Should the university cafeteria guarantee the demand for rich and delicious dishes? 2. Should college dormitories guarantee the demand for living comfort? 3. Should the university bathroom guarantee the need to take a bath at any time? 4. Should the university boiling water room guarantee the demand for 24-hour hot water supply? 5. Should university classrooms guarantee the need to charge each seat at any time? 6. Should university libraries guarantee the diversification of book categories and the full range of new book bestseller categories? For the above question, the answer to 5 should be: No, after all, the classroom is a place for students and teachers to teach. The classroom can meet the teaching and learning needs of teachers and students, and charging at any time is obviously not within the scope of teaching and learning needs. And 6, the library serves the school’s teaching and scientific research work, and is an academic place. Therefore, as long as there are enough teaching and scientific research materials, it is fully qualified. As for the needs of other categories, it is just icing on the cake. Items 1-4 occurred in the living quarters, where they were all living places. The judgment of living place is very simple, just like your own home. Under the living place, the cafeteria should naturally make good food, not limited to “eatable”, and the dormitory should also be able to satisfy “comfortable living” instead of limited to “able to live”. As for the bathroom and hot water room, the same is true. If you can’t supply hot water 24/7, how can you meet the basic living needs of students? And the network exists simultaneously under the three scenes of teaching, academic and life. In their respective scenarios, the network should be able to meet the tasks of their respective scenarios at the same time. In the teaching scenario, it can ensure the smooth flow of various online services used in the teaching process; in the academic scenario, it can ensure that the access to academic materials and websites is usually fast (computer, network, and communication related majors may have higher requirements, so we will not Taking into account); In life scenarios, the network should be able to ensure smooth network access for life, entertainment, and other work and study. So, do students demand that the campus network can guarantee excessive demand for online games? Other answers mentioned that colleges and universities engaged in the network have poor technology and cannot do it. Then, please do not maintain high fees or even monopolize network services on campus. In fact, many conditions on Chinese university campuses can only meet the most basic needs. Canteens, dormitories, and networks are bad. Everyone acquiesces that “school is a place to learn, not to enjoy.” I don’t understand. Are we living in an era of scarcity in the 1960s and 1970s? Or even the student dormitory is also a place of study, students don’t have to eat and drink Lhasa 24 hours a day to study and do academics? Now that the domestic supplies are abundant, and colleges and universities have sufficient finances, people still have more than ten hours to live after studying. “Study hard” is just a high-sounding reason. The real reason is that the status of students is low and their voices are weak, or rather ugly. No money equals no power; second, lazy government in colleges and universities. I graduated from a low-level 985 university in 2016. At least until graduation, the school’s bathroom is only open 4 days a week and only 10 hours a day; the hot water room is only available for 2-3 hours each day at three times, at night Without hot water, many students who study late at night can only go to the hot water boiler in the teaching building to line up to pick up hot water; the dormitory does not have air conditioning, and the heating is cold in winter; the cafeteria does not say anything, there are no quantitative indicators, just a word of bad; the Internet; Well, the campus network is monopolized. As for speed, even in the laboratory—academic place, I often can’t open a webpage smoothly. This is the status quo of Chinese college students.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

This baby lacks art too much. Why are you mentioning online games? Isn’t this going down the stairs? You should say this: campus network speed is too low, online classes are often stuck, online meetings cannot go smoothly, papers, professional software, electronic textbooks, etc. cannot be downloaded normally, which seriously interferes with the daily study and research work of students and teachers. I hope that the school can come up with practical solutions to provide a good network environment for teachers and students. You said that, didn’t you just block it to death?

7 months ago

Many games do not have high requirements on the network environment. If you can watch online classes smoothly, then playing games will not be too hard.

The problem is that some campus networks are stuck while watching online courses, and learning and scientific research are affected…

It is enough for the school to protect the network environment. As for whether students use it for learning or entertainment, it is not limited by the speed of the network.

7 months ago

Emmmm, I can only say that the guy who reported this problem is very young. But it makes sense to get this answer. Ensuring a high-quality network and ensuring the gaming experience can be one thing or not. I suggest another way of saying it. In an Internet cafe, you can say aloud that the network is too poor and the game cannot be played. The school’s words still say that it will affect you to use online classes. It is better to browse information and the purpose can be achieved. We must delve into whether schools should protect games. . . Different people have different opinions, but there is certainly no guarantee that your study priority is high.

7 months ago

There are two kinds of campus networks in universities. One is the real campus network that can access the resources of the campus. Most of these campus networks are free or have a certain amount of free traffic, excessive speed limit or charge, and they are mainly used for selecting courses, checking grades, and visiting academic websites. Wait. It is understandable that this type of online game is stuck. There is also a network that connects telecommunications, China Unicom, and China Mobile to student dormitories. This kind of network generally charges students a few hundred yuan a year. This kind of network should guarantee the needs of college students to play games. Of course… some schools don’t have that kind of internet…

7 months ago

I remember that when I was studying, the university network was called Education Network, which was different from the telecom area and the Netcom area of general online games. No matter what online games I played, I would get stuck, so it was usually solved by accelerators. We never made such a request during our school trip.

Back to the question, I think since it is a school network, there is really no need to protect the demand for online games. There is nothing wrong with the reply.

7 months ago

Japan’s university campus network prohibits various p2p downloads, and warns once and twice to stop the network. You ask them that the university campus network should guarantee p2p downloads, and they will also block you back with the statement that “there is no legal reason” and that “violating the duty of a student”. Of course, this kind of network is generally free, and you can eat others’ mouths. If it is a fee-paying network, it is not a big problem to complain, but not to mention that the game delay is large, and that the online course application card is completely unusable.

7 months ago

Uh, when I went to university more than ten years ago, the education network and telecommunications network connected to the university were not on the same network. . . You get a fortune when you play a game card through, and even some websites can’t be accessed normally. . . Therefore, it is more suitable to go to the Internet cafe downstairs to play games and watch dramas, or to use the telecommunication network by yourself. . . I remember that the most convenient way is to connect a Unicom or a mobile terminal via wireless, and then go to my bedroom to distribute the network cable. Can not remember.

7 months ago

First of all, I think the Internet speed that can generally meet the needs of online games is more than enough for scientific research or learning resources. But as a school, I definitely hope that more students will focus on scientific research or papers, so they will deliberately limit the internet speed. But in my personal opinion, this is not necessary. People who want to learn, no matter how fast the internet speed is or how many frames the game can run, he will not play, and he will choose to go to the library to study in the study room or study in the bedroom more time. But thinking about it from another angle, will people who don’t want to learn stop playing games because of poor internet speed? No, maybe they choose to play outside school or play other mobile games. Therefore, the school’s set of restrictions on internet speed is meaningless. The poor internet speed sometimes makes it impossible to open even HowNet Wanfang’s papers, which affects the time of those students who really study. But as far as I know, those friends from double top universities such as 985211 on the Guoren APP that I know, no one has complained about the inconvenience of learning or life caused by the excessive lag of the campus network, and more complaints about rushing classes. At that time, the campus network collapsed directly. Hahahahahaha, of course, I still hope that students can devote their time to study or improve their abilities.

7 months ago

First of all, different online games have completely different requirements for network speed. It is roughly divided into two categories. The first category is LOL, CSGO and other competitive online games that require real-time transmission. The second category is turn-based games like Fantasy Westward Journey and Hearthstone. In the second category, as long as the dormitory’s network can watch videos, they can play. But if there are frequent packet dropouts, don’t even think about the first category, or you don’t need a keyboard. I don’t know what happened to Huazhong University of Science and Technology, but the campus network of my alma mater is a proper campus network. According to the school’s network center, it will be upgraded every year, but the actual situation may be that the speed of broadband upgrade is not as fast as the speed of enrollment expansion. I know that some people have used 2G Unicom in the student dormitory. In the past 15 years or so, playing dota2 frequently dropped packages. In the end, the mobile phone is used to open the hotspot to continue the game. Finally, back to the question, should university campus networks guarantee the demand for online games? My answer is that colleges and universities can try their best to satisfy, but there is no obligation. It seems that some schools have computer rooms, and the original intention is to make it easier to choose courses for those students who don’t have laptops in college. You asked whether the computers in the computer room of my university should be installed with popular games to protect the playing needs of some students? Then I can only say that it is unnecessary.

7 months ago

The little-known Shenyang Aeronautics and Astronautics University became a “net celebrity” because of a notice that the campus network blocked online games. The notice stipulates: “From January 4th, all students are prohibited from accessing all game websites through the campus network, and college students are prohibited from accessing and connecting to the server for related games.” The next day the ban was enforced, it was ranked 8th on the Weibo hot search list. Why do the internal regulations of a school attract the attention of netizens? What kind of nerves and memories are affected? Questioner: College students are adults. Why should the school interfere? According to a survey report on students from the Communication University of China, 50% of the respondents said they often play online games, while only about 8% said they never play. It can be seen that the restriction on online games has had an impact on many students at school-“you choose whether to play or not”, “all adults, and you are responsible for yourself”. Those who question this rule think this is personal freedom. , The school should respect the wishes of the students. “The campus network is the school that provides resources for the study of teachers and students. It is reasonable to prohibit access to game websites during work and study hours.” Associate Professor He Jundong of Kunming University of Science and Technology believes: “Playing games can be done in other ways and during reasonable rest periods.” In fact, the ban announced by Shenyang Aerospace University is not “severe” or even a little irrelevant. It stipulates that the time when the game website cannot be accessed is from Sunday to Thursday from 23:00 to 6:00 the next day, and many schools directly stop power supply during this time period. There are also schools that prohibit the use of computers to play games in the dormitory, or include “playing games and watching movies” as activities that should not be engaged in self-study in the dormitory. He Jundong said that he could not agree with such regulations. He said: “Do you have self-study in the dormitory? The dormitory is not a place for study, but a place of rest. It is not a classroom for class and play. Students should be allowed to spend a reasonable time, Arrange your own leisure activities reasonably.” Followers: The painful experience of those “being stayed up all night” roommates is in Zhihu, about “How to evaluate the Shenyang Aerospace University campus network, which prohibits students from Sunday to Thursday from 23:00 to 6:00” In the “Playing Games” post, those who voted in favor were those roommates who were disturbed by “roommates yelling and playing games” and were unable to sleep. Many of them have even graduated for many years and still feel that they cannot fall asleep normally every night. The experience of driving crazy” is still fresh in memory-He Jundong said: “This will ensure that good students have a good environment, and will not be affected by gamers in the middle of the night. A good rule is the protection of normal rights. If the school If you fail to maintain order in public places, the above situation will occur.” With the popularization of the Internet, university dormitories that did not have the Internet can easily access the Internet. This new situation brings new problems that test school management. The wisdom of the readers, while not affecting the normal entertainment life of students, needs to safeguard the interests of most students. He Jundong said: “Schools should properly ease this demand. If you say no simply and rudely, it is likely to cause students to play in the middle of the night or go to Internet cafes, and the Internet cafes will have fun.” Trend chaser: Management after the principal takes over “tyranny.” “? Most “net celebrities” get fired up by the gossip behind them, and this time is no exception. It is said that when the Shenyang Aerospace University’s online game ban was first implemented, it was banned at all times. The official notice was not issued until after it was on the hot search list, and the time of the ban was changed to a non-weekend night. This statement of changing orders at night is a reason for people’s curiosity, and it is also a reason for pushing up “search volume”. Not long after the change of principal Shen Hang, some people speculated that such a system was introduced by the “three fires of new officials”. Some netizens questioned the management ability of the school, and some netizens imposed such a coercive approach from the perspective of public power arrogance. Make criticisms. Whether it’s the principal’s performance or the opposition between public power and individual rights… these have firmly grasped people’s concerns and virtually pushed up the search volume. Regardless of how the incident develops in the future, when it comes to online games, reporters will remember that a classmate was dismissed after a week of eating and living in an Internet cafe for playing games. I hope that there are as few exceptions as possible.

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