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Joey Yung and Chen Xiaojun cried each other because of the lyrics. Who noticed Jiang Yingrong’s actions? The program “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves” has been ridiculed as the sister who makes trouble since the first season. After all, there are three women in a drama, and 30 women can’t make trouble. Due to the unprecedented success of the first season, the second season also attracted a large number of sisters who want to become popular. Even the eldest sister Na Ying, who has an unshakable status in the world, came to join in the fun. The people who eat melons were all waiting to see how Naying “cleaned up” Cecilia Cheung. After all, Cecilia Cheung and Faye Wong were embarrassed, and Naying was Faye Wong’s good best friend. Unexpectedly, Na Ying and Cecilia Cheung became good friends. Although Na Ying refused Cecilia Cheung’s team request once again, she moved Cecilia Cheung with her thoughtfulness. Cecilia Cheung, who has been spit out by the audience for dancing and paddling, has also made great progress under the guidance of Wang Feifei. I thought I hadn’t watched it lively, but I didn’t expect Chen Xiaojun to start acting as a demon. In the latest episode of the program, Joey Yung and Chen Xiaojun cried because of a conflict between the lyrics. However, this conflict was actually caused unilaterally by Chen Xiaojun. Joey Yung is still the captain this time. The players are Jiang Yingrong, Chen Zitong, Chen Xiaojun, Jiang Luxia, Lu Yi, and Zhang Xinyu. Because the schedule is about to come to an end, the result of this competition is very important. And the song they got was Li Zongsheng’s “Sing to Myself”. The first half was the bass that required the singer’s charm, and the second half was the treble that required the singer’s range and pitch. Both Na Ying and Jiang Yingrong, as professional singers, said that the song is very difficult, but for laymen, the first reaction is that the high pitch is so difficult. As soon as everyone got the lyrics, they started to research which passages they could sing. Zhang Xinyu flipped through the lyrics for a while and said that she had crossed out everything she couldn’t sing. Naturally, she crossed out the high notes in the second half. However, Zhang Xinyu’s main consideration is to be afraid of affecting the overall effect. She feels that the high pitch may not rise up by herself, which will affect the performance of the entire team at that time. Hearing Zhang Xinyu’s muttering “It’s so difficult”, Chen Xiaoyu told Zhang Xinyu, “Let me tell you which one is easy, AE, the latter are all high”. Chen Zitong was also discussing with Joey Yung and found that the high notes were all behind. Joey Yung said to Chen Zitong: I didn’t think you should sing very high. She thinks that sometimes it is easy to release, but how to collect it is difficult. So Chen Zitong asked Joey Yung which part he wanted to sing. Joey Yung said, let me divide the lyrics for you first. I can sing anything. The music teacher also said that it is necessary to consider the distribution of lyrics from the overall degree of completion. “Overall completion”, as the name implies, is that you should not only consider yourself, but also consider the overall effect of the entire team. The competition is conducted in a team, and no matter how good the individual performance is, the team won’t get high scores.
However, the teacher’s words did not help. Chen Xiaoyun told Jiang Luxia next to him, “I think A is simple”, so he directly raised his hand and told the teacher that he wanted to sing A. Lu Yi next to him didn’t know if he didn’t hear it or did it deliberately. Just after Chen Xiaojun said that he wanted to sing A, he immediately asked who would sing A? Chen Xiaojun took the conversation and talked about himself. Lu Yi’s first reaction was: In the beginning? Zhang Xinyu was also speaking next to him: But I think A is very important, and the person who enters must sing steadily at the beginning. The implication is that Chen Xiaojun’s singing skills are simply not good. Chen Xiaojun also admitted that she could not sing well, but she insisted that singing well must be difficult to sing. The difficult part she thinks naturally refers to the high-pitched part in the second half. Hearing Chen Xiaojun’s words, Joey Yung showed an expression of disapproval. She then walked up to everyone and said that A should sing the charm, but G is more free. But before Joey Yung could finish her words, Chen Xiaojun interrupted her directly and told her that although she was a layman, she felt that she couldn’t sing G-segment. This passage is very inexplicable. Before the lyrics have been divided, Chen Xiaoyu first assigned himself the task of singing A, and then heard Joey Yung disapproving of her singing A, and fell into the master thinking that Joey Yung wanted her to sing G. From beginning to end, Chen Xiaojun never considered the feelings of other players, nor did he consider whether he was unable to sing well, whether he had to sing A would drag the whole team back. Lu Yi and Zhang Xinyu, who are also unable to sing high pitches, both expressed it in a euphemistic way. The opening part needs someone who can attract people as soon as they open their mouths to sing. But Chen Xiaojun only thought about herself. She felt that she couldn’t sing difficult, so she should sing simple, of course. Whether the effect is good or not is not in her consideration. She also feels that those who are good at singing must sing the difficult parts. Is there a sense of “I am weak, I am reasonable”? And there is a bit of moral kidnapping. Joey Yung tried to communicate with her, but was interrupted again by Chen Xiaojun as soon as she spoke. She talked to herself and began to assign tasks to other people. She said that CDFG is difficult, and Joey Yung and others should be allowed to sing. After hearing her words, Chen Zitong raised her head. She felt that the first sentence at the beginning was very difficult and needed emotional preparation. It was not possible to sing the words in tune at all. If the beginning is very weak, the high pitch will make people feel a sense of separation, which will affect the score of the entire team. But Chen Xiaojun still insisted, and I couldn’t sing later. To be honest, Chen Xiaojun is really annoying to see here. You came to this show to ride the waves and break the comfort zone. You don’t want to make a breakthrough at all. So what are you doing? When everyone is thinking about the way out for the whole team, she is the only one who babbles that I can’t sing, you should sing the difficult part. As if others were born for her incompetence, can she not do things that she can’t do? That Zhang Xinyu can’t sing high notes like Lu Yi, so why does she think she should sing A? Obviously Joey Yung was also uncomfortable with her taken-for-granted attitude, so she said it directly, but Chen Xiaoyu said that if I jumped the best, I would definitely jump the hardest part. In other words, everyone has said so clearly, she still insists that I am weak and I have reason. If you are strong, you must take care of me. Seeing that the atmosphere began to be embarrassing, Jiang Yingrong, who was sitting next to Chen Xiaojun, could only come out to make a round, saying that everyone was doing it well. Lu Yi and Jiang Luxia, who were sitting next to Chen Xiaojun, are already sitting on the ground. And when she was talking, everyone turned their backs to her, and it was obvious that they didn’t want to listen to her. Joey Yung is still trying to explain to her that the high-pitched part of this song is actually easier to sing than before. Waiting for the meeting, Joey Yung once again euphemistically expressed that the previous part should be performed by their professional singers, because this part is really difficult for Chen Xiaoyu and others. But Chen Xiaojun still insists that he can do it, so the music director Liu Zhuo said that he asked everyone to perform live performances based on the existing word segmentation, and let them feel whether they can do what they want to sing. So Joey Yung asked everyone to sing according to Liu Zhuo’s intention, which was equivalent to asking Chen Xiaojun to try out the A section. Unexpectedly, Chen Xiaojun was still dissatisfied, and actually felt that Joey Yung was forcing her to make a fool of herself. She said that she was not self-confident, and she had to have time to prepare to sing A, but Joey Yung asked her to sing now, which is equivalent to forcing her to prove that she was not competent, so she could only sing the high pitch instead. I have to say that Chen Xiaojun is really good green tea. Does it mean that she can neither sing the high pitch nor the low pitch, she is completely dragging her back, but she is still so confident? If she is facing a group of men, I am afraid that someone will already come out to accuse Joey Yung, but unfortunately everyone is a woman, and they understand her tricks in their hearts. Jiang Yingrong was the first one who couldn’t stand her, so she rowed her chair directly to Joe Yung’s side, and Lu Yiyi, who was sitting next to Chen Xiaojun, comforted Chen Xiaojun. However, Jiang Luxia on the other side did not pay attention to Chen Xiaojun at all. With her personality, it is estimated that she could not understand Chen Xiaojun’s style. Eventually Joey Yung was forced to cry by Chen Xiaojun. She said that she just wanted to solve the problem. She is the captain and she can’t just care about herself. She has the responsibility to take care of the entire team. Joey Yung said to Chen Xiaojun in a low profile, if I hurt you, I’m sorry. The next wonderful thing came, except for Lu Yi staying to comfort Chen Xiaojun, everyone surrounded Joey Yung. The most funny is Jiang Yingrong, she sat down on the table next to Chen Xiaojun. Then Jiang Yingrong kept comforting Joey Yung in this posture, without even looking at Chen Xiaojun. Thanks to Chen Xiaojun, the sisters’ precious rehearsal time was wasted because of her crying. Joey Yung still said “I’m sorry” to Chen Xiaojun until the meeting ended. Anyone with a discerning eye can see that Joey Yung is not at all wrong in this matter. However, after receiving criticism from netizens, Chen Xiaojun also posted a Weibo about green tea. In her post, she didn’t mention a word about her unreasonable troubles. Joey Yung did not mention her apology, and even when she mentioned her in the post, she only said “calling” instead of “thank you”. Regarding the troubles and losses that she caused to the team, she may not feel that she was wrong at all. Instead, she blamed the netizens for just eating melons. With this attitude, she really understands why she can’t become popular.


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8 months ago

What do you fear and hate most in the workplace? The first is an unscrupulous boss who squeezes employees. The second is the ability not to sell miserably. First, the suffocating colleague who is also good at beating a rake. She obviously doesn’t understand but is so self-confident. If she doesn’t listen to you, she will cry that you bully her. Everyone is a hard-fought social animal, should they all feel the same way? Unexpectedly, I actually saw a very familiar workplace drama in the variety show of your circle. It reminded me every minute of the fear of being dominated by former colleagues of Bai Lianhua. The melon was produced in “Lang Jie 2”, and the parties involved are Joey Yung and Chen Xiaojun. Joey Yung doesn’t need to be introduced. The Hong Kong music scene (or Chinese music scene is not an exaggeration) is the last queen in singing and dancing. The Mesozoic female singer Yiqi Juechen’s existence has nothing to say about her strength and performance. His works and coffee There is a proper first-line.

8 months ago

I’ve seen the pen-hold shot version of her one and two males (of course, I have read the pen-hold shots of almost everyone), the general feeling, but it is not lost. It is worth mentioning that “Come”. In the pen-hold shooting version, because all the sisters almost stand in a line at the beginning, all the opening shots of the pen-hold shooting version of “Come” are her, and she really looks very nice in the front row. Stunning, maybe there is a bonus for lighting, her complexion is particularly white, which is very conspicuous compared to the sisters in the same group. Before the show started, there were two groups in my mind that I thought would definitely be there, namely Naying and Joey Yung. The reason is not to say, this season’s two kings and kings have fought cards. As for who is the king and who is the king, I will discuss again, but in my heart, the ancestor is invincible. After the broadcast, I didn’t know how to say it, they were all very good, especially Zhou Bichang, but the other sisters are not bad, Zhou Bichang is bound to be a group. If there are still seven people in a group, I don’t know who is really worth it for the remaining group positions, but the people who are eliminated in each period feel a pity. However, the variety show “Unzip” allowed me to find the treasure of Chuanjie. Out of my continued love for comedians, like Jin Chen in the previous season, the personality of the old show fan also won my heart. I decided to be Lu this season. Once you make a call, hahahaha, you will pick you up. Well, Lu Yi’s native creative theme song dances too funny.

8 months ago

At first I didn’t see who she was, but later I found out that it was the heart of Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace. I thought this girl was pretty good, fair and beautiful, and good at dancing. She couldn’t sing, but the show can fix the sound. ~But I always feel that I don’t know why I always frown, so I don’t like her very much. This time there is a word segmentation incident. First of all, I don’t want a stick to kill someone, but I still want to analyze it slightly towards her: Chen Xiaojun is a layman for vocal music. He has no breath and can’t use force. He has a big white voice. His voice is very vacant and has almost no pitch. First of all, she was scared when she got this song. She knew that she could not sing the high notes at the back. She can sing loudly. The difficulty lies in emotion and sound processing. As a layman, she feels as if she can practice it. In her own cognition, she can sing loudly in the front, and skills may be practiced in the back. The treble can’t go up, and there’s no sound at all. It’s obvious how to choose. Then Zu-e tactfully rejected her. But after all, she is a young and beautiful girl (later made more beautiful), she is also good at dancing, swimming, and she seems to be able to do gymnastics. She must have been a little arrogant before she was beaten by the society. If you don’t let me try, just say I can’t, my pride and self-esteem have been broken, and my mentality collapsed~ and the scene froze. In fact, if Zu-e can let her try it, the situation may not collapse. I can probably guess Zu-e’s mind, and I will have a quiz the next day. What else to try? I’ve been singing songs for so many years. Can’t you tell the level of your little girl in the film? But Zugo has a good temper, and because Putonghua is not very good, he is afraid of saying the wrong thing, so he is more cautious in wording, and has been tactfully persuading. I remember that there was a very good sentence on the barrage at the time (our Zugo is just good-tempered and patient. You think she’s not a queen?) If both of you are wrong in this matter, then Zu Goe may have been wrong because of his good temper~ Chen Xiaojun, graduated from Chinese opera, has gone, and is unwilling to believe the opinions of professional singers. If I can’t sing the high pitch, I’m probably dominated by the fear of losing his voice on the spot. I left the basic courtesy of being a human being. Someone knocked on Zu Go’s door that night. I also expected Chen Xiaojun to apologize, but Jiang Yingrong turned out to be Jiang Yingrong (Later Jiang Yingrong was eliminated. What a broken show), I was so disappointed, I broke the cute filter of the heart, and I will only be the brainless pink sea female warrior Jiang Luxia in the future.

8 months ago

Joey Yung fans look at problems with filters, and of course they will pick Chen Xiaojun in every possible way. In this group, I don’t follow anyone, and simply summarize the story from the perspective of a ruthless robot. Chen Xiaojun believes that technically, he can’t sing high notes, so he can only sing AE. Joey Yung and others think that A is very difficult from the performance of songs, and Chen Xiaojun can’t sing A. Then the two sides are tangled, I want to sing A, you can’t sing A, I want to sing A, you can’t sing A… It looks big! This coincided with the prediction that Joey Yung and Ador were discussing the 9-person team in the room. Here I want to say that, to be honest, Joey Yung does not perform as well as Rainie Yang in the position of captain. (I want to explain here, I have always had a bad impression of Rainie Yang because of certain political rumors in the early years.) Rainie Yang is very decisive. Whoever comes to the co-show, then compare it with everyone. The performance is very good, right? I said you can’t refute it. Reason. Yang Yuying is definitely not strong enough in dancing, which cannot be refuted. Yuan Shanshan, although she did dance poorly, Rainie Yang said that you are not as good as Cecilia Cheung in high heels. Yuan Shanshan is also self-aware and accepted. Yang Yuying and Yuan Shanshan can’t participate in the co-op show, so go to the opening show. That just needs to pose, it’s simple. OK, it’s clear. But Joey Yung failed to convince people. Although Jiang Yingrong and Chen Zitong have been looking for remedies, saying that this is the contradiction between the singer and the actor from different perspectives, I think this is really not such a high-level contradiction. It is too much for the two of them. These two are the most basic communication. smooth. Let’s talk about Joey Yung first. You say that the other party can’t sing A. Can Chen Xiaoyu solve the problem if he doesn’t sing A? No, the problem still exists. Rainie Yang’s Yang Yuying and Yuan Shanshan couldn’t dance cooperative dances. They could go to the opening show because it was simple. Is the problem solved? solved. So the question is, if Chen Xiaojun doesn’t sing A, which part of Captain Joey Yung is going to let her sing? I watched the program for a long time and didn’t find Joey Yung gave a constructive answer. I’m so worried! In a real workplace, employees say that they can be qualified for the A position through training, and hope that the boss will do it well. Then, the normal boss will give three options to employees. 1. Your job is not suitable, you have been fired. 2. You are not suitable for each position. You can fish this time without doing anything. 3. Although you are not suitable for each position, I think that relatively speaking, you can go to the B position, and you can make do with the B position. For Joey Yung, neither 1 nor 2 can be realized, but 3 can be realized. But Joey Yung only said that you are not suitable for A, and did not give PlanB. Besides, Chen Xiaojun’s mistake was that she did not give constructive questions. Facing the negation of the leader, what I have to do is not only accept it, but also ask, how do you want me to solve it/how should I solve it? Sure enough, Chen Xiaojun did not raise any constructive questions. This is how the two riddlers solve the problem. Thank you both for letting me know how effective communication is at work. Let’s talk about Chen Xiaojun’s reluctance to sing live. Liu Zhuo’s EQ is not enough. He can say that you sing it separately for me to listen to. Let me give you a reference. It happened that he and Joey Yung chose to let Chen Xiaoyun sing in full view. With a cry, Chen Xiaoyun collapsed. This method of direct and public execution is indeed inappropriate. Chen Xiaojun doesn’t care about public punishment. The problem is that this method seems fair and democratic, but it is not fair because there is no control group. There is only one sample of Chen Xiaoyun singing A in this experiment. The fair way is to let ABCDE sing and choose the one that sings the best. This can completely convince Chen Xiaojun. But the reality is that without a control group, Chen Xiaoyun can’t sing A for whatever reason. Maybe A is the best passage she sang. Therefore, when the song is difficult, word segmentation is really troublesome. If the captain is not iron and blood, he cannot establish absolute authority. Then everyone should practice all the words, and then make a decision. (The actual direction of the plot is also the same in the end)

8 months ago

The fact is that Chen Xiaojun sings any paragraph will have to pull the hips than others. Chen Xiaojun thinks that singing A will be more subjective and feasible, and will be less hip. Others think that since you pull the hips like this, it is definitely not suitable for the A segment in a professional perspective. You should listen to the organization’s allocation. Chen Xiaoyu must consider that his ability is poor, and he must choose the best solution that can show up and go brilliantly. Otherwise, the overall optimal solution must be sacrificed. That is to say, the huge contradiction between the overall optimal solution and Chen Xiaoyu’s personal optimal solution cannot be reconciled.

8 months ago

I don’t want to talk about green tea, but the “controversy between Joey Yung and Chen Xiaojun” is really wrong with Chen Xiaojun. I am very opposed to “contradictions arise, and both must be at fault.” Chen Xiaojun is indeed selfish in this matter. She chose to sacrifice the interests of the team for the sake of “self-expression.” Although being a low-ranked sister who was on the verge of elimination, she was afraid that she would end up like Xuan Lu, so she decided to fight this matter emotionally and there was an understandable element. But relying on crying or putting moral pressure on others is indeed very bad, and it is not worth promoting. If Joey Yung did not cry in that situation, it is estimated that public opinion would be overwhelmed by Lan Yingying last season and be attacked by the entire network. If Chen Xiaoyu’s self-protection is determined by popularity, then Joey Yung’s self-protection is entirely due to Chen Xiaoyu’s moral pressure. Caused. I don’t think that the act of sacrificing fairness by “tagging others for self-interest” is correct. If this is the case, Sister Lang will probably be a girl group for “who can cry, who cry loudly”. This is what I don’t want to see. What I want to see is the self-confident girl group sister who has outstanding ability and who works hard to make her debut.

8 months ago

Chen Xiaojun said that there is a difference between an actor and a singer. But Joey Yung has been an all-round artist in film, television and song as early as twenty years. Therefore, the artists of that era and the passers-by who watched the artists of that era couldn’t understand Chen Xiaojun’s so-called actor and singer’s tea words. And Chen Xiaojun, an actor, did not have a representative to support her remarks. I searched for the 1989 lady’s so-called out-of-the-loop only special performances and tea talks in various variety shows. I am really sorry that she has been advertised. The identity of its actor. I actually don’t have a cold for Sister Lang and only watch the edited version of my favorite singer, but I have to admire Chen Xiaojun’s scheming black and red as well. If she hadn’t bullied Joey Yung, I wouldn’t know such a person. It is destined not to go far.

8 months ago

I agree with the last sentence she said in response to her post: axis, it’s still awkward. I can see that there is so much inferiority and selfishness, and I don’t want to go wrong on the stage of the four men, so I take the initiative to grab a plan that he thinks is the safest. A member who is on the verge of elimination can only hold the straw in his hand, no matter what everyone. Persuading openly and secretly, but didn’t dare to let go, so that he got into the horns. But netizens cursed at one side of their comments, and felt a bit demonized, and it was not enough. ——After watching the 8-minute relatively complete clip, I understand that the entire dispute lies in two main focuses: first, professional singers and non-professionals, the understanding of the difficulty of segmentation. Second, Rong and Chen had no idea about the direction and method of resolving disputes. ——- Let me talk about the first point. I personally agree with Joey Yung and Jiang Yingrong’s statement: Under no accidents, the A section defaults to the strongest vocal, at least the most serious vocal. The first two sentences of the main song of a song are indeed more important, which directly determine the degree of ear-grabbing of the entire song and the degree of engagement of the audience. In group works, the first two vocals are basically performed by the big vocal with superior midrange and outstanding timbre. And when there are more than two vocals in a group, which vocal the first sentence falls on is the strongest indication of the strength of this vocal team. At this point, Chen Xiaojun is in the team and obviously can’t afford it in terms of strength; it is even more presumptuous to fight for this place to show the status of the arena. Her ability and quality can’t support this opening, and it is likely to affect the effect of the entire performance. Starting from the overall situation, if you are willing to give Section A to Chen, who is inexperienced, there is nothing wrong with the overall situation. As for the issue of arranging her to sing high pitch or low pitch, I personally think Joey Yung’s arrangement is actually reasonable and professional. 1. Non-professionals think that the high pitch is difficult but the low pitch is easy. To judge the difficulty of a song, the pitch is only one of the factors. The difference in scale, the ventilation, the opening and closing accent of the word, whether it falls in the voice change zone, etc., will all affect the difficulty of a song. Some songs don’t sound very high, but it is easy to sing and it is difficult to sing. It is because of these “pits” in many cases, but it is often difficult for non-professionals to judge. At this point, Chen Xiaojun is indeed a bit layman to direct the insider. This in itself is disrespect for the singer industry. She underestimates the professionalism of vocal music. 2. Chen Xiaojun said that she could not sing a high pitch, but the natural tone of her speech was clearly higher among several sisters in the same group, even higher than Joey Yung. This is not to say that she pretends, but that she is actually born with the conditions to sing high notes, but her voice is too thin and she doesn’t understand skills, which leads to her lack of confidence and mistaken belief that she can’t sing. As a professional actor, she should know how to vocalize Dantian. As long as a little training adjusts her breath to the singing state, I boldly guess that she is most likely to be able to sing, because her voice is thin and can’t be full of the atmosphere. You can also use ethereal soft falsetto. , Narrative-type songs with thin voice lines and then slightly adapted, may not have some effect. I guess this is why Rong chose to assign the chorus to her. It is a pity that Chen Xiaojun did not break through his psychological fears, nor did he have the patience to listen to the captain’s guidance. 3. The Sigong stage is not full wheat. No matter how you practice a car accident, you can repair the sound by entering the recording studio and pre-recording! but! Emotional expression cannot be cultivated. With the current sound repair technology, the upper and lower 3 semitones are properly repaired naturally and smoothly. When the stage is on the stage, there is a pad of background sound and I add some vocal voices and hum and finish it. But the bass passages, expression and emotional paving can only be sung by the singer’s technique and artistic perception, and cannot be made out of nothing by the sound engineer, let alone Chen performed as a professional singer. Therefore, as a team leader, the answer is obvious. (I feel that Rong is very clear about this guarantee, but as a professional identity and the hidden rules of the industry, she can’t tell Chen clearly in front of the camera.) I’m tired of writing a lot. The above analysis is only from the professional categories of vocal music and singers. As for the second point, the two people did not get each other’s thoughts from the beginning to the end. Everyone’s answers were very thorough. They agreed that this was a problem with communication skills and leadership in the workplace. As the team leader, Rong never understood Chen Xiaoyu’s subtext. , And Chen was unwilling to speak out because he was unable to come to Taiwan, resulting in mutual negation instead of mutual advancement. Neither of them is wronged at this point.

8 months ago

I used to like this girl, what happened to her now? I think there are three possibilities: 1. Bring some tea with the princess’ disease. The first few episodes were just unfamiliar with other people, but after getting acquainted with it, you can work hard. 2. Signed the script with the program team. 3. Before, she had a low sense of presence, and the brokerage team came up with an idea to make her appear as a monster. Personally, I am inclined to the first possibility. If it is just acting, it is definitely far better than her usual level of filming. Regarding this matter, whether the treble is difficult or the bass is difficult, let’s leave it alone. Zuer kept explaining to her that he didn’t trust her, and kept apologizing. As for her, she rolled her eyes just not to listen, and she cried without giving the opening paragraph. I haven’t paid attention to Joey Yung before, but his name is very famous. It can be seen that a person’s personality really affects how far he can go. Chen Xiaoyun has been marketing swimming shots and beauty after Ruyi’s biography. After coming to “Sister”, there is nothing, only one face is getting more and more broken. When arguing with Zuer, I just cut a picture and zoomed in. Wen, so what about the facelift, it still comes from the heart.

8 months ago

Leaving aside performance, I think that if Sister Lang 2 invites Chen Xiaoyun as a coffee position, he will lose his share. Which one of Lang 1’s sister does not have a decent work? How many works does Chen Xiaoyun have? The only one I know is the stepmother in the little parting. It is said that she has a good relationship with Hu Xianxu, who was a teenager at the time. I think young boys should quite like the slightly older beautiful girls. I’m Hu Xianxu, Zhang Zifeng, and Zhao Jinmai’s pair of CP fans. I really like Hu Xianxu’s follow-up in “My P.E. Teacher”, and Zhao Jinmai’s CP feeling is too strong. Back to Chen Xiaojun. Speaking of Xiao Farewell, even if you think of the rebellious little boy played by Hu Xianxu, you would never think of Chen Xiaojun. Her role is not even as important as the previous parents. How famous is her later work? So when such an actor talks about performance in such a show, I can only say. Wave 1 is for young women who lack acting opportunities for exposure, and wave 2 is for older women who have not yet become popular and want to be popular.

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