It was night, Kong Ming sighed in the tent and said: “If the sky gives me a million army, Kuang will help the Han room just around the corner.” Wei Wen said: “The prime minister knows the art of the strange door and the escape, and the old ones use the east wind to break the Cao thief. , Why not set up another altar to beg soldiers in the sky?” Kong Ming said: “Boyue knows something. People cannot be born out of thin air. If you borrow soldiers, you must be the generations before and after, and it is very difficult to control it. However, this war is urgent. , The number of soldiers in the camp is less than 50,000. It is not impossible to use this method.” Wei Nai helped Kong Ming set up an altar in the big tent and cast the spell immediately. Kong Ming read a word, and suddenly he drew himself into the account, and the Seven-Star Sword fell to the ground. Wei’s expression changed drastically, and it was Wei Yan. Everyone was shocked. Without waiting for Wei Yan to say anything, Kong Ming sighed and said: “Never mind, this method is not possible, it is God’s will.” After the sentence, the generals did not question the crime, and they all cried and touched their breasts. When the tears flowed across the river, a small pawn entered the report and said: “Thanks to the prime minister, Hou Shan found countless Yin soldiers.” Upon hearing this, Kong Ming laughed and said, “God will help me too! How come Yin soldiers? This is a god-given army! Wait! Follow me to the back mountain, and see the face of the heavenly soldiers.” When everyone went to the back mountain, they saw countless people who had taken different orders. Kong Ming said: “You wait, don’t panic, I am Zhuge Kongming. Today, I will give you a strange soldier to help me to help the Han room. Are you willing to wait?” After saying that, the soldiers woke up like a big dream, and there was a loud noise. One soldier said, “I’m going to hand in my paper tomorrow, what should we do? We won’t go back, right?” Another soldier said, “I was lying in the dormitory just now and looking at my mobile phone, so why did I come to this horrible place? Wei Yan said angrily: “Bold! The prime minister is here, why dare to say this!” Kong Mingzhizhi, said: “The Wen Changxiu is rude. My audience is a sergeant who has great talents and needs to live well. Help me revitalize the Han room.” Upon hearing this, the one who had a stroke of wisdom exclaimed: “I am from a top 2 university, can the prime minister let me be the governor?” Kong Ming heard this, without changing his face, and said with a smile: “You What can I do for the post of the governor?” The wise man said: “I can help you predict the future.” The generals were all shocked, and they scolded: “As the saying goes, “It’s up to people to get things done, and it’s up to the sky.” Even if there is a prime minister. I don’t know what’s going on behind me. Who is you, dare to speak out!” Yu Zuo was in an uproar: “I’m from MIT, I can help the prime minister to improve the wooden cow and Liuma!” “I speak foreign languages ​​and can help you. Sending information, the enemy can’t understand it if they find it!” “I can drive an excavator, which can help you dig the enemy’s wall!” “There is no excavator here, don’t talk nonsense.” When the voice was full, there was a giant. It roared, with black smoke coming out of its tail. The generals are all eclipsed. Kong Ming held a feather fan and smiled without saying a word. “Excavator! The excavator is here!” Everyone saw him and said with a smile: “Thanks to the success of my undergraduate promotion! I have to go to Lanxiang to learn about excavators!” Kong Ming curiously said, “A true hero. Also, you are good at digging. There is a shortage of siege workers in the army. I hope you can be a forward to break the enemy?” The pawn shouted: “I do! I do!” Then he stepped forward and gave him armor and five rewards. Ten, the officials worshipped the chief of the army, and five soldiers were in command. Wei Fuer said: “Today there are many sergeants, and it is difficult to distinguish between superiors and superiors. Can the prime minister have a clever plan to choose the good ones as generals?” Kong Ming sighed, “I don’t know about future generations. Boyue, Lao Ru joins the army and asks him to choose. The law of human beings.” After a short time to return, with awkward expressions, he said: “I am a spectator, and most of them are not working, and they may be difficult to be a soldier. I also heard the words “wine to me” and “children Yaoyao”, but it is It’s the rank of the school.” Kong Ming said: “Boyue don’t panic. Within a month, millions of fighters will be able to win. Let’s first give the title of chief and corporal chief. The matter of choosing generals, choose. We will discuss it again in the next day.” Naizhi Wei Yan Chuan said: “The prime minister has orders, who is the leader of the “wine to me”, and the leader of the “children and Yaoyao”. All sergeants will be paid for the time being, and when there are emerging figures, they will be appointed Heavy responsibility.” The soldiers silently agreed. Kong Ming laughed and said: “I think I will be disturbed by the spell, and I will never gain. I expected that the gains are far more than a million in the flesh, and there are many weapons, and the literary has a wonderful skill.” , Then return. After a long time the matter is over, and Weiru reports: “All the soldiers have made arrangements. Don’t worry about the prime minister. But there is a lot of food and grass, clothing and shelter, and lack of weapons. What can I do?” Kong Ming said: “All the people conquer the sky. There must be sages in the army to help me. Boyue, Lao Ru look for skillful craftsmen to make weapons and armor. Also recruit good plowers to open up wasteland and land for emergencies, and also for long-term planning.” Wei took the command and left, no Leading dozens of people back for a long time. Kong Ming asked: “Is there a good plan for you to ease the need for the army?” The soldiers looked at each other, and there was no one who dared to respond. Kong Mingfu said: “You don’t need to be too modest, if you have a clever plan, you will be rewarded.” A sergeant replied: “Prime Minister, where we are stationed, there are many trees. I can help you develop them. This is called the management of agriculture and forestry economy.” Kong Ming laughed and said: “Although there is a saying that’man will conquer the sky’, but I have the talents of the whole country, but I can’t make the best of the mountains and mountains. Now I have a word like this, there must be high talents, which can be worthy of use.” Then he was ordered to join the army. Set aside two thousand good farmers to reunify it. When everyone saw it, they fought for strategy, and they all got official.Kong Ming ordered everyone to leave the account and stay in the Uygur to discuss matters, saying: “Among the sergeants in my view, there are very few people who have been promoted to junior college, and they are expected to have geniuses.” Weixin understood it and called the former diggers into the account. Kong Ming asked: “What do I mean when I hear that you are a’undergraduate promoted’?” The excavator asked, “I don’t know the prime minister. After three years of undergraduate study, I suddenly discovered that I only know theory and have practical skills. It was extremely bad, so I chose to’be upgraded to a junior college’, and finally passed the exam. Now I have studied excavators in Lanxiang for almost a year, and my skills have improved a lot.” Kong Ming laughed and said: “There is such a good plan, now the Shu Di Shi People, and those who are too empty talkers, if selected according to this method, it will be beneficial. Your car is very majestic, and the price will be expensive. What is this?” The right answer: “That’s an excavator, it’s true It’s not cheap. It costs more than one million to buy a new Taiwan.” Kong Ming laughed and asked again: “Well, what about the school called’Lan Xiang’, what about this school?” The excavators also laughed and said: “The full name of’Lan Xiang’ is’Shandong Lanxiang Advanced Technical College’. It allows us to learn technology first and then pay. The first month’s salary can be used as tuition. Teacher Tang Guoqiang, ah no, Prime Minister, I suggest you open For a school like this, we will definitely have no shortage of skilled workers at that time!” Kong Ming did not answer in silence, and gave him food and drink, which was an order to return to the camp. Good diggers think that they have lost their words and stay awake for several days. After several days, Kong Ming went out to patrol the camps. The good digger stepped forward, and Kong Ming rejected everyone and whispered. The meaning is Shao Shu, leading away. The next day, Wei Jun provoked and saw a giant roaring, shooting it with an arrow, unmoved and shocked, all the birds and beasts scattered, all captured by the Han soldiers. Kong Ming ordered the good diggers to see Wei Lu, saying: “The prime minister of the Han Dynasty seeks to secure the country’s heavy weapons in the sky, and he has dozens of chariots. Bows and crossbows cannot be worn, swords cannot be broken.” Then he let go. The crowd returned to detail what they had experienced. When Sima Yi heard this, he was shocked and said: “The Han really has heaven to help.” His son Zhao said: “Father, don’t panic. The two armies have faced each other for more than a few months, and there is no food and grass. Now Kong Ming has such artifacts, he must seek quick victory. Take precautions. You can send your soldiers to lure them, and set them in the mountains, and you will win.” Long thinking. The next day, the Han army provoked, and the excavator marched forward. Hundreds of Wei Bing went out to fight with them. After a while, the Han soldiers collapsed, and those who are good at digging see the prisoners. Wei Bing saw that the good diggers were very different in attire, and he bound him to Yiqian. Drink it left and right, make it kneel. The good digger thought secretly: “You must not panic, or you will be ashamed of Lan Xiang.” So he stood still, pressed left and right, but knelt. I was shocked, pretending to be calm, and screamed; “Who is you, dare to pretend to be a ghost, and disrupt our military’s mind!” The good digger raised his head and said, “I am an excellent graduate of Shandong Lanxiang Advanced Technical Institute of xx!” I don’t know. Therefore, let it be taken into custody. Thinking of the former pawn reporting Kong Ming’s request for an artifact, he was worried and couldn’t sleep at night.


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7 months ago

Zhuge Liang recently had a difficult time. A few days ago, a group of people surrounded him in a four-wheeled vehicle and asked, “You are, Teacher Tang Guoqiang?” Zhuge Liang shook his head, and said with embarrassment, “No, my name is Zhuge Liang, the word Kong Ming.” “That’s right, we were sent to help the Prime Minister’s Northern Expedition!” A pair of vigorous eyes, like old people from many years ago, the first emperor Liu Bei, Zhao Yun, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Ma Chao …Until Boyue…Today, facing a million young people, Zhuge Liang groaned for a while, and said: “You are sincere, but you can’t handle swords or walk on the road without training, plus me. Army food and grass have always been a problem. If you meet you in Shuzhong, you will be settled, but now it is in Longyou.” “Then what should we do?” someone asked. “Naturally it was a guerrilla! Go to the gates of the Wei State, go to stability, to Liangzhou, to Chang’an, go to the masses, and mobilize the people of the Wei State to resist the exorbitant taxes and taxes. Those corrupt officials must not be allowed to ride on the people of my great man Majesty.” Zhuge Liang said with great enthusiasm. “What if the people of the Wei Kingdom don’t support it?” “Just tell them that the aristocratic family has taken our land and occupied our wives and children. As long as these aristocratic families are driven away, they will be able to live a good life. The big clan cannot do without us, rather than relying on them. For the happiness of the people, the people will support us.” Zhuge Liang patted the college students around him and said. “Yes!” The college student blushed and said loudly: “In order to save the people of the big man, the Northern Expedition succeeded and returned to the old capital. I resolutely oppose the Cao thief’s puppet regime. The sun!” Zhuge Liang praised. “The Northern Expedition to the Central Plains is a long process, but I am confident that I can win this protracted battle. You will start from Wuzhangyuan in groups of three, bring three days of dry food, and carry forward the spirit of hard work!” Zhuge Liang did in front of the battle. To mobilize. “The prime minister, I think you look like a person…” a girl blinked and suddenly spoke. “Now I am Zhuge Liang, the prime minister of the Han Dynasty.” Zhuge Liang turned his head and said with a chuckle. “Go, the Northern Expedition will win!”

7 months ago

Shuzhong Plain, under Chengdu City. Zhuge Liang stood on the city and fell into deep thought. He couldn’t understand why so many people suddenly appeared in the land of Shu, hundreds of thousands…no, there were also millions of people, all of them lined up in a row, looking far away. Overlooking, there is no end in sight. What is more confusing is that this group of people has neither armor nor weapons. Instead, they are dressed in various colors, and there are even unclothed, seemingly barbarian costumes. Could it be that the Southern Barbarian did some witchcraft? Wei Yan whispered from the side. Seeing the atmosphere getting stronger and stronger, the archers in the city are already waiting for it, but the millions of people in the city shouted: “Don’t fight, I am waiting to come!” Even so, Zhuge Liang, who is good at thinking about people, can’t figure out what the other party is coming from, let alone dare. Relax your vigilance, after all, there are too many of them. If they are upset, it will be difficult to suppress them even with the power of the whole country. When Ma Di saw this, he stepped forward and said, “The prime minister does not have to worry. Since they are not malicious, why don’t they first ask about the origins and skills of this group of people. If it is useful, I happen to be short of people and can make up for it, huh…” Zhuge nodded brightly and did not speak. Ma Di was overjoyed and ordered the leader to call up and ask about the situation. “The Prime Minister, we are from 1,800 years later, and Zhihu asked me to come over to help you in the Northern Expedition and recover the Han Dynasty.” The leader, with a few pimples on his dark cheeks, pushed the frame. The glasses on the face of Guozi said blankly. Zhuge Liang looked calm. He neither questioned his identity nor asked who “Zhihu” was. Instead, he smiled. The original tight muscles also relaxed. A simple sentence from the other party made all this reasonable. He It also seems to have insight into everything in an instant. Everyone whispered, but no one believed this nonsense. Ma Di questioned: “Let’s not talk about anything else, how do you help? Is it because you want to fill the gully with human lives? Jokes, wars must have rules and strategies. Don’t think you can win if you have more people. Cao Wei’s group can It’s not a vegetarian.” Zhang Bao also continued, “I just read it carefully. No one of you can fight. All of you are as thin as chickens. I thought they were Nanbanzi, but I thought about it, barbarians. If you are so weak, how can you fight the beast? Come, look at me…” He rolled up his sleeves and bent his arms to reveal his majestic biceps. Zhuge Liang couldn’t stand it, and repelled a few people and told them to report their families. The man with glasses who spoke earlier appeared again, still calmly saying: “I come from Tsinghua University majoring in civil engineering, and I can build reliable houses for military and civilians in Shuzhong…” Zhuge Liang nodded and said: “The land in Shu is vomiting fog. The earth dragon turned over and it was really troublesome, but… there is only one person, I am afraid it is not enough.” The glasses man clapped his hands, and a group of people rushed into the door, and kowtowed: “And me, I’m from Southeast University! “”Tianjin University!” “Tongji University!” “Dalian University of Technology!” “Harbin Institute of Technology!” “South China University of Technology!” The agricultural one comes from China Agricultural University. If the prime minister can look down on me and make me a big farmer, I can guarantee that Shuzhong will become a real abundance country, and the population will soar tenfold!” He opened his schoolbag and poured out all kinds of crops. Among the seeds of the plant, there are common peppers, potato, watermelon, corn and so on in later generations. Zhuge Liang smiled, noncommittal. If it is true that he can feed tens of millions of people, not to mention a big farmer, what if he is the prime minister? What a credit for creating a peaceful and prosperous world! “Me too, I also want to work for the big man!” Everyone poured out one after another, so lively. “Zhejiang University!” “Nanjing Agricultural University!” “Huazhong Agricultural University!” “South China Agricultural University!” “Northwest A&F University!” “Shandong Agricultural University!” A series of unknown nouns made him feel at a loss for the first time. Then, a young man who claimed to be a master of medicine also came forward. He came from West China Medical College of Sichuan University. Once he came up, it was determined that Zhuge Liang’s dental health was unhealthy. Fortunately, he was caught by a few classmates before he stopped talking. “I’m from Shanghai Jiaotong University!” I’m from Peking Union Medical College! “I’m from Peking University!” “I’m from Sun Yat-sen University!” “I’m from Huazhong University of Science and Technology!” “With us, we will never let the soldiers of the Han army die due to injury and infection!” “Speaking, everyone patted their backpacks. It was another series of self-reported homes. This time Ma Di could see that these people were all doctors. It’s just that they were better than the genius doctor Hua Tuo? He? I heard the fourth brother say that Hua Tuo used General Guan to scrape his bones to treat poison. It was really amazing… Then, young people specializing in water conservancy, transportation, light industry, surveying and mapping, textiles, and food also appeared on the scene, such as Southwest Jiaotong University and Donghua. University, Hohai University, Jiangnan University, Wuhan University, Central South University, etc. Look, the humanities and social sciences students also came in, dressed a little more than the simple engineering men before, and thinking more active. From their descriptions In Zhong, Zhuge Liang knew that this group of people was also a pen, and it would be a great accomplishment if the financial staff could be rectified. Most of this group of people came from Renmin University of China, Peking University, Nanjing University, Beijing Normal University, Nankai University, East China Normal University. University, Northeast Normal University, etc. Later, Zhuge Liang spent more than half a month picking and choosing, and even the students in the physical education department were sent to science training recruits. I heard that their physical fitness is very good, comparable to the brave soldiers in the military. , And the training methods are also very good. In the end, only tens of thousands of people who majored in computer and foreign languages ​​were left with big eyes and small eyes. They were howling every day. I thought I could reach the pinnacle of life and marry Bai Fumei after learning computer. After being hungry for three days in ancient times, even Zhuge Liang didn’t have any tricks. He could only arrange for them to open up wasteland and cultivate land. Not to mention, there is no shortage of land in Shu, but there is a shortage of people. It happens to be with tens of thousands of young women who specialize in foreign languages. Matching, you plow the field, I weave~ I carry water, you water the garden~ It took a full three months to properly place millions of people in various places in Shu. This is also the most difficult three months since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, almost They had eaten up all the grain, and even Zhuge Liang couldn’t do anything about the Northern Expedition. But fortunately, there was a peak after the trough. The next year Shuzhong ushered in a fertility boom and a bumper harvest of food, infrastructure, ordnance, and medicine. Agriculture, agriculture, and government officials have all achieved great development and progress. The changes that have spanned the age have also made Wei and Wu dare not act rashly. There has been a short-term peace in the three countries. It is this opportunity that gave Shuzhong a chance to breathe. Now He only needs time. Time is the best catalyst. He can grow into a generation in twenty years, and it can also turn Shuzhong into a real abundance of heaven and a paradise on earth…. When Zhuge Liang once again returned to Nanyang, he returned to Gong. When plowing the old land, the thatched cottage had collapsed for many years, the mountain road was also covered with weeds, and his hair and beard were all white, no longer what he used to be. In spite of his aging body, he stepped forward step by step, stroking the dilapidated Chai Fei, as if Liu appeared before his eyes. When the three brothers Guan Zhang came to visit for the first time, he tremblingly asked: “Master…Yun Chang…Yide…Are you okay? “…No one answered, they never waited until the day of the Han Dynasty’s revival. Zhuge Liang pushed open the Zaimen and seemed to see something. He was so excited and tears filled his eyes. At this step, he walked for fifty years.

7 months ago

The most important thing in the Northern Expedition is talents. Zhuge Liang happily set up a professional ranking. Lu Xun said: The preparations are done early, and the three countries are mixed together. Sss professional astronomy. You have mastered the mystery of the origin of the universe, you have insight into the principles of the nine-day movement. When Zhuge Liang set the stars, how to arrange, how to sing, and how to survive depends on your pattern. There are many rewards for survival, and you make a mistake and return to the source. Employment position: hard to force the high priest. Ss professional military command. Various tactics in history are readily available. Volunteers’ night battles outflank method, teachers’ guerrilla warfare and protracted tactics, three disciplines and eight points of attention. All tactics must be suitable for Zhuge Liang. Bring a military binoculars when traveling through time and space, which will definitely help. Zhuge Liang embarked on the road to the pinnacle of the military. Employment positions: staff, staff. Ancient Chinese Studies. All kinds of masterpieces in history are clear in the chest. The writing skills are solid. The works of Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing are all in your pocket, and you are the son-in-law who exports the chapter. Job position: Clerical, talented person. In the art major, I first showed my first-hand sketching skills, gave a portrait of each of the five tigers, and then a three-dimensional painting to surprise them, and finally painted a series of comics to increase the fun of the two-dimensional to the Shu army. Employment position: Yuqian painter. S-type professional philosophy, speculative discussion from various angles, and the essence of human thinking, Zhuge Liang can’t say you, and he feels more frustrated. Employment position: Yu Shi. Majored in physics and chemistry, helping to make explosives, and Zhuge Liang exploded everything wherever he went. Practice another pill to do some tricks, it is you who is the gods. Employment: National Teacher. Sports fighting. With the abdominal muscles brought by scientific fitness and the 1.90 real man, how can he be a pioneer, Zhang Fei can’t exercise scientifically. Employment: 800,000 Chief Instructor of the Forbidden Army. A+ professional agriculture, helping planting and irrigation to increase production, is a bit bitter. Assistant to the Ministry of Agriculture. Metallurgical machinery, to help improve weapons, magic weapon is just around the corner, job arsenal assistant. Civil engineering, help siege and defend the city, change the machine to trebuchet, manufacture shield machines, and find jobs for engineers. A type of professional medical nursing, although there is no equipment, it is much better to have modern medical concepts. Employment position, medical officer. Psychological management logistics, insight into people’s hearts, and orderly work. Job logistics supervisor. A-type professional music art. Although most of the musical instruments are available, fortunately, the foundation is still there. Pipa, Guzheng and Erhu are both good, a song of Erquan Yingyue Zhuge Liang tears and exchanges, a song of black people lifting a coffin to death Sima Yi, and a song of my sun’s morale is high. Post Kabuki. Class B majors in foreign languages, computers, artificial intelligence, big data, smart manufacturing, biomedicine, communications, 5G and finance, with miserable real names. Hurry up and turn professional.

7 months ago

After reading a lot of insights about Zhuge Liang, I suddenly remembered that I haven’t read the biography of Zhuge Liang in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms carefully. Post it as a proof, go see it today. Returning to this topic, a serious analysis, one million people, the Shu Han must not be able to support, and history must not be hidden. With a flexible mind, some will definitely go to the other two families, but Cao Wei’s employment is a little more reliable. With the chaos of the Sun Wu court, I am afraid it is difficult to get this wave of benefits. The three families will return to Shanxi, and Zhuge Liang will be able to make a living forever. These things will be revealed. Cao Wei will be purged, Sima Yi’s group will not survive, and Shu Han will also clean up the eunuchs. The three sides of Wei, Shu and Wu face each other. Wei has the greatest advantage, and has gained the blessing of 21st century scientific and technological achievements. Wei’s offensive power has been significantly improved, and the defense of Shu Han can also be done in a good manner in terms of geographical factors. There have been breakthroughs in land, food, science and technology, and population management. Territory expansion can actually be postponed. Focusing on economic development will also become the main direction of the tripartite efforts. Cao Wei will develop the Northeast, Shuhan will develop Southeast Asia, and Soochow will develop Taiwan. As long as Zhuge Liang can win Soochow and form the opposition between the Northern and Southern Dynasties, and then make good use of the advantages of college students, it is also possible to dominate the world.

7 months ago

We all know that when Zhuge Liang came out of Qishan, Sima Yi would be a tortoise with his head shrunk, waiting for Zhuge Liang to die. Why is Zhuge Liang eager to capture the Central Plains? Because I can’t wait. The prime minister knew that Xichuan’s human and material resources were inferior to that of the Central Plains. It would be difficult to beat more people with fewer people. As long as there is no civil strife in Dawei, it is basically difficult. But after giving Zhuge Liang 1 million college students, the State of Shu changed immediately and became very affordable. For example, I am a person who has a background in architecture. I can unite one or two friends in materials science to first develop reinforced concrete technology, get a Hanzhongcheng PLUS, and then ask civil engineering students to increase the structure, and I will do it according to the current 50-year-life building to ensure that Wei will see you It directly becomes a big wilt. Then start to develop production internally, just study the technology of guns, and build 20,000 guns in 10 years. What will happen then? During the match, Mr. Baosima suddenly saw the sky thunder, his brain burst and died. Instead, the prime minister was tired at this time. Each of these 1 million college students asked me for a set of autographs. When would I finish signing? Therefore, in the end, the prime minister was still exhausted. He was asked for autographs by these 1 million college students, and he was exhausted day and night.

7 months ago

This question is very interesting. Let me start a brainstorm. It is assumed that the college students are loyal to Shu and do not consider the issue of betrayal. One million highly educated young people are very effective even in World War II. Don’t think that college students are keyboard men with no combat ability. First of all, the food and grass of Shu will be ahead of the times. There were no potatoes in China during the Three Kingdoms era. Undergraduates from the College of Agriculture only need to bring in potato planting technology—this kind of basic technology for undergraduates from the College of Agriculture—Shu has no worry about food. Potatoes are not delicious, but they are full. Our country has now begun to promote potato staple food. Secondly, the population of Shu has exploded, and the source of troops has never been worried. Medical students have taken aseptic surgery and modern cesarean section, and the neonatal mortality rate and maternal mortality rate have been permanently reduced by one to two orders of magnitude, and the battlefield mortality rate has also dropped significantly. Cesarean section and debridement are really the content of undergraduate interns, not complicated operations. You ask where do anesthesia and disinfection drugs come from? There are people from the chemistry department and the biology department. Third, the students of metallurgical engineering forged better iron materials, even alloy materials that surpassed the times, and the quality of Shu’s weapons rose sharply. Even if firearms are not considered, the cold weapons of modern smelting technology seem to be science fiction weapons in the Three Kingdoms era. No rust, no curling, light weight, controllable center of gravity, almost no maintenance. The alloy shield is equivalent to the effect of vibrating gold. Don’t worry about the raw materials. There are 132 proven mineral resources in the Bashu area. Who do you ask to mine? People who have mines. The students of the law school are responsible for building a complete legal system, and at the same time perfecting the theoretical basis of the legality of Shu, and the media department is responsible for propaganda. The so-called gainers help more. Propaganda work is very important. Normal colleges are responsible for education, and the country of Shu can’t just be the glorious generation. The next generation is the future. The physical education academy is directly a source of high-quality troops. Of course, this high-quality source of troops should not be wasted on the battlefield, specializing in physical training for recruits. The military academy will do your best job. The history department has prepared a pen. This time, the history of the winner does not need to be blown, it is all true. In this way, within a generation, the territory of the Kingdom of Shu can probably cover from the East China Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. After thinking about it, it seems that a student of software engineering is really useless in this era? Play Three Kingdoms 11 with the prime minister. Write a modifier to the prime minister when he can’t beat Cao Cao.

7 months ago

According to the thesis Population Survey of the Kingdom of Shu; “Sichuan Cultural Relics”, 2002, No. 6, 21-23, 3 pages; the total population in the early years of the Shu Han Dynasty was only about 60% of the corresponding area in the late Eastern Han Dynasty. Mr. Ge Jianxiong believes that from the peak of the Eastern Han Dynasty population At the bottom of the population trough between the three countries of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the population decreased by more than 60%. Considering that there were fewer wars in Yizhou during this period, and considering the population of Shu County during this period, the number of households decreased from 30,000 to 20,000, a decrease of 33%; the population dropped from 1.35 million to 90,000, which also decreased 3. 33%. With reference to this fact, we believe that the population of Yizhou area decreased by about 40% at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty. 5. In the later period of Shuhan’s founding, the population increased at an annual rate of approximately 5%o. Many scholars disagree with the statement that the Shuhan I;3 is increasing at a rate of 8%o, and think it is too high. However, in the past few decades, the state of Shu has basically been politically stable, with production development, economic prosperity, people living and working in peace and contentment, and the population growth rate will not be too low. It is more appropriate to set it at 5%. Knowing the above points, we can estimate the population of Shu. 1. In the late Eastern Han Dynasty, there were 15.2 million households and 7.24 million people in the area corresponding to the Shu Han. By the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, it had dropped by 40%. In the early years of the Three Kingdoms, there were 912,000 households and 4.344 million people in Shu. This is the starting point for the population development of Shu. . 2. After the establishment of the State of Shu, it grew at a rate of 5% per year on the above-mentioned basis. By the fifth year of Yanxi of the Shu Han Dynasty (242 years), the population of the State of Shu increased to 1.0127 million households and 4.792 million after 21 years. . This number is basically consistent with Zhu Zhaori’s calculation. 3. On the basis of the above-mentioned basic figures, it continued to increase at a rate of five thousandths to the first year of Yanxing (263 years), and the number of households in Shu was 124,500 and the population was 5.29 million. This is probably the peak of the population of Shu. The airdrop of 1 million college students is under pressure, but it is acceptable. After all, according to historical data, Zhuge Liang actively pursued the economic policy of “farming and cultivating valleys” and worked hard to develop production. When Liu Bei was alive, he often led troops to fight abroad. Zhuge Liang guarded Chengdu, and he was able to “suffer enough soldiers” (“Three Kingdoms · Zhuge Liang Biography”) and ensure the manpower and material resources needed for the war. Zhuge Liang believed that “this weir (Dujiangyan) is based on agriculture and funded by the country”, and therefore has a “weir official” to manage it. It was during the war that 1,200 soldiers were specially deployed and stationed there for protection and dredging. The Chengdu Plain was “flooded and drought from people, hunger and hunger, fertile fields, thousands of miles, the world is called land and sea” (Shui Jing ·Jiangshui Note”). Zhuge Liang’s granary was still full. The amount of food consumed in wars and peacetimes varies greatly. The suspension of the Northern Expedition for one or two years, the full use of the labor force of this million college students and the accumulation of food, have overcome the initial food problem. In 2020, the number of college graduates is about 8.74 million. If 1 million college students are randomly selected, they basically cover all majors. It is not difficult to pick some talents from inside. Even for ordinary college students, after so many years of compulsory education, it is not a problem to be a grassroots official. As for ideological issues, most of them are at the age of 18-20 years old. The Three Views have not yet been finalized and have great plasticity. Many years of education have made most people accustomed to obedience. Even if there are some thorns, you must know that at that time, the Three Kingdoms did not talk about human rights. Going down with twenty army sticks was enough for him to appreciate the severe beatings of the society. Reciting the Seventeen Forbidden Law and fifty-four cuts, college students are much stronger than the illiterate big-headed soldier. They have more complaints, angering their leaders, not listening to constraints, and even more difficult to teach. This is called building the army, and the offender is cut off. Raise the voice with laughter, despise the prohibition, and rush into the army gate. This is called the light army, and the offender is cut off. Rumors and tricks, fabricated ghosts and gods, fake dreams, slanderous doctrines, deceive sergeants, this is called an army of prostitution, and the criminals will kill them. Good tongue and teeth, arrogantly doing right and wrong, arranging sergeants to make them discord, this is called slander army, offenders cut it. There are not many school rules that dare to violate, let alone bloody heads hanging on the door? Dare to mess? Anyway, 1 million is sent for the phone bill. Even a scarecrow can borrow an arrow, let alone a big living person. It shouldn’t be difficult to pick out 1,000 talents for 1 million miles. Agriculture, metallurgy, textiles, water conservancy, commerce, construction, transportation, etc., are enough to increase the strength of Shu. One million miles, pick out 100,000, and train into qualified soldiers, isn’t it difficult? After a few battles, as long as he doesn’t die, it is more than enough to be a middle-level officer based on the education level of a college student. If there are students majoring in national defense, it is always good to form a staff team. The remaining people, as a grass-roots staff, can refine the rule to the township level. No matter how bad, is it always okay to be a laborer? It’s really not possible, to contribute to the population growth of Shu, marry a wife and have children. During the Seven Kingdoms Rebellion, all men between the ages of 14 and 62 in Wu were enlisted in the army. In other words, fourteen years later, the number of troops in the Kingdom of Shu has increased dramatically.

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Speaking of which, it may be hard for you to imagine that even in the Qing Dynasty in 1860, there were only 4-6 million people who could successfully complete the classical Chinese exams for the college entrance examination. Those who can read and understand classical Chinese and can add, subtract, multiply and divide within ten thousand are precisely the “personnel talents” that the Shu Kingdom urgently needs. For details, please refer to the individual household statistics and background analysis of “officials” in the Three Kingdoms. One million normal college students, Bie said that other technological and cultural gains, just adding one million talents to the Kingdom of Shu, will enable Zhuge Liang to insert the tentacles of ruling into all the mountains around the Sichuan Basin. Shu Guoming’s registered permanent residence was only 900,000. It was just a familiar man in Hankou on the plains. He could really squeeze the people out of the mountains, and it was all right to gather three to five million people to build a human base for raising college students. And with an official household registration of 6 million, this big man, let alone the success of the Northern Expedition, the red flag of the Yan Han in Jianxing four years can be inserted into the dog slave country next door to Yimatai.

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The prime minister’s family has no surplus. Zhuge Liang’s 5 Northern Expeditions, at most, only 80,000 people, an important reason is the restriction of grain and grass. Now that there are 1 million more young adults out of thin air, where do you get food rations? Calculated on the basis that each person needs one and a half catties of food per day, it is 1.5 million catties per day. According to the book, the army rations carried by the Northern Expedition can generally last for about fifteen days at most, and 1.8 million catties of rations are needed for these 15 days. In other words, every time Zhuge Liang runs out of his family, he can only prepare 1.8 million catties of grain, which is only enough for our one million college students about one day. Even if they eat 5 taels a day, they can only last for 3-4 days. Therefore, most of these 1 million students had to starve to death in the first month because the Shuhan’s agricultural reserves were insufficient. Zhuge Liang did a good job. He implemented a policy of “border defense and farming, heavy farming and accumulation of grain”, which allowed surplus of cultivated grain, but it could only guarantee the living needs of the people, plus the need for military food. Ancient agriculture was primitive and restricted by many factors, such as soil fertility, water source conditions, climate characteristics, etc., which could not be compared with modern agriculture at all. In fact, let alone the ancient times, the Chinese people can eat, it is also a matter after the founding of New China. According to historical records, the first year of Yanxing of the Shu Han was in 263 AD, and the population of Shu Han was less than 1 million. “Three Kingdoms” Volume 33 “The Story of the Later Lord” quoted Wang Yin’s “Shu Ji”: “(Liu Chan) also sent Shang Shulang Li Hu to send scholars and people’s books, with 280,000 households, 940,000 men and women, and soldiers with armours. One hundred and two thousand, and 40,000 officials.” In other words, the agriculture of Shu can only support a population of 1 million and the rations for the 15-day Northern Expedition. Even if you assume that these 1 million people can barely survive, their impact on the Northern Expedition is actually very small. In many people’s imagination, one million college students with modern knowledge will go back with dimensionality reduction and attack, and they will be successful immediately. That’s a poor traversal novel. In modern society, each of us is a small screw in a large system. We all rely on this system, and no one can stand alone. In many cases, the capabilities we think are based on modern industrial equipment, instruments, and analysis systems. No matter how smart a college student is, going back, without these modern cheating devices, basically can’t play anything. Simply put, you think you will make modern weapons, but do you have steel? Is there gunpowder? Is there any equipment for you to process? If you don’t make modern weapons, you can use a knife. But where is the iron? You still have to look for iron ore. Do you have the ability to look for ore? Even if you remember the location of the Panzhihua Iron Mine and find it with great pains, how do you dig the ore? I dug out the ore, how do you refine it? The temperature of the ironmaking furnace needs to reach more than 1,200 degrees. What kind of fuel do you rely on? Not to mention firewood. You said that you use coal, but can you find a coal mine? If you find a coal mine, you have to mine and transport it. How do you transport it? The modern industrial system is built on the accumulation of hundreds of years. Even if these million college students memorize by rote and remember many details of early industrial technology, they must follow the same path, starting from the simplest iron-making step by step, without any shortcuts to laziness. The only thing that can be successful is to go back with modern industrial equipment and modern weapons. Don’t forget, bring enough food for half a year.

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The Shuhan will perish. Contemporary college students, no matter how hard they are, receive modern education, and the entire knowledge system is far ahead of the feudal era. Even if there are Shuhan fan Wuhou fanzi Longfen, there are also “the emperor takes turns”, “the king should be overbearing after crossing”, and there may even be evil players of the P club. If these people were to accept the command of the feudal bureaucrats of Shuhan, there might not be a single point. Even if they have learned a lot, they are considered “semi-literate” in the eyes of college students. Do they understand three acids and two alkalis, coal and iron fertilizers and gunpowder? This group of students, regardless of any reforms, technological upgrading, industrialization, or social transformation, are equivalent to “digging the roots”, equivalent to digging out the roots of the old feudal lord class and social system, and completely “raising” them. . Ancient sensible people will clearly see the crisis, and it is even possible for the three companies to join together to stifle this change. Think about it, the Jingzhou Legion, which is purely Uncle Liu Huang, suppresses the Yizhou natives, and they can write a manifesto of the leading party such as “Fighting the Country”. If another group of people who want to change the world is parachuted by air, they will definitely be discredited by reactionary literati and become a cult, and will soon be destroyed afterwards.

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