accept. I encourage children to have the courage to fight, enjoy the endless passion of learning, and feel the true taste of the ups and downs of life. But what will happen to the university in the future, no matter where the child learns, I accept it. Because the thing that touched my heart the most was when I was abroad, while studying for graduate school, preparing to reply, and taking a newborn baby to sleep in diapers. When I was tired to the point of depression and aggravated physical and mental breakdown, my mother told me: survive. , Mom’s request of you is to live in peace. How much you can do is good, it doesn’t matter if you don’t, don’t force yourself, don’t stop answering the phone. There is something to tell mom, don’t stop answering the phone, okay? Write it down, and now it will make your nose sour. I think the most important thing about parent-child love and the bondage of blood is the never-ending and unconditional [acceptance]. Ordinary me, and an ordinary lover, the child conceived will have a high probability of becoming an [ordinary person] in the future. This is a result measured by statistical data from the social level. However, I accept him and love him deeply. I love this unique child itself, not the “normal value” measured by statistical data. I hope that my children don’t have to have any “extraordinary genius, extraordinary achievements”. I only hope that he releases his nature as much as possible in every stage of his childhood, and acquires the intellectual ability that should be illuminated during the sensitive period. After childhood, he always had to make his own way in his studies. Apart from supporting me, I would not set any standards for him based on his academic qualifications. After all, whether “Star Sea” or “Broken Bridge Shoal” is his own journey, he can keep going, don’t give up, just look at the scenery along the way. And don’t not answer the phone, that’s enough~


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7 months ago

As a parent, can you accept that your children are mediocre? I was pregnant with this question and asked my mother. As a result, my mother didn’t reply to me for a long time. When I thought my mother hadn’t seen it, my mother sent me a lot of words. It is very acceptable. Hope that the child will become a dragon and hope that the daughter will become a phoenix is ​​the thought of many parents. Everyone hopes that their children will be excellent. Have you heard of mortal songs? In fact, we are all ordinary people. It is good to be mediocre in life. In this life, we have only a healthy body and a complete family. A good attitude is more important than anything else. Life is alive, love to compare, compare houses, cars, compare tickets, compare fame and fortune. Only when you retire will you understand that plainness is true! Every student who goes to school has great ideals during school. When I grow up, I want to be a scientist, teacher, etc. When I grow up and enter society, I will understand that reality is far away from ideals. After the deadline, body and character are the most important. Without a healthy body, one cannot earn money or support a family. What is happiness? I think that living a plain life, seeing sunshine every day, no illness, family harmony, is happiness. If we lose our horses, we know misfortune and good fortune, living is happiness, you are mediocre in your life, because we are not great men like Mao Zedong. Simply put, rich people live a day, we also live a day, time is fair to everyone, and we will all leave this world in the future. , We are all ordinary people, we just live the lives of ordinary people, and we are contented and happy! I had some tears at that moment. So if you ask me if I can accept my child’s entrance exam, the university is not as good as mine, and I will tell you that I can accept it. At the same time, I am also willing to accept that my children are mediocre, but I really hope that I can not be mediocre.

7 months ago

My husband and I are both at the University of Science and Technology of China. We have discussed my son. The bottom line is to go to a junior college and learn technology. We even picked two majors. The bottom line of my husband has been lowered to a point, and it is really impossible to be a fisherman. We pass on to him all our experience of being a fisherman over the years! I thought about it carefully and thought I could consider going to the Philippines to be a fisherman, contact the local crew, and organise a sea fishing trip. Local prices are extremely low, and the domestic 18th line can’t keep up, so casual tossing is enough to mix food and drink. However, it is acceptable to study poorly because it is related to IQ. Can’t accept that it is not easy to learn, it has to do with cognition. When people come into this world, they should get a good understanding of this world. You need to read more to make fewer detours, because the predecessors have encountered and thought about what you have encountered. We must realize that both the real world and the world in the book are worthy of nostalgia. To learn English well, go out and take a look at the world instead of always letting mothers communicate with others. I like to read, love knowledge, learn crafts, support myself, and enjoy the world. On this basis, there is no absolute requirement for what university to study.

7 months ago

If you open a brain hole… the 18-year-old twin brother in 2035 will come back and tell me in 2021: “Mom, I haven’t been admitted to a good university, even your alma mater can’t even go to your alma mater.” My first reaction and mood should be This way: Then react for 5 seconds, and then ask in a nervous mood: “What about my sister?” The younger brother smiled and replied: “You see my sister is not here, she is worse than me!” [Double Kill. Emoticon] [Double Kill Double Kill. Emoticon] [Double Kill Double Kill. Emoticon] As an old mother, I can only try my best to calm down and continue to ask this big brother who is already 180cm: “Then you guys have a good time Are you happy?” Then I thought with a nervous mood [Little bastard, it’s best to be happy, otherwise old mother I wasted so much effort! 】Of course, I can’t imagine how the younger brother who came back from the journey will answer me next, but the facts that let me recognize it are like the hottest “Hello, Li Huanying” recently. For children, in the value ranking of old mothers, a good college entrance examination is not a necessary option, but it is closer to the wish that you will live better than your mother! In addition, I don’t want to accept it or not at all!

7 months ago

Having a baby is a very sorry thing. For this child who has not been in the world, I do have great guilt. Because of social rules and responsibilities, as well as for my own gender experience and identity, I had no choice but to bring him into this good and bad world without his consent. He was going to be forced to walk around as my child, and he was bound by blood, finances, status, etc. at birth. What awaits him in the future, I am totally uncertain. Because I didn’t have to figure it out completely, and I couldn’t even accompany him on all the journeys. When he was born, the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly, all rushed to him, and when he was in my arms, he would be ignorant, and he didn’t know how difficult life he would face in the future. The only thing I can say is death. And maybe he will send me away, and after witnessing my death, he will be forced to go to his own. Under the sun, there are more children, and more people who are forced to die. I was thinking, when he crossed some of the young moments in his life and finally saw the texture of the deepest part of the world, would he be in pain? Will you be disappointed in the way life itself is, suffering from the judgment of death? As his mother, I knew this for a long time, but I had to let him suffer another forced death, even at that time, maybe he would love this world very much. Just like when I was forced to come, I was forced to leave again. And this painful giving, I am responsible. I thought, if he could come by my side, I would be more careful. I won’t ask him anything, just like my parents never asked me. We try to see more of the benefits of the world, go to some beautiful places, and live some happy lives. I will give him some social rules, teach him how to protect himself with rules, and then on a suitable day, tell him that rules are nothing more than rules. I don’t want him to put on layers of restraints in the cover between life and death. This wronged him too much. My husband and I will do our own life and leave this world as safely as possible. This is one thing in our lives. As for my aggrieved child, I am willing to treat him more tenderly, but that’s all. Because his life is different from mine. The two of us are two seeds on the wasteland that have succeeded in succession. He has his flowers, and I have my fruits. When he comes, I will greet him. When I leave, he can also send me off. Then, halfway through, can be accompanied by a peaceful life. This is already a good life among thousands of people, and there is nothing else to seek.

7 months ago

In fact, it can only be accepted. But I should be able to keep the children well until the middle-aged people suddenly wake up and look back and want a little money to study and learn skills. Because I seem to be close to the age of twenty-six or seventy-seven, I suddenly woke up one day when I felt struck by lightning. I was still a little tired from studying while making money. . . I felt that I was really lucky to walk all the way before. The elementary school I was in, I always thought it was Caixiao, because it was really a food market to the end. Among the classmates, some went to Tsinghua University, some went to stir-fry, some went to play football, and many people really didn’t read it when they were divided. When I was in the fourth grade, I was selected to play in a major sports school. My mother disagreed. The boy who was selected with me just broke the child’s eyes in a fight. He was playing next to the swing very awkwardly. Then the physical education teacher came to encourage us and asked me if I learned how to stand upside down. Now the green app sees that the school district’s housing is increased by 130,000… not very trustworthy.

7 months ago

I guess there are many parents who can accept this. After all, what college to go to does not determine the success or failure of life. So the more spiritual question is: if you are a parent from a prestigious school, you can accept your child to work as a revenue clerk under the arrangement of a street employment assistant, or to work as a security guard at the property, or to perform a security check at a subway station. Clerk? If it can, then our marriage rate and fertility rate may still be saved.

7 months ago

can. We work hard so that our children don’t have to suffer the hardships I have suffered. I just want him/her to be healthy, safe and happy. He/she is an upright, conscientious, brave and strong person. No rapist, no bad habits. I don’t need him/her to get ahead. Although our house has no mines, we no longer need children to sharpen their heads and drill up. I am his/her starting line. As parents, we should be the most solid backing for our children. Only when I am incompetent can I place my hopes on future generations. If you have obsessions, you can’t accept that your children are equal, and you have the right and ability to choose your own life.

7 months ago

My first degree is at the same level as my dad, a junior college in Radio and Television University. My highest education is similar to my mother, she is an evening school and I am an online school. I am thinking about being a family tradition, I can probably accept it. It was the early 1980s when they went to college, and the qualifications for admission depended on the results of the college entrance examination. My dad had a better foundation and passed the exam just once. My mother didn’t graduate from elementary school and was dismissed from the Workers, Peasants and Soldiers University. She went to the Rotary Middle School for tutoring for young workers at night school. After graduating from TV University, I can transfer from a worker establishment to a cadre establishment, and my dad became a programmer from a stevedore. The evening school diploma has the official seal and seal of the industry’s top 10 universities. My mother was a nurse at the time. After receiving the graduation certificate, a staff hospital was willing to recruit her as a doctor. She felt that she had not gone far from home. Earlier, my grandma had a party school diploma before liberation, and my grandma was the first batch of ground navigators trained by an aviation technical school in Northeast China. Grandma got the admission qualifications of Teacher Cao’s alma mater Dalian Polytechnic. The physical examination found that she had been dismissed because of pregnancy, so she had to go home to teach in elementary school, and the normal students trained after liberation sent her to kindergarten. After I got the TV college diploma, I could only work as a supermarket cashier in a state-owned enterprise that helped the urban poor. The main reason is that there is no subway in the local area and there is no subway security post for me. My aunt used to sell tickets on the bus. I knew it was a bad job, so I didn’t want to go to the ticket booth of the bus company’s BRT station. I visited a museum in Beijing before and saw many dark and thin boys wearing black suits doing security checks. It is estimated that they are also similar public welfare posts. There are few such jobs locally, and the treatment is not good. After I went to the museum and added the WeChat temporary narrator sister to become proficient, I went back to my home county to test the museum business editor.

7 months ago

I have been thinking about this question, and the answer has been changing, so I will talk about my understanding. I am a child of an ordinary working class, and the family conditions are generally poor. My parents have realized the transition from the countryside to the county town. I’m smart, left-handed, thinking, and won prizes in elementary and junior high school competitions. The theory summary is very good, that is, the English grade is poor. In 2006, I was admitted to one book. At that time, I just graduated and thought about this problem. I thought my child should be better than myself. At least I had to take a 211 exam. Later, I was engaged in the education industry and has been working in the college circle (selling things to colleges and universities). I have learned more and more about the university, and I also have my own views on education, and I found that my ideas back then were too simple. Now my child is about to enter the first grade, and my thinking is different. I now think it’s good if the child can be admitted to the university, of course, it must be a regular public university. This is the basic stepping stone. Here are the reasons: (1) University entrance examinations have become easier, but good university entrance examinations have become difficult. Universities have expanded their enrollment in ordinary undergraduate, higher vocational, and private schools. 985 and 211 have not increased, and the number of enrollment has not increased. However, everyone’s emphasis on education has increased, so the competition has become fiercer. It is much harder for children to pass college entrance exams now than I did in the past. (2) The competition has moved forward. Many competitions have advanced from the college entrance examination to the middle school entrance examination. 50% of children fail to enter high school and can only go to vocational high school. Now the senior high school entrance examination is what everyone should pay more attention to. (3) Due to various reasons, my development is not very good, and I cannot give my children better educational resources. (4) I found that my child’s intelligence can only be said to be above average, not excellent. On the contrary, he has a high EQ, has a good sense of words and opinions, and has outstanding social skills. Maybe he can’t be a student leader in terms of talent. Educational strategies should also change: for example, I like Go, and I think I exercise my intelligence. I wanted to cultivate my child’s interest back then, but later found out that he didn’t like it and had no talent, so I dismissed the idea. (5) It cannot be denied that entering a good university is very useful, but it takes a lot of money, time and so on. Ordinary people are inadequate in these aspects, they invest too much in academic performance, and may not be able to develop other abilities. The barrel principle, success depends on shortcomings, to develop in an all-round way, and not to train children into high scores and low energy. The above is my own real thoughts on this issue, I hope it can be helpful to you.

7 months ago

Your child’s college is not as good as yours. He must have his own advantages in other aspects, and it may be where you are inferior to your child. Blindly whether it is better than university is tantamount to completely giving up the comprehensive assessment of a person’s quality, blinding one’s eyes and not seeing Taishan. For many people, a college diploma is just a layer of gold on their bodies, whether it is a mortal or a mortal, whether it is a feud or a feud. Disregarding one’s own characteristics and potential, blindly pursuing popular “standards” is a manifestation of childishness and superficiality. If this standard were to be used to force others, it would be a typical self-mistaken behavior.

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