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I am probably considered the rich person in the subject of the subject. The assets in my family are in the ten-digit figure. My personal assets are more than 129,000. At present, the money in the family has nothing to do with me. I don’t have any special feelings, because I am a rich second-generation mainstream, no experience of studying abroad, no luxury cars, no other rich second-generation legendary lives. Introduce my growth experience, you should understand what it feels like to be born in a rich family like me. This answer can be regarded as my personal life experience. It is quite long, so you can read it slowly if you are interested. I was not born in a wealthy family. My family grew up slowly when I was in junior high school, so I grew up and became a rich second generation. I was one of the first batches born in the 1990s, and my hometown was in a county-level city in the middle of China. When I was very young, my family was extremely poor, because of some external reasons, I was heavily in debt. There is no shingle on the inside and no place to stand outside. I have been living in my grandparents’ house. Then my family went out to work. When I was over 2 years old, my parents left home and went south to Wenzhou. Then my grandparents went there one after another. I went to live at my grandma’s house. My family has never owed foreign debts to me, and I am still very grateful. When I was in the fourth grade at the age of 10, my family returned home due to my education. At this time, the family’s foreign debts had been paid off, and there was still money left in my hands. At that time, Wenzhou had not yet entered the fast lane of development, so my parents earned the first pot of gold through real estate projects. This money was also considered a coincidence. So now I also think that if you want to succeed, the time, the place and the people are right. Indispensable. My father was a veteran junior college student at that time. My mother was a sports graduate and graduated from a teacher’s college, so he was more savvy, especially in business. When I returned to my hometown with surplus money, I became a rich man. Although the family earned the first pot of gold (it was still very small at the time, the specific amount is not clear, but it is definitely not less), but after returning home, there is no skill, no support from nobles, and no mastery, and my father is used to big hands. Yes, there are many people in Wenzhou, so they are extremely uncomfortable after returning. They can only rely on my mother’s meager salary to support the family all day long, which lasted for half a year. At the turn of the 2000s, China officially entered the 21st century. At this time, my father had the idea of ​​doing business and wanted to open a repair shop. There was something wrong with the Gust inside. My dad drove to the repair shop at home, and he fixed it with a few masters abruptly.) It was out of control. When I was 12 years old, my dad had opened three chain stores. Up. He once told me that the market is very important, and the service is more important. The first step is to seize the market quickly and serve well, and business will naturally come. To this day, seeing the success of Haidilao, I understand that what my dad said is true. It really makes me feel that my family seems to be rich, and it seems to be different from others, when it is at the stage of my second and third year of junior high school. I bought a suite in the best local real estate in my home, 128 square meters (my family invested in this real estate), large floor-to-ceiling windows, sunlight can shine into the entire bedroom, and a large bathtub, which is satisfying for me at that age. All the fantasies of a mansion. Until now, I work in my old home, with tall buildings standing next to it. I moved to the city early. There are also several new houses here. I still live in the oldest one because it contains all my youthful memories. One day after school in the second grade, a bright black Volkswagen Passat was parked at the school gate. My mother was standing next to the car, smiling at me softly and beckoning to me, the goddess Fan was full. I walked over, and at that moment, I felt all eyes focused on me. I learned the footage from the TV, opened the car door, and sat in. All of this was like an unreal dream. When I went to school in the afternoon, my classmates gathered around and asked me. Growing up, I was envied by everyone for the first time. At that time, let alone Passat, many people never even took a car. I still remember this incident still fresh, as if it was right in front of my eyes, so that later, like Mr. Zhao, I invited all the bar people to drink and bought more than 200,000 watches, but I didn’t feel envied by the whole class at that moment. It was the focus, and I became a rich person in the mouth of others (the second generation was not rich in the name). But when my family got richer and richer, they spent less time with me. I was originally a day school, and my living expenses ranged from 100 per week to 2,000 per month. I was young and didn’t understand. I thought it would be nice to have money. Slowly Did I find this kind of life really what I wanted? I was happy when there was no money in my family, especially after I was in high school, I changed from being an obedient child to a problem teenager. In 2005, I was admitted to the best high school in our local area. My mother rewarded me with a laptop, Nokia mobile phone and 10,000 yuan for me and my classmates to play. That was 10,000 yuan. I never touched it since I was a child. So much money. That afternoon I went to dinner with a few classmates, singing, drinking, the oldest three-piece suit. We enjoyed it all the time. It was the first time to smoke China, the first time we didn’t come home at night, and the first time we took a taxi to go to the city to play in the evening. After returning from the urban area, standing on the rostrum of the junior high school playground, we were proud to say brotherly words. Back then, we were still young and young. Now, we are going our own way, it is difficult to meet again. I only spent less than a thousand, so I also learned to save money at that time, and planned to save money.My parents invested in many ways to become a huge wealth, and I went so far to go to university. In 2006, my mother saw the opportunity to invest and build a factory in the outskirts of the county seat to enter the agriculture and animal husbandry industry. The momentum was huge. As the first local company that fully complied with the government’s development policy and the first large-scale local enterprise, at the opening ceremony, the mayor (County-level city), the deputy mayor in charge, and the director of commerce all participated. I accompanied my parents. I stood in front of the stage for the first time and appeared on the local newspaper and TV station for the first time. I felt very vain. My age is vanity. It was also since then that my parents worked hard for their careers. Except for my grandparents and grandma, I seemed to be forgotten. It was also from that time that I experienced the pleasure of money. In the first year of high school because of revealing their riches, they were blackmailed by gangsters in the alley opposite the school. They were also beaten. The next day, none of them ran out of school. Their parents found me and asked me to let them go. They were still children. I know that this is all my parents did. I felt the benefits of money. But I lost my freedom for three years in high school, not physically but spiritually. I can’t do anything outside for an hour. They all know. The small city is so big. They can send someone to find me immediately, give me a preaching and give me a wad of money. This is their usual trick. Then I became more vigorous. I went to school during the day, rented out the night at night, lived by myself, and had a girlfriend, my elder sister, who learned to dance, a goddess in the true sense. The first time it happened between me and her, I seemed to be a Adults, with a fixed income and objects, don’t worry about the future. I admire myself very much. I just play around but I never lose my studies. I played in this way for two years until my third year in high school. My parents decided to send me abroad. At that time, their business was getting better and better. Many of the children of my friends were planning to go abroad. They wanted me to join the country. In the army. The only time I had a violent argument with them, I became no longer obedient. I think I have the ability to decide my own life. This is the illusion that living alone has brought me over the past few years. I am nothing without my parents. Then my dad and I had a long talk, an equal dialogue between father and son. On the roof of my house, I talked about my studies, my life, including my girlfriend. The final result was a compromise between the two sides. I promised them that they would take the college entrance examination first, and then leave after taking the exam, otherwise they would go abroad. That year, my girlfriend went to Wuhan to go to university and encouraged me. I started to prepare for the college entrance examination. My basic foundation was good. I learned literature from my early 400s to 450, 500, 520, and 570, so I went step by step. Going forward, I was admitted to the School of Law of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law with a score of 601 when I finished the college entrance examination. That summer vacation was also the best summer vacation in my life. I spent more than 10,000 to lose weight and exercise. I lost more than 40 catties and gained abdominal and chest muscles. Then I tried my best to test the driver’s license. Because of my family’s reasons, I could practice from morning to night and get the certificate in only 50 days. My dad gave me his eliminated top XJL. At that time, XJL cost more than 1 million. , I finally drove a luxury car through my efforts (hahahahaha, just kidding, it is indeed my own hard work). Then I took the plane that everyone envied at the time, took my girlfriend to see the world, went to Chongqing to see the intersection of the two rivers, watch the Jiefangbei, and experience the charm of the mountain city. Go to Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, make a vow of love at Jiming Temple (later it is said that everyone who went to Jiming Temple broke up, as expected), and witness the vicissitudes of that era in the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum. When I went to Lijiang, I chatted with friends from all over the world in the bar, and hugged and wept on the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Happiness is real happiness, but the root of all this is money. Without money, I am nothing but an ordinary student. In the midsummer of 2008, when I was going to school, my mother bought me a Jaeger-LeCoultre watch for more than 200,000 yuan, and bought me a suite near the school. I can finally live a free life by myself. When I packed my luggage and started the car, I saw the name of my hometown on the highway and passed the toll booth. At that moment, I knew that my youth might end. I told my girlfriend that my future path might have been arranged by my parents. Well, she said she would stay with me forever, but she didn’t expect this sentence to become a joke. My parents’ business is booming, and my love ends without a problem. When I went to university, my living expenses did not increase but dropped. It was only 2,000 yuan, which was really not a small amount at the time, but I was a bit too accustomed to it before, so I had a conflict with the subject. This is something. Under my control, I lived with the subject. Those two years were really a fairy-like life. I went to class during the day, went for a walk with the subject at night, ate and ate, and my parents sometimes came to visit me on business trips. It feels addictive. But the contradiction has gradually emerged. I still had surplus food in my pocket, and living expenses were better than nothing. She felt that I should spend money in a planned way. I thought I was very good to her. She should not restrain me in this aspect. I have the right to bring in one or two friends by the way. There are males and females, and they will definitely not mention them. I definitely won’t ask for money. She thinks this kind of people don’t treat me as a friend and think I have money to occupy me. Cheap and justified, I am a big man certainly can’t say anything, life just like this. But it finally broke out in the sophomore year. A trivial matter, the two broke up and parted ways. She has an internship in her junior year. There is a unit in Beijing with good conditions. She wants to go. I think it’s good in Wuhan, but I didn’t say it. In fact, I can go anywhere after my family graduates. Anyway, before I was in high school. In a different place, I just said casually wherever you go. She said that I had this attitude and began to criticize me in terms of thinking and morality. The criticism I remember is roughly as follows: “We are all grown-ups, why can’t you have a plan for your life? I was one year older than you, and I went to work a year before you. This opportunity is good for me. I don’t want to give up, and I will stay with you in Beijing after graduation. But what about your attitude? You don’t have a word of quasi-word if you want me to go. You’ve been like this since high school. Anyway, you don’t mean to let me stay… “My reply is basically as follows: “You said that this opportunity is good, then you go, I will pass by after graduation, don’t I want you to stay? It is better to live in two places? I respect your idea, in Beijing I will go over after graduation. In Wuhan, I can ask my parents to find a better job for you, and even let them start a company in Wuhan. We will fight together. You think I don’t care, I don’t care about you, but I don’t want to talk about it. “As soon as I said this, I regretted it. In her eyes, I have to rely on my parents for everything. Even if I don’t think so, I can’t change it in my heart. In this way, she packed up her things that night and left, and then went to Beijing, I was dumbfounded. During the period, I had another girlfriend and broke up before graduation. She has been single in Beijing. Then I went to find her. In my heart, she is the person I really want to marry and have children, and stay with me for life. I never thought of breaking up with her. I have been used to her for so many years. I compromised. She decided to resign and go back to Wuhan with me. In the end, because the girlfriend we talked to after breaking up with her came to me, we broke up completely. She stayed in Wuhan, and I went home to prepare for the civil service exam. During that time, I was heartbroken. I completely lost my lover, my first love, and I decided to stay with the woman for my life because of a mistake I made. In this way, my youth completely ended. In 13 years, I was admitted to the civil service. I went through the Bureau of Justice, the village secretary, and then went to the Economic Investigation Brigade of the Public Security Bureau. In 13 years, my mother was elected as a prefectural-level city people’s congress representative. In 13 years, I was born again from Nirvana and plunged into work. Instead of taking over my parents’ property, I became a glorious servant of the people. I haven’t fallen in love for five years. Later, I met my high school classmates, we Hand in hand into the palace of marriage, now the marriage is happy, the family is happy, and the work is smooth. Later, my wife and I went to the street and met my first love, just as it was sung in Eason Chan’s song: “You appeared in the coffee shop on the corner of the street. We will stop talking about the past, just a greeting, just say a word, say a word, Long time no see.” Looking back, it is really a hundred years. May you be clean in the days to come, and you will meet with tenderness when you look up.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

I always thought my family was very poor…because the friends around me have mines at home. My mine is the smallest, the least, and the least valuable. You need a loan when you are so poor to buy a villa. Both sets are loans. Because of poverty, I have been very sensible since I was a child. Those friends who drive sports cars, go to nightclubs, raise horses, and play with sister paper, I can only study silently. Those little friends went to the capitalist country to become corrupt and degenerate. My family could only hire 5 tutors to fight for my college entrance examination. Those little friends who like a certain brand of clothes buy the brand’s agent and wear new styles every day; I can only go to their store and choose what I like to buy. The hard work pays off. The children of poor families have been in charge early, and I finally passed the 985 exam. At the age of 18, I went to school far away from home, only to find that everything was fresh. The newest thing is-my family doesn’t seem to be very poor. Not only is not poor, it seems to be quite rich. Not long after I was in college, I was dragged by my brothers in the dormitory to play online games. There was a brother who was making money while raising his account. He made a lot of money. In order to make money, he disregarded his brotherhood, and often did not come to team up with us or help. I am curious how much money he can make. He said he can make 2,3000 in a month. I am quite puzzled, does this little money need to be made in the game. He said how to raise an account without making money? I said, can’t charge it directly? He said how much money can our students charge up, do they not eat? So I charged 50,000 yuan in his incredible eyes. The bedroom was boiling instantly! The second thing is that the school has to cut off the power at night. We always feel unhappy when we play online games, so we usually go to the Internet cafes to continue. Later, the school stopped going out at night and had to overturn the wall. I’m a little annoyed, so let’s all move out. I asked my local roommate to check the prices of nearby houses. He looked around and said that the cheapest two rooms and one living room was 850 a month. I was shocked. I said it depends on the price of the house, how to look at the price of the rent. He was stunned. Then I called my mother and went to buy the house. The bedroom exploded in an instant! Later, when I graduated, the number of houses increased by 60%. My mother complained that I didn’t buy a few more sets, and one roommate lived in one set. After that, I got another name called Fu Erdai. Very funny, I am the poorest in my hometown. People say that there is nothing sincere about rich people, and my roommates are pretty good. Apart from joking, they have never treated me differently, nor greedy my money. But some students are not so friendly. Some people like to sing K and clubbing. I don’t like it, but they always take me. Because I will pay. I don’t care much about these little money, but I’m not stupid. This feeling is not good. Some people will hook up girls with ulterior motives as my friends. I was extremely disgusted with this and found out that I immediately broke off friendship. Of course, there are also some good treatments. For example, some beautiful women at the class flower level will give me autumn spinach. This has never happened in my hometown. Even the little girl next door at the table is richer than me. If I dare to do anything wrong, her bodyguard can immediately interrupt my dog ​​legs. I met many girls in college. I like poems, so some talented Chinese students who are well-known for reciting poems against me; I like to play football, so there are a group of girls who don’t like football to pretend to be fanatic fans; I like to play online games, so some girls dress up as fans. I like the role of the game. Dazzling, really dazzling. In the end, I chose the girl with the biggest breasts as my girlfriend. It feels good to have a little money at home. I think. I really want to be rich forever! It is a pity that things are unpredictable, and Feng Shui takes turns. A few years ago, my father was seriously ill, so he handed over the business to a relative. The relative was not very professional. He was pitted when mining a new mine. He invested in a mine that was completely inconsistent with prospecting expectations. In addition, in those few years, the mine market was not good, the capital chain was broken, and he was in trouble. And I’m talking about marriage with Faculty. Xihua said that we had different personalities and we broke up. amazing. We got along for a few years, and she told me that she had a disagreement. Ok. There was no property to take care of at home, so I went south to find a job. When I first arrived in Guangdong, I met my former roommate. At that time, the family funds were very tight. My house hadn’t sold yet, so I asked him to borrow some money. At that time, relatives were unwilling to lend us money, so he gave it to me without hesitation. Who says there is no real heart around the rich? I got a job in a foreign company. Fortunately, because I always thought that my family was poor, I maintained the style of hard work and worked very hard. I could not sleep for several days in order to complete the task. After joining the bank, his performance has grown well and his income has doubled. My dad didn’t leave me many assets, but he left me with a hard-bearing heart and a good brain. After I had almost accumulated in a foreign company, I quit my job and started my own business. Countless entrepreneurial ventures, repeated defeats, repeated defeats and repeated battles, just like Edison invented the light bulb, finally found the way to the right taste. How does it feel to have money at home? Gives you a good starting point, but not all. Who can guarantee that you will be rich for a lifetime? Accidents, accidents, luck, market conditions, policies, capital chains… everything may bring your existing back to its original shape. Some of my childhood friends, some sit in the air, get drunk and get drunk, get into bad habits, and lose their wealth; some are smarter, farsighted and more capable than their parents, and carry forward the family business and make it to the market. It is good to have money at home, but you also have to have the ability to settle down.

8 months ago

Ordinary family, college living expenses are 2,000 yuan per month. One day my mom cleaned up my room and found a red envelope in a corner I didn’t know. There was 1,000 yuan in it. My mom decisively shared the spoils with my dad, each 500 yuan. The couple tacitly chose to keep it secret. A year later, they told me that my dad was so happy that he went downstairs to buy cigarettes in the middle of the night. My mother was excited to go to Taobao to place an order. The next day they bought a roast duck and a trotter because they paid it back. Mortgage, they cut unnecessary consumption, my dad changed to a cheaper brand of cigarettes, my mother hasn’t bought new clothes for two months, and the meat at home has been reduced. I’m so stupid that I don’t even know that I’m in the room. I hid the money, so far my mother hasn’t told me where I got the money, saying that I’m really big. This is the time I feel I’m richest. The money I accidentally dropped relieved my parents’ anxiety about repaying the loan. I look like a rich person who is so rich that I don’t remember where to put the money. That red envelope should be my New Year’s money, given by my relatives. I didn’t have time to deposit it in the bank. Fortunately, I have some money at home and my relatives will not be too tight. Fortunately, I can still save the new year’s money and rely on my money, so that my parents can live a comfortable life for a few days. This is my ideal rich life. I got the wrong answer, but I saw it late at night and wrote down what I did. Good night everyone~

8 months ago

The comments all praised my father for being awesome. I heard people around him praise his father for his good temper and righteousness. The most praised is the elegance and calmness. I think the most powerful person in the family is my grandfather, who participated in the Battle of Songhu is the fourth batch of supplementary troops to enter Shanghai. From the elders in the family, I learned about some of the old man’s experience. The family agreed that the most powerful person is to defend the family and the country. Nothing else is worth mentioning. Regarding the explanation of my father’s gambling, no one took the set, no one took the set, really no one took the set. Because of two consecutive large capital losses, he wanted to supplement his losses by gambling. This kind of life-saving psychology made him more and more trapped. Now I wake up, except for playing mahjong with family and friends during the Chinese New Year, and I no longer participate in any gambling games. Gambling is a very bad thing, and a fluke for nothing will destroy the will of many people. Then about me chasing the director of political education with a knife… is a very bad example. Here I once again apologize to the director of political education, for any reason, it is wrong to hack people. After graduating, I had a good relationship with the director of political education. A few years ago, I had a late-night snack and drank a few cups in my hometown in the countryside. Since 2006, my father’s new industry has been ups and downs and wants to make quick money. I want to bet on a wave of market value doubling or hedging with spot futures, causing the capital chain to break, and there are thousands of reasons for its collapse. He is the only one who is not greedy, not anxious, and does not seek great development, and is as steady as an old dog to keep up with the pace of development of the motherland. Now the family is not considered rich and expensive, but also worry-free. The benefit of the experience in the first few years is that after I understand people, I will immediately be separated from them. Understand the horror of human nature in life and work, and become indifferent. It doesn’t matter. Whoever does something without a bottom line I also think that human nature is like this, and those shining points are commendable. The subconscious will cherish the friendship and family feelings that are hard to come by.

8 months ago

I am now in college, and I have been frugal in terms of food and clothing at home after so many years. The clothes are basically Taobao, and the price ranges from tens to more than a hundred. There are a small number of branded clothes in the closet, including five, six, eight, and nine hundred. Shoes are only a few hundred dollars but not more than a thousand, and occasionally I will wear shoes made by the factory at home, which is comfortable. AJ has never bought it and does not plan to buy it in the future, (‾᷄꒫‾᷅) To be honest, I still think that people who buy a pair of shoes with thousands of dollars are really too rich. Why do they spend so much money just to buy a pair of shoes? Things like clothes and shoes that can be worn and make people wear comfortable are my only buying criteria. As for the brand or not, I think the large T-shirts bought on Taobao are not inferior to Victoria’s pajamas. With that money, I even want to eat hot pot and recharge to read novels. I don’t spend tens of thousands to buy a brand-name bag. Until now, I don’t know the names of all kinds of big-name brands. It may also be the reason why I focused on reading before. I have bought two or three thousands of bags before, but I always feel so distressed (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥∀°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`) To be honest, this money is enough for me to eat many dessert shops. …I will purchase some cheap bags from Taobao. I think they are cute and the quality is good. It is also very convenient to carry them out. There are two or three more expensive jewelry, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands. Skin care products will be more expensive. It will cost about two to three thousand to buy a set of skin care products. After all, the ones used on the face are no better than clothes, and the brand may be better. I will buy a few hundred masks, and then buy a new one when I use it up. I don’t make up much, and I buy very few cosmetics. In terms of eating, I have a light taste. I eat less meat and no seafood. I am not interested in western restaurants. I prefer ordinary Chinese food. Even at home, I go to vegetarian restaurants. To put it bluntly, I’m a picky eater… I don’t like raw food, spicy food, seafood, animal liver, and Korean food. I like soy milk fritters for breakfast. I usually eat rice noodles. I eat pork ribs when I go out. Rice and ramen are satisfied with one book. Everyday at the dinner table at home is to have porridge in the morning and evening, and there will always be two or three dishes on the table. But it is also a little girl’s preference. Usually, I buy milk tea once a week, and occasionally go to eat hot pot or buy dessert cakes, which is relatively small. The hobby of entertainment does not burn money, and the cost is very low. I don’t play any games, I haven’t played Glory of Kings, and I don’t have the opportunity to recharge. Recently, I am addicted to Moore Manor and related animations. By the way, I sincerely recommend a wave. Believe me this is really fun (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) is especially suitable for adults like us. I do not enter Hanfu Lolita and do not play cosplay. I have no interest in following stars. I like to go shopping but I control my shopping. I like it but it is too expensive and the price is low. I don’t buy it. I like it but I still don’t buy it at home. I like it but I don’t need to buy it. Referred to as white shopping for prostitution. The only thing I am interested in and spend money on is to read novels and animations, all the year round, I am talking about platforms and b-stations of all sizes. The recharge of online articles is about one hundred yuan a month, and a dozen yuan for big members of station b. Recently, I fell in love with Wenhao Stray Dogs (✧◡✧) and became an extreme double black kitchen. I strongly recommend everyone to watch this anime. Osamu Dazai is a damn attractive man. There are also various stations at station B that I am satisfied with, such as Ohuang Maple, Hanako-kun, Tanjirou and so on. My taste is still a bit naive. I occasionally review my childhood anime, Kuro Magician, Journey to the West, Legend of Nezha, Rainbow Cat and Blue Rabbit and the Seven Heroes.

8 months ago

I look at you with envy. Mankind has accumulated thousands of years of wealth. All the knowledge, insights, wisdom and art are like gifts specially prepared for you; the prosperity of science and technology, the prosperity of culture, the prosperous city, the fruits of modern civilization are opened up layer by layer, you can enjoy it to your heart’s content ; Free to learn a language, learn a craft, enjoy a movie, travel to distant places. Many people, you have been free to explore your own interests since you were young; many people have entered the age of no confusion in childhood; they are not confused about what they like and what they don’t like. The barriers between people are broken. You can make thousands of friends worth a toast with just the same hobbies. You have the right we once dreamed of-the right to choose.

8 months ago

Answer this question anonymously hahaha. My father started a company, and my mother didn’t work, so he was a wealthy family. The first feeling is that life is really convenient. There is a nanny at home for cleaning, washing and cooking every day, a driver at home to pick up and drop off, and a regular chef to cook for guests, and then you don’t need to buy food by yourself? Someone will deliver all the fruits and vegetables directly to the door. It probably saves some steps in ordinary people’s life. Many rich people don’t need to buy things by themselves, because others will send them hahahahaha. The second feeling is that they feel that they are much wealthier than their classmates. When I was in elementary school, everyone was envious and fantasizing about the person driving a BMW and Benz at home, and then I realized that I already had one at home. At that time, I was young and liked to show off my wealth. I often went to my classmates complacently and told my classmates that I was criticized as a liar in elementary school. Then I went to junior high school and found that I became one of the few children in the school with Porsche and Bentley. When my parents sent me to school, the car stopped at the school gate and was photographed several times by my classmates. I remember many people in class. I discussed which person the car belongs to in the school, but I am usually secretly proud in my heart, not dare to say because I am afraid of being scolded by my classmates like the elementary school. (It’s not an international school, a very ordinary elementary and middle school, not a child from a first-tier city. When I was in elementary school, there were almost no international schools.) My most touching and happy point is that I have the right to go all over the world since I was a child. I traveled abroad almost once a year at the beginning of elementary school. By the end of my sophomore year this year, I have been to 17 countries and have never been to South America. I really enjoy traveling, and every time I go abroad, it’s not just pure play. I have signed up for summer camps and study tours in various regions. I have attended junior high and elementary schools in many countries, which is really interesting. I have lived and studied in the United States alone since the third year of junior high. Now I am a sophomore in a top 20 university in the world. The international students I meet are all from well-off families and hardworking. The environment and platform are very important. Personally, I don’t often buy luxury goods, my mother will buy them. I will visit Taobao. It is really convenient. In fact, many brands can only order on the official website. You can’t buy multiple brands together, which is very troublesome. I don’t buy luxury goods often because many international students around me have bought all the luxury styles. I don’t know what to buy, but if I see something I really like, I will go with the trend hahahaha. Like winter coats, umbrellas, shoes, I will buy more expensive, because I feel that this is more tasteful [I saw some people questioning why my international students can still use Taobao, I all collected three or four boxes of things in China and shipped them together with FedEx When I came here, I usually shop online on amazon and other official websites. ] It doesn’t feel much, it’s just so happy, because I’m an only child and the whole family spoils me so much. I don’t need to worry about anything. My dad tells me to live happily every day. He will do everything for me, but I He did not disappoint. The year before last I received six offers from the top 50 universities in the world and three with scholarships, which can be regarded as an explanation of his cultivation of me in the past ten years. [The six schools I enrolled in the first 50 are ucl, kcl, uoft, McGill, ubc, ucsd. Now uoft philosophy is studying, not a schoolmaster, and gpa is not high, not to mention that my parents paid for me to enter, and I don’t have the money to get me in.] Maybe many people think of rich people as drunk and gold fans, but in fact, these people are also ordinary people, with the ups and downs of life and all kinds of regrets and fortunes. Both ordinary people and wealthy people have the possibility of subversion, and working hard is the long-term solution!

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Our family is doing municipal engineering. The money is not good. I remember that when I was a kid, my dad said that he was going to ask for money, and then he gave a sack of specialty products (remember it was a bun). Then I have lived in the village since I was young, and the house was renovated a few years ago. My parents are also very simple. When I was young, my mother was beaten up by my mother for spending two to three hundred yuan in red envelopes. Later, I was also very frugal. When I was in college, my living expenses were about 1,500. My mother always told me to save some money for our family. I was nervous and running out of money, so I was very inferior at the time. I met a good girl in college because I was poor at home and I was afraid that I could not catch it. But before that conversation, my parents gave me the impression that our family is very poor and bankrupt at any time. One night during the winter vacation in 18 years, my dad suddenly asked me to take him out for a walk. Because I was boarding and living in the kindergarten, my parents were very busy, and there was relatively little communication within the family, so he happily strolled in the village together. My dad just babbled, saying that the project was not good for the past few years, and then basically all the money in his hand was loaned out. This year, because of the rectification and crackdown, an investment sandstone farm owner was arrested and then paid for it. Lao Ren transferred a few houses. I was stunned at the time, because I lived in a small courtyard since I was a child, and I liked living in that kind of building, which was of a higher grade. I asked, “What kind of house are you selling? Isn’t our house just this small courtyard?” My dad said that some of the previous projects had landed many houses. “Many sets!!!, how many?” More than twenty sets. (Mostly in Xi’an) Since then, I feel that my life is not so stressful anymore. Occasionally I will brag, saying that our family has more than 20 houses in Xi’an, although I have never seen those who put books on it. I don’t know if more than 20 sets are considered rich, I’m afraid Was sprayed and concealed.

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I am really happy to see many friends encouraging me to affirm me. A young lady reminded me to protect my privacy and not to expose the information, I will delete it. I don’t care if I doubt that I’m making up stories. I’m posting here to share my own family affairs and my own thoughts. Back to reality, I feel the benefits of superior conditions at home, that’s it, I’m very content. I sigh again that the hard work of grandparents, parents, and two generations of hard work has allowed my brother and I to have such a good life. There is no return, but we can only live up to expectations and work hard! Another bb sentence, I am a human being and not a fairy. I don’t eat dragon claws. I’m getting fat, friends! If there are friends who want to know me, I can send you a private message to let you find me and chat together. I won’t hide it. Some of the comments are really scary. The words are like knives.

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In fact, I have never felt that I am a wealthy person. The idea that my parents instilled from childhood is that money can be spent, but relevant planning must be done. Don’t buy what you don’t need. Use the best necessities within your ability and don’t pursue famous brands. , Everything starts from the practical point of view. If you choose business law (in layman’s terms, inheriting the family business), it may be because of the parents’ help that the starting point is higher, but it is not what I want. In my personal knowledge, people still have to be willful in life Pursue your dreams. I will not post a picture in this answer to prove that I am rich or anything else. The spirit of the bar retreats on its own. I think that if I am composing a story, I can look at it as a story. I personally have no opinion and most of them don’t. I will be back, thank you for your understanding. I would like to express my gratitude to the netizens who have followed me for this answer. I am a senior show fan (basically every draft is discussed but there is no fixed pick). The Seine (currently downstairs, if the river is in the general election period, you will pay more attention), will follow the stars but not very zqsg (selective bp, natal rationality spends money, the wall does not cost money), knowing the content is also a star chasing A little more, because I am just a rookie, I usually only pay attention to academic issues silently and do not speak. If the style of painting is not what you imagined, you can always check it out. Thank you for your understanding.

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I count it. My parents started in real estate in the first-tier cities, and now they are turned into funds. I am the only child. My experience may be different from that of most family properties. My parents are two very simple people. My dad’s most extravagant clothes are still the short-sleeved Fan Sizhe bought 20 years ago. He said that at that time he thought he was a high-paying class, and he wanted to dress as noble. At that time, my father and mother spent most of their salary on buying clothes. But since they started their business, they have lost interest in luxury goods. My dad is a stubborn + clever + stubborn person. Now he doesn’t buy and likes anything to show his own identity. Our car is of the BMW x5 class (I know this car is not cheap anymore) but for 10-figure, many people have already driven top sports cars. He is not interested at all. His hobby is to buy a tram, not a Tesla. He wants to buy a domestic one because it is cheap. He also hates traveling, and his biggest hobby is to study how to make money and help repair plumbing at home. My mother is a dashing person + who doesn’t pursue material things too much. She doesn’t like buying and buying every day. She said that money gives her confidence and allows her to do what she likes freely, but she hates to use money to define herself. Stack up signs to show your identity. What she usually likes to do, travel? Often travel alone. She traveled all over South America by herself, although she could hardly speak English. I admire her courage. She likes the original and natural beauty, and the home decoration style follows wabi sabi. I am a rich second-generation soft-shelled turtle. The atmosphere at home is very good. I grew up heartless. My parents did not strictly supervise me, but an open education. When I was young, my happiness was the main focus and my study was a supplement. However, this also caused me to learn generally (in fact, very poor) when I was a child. As I grew up a little bit, the situation slowly changed with the consciousness of hard work. When I was young, I was looking forward to traveling abroad during the holidays, and decided to study abroad. (I know that China is better when I go abroad.) I just went abroad to go to university and I met a lot of rich second-generation friends. Some like to buy, buy and buy. I followed and bought a bunch of them. As a result, I haven’t learned the essence of human beings, so I bought some earthy and expensive things. Although my parents didn’t approve of my taste, they only offered suggestions and didn’t stop them. It’s good to be happy if the bear child is happy. However, the mentality gradually calmed down, and now the desire for luxury goods is much lower. Probably because almost no one around me does not carry big-name bags, which is a bit rebellious. Slowly I feel that studying abroad is valuable if I don’t forget my original intention. After all, the appearance is not worthy of the interesting and intelligent soul. The study abroad circle is mixed, there are ordinary family backgrounds but particularly excellent grades, and there are families who are on the rankings and are in prestigious schools. I was very lost in it, and now I am slowly looking for my own path. Actually, I’m not sure what to write. If I have any good suggestions, I’ll add them.

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