I started to watch the battle over the sky again, and felt that the fighting power of the Gama Empire and other empires remained unchanged. The Canaan Academy and the Blackhorn domain were originally set in the middle of several empires. These forces have a few old monsters and Low Star Douzong is almost the same. , And then the rhythm of Zhongzhou slowed down a bit, the strength gap between Dou Zong can be widened, Yao Lao’s strength can be set at Dou Zong pinnacle or semi-sage, after all, he is a pharmacist. The ancestors of the two Sangu Sifang Pavilions can be set at Low Star Dou Sage, the strength of the Danta Soul Palace remains unchanged, and the strength of the Ancient Eight Clan remains unchanged, is it possible to solve the problem of combat power expansion? personal opinion.

I feel that Tudou had forgotten the realm of Dou Zun in the early stage. When Medusa evolved, he said that if it succeeded, there would be a Dou Zong and even Dou Sheng strong. The adjectives behind it are Dou Zong or Dou Sheng, at least not before the Academy. The word Dou Zun has appeared. The Canaan Academy was initially set up as an academy that was able to compete against the empire among the three empires, not the first academy in the mainland. Yun Lanzong came out of Yunshan and this Dou Zong was called by Ling Ying as a first-class power in the Dou Qi continent. Yes, and every aspect suggests that Yao is always the Douzong cultivation base. For example, in the heyday of ten tricks to destroy Yunshan, a Douzong called a bunch of people to beat him, and he called three Douzongs, one with the same Douzong level. The Evil Body is slightly better and so on, but when Tudou lists the realms in the first few chapters, he has the Dou Zun realm, and I feel that this realm is a bug.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

it’s not good. It feels that the original combat power settings match the map. The Gama Empire is a very ordinary country in the Northwestern Continent, and there are powerhouses at the peak of Dou Huang, and several Dou Huang. Of those hundreds of countries, it’s not too much to have Dou Zong in nearly one hundred countries, and it’s not too much to have Dou Zong in a dozen countries. The reason why there are so many Dou emperors and even Dou Zong in the Black Horn region is because 1. It is a rare chaotic area in the mainland, and the quality and quantity of cultivators per unit area are high. 2. The area is very large, as I remembered in the original text, it is bigger than the sum of the plus size and Izumo. As for a lot of people saying that “the fighting power is as horrible as Si” is a joke in the later stage, I think the combat power in the later stage is fine. Even if a Dou Zong was placed in an ordinary country in the Northwestern Continent in the late period, it was indeed terrifying. In the early stage of the pig’s feet, a small fighting master, in a third-rate country in the northwest, saw a strong fighting sect who had never appeared before and said it was not normal for him to say “horrible as this”? In the later period, the pig’s feet are fighting for the sage, and the vision of the pig’s feet is the entire Zhongzhou and even the mainland, and it is normal for the Douzong to look very familiar with the pig’s feet. Zhongzhou is the center of the mainland, with outstanding people. Zhongzhou is a more advanced existence to the northwestern continent. It is normal to have a holy existence. The ancient race had the bloodline of Emperor Dou, and for Zhongzhou, it was a more advanced existence. It was normal to have a hundred Dou Saints. The only thing that made me feel disharmony was the period when Xiao Yan returned to Canaan College. It was too ridiculous. Several of his friends and elders seemed to be Dou Zong or Dou Zun? The rise is too fast. Those friends were obviously just ordinary geniuses and didn’t have much resources. They had a Canaanian college background just like their predecessors, and they didn’t join the Xiaomenyan League. Elders, the two elders of Qian Mo have reached Qixing Douzun from Jiuxing Douzong in about ten years (it seems to be). Hypodona is normal. After all, relying on the Yanmeng, the first-rate force in the northwestern continent with Medusa, who belongs to the Yuan old man, there is no shortage of resources and pill, and it is normal to become a Douzong. All in all, there are some flaws, the overall combat power setting is fairly normal, that is, it is constantly changing to larger and higher-level maps. If you remove a combat power level, do you have to remove a map? As for some of the strange sentences in the original text, according to some older netizens, this seems to be the name of the grade. When I first wrote it was Dou Zong, Dou Sheng, Dou Di, God Dou Di. The serialization to a certain extent should be because the author thinks the name of God Dou Emperor is not good, removes God Dou Emperor and adds Dou Zun. This is essentially no big difference, and it shouldn’t be a collapse of combat power according to the map. Speaking of the collapse of combat power, some novels are obviously still on this map, and the location has not changed. The pig’s feet are still inferior, and they say how strong and powerful the senior characters are. There are not many in this map (from the perspective of God). As a result, the pig’s feet only reached the intermediate level, and the number of senior figures exceeded the reasonable range. When the pig’s feet reach the advanced level, other high-level characters will appear as if they don’t need money. The problem is that the map is still that map, and there is no great opportunity similar to the rejuvenation of aura. It is said that there are few senior figures on the whole map not to go out like money. I think this is called the collapse of combat power. To talk about the collapse of combat power, I feel that Douluo Continent is at least more serious than Doubreak, and because of the collapse of combat power, the basic logic in the front is not smooth, and the combat power and prestige of the Spirit Hall far exceed the previous three. Why not unite the mainland sooner?

8 months ago

The subject is similar to my idea. What I wanted to do was to remove Dou Zun. Above Dou Zun was Dou Emperor because of the collapse of fighting power in Doupa. The most disintegrating thing was the gap between Dou Sheng and Dou Zun. According to the setting in the book, although the Nine-Star Fighting Emperor could not beat the One-Star Douzong, he could still insist on persisting. If he insisted on leaving the One-Star Douzong, he could not stay. If he was in a hurry, he might die with you. In the same way, the nine-star Douwang is the same as the one-star Douwang, three ordinary Douwang can hold the Ice Emperor Hailao. but! The difference between the One-Star Dou Sage and the Nine-Star Dou Zun is that the protagonist cannot leapfrog. In front of the One-Star Dou Seng, there is no difference between the Nine-Star Dou Zun and the Nine-Star Dou Zun. This leads to the fact that Yao Lao, Venerable Wind, and Canaan Academy are meaningless in the eyes of a one-star fighting sage, not to mention that the gap between fighting sages is also large, and the protagonist can only reach one and a half levels to one level. Looks like Jiuxing Douzun is really an ant in the eyes of Jiuxing Dousheng, meaningless. Even if your Xingyu Pavilion has 20 peaks of Dou Zun, as long as there is one Dou Sage in the Soul Palace, this is not a power of the same level at all, so one temple, one tower, two sects, three valleys and four square pavilions cannot be equally famous. If the Fighting Saint is removed, let me set it up: Xiao Xuan, Gu Yuan, Soul Emperor, Old Dragon King, and Dean of Canaan College are all the peaks of Jiuxing Dou Zun, and they have all the conditions to break through the Fighting Emperor, just because of the mainland. There is no source, so there is no breakthrough. The patriarchs of other ancient tribes were all eight-star Douzun or the early stage of Nine-star Douzun, and their realm was a bit worse than that of Gu Yuan and others. As for the leaders of one hall, one tower, two sects, three valleys and four square pavilions in Zhongzhou, they can all be set to look like 3 to 6 stars for Dou Zun. Then, on average, each ancient tribe only had 8 to 10 Dou Zun, and other forces in Zhongzhou had less than five Dou Zun. The gap between Dou Zun is slightly wider. For example, if nine stars hang to eight stars, it is hard to say whether they can kill them, but nine stars can definitely kill seven stars, and eight stars hang six stars. Then Douzong is also the backbone of the eight ancient tribes, Douzun is equivalent to a college academician, and Douzong is equivalent to a college professor. After the setting is over, let’s take a look: Canaan College is the first college in the mainland. It is reasonable for the ancients to send Xun’er. After all, the dean and Gu Yuan are of the same level. Yao Lao is one of the strongest pharmacists in the mainland, which is reasonable. (According to the original book, you can still be stronger than a Dousheng Alchemist as a Dousheng Alchemist? There are many Dousheng Alchemists in the ancient tribes, so why should there be a Dousheng-level Alchemist?) Yunlanzong’s Yunshan has broken through Douzong, the surrounding forces of the empire, and the power overlords in the Blackhorn Region are all powerful Douzong, second-rate forces on the mainland, and reasonable. After all, Dou Zun only has the eight ancient tribes and the Zhongzhou forces. Douzong is so terrifying and reasonable. The reason is the same as above, Dou Zun is a transcendent existence, only in Zhongzhou, and generally does not ask about world affairs, unless there is a major crisis. So Dou Zong walked sideways in other places. The two old men in the underground of Canaan College are at the pinnacle of the Nine-Star Douzong, which is reasonable, and the elder Su Qianshi, the high-level Douzong, is reasonable. Canaan Academy can only cultivate Dou Zong at best, because any Dou Zun is a rare existence, and must have great talents and great opportunities to break through. It is also reasonable to send Douzong to protect Xun’er secretly, because Dou Zun is too rare, so the highest can only send Douzong to protect Xun’er.

8 months ago

In fact, the later period of combat power collapsed a bit. This is an unavoidable fact in every novel. In the early stage, the well-known trademark: “Fighting the strong, the horror is like this.” A little further ahead, the entire Yunlanzong, because of the old thief Yunshan, the Yunlanzong is a behemoth; the entire snake-human desert, because a Douhuang peak Medusa can make people dare not invade, an ancient river enters a desert, You have to bring Yun Yun and 2 Douwang. Dou Wang is the top ten powerhouse of the Gama Empire. At this stage, the threshold of combat power is very high, and again, it is also because the region is too small. Waiting for the Black Horn Region, Dou Huang began to grow, and the Sect Master who came to any sect was either Dou Huang Pinnacle or Dou Zong. This is because the area is larger, but overall, the combat power has not collapsed. However, the protagonist Xiao Yan’s strength is improving crazily. This means that if the experience value of the late boss is not high, the protagonist cannot be upgraded, or it is more difficult to upgrade. When he arrived in Zhongzhou, Xiao Yan was already a Dou Zong at this time. What does this mean? At this time, Xiao Yan can reign over the empire. However, looking at his opponents, they are basically taller than him, and there are so many fighting sects. If you set up the Battle Saint directly at this time, then Xiao Yan at this time will not lose blood at all when hitting the boss. At this time, Xiao Yan met the pavilion master of Sifang, Venerable Feng Gu Ling. Gu Ling rescued the exposed Xiao Yan because of his dignity. Looking further back, when you reach the ancient clan, you are just a Dou Zun casually. When it comes to Warcraft, there are fighting sages, but fighting sages are still very few, probably only 15-20 people in a book. At the end, there will be Dou Emperor. If Dou Zun is removed, then Dou Sheng is too high. If there are only a dozen Dou Sheng in a book, the setting is too high, which is not conducive to the growth of the protagonist. According to the current logic, it is still advisable.

8 months ago

In fact, compared to Dou Ling, I think Dou Zun is pretty good. After all, there is a lot of space, and there are many outstanding characters in the later period.
In the fighting power system of Doupo, I think Douling is the most embarrassing rank. Every time I recall Doubing, whether it is the plot or the level setting, I always subconsciously ignore the corresponding Douling level. Characters and stories.

8 months ago

In fact, I have been thinking about a system. Why does the protagonist find a large number of new powerhouses every time they enter a new region? And the protagonist’s original geographical power is very few? Take Xiao Yan as an example. In Wutan City, a fighting spirit can be crushed. In the Gamma Empire, one fighting sect is enough to establish a powerful sect to make the ruler fearful, until the eighth race fighting sovereign starts. I’m just thinking why those strong people don’t go to the weaker areas to be happy. In a small area, a strong person from a big place is enough to control the whole area. Later, I mentioned how much the energy concentration is in the heavens and the earth, and the strong will have problems in their own cultivation when they go to places where the energy is low. So what will this problem be? Is self-cultivation stagnant? Or does one’s own cultivation fall into the original realm? If one’s own cultivation will fall to the original realm, where does the energy lost by the strong go? So I thought, if there is such a system, people with the highest level of cultivation practice and live in seclusion in the place with the highest energy concentration, and then because they cannot be a perfect energy container, they keep leaking energy and maintain the energy balance in the area. In this way, everyone is a walking energy leaker, and can maintain their own energy in places with a lot of energy, and lose their energy in places with less energy to increase the energy in the area. So a new system was born. The supreme ruler put many human-shaped energy tanks in various regions, bringing the energy of the large area to a small area. Each human-shaped energy tank sits on one side and benefits the other side, realizing the energy concentration difference between the whole world and the earth. Decrease, for a long time, the energy concentration of the entire area is the same whether it is a large area or a small area, which also solves the situation where the protagonist finds a new strong when entering a new area. I can imagine that kind of scene. Xiao Yan was born in Wutan City. In the center of Wutan City, there is a big figure from the upper class. Although this big figure comes from a big place, he does not have the posture of a superior person. The adult is in the city on weekdays. Practicing meditation on the tower in the center, and every time he travels around the city, people can feel a kind of warmth. Whenever a great figure is cruising in the city, he will help the residents in the city to solve some problems, either by explaining the exercises, or helping the city lord to improve the facilities in the city. Because this great figure has a very high level of cultivation, he is in Utan City. Things that seem to be difficult for people to solve are just a matter of hand in the eyes of the big man. And when Xiao Yan first met that big man, that big man was explaining the exercises, with a soft and kind face. At that time, a big man was talking about the idea of ​​equality for all. The strong should not bully the weak because of the strong and the weak. Nor should we ask the strong to treat ourselves preferentially with the weak. Everyone should have their own things to do, be ashamed of being lazy, and be proud of hard work and self-improvement. When conflicts occur, we must first clarify the causes and consequences, find out the contradictions, and seek common ground while reserving minor differences. Wait for some ideas, and the city residents who listened to the big man’s speech also looked convinced, believing that peace should be the most important among people, and there are contradictions that require common ground while reserving differences, and work together to build Wutan City.

8 months ago

Tudou himself wrote that it collapsed, and Zhongzhou’s combat power has expanded too far. Where is the problematic Dou Zun Duan, Jiu Zhuan Dou Zun, Half Saint, and Dou Saint all have problems. If Tudou kept the fighting power of the family leader in Zhongzhou at the Douzong level, such as the ancestors of the Han family, even the power heads of the Second Sect, Sangu and Sifang Pavilion, gave him pressure at the Jiuxing Douzong, then Xiao Yan even if it is only a low star Douzong. Zong strength, relying on the different fire and fire lotus is not impossible to fight. As a result, as soon as he arrived in Zhongzhou, Tang Zhen in the Fenyan Valley was Dou Zun, and those two sects could not be stronger, and one hall and one tower could not overflow? What do the ancient seven clans say? What about the Taixu Ancient Dragon clan and the Sky Demon Phoenix clan? As a result, not long after Yao Chen was promoted to Half-Holy, Heavenly Ming Sect and Soul Hall came to two high-ranking Half-Holy and almost wiped out Xingyu Pavilion. Venerable Wind becomes a passerby in seconds. My feeling is that Potatoes gradually became impatient after the Danta refining medicine competition-of course, he may not need patience anymore, because the results and income of the fighting are really good, and I have no brains to rudely copy pretending to be a pig and eat a tiger. The plot of playing tigers is fine. In the middle and late stages of the fight, in order to render the protagonist Xiao Yan’s difficult line of fighting (opening) fighting (hanging), and he was unwilling to think about other ways to write about Xiao Yan’s difficulties, fighting skills were unwilling to find more ways to fight skills. The richness of the heroes is not as good as the fighting spirits, so they can only constantly increase the opponent’s rank value to reflect the twists and turns of the protagonist’s growth. Then the opponents all went up, Xiao Yan couldn’t do the same? In this way, the realm of Dou Zun was passed by the water, the Nine-turned Dou Zun was also passed by the water, and the Semi-Holy was also passed by the water. To get rid of Dou Zun, then the Nine Turns Dou Zun, the half saint must go. This requires Tudou to write the protagonist’s survival dilemma in other more delicate ways, and innovation in the setting and perfection of the world view are inevitable. But why does he want to do this? Doupo’s results and income are good enough.

8 months ago

In the age when the Emperor Dou was not out, Dou Sheng was basically the top combat power on the mainland, and it was still a rare existence. Throughout the book, the Dou Sheng powerhouses who appeared on the scene could basically be counted with both hands. For example, the principal and deputy hall of the soul hall, the leader of the ancient clan, the great elder of Danta, the fire cloud ancestor of the Burning Yan Valley, the three dragon kings of the Taixu ancient dragon clan, the Yao Ming, the Yao Xiaotian, and the big dragon of the Jiuyou Di Mingmang clan. Elders, there are Xiao Xuan, Good Fortune Sage, Pure Lotus Demon Sage, Huangquan Sage and other characters in ancient times. They are basically the top powerhouses on the mainland. If the realm of Dou Zun were directly removed, then when Xiao Yan became a Dou Zong powerhouse, Tudou would have to arrange for him some semi-holy or even Dou-ho level enemies. According to the cross-domain copy of the book, how many saint-level powerhouses must be arranged before Xiao Yan can gain experience! It can be very straightforward to say that if the realm of Dou Zun is removed, it will inevitably cause the proliferation of Saint-level powerhouses, and if the Battle Saint is rampant, the higher-level Dou Di will also directly drop the price. Therefore, in order to stabilize the value of the highest realm, the Dou Zun level must not be removed, even if it is removed, there will be an additional level.

8 months ago

Doupo actually has several rhythm points. The first rhythm point is the copy of the Yunlanzong’s three-year agreement. It will be a climax after hitting here, and then it will be the end of the Yunlanzong. At the same time, Xiao Yan also has the next stage of goals: The second rhythm point of killing Yunlanzong is the destruction of Yunlanzong/Yao Lao is arrested. After this dungeon, Xiao Yan will fight the emperor level. The next stage goal: save Yao Lao and the next rhythm point is rescue Yao Lao is old, Yao Lao returns to the main storyline… At this time Xiao Yan only fights Zong and then? There are no heavyweight dungeons anymore, sorry, big brother, the next dungeon that makes you so excited is to fight the final boss. Originally, the ancient clan and Taixu ancient dragon should be the rhythm point, but the writing…really, As a reader, basically after Yao Lao came back, he felt that he couldn’t think of any more necessary copies to save his father? Whoops, our audience grandpa almost forgot that you still have a father to find a daughter-in-law? Oops, it’s really just your strength, I really didn’t write the temperament of the palace, but Yunyun is more fragrant, the gentle and kind-hearted Nian Shang Yujie is really great [Personal opinion] From Dou Zun to Dou Sheng, Xiao Yan Du is in a shopping-like state, messing up everywhere, no matter where it is not high-end, and this level is slowly collected from bits and pieces… You just say to what extent Xiao Yan salted fish, Xiao Yan is not even worried about the fire. found! It’s really only Jinglian Demon Fire that looks like a dungeon… So when Dou Zun reaches Dou Sheng, it feels superfluous.

8 months ago

The expansion of combat power is a problem that every fantasy novel will encounter, but it is not without such a situation in reality. For example, when I was in the middle school in a small county, there were 1,000 students in a grade, and about 50 people passed the 985 exam, which is already the best high school in the county; while the college roommate was in a key high school in the provincial capital with 1,000 students in the same grade. , 700 people were admitted to 985. . . Perhaps this is similar to the feeling of Xiao Yan who has been living in Zhongzhou for a long time in the ancient clan? Tudou didn’t forget Dou Zun in the early stage, but there was no Dou Zun at all, and there was a “God Dou Emperor” after Dou Di. The most watery stage is actually not Dou Zun, but Dou Sheng. As the second strongest stage, Xiao Yan upgraded faster than drinking water, and I even forgot how the stars rose after absorbing the Jinglian Demon Fire. . . In fact, it can also be speculated about Tudou’s original writing outline. If you see the content of Dou Zun and Dou Sheng now, if you put them all at one stage, whether it is called “Dou Zun” or “Dou Sheng” at this stage, there will be no sense of emptiness in the current content. Taking the Jinglian Demon Fire as the boundary, after Xiao Yan absorbed the Jinglian Demon Fire, he became the Emperor of Dou, positioning the “Emperor Dou” he saw now as the original “Emperor of God Dou”. Doudi is not necessarily 9 stars, divided into front, middle and back, or small circle, or even not divided into ranks. Then the curtain of the battle between the two emperors was opened, and the parties competed for the opportunity to become the “God Fighting Emperor”. As for why Tudou changed the outline and forcibly inserted a stage of fighting respect, everyone should have guessed the reason. Willing to make money, unable to write.

8 months ago

The expansion of combat power in the later period is inevitable. The realm of Dou Zun does make the novel appear inconsistent, but if this realm is removed, the strong rank is not enough. The author can only choose the lesser of the two evils. I think There is a bit of an argument. When the protagonist left the Jiama Empire, he still went on a rampage and waited for a few years to come back. Ten Dou Zuns appeared in the Yan League… and there were dozens of Dou Zuns in the entire Northwest Continent. The status of Dou Zun in Zhongzhou is too much, as described in the book, “As long as there is one Dou Zun in a family, even if he is not involved in family disputes, no power dare to provoke it easily.” And in the Northwest Continent, In a remote corner where Dou Huang walks sideways, where Dou Zong wants to go, and the mainland’s first-class forces simply can’t stand it, how come so many Dou Zun appear as soon as the protagonist leaves? What is written here is really touching and practicing medicine. Before I left, there was only a sixth-rank pharmacist. When I came back, there were a bunch of seventh-rank pharmacists… 7th-rank ah, which 7-rank pharmacist was dissatisfied with the world looking for strange fire? Which Seven-Rank Alchemist does not dream of going to Danta? Which Seven-Rank Alchemist will stay in the Northwest Continent willingly? It’s like you took a Tsinghua exam and went to Africa instead of choosing a tune? Wait, it seems that there are really… (In the later period of the novel, there are senior alchemists who have no intentions of official career, but there are none in Northwestern China. Even if King Dan Guhe failed to compete with Xiao Yan before he went into seclusion, otherwise he would have to be Yunlanzong. Probably that’s it. Doupo does have a lot of bugs, and the portrayal of women by Tudou is really monotonous. The woman inside either bites her red lips with her teeth (younger), or is charming and enchanting (older), or Just be cold and indifferent (of the protagonist group), and there will be no other words to write. . But after all, you can’t use a magnifying glass to read online articles. In that era of barbaric growth, Doupa used its strength to stand at the top of the list, which also made Tudou become one of the writers with an annual income of 10 million. At least it shows that it has merits. of

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