Of course not, at least not in my cognition. I am 33 years old and unmarried. I have just quit my job for ten years and changed to a new unit to challenge myself again. I still look forward to love and marriage. I seem to have a hot desire to raise children. Every time I see When someone else brought a baby, I was quite envious. I thought it would be nice if I had a baby too. The following is my one-year note of a 33-year-old unmarried girl in 2020. She still loves life and still feels good~ This year is really too fast. The scene of nervously hiding from the new crown at the beginning of the year seems to have just happened not long ago. The year has come to an end, and the difficult year 2020 has just passed. This year is a difficult year for the country, and the strength, humanity, and love of the motherland also make me proud of being a citizen. In such a year of the epidemic, let us live and work in peace and contentment. I still feel the stability and beauty of life. I think the same is true of my mother. This year, Yu Xiaomei, seemed a little dull. I can’t tell what is particularly unforgettable or difficult. Time passes slowly in the ordinary waiting. It has not flowed into a pool of stagnant water, but there is no magnificent waves. The only thing that remains unchanged is probably that I still love life and love this. The feeling of being alive. It may also be that as I get older, I lose the ability to express my feelings about life in literary terms. This year, the work seems dull. Although I am also diligent and earnest, many things seem to be done easily, but it seems that the hard work and passionate fighting spirit are missing. I think I still have a momentum, but there seems to be nowhere to volatilize. Maybe I need some excitement, otherwise it really should flow into a pool of stagnant water. This year, I began to fear death. My thoughts on death last year: “Looking back on the thirty years I have lived, I feel that I have had a good life, my family is dear, I treat people kindly, I can do what I like freely, and I don’t have any big regrets or regrets. , That’s enough.” But now I don’t think it’s enough. Yesterday, when I went to the quilt, I was leaning on the quilt and was basking in the warm sun. I want to live such a beautiful life. It is necessary to live a good life and make life as long as possible to be the winner. As Buffett said: “The life of a tortoise is much longer than that of a rabbit. When the rabbit’s life is over, the tortoise is still moving forward!” Running fast is not necessarily useful, running long is the winner. Physical health is very important. Otherwise, even if the soul is full of passion and the body is unable to carry it, it will be a great suffocation. May we all cherish our bodies and stay away from staying up late, anxiety, depression, overeating, etc.~ This year, I have persisted in reading and completed the goal set at the beginning of the year. Forget it, I have read 19 books, and I have made reading notes, involving psychology, cosmetics, financial management and other related fields. According to the definition of WeChat reading for me: I like to read science and technology books in 2020; and I encourage it with Hu Shi’s words I said: “Scientists know that the truth is infinite and knowledge is infinite, but they still have their satisfaction: the pleasure of entering an inch of an inch, and the satisfaction of entering a foot of a foot.” In fact, it seems that I have not been able to achieve such a high level of reading. At the level, reading probably brings me a kind of inner peace of mind, which makes me feel that I am not so decadent, and I still have to learn to some extent. It has gradually become a more systematic way for me to recognize certain problems or things. What’s more frustrating is-I often forget it after reading it. This year, I still haven’t gotten married, and I still look forward to marriage and family. There are also unmarried female friends of the same age around me, but they seem to hold a different attitude from me: they say that they don’t expect to get married and have children. No matter how old they are, they won’t get married if they don’t get married. And I, maybe I’m afraid that a person will die old, or the genes that my parents and previous generations have passed on to me about getting married and having children are too strong, making me eagerly looking forward to living the same secular life as most people. Although I don’t know when I will get married, and I have seen other people’s trivialities in marriage and family, I still look forward to marriage and family, and I look forward to experiencing the different processes of marriage, marriage, and childbirth. The process may be ups and downs, or it may be bitter than sweet. I still look forward to a different life~ Has my small goal been accomplished this year? 1. Insist on daily running, English reading, yoga or sit-ups every day at least one. —Persist in running, and do less. 2. Read 12 books and make reading notes. —It is finished, of course the quality should not be high. 3. The public account under the plane tree has updated at least 120 articles. —Basically completed, but most of them are porters. The number of fans rose to 88 up and down. 4. Make a study note on cosmetics and skin. — Blank, can only continue to stand, overcome inertia, and strive for breakthroughs. 5. Walk for 5 periods, welcome related enthusiasts to exchange information. —-It seems that there are only three or four phases that have gone far, but in fact, going out more is quite beneficial for one’s mood adjustment. 6. Strive for income from financial management at 8% or more (may the national fortune be prosperous). — It was realized without any risk, mainly due to the strength of the motherland. My small and boring goals for 2021: 1. Daily exercise: jogging, yoga, sit-ups can be at least one item, at least 20 minutes. 2. Adjust your sleep to bed at 11 o’clock. 3. Read and make reading notes, 12 books. 4. Learn a topic: cosmetics, dermatology, psychology, choose one. 5. Test a certificate: I haven’t figured out the specific test, welcome to recommend it. (Preliminary consideration-securities qualifications, baby-care workers) 6. Walk for 5 sessions, welcome related enthusiasts to exchange information. 7. The public account under the plane tree has updated at least 120 articles. Consciously this 2020 summary note is a bit low, similar to a running account, probably I, who once claimed to be a pseudo-literary and artistic young woman, have been consumed as a mediocre elder sister with the growth of age, and even have no ability to pretend. Regardless of him, I still love life enough. In 2021, may the mountains and rivers be beautiful, the people live and work in peace and contentment, I and I love health and safety, and meet what I want~


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

I would like to sing a counterpoint to the previous few on this issue. I think it should make people more aware of the crisis. First of all, I partly endorse other people’s views that it’s okay to be unmarried at 30, because if you think about it, it’s okay if you’re not married at 60. It doesn’t matter if you can accept that you can live your life or have nothing to depend on. If you are still alive at 80, it doesn’t matter if you are just a bachelor. …But, let me make an inappropriate analogy. You have graduated at the age of 25 but haven’t found a job. Will your life be over? Your classmates are going to be a junior at the age of 20. Is your life over before you enter the university? It’s definitely not finished, but it’s definitely unhappy… Some people say: I’m cool! It’s cool to be single for a while, and it’s always cool to be single all the time! Don’t worry, it’s okay to be cool now, the unhappy days are in the future, you will have to pay it back sooner or later. Many people don’t understand what is the most important role of marriage for ordinary people, especially for the relatively weak… When marriage is the plus version of love? When getting married is to find someone to eat, drink and have fun together? When getting married is to find someone to take care of yourself? how old are you? Can you mature? The role of marriage is mostly because one person is too weak. Most of us are both scumbags and partial subjects. We have to find someone we trust to hug and warm up, help each other on the road in the future, and face and solve the uncertainty of the future together. Sex. Going back to the above analogy: you are a junior when you are 20 years old, and it is usually better for you to develop later than when you are 20 years old before you have been admitted to college. You have tens of thousands of dollars in savings when you work at the age of 25 than you have not found a job at the age of 25. I don’t know where the food will be better tomorrow…So, when you get married at the age of 30, someone who can face and solve problems with you is usually better than you alone. Will it be over if you are 30 years old and not get married? No, but I will be a little tired! Some children (Kang Jing) will definitely say that it is easy not to get married, because marriage is the source of physical and mental exhaustion! Let’s think calmly, is it not the fault not in getting married, but in meeting others and being unsuccessful? Is it a bad look? The wrong thing is to twist the unsweet melon? So, don’t let those who don’t want to get married. There’s nothing wrong with getting married. There’s no problem with getting married earlier. The problem is why you haven’t found the right person to get married.

7 months ago

When you were 3 years old, you didn’t eat the lollipop that you wanted to eat, and you felt that life was over; when you were 10 years old, you failed the exam and felt that life was over; when you were 18 years old, you failed the college entrance examination and felt that life was over; when you were 23 years old You feel that your life is about to end when you fail repeatedly at work; if you are not married at 30, you feel that your life is about to end. Later, you think lollipops are not that attractive, and you feel less sad if you fail the exam. Failure in the college entrance examination is only a temporary success or failure. In the end, you find a job and finally find your favorite girl to get married. Time has never been the criterion to define success. You are just stuck in the predicament of your age at that time. As time goes by, as you grow up, you feel that the sorrow before is just a superfluous act. Many difficulties are just passing away. Sadness is just the state of mind at the time. You will laugh at yourself and feel sorry for yourself, and laugh at your sentimentality. Of course, your anxiety does not lie with you, but with the pressure from people around you. If you haven’t gotten married at 30, who stipulates that marriage at 30 is necessary? This “intangible standard” is given to you by others and asked by others, but you can’t do it, you have your own ideas, you have your own standards, you just don’t insist on it enough. Stick to yourself, this problem will be resolved sooner or later, and don’t live according to the will of others.

7 months ago

My mother, I didn’t get married at the age of 30, and my life was over. It scared me. Then I’m almost over. What’s all this fallacy? ? ? There are really three questions. There are many people who are not married at the age of 30. Look at how old Hu Ge is, how old is President Wang, and their lives are over? In life, the most important thing is to live comfortably. When you get married, it depends on your life concept, criteria for choosing a mate, and living by yourself. Whether you choose to live after 30 years of age is easy and comfortable, family harmony, or you have to make do with it. , Choosing a person you don’t love to marry, leading to unhappy marriage after 30 years of age? Everyone has their own pursuits, don’t be swayed by others, life is yours, how comfortable it is~

7 months ago

Many choices in life are not in you. It’s good to be able to decide 5% of things by yourself. Before you were 30, did you think that you were not married at 30? When you were 30 years old, you heard your parents, relatives or friends blowing in your ears: If you don’t get married, will your life be over? Their brutal logic of using their own experience and experience to force others to guide others does not apply to you. You are determined by your own destiny, and no one can decide. In many cases, others play the role of intervener in front of themselves. They never thought: Do not do to others what you don’t want. Furthermore, they don’t know where they learned it, and they force others to instill a sense of anxiety, make you logically confused through sophistry, and make you fall into sensual chaos and unable to extricate yourself. They don’t have a clear and deep understanding of themselves, so they call it good for you. “Siege” said: People outside the city want to come in, people in the city want to go out. And people outside the city don’t know if you should enter, or to be more precise, you haven’t found the right person and have no plans to enter. Therefore, it leads to being single or unmarried at the age of 30. In the eyes of others, being unmarried to some extent means not taking the responsibility of the family as soon as possible. However, this kind of marriage life determinism lies in the influence and consequences of marriage that can interfere with the direction of life, but “not married” and “life is about to end” are completely different things. We can also see many unmarried people whose lives are just as exciting. How to get out of the limitations of narrow thinking and self-awareness, and realize the finiteness of marriage may slowly let go.

7 months ago

Marriage is to live a better life. This is obviously a topic that varies from person to person. For some people, getting married is likely to make them unhappy and make life more difficult. To get married in order to follow suit is obviously not for them. A good decision. A person has never found a suitable partner, and then remains alone. Outsiders do seem a little sad. But that is based on your belief that finding the other half of your life and getting married together is the basis of happiness. This world is full of questions about the happiness of the fish. I have seen many examples of people who long to get married, long to grow old with their spouse, and the last one who has lived for decades. However, at the same time, I have also seen more examples of getting married in a hurry to complete the “marriage task indicators”, making life messy, and finally getting divorced in a hurry. At the same time, I have also seen many cases where life has been smooth, but everything is ruined because of marriage. Many people lamented that they had enmity with this person in their previous life. They have come to retaliate in this life, but think about it carefully, many of them can be predicted before marriage. Therefore, don’t set limits on your life, let alone define your life too early, otherwise you will become too obsessed and become a person being led by obsessiveness. This is too sad. The same is true for marriage. You can pursue it if you want to have it, but you can’t take this as a life task and do it with life exams, so that in the end you may become a sad example of life test-oriented education.

7 months ago

The political correctness of Zhihu is long live single life, and marriage is a burden. But I also want to hold the lid and say something, for ordinary people. The sooner the marriage is resolved, the better. There must be a sense of urgency. Marriage is a big event, so we should plan as soon as possible. Time really flies quickly. Please note that the prerequisite for this is “ordinary people”. Yes, most of us are extremely ordinary ordinary people. Not a big star of the day Jin Doujin, not an entrepreneur with a huge industry, not a politician with a reputation. Whether they are married or not, they can live well. They have money and careers. They can deal with the problems of the upper aspects of this society. Ordinary people cannot be compared with them. But even like them, many people got married and gave birth to babies when they were young. Then he devoted himself to his career more wholeheartedly, and made his life go to a higher level. For example, many celebrities married and gave birth to babies when they were young; for example, many second-generation entrepreneurs married their close friends very early to form more powerful allies to fight for their careers. Many big figures in the political arena, while working, do not delay finding someone to set up a family, and then the family helps them in their careers. As an ordinary person, at the age of 30, he has not yet found a partner for marriage. Then the biggest “filter”: the youth slowly disappears. The absence of youth means aging. This aging is not only physical, but also psychological. Physical aging is obvious. Crow’s feet, obesity, hair loss, etc. Even if you have the best cosmetics, no matter how regular your habits are. The difference between a 30-year-old and a 20-year-old can still be seen at a glance. That sense of age is really hard to hide. Even female celebrities in their 30s are different from those in their early 20s under the packaging of medical beauty and cosmetics. Psychological aging is the decline of passion. People of the same age have families, and they can’t get out at parties or outings. Those young and young social activities are difficult to integrate into, and they don’t want to get involved. People are actually collective animals and need companions. A person will eventually become more and more nerdy. I don’t want to move more and more. If you have time, you can go to the local blind date forum or dating software. Those who provide information are getting younger and younger. Now it is the post-90s or even the post-95s world. After 85, there are very few. When others see the post-80s, they will subconsciously think, is it divorced? Do you have children? When I go home during the Chinese New Year, the blind date market in my hometown has long been the post-95 world. Post-90s are not even mainstream. Marriage and work are two major events in life. It requires good planning and management. Instead of reaching a certain threshold, the matter was settled hastily. How many older men and women have dragged their inescapable age, hastily looking for someone to marry. Then go to the Internet to spit out bitterness. Therefore, it is still necessary to plan as soon as possible and solve the problem early.

7 months ago

I will be 29 years old in half a year. I am in a good mood this morning and even got up early to make breakfast. After packing everything up and going out contentedly, I am ambitiously planning my life today and in the future. At 8:35, I came to the office and sat down and opened Zhihu. A bright topic stabbed my small eyes and my daily remodeling ambition: I didn’t get married at the age of 30, and my life is really over. ? I think of a composition proposition at this moment: If Xiao Ming is twenty-nine years old this year, his life will be over for a year, so write him a letter. As a lawyer, although I have never divorced, I have handled divorce cases for many people. The increasingly younger divorce parties are an irreversible trend, so one of the problems I often face now is that the parties involved in many divorce cases are younger than me. Others are divorced from marriage, and you are not married yet, I always feel so emotional. How to get married has become a universal standard. Whether a person’s life is complete or finished is tied to marriage. Is this standard really our own choice? I don’t think it’s a high probability. It’s the expectation and definition of parents and elders to be successful before they are 30 years old. When I go home during the Chinese New Year, relatives will urge marriage when they see me: “You are almost 30, you should get married.” “You have worked for several years, you should get married.” “Your parents are getting older, you should Married.” “Anyone who is about the same age as you will run away, you should get married.” … Except for what I think, no matter what the premise, the conclusion is that I should get married, isn’t it Is marriage really meant for mom and dad, seven aunts and eight aunts? It’s not. Married life is far less perfect than we thought, and being single is not necessarily so good. How to maintain balance and make choices is a compulsory course that we should learn, not to get married or divorce in order to accomplish goals or not let others down. We make every step of our choice based on our heart, and we should live for yourself. Life will not end because you are not married at the age of 30 or divorced at the age of 40. The reason for the true end of life may be that you have lost your passion, love, hope and expectation for life.

7 months ago

Roosevelt once said: Honor never belongs to critics. In fact, happiness does not belong to critics: those who accuse you of being dead without getting married at the age of 30, those who make you rush through your life because of anxiety, and those who use intimidation to convince you to believe them. Happiness belongs to people who truly live out of themselves. Happiness is an active choice, which requires not only courage, but also wisdom. We can take the initiative to choose to go on a blind date, to love, and to start a family. The only difference is that when we make that promise at the wedding, we will not hesitate, because this is what we chose, and this is a promise to ourselves.

7 months ago

The collapse of adults starts with these four questions: How old are you this year? are you married? How much do you earn in a year? Have you bought a house? As long as one of the questions cannot be answered or the number answered is not good, it will be regarded as a “loser.” On the contrary, as long as these answers look good, even if your heart is very painful, you can still be admired by everyone. This is not over yet, there is a crucial step, that is, you have to compare your own answers with the answers of others. Is your data better or hers better? This is the “question answering” style of life, and it is also the reason for the inner collapse of many adults. Why did it crash? The possible reasons are as follows: 1) Although I have worked hard, I still cannot fill in these numbers; 2) Although I filled in the numbers, it is not as good as others; 3) While filling in the numbers, I wonder if this is the life I want at the same time. Yes, why am I so unhappy? In fact, whether it is a “question answering” life or a life of another attitude, what lies behind it is your outlook on life. What is the outlook on life? The outlook on life represents your fundamental view of life, as well as your basic view of life. It is like a pair of “invisible hands”. On the surface, many of your decisions are made by yourself, but in fact, they are all “view on life” at work. And a different outlook on life will lead you to a completely different life, perhaps a “question answering” life, or another completely different life… Next, I will share two completely different lives. You: ☆The first different kind of life: the “existence-oriented” life For a period of time, I was very anxious and anxious about what I wanted to achieve. I was mad at the thought that it would take so long to achieve it. So, I did a brief self-training for myself. First, I invited myself to the moment when I had achieved my goal-“At that time, I was sitting in the Jiangnan garden that I designed and built.” Then, I let myself deeply feel the joy and joy of achieving the goal. Satisfaction-“Yes, it’s so beautiful. I can finally read, listen to Kunqu opera, and enjoy flowers in my garden, like a noble Chinese literati.” Next, I let myself continue to feel deeply and let ” After the goal is achieved, there will be a brief exchange between the “me” and the “me now”-unexpectedly, a sentence that I never realized immediately popped out: “Treasure every moment you work hard for the goal now, because that’s why It is the essence of happiness in life.” After hearing these words, tears burst into my eyes. I suddenly understood: the best thing in life is not to get a certain result, because once you get it, you will once again fall into the emptiness and boredom without a life goal. The happiness that comes from reaching a certain goal is unsustainable. existing. On the contrary, you are in the process of working hard for one goal after another. Every day and every moment in the process is the precious thing of gold. It is the essence of happiness in life… Therefore, happiness does not appear in reaching the goal. Afterwards (you do have a moment of joy, but it cannot last), on the contrary, it appears on the way to the goal. Later, I raised this epiphany to a philosophical level, that is: a life that is only obsessed with certain specific results or goals is a “possessive” life, and that kind of life not only has a clear goal, but also cares about all the experiences in the process of achieving the goal. The life of feeling and feeling is an “existential” life. Most people believe that only by possessing certain things and people can one obtain happiness in life. Under the guidance of this outlook on life, you have always wanted to own more objects, bigger houses, better cars, more love, and better positions… So you work hard, and you Everything is done to achieve the purpose of “more possession”. And what about the “re-existence” life? It means that you don’t want to possess anything, and you don’t want to possess anything. All you want is to experience, feel, and creatively exert your abilities, thus becoming one with the world. As the dancer Yang Liping once said: “Some people’s lives are for inheritance, some for enjoyment, some for experience, and some for watching. I am a bystander of life. When I come to this world, I just look at a tree. Growth, how the river flows, how the white clouds float, how the nectar condenses.” This is a typical “existential” life, although it is not the only one. In the “re-possession” outlook on life, your relationship with the world is the relationship between possession and everything. In this relationship, you have to make everyone and everything, including yourself and your own life, become Your property. In the “re-existence” outlook on life, your entire life and every day’s life means life, active activities, renewal, and continuous creation. At this time, you are like a jar that is constantly growing. You can hold anything, but you will always be dissatisfied. According to the difference between these two outlooks on life, from an ordinary conversation, you can see that people who “re-possess” will often talk about the people, things, and things they own; while those who “re-exist” will It focuses more on the feelings, thoughts, inspirations and various creations that various encounters in life bring about. Talking with the former, you can easily fall into the trap of “comparison”, while talking with the latter, you can easily feel the vitality of life and the infinite possibilities of the future. If you treat love with a “possessive” outlook on life, then the person you “love” will feel restricted, restrained and controlled. This “love” will only kill and suffocate people and make them become numbness. It will only destroy but not promote human vitality. Many parents have this kind of “love” for their children, but in fact it is just “in the name of love” to control their children, let them go the way they think is right, and live the life they think is right. Many lovers and couples also live in this kind of “love”. They control each other “in the name of love” and treat each other as their own accessory, rather than the real object of love. At this point, you may be wondering, if I hold this “re-existence” outlook on life, should I live a life of solitude or nothing? of course not. The “re-existence” outlook on life does not mean that you should not possess anything or do nothing. It means that you should not be bound and bound by your material, identity, position, etc., otherwise You will lose the opportunity to realize all the possibilities of life and experience a rich life. If you want to change from a “possessive” outlook on life to a “existent” outlook on life, how do you change it? In this regard, I have explored two main methods: 1) Be aware of your thoughts, and detect those thoughts that you want to “possess” from time to time, and when they appear, remind yourself that you can turn these possessive desires into a sense of experience. . Since life is essentially a process and an experience, it cannot become an entity, and all that you possess will eventually be lost, so why do you have to cling to those possessions instead of paying attention to the present moment? What about experience and feeling? 2) Paying attention to the current “possessive” outlook on life will continue to pull us into the future or the past: either regretting the pain for the things we didn’t get in the past, or worrying about the things we want in the future. Therefore, if you can bring your focus and attention back to the “now” from time to time, as well as the present moment, you will find this moment is very meaningful, to experience it itself is rich and vivid, So why stay in the past or the future? ☆The second different kind of life: the life of unlimited games. Since I was a child, my academic performance has been pretty good. I always rank in the top three in the class. Whenever I get the first place in the class, my dad will not Remind me without exception: “Don’t be proud, the one who is a year older than you is better than you, and you still need to keep working hard.” So I realized that it is not enough to take the first place in the class. I am not only It has to be compared with my classmates, and with my brothers and sisters who are one level higher than me. And this constant comparison and the mentality of wanting to win has lasted for many years in me, from studying to work. After work, the content of this game has been slightly adjusted, but the essence is still the same. It becomes: to see who gets promoted early, who earns more, who lives in the big house, who is more beautiful, who is the child smarter. At this time, I found that not only myself, but many people around me had the same mentality. And such a mentality of wanting to win continuously makes us gradually forget our curiosity and exploration of the vast world, lose the joy that we should have in childhood and adolescence, and gradually lose ourselves in the persistent results of winning or losing. Since then, we have never escaped from this “winning game” until the end of life. Such a way of life is what I call a “limited game” outlook on life. It talks about a life whose goal is to win or be better than the people around it, and to live within the boundaries of mainstream social values. If you choose this outlook on life, you will soon find that when you first start playing games, you have plenty of time. At that time, you have dreams, expectations for the future, and unlimited possibilities of life. However, with the passage of time, or being engulfed by mainstream values, or on your own initiative, you invest in the “limited game” again and again, and turn the infinite possibilities you once had into the only alternative way. . At this time, the choice becomes more and more important, and more and more difficult, you often start to feel a sense of crisis of carelessness and loss. When you are young, you can easily make decisions about dating, changing jobs, and studying abroad. However, with the increasing age, the opportunity cost of making every decision is increasing. You believe that you must not continue to be willful, but should live a life that “should…” So, when you are still far from the end of your life, you have already decided the end of your life. It can be said that the essence of this outlook on life is: you are using your own right of choice and possibility to gain “victory” compared with those around you, and you are gaining “victory in the eyes of others” by giving up “your own true freedom” “. So, what is the “infinite game outlook on life”? The “infinite game outlook on life” is not aimed at winning and comparing, but proactively extending the time to a lifetime, with the purpose of continuing the game being played as the purpose of life attitude. So, if you uphold an infinite game of life, then you are no longer a serious actor in your life, but a joyful poet. Obviously, this is a broader outlook on life and a more interesting way of living. But how to realize this change in outlook on life? To complete the transition from “limited game” to “infinite game”, you have to change your beliefs and do the following three things: eliminate time and space boundaries, eliminate character boundaries, and modify rules. What is the elimination of space-time boundaries? For example: instead of participating in the limited game of “reading an MBA before the age of 35”, but to participate in the infinite game of “learning knowledge and gaining wisdom in a lifetime”. What is the elimination of role boundaries? For example: instead of participating in the limited game of “I am a civil servant, so I can only be a civil servant in my life”, but to participate in the infinite game of “I am a civil servant, but I can also be a designer.” What are the modification rules? For example: instead of participating in the limited game of “I want to be richer and bigger than her”, but to participate in the infinite game of “I want to know myself, I want to explore the world”. If you can really expand the boundaries and explore the boundaries, your life will be very different. Because the life of a finite game has a script, and the life of an infinite game is legendary. Finally, please throw away everything you have and free yourself from all the shackles.

7 months ago

If a person wants to get married, but is not married yet at the age of 30, that is basically done. It shows that this person lacks rational and objective cognition and decision-making abilities about himself and the society. People who lack both of these abilities will indeed have a harder life, and their life experience will be even more negative. PS: People who have a long history of 996 in large cities and have a narrow life circle (referring to no more than 10 people of the same age and opposite sex who have non-work contact) are not included.

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