I don’t know where to start for a while. Checking the information is full of dry goods like a few treasures? Let’s decide daily crooked floor. I don’t talk about the history of movie special effects at all. I only talk about one shot that I remember the most, and it can also be related to movie special effects. It was a film made in the 1980s in the United States. It is not well-known at all, because I can’t remember the name. I can’t remember the plot clearly. Probably it was a young and handsome American military officer with a heavy duty, a military secret post, and then out of justice, he slept with his boss’s wife like a jade. One day, when I was going to steal my love in the daytime, I was taken a photo as a memorial when the door was opened by a passionate lover. Everyone knows this. Movies are naturally dressed in clothes. Then the lover was killed, and the film in the camera was ripped out by the murderer. Anyway, this involved a conspiracy and crime related to state secrets. The highest investigation department intervened and found the remaining film. After processing, only the last photo had a blurred face. Contour, everyone agrees that this is likely to be the appearance of the murderer. It happens that the country has the latest high-tech technology and the most advanced military computer can repair this accidentally exposed photo. Scan into the computer and start processing the photos. You can see that it is repaired line by line, slowly pushing it over line by line, and finally repairing it all again, the shadow is a little clearer, and the appearance is still not visible. Then continue to repair slowly…Then the case continues to be solved. After a long time of meticulous and dramatic plot, the photos are still being repaired a little…Finally, the real murderer is caught. Naturally, everyone is cheered, applause and cheers. Yes… the young officer also got rid of the suspicion, and walked out the gate hand in hand with the military agents who came to investigate. The sun was shining outside. Prior to this, the technical officer who had been in charge of repairing the photo reported the progress to his superiors at any time. At the end, he informed the agent that the photo should be repaired soon. If you want to look at it, the agent cracked the case and naturally didn’t care. In the last scene of the film, everyone has left, only the computer is still working silently. After the last round of repairs, the display suddenly jumped out of the palm of the young officer and laughed. The clear picture… What does this mean? Beauty special effects can be completed in an instant. In ancient times, it took many days to vomit blood by using the latest and most advanced computer in the country. Therefore, many humble special effects are now sensational technologies in the past. This topic is very long…


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The hair of the animated characters in Disney’s three-dimensional cartoons used to choose Toy Story and Car Story. Why didn’t they make princess movies at that time? In fact, there is a reason that the hair performance is not satisfactory due to the limitation of the technology at the time, so I chose the characters with no hair. Later, the Rapunzel may be that the expressiveness of the hair has been perfected. They can’t wait to show. After a handful, no one cares about the performance of the hair by Frozen. So, when you look back at the characters of domestic animation, do you feel that the technology is still far behind in an instant?

7 months ago

Hitchcock’s “Rope” is a “special effect” that is easy to be considered and not difficult. For a normal movie, the number of shots is 1500-2000, which means that there are at least 2,000 preparation opportunities, and each shot is usually shot multiple times. And a mirror must be done all at once. Very high requirements for directors, photography, and scene scheduling. All performances, shooting, mirroring, and props must not make any mistakes, otherwise they will all be repeated. It can be described as “sure enough”.

7 months ago

Special effects technology is now an indispensable part of film art. Don’t think that only commercial blockbusters will use a lot of special effects. Many of the literary and artistic films that won the Oscar for Best Picture are actually special effects blockbusters. Let alone those who have obviously done special effects like “Lord of the Rings 3” and “Birdman”, the following are the five best Oscar “special effects movies” with no special effects. ① “Titanic” is a top tech madman and a changer in the film industry. James Cameron didn’t start using computer special effects in “Avatar”. “Titanic”, which is well-known to women and children, has a lot of green screen scenes, including an interior scene where the heroine Rose is eating with her family in the first class cabin. The most famous special effects shot is undoubtedly the scene when Jack just boarded the bow of the Titanic. From close-ups of the two characters to overlooking the entire Titanic, just a few tens of seconds, it cost a budget of 2 million US dollars. It’s no wonder that the producer Fox was almost bankrupt by Cameron, and had to pull another major factory, Paramount, to inject capital to allow the production to continue. Fortunately, Cameron’s arrogance is justified. If it were not for his daring to throw money, “Titanic” might only sell at the box office, but it would not stand the test of time. ②The director of “Forrest Gump”: Robert Zemigis’s feathers in the opening and ending credits are P; Forrest Gump participated in a rugby game and made an anti-war speech in Washington. It seemed that a lot of group performances were invited, but in fact they were onlookers. Most of the crowd are P; Forrest Gump’s “meeting” with Kennedy and John Lennon is P; when playing table tennis, table tennis is P; the actor who plays Lieutenant Dan did not cut off his legs, but just dressed The blue cloth P is gone; even the scenes that were chased by a car shortly after growing up and don’t need special effects at all are also P… “Forrest Gump” can be described as a textbook work for movie special effects. The most important thing is not that these special effects are realistic enough, but where special effects are needed, they all play an important role in the plot and theme expression. Back then, “True Lies” and “Ghosts in Disguise” were both quite classic commercial films, and they had to be convinced to lose in the competition for the best visual effects. ③”Gladiator” director: Ridley Scott “Gladiator” is a commercial giant that won the best film and best visual effects at the same time before “Lord of the Rings 3”. However, Ridley Scott, who is a real fanatic like Nolan, uses special effects cautiously and secretly. Perhaps the magnificent arena and the audience in the background can guess that it is a masterpiece of computer special effects, and the tiger fighting with the male protagonist can also think of using the green screen to cut out, even if Ridley Scott actually used the real Tiger shot. But to say that Oliver Reid, who plays the slave trader, played special effects cutouts in the last few scenes, it is estimated that many people are confused. It was not because of Oliver Reid’s midway strike, but because he died in May 1999, during the filming of the film. Ridley Scott couldn’t make a substitution on the spot, so he could only spend $3 million to use the material already filmed to put Oliver Reid into the desired scene. Oliver Reid also nominated the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor with “Gladiator”. ④Director of “Green Book”: Peter Farrely, as long as Hollywood is filming a bit of a sense of time nowadays, you basically have to use special effects. The advantage of using special effects is to save time and even cost. Like Mahsala Ali playing the piano, even if he wants to learn the piano, it will take a long time to reach the level of a piano master. The CG face-changing technology can save this part of the time, and the crew does not have to wait for him to learn to start filming. There is also a restoration of the streets and lanes of the United States in the 1960s. The two male protagonists’ cars were driving on the road, and the other vehicles had to be like those of that era. Is it really necessary for the prop group to build so many cars like the “Fast and Furious” series? In fact, it is not necessary. Now the things that are solved with special efficiency, save trouble, the true and the false are inseparable, maybe it saves more money.

7 months ago

The Dark Knight, Inception, Interstellar, Dunkirk, Creed, these Dark Knights and Creeds have the least special effects! In Interstellar Crossing, the hero behind fell into a three-dimensional space, and later I learned that it was a real shot! ! ! Of course, Inception has more special effects in his movies, and there are fewer special effects in Inception. I personally like Dunkirk very much. The director broke the imax camera in pursuit of reality… I am not praising how good these films are. The goodness of the movie lies in whether you can enjoy it. Go in, so I can’t guarantee your aesthetics, but after I watched these movies, those so-called “big special effects” and “plastic blur” lens-sensing blockbusters that are visible to the naked eye can no longer stand. Of course, these are still to be traced to Kubrick’s 2001 Space Odyssey. It also contains a lot of special effects that you think are actually shots. It will not be outdated at all for more than 50 years. The previous movies are still the most flavorful, just like Gone with the Wind. Many of those scenes are drawn, but it is indeed an epic feeling that can’t be filmed now.

7 months ago

In fact, for the film and television industry, no lens is without knowledge behind it. Many people think that as long as there is a camera and start shooting, they are making a movie. In fact, every shot of a truly classic film should be taken this way and why it can’t be taken like that. It’s all learned. Deep focus or shallow focus, large aperture or small aperture, montage or long lens, and more complicated scheduling. There are countless choices, but there is only one best. Since I’m talking about the difficulty of shooting, I won’t discuss complex shots that are mainly produced by special effects, and shots that are mainly based on the brilliant performance of actors and appear to be awesome are not in the scope of discussion. The examples I give are as far as possible to be achieved purely by shooting, at most only a small part of the special effects synthesis. The first thing I thought of was the long lens. One shot of a long shot can be as long as tens of seconds or even a few minutes, and the audience must not be bored. This is achieved by complicated scheduling. Audiences who do not understand the lens design will really think that turning the camera on or off is a long lens, but the difficulty of a long lens is really great. First of all, it is necessary to test that the cameraman must not make mistakes, and then the positioning of the actors, the rotation of the scenes, if it is a long shot effect of different shots, but also the transition of the connection… This requires many rehearsals and countless times. NG. I have to mention that Alfonso Cuaron, the director of “Gravity”, is simply a long lens freak. Everyone probably knows that the movie “Gravity” uses a lot of long shots, but because they all take place in space and the special effects synthesis takes a lot of weight, on the contrary, everyone’s focus is not that the long shots are so awesome. But what I absolutely cannot fail to mention is his other work, “Son of Man”, which also contains many classic long shots, which can definitely be included in textbooks. A really good long shot is by no means dazzling. It gives the audience a sense of substitution and realism. It feels that they are witnessing the whole process of the real event, and it will not slow down the pace of the film at all. To be honest, when I was not sensitive to the camera when I hadn’t studied film, I didn’t realize that I was watching a long shot. When I give lectures to others, I will reproduce how I felt when I watched this movie for the first time. I will show them this clip, and I will ask them after they have finished watching it. Do you think I have edited a few times in the middle. There are various answers, and then I replayed this clip and asked them to count the number of intermediate edits-not once. Looking at the surprised expressions on their faces, I want to be the same as when I first watched this film.

7 months ago

It’s like the movie “Assassination of the Novelist” released this year. To be honest, the special effects are very colorful and cool. There are many shots that are very difficult to produce. These shots also make us fans of the movie look cool. However, “Assassination Novels” The plot of “Home” lowered the quality of the movie, resulting in such good special effects and did not change the fans’ evaluation of the movie, so it is impossible to say that there are special effects without the plot.

7 months ago

Generally in feature films, not in action or science fiction blockbusters, the difficulty is so high that the rhythm and atmosphere of the story must not be destroyed, so it must not be perceived as a special effect at all.

7 months ago

I am a little kid who learns physics. I watched Interstellar Crossing 8 times and 4 times in the cinema. Unfortunately, I haven’t watched the Interstellar Crossing of iMax. I watched the docking section more than 30 times. It is the best movie in my mind. My astrophysics teacher once gave a lecture (science report) specifically on the science of interstellar crossing. Especially talking about the black hole of Kagan Tuya, Thorne yyds!

7 months ago

The most inadvertent thing about every domestically produced lens is the degree of hardship in the domestic film and television industry. More than 95% of domestic film and television companies work overtime for 996 or more hours. No one notices the hardship of the employees in the film and television industry. All post-production special effects designs for these wonderful shots have been exhausted. Many people think that film and television special effects are particularly profitable. In fact, it is not. The latter stage of film and television is in the final stage of film funding. The ratio of income and working time of employees is seriously different. Moreover, most film post-production companies have high living costs in big cities. Many special effects artists who insist on using love to generate electricity. Under these scenes, there is more exploitation. The allocation of funds in the domestic film and television industry is seriously malformed, and every scene is the tears of exploitation.

7 months ago

What special effects are there in China that will truly alarm foreigners. . First of all, the domestic first-line special effects companies, such as base, more, and Tiangong, are not effective, and there is really a gap between the technology and the top foreign companies. . Where are the gaps, simulation, and bionics. . Pixar is real cowhide. . In foreign countries, cg special effects are basically not needed. If you can shoot, try to shoot as much as possible, such as blasting, crashing, etc. Domestically, it’s better, use it hard. Anyway, there is no extra money for overtime in the later period. . This has led to some unnatural effects in domestic special effects. (The less time, the less money, and other factors) Weta originally shot the Lord of the Rings in a certain city center in New Zealand, and it seemed to have been sealed for a week. . Domestically. . . Not to mention ilm, the leader of technology. . Now movie special effects are more difficult, the budget is small, and the game is poached. .

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