First of all, we can know that Dark Harvest is a dominating rune. Since each layer adds 5 points of damage, what is the meaning of this rune’s number? In any case, every cornerstone rune has its function and meaning in it, and this layer of 5 damage is the meaning of the harvest of darkness. It can be understood that if there is no layer calculation, then the dark harvest will only hurt a little bit, and the residual blood will only cause extra damage. If you don’t understand me, in other words, the extra damage of residual blood can’t cause actual effect. It is precisely because of the existence of this number of layers that the rune of Dark Harvest has meaning, and it gives a rune the possibility of infinite growth of damage. This is the meaning of the number of layers. Update on July 28th. I admit that there may be some problems with my own game understanding, but why do so many experts in the comment section like to challenge me? The game understands that this kind of thing is different for everyone, why are there always so many people who like to pretend to be like a professional player to fuck me. I really don’t understand. In my game understanding, the early stage of Dark Harvest is not very useful, and the later stage of the team is very powerful. Isn’t it a late rune? I fight back, “I don’t want to read the first sentence, Dark Harvest is a late rune.” Then your dark-harvesting demon girl and the opposite electrocution demon girl are lining up together. I don’t need to say who is better. Excuse me, in the current early laning, which damage rune does not have higher returns than Dark Harvest? There are too many comments, and I, a normal player, dare not entertain, and I can’t afford it, so I closed it. The following is the original answer. This rune is very special because it is the only late-stage rune in the dominance rune. Let’s first look at the description of the dominance rune: do you see the explosion and close means? Eruption, a close approach, so Dark Harvest must be positioned in line with it. However, in the game, with dark harvest runes to line up, there is no such thing as an outbreak. At most, it will give you a residual blood sign to tell you this enemy. Heroes can trigger Dark Reap. So, Dark Reap is not an explosion in the complete sense. On the contrary, I think it is a late explosion rune because Dark Reap can always be stacked, as long as the higher the number, the higher the damage, and the continuous killing. The cooldown is extremely short. When the soul level reaches 25 or more, a blow to the residual blood is equivalent to electrocution. However, the damage of electrocution is fixed, and the dark harvest is not. The more it is in the later stage, the higher the damage. Do you think the hero in the canyon, with Does the dark harvest all lack damage? Obviously not. For them, the dark harvest is the key to a continuous bonus output in the later stage. Participate in kills to refresh the dark harvest. Compared with the four sophisticated runes, it is more biased towards standing output or grouping. Witchcraft Rune is different from the dark harvest on the line. It is the outbreak of the residual blood in the later period because in the later period, the residual blood is also easy to have the opportunity to counter-kill, and the dark harvest is to prevent the occurrence of counter-kill.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

My cub friend named Wu Zhongsheng has developed a general sluice routine. K-headed male spear is the ultimate hunter of the soul harvest belt. It is fully armored. There is no wind dragon 16-level big move for about 30 seconds. There is wind dragon according to the specifics. The number of bars can reach 20s. Everyone knows that the armor-piercing male gun hurts. After level 6, you can walk around while you are in the wild. You can run any way you like to fight. There is residual blood that sprays all the way down. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to save. The number of soul layers can be mixed with assists. On the road, Jian Ji and Carmel were fighting in the 1v1 men’s battle, both of them had blood, but a male spear shoveled and a r Jian Ji died far away. Jian Ji was stunned, and Camille was stunned. My friend joked that my routine is fireworks and male spears, and fireworks all the way to fight. You can think of soul harvesting as a single-triggered instant damage. The comet has a trajectory, it is a delayed damage, fast movement speed and displacement can be avoided. The conditions triggered by electrocution require three independent attacks. The conditions for soul harvesting are particularly simple, as long as the blood volume is less than 40%. So it’s the best talent for death songs. Another effect of this talent is that if you don’t kill the hero after hitting a layer, you will enter a super long cooldown. So there is another meaning: frequent fights. Applicable heroes are nothing more than a few, wild core like Leopard Girl Mantis Death Song Ike in the jungle position. Or the fire man in the auxiliary position. The jungle position keeps wandering gank catching people and invading the wild area, which perfectly meets the conditions. In addition to assisting Huo Nan and mid laner Zoe, the other positions are not very suitable. Although I know that the electric shock burst is indeed the highest, but the cooldown is long, the trigger conditions are more demanding (in terms of long-distance k heads), the soul harvesting trigger conditions are simple, a wave of team battles can be played five times, more than 2 times the damage is better than electric shock It’s impressive, and it can satisfy the collecting addiction of people like me. “Which confident wild nuclear player has the talent of electrocution?”

7 months ago

Another option to enhance the burst. Look at the other cornerstone runes of the dominance system. They are all this concept. The precious and unique feature of this talent is that the combo (participate in the kill and reset the cd to 1.5s) + other cornerstone runes are not as good as the other cornerstone runes. The growth attribute of 5 points is too low, and everyone is too low. When it comes out, large neutral units and large enemy units will drop at 8 points when they die. The basic attack is triggered. There is no cd. The next basic attack is triggered. Take ten people to play with five people with black harvest. After the stubborn head is developed, the effect is far more than electrocution in the middle and late stages. If you hit the wave group, you will hear the black harvest puff puff puff, morbid, then you will take a kassadin level 6 fight in the middle of the game. It’s worthwhile that other assassins at level 11 will take over the game. T1 deserves to be remade into the current version, which is more in line with the original intention of the design. Generally, I will bring it down to the 20th or 30th floor when I play the Mantis Death Song. At least one of them is not the all black thunderbolt, but the mainstream of each line. When the conqueror’s level is low, the level of two attributes is the same. Ask the meaning? If it doesn’t exist, you can’t play it, you can’t stack it up. Next time you bring Thunder. If you bring it, you can stack it, you can harvest it, and it’s cool. Then the player can realize the meaning of this talent.

7 months ago

The significance lies in the harvest. The characteristic of this rune is that it can be triggered by a single damage, and it refreshes very quickly after participating in the kill.

For example, if you are in a group, it is normal to trigger five dark harvests, and it is normal to trigger five dark harvests. In fact, the damage caused by two triggers exceeds the electric shock.

And for some heroes who are easy to trigger the Dark Harvest, triggering a damage over electrocution in the mid-term is an overrun operation.

7 months ago

It’s quite interesting to see this question in the middle of the night, so let’s discuss it with everyone. There is this kind of jungler. Their first time to exert their strength is also the period of time when the game is full of space. It is when the jungler comes out, such as Leopard Girl, Ike, Dragon Girl, Praying Mantis (some The first one likes to direct the blade). They usually bring dark harvest and enlightenment shoes. Why? Because under normal development, when the jungle sword comes out, it is usually when the shoes come out, probably when the second dragon, they will bring the jungle sword, and some will have a ring, dark harvest, a magic A wave of small dragons of shoes took off directly. However, I recently watched the game more like the sub-lace aura cloak, I personally think that passerby round shoes are better and more common. Okay, let’s get back to business. Why is the Dark Harvest strong? In fact, it’s just one sentence. The benefit of triggering twice is greater than that of electrocution, and it’s triggered once in the later stage is sometimes similar to electrocution, and sometimes even higher. Those who bring darkness to harvest are all wild fathers, the kind of wild fathers who are their own fathers. So this rune is a loss for hitting one person, but hitting two people or even more people, as long as you don’t die violently, then you can think of it as a maximum of five electric shocks. How long is a wave of team battles? 20s is considered to be a long time, and the electric shock is one time for the 20s, and the darkness has been harvested more times. Of course, the dark harvest is not used for laning. If someone harvests the laning in the dark, it is either fish-fried or self-confident, and the other is…I don’t want to say bad words. Because of this rune alignment period, you can understand that there is no rune, which is equivalent to a robot with a comet, a male sword with aftershocks, and Xerath with a strong attack.

7 months ago

After reading a few comments roughly, they seem to be talking about the meaning of the dark harvest, but the subject of the question asks what is the meaning of the five points in each layer of the dark harvest. Let me talk about my personal understanding. First of all, although Dark Harvest is a rune that grows infinitely, it is not a rune that can be used in later stages, unlike the little Fasaien. The strong period of dark harvest is the mid-term. (On the damage provided by the number of layers) If your rhythm is good, you can collect 10 layers in the mid-term, then 50 points of extra damage, at this time the opponent is about 1k to 2k blood, and the dark harvest is generally used to hit about 1k blood It’s crispy, the extra 50 points of damage at this time is actually quite impressive, it can’t be said that he is dispensable. In the later stage, the 20 layers of Dark Harvest dealt 100 additional damage, and the significance of this layer really weakened. ps: My favorite hero with dark harvest: auxiliary Lux, the number of layers in the laning phase, the mid-term team Luden adds a dozen layers of dark harvest, and the damage is considerable, and then the classic golden murder book mixed started to take over the game, very happy . (Don’t spray weak, I admit it is weak)

7 months ago

Mainly it has been weakened too much. This rune has a 45-second cd, so no one on the line will take it. The electrocution is only half the CD, and the damage is even higher. As a result, many junglers are no longer taken. Even if you kill 15 people, the damage done by the dark harvest is not as good as the electric shock. Each trigger plus 5 points of damage is much inferior to the high basic damage of electrocution (120 points difference of 18 levels is equal to 24 layers of dark harvest) and the adap bonus. The original intention of this rune is to constantly trigger in team battles. But the interval of 1.5 seconds is awkward. Even if the level is higher than the opponent, there is a talent that is more suitable for carry, such as the conqueror. Moreover, the early stage of the dark harvest is also weak, slowing down the speed of snowballing. The trigger condition of the Dark Harvest is also a problem. You must have the ability to instantly hit the enemy to half blood, and then kill it. Or you can easily harvest the remaining blood heroes. Otherwise, a dark harvest that only triggers once is not as good as electrocution. And you must not have a better option like the conqueror and you must be a jungler. The current version of the mainstream with the dark harvest is only Ike’s Death Song Kayn. You can choose to bring a leopard girl. Spiders like the praying mantis have given up the dark harvest.

7 months ago

Regarding Dark Harvest, it’s also a menstrual issue. Let’s talk about the advantages of Dark Harvest. The strongest point of Dark Harvest is that his trigger condition is below a certain value. Only through damage can we trigger the deadly rhythm compared to other damage talents. As long as it causes damage It will trigger, with a constant window period, strong attack, it takes three basic attacks to trigger, conqueror, 12 layers, electric shock, three independent damage, cluster blade, flat a trigger, comet, skill damage trigger, Ellie, Ping a is triggered, indestructible grip, fighting for four seconds, Ping a is triggered, and aftershocks also have a built-in CD. In other words, except for the harvest of darkness, all talents will have false touches and invalid damage. Criticize heroes, rely on the head economy, team value is single-click kill, harvest and damage source CD is longer, such as Ike, such as Mantis, such as Lan Kai, the meaning of his dark harvest is to ensure that these heroes come from talent when they need to deal critical damage. The key point of comparison with electrocution is that electrocution cannot be used as a supplementary damage. It can directly lower the blood line, but it cannot be killed after you lower the blood line, and there is cd in electrocution, but after the dark harvest kills The CD only takes 1.5 seconds, and the dark harvest after the 22nd floor, the damage is higher than the electric shock. Each has its own advantages. According to the proficiency and the game selection is the last word

7 months ago

Don’t talk about damage, the 30-layer dark harvest with bonuses is almost the same damage as electrocution. 1v1 or even 2v2 are hard to compare with electrocution. Nowadays, the pace of the game is generally fast. Generally, it is good to have 20 layers in the game. But the key point of Dark Harvest is that the cd will be reset to 1.5 seconds after the kill. As long as a wave of small or large groups triggers more than 2 times, the damage is higher than electric shock. Electric shock 30-180 (+0.4 bonus attack power, +0.25 ability power) cd 25-20s dark harvest 20-60 (based on level) (+5 damage × number of souls) (+0.25 bonus attack power) (+0.15 ability power) cd 45s Participate in killing and recharge for 1.5s. Electrocution basically has no shortage of damage, and can continue to survive in a wave, and play multiple rounds of damage output characters, such as Leopard Girl, Mantis, Lan Kai, Ike and other heroes. Of course, these heroes are electrocutioned. The set of damage will be more sufficient, but if survival can be guaranteed in a team battle, Dark Harvest can deal more damage and give a higher upper limit. Although heroes such as Enchantress and Jie are not lacking in damage, the hero who is most on the line side, electrocution can not only increase the outbreak, but also strengthen the consumption of the line. Because of the skill cd, it is difficult for this type of hero to strike multiple bursts against multiple enemies in a short period of time in a team battle, so basically it will not bring darkness to harvest. What electrocution needs is to damage the line, and make up the burst, and stably play a high burst of singles. Dark harvest requires a higher upper limit, the possibility of infinite stacking (although there are few stacks), and multiple triggers on the team battle end. Anyway, the dark harvest is still very fragrant

7 months ago

The copyright belongs to the author. For commercial reprints, please contact the author for authorization, and for non-commercial reprints, please indicate the source. It’s very simple, the number of layers is like a task, which will bring excitement to the player. It’s like a dog-headed Q-soldier who assists in beating and adding money. Give a reward mechanism. And the damage added is not too low. The Fireman Death Song is especially suitable for the Dark Harvest. It is easy to trigger 3.4 times in a team battle, as long as it is not crushed. In this way, each layer is 20 damage, and the number of layers is added every time it is triggered. Especially for the assistant mage, when there may not be much financial resources to develop a high magic power, this talent benefit is higher than that of electrocution. But this is just a design idea. In actual combat, it was too difficult for the Dark Harvest Headwind to use the aftershocks to help, Bang Hard Aoun, and Vampire Sword Demon to accumulate the number of layers. In addition, mages such as the Fireman Death Song are relatively weak, especially the Death Song, which requires a lot of proficiency to be used well. At a higher level, if you want to harvest abuse in the dark, others can even tactically bypass this c and take care of other people in fights. The headwind returns are poor, and the suitable hero is not suitable for the version, and there is a risk of being targeted. But it is still the most fun talent I think, because it’s really cool to save souls at once. Smash Bros. When you can get a suitable hero, you will definitely get it, and then take the dark to harvest.

Last edited 7 months ago by stockin
7 months ago

The dark harvest is really meaningless. I could play at 8 before, but now it’s quite tasteless. Infinite firepower is even more tasteless when it is 2. But if it is the dark harvest under the Almighty Stone, it is meaningful and can enhance other talents.
It’s nothing more than abusive food, some very good trigger heroes such as the Leopard Female Spider may click on it, in fact, I refuse it!

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