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The biggest problem should be the difficulty of domestication, so the first step is to hit the street. We assume that we can successfully solve the obedience problem. Then: it is useless to raise one or two beasts. It is necessary to raise at least a hundred to form a scale effect. , The Thousand Days of Raising Soldiers used troops for a while, and the Thousand Days of Raising Tigers went bankrupt. If the army of beasts has been set up for a long time, catching up with the corruption of the army and deducting military pay, leaving the lions and tigers starving with green light, and a group of beasts rushing into the streets to make money, it will be exciting. Even if the troops are rich and rich, they have unlimited meat supply every day, and they have cultivated their super obedience just like cultivating war horses. Once on the battlefield, the beasts and the beasts will be able to receive orders. What if I can’t receive the enemy or I, and bite people indiscriminately? Can’t a lion match an animal trainer to rush at the enemy, right? What if the trainer died in battle? If the enemy is a ragged bandit or a peasant army, it is not guilty to use an extremely expensive army of beasts? The regular army fights casually. If the enemy is well equipped, with spears like forests, and arrows like rain, what use are the beasts in the past? If you are shot to death without armor, you can’t protect your whole body with armor. Even if your body is heavily armored and even bite your mouth, you can sprinkle some iron tribulus on the battlefield. Why do the ligers step on it? Therefore, it is not easy for humans to train elephants and horses, both of which can be commanded by humans on a one-to-one ride. Even if they are bulls, people only dare to set up a fire bull formation based on their personalities and let them attack the opponent’s position at one time. They are never conventional weapons.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Because of the possibility of fighting, the coach was killed by his own lion. . . Humans have never fully domesticated large carnivores such as lions and tigers, and it is difficult for them to act in unison according to human orders. Coupled with their wild nature and unstable temperament, they are likely to attack their own army while attacking the enemy, killing a thousand enemies and injuring themselves eight hundred…too dangerous. In addition, the use of large carnivores to fight wars has problems such as high consumption, difficulty in marching, and difficulty in treating injuries. Speaking of high consumption, a lion eats at least ten catties of meat a day. In ancient times, meat could not be mass-produced, and even soldiers rarely ate meat. Moreover, the animal needs to be raised for a thousand days at a time, and a group of lions and tigers are usually raised. The consumption of food is really terrifying. Besides, marching is difficult. The lions and tigers accompanying the army need to be kept in special cages in peacetime, which consumes a lot of manpower and material resources. It is also very troublesome to go to the war zone after the war begins. They must be locked in cages and transported by vehicles. As for injuries that are difficult to treat, everyone knows that although lions and tigers have a strong offensive power, no matter how powerful a beast is in a close fight, it is impossible not to be injured. Moreover, the opposing army can use poisonous cold weapons to attack at long distances. Ancient veterinary science is not well developed. , Carnivores are fierce, and medicine is not easy to feed, so it is not practical on the battlefield. As for the fact that lions and tigers are afraid of fire and death, this is not the main problem. In fact, war horses are also afraid. Therefore, letting the beasts participate in human wars may only appear in myths and fairy tales…

8 months ago

The key point is: the tiger is afraid of death, it is not stupid! There are thousands of horses on the battlefield, long spears, short swords, swords and shadows, and the blood splatters are not animalistic, but fear. Whether it is a tiger or a lion, they never dared to hunt like a lion in the tide of beasts. They are in groups and well-educated. The ground drives away the prey in the eyes of the bison and antelope. They dare not to block the tide head-on. They will only control the speed and direction of the prey’s escape and cause chaos. The lion chasing in the rear is the sneak attack and the running bison seized the opportunity to get it. On the battlefield, your first reaction when you release the lions and tigers is: Run! Running back to the side is impossible to charge forward, unlike people who can overcome the fear of death and charge into battle! Unless the ancient working people can ride tigers and lions like horses, wrap their necks with reins and control them to move. But in this way, the attacking power of tigers and lions can’t be exerted and it’s useless! If you don’t ride it, it’s just like a cavalry horse. No one cares about it. What kind of well-trained, trained you to see the battlefield? If you trap a tiger or a lion, it won’t work. If you don’t trap it, when has it escaped long ago? Some people think that war is not cruel, and all creatures can calm down? In the purgatory where you lose your life without paying attention, the screaming and screaming wilderness can listen to people’s commands, and only humans can save you from fire and water occasionally! It’s useless to expect tigers and lions to listen to your instructions for how long you train! It’s okay, let’s cloud the lion~

8 months ago

Yes, but it’s useless. How do tigers and lions distinguish between enemy and us? Only the soldiers who are close to the beast are shivering. What’s more, tigers and lions are not stupid. They oppress a group of people. Why do they want to go up? What can you do? Therefore, the use of beasts and beasts is often chaotic. In the Battle of Kunyang, Wang Mang appointed Da Sikong Wangyi and Situ Wangxun as commanders in order to form a powerful force against the Han army. He recruited people who were proficient in 63 schools of warfare at the time, and served as officials similar to the staff in the army. Appoint the elder Juwuba as the base lieutenant, who is responsible for building the fortress, and feeding ferocious beasts such as tigers, leopards, rhinos, and elephants to the army so that they can be released during combat and shock the enemy. All prefectures and counties all choose their own elite soldiers, led by the county and Mu Shou personally, and will be concentrated near Luoyang within a time limit. There are more than 420,000 troops in Luoyang from various places, known as the army of one million.

8 months ago

Because of the high cost. The role of a tiger is not necessarily higher than that of a cavalry. The number of tigers is small, it is not easy to train, and the life span is short. It is too old to wait for a long time to put on the battlefield. The cost is too high. A tiger can’t beat a few on the battlefield. Archers, but training a war tiger is much harder than training a group of archers

8 months ago

Low efficiency. The attack power is indeed high. Low armor can take one bite at a time, but the ability to defend is low. No matter how sensitive beasts fight at close range, it is impossible not to be injured. In addition, the cold weapons that open the front can already cause considerable damage to the flesh. In ancient times, veterinary science was underdeveloped, and carnivores were ferocious, and medicines were not easy to feed. It was impractical and expensive on the battlefield. An adult liger at least 6 catties a day and a male 8 catties of meat. Ancient meat cannot be mass-produced. During production, civilians rarely eat meat or even seldom eat it. Lions and tigers consume too much in peacetime. There may not be ten days in 100 days of war, and if they are used for warfare, there will definitely be a lot of food. The consumption of meat is extremely terrifying, and the ancient preservation technology is backward. There are hundreds of ligers in the Crimea Zoo, and all meat must be cold storage. Inconvenient, the liger has an unstable temperament, training is troublesome, and it is difficult to act on orders. It may even attack the soldiers of the country. It is too dangerous. Normally, it needs to be raised by special cages. It consumes a lot of manpower and material resources. After the war begins, it is also necessary to go to the fighting area. Quite troublesome, because you may attack your own people, you have to be locked in a cage and transported by a vehicle. If you really want to tame the beasts and fight, it’s obviously more suitable for dogs. It takes a long time to tame, semi-omnivorous leftovers, or the same food as the soldiers. It can grow and develop normally. It is a hierarchical concept of group living, better domestication, and more obedient. Marching can be. Accompanying the march, raising 3 is also more convenient than the liger, and the breeding is simple, although the attack power is not good, but it can be supplemented by the number, and it is no problem to use it as a spare grain whenever necessary.

8 months ago

Why do you expect the defeat of humanity to attack humanity? Human beings started from Homo sapiens and migrated from the African continent to all over the world, accompanied by the history of human slaughter and conquest of large indigenous species. Mammoths and other large animals on all continents are almost extinct under the siege of Homo sapiens! Wherever humans go, the top of the food chain is almost bloodbathed. Rare opponents externally, no mercy internally! Neanderthals, artisans and all human subspecies have been wiped out to extinction. Special organized and disciplined human activities like war. Relying solely on animal instincts to win, perhaps humans will not stand at the top of the food chain!

8 months ago

Don’t you think that a beast is really strong when it is strong against a single human. No matter how powerful the beast is, it is also a match for the organized and disciplined regular army, even the ancient army.

The military thing is essentially a top-level lethal unit produced by humans involving themselves after they lay down other species. It is used for confrontation between humans and humans. For animals, it is a dimensionality reduction strike.

8 months ago

Tigers and lions still need to be kept in cages.

Tigers and lions can even feed their mouths, not to mention other people.

When the tiger and lion are on the battlefield, they still don’t know who they will eat, so they can eat all of them cleanly!

So there is a saying called raising tigers!

8 months ago

Always look at the animal world to answer a wave. First of all, tigers are not gregarious animals. At least they like to fight alone when hunting and catch a target. The appearance of a group will make them frighten, feel out of control and run away. The following is a specific analysis. <img src=”https://pic2.zhimg.com/50/v2-9af9fd913eb3030f91c0d4ee0a6c521f_hd.jpg?source=1940ef5c” data-rawwidth=”640″ data-rawheight=”480″ data-size=”normal” data- default-watermark-src=”https://pic2.zhimg.com/50/v2-a4bd32d84c0cef79a238bb5179ab786b_hd.jpg?source=1940ef5c” class=”origin_image zh-lightbox-thumb” width=”640″ data-original=”https ://pic2.zhimg.com/v2-9af9fd913eb3030f91c0d4ee0a6c521f_r.jpg?source=1940ef5c”/> First, it is difficult to domesticate. Why do tigers and lions who have been in the zoo for many years still not letting them out of their cages? Because a tiger is still a tiger, and a lion is still a lion, they still can’t help but encounter prey. A tiger has no owner, and he is his own. Therefore, once you are on the battlefield, you either run away or bite. Second, the combat power is not strong. Under what circumstances can a person fail to fight a tiger or a lion? Without a weapon, once a person has a weapon, a sword, armor, and physical fitness as a soldier, then a tiger that is not very tiger may not necessarily be able to fight it. Tigers are also afraid of death. What’s more, people are wise, and war is an organized group of people, and it doesn’t work at all. Third, it cannot be kept in captivity. Tigers are expensive for meat. Everyone has heard about it. This high-consumption species can only be raised by princes and nobles, and large-scale breeding is impossible. Therefore, at most they are precious pets kept in cages by some princes and nobles. How can you bear it? It’s not in line with reality to take it out and beat Zhang to death. Not in line with reality, not in line with logic. the above.

8 months ago

First of all, it’s not useless, tigers, lions and elephants have been used, nothing more than no effect, as time goes by, no one uses it. During the Battle of Kunyang, Wang Mang’s army brought ferocious beasts such as tigers, leopards, rhinos, and elephants to the army for breeding. During the Hannibal War, Hannibal loved to use elephants, and even in the Second Bruno War, he miraculously led an army from Spain over the Pyrenees and Alps into northern Italy. African elephant. Hannibal also defeated elephant soldiers with a musket when he led an elephant across the Alps when Muying attacked Vietnam. But the tiger and lion you mentioned are very embarrassing. Animals are not humans and will not be so brave to rush towards the enemy. They are likely to attack the breeder who forced them to attack first, especially cats such as lions and tigers. Their worldview is not. Similarly, look at who dares to sneak a cat. The cat will only treat you as a cat slave serving him. Once you can’t satisfy him, he will leave. Do you still want him to fight for you? The released tiger ran directly to the place where no one was there, and I would eat whoever blocked me. Why can a dog be a friend of mankind, because the dog’s worldview is not the same as cats, tigers and lions. Dogs are born out of wolves. The wolves in the wild are all in groups, and so are dogs. It’s nothing more than a dog’s head. The wolf is a human. This is the origin of the “dog fights human power”, so we will tame dogs to help us look after the house, hunt and even fight. On the contrary, elephants use more ferocious animals. (Don’t be fooled by the appearance of elephants. They are fierce. Tigers and lions can’t do it.) However, elephants have a big weakness and are easily frightened. Elephants turn their heads in many cases. To trample on her own, Mu Ying used the sound of firearms and smoke to scare the elephants to trample on the Vietnamese army. Hannibal’s elephant soldiers were also targeted. When the Roman army faced Carthage, several passages were specially set aside in the army formation. After the enemy’s elephant soldiers began to charge, the passages were opened, and the elephants followed suit. The passage passed through the Roman army formation, and the elephant, which consumed a lot of food and grass, did not play its due role. In short, in human warfare, animals can only be supporting actors, and even horses must be combined with humans to be effective.

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