Just now, Zhang Yujian confessed, “It’s normal love and marriage, there is a lovely child, and the legal procedures are complete. You really shouldn’t take pictures of my daughter and expose my daughter’s name. This time, her parents are negligent if she fails to protect her. So far, I’m very self-blaming and sad. Don’t have another time.” It is reported that the two collaborated on “I Only Like You” in 2018. They were photographed holding hands and going back to the hotel in 2019, but they both denied it, August 2020 Then I was photographed doing hair together.

I’ve really seen what ‘official announcement’ is. Look at other people’s official announcement styles. In addition to officially acknowledging them, they also secretly poked and sprinkled a wave of dog food and then looked at Zhang Yujian. Throughout the story, the words are really the most official! Without a little bit of emotion, if I didn’t know that they had a child, I would think that this statement was all about strangers. Where can I tell from this statement that I once fell in love? Now getting married, what it feels like to be a parent! The first sentence indicates that we are married normally and are protected by the law. No matter how much I resisted admitting this matter before, this matter is in compliance with the law, so I have no problem with the law. The second sentence, this is me. I don’t need to report it to anyone. Even if I am a public figure, it is logical to rationalize the previous denial. The third sentence is an extension of the previous sentence. I will not disclose it to the public, not just because of me. More importantly, I am a father. I want to protect this child. The reason given is reasonable and justified. By the way, the person who established a good father set the fourth sentence. The fifth sentence means that if you did not happen to be photographed by you, I I still won’t say it. I have repeatedly emphasized that this kind of sneak shooting shouldn’t happen, and trying to divert the attention of the problem. The sneak shot exposed my daughter’s name. The public opinion should condemn him. The last sentence is to explain why she is not protected. My dereliction of duty, especially the mother of the child, is even more sad. In order to prevent their mother and daughter from being so sad, I stepped forward and admitted that there was no problem at all in this interpretation. It’s a pity that the more you describe it, the darker it gets! If Zhang Yujian was really interested, he wouldn’t wait for the photos to come out before admitting it. In fact, the matter between him and Wu Qian has long been an open secret. A woman gave birth to a child for you, gave up a career for you, but you dare not even make a public confession, what love do you still say? Now that the matter has been confirmed, I can only come out immediately and admit that I have brushed up a wave of good feelings. This operation, only two words, is disgusting. It’s just that for Wu Qian, giving birth to a child for a man who doesn’t even have a role to play is really not a small risk! Have courage


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7 months ago

But it is also about having children. Wang Ziwen and Zheng Shuang are not the same. At least now, they are not very attached to men. Wu Qian and Zhang Bichen are the same kind, who have a bright future, but they have to desperately want to look different. Men who don’t care about them have children-yes, the point is men. Netizens count the most “love-brained” celebrities, Wu Qian and Zhang Bichen are incomparable. At this time, I have to sigh again, Yang Li’s complaint is really universal: Come on, get another one, and he will love me.

7 months ago

Although the protection of children is not the only way to protect children who are not single, but to emphasize the way of being single (this is really bad, because it is a bit of deceiving fans, but after all, I am not a fan, so I don’t comment. At this point, I feel that Zhang Yujian did not do well.) You said that Zhang Yujian didn’t give his name, but he went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get his certificate, saying that he didn’t want his personal love life and told the netizens that there was nothing wrong with it. You said that Wu Qian really did nothing because of Zhang Yujian. Actually, Wu Qian didn’t do anything. After the certificate was granted, the child had a child. Zhang Yujian who should be accompanied was also photographed and accompanied by him. Because I feel that Zhang Yujian and Wu Qian were photographed/reported a lot, so they both My emotional history feels like an open secret. But no matter what Zhang Yujian’s attitude and thoughts are from the statement, or what Wu Qian thinks in this relationship, the couple actually got married and said that the normal relationship is normal and the formalities of marriage are normal. The woman even chooses to be when her career is rising. The man’s hidden marriage gave birth to a daughter…so I think it’s useless no matter what others say about it. The days are still three of them, and it is really unnecessary to deduct the word “child mom” and say that Wu Qian is not worthy of having a name, because I seem to have a foreboding that if you don’t talk about the child’s mom, if you change it, the intimate title will be called public relations hypocrisy. , A serious full name will be said to disrespect the woman… Wu Qian is called Wu Qian by the child’s mother facing the child being photographed… I think it’s quite right. Actually, I think the only possibility I can evaluate is Wu Qian. I really like this thing about Zhang Yujian.

7 months ago

Qiao Yi’s “I Don’t Like This World, I Only Like You” was originally a sweet article. The hero and the protagonist in it finally had a happy ending, which made our readers moved and happy. Zhang Yujian and Wu Qian starred in the drama version of “I Only Like You”. In the end, there is not only a happy ending, but also a love crystallization baby. Reality and the happiness of film and television are intertwined. I am delighted and happy for their two pairs of double happiness.

7 months ago

Zhang Yujian’s Weibo, why is it “Mother of the Child”? Is the woman unnamed? Normal love and marriage, a lovely child, complete legal procedures. I don’t care if you scold me because I don’t know you. No obligation to tell you any personal matters. Just want to give the child a normal growth space. You really shouldn’t take pictures of my daughter and expose my daughter’s name. This time, her parents neglected their duty for failing to protect her. Her mother blames herself and feels very sad up to now. Don’t have another time. ​​​And why her mother blames herself, Zhang Yujian, shouldn’t you blame yourself too? As an ascendant Xiaohua fell in love and gave birth to a child, Wu Qian interrupted her career, while Zhang Yujian set up a single person, speculating on cp and selling rotten.

7 months ago

This statement is written by the living “Puchosin” in this letter. No wonder the little flowers like to play Mary Su, the main heroine now. At the very least, you can cultivate the self-confidence and immunity of the so-called male gods who are good-looking and good at routines, so that you will not be fooled when you encounter a coaxing eighteenth line and give birth to a baby with a big name. nothing. Zhao Mosheng, a chasing queen like Wu Qian from “Why Shengxiaomo”, started the game and played a few more chasing roles, so he suffered a lot. Although Xiao Mosheng’s aura is cute, and a wave of fans, but the foundation has become silly and sweet. In the end, I still lost. Now I understand why the pollen are chasing the boiled buttocks for their lives and let them start their careers. After all, doing a business is a bit of hard work and a bit of gain, and it’s better to work harder than not to work hard. Engaging in objects in the circle is like buying stocks. The probability of encountering high-quality stocks is too low. Generally speaking, you will pay more if you buy more, and you won’t lose if you don’t buy it. What’s more frightening than losing money is that st always feels that he is a blue-chip stock, and he has no first-line ability, but with a first-line temper, he choked you to death.

7 months ago

How many hidden children are there in the entertainment industry? Wang Ziwen, 2100w fans, unmarried, a son Zheng Shuang, fans 1256w, unmarried, dy a pair of twins Hua Chenyu, fans 3905w, unmarried, a daughter now Wu Qian’s daughter has also found her father, so it’s 2021, is it really like what SOUL said In the entertainment industry, only Picello’s children have no fathers? ? Shuangzi helped many children without fathers in the entertainment industry find their fathers. At first, I felt that Shuangzi was a great virtue. Now seeing the virtues of these dog fathers, Shuangzi, you are sinful.​​​ The children hidden in the entertainment circle have finally got their names. Opportunity. These two people can basically match, the woman or the man Tianyi noble. If you cherish each other and go, you can still go from Shuang to Bichen to Wu Qian, female stars really can’t be in love with their brains! Since Wu Qian became obsessed with Zhang Yujian, other male protagonists have no good looks and cannot make people enter the play, but this love has no equal return. Finally Zhang Yujian issued an article to recognize the child exposed today, saying indifferent: The child’s mother is very self-blaming, I hope you don’t have another time, does Wu Qian have a name? In fact, Wu Qian has the same ability as Zhao ls, occupying half of the little sweet drama. After all, she played the role of the heroine of “Why Sheng Xiaomo” in her teenage years, and she was more attractive than Tang Yan. It is a pity that after falling in love with Zhang Yujian, as long as Zhang Yujian is not the male lead, Wu Qian will always act absent-mindedly, such as “The Magic Night of the Tang Dynasty”. But romantic dramas can’t act like each other, and the audience can’t stand it. And yesterday Zhang Bichen released the album, only her girlfriend Zhao Liying helped to promote it, and her child’s father Hua Chenyu also didn’t speak at all. To be honest, these two actresses might as well be single mothers like Wang Ziwen and work hard to get into their careers!

7 months ago

I don’t quite understand what this kind of man thinks, anyway, I’m uncomfortable to read it, and I can’t tell what’s wrong. Normally love and marry, have children, have not confessed for a long time, only confessed after being photographed. Have to admit. Don’t understand. In a very hard tone, it has nothing to do with the people who eat melons, but the enthusiasm for being an artist does not come from the people who eat melons? If you call your spouse her mother, is it possible that your wife has someone else? And Wu Qian is just a kid? Still giving birth? It feels like getting married and having children together. The child is just an identity, and it doesn’t matter who this person is. In short, it was completely dark. I feel that the woman is more angry than the man, and the fire is earlier. I feel that I was pua and married to a man who is not as good as my own. Because of self-esteem, it is difficult to get respect.

7 months ago

Try to translate what Zhang Yujian means. Normal love and marriage, a lovely child, complete legal procedures. I don’t care if you scold me because I don’t know you. I got married and gave birth to a child through legal procedures, which is better than the actor who had been born out of wedlock and had a child. I’m not the worst, so don’t scold me. No obligation to tell you any personal matters. Just want to give the child a normal growth space. You really shouldn’t take pictures of my daughter and expose my daughter’s name. You exposed my marriage and childbirth, which affected my single person setting and hindered me from earning money. This time, her parents are negligent if they fail to protect her. Her mother blames herself and feels very sad up to now. ​This matter is mainly the responsibility of the parents (women). I didn’t cooperate with me to hide the children and stand in the single set. I was so annoyed. Who is her mother? I didn’t say it was Wu Qian? Don’t be there next time. Stop staring at me next time, I really just want to make money. If there is another time, don’t be surprised. I am really a male star with a sense of boundary. All of this is the responsibility of yxh and the woman. I am really making money innocently, and I am not pretentious at all.

7 months ago

The first reaction to eating melon: Huh? This man will still admit his own baby, and by the way, admit his wife, he is really good~has a responsibility~being~ too! what! Wu Qian was better than him from the beginning, because he married and had children at a young age, he was better and didn’t put a single fart. This… I saw the marketing account today and said that Zhang Yujian signed a single person agreement and made a risk assessment for the public today. Yes, there were two unified calibers before: one was Zhang Yujian’s salesperson, and the other was Wu Qian was never recognized by his family. Hey, now one is true, and the other is ready to be sent out to show his coldness? Yo, in order to deceive reading, a certain marketing account wrote “Wu Qian’s revenge on Zhang Yujian?” (the fantasy below may not be true) huh! Together, it is a big show. Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian are in love with each other, and then they get married and have children. The woman does not hesitate to lay down her career for the man. But the woman was not recognized by the man’s family, so she thought of revenge on the man. Yes, the above fantasy looks very cool, but it is actually very sad. I think it would be even sadder if it is reality. Hey, Wu Qian, this actor is really rare. Cut, Zhang Yujian, an actor, really needs to learn “male morality.” As long as he has a little bit of affection for Wu Qian, he will not even call Wu Qian “her mother” on Weibo. Even if you install it. No, I can’t remember, he always pretends, pretending to be an indifferent man, is it not so good for Gao Leng. Haven’t heard of it? Why didn’t he pretend to be public today? It’s full of flavour. Paparazzi should not shoot children, but you should not teach the people who eat melons. Otherwise one day he will overturn a bigger car, don’t blame everyone for scolding him: it’s yours! Oh, I forgot, he has never been popular either. Love to hear. Send Zhang Yujian a high-level blessing: ah, this is ah, yes, I cut it, didn’t I never heard of it, go to you. Related interests: Which people who eat melons can tolerate “falls”? Haven’t heard of it, the stocks cannot see a “fall”, and the idol list cannot see a “fall”.

7 months ago

I found that many girls with good personalities and sweet looks are dragged down by men!
Wu Qian should have belonged to that kind of ascendant floret at the beginning. She has good aura and good acting skills. Among the small flowers, it is more prominent, why did Sheng Xiaomo, who did not like that young Zhao Mosheng? Wu Qian, a goddess of Wuhan University, Hua Ce was once again a favorite. Her acting skills do not stretch her hips, she has distinctive aura and no dark spots. As long as she was not dragged down by Zhang Yujian, according to her momentum, she would be popular!
Who doesn’t like such a sweet girl? I really liked her at the beginning. It was sweet and rusty. Looking at some of the previous interviews, I felt that she was a girl with a very good personality. I chased her for a lot of dramas, and last year she and my brother’s rock sugar stewed Sydney. I think Wu Qian is the look of a boy that both boys and girls like in adolescence. High ponytail, full of youthful breath and sweetness. Later, the woman may have a baby, and she feels less girly, and sometimes she feels a little tired in her eyes, and her exposure is not as good as before. I really don’t know what she fell in love with Zhang Yujian. Hey, I feel sorry for the beauties, and I feel that many of them have very good personalities. All the sweet beauties are dragged down by men, as is Mao Xiaotong, who I liked very much before. I hope the beauty will be well afterwards. Hey

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