Of course pregnant women can eat snacks, but if they want to eat well and refined, the pregnant women’s family will have to spend more snacks. Nuts are the best snacks for pregnant women. Because nuts are rich in nutrients and contain high levels of protein, oil, minerals, and vitamins, they have quite good effects on human growth and development, strengthen physical fitness, and prevent diseases. But I don’t recommend buying foods like Daily Nuts directly. Convenience is convenient, but you don’t know the quality. Nuts are also graded, and the better ones are generally given priority to physical nut shops. If your wife is pregnant, don’t be lazy, find a time, go to the local wholesale market, buy some good-quality nuts, wash your hands when you go home, disinfect them, and then take care of them. Pack them in a portable snack box and put them in your wife’s bag. Let her take two bites all right. Walnut sweet almonds (be careful not to buy bitter almonds, bitter almonds are slightly poisonous), pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cashews, pistachios, and you peel and pack the nuts yourself. When the wife takes them out, the feeling of happiness Is it the same as eating and buying directly? Moreover, this sorting box can be used to distribute small supplementary food to the baby after the baby is born. Ivory (IVORY) milk powder box is portable to go out. Milk powder complementary food storage box can be purchased separately on Jingdong ¥ 36.00. The dried fruit is the dried fruit I said, similar to red dates, raisins, dried apricots, which are directly air-dried without additional sugar . You can buy them together at the wholesale market. You can ask the elderly to help you buy this. They are more likely to choose these. The taste is definitely the kind of sour plum that has not been pickled, but it is really much healthier. However, this kind of dried fruit is also very high in sugar, so it is not suitable to eat more. When eaten as a snack, gray dates taste better than jujubes. All kinds of meat snacks, dried pork, beef jerky, this kind. You go to search on the Internet, there are so many recipes. If you sell your own meat and do it yourself, you may overturn it once or twice, but once it succeeds, you can completely contract your wife’s pregnancy snacks. However, in order to control weight, I recommend eating more chicken during pregnancy. (I just didn’t control it well, I was too fat. I discovered the delicious way of these chickens when I lost weight.) Chicken breast: After buying it, soak it with at least 3% thick brine and store it in the refrigerator to marinate for a day. Then, whether you take it out for frying or boiling, it will be very tender and juicy. Very tasty! There are also chicken thighs, just spread salt on the surface, wrap it with kitchen paper, refrigerate for a day, and then fry it, it will become very delicious.


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7 months ago

Pregnancy is really hard. You can’t use heavy oil and salt, eat less and more meals, be light, and have less sugar. It’s best to take care of nutrition. Although it touched my blind spot of knowledge, my wife understands, I will recommend to everyone the snacks my wife ate during her pregnancy. (Reminder: Even pregnant women can’t eat more snacks. Occasionally, it’s OK.) The first is the plum series snacks to relieve morning sickness: 1. You can eat some pregnant mothers that have severe morning sickness in the early stage. You can eat a little sour. Snacks to ease, this plum set contains green plums, prunes, snow plums, 0 preservatives, 0 flavorings, which is very suitable for pregnant women. Buy a small bucket and keep it in your company or at home, or you can put a few in the bag at a time, and eat it whenever you want. You Liu Mei Jingdong Customized Healthy Pregnant Women Leisure Snacks Gift Pack 460g Jingdong ¥ 54.00 to buy​2, Mei Friends Sugar Free Plum <Mei Friends> is a business that focuses on healthy snacks for pregnant women, without adding any flavors, colors, preservatives, the same Suitable for pregnant women, but this one is not individually packaged. Mei Friends Jiuzhihua Mei Sour Dried Meat 3 boxes 360g Jingdong ¥ 32.80 to buy. 3. The plum cake is the same as the plum cake, but it has a different style. This one is recommended by Yang Mi, and the taste is also good. Let’s go to the nut series 1. Volon nuts are recommended by doctors. There are many nut brands on the market. I have tried many kinds of nuts. Finally, I found that only Volon’s is more delicious in independent packaging. This design has a small independent package, each package There are a variety of nuts in it, with balanced nutrition, and the amount of one pack per day is just right. Don’t worry about excessive intake or worry about getting damp after eating. But don’t eat the preserved fruit if you remember it. Wolong Daily Nuts Mixed Nuts Comprehensive Nuts Casual Snacks Two boxes of JD.com ¥69.90 to buy​2, Member’s Mark Nuts canned nuts, I recommend Member’s Mark, the taste is okay, it contains pecan nuts, macadamia nuts , Cashews and almonds. It is suitable to be placed at home or in the company, just a few when you are free.

7 months ago

What is suitable for pregnant women? What I understand is suitable for pregnant women is that they don’t taste fat and are good for babies and mothers. in short. Long fetuses do not grow meat. Therefore, this topic can be understood as a snack for pregnant women who have a long pregnancy and no meat. How do you know that a long fetus does not grow meat? This is not simply a matter of standing on a weight scale. Because the weight scale reflects your overall weight, that is, the total weight of your baby and you. And to know the weight of your real growth, you have to look at B-ultrasound, which is the physical examination item that your pregnancy doctor requires every time. Generally, there is a formula for calculating the weight, that is, inputting the various examination data of the B-ultrasound will get the fetal weight, but it is only a rough calculation, and there is an approximate interval. Through simple addition and subtraction, you can determine whether you are eating a long fetus or long meat. So if you insist on a pregnancy test, you will know how much meat you have grown. Speaking of snacks suitable for pregnant women, please don’t touch these. Too cold: ice cream, popsicles, super cold drinks, cola, etc.; too hot: duck neck and other snacks; too oil: fat pork, dry pot, etc.; too raw: part of sushi salmon, sashimi, etc.; too sweet: super sweet snacks Dessert represented by macarons; over “black”: marinated and grilled; alcohol: pregnant women must not touch; too high: too high in calories, such as compressed biscuits, frying; I see this kind of recommended answer , I all point a big objection~ Some friends said that during pregnancy, it is so hard, so why should you restrain yourself when you encounter delicious food. You should know that there is a saying to control your mouth and move your legs apart. I can’t control my mouth, and take a bigger leg. Can’t keep your mouth shut for a while, during pregnancy, do you want to push your big belly into bigger legs? Self-discipline makes me better!

7 months ago

Most pregnant mothers feel that they can’t eat snacks during pregnancy after they are pregnant, so they refuse to eat snacks. But in fact, pregnant mothers can eat snacks, but they should also pay attention to choosing the type of snacks. Eating snacks is good for the healthy development of the fetus. For the health of pregnant mothers and babies, Xiaoxiao recommends some snacks suitable for pregnant mothers. When my sister was pregnant, I also strongly recommended these snacks. They are really very good. Not bad!
Pregnant women plums contain many kinds of amino acids needed by the human body, which are one of the nutrients needed by the human body. In addition, plum contains plum acid, which can not only promote blood circulation, soften blood vessels, but also delay aging, which is what many pregnant mothers hope and pregnant women may like to eat sour foods , And plums have a sour taste. The sour taste can help digestion, increase appetite, relieve morning sickness, and reduce the early pregnancy reaction of pregnant women in the early stage. It is definitely a snack for pregnant mothers.

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7 months ago

What foods can be eaten during pregnancy? 1. For foods with high protein content, boiled eggs, meat (boiled or stewed in water is best), deep-sea fish (steamed or boiled is better), try not to use greasy methods such as frying or braising. Milk has a high protein content and is a good nutritious food at the beginning of pregnancy. If mothers-to-be do not like to drink milk, they can drink yogurt, or eat milk chips, cheese, etc. in preparation before pregnancy. 2. Precautions for vegetables during pregnancy. Various fresh vegetables are good choices, especially leafy green vegetables. Because the content of folic acid in green leafy vegetables is high, mothers-to-be know that proper amount of folic acid should be supplemented in the early stage of pregnancy to prevent babies. Neural tube deformity. The practice of vegetables should also be boiled, fried, chilled and so on. 3. Fruits During the development of fetuses, fruits need vitamins to participate in cell synthesis. Although eggs, milk, beans. Vegetables contain a lot of vitamins, but they are easily soluble in water and are often lost in large quantities during cooking. The fruit can be washed and eaten raw. 4. Coarse grains such as corn, millet, and oats. You can also drink eight-treasure porridge, but try to eat less barley in the early stages of pregnancy. If you wake up with severe morning sickness in the morning, you can eat a slice of whole wheat bread or a few whole wheat biscuits after you wake up. You can’t eat lychee and longan when you are just pregnant, which can easily cause dry stools. Persimmons can easily cause stomach stones. Watermelon, white melon, cantaloupe, and peaches can easily cause diarrhea. Jackfruit and durian can easily cause loss of appetite. Fresh bayberry can easily cause hyperacidity. It has always been believed that spinach is rich in iron and has a blood-replenishing function, so it is regarded as a good vegetable to prevent anemia during pregnancy. In fact, spinach does not contain much iron, but contains a lot of oxalic acid. Oxalic acid can affect the absorption of zinc and calcium. The content of calcium and zinc in pregnant women is reduced, which affects the growth and development of the fetus. Pregnant women prefer to eat sour food, hawthorn has become the first choice fruit. Hawthorn has an excitatory effect on the uterus. Overeating in pregnant women can cause the uterus to contract, leading to the possibility of miscarriage, so eat less. Women’s tastes change after pregnancy, and they become picky about the food they eat. For the healthy development of the fetus in the abdomen, pregnant mothers need to pay attention to dietary regulation, and do not risk trying some foods that cannot be eaten.

7 months ago

I thought that when I was pregnant last year, I was really hungry, especially when I was three months pregnant. I was still at work. I didn’t understand at the beginning. I thought I couldn’t eat snacks when I was pregnant, so I drank some milk and some fruits. I was hungry all day long. I remember one night when it was almost 12 o’clock, I was so hungry that I asked my husband to go downstairs to buy me a supper, but he threw a sentence: “What kind of supper are you eating so late? Go to bed. Not hungry, be good.” I really hated it at the time. Fortunately, I started to start some snacks suitable for pregnant women, so I don’t have to feel wronged. When pregnant women choose snacks, there are 5 taboos: avoid spicy / avoid frying / avoid pickling / avoid high salt, high sugar and high fat / avoid containing a lot of additives. In addition, mothers-to-be don’t choose street snacks or those made by unknown small factories to eat snacks. They must choose big-name snacks to be more secure. Well, I will recommend 10 small snacks that you love to eat during pregnancy according to morning, afternoon and evening, to save everyone’s snack entanglement, especially for working mothers, remember to like and collect them. 1. Suitable for morning eating: 9:00~10:00 I have to say that in addition to eating during pregnancy, I am also lethargic. I want to get up early and prepare a rich breakfast. Many times I can’t do it. Many times I have to rush and finish eating. I went to work for breakfast. Therefore, it is particularly wise to prepare some snacks to take to the company. For breakfast, I recommend three types: whole wheat bread, cereals and dairy products. 1. There is nothing wrong with filling whole wheat bread. Come to work and immediately recover. I recommend this for those who like to eat whole wheat bread, 100% rye whole wheat. Seven years and five seasons rye whole wheat bread coarse grain breakfast without sugar, fitness cereals, nutritious meal replacement Taobao ¥ 29.90 to buy​ pursuing health and high value, you can choose this, every time you open it, you will be very appetite. Seven Years and Five Seasons Whole Wheat Bread Oatmeal Coarse Grain Round Bread Taobao ¥29.90 Go to buy​2. Dairy yogurt, milk + bread, perfect match. Yogurt recommends Jane Eyre’s. The formula of “raw milk, lactic acid bacteria, nothing else” is very simple. Xiaogui, but this brand has truly achieved zero additions, so you can drink a hundred hearts. For milk, I drink derensu, the milk source is quite high quality. Jane Eyre 0 sugar yogurt 135g*4 cups Jingdong ¥ 32.80 to buy​3. Quaker, the first choice for oatmeal and oatmeal. When I first bought the original flavor, I was a little bit picky after eating it for a week, so I changed to Maiguo Crisp. When I arrive at the office, soak it with milk. It’s really fragrant~ Quaker Instant Fruit Oatmeal Cereal Brewed with Wheat Fruit Crisp 420g Bag Meal Replacement Nutritious Breakfast JD.com ¥ 79.60 to buy 2. Suitable for afternoon eating: 15:00~16:004. Nuts Nuts are essential during pregnancy. Take them with you and grab a handful to replenish energy at any time. The more picky selection of herbal flavor, there are dry and wet partitions, 30 sachets are just good for one month. Wallon is the one that pursues cost-effectiveness. The quantity is sufficient, but there is no wet and dry partition. Baicao Flavored New Year Nuts Gift Box Snack Gift Pack 30 bags of cashew nuts, walnuts and almond wood gift to Jingdong ¥ 139.00 to buy Wolong Daily Nuts Mixed Nuts Casual Snack Gift Box Natural Original Flavor Jingdong ¥ 149.00 to buy​5. Chestnut kernel nuts are at best to relieve greed. If you are really hungry, it is better to eat some chestnut kernels. [Li Shanghuang] Chestnut kernel 80g*3 Taobao ¥ 26.90 to buy​6. How can the beef jerky afternoon tea have less meat? Come to Yifen Beef Jerky to relieve your gluttony and fill your stomach. Papi sauce is also recommended. Laiyifen Five-spice beef cubes Jingdong ¥36.90 to buy​7. Fruit afternoon tea is a must-have for fruits. I ate a lot of fruits when I was pregnant, and I am used to buying several different fruits at once. Fruits are recommended to be bought offline.

7 months ago

It is troublesome for a person to cook at home, and he will stock up a lot of fast food to fill his hunger when he is hungry, so the following things must be indispensable!
On this earth, there must be someone who has never eaten instant noodles, but I am sure that that person is not you. The Instant Noodles Association (not made up, there is such an association) once made a statistics that the people of the earth eat nearly 100 billion instant noodles every year.

In China, an average person eats more than 30 packs of instant noodles a year.
If there were no instant noodles, what would the world be like?
The person who invented instant noodles was Momofuku Ando.
He also has a Chinese name: Wu Baifu
Because he is actually a Chinese.
Born in Chiayi, Taiwan in 1910, his ancestors have been in the textile business for generations. Because of the knitwear import and export business, his family moved to Osaka, Japan.
Why did a textile merchant invent instant noodles?

One cold winter night, Baifu ran out to find food and passed by a ramen stall, but there was a long line in front of the stall, and people waited eagerly for the ramen to be cooked in the cold wind. The torment of hunger during the line up made Baifu couldn’t help thinking: “If there is a kind of ramen, it can be eaten by just soaking it in boiling water, that would be great!”
In the spring of 1958, Momofuku built a 10-square-meter hut in its backyard in Osaka as a research room for instant noodles.
He found an old noodle maker and bought a wok with a diameter of 1 meter, as well as flour and cooking oil.
Every day, he wakes up in the morning and is greedy for darkness, and conducts various experiments in the hut.
In Baifu’s vision, the “ramen that can be eaten immediately with just boiling water” meets at least 5 conditions:
1 taste delicious
2 Easy to save
3 3 minutes ready
4 Cheap
5 Safety and health
Over the past few months, PFAFF’s attempt was unsuccessful. However, just one day, the “accident” appeared. He actually got inspiration from his wife’s deep-fried tempura: I can deep-fry the noodles in a pan! Frying not only dehydrates the noodles, but also creates tiny holes that allow the noodles to cook faster.
The first package of instant noodles on earth was born.
The instant noodle company, the father of instant noodles, was also established immediately. The company’s name was “Nissin”.
Pak Fook’s first product “Chicken Flavored Instant Noodles” was launched in 1958. The Japanese people quickly fell in love with this instant noodles. If anyone came to the door with “chicken-flavored instant noodles”, it would be a great gift-yes, at the time, the price of instant noodles was much higher than that of fresh ramen.
However, PFAFF’s new invention has an inherent advantage that cannot be replaced-convenience!
Who doesn’t like ramen that can be eaten as soon as you soak in boiling water!
Soon, instant noodles became popular in Japan, setting off a sales frenzy—the era of instant noodles began.
Momofuku’s ambitions are not just for Japan. He hopes to promote instant noodles to the world.
This idea was considered impossible at first, because Americans don’t use chopsticks at all. Baifu said proudly, “Let them eat with a fork!”
In 1966, Pak Fook came to the United States. In a supermarket in Los Angeles, he discovered an interesting phenomenon-someone actually reused the foam cup of coffee as a bowl of ramen.
PFAFF began to develop a new instant noodle container. The shape of the dough and the recipe of the seasoning bag must be redesigned. The materials of the cup and lid also made Ando rack his brains.
In this way, this research and development took 5 years.
In 1971, Nissin Cup Noodles came out and became a hit immediately: in just one year, more than 2 billion bowls were sold!
Almost at the same time, the Chinese people also ate instant noodles.
In 1970, China’s first bag of instant noodles was born on the food production line of Shanghai Yimin Food Fourth Factory. At that time, the soil equipment developed by me was used, so the annual output was only 200 tons.
A single spark can start a prairie fire, and the seeds of instant noodles bloom everywhere in China.
Students from the north don’t know if they still remember Tiantan instant noodles: green packaging, seafood taste. Wow, when I look at the word “seafood”, I feel advanced!

The students in Guangzhou must not forget the Huafeng Sanxian Yi Noodles, which once won the “Silver Medal.” The most classic is the golden thick soup made out of a powder bag, with the scent of sesame oil.
For children from six provinces and one city in East China in the free shipping area, Zhongcui noodles is the absolute leader of instant noodles—especially the snow vegetable noodles that can brew the rich flavor of snow vegetables.
On the other hand, Momofuku Ando’s invention continues.
In 2005, when PFAFF was 95 years old, he invented space cotton for astronauts. This is a kind of vacuum-packed instant noodles, specially made for the space shuttle astronaut Noguchi Satoshi. It can still be enjoyed in a zero-gravity environment.
In 2007, Pak Fook passed away at the age of 97. Someone asked him the secret of longevity, and he replied:
A bowl of instant noodles every day.
The one who came to deliver the eulogy was Satoshi Noguchi who ate instant noodles in space. With instant noodles, he no longer needs to eat those unpalatable tube foods.
Instant noodles feed the world.
Canned food can save your life too!
Most people are biased against canned food.
Recently, I was swiped by the canned food in “A Spring Breeze Ten Miles Is Worth You”. Xiao Hong shook her cute face and ate the canned food that Qiu Shui had stolen from the instructor. From his appetite to his heart, Xiao Hong was bought. Seeing how delicious she eats, many people are ignited by the smell of canned braised pork.
But when it comes to the originator of canned internet celebrities, it has to be the thirty expired canned pineapples that Takeshi Kaneshiro ate. He puts his helplessness in love, attachment and dissatisfaction to his predecessor on the canned pineapple, and passed After eating the can of pineapple, he came out slowly.

The full sister’s canned food complex stems from my dad who can’t cook. Every time my mom goes out, my dad will go downstairs to buy a can of braised pork. The father and daughter cook a pot of rice and dig a large piece with a spoon. Put the canned braised pork on the hot rice, watch the aspic slowly melt on the rice, and eat up the rice happily. Of course canned food is delicious.
This week, Futao’s editorial department researched the canned foods you have seen and haven’t seen all over the country. Let us discard preservatives and nonsense that is not as good as fresh food, and let the canned food accompany you through the weekend when you are too lazy to cook.

There is only one ruler in the canned kingdom of the people in the free shipping area: Mei Lin.
This veteran canning company established in 1930 serves the best luncheon meat in China in a low-key manner. I clearly remember that there was a one-year birthday and my wish was to open a canned luncheon meat. My mother gave me a spoon roughly: “No, dig it myself!” This is the first bite of luncheon meat in my life, pink, mixed with a little translucent aspic, and glowing on the spoon.
However, Merlin is more than just luncheon meat.
Braised pork with braised pork is wonderful. It doesn’t look like a canned product at all. My mom always secretly opens a can of cooked food when a visitor comes to the house, and it tastes like freshly roasted. You can open the same cooking, it’s just a pot of pork with pickled vegetables!
Braised bamboo shoots with oil is also wonderful, but the bamboo shoots are too few and the price is not high. Mr. Chua Lam’s method is to open the braised pork and oil braised bamboo shoots, stir-fry them together in the pan, and stir-fry until the juice thickens and lessens. When there is a little left, you will get a super oil braised bamboo shoots. Roasted meat!
Canned dace in tempeh is a specialty of Guangdong and a must-have for Hong Kong people. When the “Typhoon Ball No. 8” was blown, the whole family was reunited, sitting at home, watching TVB dramas that are usually difficult to watch, and opening a can of dace in black soy sauce. It must be a Ganzhu card. The ad slogan is “women and children”. Everyone knows: “Canned sweet bamboo, sweet and delicious.” (also “Eagle Money”, also an old brand) canned dace in black bean sauce, the best is not dace, but black tempeh, salty and delicious, buried Into the hot rice, wow, with a bit of fish oil sweetness! Teacher Ouyang Yingji once deceived his younger brother and sister in order to enjoy the tempeh exclusively, and said that the tempeh was a terrible worm egg. It was too hard to eat food! In addition to the rice, the tempeh can also be used to stir-fry the lettuce, and the children who don’t like to eat vegetables can also eat it all.

7 months ago

1. Figs are a good thing. It can nourish the stomach and intestines, and it can also promote lactation. Figs are rich in vitamins, fructose and glucose. It is a great snack during pregnancy! Figs contain a variety of essential amino acids, organic acids, pectin, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, calcium, boron and other minerals and vitamins. Figs can also promote digestion, moisturize the intestines, and lower blood lipids. , Lowering blood pressure and other functions, for mothers, it is an excellent food for supplementing calcium and preventing constipation. 2. Pistachios Pistachios are the main source of body heat, polyunsaturated fatty acids, magnesium and phosphorus in essential fatty acids, as well as the main source of protein, calcium, iron and B vitamins. Pistachios can lower the cholesterol content in the human body and reduce the occurrence of heart disease. In addition, pistachios are rich in oils. Mothers-to-be eating pistachios is beneficial to the baby’s brain development and can enhance the baby’s intelligence. However, pistachios should not be eaten much. The best intake for expectant mothers is 5-8 per day Around the grain. 3. Almonds are rich in vitamin E, which can effectively prevent people from aging and protect the heart and brain blood vessels. Almonds are one of the best food sources of high-quality protein. They also contain dietary fiber, rich minerals and nutrients, and are a good source of vitamin B family. Almonds also have the effects of reducing qi, relieving cough, relieving asthma, and moistening the intestines. It is very good for preventing constipation during pregnancy.

7 months ago

I heard that some pregnant mothers are completely foodies before they become pregnant. Either they are eating every day, or they are on the way to eat every day, haha, my sister is! ! ! Pregnant in October. During this period, every move of pregnant mothers will have an impact on their babies, especially the food they eat. For the health of the fetus, most pregnant mothers can only forcibly ban their mouths and cut off contact with snacks. Does the pregnant mother really have to make such a big sacrifice during pregnancy? Can’t you really eat snacks? In fact, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers can also eat snacks. During the early pregnancy reaction period, the pregnant mother may want to find some small food to fill her stomach. After the early pregnancy reaction has passed, she may experience a period of sharp increase in appetite, and may want to pinch something to eat at any time. In fact, proper snacking can relieve hunger and morning sickness. However, although snacks can be eaten, the health of pregnant mothers is very important, and a lot of attention should be paid to the choice of snacks. Let me help you make some decisions from a few points!

7 months ago

1. Raisins: prevent anemia and edema during pregnancy;

2. Jujube: rich in vitamin C;

3. Walnut: promote brain development;

4. Yogurt: to regulate the intestines and stomach;

5. Cheese: concentrated milk essence;

6. Apples: constitute fetal bones and teeth;

7. Chestnut: invigorate the spleen and stomach, nourish the kidney and strengthen muscles, promote blood circulation and stop bleeding;

8. Whole wheat bread: increase the dietary fiber in the body.

7 months ago

I have always cared about body weight and I also dare not take it lightly during pregnancy. I don’t like snacks very much during pregnancy. I am very hungry during pregnancy. If my blood sugar is low, my pregnancy reaction will be more severe. Nausea and flatulence will all come together. Up. In order to avoid fattening myself, I carefully researched low-calorie snacks (most of the low-calorie snacks here are 100g with an energy of about 1800KJ, and most of them on the market are the same amount above 2000KJ). You must know that long fetus does not grow meat. Mother-to-be’s dream ~ This article will divide the recommended snacks into: biscuit carbohydrates (to relieve hunger), nuts (supplement of Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, which are essential for fetal brain development), and seaweed ( Supplement iron and iodine). Let’s take a look at biscuit carbohydrates. The main choices are those with few additives and low calories as intermittent meals to relieve hunger and prevent hypoglycemia. In the first trimester, hunger and low blood sugar may aggravate nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, so do not fast. The following is an evaluation of low-calorie snacks on the Internet to find and become a guinea pig one by one. Bourbon Soymilk Cream Wafers Bourbon Soymilk Cream Wafers are purchased from Ole. A single package is very convenient to carry. A pack of two small wafers is very small. The calorie is also very low, the average calorie of each two wafers individually packaged is 38KJ. Evaluation: Normally, the blood sugar is low and the feeling of hunger is particularly prone to vomiting. It is just right to take a pack apart. The soy milk tastes quite strong, I personally think it is a little bit sweet, sweet mothers can try it. Poly Dream Soy Milk Wafer Sticks, a small one, you can take it in your bag and eat it when you are hungry.

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