Obviously, even though it draws on a large number of predecessors’ manga, it has a lot of transcendence and even fundamentally solves some traditional problems. The most obvious point is that the strongest in the world is directly designated as Wujo Enlightenment. Others Humans are not stronger than him at present, so as long as the stage remains unchanged, the modern Japanese conjurer will dominate the curse of the curse. Gojo is the ceiling, and the Su Nuo finger is used as the standard of combat strength, and the leakage is about eight. One finger, Yigu Youtai now probably uses eighteen fingers to directly avoid the collapse of combat power. Like other works, I made a big move. He made a secret. At first, it was as high as heaven and the most important point behind the Wang Baquan. , Tell the reader directly that Wu Tiao Wu is not invincible. The ten previous shadow wizards and six eyes plus unlimited rats are also invincible. Even the conjurers are not invincible. The masters bound by the sky and the curse can even kill the incomplete ones alone. ?? ? Wu Tiao Wu and Xia Youjie, killing the super curse spirit like drinking soup, the author directly structured all the division of combat power in 40% of the plot, limiting the strength class, and basically everyone will not see more inexplicable things later ( The author once admitted that the headache of thinking about five reasons for not being present.) The second is the characterization. The curse return is a serious role to promote the plot, and the role also has growth. These growths are not directly reflected by behaviors. , And everyone will make a reasonable and reasonable choice in their position. The character’s behavior logic, such as Wujo Satoru and Xia Youjie’s transformation, Dingqi’s words and deeds, the actions behind the mechanical pill, Fu Hei, and the knot behind the knotweed The psychological changes are reasonable and logical, and they are in line with the three-dimensional logic. There is no common problem of disgusting audiences in other masterpieces. Once again, it is an off-site factor. The author himself was born as an otaku. The work pays tribute to many classic works. People with rich experience will be surprised; MAPPA For the curse back battle, it is basically the creation of a second Demon Slayer Blade, which has been a must-have in recent years, and it has been seen in the Maruyama series only in One Punch Man; the author himself is very cautious when it comes to sensitive issues. , The hotly discussed suicide attack on the crow “Kamikaze”, the author’s special phonetic notation is different from the Kamikaze team. Compared with a comic that specifically stated that it is exactly the same, the sky and the ground are full of juvenile decadence, the pirate giant is about to end, and the jump pillar is difficult to recast. In the glorious era, the current popularity of “Spell Return”, I think it is very reasonable


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7 months ago

Speaking of which, you may not believe it, the turning point of the first season of Hui Ye is the third episode, which is the episode of Secretary Dance ED. After the broadcast, the dance zone, ghost animal zone, and animation zone will explode at once. Fan works are blooming everywhere, and the ranking list of the whole station was once slaughtered by that woman. Even if I didn’t watch Huiye before, and saw that Huiye’s work is so popular, I have to take a look. I glanced at it and found out, oh~ this thing is pretty good, so I just looked at it. The same is true for the spell return battle, and ED once slaughtered the whole station rankings. The same people are so hot, you have to go and see. Then, the first episode of the first episode was opened at 1 o’clock, and a large part of the fight hit the face. There were a total of three handsome batches, and they would naturally watch it. And this thing is drawn by the jjxx of the juvenile jump. This thing is a new generation of pillars, plus this thing is anti-routine, a lot of black and deeply disabled, I suspect that the person who will die is almost the same as the ghost (now the comics plot has arrived. The curse can’t afford to make all the current protagonists wanted) The production also clearly reveals the burning smell of money, really don’t need money to smash the screen, mappa is worthy of you. The work is very good, the second creation is as numerous as the sea, and it is difficult to tolerate the unpopularity.

7 months ago

What’s the heat? Isn’t this hot? The story is well-regarded. Jump is serialized and serialized. Traditional blood coupled with excellent animation and classic wealth codes. There is no comic sales like the ghosts. The movie box office broke the record of Japanese film history. This is an exaggeration. It just so happened that Gui Mie was over and he took over, and the jump-blooded work must have a work on stage. I wondered before that Taying’s three-view plotters set all the fragmented Shete’s works can be so popular, even if the domestic rollover. There is still a certain degree of enthusiasm abroad. Now I want to understand that this thing is the same as the rice circle. As long as the picture is beautiful and the CP is enough to taste, it will be alive. What kind of hot-blooded plot super power settings or just change the skin will be over, although the hot-blooded man The popularity is not as good as that of the past, but there is always a market, and compared to the other things, the spells are many times normal.

7 months ago

No way? In these years, there will be people who take the popularity of the same people on the Internet seriously? ? Let me answer one question first: Since a few years ago, I have been wondering why the different worlds and the reincarnation series are so popular? That is simply the most disgusting and boring one I have ever seen. There is no one subject… back to the subject. The subject might underestimate the power of the same person, right? Back then, the tutor (because I didn’t watch the CP in the class at the time) was so popular around me. The girls who painted in the art class were all painting the skylarks, and their CPs. Gintama’s hottest post in the post bar (before the big purge) is also full of cp and various husbands, so why would I know? Because I was a Level 10 writer for Okinawa Bar and Gintama Bar. U1s1, the top of the spell making, the original game can be played well in JUMP during the same period, and the position is stable. According to my Japanese senior, it is “put in the top monsters such as Demon Slayer, 731, Stone, Neverland, and Pirates.” It’s not easy to live under pressure.’ Its sales were in the upper middle before the broadcast (8.5 million (12 rolls), 4 million at 10 rolls), and it has always been well-known among Japanese audiences (I was first caught by the Japanese Amway, and I was desperate for jump before. I haven’t had it for a few years. Pay attention), bd is selling well in the first season of works (bd is not cheap…), the current performance of comics sales only reflects his excellent animation effect, which is a normal increase. In addition, cursing is currently popular in Japan. It has been popular since the broadcast. Even Kimura Takuya’s daughter is in Amway (she seems to have been watching it before the broadcast). There are also idols who greet jjxx and wish him good health. The members of the boy group used 5t5’s avatar as the little blue bird page before the broadcast. To be honest, which work is not popular in Japan? But why does the overseas Internet always give people a feeling of “this work is not as popular as it is said in China”? That’s because: not too much tearing CP, not too much stepping on a hand, not too much pathological “calling husband and wife” (all go to the ao3/p station to do it together, see, this is to separate the fan from the plot discussion (Results) I also want to know, the same audience, why do things so different? Fan enthusiasm and the enthusiasm of the plot and story of the work itself should not be compared at all, because there are people who do not look at the original work, but cp. I have seen several such painters and writers in the jojo circle alone. Now the jo circle has cooled down. The reason is that jo6 has not yet been released, and jo has indeed cooled down in the country. This happens to prove that some audiences are mixed with what they are hot. Why should they care about their heat? As a reader/viewer/fan who likes spells very much, I don’t want to see the current heat at all. I just want to talk about the plot with some fellow friends, rather than watching all kinds of tears and blows. , Morbidly hit cp (make color) and pull trampling. In terms of plot enthusiasm, there are actually many curse fans who talk about plot and textual research. There are many textual fans who understand religion and literature. There are also more detailed discussions on a certain boss in Hunting Bar. There are more normal fans of this kind. Go, it’s just that the shouting on the Internet is not so loud. Regarding this part of the heat, the incantation is absolutely veritable. The details of the obsessive-compulsive disorder of jjxx, plus various foreshadowings and logic, and the current unpredictable trend, He deserves to testify that the party and fans have’concerned’ about this work. At present, quite a part of the heat is indeed pathological. Rather than answering that he is not worthy, I hope that the spell can be separated from this pathological fan circle. I would rather not have this heat.

7 months ago

Let me guess if you think so. The works that you think should be hot: deep and connotative, freely applicable to mythological metaphors, innuendo on historical lessons and social systems, and no lack of dialectical thinking about human nature. At the same time, there is no lack of perspective and narrative. Unconventional, expected to lead comics to the ninth art. Actually (mostly) popular works: the protagonist who is good and evil but is committed to the good, the protagonist team with distinct (and rigid) personality, the handsome guy with the ceiling of combat strength, the death of relatives and friends, big The villain Absolute Evil, keen to exterminate mankind, creating orgasms through the role of death and death… Isn’t it familiar? “Jump” has gradually become a business model rather than just a magazine. How can a model that does not generate popularity be used? Heat = entertainment. The service target of mass entertainment is the general public rather than a few readers with higher cultural background and understanding ability (usually this group of people can also be downward compatible to enjoy mass entertainment). And the works that you think should be popular are the sons of choice who take into account the artistic and entertaining qualities. Of course, it is not without them. It only requires the author’s cultural level, skill and luck to be extremely high, so there are few and few. The wave of “high heat and low endurance” works is overwhelmed, and readers need to distinguish by themselves.

7 months ago

I think “Spell Back to Battle” is pretty good, and I have been chasing it all the time. Although I didn’t see too much “connotation”, we were tired from work and study, so I just want to see Long Aotian hi, there shouldn’t be a big problem. It’s just very enjoyable. Also, recently, I was inexplicably recommended by the system. I watched a very top “Reincarnation Spider”, emmmm, this anime really is. . . It’s too top, what’s all this stuff. The little spider is crying. In fact, there is no need for anime to care too much about its so-called “meaning”. After watching it, it has achieved the purpose of watching it. By the way, the old anime doesn’t know if you have watched it, “Parasitic Beast” is a great work, the unity of man and beast! “Inuyashiki” is also a very interesting anime, where good old people fight bad children. There are many more, not to mention. I think that as long as the animation does not promote violence and vulgarity too much. Its entertainment is the first. As long as it is interesting, there will be heat. If the publicity is good, there will be enthusiasm. Naruto, the king of mouthpieces, has said so many great truths, how many have you remembered? Animation that is too “educational” does not respect the group of animation enthusiasts. If we really want to influence the world outlook and outlook on life, we will read books. It’s just an animation, and the author shouldn’t always think about “leave something educational.” As long as it is an interesting anime, I will want to watch it. Why bother if he is hot or not?

7 months ago

What does it mean that this is a more clichéd juvenile hot-blooded anime? That is, the upper limit is not high, and the lower limit is high. It’s not ugly, but unless there are any major and special plots, its status will be the same (although it is not reflected in the comics). It’s normal for juvenile comics to be popular, but I personally don’t like this kind of announcements. It’s because the character set of the knotty stick is the same as most juvenile manga protagonists, kind and powerful (relatively speaking), but also Asashi. Of course, it has been finely set. For example, the knotweed will be afraid of death and cowardly in the face of death, instead of being like the old man, the protagonist will never seem to die, and being beaten is always just spitting blood, and the bones will not be broken. Will break. For example, knotweed is not indecisive in the growth of spirit. When faced with a curse and a stranger attacking him, he will also kill them, instead of being like the old man, he has to hide his mouth for a long time and want to save him. Everyone (the strange kind of lives matter) but the core is essentially unchanged. It’s a combination of two men and one woman. Saying that this person is really a bit like Hokage, is it my illusion? The male protagonist was stunned, and the second male had a cold face. The time the female protagonist could play was very Schrodinger. Although it’s not exactly the same in terms of refinement, but the general direction. Does this mean the same thing? ? ? They also have a very strong teacher. The teacher was later offline (of course, Wutiao teachers were only temporarily offline) as far as this template is concerned. . Whether it’s spells, ninjutsu or superpowers, you can put it in. Actually, it’s not great. For example, running guys are quite profitable as a variety show, and everyone will shoot this stuff when it’s done. . Now the young man also gives me this feeling. They think they make money when they are young, put on a skin, and continue to make money.

7 months ago

In the past few years, I have noticed that animation has begun to make comics. The seiyuu performance and the moving pictures make up for the weaknesses of the plots on the original works of many works. I actually gave up once when the manga comics were first serialized, because I felt that the plot was slow and hot and I felt that the worldview was not perfect. But now it’s worth watching after the plot spreads. More importantly, as the quality of the industry is declining as a whole, old works are ending one after another, and new works in the same period become more and more boring, it is already unique to achieve a pass score of spells. The production of the horse party is the icing on the cake, pushing the work to 80 points. In the answer, it was really unfair to compare the curse with the previous works. Few new works are capable of a battle in the golden age.

7 months ago

Look at the avatar, you know what I am. I will tell you, “The Curse Back” is undoubtedly worthy of his popularity. First of all, mappa will open more production companies every quarter. I remember that when “Spell Return” was doing, it opened more final seasons of “Gymnastics Warrior” and “Attack on Titan”. And because of well-known reasons, “Spell Return” is the only animation that has not been sacrificed. The painting is always online, and some scenes also make up for the bad fight scene of the one-eyed cat. What do ordinary people watch when watching anime? Think of it as a painting! His painting is always online, and there is almost no objection, right? Watch the plot? The brain-burning things when the stone gates and the chilling cicadas cry are really only seen by the niche people. The juvenile hot-blooded man is the most popular type in the “migrant man man”, which represents that all ages are suitable. Why, all works hope that he is a masterpiece in order to have a high enthusiasm? Now is the age of commerce, and now is the age of fast food, people have long been impatient and impatient to see the “skilled work” that has inherited the turning point and slowed down. What’s more, the popularity of “Spell Return” originated from fans, and the buzzing wind in the mouth is just a symbol of the animation out of the circle. Don’t you see that the giant attacking next door has the same atmosphere? Feeling that this kind of animation garbage is not good-looking, I look back at the old fan. If you think such an animation is so popular, you can carefully study the reasons for its popularity. I feel that it is not pleasing to the eye. You can choose not to watch it. Don’t think that every anime fan thinks that if you watch countless times, you can come out and despise a popular animation.

7 months ago

Then I ask you, “Demon Slayer: Blade” is worthy of such a height? I watched both, and bought both the comics. There is also the “Bungou Stray Dogs” which is also very popular. I have the same attitude. You don’t always look at anime for what you are learning, right? Even if you are, then you can’t stop the mainstream people from watching anime for entertainment and fun. The subsequent plot speculation and plot analysis are also to make myself cool. Besides, you think I don’t want to watch “Spell Return”, what can I watch in the new show during the same period? You can’t let me watch “Figure Skating Stars”. Really, if you let me watch this, it’s better to stab me to death. I am worried that I will be pissed off. Whether it’s “Ghost Slayer” or “Spell Return”, they are worthy of their current height, because anyone with a little brain knows what we are looking for here, not many people will take these two. Compare it with “One Piece” and “Gintama”, because we know it’s not the same grade. I think everyone needs to understand one thing. Heat is heat and height is height. The two should not be confused. Maybe it was possible in the past, but it is impossible now. Their best destination in the end is to get a “tears of the times” many years after the end.

7 months ago

First answer: Not worthy. The feeling that the spell gave me was the same as the ghost extinguishment before, and it was exaggerated. The work itself is not actually a masterpiece, it can only be said to be a masterpiece. However, it can be broken through the second creation and a bright spot, which makes people feel like [this is the heat only for God’s work]. For example, Miss Hui Ye’s ED, the special effects of Ghost Extinction, and the ED of spells. These bright spots are indeed commendable, and if you use the traffic caused by this bright spot to capture the psychology of some target groups, and then go to publicize other cute spots of a wave of works, you can have a good promotion effect (even if Some of these cute points are far-fetched by people outside the target group). I even feel that in the future, a profession may be derived-animation operation. Drainage, create hot spots, give fans motivation to create, break circles, and go on hot searches…This is also due to the current development of the Internet. It is impossible to operate like this in the era of dead fire, only relying on quality + plot hard work. Be famous. Well, if it really becomes a fixed operation in the future, you can publish a tutorial-“How to make an animation that is good in the same period of work”

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