I have always felt that this setting is contrary to harmony. Since human technology has developed to blur the boundaries between biology and machinery, why does EVA need to be connected to a cable in such an old fashion to start normally (except for runaways)? You cannot use a nuclear battery. Something like that (for example, it doesn’t have to be nuclear energy)? Obviously, cables that restrict movement are not a particularly good choice.

Written at the top, after correction in the comment area and self-verification, the first power source (power) may be the auxiliary restraint device to suppress EVA self-awareness, the second is the bioelectric stimulation I said, and the third is to provide the driver’s operating system power supply, EVA The first function of the armor on the body is a restraint device, such as the shoulders, and the second function is to provide a certain amount of protective armor. Let me just say that. I think in the world of EVA, human technology is not enough to obscure biology and machinery. In fact, all EVAs are living organisms, but with a layer of armor on the outer layer, which is essentially the same as human heavy infantry. There is not much difference. And since chemical energy is still used as the kinetic energy of weapons, tanks, airplanes, bombs and shells are all driven by chemical energy, and chemical energy is used to kill, then the technological setting of EVA is not much higher than the real world. All EVA is flesh, and the outer armor will bleed if it is broken. Secondly, I don’t think that human beings as the eighteenth apostle have the same root and the same origin as the other apostles. Except for the first machine and humans, the other apostles and even EVA come from the first apostle Adam, while the first machine and humans are from the second apostle Lilith , Even if it can be proved that Adam and Lilith are from the same source, at best, human beings will have cousin relations with other apostles except Adam. According to the setting of EVA, the apostles have the ability of immortality and immortality (S2 mechanism), and the EVA from the clones of Adam and Lilith should be artificial or technical restrictions without the ability of immortality and immortality, in order to let When they move, they must use some kind of stimulus to make their muscles move. Compared with EVA, a weak electric shock can stimulate muscles well. It basically simulates the actions of human beings. Human beings stimulate muscle activity through nerve control currents. EVA, which is very similar to humans, must also have a brain, but EVA is just a body, without self-awareness, that is, without a soul, not a complete living body, without the consciousness in the brain, to control the limbs and behavior, the meaning of EVA’s existence is also Not much. In order to make this kind of muscle activity controllable, that is, to be able to drive, there must be a human operator device to replace the brain as the center of action control, so the control device is placed in the spine and directly passes through the spinal nerves. The driver is the brain to control the actions of the body.
The power required to stimulate such a large biological muscle activity is definitely not low. After reminding, the power supply is not entirely to stimulate the biological activity, and it also supplies power to the built-in driver operating system. It may also assist the restraint device to suppress EVA self-awareness. Consider At that time, chemical energy was still used as the kinetic energy of weapons. The technology was not much higher than that in the real world, which meant that the safety and energy storage level of removable electrical energy storage, namely batteries, would not be too high, so that there was only one type. Choose, plug it in directly, just in case it is equipped with a battery, it is convenient for the EVA to replace the plug-in pile during combat or to fight for a short time in a place where there is no plug-in pile. You can imagine it as a laptop, which is plugged in during work and study. , Usually go out or there is no power supply nearby, you can also use the battery to work and study for a short time. At the same time, the apostles have an AT position, and EVA must have corresponding countermeasures. Otherwise, EVA is not very useful. The prerequisite for having an AT position is to have a soul. Having a soul will cause EVA to have self-consciousness and the existence of self-consciousness. Because it is uncontrollable, there are many restraint devices on the EVA to prevent the EVA from awakening self-consciousness. As the center, the brain directly ignores the driver’s control, which is runaway. In order to reduce the risk of runaway, all EVA except for the zero machine is controlled by the driver. The mother injects the soul (complete soul of the first machine, part of the soul of the second machine), the first machine is the most powerful, because the soul inside is the most complete, the first machine often runs away because the soul inside is strong and the impulse to protect the son often breaks through the obstacles , Ignore the driver’s situation and act directly. Speaking of this, when talking about runaways, when talking about runaways, we must talk about the synchronization rate between the driver and the EVA. I personally understand that the synchronization rate is how much the EVA can exert the driver’s function under the limitation of the driver’s own ability. Just like a car, the more you The combination of a capable man and a car will give full play to the performance of the combination of man and car. The faster you can run on the track, the 100% synchronization rate means that EVA can play 100% of the driver’s function, and the driver can control himself as if Control the entire EVA creature (human-vehicle in one), 80% synchronization rate means that controlling the EVA can exert 80% of the driver’s physical functions, and there will inevitably be some tactical actions that cannot be done, similar to the inability to fully control the braking performance of this car. When you reach the optimal braking position, the braking efficiency is not as high as expected. Some corners cannot be turned perfectly, which affects the combat effectiveness. Therefore, the synchronization rate of a driver and the EVA body directly affects the combat effectiveness, and the synchronization rate More than 100%, usually the EVA body in turn controls the driver, which means loss of control, that is, runaway, the car is completely out of the driver’s control and runs on its own.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

At the end of the film, the heroine’s brother (or who is coming?) is transformed into a cyborg by the villain, and is powered by the “umbilical cord” inserted behind his back. In order to save the brain-controlled heroine, he just “the umbilical cord” “I was torn off and moved forward desperately without energy, and finally sacrificed myself to save the hostess. EVA was originally planned as a sequel to “Sapphire Mystery”. Although this plan was overturned, many elements have been inherited, and the “umbilical cord” is one of them. According to speculation, in the initial setting: the “Apostle” in EVA is the biological weapon of the Yatelantis civilization in “The Mystery of Sapphire”, and Adam was the first to be manufactured by the Atlanteans after they came to the earth. EVA is an imitation of Atlantis’ biological weapons, and the umbilical cable is the control technology inherited from Atlantis. The SEELE organization in EVA should correspond to the new Atlantis organization in “Sapphire Mystery”. As for philosophical inferences such as “umbilical cables represent maternal love”, I am not quite clear.

7 months ago

Because that thing is not human technology. You bought a mule to ride. If you say that a mule is a technological product of humans transforming horses and donkeys, I have nothing to say. The problem is that the mule is not obedient, and throws you off while riding. You try to cut a piece of the mule’s brain, and then control the mule with the handle. This way, most of the time, the mule is obedient. The problem comes again. The mule whose brain has been sliced off often suffers from epilepsy, irregularly discharges and drives a block with a handle to crash, so you are thrown off again. Finally, you think of a good way to cut a piece of your spine and replace it with a mechanical one. When the power is cut off, the mule is directly paraplegic, no matter how epileptic the brain is. Now the question is, do you plan to let the mule carry this battery or are you carrying it on your back? Power him off as soon as he shakes it off

7 months ago

EVA is a biological weapon, not a machine. In principle, EVA is a cloned apostle, almost possessing the usual abilities of an apostle (such as at position), he is not electric, he is a creature! Just consider the alien. When humans intend to use a very lethal creature as a biological weapon, should they not be mindful of everything? How to control if he runs away? (In fact, he really can’t control it if he ran away) The cable umbilical power supply, you think it is for the EVA, but it is not. The role of cable power supply is actually similar to that of an air switch: using a small current to control a large current. In order to prevent EVA from getting out of human control, humans give EVA driving rights to humans to control (this was the case at the beginning, but after development, it is like a car, first human driving, when the technology is developed and the capabilities are complete, it will be unmanned). A layer of restraining armor is added to EVA. You think it is armor, similar to armor protecting EVA, but actually restraining EVA movement. Moreover, in order to restrain the EVA more reliably, the restraint armor will reduce the restraint when the power is on (the EVA will be restrained in the human form, see the beast of the second unit for details), and it will rebound to open the restraint when the power is off. Why not turn on the power to make it comfortable, and not power on to release the restraint? Stupid, if the Japanese tsunami goes out of power and the internal power of the EVA runs out, what should the thief do if it runs away? Electricity is an important way for human beings to display technology! Are you still capable of catching a lively EVA after a power outage? Therefore, when humans do not have sufficient control power, they will not be at the mercy of them. They would rather reduce their combat effectiveness, reduce the duration of the battle, retain the limitations of the combat area, and firmly control this biological weapon in human hands. The queen is the occasional runaway incident such as “people driving but having a car accident”, but the EVA is still completed under human driving at this time. Then, the unwilling people began to study autonomous driving again. How many people do you have with a C1 driver’s license? Why do you want to develop an unmanned car? Apparently, the accident of the No. 3 machine started from the accident of the No. 3 machine, which verified the feasibility of unmanned driving. It was said that it was a study of the S2 mechanism, and it failed and exploded, but who knows the truth? Looking at the situation of the fifth machine, maybe this is also a man-made accident. (From the incident of Unit 5, we also have a general understanding of human research on EVA, as well as research on the apostle) Old bully dog, I am so angry!

7 months ago

Because that is the source of power. EVA is not a Gundam, EVA is a biological weapon draped in metal armor. Roughly equivalent to a vegetative man, fighting in heavy infantry armor. Usually, the vegetative EVA is paralyzed, has no consciousness (or does not show it), and biological tissues do not accumulate energy for work. The driver is a thinking organ, which is equivalent to an implanted brain, so the synchronization rate is set. The higher the synchronization rate with the body (actually the soul of EVA itself), the easier it is to control EVA. . You just told you after watching the first episode. The two handles in Shinji’s hand are a psychological comfort. You have to think about [Go] and EVA will [Go]. Once the plug is inserted and the external thinking core is in place, then the body begins to have a biological response, but this thing does not eat, where does the energy come from? Of course, it receives energy directly from the cable, and it will not turn into fat (by mistake). As for the runaway, you roughly understand that a vegetative person wakes up for a while. right? The S2 mechanism is equivalent to the Dabu Suiming Pill, which directly wakes up a vegetative person. In fact, the weapons of the EVA worldview are all scientific except for the unscientific EVA itself. They are all chemical energy or electrical energy weapons. The N2 bomb is roughly a weakened hydrogen bomb, and there is nothing else to say. Technology is not necessarily very high either. Brother die, don’t look at the occult stuff and you think it’s awesome. In fact, most occult worlds are probably in the feudal era.

7 months ago

The old version has a nuclear test machine, but it is obvious that the power and flexibility are not enough. EVA is the body of a god, a thing that humans picked up from the Antarctic and cloned Adam. Of course, God’s body requires God’s ability to operate. The old version is the S2 mechanism, which is the original fruit of the apostle’s power. These things (power/wisdom fruit, God’s body, etc.) are all supported by theology in their activities. My understanding is that the tree of life is a large Tesla coil, and the Apostle’s S2 is a receiver or identification beacon. It can be charged in the whole picture range. So how do humans use the body of God? Electricity is the safest and most suitable. I even think that human electricity is just for maintaining the vitality of the divine body, because EVA has moved by itself several times. Maybe they all have a weakened version of the receiver? In short, electric energy is more because humans need a medium to operate the body of God, and the body of God is more compatible with electric energy. Why not use nuclear energy because God doesn’t like it.

7 months ago

1. EVA is a creature, and the essence of external armor is just an external armor + restrainer. The nature of its power is not electricity. Moreover, the armor itself is not very thick. After the battery is installed, it is no good to have a nuclear-explosive battery. 2. It’s not that there is no nuclear-powered mech. But nerv broke the robot and broke it. Katsuragi Misato also performed a good show (it automatically inserts the coolant just before the nuclear power furnace melts and stops) 3. In the nerv power outage, there was actually an external battery. However, the battery itself is connected externally and needs to be discarded when confronted. External nuclear power, I am afraid that it will not turn into a small nuclear bomb in minutes

7 months ago

First of all, in the EVA world, the level of human science and technology is not much higher than that of the real world. It can be simply considered that after discovering Adam, Lilith and other apostle-related “objects”, the development direction is not consistent with the real world, so through Cable transmission is completely understandable. (In addition, it is an old work after all, and it will be limited by the times. Obviously, you can find some more advanced things in the new theater version.) Secondly, in the “New Theatrical Edition Q” and the official rumor “Neon Genesis Evangelion ANIMA” In “, EVA can indeed use other methods to obtain energy without connecting cables. In “Q”, the second unit was in a low-energy state during the battle with the 13th unit, and then Asuka called Makibo to send her backup power supply, and then a cylindrical (or cone?) thing fell from the sky. It can be considered that EVA can use battery replacement or mobile power supply to obtain energy for combat. “Neon Genesis Evangelion ANIMA” mentions more ways to obtain energy, including the use of a microwave laser tower to emit lasers to the body’s microwave laser receiving antenna to supply energy, the equipment N2 reactor to obtain energy, and mass production The S2 mechanism of the type EVA and the spine are removed together and equipped on the EVA to obtain energy, and the phase difference generator on the second unit Alegreka that generates power through the spatial phase difference created by the AT stand (mentioned in this book) There are not many, it seems to be only described in the setting diagram). Two more sentences. First, N2 and S2 are more appropriately called “N-party” and “S-party”. Humans first discovered the Apostle’s S side mechanism, and then modeled on the S side to create the N side. The purpose was to obtain unlimited energy. Unfortunately, it failed to succeed and could only be used as a bomb, which is the form of use in the animation. Therefore, the N party cannot be simply called “no nuclear”. However, in “ANIMA”, the N-party agency can already be used to stably provide energy. According to the book, the reason S can achieve perpetual motion is because it is divided into two parts in structure, one part is observable in the real world, and the other part of the unobservable area exists in the high-dimensional universe. The energy and the energy that escapes from the real world to the high-dimensional universe are “pulled back” to provide the apostle or EVA with infinite energy. The book also mentions that EVA is not a life body in the usual sense. Its body is composed of inorganic substances. It presents a human form and can bleed and scream like a living creature. It is because he is imitating the driver. Because of this feature, EVA is interacting with the driver. The process of getting along will have the characteristics of the driver itself. For example, the second unit is more feminine because Asuka grew up a little bit, what kind of willow waist and so on… Then the EVA is over 100 meters tall and transmits information through electrical signals. It can’t reach such a high sensitivity, so the transmission of information is through quantum transitions, so why he needs to be charged cannot be simply said to be for controlling the body through electrical signals.

7 months ago

In fact, from the beginning of Q to the end, the mechanical setting has completely collapsed. Eva flies in the sky, and the big ship flies in the sky. But the funny thing is that Asuka’s No. 2 unit can run out of power in Q, but nerv is completely unrestricted. It seems that Wille still hasn’t mastered the core technology. In the end, the real Hippo battle against the mass-produced robots is really hard to explain in a word. It’s all three rushes. Where does the new chicken dad have so many resources to build so many machines? In Q, nerv is in ruins. It seems that Xinji’s dad is a magician and will change. Let’s take a look at the beginning of Q, all kinds of eyes glow and dry everything, and then BB bullets tickling. Is it a bit like in the reunion, Thor took a hammer and turned over a lot of people, but the little widow’s little pistol, biubiubiu, can’t be lost. I wonder if your little pistol and Black God’s hammer appear at the same time? Anyway, I think at least from the perspective of the mechanical settings, Q and finally completely collapsed, ruining the good foundations in the TV version. At least the mass production machine in the old theater version has a wing to fly. In fact, the excellent eva is inseparable from the excellent mechanical settings, without the messy stream of consciousness, just as a robot animation, the TV version can definitely kill most of the hot blood, but unfortunately, it was eventually ruined by the ruffian. Posted 21 hours ago

7 months ago

In fact, there are evas that can move freely without cables. Most of NERV’s technology and knowledge originated from the teaching of SEELE. When SEELE imparted knowledge, he deliberately did not teach the knowledge of S2 organization to Japanese NERV. As a result, the eva produced by NERV in Japan has energy restrictions and requires cables and batteries. Later in the theater version, the eva mass production machine made by NERV in the United States, China and Russia is equipped with an S2 mechanism, does not require a power cord, and does not have any activity restrictions.

7 months ago

1: Don’t bring the virtual world view into the real world view. 2. Because the cable output is stable and harmless, and relatively real. 3. There is nothing to say about the settings made to meet the needs of the plot. I don’t watch Turnip Fan, but I have played a lot of “Robot Wars” series of games, which contain many kinds of robot energy. List all kinds of energy for you. Battery “GEAR Warrior Electric Boy”, the protagonist uses battery as energy source. The result is that there is no battery if you put a big trick, and often have to find opportunities to change the battery. In fact, the EVA can be active for a period of time without the cable, and there should be a battery inside, but it is not so easy to replace. Fueling is mostly a real system, regardless of whether the fuel is oil, electricity, or something else, the principle is the same. You can move freely without wire entanglement, but the combat time is limited and frequent supplies are required. In contrast, EVA is connected to a cable, in theory, it is a better way to last. It’s just that the range of attack is limited-considering the small battery capacity of the EVA, of course it can last longer if you plug in a charger. The fictitious energy produced inside the body, or can be supplemented remotely, the early super series Carrot Fan especially liked this. For example, the photon power of “Magic Z”, the Getta ray of “Gaeta Robot”, and the gravity wave of “Mobile Battleship” belong to This column. Later, many super series turnip fans almost ignored the energy setting. EVA is more realistic here. It uses electricity, because it involves the sense of urgency that the apostle causes a blackout and the electricity is tense. Use magic and magic as energy sources. For example, “Magic Knight”, the Chinese are more familiar with “Devil Heroes” (also translated: Dragon Warrior) and “Magic King”. It has nothing to do with EVA, so I just said smoothly. Nuclear-powered furnaces and solar furnaces in Gundam, which are based on reality and fictitious science fiction powerful energy sources, fall into this category. EVA did not adopt this setting because it conflicted with the plot. In addition, the essence of EVA is actually a creature… Infinite energy is a proper thing that is only available in the super system, and even in the magic stick system. For example, Gundam fighters appear with a wave of hands, and follow the driver at any time. The energy issue is not mentioned at all. Come on? Charge? Are you swearing? And Leima, the protagonist of Project Hades, is to extract infinite energy from different dimensions. The setting is very critical, but it is too BUG, ​​so that it is almost invincible in the original work or in the game. . EVA also has the unlimited energy of his independent worldview: S² mechanism. This thing is much stronger than nuclear power furnaces, it is safe, pollution-free and pollution-free, pure green food…

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