So many people actually answered that they would not be thin, which was wrong. It is possible to lose weight if you do not eat breakfast. Pay attention, it is possible, not necessarily. But it must not be said that skipping breakfast will definitely not lose weight, or it must be detrimental to health. The specific situation is still very complicated. Skipping breakfast to lose weight does work for some people, but it doesn’t work for some people. The reason is also very simple, skipping breakfast to lose weight, some people work, because you eat one less meal and consume less calories throughout the day. During this day, the energy intake is less than before, and it is naturally possible that there will be a weight loss effect. However, if you didn’t eat breakfast and consumed 400 kilocalories less, but ate more lunch and dinner than before, a total of 600 kilocalories more, then you count, you still eat more this day than before. 200 kcal calories. In this way, not only will you not lose weight, but you may also gain weight gradually. But I do not recommend skipping breakfast to lose weight. First of all, skipping breakfast is not guaranteed to lose weight. Moreover, skipping breakfast to lose weight may worsen your obesity problem. Although some people might think, I don’t eat breakfast, so I don’t want to eat too much for lunch and dinner. In fact, if you do not eat breakfast, lunch and dinner will be involuntarily easier to eat more, at least lunch will be very easy to consume more calories. Because eating breakfast can make our body feel full earlier in the day, so that the appetite for the next two meals can be controlled. If you don’t eat breakfast and get hungry all the time in the morning, some hormones related to appetite will change. As a result, it may lead to compensatory eating at lunch and dinner, and it is very easy for people to take in more calories. In layman’s terms, if you don’t eat in the morning and stay hungry until noon, it really tastes good to see everything at this time. It’s hard to control a strong hunger, so lunch is very easy to eat. Not only is it easier to eat more, but it is also easier to eat more high-calorie foods. Because when people are hungry, they will spontaneously choose high-calorie foods first. The following scientific research confirms this phenomenon. The researchers asked a group of people to eat breakfast normally, and at the same time allowed them to choose their food freely during lunch to see what they chose. Then let this group of people skip breakfast and observe what food they choose during lunch. It was found that compared with normal breakfast, these people tend to choose more high-calorie foods, such as high-fat and high-sugar foods, and consume much more calories than normal breakfast. Skipping breakfast can easily lead to obesity, and there are many scientific studies to support it. For example, there is a study that comprehensively evaluated 58 studies on the effect of skipping breakfast on weight loss and found that compared with people who eat breakfast regularly, skipping breakfast is indeed likely to cause obesity. There is also a similar study. This study covers a very large number of people, reaching more than 90,000. The result of the analysis is also that skipping breakfast is likely to lead to obesity. Many people also say that skipping breakfast is unhealthy and bad for your health. Judging from many scientific researches, this is indeed possible. The Health Tracking Survey of Medical Workers in the United States has conducted a 16-year follow-up study of more than 20,000 men without diabetes since 1996. The results show that skipping breakfast alone can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes in men by 21%. The American Nurses Health Study also found that compared with women who eat breakfast regularly, women who skip breakfast have a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Skipping breakfast may not be good for cardiovascular health. For example, there is a study in Australia that started investigating 2184 Australian children in 1985 and followed up until 2004-2006. It is found that among these people, those who have never eaten breakfast since childhood have thicker waist circumference, and higher levels of total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and fasting insulin. This shows that skipping breakfast may be detrimental to cardiovascular health. But it must be noted that these are correlation studies and cannot explain causality. It must not be said that skipping breakfast will inevitably lead to health problems. Possibility is possibility, and it cannot be turned into either black or white decisively. On the other hand, whether to eat for breakfast is a problem, and what to eat is also critical. The composition of breakfast is very complicated. It is good to eat a healthy breakfast, but if you eat a high-sugar breakfast and a high-fat breakfast, you may not as well eat an unhygienic breakfast. Therefore, you cannot draw conclusions to many problems simply because you do not eat breakfast. It depends on what you eat, how much you eat, and many complicated situations. Either black or white is the worst bad habit of looking at scientific issues. Of course, some people have to go to extremes in order to welcome the public to attract attention and earn attention, but for our own health and fat loss, we must try our best to think objectively and rationally. Of course, my last suggestion is, whether it’s in terms of weight loss or health care, it’s better for everyone to eat breakfast, but eat a healthy breakfast, high in carbohydrate, high in protein and low in fat, and sanitary conditions (how many breakfast shops are connected) At least sanitary conditions are not available). On the other hand, if you don’t have the habit of eating breakfast, or if you can’t eat breakfast for the time being, it’s not a big problem if you don’t eat it for the time being. Plan your daily diet, including breakfast, for you. It may be more important to say, rather than blindly eating unhealthy breakfast for breakfast.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Let me talk about the conclusion first, weight loss requires that your daily intake is less than your consumption, so that you can lose weight. Intake is what we eat, don’t eat breakfast, but you eat a lot of snacks, lunch and dinner with revenge? Then you will gain more weight and damage your health. If you skip breakfast, skip snacks, eat less lunch and dinner? Then you can indeed achieve the goal of losing weight, but this is definitely not a wise choice. It can be said that the next step is to make the next move. First, for most people, breakfast is the least among the three meals, and the energy intake is actually not much. Second, skipping breakfast, no food to provide energy for the brain, will make blood sugar continue to drop, so low blood sugar can easily lead to weakness of hands, or even fainting and coma. Third, it is prone to stomach ache and relatively large damage to the stomach. In the long term, it is prone to gastritis and ulcers. Stomach acid is also secreted at night. Wake up in the morning without eating. If there is too much acid in the stomach, it will stimulate the gastric mucosa and cause stomach discomfort. There are a lot of malnutrition, declining physical fitness, etc. So how can we lose weight? Core concept: Your intake is less than your consumption. Specific operation: control diet + exercise. My suggestion is to resolutely not spend money on any products to lose weight, many of which are consumer scams. If you don’t understand the principle and the related knowledge behind it, just like you don’t know how to gain weight, you bounce back when you lose weight. And to “weight loss” healthy and nutritious. The principle is to say it again, the intake is less than the consumption, that is, after losing weight, I will talk about the intake and consumption in detail. The daily calories required is the calories burned. “Day required calories” = “Basal metabolic rate” x “Work and life type value” + exercise consumption There is a universal formula to calculate a person’s basal metabolic rate. The formula is as follows: Male: BMR (Kcal) = 66.5 +13.8x weight (kg) +5.0x height (cm) -6.8x age (years) Female: BMR (Kcal)=665.1+9.6x weight (kg) +1.8x height (cm) -4.7x age (years) ☆ People who sit in the office or classroom for a long time, do little or no exercise at all. (Metabolic rate 1.2) A 20-year-old girl with a weight of 165 cm and a female college student weighing 56 kg, jogging for an hour every night, how many calories does it consume in a day? (665.1+9.6×56(kg)+1.8×165(cm)-4.7×20) x1.2+65.3×6=2078.54 calories. If the calorie of the control food is 800 kcal a day, then the consumption minus the intake is about 1,200 kcal . It is known that one kilogram of fat calories needs to consume 7700 kcal. In theory, you can lose about two catties in seven days and 8 catties in one month. Of course, it depends on the specific situation. The lower the body fat rate, the harder it is to lose weight. How should we eat it? Set a goal of eight hundred cards. Food consists of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, lean fish, milk and eggs. Coarse grains 30g, 130kcal vegetable 300g, 100kcal fruit 200g, 100kcal lean fish 100g, 100kcal high calcium low fat milk 250g, 112kcal two egg white 30kcal, edible oil 20g, 1.6 Premium. Coarse grains, fruit milk provides high-quality carbohydrate milk, eggs, meat coarse grains, provide high-quality protein, vegetables, fruit, milk coarse grains provide vitamins and inorganic salts, even if it is not for weight loss, I recommend this nutritional structure. Special attention should be paid to the following: if there is no indication of the number of grams, the calorie staple food is calculated based on 100g consumption, and coarse grains replace rice and white noodles. Coarse grains: oatmeal, quinoa, 30g, 130 kcal There are not many coarse grains to choose from. They must have a certain taste and be easy to control. Among them, the most important thing I value is dietary fiber, and the feeling of a belly will determine whether you will be hungry. I looked at the whole wheat bread on the market. The calories are lower, but the dietary fiber is much lower. Vitamins and inorganic salts are not marked. I don’t know how much, so I won’t comment. . After all, it is processed, which is definitely not as good as oatmeal and quinoa, but it is very convenient. It is also a choice, as low-fat as possible, and high in dietary fiber. Coarse grains are not only high in dietary fiber, but also rich in vitamins, minerals and other elements. I also advocate that I use whole grains instead of polished rice and noodles for meals. Vegetables and mushrooms are 300g a day, and many vegetables and mushrooms are 20 or 30 kcal. Here are some common vegetable calories. Eggplant 23, Tomato 23, Cucumber 16, Chinese Cabbage 18, Chinese Cabbage 17, Cauliflower 26, Kale 24, Spinach 28, Lettuce 16, Lettuce 15, Baby Cabbage 8, Carrot 40, Soybean Sprout 47, Lotus Root 73, Potato 81, Fungus 27. Straw mushroom 27, Flammulina velutipes 32, Shiitake mushroom 26 (referring to fresh or watery, not dried) fruits, apple 54, pear 50, peach 50, grape 44, basically around 50 kcal. Remember that it is the food part, not including the nucleus, and the skin is best not to be peeled off, as it is quite nutritious. For meat, I recommend chicken breast and fish, beef chicken breast 133 kcal, beef rabbit meat and fish are around 110 kcal. Chicken breast can be used without the yellow fat under the skin and has lower calories. Fish meat, grass silver carp and bighead carp eat the most, all of which are around 110 kcal. The calories of shrimp meat are slightly lower, around 90 kcal. Two egg whites, 30kcal pure milk 100g, 66kcal skim milk 100g, 37kcal high calcium low-fat milk 100g, 45kcal I recommend low-fat milk, some of the vitamins in the milk are fat-soluble, no more Fat means that all fat-soluble vitamins are gone. To sum up, the summary is: breakfast, two egg whites, a bottle of milk, 15g multigrain porridge, noon and evening, 300g mushrooms and vegetables, 100g meat, 15g multigrain snacks, 200g fruits, of course, the most important thing to lose weight is persistence! I hope you can lose weight successfully!

7 months ago

Will you be stupid without breakfast? For some people, the interval between breakfast and dinner the day before has been more than 12 hours, and glycogen stored in the body has been exhausted. At this time, if it is not replenished in time, low blood sugar or even low blood sugar may occur. The phenomenon of dizziness. Although it does not affect IQ, it may slow down the reaction and lose concentration. When the blood glucose concentration is lower than the normal value, there will be hunger, decreased brain excitability, slow response, and inattention, which will affect the efficiency of work and study. If you plan to exercise, you will not be able to improve your energy.

7 months ago

Do I have to eat breakfast? Regarding whether breakfast must be eaten or not, there is actually no hard and fast rule. The word “breakfast” in English is breakfast. Separating this word is “break” and “fast”. “Fast” means fast. We are in a state of sleep without eating every night, and break fast refers to breaking the state of fasting for a long time at night. Skipping breakfast is also part of many intermittent fasting methods. Studies have shown that intermittent fasting promotes the secretion of growth hormone, which can increase up to 5 times [3]. Growth hormone can accelerate the decomposition of fat, which is beneficial to growth and tissue repair. Intermittent fasting can reduce insulin resistance, reduce blood sugar levels by 3%-6%, reduce insulin levels by 20%-31%, and reduce the risk of type II diabetes [4]. However, it should also be noted that intermittent fasting / skipping breakfast and not eating is not suitable for everyone. Some people will feel good, but others may feel uncomfortable. If you feel hungry when you wake up in the morning, eat breakfast. If you feel less hungry and don’t want to eat, then you don’t have to eat breakfast. Don’t eat breakfast hard even if you are not hungry. Be more natural and listen to your own body! Tips: Intermittent fasting is not “always fasting”. Generally speaking, you can fast for one day a week or one day a month instead of fasting for several days. It is very different from the fasting, dieting, and hunger weight loss methods. Click here to learn more.

7 months ago

I often know the questions like “Will you lose weight if you don’t eat dinner” and “Will you lose weight if you don’t eat anything”. Being thin is not about when to eat or what to eat, but about the total calories of the day, whether we Created a heat gap. It is not recommended to skip breakfast. Reason 1: After a whole night of energy consumption, our body needs to replenish energy to carry out a busy day of work. Breakfast is especially important as the first meal of the day. Reason two: skipping breakfast, excessive suppression, will inevitably usher in the body’s resistance. If you skip breakfast, you are likely to retaliate overeating at lunch and dinner. If you are worried that the overly greasy breakfast in the street shop will make you fat, I will teach you how to eat smartly with both fullness and low calories. Breakfast: The idea is protein + carbohydrates with weight; my daily collocation is eggs (2 protein + 1 egg yolk), about 14 grams of protein; a bowl of milk oatmeal (eat the original oatmeal breakfast, no sugar and Preserved fruits), as well as some nuts or low-calorie fruits and vegetables (such as cucumbers, cherry tomatoes), the total calories for breakfast is controlled at 350 kcal. Why eat protein for breakfast? Because breakfast protein intake can not only increase satiety, but also reduce calorie intake throughout the day. Carbohydrate recommendations for breakfast: cereals porridge, original oatmeal breakfast. Why eat carbohydrates? Eat carbohydrates for breakfast because breakfast is the beginning of the day, and the brain needs energy to carry out a busy day of work. What should I pay attention to in my daily diet? In addition to breakfast, our lunch and dinner meals are based on the following Chinese food: the idea is meat (protein) + vegetables + carbs with thickness; you can choose fish, shrimp, chicken, chicken, and beef. The choice of vegetables, the darker the color, the higher the nutrition; the rich variety of carbon water will mix white rice and multi-grain rice with 5:5; or white rice + sweet potato/purple potato/pumpkin/corn/potato, choose your favorite staple food That’s it. This is the fat-reducing meal I made before. The total heat is about 500 kcal. From the figure, we can see that the ratio of food is: 1 punch, staple food, 1 punch, sweet potatoes, 2 punches, vegetables, 1 punch, meat, and 1 egg. Dinner: The idea of ​​dinner is meat (protein) + vegetables. It should be the simplest meal of our day. If there is no significant exercise after dinner, you can reduce carbohydrate or not consume carbohydrates during dinner. If you need to exercise after dinner, it is recommended to take in some carbs. Dinner reduces the proportion of carbohydrates and calories. The heat here is less than about 400 kcal. From the figure, we can see that the ratio of food is: 1 small boxing staple food + 2 boxing vegetables + 2 boxing meats. Extra meal: food supplement between two meals. Generally, there is an extra meal between breakfast and lunch, or an extra meal between lunch and dinner. Regarding the selection principle of snacks, foods that have a feeling of fullness but are not very high in calories. For example, apples, yogurt, and meal replacement powder are all good choices. It can also be some high-quality fats, such as almonds and pumpkin seeds, and drinking water will definitely give you a strong feeling of fullness. There is a daily simple and effective way to judge whether you have lost weight that day, which is to make sure that you are a little hungry before going to bed every day. This is the critical moment of the day. You must resist hunger, brush your teeth earlier, go to bed earlier, and wake up the next day, you will feel your stomach is flatter, hold on for a while, you will lose weight!

7 months ago

The importance of breakfast Some friends who want to lose weight, or office workers who are too late, often skip breakfast or eat just a little bit. This is absolutely not desirable! As the saying goes, “Eat a good breakfast, a full lunch, and a small dinner” is enough to see the importance of breakfast. Generally speaking, 4-6 hours after a meal, the edible food will be digested, which is why the interval between breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner will be 4-6 hours. However, breakfast is more than this time interval. Generally, after one night’s sleep consumption (about 8 hours), the body is already in a state of extreme lack of nutrition and energy, and also has to face a morning of high-intensity study and work. Breakfast intake has become particularly important.

7 months ago

While the overall intake remains the same, reduce one meal a day, no longer add meals (snacks), and increase the fasting time. If you keep it for a long time, you will lose weight. Because of this, it can be understood as a light fast. However, light fasting is not suitable for everyone. You can read the following three rules before fasting: 1. People who are underweight or undernourished should not fast. A BMI lower than 18.5 means underweight. For safety reasons, people with a BMI lower than 20 are not recommended to fast for more than 24 hours. 2. During fasting, electrolytes must be supplemented, not just drinking water. 3. Once you feel uncomfortable, then you must stop immediately. When you first fast, you can skip one or two meals. This is the correct way to operate, but you should not challenge a 30-day fast at the beginning. Just like a beginner climber, you should never challenge Mount Everest the first time you climb a mountain. In the same way, if skipping breakfast causes discomfort, you must stop and go to the doctor and follow the doctor’s advice.

7 months ago

Don’t eat breakfast = lose weight? Don’t be silly, doing so is tantamount to chronic self-harm! In this age of “looking at the face”, “being thin for beauty” seems to have become a recognized aesthetic standard. Some people discriminate against others for this, and some people are discriminated against because of this. Of course, more people do not hesitate to “cruel” themselves and adopt fasting or semi-fasting strategies, such as skipping breakfast/dinner, fasting on weekends, etc., just for a “hungry fruit.” Today, we will take you back to look at a piece of history, uncovering the veil of fasting or semi-fasting; and then take you to see a latest study that tells you how healthy people should manage their weight and diet. 1. Minnesota hunger research background during World War II During World War II, except for the direct injuries caused by the war, famine has always been a shadow of death on the heads of the people in the war zone. In addition to politics, there are also scientists who want to find out what impact long-term hunger will have on people’s body and mind, and what changes will be brought to the human body by returning to a normal diet after long-term hunger. People’s nutrition and health reconstruction provide medical evidence. At that time, many men in the United States joined the army and rushed to the front lines of the war. However, some people refused to perform military service or participate in war due to moral or religious beliefs. They stayed in the United States and served the country in other ways. One way was to participate in medical clinics. Experiment, dedicated to new drug development and scientific research.

7 months ago

Can’t! Can’t! Absolutely not! I know very well that some students think that “skip breakfast” and change from three meals to two meals a day, which is not far from being thin. In 2014, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition conducted a study. They found 309 participants and divided them into two groups: “eat breakfast” and “no breakfast”. I did a 16-week experiment, and the results were gratifying… Eating or not eating breakfast is not very helpful for weight loss. When I searched the literature, I found that this experiment is actually very close to our lives, because not everyone belongs to the “no breakfast” or “breakfast all day” type. So I want to talk to you about this in detail below. First of all, the 309 people were marked as Eater for breakfast (eating breakfast more than 4 times a week) and Skiper for not eating breakfast (eating breakfast less than 3 times a week). Then randomly scrambled into two groups, followed by the control group (C), skipping breakfast at all (B-skip), and drinking only water or zero-calorie beverages (NB-Skip) before 11 o’clock. Hey, looking at it this way, is it a bit of your daily life?

7 months ago

Let me give you a brief answer, I will definitely lose weight if I eat breakfast every day, why? Because the core of being thin is to produce poor calories, you have to eat less, how can you not lose weight? Many girls get up on an empty stomach and don’t eat. They think that their vest line is out, so they don’t eat breakfast. In fact, this behavior is wrong. Breakfast is a meal that determines the speed of your metabolism during the day. Occasionally, if you don’t eat one meal, your muscles will be broken down if you don’t eat breakfast for a long time, and you will gradually form a fat body. If you eat anything, you will get fat. If you have problems with your digestive system and chronic stomach problems, please pay attention to it! ! Now is not the age of thinness for beauty, healthy and beautiful lines, maintaining exercise habits, a healthy diet, and adequate sleep will keep you thin!

7 months ago

What do you want? Skipping breakfast will cause stomach contractions. Knowledge If you skip breakfast more than nine o’clock, it’s equivalent to eating the undigested leftovers in your stomach (Baba) after you ate yesterday — skipping breakfast will not only prevent you from losing weight, but it may also lead to worse fat! This is because: skipping breakfast makes it easier for you to eat more! Due to the long time between breakfast and the dinner of the previous day, many friends skipped breakfast in order to lose weight. By noon, they were almost “hungry and not choosing food”. Lunch would be devoured and rewarded, but it would be easier to eat more. Moreover, although these people did not Eat breakfast, but many people will eat more snacks midway because of hunger intolerance. They still eat a lot of food invisibly, which eventually leads to obesity. Therefore, whether you can lose weight depends on your total dietary energy intake. If you do not eat breakfast, but eat a lot at noon and do not exercise, it is difficult to lose weight. During the weight loss period, you can indeed eat less, but it does not mean skipping a bite or simply eating less. If you don’t eat breakfast at nine o’clock, your intestines will eat stool? Then another friend asked: What time is the best time for breakfast? I heard that our small intestines will automatically absorb the waste in the intestines if we don’t eat breakfast before nine o’clock, that is, poop~ In fact, this is a disgusting rumor. The truth is: no matter when you eat breakfast, whether you eat breakfast or not, Your small intestine is always absorbing nutrients from food, but it will not absorb feces in the large intestine. As for the best time to eat breakfast, this varies from person to person, but it is best to follow the “biological clock” [1] and eat between 6:30 and 8:30. This is the healthiest way to eat breakfast! The plan for a day is in the morning, and every day’s health starts with breakfast. The Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents (2016) recommends that three meals a day should be allocated reasonably, and meals should be given regularly and quantitatively; breakfast should be eaten every day and ensure adequate nutrition, lunch should be eaten well, and dinner should be eaten in moderation [2]. Therefore, it is best to eat a healthy breakfast every day, do not skip breakfast to lose weight, and do not ignore breakfast because of busyness. How should a healthy breakfast be eaten? For a healthy breakfast, the food should be diverse and reasonably collocated. We can start with ensuring sufficient quantity and quality up to standard. 1. Quantity: Eat a full breakfast for Chinese residents. It is recommended in the Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents (2016): The energy provided by breakfast should account for 25%-30% of the total energy throughout the day to ensure the efficiency of work and study throughout the morning [1]. Therefore, you must have a good breakfast and eat well before you have enough energy to devote yourself to work and study, but don’t support it. The most appropriate amount is: half an hour to one hour before the next meal, which can be mild. Hunger is appropriate. 2. Quality: The breakfast food should be diversified. Breakfast should provide rich nutrition for the human body. The food should be diversified. It is best to have whole grains, eggs, milk, and vegetables. Sufficient sugar, high-quality protein, and sufficient dietary fiber are required to help prolong the feeling of fullness, and you will not be particularly hungry at lunch. The perfect breakfast = staple food + protein + fruits and vegetables + nuts, what does it mean? Staple foods such as oatmeal bread, egg pancakes, buns, porridge, small wontons, etc. If conditions permit, you can choose coarse grains such as oats, corn, red beans, and purple rice. For protein, it is best to choose foods that provide high-quality protein such as milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs, soy milk, dried tofu, and meat. Vegetables and fruits It is recommended to add some vegetables when cooking wontons and vegetable porridge, or a salad of vegetables; as for fruits, it is best to bring an apple, orange, etc. as a morning snack~ If the student party is too late to eat fruit all day, after breakfast You can eat. A small handful of nuts for breakfast can increase nutrition and enjoyment. If you want to eat healthy and nutritious, it is actually not that complicated. You can make your own nutritious breakfast according to your actual situation and formulas! So, here comes the question again, what do you have for breakfast tomorrow?

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