In the 2020 epidemic, I have been unemployed since February. I am confused and don’t know what to do. I just happen to have a little ability to install the phone. I took a lot of orders, made some money, and met some friends. We are laymen in these PC industries. We all made a little money in March and April. We helped others install machines. We had almost 40,000 to 50,000 yuan on hand. Once we drank and chatted and talked about the epidemic this year, many people Can’t go out and Internet cafes are basically closed. A large part of our profit comes from the assembly of low-end machines. At that time, we sold Tencent’s family bucket set (similar to the configuration of Internet cafes), 1999 yuan, with a monitor, and can play heroes. For some mainstream games of League and Dungeons, we basically chose e3-1230v2+Gtx960/rx474 574. The cost is basically around 1500, and one earns 500. The above is the background story. At that time, we were talking about drinking and drinking. The epidemic is estimated to affect next year (that is, in May of this year). Why did this analysis be done? Because at that time, it indeed underestimated the country’s ability to deal with the epidemic. Of course, regardless of the Wenchuan earthquake, the southern snow disaster, or the Olympics, I saw the country’s organizational ability for the first time, but I still underestimated this time. Because I was unemployed, I actually misjudged the situation in my heart. The second aspect is Naturally, we think that no matter what we do, we understand the industry, and it’s okay to run ahead of time. At the very least, it can save money. After all, the layman and the insider are two concepts (many people have their own ideas in fund stocks. Incorrect cognition), just after a judgement, then we will start. At that time, I had a lot of orders in March and April. There were many places, mainly in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. I had expected more orders in Guangdong, but it was so normal, because I was in Guangdong and there were many Internet cafes. In some places, Internet cafes are basically closed. I have the basic fact that I have capital. What do I mean? At that time, I focused on customer service and customer trust. Basically, my customers paid directly. , WeChat, Alipay, some are unfamiliar customers and return customers, plus the order amount is really not very large, the unit price is basically one or two units, when I have the most on hand, there are more than 100,000, and I will pay for each Orders are communicated well with customers. Although I was the only one doing this at the time, I was very serious. I did not allow customers to spend more money. After completing the order, I would basically maintain it, including giving a small gift (mechanical Hard disk 500g or 320g), because I have a basic package, all of which are 120g solid state hard drives, which are all low-priced by my door-to-door machine. Although it is not brand new, it can definitely be used. The weather (epidemic) has a favorable location (no shops or warehouses are needed to operate this thing) and people and people (I am in a high mood, but also because of the sweetness). Based on our judgment, we started with memory sticks and solid-state hard drives. Our sources of goods are local offline, online individuals, and large post-bars. The accessories may be scraps in the hands of others, but in our hands they are gold. We basically Just at Xianyu, the release and recycling, we will be more than 10 yuan more expensive than others to collect memory sticks, solid state hard drives, we will bargain as much as possible, because the price of memory sticks at that time, d3 is cheaper, d4 is also reducing the price, sometimes it is 110. A pair of 4×2 memory sticks, the average price has not been calculated. There are high and low prices. Anyway, the price of the epidemic will definitely increase, but some people will make a deal. The specific deal may be that there is no money on hand, and we dumped the goods from this person. , Pour a little, it is very possible that the memory stick will rise to 150-200 in the future. Sure enough, we guessed right. In May, the memory sticks were basically in the basic disks of 160-170, single 8 and double 4, single 4 at 90, people who paid 4 might as well buy single 8 or double 4, solid state The price increase of the hard disk is between 120-130 for 120g. When we received it, we told the other party that you have spent thousands of hours. It must be slowed down (the actual solid-state hard disk life is 50,000 hours), and 80-90 will be taken away. Sometimes I picked up the missing 70 and took it away with a bit of postage. Some of our partners, such as Taipower, BR, GALAXY, and I alone have nearly four to five hundred solid-state units on hand, and there are almost one or two boxes of memory sticks, anyway, more than 120 240. , There are many single 8 double 4 memory modules, try to deal with the right memory as much as possible, and if you can’t sell it, you can use it to install and cooperate with others. Anyway, the partners are almost the same. These are all real money products. We are all happy for a while. Everyone feels that we are going to make a fortune, at least a small profit. The good times are not long. We have never considered the issue of shipments, that is, the issue of sales channels. This is a fatal injury. Why does it cause all of us to be in the same situation? It is because we understand hardware and because several of us It’s all the old veterans of a post bar, and it failed anyway. The hardware is money and fixed assets. That’s what it means. Of course, if we are the second generation of rich people, this is not something we need to worry about, because there is no shortage. This cash flow, but on the contrary, none of us are rich second generations. Orders plummeted in May and June. At the same time, the 618 campaign started. Remember what I said before that I have money on hand? The money for the order is not something I can have. I originally expected this. Anyway, the order has not been. The probability will drop sharply. After I finish this order, I will have money for the next order. My money is flowing. I should be able to understand it, so my money is always running, plus payment channels. , As long as the order remains unchanged, my money will continue to increase slowly, and the money that can flow is enough to allow me to do these things at a cost. However, if the order drops sharply, it means that I have a part of the funds to go back to his normal track, and my previous efforts will be wiped out. At the same time, the elderly in the family are sick, and I have to use what I can do as much as possible. I got the money to support, in addition to the economic dimensionality reduction, there is also emotional, that is, my grandma is sick, which will make me emotionally unstable. The goods I received have basically fallen down according to the basic price. It did not fall to the cost price we received. Therefore, I also try my best to ship, this is no way. It is a good thing to have a few people in partnership. After all, it is actually a motivation to do one thing together. Everyone works together, but when something happens, if there is no leader, it is actually not a partner. This is also a drawback. We A few people actually brought someone who didn’t understand very well. He was a college student and he was playing with us, but he was a bit miserable and had little experience. In addition, a batch of goods were accepted offline, about 80 hard drives. , But after inspection, it was discovered that there were some bad disks. How did we do it? Anyway, he didn’t let us accompany him at the time. What’s more, his costs were all loaned by W. A college student, we can’t help it, after all, bring it in. Yes, it is impossible for him to be ruined in this way. He can only collect his goods and a few people together, and put some money for him in the emergency. Of course, afterwards, he said that he was confused by our chat at the time. Suddenly I thought that I found a great business opportunity. This is something to say, and there is still some contact now. After a few days of anxiety, I don’t know how to quickly deal with the goods we have on hand, idle fish? Post it? Taobao? Shipments are very slow. In addition, the price has fallen. Offline recyclers will either charge low prices (below cost) or simply not charge them. These are the computer stores. I thought of a compromise. I did it for a while. Time is a mobile game studio. We are in a downturn. They are booming and thriving. I figured out a way to contact some friends who are working as studios. There is no installation fee. A studio has more than ten or twenty computers. Slowly, slowly. Towards September, the funds were finally collected. The previous experience is almost all facts. As for whether the graphics card will increase in price, hehe, to be honest, if it is the last year, I will definitely go into the business of the graphics card. For the graphics card, I will do some soldering of the graphics card or Desoldering (the main reason for screen distortion), or replenishing video memory, is an amateur, and I don’t have a professional machine. But I am not optimistic about the prospects, because the production capacity will keep up sooner or later, and I have a little background knowledge. Whether it is an agent or a supplier or seller, the most profitable one is NVIDIA, which sells directly, and the second profit is to The core is used to make its own pcb boards similar to those of ASUS Gigabyte, and the agent suppliers are the so-called businessmen. I can’t say before, because that era was too far away from me. When the 7 series, 9 series and 10 series, according to me I understand that the 20 series is basically not profitable. In the past few years, computer hardware has gradually developed, and some e-commerce platforms have turned out, and the price war has been fierce. So this time the 30 series is the best target. If this wave of 30 series The card dealers are destroyed, and there may be no such things as card dealers in the future. Why, the hashrate of the 30 series is too terrible and the price of the press conference can also indicate that this is also a step by the NVIDIA Group in responding to the AND platform. A huge concession was made. On the one hand, the price increase was Bitcoin. On the other hand, only the card merchants seized the opportunity and hoarded the goods. Remember before posting a screenshot of a chat with a certain brand of JD. The graphics card that was snapped up at the original price was only released Three chips, tens of thousands of people grab three graphics cards. For whatever reason, this is definitely not normal. Graphics card production capacity? Core supply? No matter how extreme the situation is, there will be no price but no market. In fact, it’s only a short period of less than two months before May. For this kind of graphics card, which has soared like a bull market, and the price increase is absolutely not optimistic. It is either a reversal in May or June. There is one reason: anyone who knows the currency circle knows that the graphics card is not used to mine Bitcoin, and it mines the currency written by others, because of the skyrocketing of Bitcoin (international factors, the current international situation is unstable, and the cause of the epidemic. Many people are afraid to invest in industry, the stock market is ups and downs, and the United States is crazy about printing U.S. dollars, resulting in a large part of the circulating money not knowing where to circulate), others try to short the blockchain, raise other currencies, and cut leeks. Many investors have skyrocketed confidence, but they don’t know that they are already cattle and sheep waiting to be slaughtered in the pigpen. There are two reasons: You may see that the entire graphics card circle is difficult to find a card, but I want to ask you a specific actual situation. You often see people around you, who has changed to a 30 series? Is it too much? I changed a 2080 graphics card last year, and I am happy to post to Moments. Now the whole trend is that the performance of the graphics card has actually exceeded the needs of most people. I am sure it is enough anyway, and most of my friends around me basically do it. When using the 10 series, or the 1660s or 2060 when the graphics card price was ultra-low last year, we have already seen that the entire market is in a state of weakness. There are three reasons: time and time will drag down a lot of things. Of course, we only need to talk about interest here. It takes capital to store cards. You can’t use so many cards alone. Unlike property speculation and gold, there is a market. There is demand, and as time continues to advance, I believe that it will always prove who is the winner and who is the loser.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Earlier, NVIDIA officially announced that the graphics card shortage will continue throughout 2021. It is also to see whether the virtual currency will plummet. If you say that the return to normal refers to the lowest retail price of the 30-series beggar version, don’t expect to achieve it at 618. Be pessimistic. Double 11 may rise by a thousand or several hundred. As for amd, although the mining power is not as high as the 30 series, amd gives most of the 7nm production capacity to the game console, and the rest is allocated to the graphics card u, and the graphics card is out of stock. It’s more serious than u. Last year, the Jingdong 30 series still had some goods sent out for at least a few months to grab it. After the release in November, the scarcity status of amd was worse than 30. I will not elaborate on the specific scarcity method. Anyway, I got the 3080 at the original price. I originally wanted 6800xt. If it’s 1660s, 2060, wait for a wave of 618, but don’t be too optimistic. You can only buy it if you add a few hundred to 618 last year. Buy early and enjoy early, buy late Enjoy a discount? Buy early and earn early, buy early and manage money early is the current graphics card market. After this, when new cards are released in the future, they will sell when it is time to sell.

7 months ago

impossible. Let me first show you two Ethereum, which are the price trends of the main coins mined by graphics card mining. This is the daily line, and it feels like a downtrend, right? Let’s stretch the timeline and look at the three-day line. You will think “Why is Wori so tmd outrageous”. It can be said that Ethereum is currently in a bull market cycle. At present, the Ethereum fork in April is just a regular adjustment or optimization. Even if the price stabilizes or drops by 50% at an extreme point, the miners will make a profit anyway. It should be the London hard fork in July that will really cause some miners to run away, when EIP-1559, a fee settlement mechanism that reduces miners’ revenue by 20 to 35%, will be available. In addition, the current shortage of graphics cards at the original price is still due to the insufficient supply of semiconductor upstream. Last year, the graphics card was just released, is it still stinky to play games without buying and other price cuts? At that time, there were not so many miners grabbing graphics cards. Miners are willing to pay a big price and that is also a matter for miners and merchants. “People are born with talented men and women, it’s your turn to object to the monster?” What’s more, miners are quick to accept cards but are well-known. It is not uncommon for miners to grab graphics cards at the original price and sell them at a price increase in the second-hand market. In addition, there is news that the price of solid-state memory is also going up.

7 months ago

Basically it is difficult to say a number. According to the current currency price, a 3080 eth mining earns close to 80 yuan a day. Now it is equivalent to investing 1W to buy a graphics card for a month. The income is close to 20%. The latter is pure profit. You say that the mine boss is not crazy. Even now many other non-graphics card or virtual currency forums know that graphics card mining can make money (the day before yesterday I saw a post that I wanted to mine with school electricity). Now those who pay a little attention to the graphics card market know that grabbing the graphics card can make money. A large number of people grabbing graphics cards are not just users. If you don’t want to mine or grab a small yellow croaker, you can’t stand it at all. This kind of market can only be described as a deformity. There is no other trick. Slowly. Wait~

7 months ago

I have always felt that mining is a waste of electricity. A decentralization has been talking about for many years, anyway, let’s speculate. It directly pits us players, my 3080 was bought with a price increase of more than 1,000. However, it was November of last year… Afterwards, the magic price increased by thousands and thousands, which I really didn’t expect. As for the month of May…Refer to the memory price hike that year, the price of this thing does not go up in a day, and naturally it can’t go down in a day. I remembered the memory at that time. I waited for half a year and found that the price didn’t change much, but the Chinese New Year was just around the corner. The computer memory at home was very bottlenecked, and finally I had to spend 800 yuan to buy a 4G? In addition, the original 8G barely ran, and I felt unhappy, and I always felt like a lame. When will it return to normal? One year has passed and the price has dropped by 50%. After two years, the price has been normal. Two years! Comrades. Looking at and Taobao, the new graphics cards are basically in the superposition state of out-of-stock + magic price, and now it’s halfway through March. So can it return to normal in May? Personally think it is unlikely. Finally gossip. Buying a graphics card and managing money inexplicably? I don’t know whether to laugh at myself or the mine owner. Although I looked at that hard rob for more than a month, I was finally forced to have no choice but to increase the price of 3080, which was bought by more than 1,000. I really couldn’t laugh.

7 months ago

Hello, based on my little experience, it is very unlikely that the graphics card will be normal in May. It is basically impossible that the graphics card will remain high for a long time and it is difficult to buy a new graphics card. Many small partners who just need work will buy it at a premium. Game friends are unlikely to buy graphics cards at a high price to use for games. Also, only when the mining partners are less motivated, the new graphics cards that can be bought will be a little bit more old and the new graphics cards will be reduced in price. When will the graphics card drop to the normal price? There is still no way to predict your need to buy a graphics card in May. It is not easy to be able to buy the graphics card you like at a premium for reference only.

7 months ago

The time node for my answer to this question is March 16, 2021. I heard a real big news this morning: 3060 official driver unlocked mining power! ! ! If there was a hint of luck before, it is impossible based on the current situation. On the one hand, the production capacity cannot be increased due to the global epidemic, and Huang has divided a part of the production capacity to make mining cards. On the other hand, most people choose virtual currency to hedge, which means that mining disasters are impossible in the short term. In the event of a mining disaster, the price of graphics cards will not drop immediately, and the mining disasters are far away. As for the mine cards made by Lao Huang, the miners will not buy it to a large extent. Anyone who knows a little about hedging knows that the second-hand blood can be recovered by mining with the graphics card. The mine card is a pile of scrap iron when it is in a mining disaster. The price can be lowered in May, but it is definitely not this year. In May of next year, it can be restored to the end of last year and burn high incense. I have said it a hundred times. If you want to buy a card, you can buy it. Buying early is definitely an early enjoyment. The big deal is to mine and return blood. An electronic product, do you plan to frame it for him?

7 months ago

According to today’s situation, it is very difficult to say. There were already 3060 cracking methods on 3.15, and it has been tested for 24 hours. Before that, it was all nonsense. This time it was really cracked. It’s 3060 IQ test cards. The graphics card market is already pretty bad. Now the 3060 that has been cracked has become a card that is difficult and difficult to be difficult… Please, unless the real mining currency crashes, plus the current Production capacity is also an issue. Anyway, many things have been brought together, and this has changed. Some people may not know it yet, but it will soon be known to everyone, and the fermentation speed is also very fast. Some people just said that it is impossible to crack and it has been confirmed now, and it is not ruled out that Lao Huang prepared to abandon individual users.

7 months ago

There are less than two months left until May, I find it difficult! The price of graphics cards depends on market demand. Recall this chain: 1 Mining (Bitcoin) for profit. 2Mining requires algorithms and electricity. 3 The algorithm relies on the “graphics card”. Due to the current surge in Bitcoin, each of them now exceeds $60,000! It’s crazy! So, more than mining! Profit is the driving force, and huge profits are the driving force of madness. Nowadays, it’s not just the price of graphics cards, but also supply and demand. A large number of snapped up purchases made it difficult to find a card. Someone has calculated that mining a Bitcoin roughly costs RMB 50,000 to RMB 60,000. Compared with the current market price of 60,000 US dollars, there is obviously a huge profit margin! As long as Bitcoin does not fall below $10,000, it is currently a huge profit! Look at a few situations! Situation 1: Due to power consumption and environmental protection, the state prohibits mining. For example, the environmental protection issue in Inner Mongolia clearly prohibits mining. However, it is not allowed in Inner Mongolia, other provinces and regions are okay. Not allowed at home, but still possible abroad. The short-term urgent need for this graphics card still exists. Unless it is banned nationwide. Case 2: Algorithm breakthrough, which can replace graphics card. This is not visible for the time being, just two months, it is difficult to shake the overall situation. Scenario 3: High electricity costs for mining. It is possible that this kind of power consumption management is temporarily set up in the country, and the power consumption ladder for non-industrial enterprises has increased sharply, increasing the cost to combat this kind of mining. Scenario 4: The production capacity of graphics cards has skyrocketed. In short: these situations, no matter how you look at them, are unlikely to change drastically within two months. Therefore, this graphics card is more likely to be strong for two months!

7 months ago

Inner Mongolia requires all mines to be evacuated before the end of April, so guess what will happen next? Or some people will get lucky, and Inner Mongolia won’t let me change places. Where should I go? Where is Xinjiang? You shouldn’t think that this is the sole decision of a certain leader in Inner Mongolia, right? The smarter ones will sell cards and leave in advance, and those who don’t seem too smart will continue to find places. In May, the summer is coming soon, this cool place in Inner Mongolia is not allowed to be dug, where should we go, go to Hainan to grill seafood, right? Insufficient production capacity is just an excuse. Don’t play with the obvious lack of production capacity and secretly increase prices. In May, it is almost the off-season for installation. On the one hand, some miners are eager to issue cards, and on the other hand, manufacturers continue to cover their cards at high prices? Of course, price reduction is a process that takes time. Certain cards with high computing power will continue for a period of higher prices, but it will gradually return to calm starting around May, which is also inevitable. In addition, the computing power of Ethereum has increased, and the revenue has been declining. The closure of mines and the launch of new mining machines will cause the graphics card to cool down. Wait for the party’s spring to come soon. What anxious, wait slowly.

7 months ago

The problem now is that retail investors do not have any channels to get the goods at normal prices. E-commerce appointment? Bless you, the son of choice, you might as well grab more bottles of Moutai if you have this time and energy. The manufacturer is always happy, and everyone sells the same anyway. In contrast, retail investors are only worth a few dollars, and it is so difficult to get them. Every day they give pointers and think about lowering prices. It doesn’t matter if the retail investors die if they can make money. But if you want to return, you can’t really kill all the retail investors. The torii has to be established. This is not a 3060 that can prevent mining. Anyway, I am still not optimistic, let alone production capacity is a problem, whether it can be easily changed into a mining card by the mine bosses is also a problem. For now, it seems that you don’t think about May, at least in semi-annual units. This year’s production capacity and mining tides are both a problem, unless there is a major mining disaster or a huge increase in production capacity. It’s just a cave-in. When there are a bunch of players on the market using 9.9 new graphics cards for their own use, the new cards still don’t have your share; the slight increase in production capacity is not the scalper and the mine boss.

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