There are too many players, something happened to KFC. I don’t know if it’s the number of players that mhy underestimated (it shouldn’t be the reason, pull the database to see how many accounts with full attendance every day and IP in big cities are difficult) or told kfc but the latter didn’t care. The shop manager in Nanjing was taken away by the police due to the excessive gathering of people and violation of the spirit of epidemic prevention. A shop in Shenzhen was closed. The Beijing police began to educate and evacuate the crowd. Some college counselors began to persuade college students not to line up. Other cities should also be cancelled, and an accident in one store will bring a chain reaction in the same city. Players who line up all night will rush to other stores. However, the entire kfc does not have a unified national plan to face such situations. The McDonald’s on the side wins numb. If things can stay in this dimension, this wave of mhy is still profitable. After “So you also play the original god”, once again the original god players find an organization and establish identity with each other, and the electronic Viet Cong wins. But we must quickly solve the current problem, evacuate players, compensate through other means, and stop the incident. After all, it has alarmed almost double-digit police stations. It is hard to say what will happen if we continue to expand. Subjectively, it is not clear whether it is Mhy’s estimation error or KFC’s poor preparation. Objectively speaking, the main kfc theme store is a bit too few. A store in a big city or even a province, with a population of tens of millions, can cause this kind of shaking effect with only a few hundred people. This ratio is really too simple to achieve. As a 20-30 year old native of a big city, the proportion of heavy players in the social circle should be close to 1%. It is also possible for light players to go to the theme store next to the university. Join in the fun, this ratio will rise significantly. The number of theme stores needs to be multiplied by 100, and the location in each big city is scientifically distributed, so that it is possible to divert and swallow these people through the space in the store (most theme stores can only hold 100 people). Does mhy still have no confidence in this game that has the potential of a national game in all other aspects besides the extreme planning, and has steadily progressed towards the national game in the past few months? Do the students in charge of operations look down on their own games or their own players? A similar thing happened in the previous Bangshui 3 linkage. Now during the epidemic, it is opposed to gathering. The number of players in Yuanshen and Bang 3 are not of the same order of magnitude. Still looking for kfc? But I still have a bible to say: Facts have proved that the size of the KFC theme store is no longer enough to support the linkage with the game of the original god. I suggest that next time mhy try to mobilize all KFC stores across the country to see if he can resist it.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

This is a very successful marketing/propaganda. It’s even a bit too successful. It’s too much in various senses. It will be difficult to reproduce in the future. However, due to the closure of the store, insufficient badges, and buckets, this is not a successful event. The event should be a win-win for players and stores. During the Chinese New Year, it was a little hot. “So you are also playing the original god”. We have distributed flyers to a small number of passers-by, and this linkage has been opened in almost every city. KFC brought together the humble game players in an unexpected way. The slogan of social death is the real soul. If you don’t shout the slogan, I will quietly buy one to take away or quietly Mimi find a cat in the corner. This slogan is tantamount to increasing the player’s sense of shame. If there are more people doing something, it’s not so embarrassing. So if the players get together to warm up each other, the result is friction and friction. It’s spontaneously burned in a shop. If 20% of the players are players shouting slogans, the other players immediately yell and hug each other. We are not embarrassed by the large number of players. 20% of the players gather around two tables and put them there. Hi other customers in twos and threes. I lost the momentum and used the shame of the players to make the players report to the group. I really have your Mi Huyou. Thank you Mi Huyou. This event allowed us to see Xiaomi’s monkey show (90 badges…). The US Congress 0 yuan purchase (Warrior grabs) Maid brand) KFC limited comic exhibition (Keli Barbatos is everywhere) The all-night carnival of the dead fat house (the dead fat house is not derogatory, it means queuing all night) “The password, speak it out loud. Here are my own people” “original” God plagiarizes Zelda!!!” The air in the store ignited again

7 months ago

It was a failed linkage. . Yuanshen players currently have 1000w+ conservative in the country. Let me just say that. KFC and Yuanshen officials greatly underestimated the popularity of this linkage: 1. KFC officials look down on the second element. The linkage unexpectedly failed to report, resulting in two of the 16 theme stores (Shanghai, Hangzhou) “death first”, followed by the “Zhongdao collapse” in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, and even the KFC store manager was arrested (outrageous). Then there is the linkage barrel and postcard. . . Both of these should be produced by KFC. As a result, the barrel disappeared on the 3rd and 4th day of the linkage. Even KFC APP exploded. . Then I heard people say that KFC is conducting research activities on Weibo. . . The result was an incorrect estimate of the number of people involved in the linkage. However, in the warm-up activities on weekdays, KFC has already known that the base of the original god players is large, and still chooses not to report or prepare. This only shows that KFC does not respect the original god players and just treats the original god players as a cash cow. It is recommended not to choose KFC2 and mhy official stingy for linkage in the future. There are 16 theme stores across the country, each store has only 180 badges, and the total number is 16×180=2880. . . It’s outrageous. It is said that there will be 90 on the 12th at 8 or 9 in the evening. . . At the beginning, Yuanshen xKFC pv reached 160w of playback volume at station B, and the subsequent linkage of 10,000-level playback volume also shows that linkage is popular. Under this circumstance, Miha Tour officially released only 2,880 badges. . . , I don’t know what to say. 3. This event is not too bad. At least it gave the original god players a chance to base themselves, so that hundreds of thousands of original god players “the Viet Cong raised their heads”, which belonged to the original god players. Group carnival. Finally, I hope that next time Mihayou will cooperate again, it is best to choose a sincere company, and don’t use KFC, which is a spicy chicken that runs away with money.

7 months ago

On chat groups, social media, and sub-platforms, “Silly X just play” “XX? Dogs don’t play!” “This silly X shouted the dead slogan hahaha” should be loud enough to judge KFC. The wrong influence, or Mihayou itself has produced a wrong estimate of the number of players willing to “queue a bucket/badge”. Or both-you said that Mihayou reported the number of daily active users and the expected activity scale, and then KFC used it to prepare for the work. I don’t believe it. It must have its own channel to predict the activity scale. . Considering that part of this sound is likely to come from the gamers themselves, or even from people who actually rushed to the line (in one of the chat groups I was in, there were two people who yelled “Dog not play” every day and ran away. I’m queuing up…) I’m going to be swearing when I crawl the data to investigate and build a model. How can I do this model?

7 months ago

As soon as I wake up from sleep, I will write an answer. There is only one KFC linkage store in Changsha. I booked a hotel next to KFC 3 days in advance and went to the store one day in advance. After communicating with the aunt, Hou Jie planned to come to line up at four in the morning. I came down from the hotel to look for food at 10:30 hungry. I found that KFC was queuing. I had already photographed more than 100 people. My heart was broken, because according to the number 13 90, the 14 90, I have to wait in line for 30 Many hours. At 0:00, the team of 180 people has been drawn up, and those who come after zero are ranked outside the 180. It rained more than two o’clock in the morning, and the security guard pulled the team into the road to take shelter from the rain. The team was in chaos, and someone took the opportunity to jump in. At around five o’clock, the security guard pulled the team back to the original position, and chaos of team robbing occurred again, because at this time many people who came after had been watching, and some people took the opportunity to jump in the queue. As a result, many of the original 180 people have reached more than 200. Because of this incident, everyone will be very angry. I lined up for one night. The team said that they were interrupted. Who can accept? The police rushed to the town, and for a while, I was really afraid that some people would do stupid things. The event was cancelled directly. If you are chasing the wheel of responsibility, the security in the middle of the night must be fully responsible. The security guards do not maintain order. The top 90 jumped in the queue frantically, and the queue was chaotically jumped in the queue twice. Someone lined up all night from 23:00 and couldn’t get it. He doesn’t make trouble and who makes trouble? KFC, on the 8th day, there are more than 1,000 people in line with postcards. How can you be confident that this kind of activity is not reported to the police? The store didn’t even have a cordon in the middle of the night before queuing, did you think too little? Up. Mi Huyou, all your core players can participate in your activities. If your core players line up for one night on a rainy day and are cut in line and can’t get the card, will this harm your own products? Tivat bucket. One person is more than two people, such an embarrassing package, have you really eaten the event planner? Shouldn’t you do the event not to make the players who support you the most sad… But don’t rush, KFC this one The round of activities was obviously insufficiently prepared, and the security was very unprofessional, causing common anger. It’s really unnecessary to chuckle with rice, but it seems to be an opportunity for some people. It is estimated that there will be no less recent articles. Just leave it alone, I really don’t want some people to wake up after sitting at home, and when they find that there is a new rhythm, they start to talk about it.

7 months ago

This time a two-dimensional victory, this is a victory for young people. The young people declare to the world that they have grown up and their hobbies have not changed, and that when you are old, those old habits are also old. Before today, everyone was discussing the issue of the death of slogans. After today, you will find that this slogan is not so embarrassing. When everyone shouts together, they feel it. KFC may become the biggest loser. There are not enough buckets in the early stage. A large part of the players did not get the Primordial God Linkage Bucket. What do players think about you without this pain? Really thought that the burger combination that was unpalatable to death with extremely low cost performance? There are too few theme shops, there are no theme shops in small cities, and there is no desire to go to KFC at all. If these two are done well, the income of this wave of activities plus two Chengdu is considered less. Insufficient research (it is said to be in Weibo research), underestimation of the enthusiasm of players, and the decision to stop the event is too pull, and the release in the Weibo comment area is also NB. It’s not the first time that KFC has been linked with a two-dimensional game. I really haven’t had any experience.

7 months ago

How to evaluate? Now I see the three letters of kfc and I am angry. It was booked on the day of the first release, and I went to the store to pick up the food at 4:30 in the afternoon. There was no decoration about Yuanshen in the store, and even the word Yuanshen was not on the sign. I do not believe that Qiaokou District of Wuhan is a suburb, nor do I believe that a KFC club in an urban area with high-rise buildings has no news about linkage. Going out is two-way six-lane, transportation conditions are definitely there, but KFC is too lazy to even promote. Then there is packaging. I was shocked when the waiter took out a paper bag for me. Where’s the barrel? I eat your rubbish to give something, but you don’t give anything? Last time the Ark linkage was thin, it was even more thin this time. Silly kfc, I’m a fool to eat again

7 months ago

I have to say this! I suggest Mihayou to change to a collaborator next time! I was in Chengdu and ate the Yuanshen barrel for the first time on March 8. Because I was too late to get out of get off work, I ordered Jinhua Wanda’s KFC delivery. Good guy, there are no buckets here! I just ate at the buckets of Grandpa Lu and Ainuoer. This operation completely baffled me. Well, if there is no, there will be no. I thought at first that I didn’t have any notes. I went to the store the next day and wanted a bucket. As a result, when I went to the physical store, I found that there was no interlocking stand-up or promotional materials in the store. (On the contrary, the posters posted in the store are all another game. I haven’t played it and I don’t know what it is. It looks a bit like “Hundred Scenes of the South of the Yangtze River”). ? So I went directly to the staff and asked, “I ordered the delivery from your home yesterday and didn’t give me the original sacred bucket. Can you make me one?” The staff called the store manager impatiently. I repeated it again, but the store manager said disdainfully, “No, no.” I was really drunk. I didn’t have a bucket or a good attitude. Isn’t McDonald’s fragrant? Isn’t Burger King fragrant? Next time, don’t you have the spine to cooperate. If you want to cooperate, can you be kind to us two thorn apes?

7 months ago

First of all, to clarify, it has nothing to do with overseas import. Shanghai has foreign imports every day, and it is isolated from ordinary citizens, so don’t worry. The biggest problem with this event is that the theme stores are really not large enough. It stands to reason that more theme stores can be opened in key areas of the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, but in fact the number of theme stores is really small, KFC and Miha You really didn’t expect that so many players, regardless of local area, rushed to the theme store, resulting in a high density of non-essential crowds. In fact, there is still a way to recover. Not only should the souvenirs be sold in official stores, but also the activity time should be extended nationwide and more themed stores should be opened. When everyone buys the package, they can give away a poster or the same level and can be in the local area. The large number of prizes won was the same as the emergency handling method of the store where the accident occurred, but the content of the posters should be different, so that the posters received by disappointed customers became out of print. Posters can be printed quickly and in large quantities in local inkjet printing shops, and can be processed without special long-term preparation, ensuring sufficient inventory in each additional theme store.

7 months ago

Before the linkage, the marketing staff of kfc wanted to know how many Yuanshen players there are in China through market research, so their investigators found the official Baidu Tieba of miHoYo and posted a post asking how many Yuanshen players there are in China. Everyone told him that there were about 4,000 Yuanshen players. So KFC felt that 15 stores prepared 90 pieces a day for two days, a total of more than 2,000 badges were enough.

7 months ago

The original god is not a game in the ordinary sense. The original god is “The Seed”, the seed of the virtual space where 1 billion people live in 10 years. From the beginning of this game, there was no plan to make quick money. The map of the seven major countries was only released at the beginning, but this country is still incomplete, and the snow-capped mountains have been released in recent months. At present, the adventure level is open to level 60, and the main mission is only open to level 35. There is a long period of time in the middle, and it is left like this. Miha Tour does not matter if the player is lost because there is no main line. . In this posture, the entire worldview of the original god may be completely constructed in three to five years. After that, except for the Seven Congresses, will they release new world areas? Will there be a public map for players? I think it is very possible, because the common space where 1 billion people live must be interconnected, not isolated. Such a positioning game is well-made and fits the setting of “Sword Art Online”. It echoes the dream of creating a VR world. It will inevitably resonate very much. Players are willing to spend much more time than other games. Energy and money are actually normal. KFC didn’t expect that it was because they didn’t understand the meaning of “The Seed”, but the vast majority of players of the original god knew it, and those who were willing to shout “Meet in Another World” understood.

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