose Jace nor deal with the opposite Jace. For this reason, Jace’s 369 in the first game was too comfortable to play. In fact, it can be seen when playing lng that the Holy Spear Jace is very strong, it’s just that. . . Pity. In the second game, it can be seen that this version of the wild core is weakened, although Jiejie leads Karsa so much. But if Casa has a head, the hierarchy and economy just cannot be separated. The main reason for the loss of tes was that double C each made a big mistake. This game is also the best game played by tes’ new assistant Xiao Zhuo. The opening of the group was very amazing, but unfortunately it was lost. It can also be seen from this game that there is indeed a problem with the alignment of the Viper cannon. The cannon Garruer has such a fierce alignment combination. In the early stage, it should be able to suppress the VN and only make up the tower knife. As a result, the first wave of blood exchange was only Fifty-five, and then was caught by Casa. In the third game, edg’s BP did a very good job, and he stunned tes directly when he grabbed Thresh. Because Thresh can be used with any ad, but Aphelios can only be used with Thresh. This grabbing the Thresh directly guarantees the Aphelius Thresh combination of version T0 in the bottom lane. Tes originally wanted to choose the bull head Ka’Sa, but found that this combination was impossible to play on the line. Instead, he chose the small gun, but the line was still blown. The blue side is very comfortable out of the field in the first round. Because in the second round, although the red team has a counter, the blue team can also get the counter on a line. This also forced tes to choose the version of Trap Syndra. I just didn’t expect that scout pulled. The scout in the third game was almost a war criminal performance. After Zoe came out, he was single-killed, and then caught without flash. Then, Syndra and Udyr went up in two waves and led to the collapse of the two lines of edg. Viper’s bottom lane had already played a big advantage, but it couldn’t fill in the top hole. It is not unreasonable for Miller to comment on tes for S+. The problem of wild core that tes has been unable to solve before, no longer exists because of version changes. Trolls and Blind Monks have also received minor enhancements in this version. Trolls may become the choice of counter-venomous Centaur and Udyr. The only problem is that the game is too slow. In the next version, it seems that the price of the hat will be reduced, and the carry ability of the left hand will also become stronger.

7 months ago

The classic Korean big daddy doesn’t hold back the pot, I just want to ask what is the essential difference between the edg lineup and the first lineup that tes played the ig two days ago? They all went to the road to fatten Aphelios, and then went to raise his father. In the end, the ice king was violently killed as an ad. It was not worthy to be the 1 of 4 guarantees. This id swap jkl will be spewed out. Although the ice emperor’s three beats are stinky, how strong is viper than the ice emperor? Although the ice emperor’s second game is the same as Yituoxiang, isn’t the viper dying before the ice emperor? Wasn’t the second shot because the left hand was empty and the Tsar Tianxiu’s big move, and then it was the Ice King teamfighting crime? Moreover, the ice king vn won the small cannon and was ignored?

7 months ago

Flando has gradually evolved from Tsar, Holy Gun, and Jess to Thain Aoun. Perhaps this is the electrification, ,, that likes blue-collar, edg, why don’t you buy bricks to tribute? The same ten-layer tapi single-core single c, on the opposite side, the single big father, he died in a group by himself, jkl is the scum, ice, and violently, and then the barrage begins to tear; viper is the best-effort, through the sky. It seems that in any case, jkl always has the most barrage of play and public opinion environment.

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