This is an answer I wrote casually when I was boring before, I don’t know how to temper it. It seems that there are indeed a lot of inappropriate places, but can you not swear and curse people or belittle Nakoruru who thinks I’m just recommending things like that? I’m sorry, no matter what you think, I am a girl anyway. I answer this question: For me, Naklulu is the simplest jungler. You don’t need any manipulation, you can focus on thinking and judging. It’s fast to run graphs, to swipe money, and to explode. It can easily achieve the purpose of arresting people. It is also the kind that cute girls are more likely to accept (no Like Dianwei, Pangu…) The title is to recommend a jungler suitable for girls. I have played Ake, Luna, Li Bai, Yunzhongjun, Orange, Nakolulu, Yao, Miyue, Chang’e, Zhao Yun These junglers, but I like Naklulu the most. Because she is the most comfortable to play, as long as I get Lulu, my thinking is very clear, and at least I can play steadily without flying in a round, and I won’t be confused, smashing lines, and flying around. Can I recommend it? Blue open red open or whatever you want to open, anyway, I am not used to red open, the rhythm of red open will be chaotic. I was wrong about the speed of Nakolulu brushing the wild. It may be considered slow in all junglers, but in my opinion, it is not too slow to reach the river by one point. (Don’t tell me that you can’t get to the river for a whole minute! That’s because there’s a problem with the way you play the wild, or the inscription is incomplete) I said that Nacorlulu just has a hand and refers to the operation. Is it so difficult that there is a simpler jungler than her? ? In my eyes, her operation is more brainless than Daji, and whether she plays well or not depends on her consciousness. For other content, I only wrote what I knew, and did not mislead or deliberately pit novices. So, can you stop verbal abuse or cynicism, and there is a little respect among people, okay?Naklulu, a hero who can be intact without hands. I won’t talk about even the tricks, let’s talk about some misunderstandings first. First of all, Naklulu must open blue, and the red open speed is too slow. No matter you tyrant road dominates the road, Lan Kai is over. Secondly, as a wild core, you don’t have to eat three ways. Suppressing the opponent’s economy is also equivalent to improving your own economy (such as opposing the wild, catching one way, etc.). Such as Zhang Liang, Xi Shi, Angela, Wang Zhaojun and so on. If they are a eldest lady, Daji, Xiao Qiao, descendants, Jialuo and others, it is best not to rub. Because after they have the economy, they can play a bigger role than you. Moreover, don’t rub the line two minutes ago, the teammates of the Xiaolong team get fourth level, otherwise it will be difficult to play. (The above is about the tailwind, and the headwind is wired to eat together.) If you are turned against the blue, you will fight against the opponent. The playable support will stun the opponent jungler when the blue has 2000 blood left. If your opponent in the blue zone is a bit strong, ask your teammates to help you do an anti-squat. If you are too strong, you can judge that the opposite is bound to come and go directly to the blue zone. If it is really robbed, go to the river to fight river crabs. River crabs can’t be beaten either, they eat the line. Anyway, it must be four before 2 minutes. Also, don’t keep staring at those wild animals when you are junglers. At least 50% of the time, you should look at the small map to observe the situation of each road and analyze the next move. Finally remember to give false vision. Do not use diamonds and below. Because they don’t look at the minimap, you are wasting time by giving false vision. What is false vision? When you attack and play an enemy unit, your field of vision will be exposed for 4 seconds in an area about the size of Yang Yuhuan’s ultimate move. So you go left in that circle, and then go around the circle and go to the right. The enemy thought that you were grabbing the left side, but did not expect you to grab the right side. At this time, the position on the right side would be very swollen, and the chance of grabbing the side would be greatly increased. Next is the idea. If the enemy is blue and you are also blue, then go directly to the left grass of the river to try your luck. If there is a river crab, take it away with 1a2a punishment. Without river crabs, if a group of river crabs erupts on the right side of the river, they will steal the red directly. If not, then go to brush your own red zone. (Be careful not to brush the wild boar when stealing the red. The wild boar can play a confusing effect. After the opposite jungler finishes the wild boar and comes to the red, he finds that the good fellow red has been stolen. If the wild boar is removed, he will look there and know The red zone is gone, just call your teammates to run towards you. In fact, within two minutes, if you see a small team fight break out anywhere, you must go to see what is on the opposite jungler. For example, if he is red and grabs it, there is no blue under his feet. You can go directly to the blue. Because it will take a while for him to rush over, and the state may not be very good. Naklulu brushed wild quickly. You can get things done after four as soon as possible. If the enemy is Li Bailuna, who is slow and extremely weak before Level 4, if he is red, he will directly intercept in the blue zone. The opposite is true for blue open. It is easy to play at level 4 at level 3, and if the opposite jungler is dead, your little dragon group will take the lead. If you don’t want to mess up, go to the sidewalk to find opportunities. Pay special attention, if you go against the wind, grab the road and avoid him and the opposite jungler to control your blue zone. Naklulu can’t fight without blue. If the shooter on the opposite side is the descendant Miss Galo or the like, it is recommended to catch him to fourth in the economy, so that the goal is achieved. So how do you grab the edge? First of all, if you drive in blue and drive in red on the opposite side (which is the same as your route) and your speed is about the same, you can cooperate with the middle auxiliary side to perform a reverse squat. Almost all groups can be won first. If you are in the opposite direction, for example, both are Lan Kai, then don’t be foolishly open and rush into the fight. Instead of killing you on the side, you sent it to the tower. If the assistance interferes, you must cooperate with the assistance. In fact, the correct way is to walk on the grass against the wall. Squatting in the grass. Remember, 1:40 is the arrival time of the side line. At this time, the two sides will often stand forward because of the clear line. This is the best time to kill. One more thing to remember is that if you have a brain on the other side, you will also squat. If you are catching the same path, it is best to wait for the opposite side to take the first move, and never expose yourself if the opposite side does not take action. Of course, if the secondary and auxiliary are here, you can quickly clear the line and then let the soldiers line into the tower, and directly kill the opponent’s side. In many cases, there will be flashes or purifications on the opposite side. Maybe your first wave of gank was unsuccessful and forced a flash. Then you tell your teammates, xx did not flash. ok. You swaggered away. So when you came this way, besides forcing a flash, what else did you do? Oh, you might have mixed up a wave of pawn lines. Also exposed his vision. Are you thinking of letting your wing solo kill the opposite? If any side road on the opposite side yields a flash or purification, then you can pretend to leave after mixing the line, and then go back into the side road grass against the wall and kill him again. In the same way, if the opposite side road is killed by your side road or both ends, then you can also enter the side road grass. They don’t think you are there. When he is resurrected, he will return directly to the spring. In short, as long as something happens on a certain side road on the opposite side, you can use this road as a breakthrough and catch him. Now it’s two minutes, it’s time to fight the dragon group. If the opposite jungler is the opposite of yours, and they are successful in catching people, they will go straight to the dragon. In order to stop the loss in time, you should change the dragon instead of traveling all the way to grab the dragon. It’s easy to kill a dragon, and it hurts if you can’t get it. When the other party catches up all the way, you are already a bit headwind. Remember, swapping resources in headwinds is the most profitable. For example, if the opposite side blasts a tower on the side road, you and your teammates take the opportunity to reverse the opposite side/the middle tower grinds half of the blood/explode the other side road on the opposite side, and you all make money. Two minutes to ten minutes is the happy time to grind the side road tower and brush the economy. Find a breakthrough and grab it hard. Help the good and not the bad. Because the road that was caught and exploded by the opposite jungler has been almost scrapped. Just like the way you caught it. Do you think that even if the opposite jungler comes to help this road, you will not be able to beat them? Of course, the two side towers still have to be worn away. Finish grinding the side road Tamo Middle Road. The same goes for the second tower. After grabbing the side road, go straight to the wild area over there. It should be noted that anti-squatting, anti-wild and other ideas can be used for this period of time. If your jungle route is the opposite, then the time for your blue refresh is probably the time for his red refresh. Remember that about two minutes and 25 seconds is the time for the first buff you finish to refresh. For example, the opposite side is red, and then you see that there is only blue but not red on the opposite side in about two minutes and 20 seconds. And at this time, he is still catching the person in the blue zone. At this time, you can turn her red back. If the opposite is Lan Kai, the same is true. Or targeted against the wild. For example, if the opposite is a tiger, you can record his red buff time, while the opposite is Luna, Li Bai, Han Xin, and the monkey, you can record her blue buff time. The buff refresh is 100 seconds. Add 2 minutes and subtract 20 seconds to your current time. If the opposing mid laner goes to their blue zone to support, you just squat him in the blue zone. If the opposite side shoots the auxiliary Siamese, then he will inevitably change lanes and eat two ways. You can find a support or a squat with control skills in their wild area. In short, no matter what the tactical core is to look at the small map. Steal resources, squat people, grind towers by the way, and fight dragons. Those junglers who eat all the resources of the map and don’t do business are my most disgusting. Take the teammate’s economy to send it, and destroy the engine. These people think of the jungler too simply, thinking that as long as the economy is high, they can hit five without looking at the minimap. They can brush from start to finish, and they don’t participate in the group. , Who happened to snatch a few people and accidentally gave out 550 yuan, totally unaware of thinking. I would like to call this kind of person a cancer. However, there are still many such people. Usually there will be many team fights during this time period, but we don’t want to fight when we see the team. For example, if you are half a map away from the team battle, your teammates have already lost and retreated one after another, a wave of soldiers next to you is beating your tower, or your blue just refreshes, etc. It is the best choice not to send another one at this time. Or if three people are chasing a residual blood and they are bound to die, you don’t need to go anymore, wasting time. But many people especially like chasing residual blood and fighting. I don’t know what they are doing. Secondly, you must remember three words when playing a group: attack from the side, hit the back hand, and cut to the C position. This is very important. The first is the side attack: when the team is fighting, everyone pays attention to the front, and not to the side or behind, this direction attack can hit them by surprise; the second is the backhand. Assassin is the output position is not the anti-injury position, and the most important thing as an assassin is not to expose his vision route. If you play like a ghost, and the other person fears you but doesn’t know where you are, then you are a successful assassin. But I have seen a lot of assassins, and they all go around in circles and don’t know what they are doing. If you imagine A Ke going around in circles while playing a group, would you still be afraid of him? And now that the C person notices you, it will be difficult for you to cut C. And used for harvesting when assassins. Once he picks up the skill first, he will die first, and if he does not die, he will also lose the ability to cut C because he has no status. So he played no role in this team battle except for cheating skills and even sending a head. The last one, cut to the C position. C is not necessarily a Sagittarius Master, it may also be the most threatening to you. For example, the well-developed Xuan Ce, Ak, they will gain gain after killing. The best choice at this time is to kill these mad dogs (bushi). In addition, in the group, there will be some situations. For example, Zhong Kui hooks a Xiao Qiao over, and the good guy’s 3.4 big moves are all on her. Xiao Qiao guessed that there is no more ashes left. You guys feel very happy-it’s up to c! Suddenly, Sun Ce drove in from the side and rushed in for a continuous control. Zhang Fei was in front of him, and the descendants played wildly in the back. From behind the ass suddenly came another Han Xin, handsome 21 seconds to kill our side double C. At this time, the jungler was still leading the line, and our team was defeated. Where is the problem? 1. Starting from ten minutes, the line must be cleared first when playing a group. It is really important to operate the pawn line. Clear the pawn line before a group. If you win, you can delay the time to avoid being caught. 2. It is necessary to pay attention to retaining skills. In many cases, this person will die, and the skills are still being used. All the opponents are blinded. Or that is, Cheng bite Jin’s skin, you hand over all your skills to him, the good guy Chen bite Jin is not dead, you will be destroyed. 3. If someone is single, please do not open the group when he is single, and avoid being opened. After all, the opposite is the gap between you. You can’t die after nine minutes. If you go down the wind and die in a small team battle, you will have a chance to comeback if you take the opportunity to open any dragon. The correct approach is to take advantage of your own economy to fight the dragon and force the team within ten minutes. Maybe you don’t need to fight the dragon at all, it will be a wave after the wave. This situation is easy to happen, why? Because the line of troops was not handled well before fighting the dragon. A line of troops can drag time, slowing down the speed of opposing support, and the line of troops can provide vision. The ten-minute dragon is very important. It is best to drive three or four people together, because you don’t know how many big men are squatting in the grass nearby. Once the dragon is robbed, the situation may be reversed. In the same way, you can also squat against the dragon when you are upwind. It doesn’t matter if you grab it, and you don’t have to die. After all, you are no longer worthwhile, and there is no constant rhythm. You can look for opportunities when you find opportunities. Which one is the ten-minute dragon fight? If it is a super big tailwind, the one that leads the economy by 10,000 yuan, directly drive Ssangyong. After the big dragon is opened, go out of the flying dragon, wait for the flying dragon to arrive on the line, open the little dragon, and go straight. If you start the Xiaolong first and go to fight the team, you may have an embarrassing situation of winning the team fight and have no line, so you will be dragged by the opposite side. If you wait until the dragon soldiers arrive under the tower, it is estimated that the dragon buff is gone. If it’s a small tailwind, and you can’t push it in, then dominate. Because the middle road is the shortest, a card line is required. After the two dragons on the side road cross the diagonal of the minimap, the dragon in the middle road can be released. Normally, the reason for not pushing in is because the three routes arrived in three times. The opposite side changed lanes quickly on the high ground, and they couldn’t get in. The soldiers were cleared as soon as they got under the tower. And forcibly over the tower is easy to be reversed. Therefore, to make the three routes arrive at the same time, they can’t allocate so many people to guard the tower, and it is easy to break the high ground. If you go against the wind, you must drive the dragon. It’s useless to have a pawn line, and you can’t beat the opponent. So at this time you have to drive the dragon to increase the damage, and then go to the big dragon after winning the team battle. After fifteen minutes, as a jungler, you have to take advantage of your own multi-displacement, single belt. They may die if they come by one person, but they won’t necessarily kill you if they come by two, and they can run away if they come by three. If your teammates are destroyed, don’t stand on the high ground and lose the disconnection, continue to drag the time to find another opportunity. The team is still playing the C position with the side hand, but the role of the assassin in the late stage is very small, mainly depending on the cooperation of the team. So try not to postpone the late game. If you can finish it earlier, you can finish it early. After all, it is really tiring to delay the game. As a lowly mid laner, he started playing the jungle with a small trumpet because of the problem of replenishment. It may not be very good. After all, there is not a lot of jungle experience, and there is no 400 games in total. But I feel that this line of thinking works at least in most situations. It took more than an hour to play with pure hands. If you find it inspiring, can you give me a like?


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

“King of Glory” which is more suitable for girls to practice jungle heroes? a. How to choose a jungler that suits you. Most of the junglers are assassins. Blue-collars have been fighting wildfires for a while, but most of them are assassins. Don’t be afraid, some assassins are not so difficult to play, and they are quick to learn. Here are a few recommendations: If you like violent killings and you like to carry a person in the audience, I recommend that Kolulu and King Lanling. The two assassins made it plain, but there was nothing to do. Don’t argue with me “but it’s hard to play well”. What hero plays well and is not difficult to play to the top? Daji is simple, you daji play the national server? That can be proficient with the Lanling King with a dozen or so, which is quite fast compared to the others. If you have no confidence in your own strength, choose Arthur or Zhong Wuyan. They are all heroes who are very fast in the jungle, and they are resistant to beatings. They are not afraid of being reversed. Who dares to turn against Wuyan’s wildness? The Eastern Emperor will have to hammer you half to death.

7 months ago

How to play wild? There are four types of jungle openings, red open, blue open, anti blue, anti red, why not recommended for novices, but don’t be afraid when others invade the wild area. This involves injury judgment and situation analysis, so it’s more complicated, so I don’t recommend and dominate the discussion. The road is turned on the other way, that is, the ruler is above you and the leader is red, and the ruler is next to you. The priority of the ruler of the prophet is always higher than that of the tyrant. In this version, the jungler must grab the little wild monster in the middle! That is the most valuable thing in the entire canyon! Jungler equipment does not have to be upgraded to Level 2 wild swords immediately. Some Junglers start by making attack speed shoes for attack speed. For example, Han Xin Li Bai, most Junglers will be very confused after brushing wild monsters. Who am I? where am I? What am i doing? This is the most critical point of the jungler

7 months ago

As we all know, Glory of Kings is a tower pushing game. The advantage that the tower can’t be pushed is no matter how big the advantage is. The middle tower is the best one. Many students don’t know the importance of the middle tower, so let’s popularize it for everyone. 1. Suppress the opponent’s short-handed and short-legged mid-single development. Once the middle tower is dropped, many mages without displacement, such as Daji Angela, cannot replenish their troops, because when there are defensive towers, they can retreat even if they are squatted. Once the middle tower falls, there is no way to retreat. In order to ensure survival, you can only eat the tower and dispose of troops, which directly loses the opportunity to support. 2. The opponent’s two wild areas are directly opened. In the same way as above, the opponent can’t quickly clear the line to move and support, which results in a large number of our personnel who can carry out wild invasions, quickly plunder resources, and further suppress the opponent’s economy. Take the upper tower to open the red zone, and take the tower. To open the blue zone, only the two wild areas of the central tower can be opened directly, so the central tower is very, very important, but the s16 version of the mage clears soldiers too quickly, and often plays mahjong in the middle, which makes the central tower difficult to draw. So if you want to pull the tower quickly, you need to use the following two methods. First, when the opponent’s line is not clear, call the assistant to kill the mid laner, and directly take the tower based on the number advantage. Even if the opponent transfers back to defense, there is no way to counterattack. Second, the dislocation thinking, the dislocation thinking is the same as the mid laner. Try it out, always pay attention to the movement of the mid laner. Once you find that the enemy mid laner has not cleared the line, you can walk around. Do not support it. The tower pushing game is the most important thing, and it is often too late at this time, and support is also invalid for shopping. The correct way is to pull the tower directly, and leave when the opposite comes. If you can grind a little bit, say it again! ! ! The tower is really important! No matter which way, as long as the other person is dead, we are wired, the first thing to do is always take the tower! but! ! ! Stealing towers, please don’t try it lightly. Thank you. I have seen countless junglers say “you drag me to steal” and sent the stealing tower. It is based on the fact that your economy is equal to that of the other party, and you have a single kill. Under the premise of ability, otherwise the chance of sending is very high, but the broken line can still be broken. It is recommended to break the middle line and wait for the line in the grass on the left and right in front of the middle tower. There is no need to break the pawn line of the upper and lower lanes, and the danger is also great. Basically, the enemy who brushes the buff will die. Above are some of the key points of the jungle. I don’t know if you will have a little idea after watching. The point of fighting for punishment is to fight for the dragon or for the buff. The punishment is not entirely based on luck. The damage of the punishment is written in the equipment column, and the remaining blood of the monster is written on its head. This is completely calculable. , Remember one thing, don’t panic. Once you panic and press, another working emperor will be born. Let the buff say a word, whoever shows and who gets it, and there is no specific statement to whom, even Diao Chan Luna is not qualified to get blue as long as she pits. . Similarly, if you don’t play well in this round, let the buff go out. Maybe there are miraculous double row players who are not good at jungler, don’t expect to be able to play with an auxiliary double row that can play, no , You will only send the wild Fulian. This is my little understanding of the position of the jungler. Although I have talked a lot, I still need to play more and practice more. There is a lyric sing like “He said he can jungle, he really can only jungle” In fact, the students who are really junglers know that the junglers are really tired! Finally, say “May there be no dragon king in heaven” for the students who like to play wild.

7 months ago

Girls practice jungle, there must be so little hand speed, so it is recommended to practice the fighters with low difficulty requirements. Assassins recommend Tachibana Ukyo (the last few versions of the natal, but there is actually a little hand speed requirement) Zhao Yun, Lanling, Wang Lulu (Wait for the next set after playing a set of skills, pay attention to the timing of entering the game not to eat hand-speed eating development awareness) Kai Liu Bei (Warrior is wild, not to eat the timing of entering the game to test the awareness of squatting grass and development awareness ) First of all, for the low-end game (below 30), the jungler is generally the rhythm starting point and the first economic position in the early period (of course, the recent versions are not the same. The 6-0 perfect rhythm jungler is similar to the 0-2 shooter economy. Too common) So no matter what hero jungler, the core is the early development and money. I won’t discuss high-end rhythm skills here, just talk about playing money with rhythm by the way. Many novice junglers come up to the start to the four-grass squatting, squatting and not squatting until they eat the line and spin around for a while. Don’t do anything. The second wave of wild brushing the second wave of wild reciprocating cycle, brushing and brushing to see teammates Downwind and headwind, own economy fourth, the last sentence of jungler is really hard to hold. First of all, you must have the heart to lead your teammates to win in the jungle, and then lead your teammates to win by playing against 1-3 people, and all of this is based on economics. The money is divided into several parts, and the economy is so much, so you must hurry up and grab it. This requires you to brush quickly in your own wild area (inscription) and rub your teammates everywhere. The economy must be fast (multiple displacement or fast movement or Mingshiyin). Secondly, it is the restriction on the opposite economy. Many junglers do not do well at this point. The high economy of one’s own and the high economy of the opposite is just the advantage of the heads of people on the panel, and the opposite is a direct comeback. In fact, the ultimate goal of brushing money is to form an economic crush to end the game with more than one dozen through manipulation and damage. Another way to achieve economic crush is to catch the opposite. Here is the easiest way for a novice jungler to master, to catch a shooter. Point to the path that grabs the shooter as the core, and control the shooter’s half of the wild area, including the opposite wild area and the tyrant. At the beginning of the game, the shooter came out to clear the line and caught it to death. (Note here that many novice girls in the wild because they switched from skill output positions such as mages, it is easy to ignore the damage of flat a (after all, a is 20 blood dog heads), resulting in insufficient damage in the early stage. Basically all the early-stage damage of the jungle is a very important part, most of the wizards who play too much will not be able to tie a skill, and basically all the skill of the jungle tie a is a compulsory course to ensure that the early damage is maximized). Few people on the opposite side of the tyrant won’t fight with you. Normally, you can do another wave of squatting shooters. Some shooters can’t learn to be smart at this time. It’s okay. At this time, he can’t clear the line first. But your shooter has the right to have the right to support him. The opponent shooter is fast, and directly clicks the signal (this must be the point that many junglers do not like to point the signal when doing things, causing teammates to not keep up with the rhythm, and one person is attacked and counter-killed). Enter the opposite jungler and fight against the wild. You have to shoot dad. Following the opposing shooter, he is still making up the line under the tower at this time. Isn’t it difficult to handle things with too many people? In such a reciprocating cycle, the dead-catch shooter can always catch the shooter while the opposite half of the field loses the opposite jungler, and there is not enough money to counter your infinite shooting dad. The shooter equipment takes over the team battle, and you control the dragon and it ends. (Focus on controlling the dragon, the dragon is a good thing that can create a team advantage. In other ways, you don’t need to rely on the controlling dragon, even if you help them play the advantage. It’s absolutely correct that a Shunfeng teammate has a dragon nearby). Order skills. First of all, the money line must be rubbed, don’t be embarrassed, rub it boldly, but not without a brain. You must alleviate his pressure on the line, such as catching death to make the opponent less economical. (Note that it is best to wait for the line to converge to catch people. At this time, the opposing party will eat the line and will go out of the tower. Your home is wired. You can go and rub. Catch the dead can make him unable to eat this wave of soldiers and suppress his economic development) Disabled makes him unable to develop comfortably online, and can only go to the tower. At this time, you can choose to jump over the tower or take the risky tower. Because the people who have nothing to do because you have finished rubbing the line, attack the field together to further suppress development and develop themselves. Or take someone to open the dragon to enhance the overall advantage. (The reason why many junglers are criticized is that they only think about their own development, and don’t know how to bring their own advantages to teammates to open up the situation. Finally, I looked at my five players as in the internationally used “vertical middle finger” gesture. The economy of that middle finger and the same economy of the four middle fingers on the opposite side are sent by teammates too fast to carry them. I don’t know that I suppressed my own online economy like the second jungler on the opposite side and failed to catch the economy. There is nothing to say about the damage that depends on the operation and economic crushing. Just a dozen. Let’s talk about the operation. The jungle heroes recommended before are not as good as other junglers. The core point is to maximize the damage of skill connection and level a. This is nothing but hands-on. It’s a matter of proficiency, practice more. For other kinds of high-manipulation junglers, pay attention to the introduction of skills, understand every detail, and use the assassin’s high mobility and multiple displacements to hide the core skills and aoe damage skills of the opponent.

7 months ago

The girl is playing jungle. . . In the words of my wife, are all the masters dead? For players below the king rank, the jungle is often the team’s rhythm point. In high-end rounds or professional games, the team responsible for mastering the rhythm of the team is mostly assisted. Therefore, the jungler is divided into wild core and blue-collar wild in terms of positioning. In a game, this positioning is constantly changing. The jungler needs to have enough perspective on the overall situation and judge himself to bring the rhythm or lie down to win. Under normal circumstances, when the jungle is 4th level, there will be a wave of rhythm, catching people or grabbing the dragon. At this time, all junglers are wild cores. As the game progresses, the downwind bureau needs to rely on the anti-wild control dragon to firmly control the rhythm of the game, and the headwind bureau needs to let the economy, red and blue, and ensure the output of C position. At this time, the positioning of the jungler’s team is critical. Especially in a headwind, low-rank junglers rarely take the initiative to buff. In competitions, we tend to think this way, this mid laner and shooter will give a dog with zero bars and let me buff, that is a dream. Therefore, this article is only suitable for ranks below the king. Jungle heroes are often high-manipulation heroes. Anyone who can use Shangguan Wan’er Gongsun Liba as the team’s MVP can play wild core with any jungler. But the vast majority of players do not have the ability to operate at all. If you play a little Joe Angela, you can’t grasp the golden body, so don’t think about playing Han Xin Li Bai. So I personally recommend the jungler, the first choice is Agudo. The biggest advantage of this hero is that it is very difficult to be turned against the wild and caught dead. Because Agudo doesn’t need to use skills to clear the field, he has 123 skills to beat the road at any time. In addition, the tower pushing ability is first-rate, and the operation is very simple. When you encounter an enemy, just throw the panda out. Those who know how to play Luban Houyi can get started quickly. Hidden behind, it is not easy to die under normal circumstances. The disadvantage is that the ability to control the dragon is weak, because Aguduo’s core damage skill is a big move, and the dragon must be enlarged. If the opponent comes to grab the dragon, Aguduo will suffer. Agudo is a typical blue-collar jungler. His main job is not to catch people, but to help his side push the tower. The second jungler I recommend is old Arthur. Arthur is a hero in the current S20 season. It can be said that apart from being ugly, there are no shortcomings. Run fast and restrain all the bells and whistles. The gold knife and shadow battle axe pure meat outfit (recommended in the outfit), can use a skill to penetrate the wall, which is a very useful blue-collar jungler. The operation is simple and the frankness is high. Strong continuous attack ability, first-class ability to control the field and grab the dragon, and cooperate with teammates, and the ability to catch people is not weak. Especially in the first, second and third phases, they have always been strong. Unlike the crispy jungler, he was charged to death if he was not careful.

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The high-end game playing jungle is just taking their own ancestral graves as a bet, and the low-end game playing Dianwei. Other heroes are fine, but Dianwei is true-just have a hand. The jungle is good, it can be divided into three parts: 1. Operation 2. Consciousness 3. Cooperating with the operation. If you practice jungle in order to prepare for the high-end game, Han Xin, Tiger, Lian Po, Orange, Li Bai, you can practice any, choose one. Hero, carefully read all of his skill introductions, whether there is any increase in attack speed, whether there is any beheading, whether there is real damage, and understand the characteristics of the hero. Then go to watch the live broadcast. Find a master to watch it. It doesn’t need to be too many, two rounds are enough. The purpose of watching is to understand how this hero combo moves and how to release his skills. Then open the training camp and operate in order. All the operation shows and the operations are awesome. In fact, they are all muscle memory plus hero skill understanding. In the training camp, you can release your skills for 500 times. Don’t do anything else, just put your puppets and skills. When do you feel that the skills are released smoothly, and even come at your fingertips. Yes, muscle memory is almost the same. As for skill understanding, you can understand the general idea by reading the text introduction of the skill and watching the live broadcast several times. A deeper understanding can only be understood by playing more games. Consciousness Chapter Consciousness is a big concept. It is the accumulation of game experience, the grasp of the strength and weakness of all the heroes of the enemy and us, and the sense of the rhythm of the game. For example, if you look at the lineup, your own online heroes are all the heroes with clear troops and wired rights. You can come up with a strong invading jungle to ensure that the jungle fights your strength, and the enemy can’t come to support so quickly. You can also take out a developmental jungler, and when the opposite is reversed, you can call your teammates to support and ensure development. However, if you don’t have access to your home online, please stay away from pre-orphans like Luna Li Bai. Because you will find that the opponent jungler, support and even mid laner will always live in your jungle. Your teammates are busy clearing soldiers, can you help you? How to help you? In terms of rhythm, to put it plainly is to predict what the opponent will do next, and then respond according to the predicted action. To give a very simple example, you can’t beat the opponent in the mid-term team. What are you going to do at this time? If it’s me jungle, I will ask the assistant to help squat the river vision, and then push the line away from the black tyrant. There are two points in doing this. The first is to ensure that when the opposite party gathers to fight the tyrant, one’s own side will not interfere with the team’s actions due to the pressure of the other line. The second test is to see if anyone is in the dominating side of the other party, if no one is found, and the other party does not show up. Call Rush directly to dominate. Because you can’t beat the opponent in a group, it’s useless to pull everyone in the past when you fight the tyrant. It’s better to hit another one. This is called resource replacement. To give another example, the line of Sagittarius is pushed over, what will you do. I will try to squat around the field of vision. The red grass on the opposite side is pushed by a wave of soldiers so fat, and you have to understand that the soldiers are often pushed across the river. If you want to push it back to the opposite pressure, you must continue. Two troops in the Qing Dynasty. In other words, there are at least a wave and a half of soldiers here, with artillery carts. No one dares to ignore the speed of the gun cart pushing the tower. Having said so many things, in fact, this wave of soldiers will be deployed in the past, so generally there will be people who need to develop such as mage shooters to clear the soldiers. And the line of soldiers is in front of his tower, he may relax his vigilance. Kill it. The two examples given are just hypotheses and are not the only answers. But it’s better than when the opponent was fighting dragons, you, a Han Xin with ragged equipment, died in the past. In fact, there is not much to say about the cooperation article. If someone is playing with you, it is equivalent to the information you have is 2 heroes and 8 skills. In what order to release these 8 skills to achieve the most ideal effect, this needs Cooperated for a long time to avoid the situation that Zhang Liang was taken up by Donghuang as soon as Zhang Liang’s big move was given, and the enemy was pulled away by Guiguzi at the moment when Zhao Yun jumped up. If you like solo, please remember that cooperation is accommodation. Try to match the operating habits of your teammates, or when your teammates can cooperate with you. …So do you understand. To play the jungle well, be familiar with the characteristics of all lines.

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I remember answering similar questions before. 1. All those who let girls play wild core are the ones who can play wild. Because anyone who can play wild knows how difficult this version of wild core is to play. Second, all those who make girls play blue-collars don’t know how to play jungle. Playing the jungler as a worker, a tool man, then what kind of jungler? Let’s play it! Also, who taught the blue-collar wild economy gameplay? Are you kpl when you are a passerby? If you want a girl to play jungle and like to play jungle, you must make her have a sense of experience. The kind of c-position that makes the balance of victory in the game lean toward one’s side by grasping people and bringing the rhythm by oneself. The best player is King Lanling. The operation is simple, and the threat to the crispy residual blood is huge, and it is not weak in the early and mid-term. Although the fault tolerance is low in the later stage, this round has a record of 9~2 losses, and always wins 0~5 inexplicably than you. It can make you feel more present. Don’t learn anything from wild cores like Lululuna, or blue-collar blue-collar like Arthur Lianpo, it’s useless, letting them play this is to persuade them to retreat. Also, don’t learn how to control dragons and push towers when playing jungle. It’s useless. The dragons in the low-end passerby game are not that important. You just have to kill and take the head. Because low-end bureaus like to do two things most, pushing towers and fighting. If the fight is won, they will push the tower.

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Nakolulu inscription: Hunting eagle-eye mutation, hiding is also possible, with 10 hunting can get the attack speed threshold, and the hand feels silky. Production: Red Wild Knife, Resistance Shoes, Shadow War Axe, Army Breaking, Famous Knife, Star Breaker/Weeping Blood Blade/Grandmaster’s Power production inscriptions are all recommended by the mainstream. The Vampire Knife is due to the dragon-fighting problem, Nako Lulu is more hurt when he fights dragons, and he can hit the dragon with a blood-sucking knife with a downwind, so that even with 50% injury-free fetters, he can quickly Shuanglonghui. This hero is relatively simple to operate, with a high burst, acceleration, displacement, and a faster speed of farming. The second skill has extra damage to monsters and has the ability to recover. It will be faster to learn 2 to farm at level 1. The appearance of this hero is also relatively online, and comprehensively all factors, it is very suitable for female players to play wild.

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Of course it is Fairy Zixia-Luna is a hero whose lower limit is not high, but the upper limit is very high (corrected in the comment area). Generally speaking, it’s not easy to get started, but you can play the kind of flying after basic combo moves. So it’s not difficult for girls (why are you girls so beautiful?), it’s easier than Diaochan. I like girls playing Luna very much, no matter whether it is food or not, there seems to be no special reason, just like it very much. My supreme treasure has never been able to wait for my Zixia Fairy. Is it really necessary to wait for 500 years?

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Author: Dong little
Link: a Try all the jungle heroes, the most important thing is to find your own natal hero. When I played King for the first time, I played Li Bai and Zhao Yun. Li Bai without inscriptions had only half blood left after brushing the wild, Zhao Yun’s words The big move is for the Japanese floor. After half a month of inexplicable play, I found the natal hero Ah Ke. At that time, he played gold and platinum, and he was a cool one to kill Ah Ke without a brain, because the low-ranking mage shooters are the most. Yes, and the rate of use is very high. Killing will refresh skills and so on. There is no difficulty in operation, and the time to enter the game is half of the win.

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