It just so happened that yesterday I met my mother’s colleague and talked to me about her parenting experience. When her daughter was in elementary school, she went to a very ordinary elementary school nearby. Her philosophy is happy education, first physical education, second moral education, good health, good relationship with classmates, and third is grades. That’s how she teaches children. In the fifth grade elementary school, the connecting middle school takes four years. However, the middle school that takes four years is generally considered to be bad, but it is said that the biggest problem at the time was not that the middle school was bad, but that the middle school was far away from home, so the daughter took the exam. A key junior high school near my home, and was admitted. After entering school, because I missed elementary school for one year, my grades were the lowest in the class. She made up lessons for her daughter, and if she couldn’t make up, she would find a teacher to make up for it after class. In this way, not only did her grade keep up with the big army, but later she was admitted to a key high school with a good grade that no one can imagine. She is currently graduating with a PhD in 985. So her point of view is, study, don’t be so anxious, isn’t it good for children to be like this? Parents should relax. But to review this story, it’s not so much the aunt’s parenting experience, as it is the confidence that a good family has given good grades. First of all, in any case, this aunt is a college student back then, and her own qualities are placed there. How could a person who studied very hard and had high demands on himself, let go of his own requirements for study. The only difference is that people with good grades, or people who have studied for a long time, know the true meaning of reading better: grit your teeth and persist. You can keep your mind free, clenched your teeth and insist on reading, without distractions, and your basic academic qualifications will not be too bad. Many highly educated friends are saying that their high academic qualifications are not entirely supported by ingenuity, but rather perseverance to stay lonely. Therefore, many high-educated parents who graduated from colleges and universities are not so true to their children’s grades. They know too well that the level of performance at this time is nothing at all. They only care if the child has enough diligence to persevere in learning, and it is very boring to study physically and mentally. You can play games and exercise without losing much time. Secondly, parents will use their own vision to give children super education, sometimes not necessarily in line with the children’s current learning content. As long as you can read pinyin and write words in the first and second grades, your grades will not be too bad. However, I have seen a child who was in the first and second grades. His grades were so bad that he would always be at the bottom. But what is really amazing is that the child only made mistakes in the first half of the test paper, with very simple and basic content, and a good question in the second half. Classmates, including those with very good grades, are all wrong. This child is good at every question. This shows that children have a good understanding of complex logic. Reading analysis questions can understand all of them, even if they can make mistakes in writing and pinyin. Conversely speaking, the educational content of writing and pinyin will be practiced repeatedly in the later stage, but if the logical relationship and thinking framework are not well established, it will be a bit hard to make up later. This aunt’s child did not learn very well in the content of the teaching in the school. However, the daily reading of the various classics and cultures of the East and the West at the home, the “Historical Records” at the elementary school stage, etc. have been read through. Ordinary families, how would they think of reading these to their children? Finally, the economy is the guarantee of education. The aunt is a dentist in a tertiary hospital, and so is her husband. Later, she tried her best to keep her job. Her husband opened a clinic outside. You probably know the financial level, right? The child learns to play the Guzheng. She thinks that the test is boring. You don’t need to participate in the test, you can learn it. The child has been learning for more than ten years. In the make-up lesson, her daughter had poor physics scores, so she told the make-up teacher that she didn’t need to make up advanced and sophisticated content, just don’t lose points when making up the basics. The teacher also looked for a good one. After making up the physics, the chemistry score will also be up. Just, let’s ask, can parents have such calmness for children whose children’s education costs occupy an excessive proportion of their family’s income? In addition, there is no financial pressure to get a Ph.D. In the middle of the financial contribution, not every family can afford it calmly. After all, for children with relatively well-off families, reading is something that can be done without burden, and this has been the case since ancient times. In fact, it means that after having a child, the focus of parents should not be completely placed on the child, and the child will have a good chance if he develops himself well. After all, the starting line of society has always been parents.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Because money can buy time. Not to mention those gifted children, when everyone generally has a similar IQ, money can really buy time. Qi Bao is now in kindergarten, which is in the community. 5 minutes away from home, I can watch a cartoon every morning when I get up. Do you think that children who buy a house in the school district can spend an hour more than others every day? The last time I saw a dad in the group, he said that he was almost depressed on the road for three years. Make up time for children from wealthy families who have poor grades, direct tutoring to make up lessons, saving time on the road. Ordinary families, go to institutions to make up classes, save their own research time. Poor families do not make up classes and learn by themselves. The study time now advocates happy learning, so kindergartens don’t teach knowledge, but teach some other things. Children from wealthy families continue to learn happily. They are all kinds of playful and subtle learning by teachers, and they have laid a solid foundation since childhood. A good learning method is that it is better to read thousands of books than to travel thousands of miles. When we read books at home, others will go to the field to learn knowledge. There is no way to do this, only to find the right way and work hard.

7 months ago

Wealth also depends on what kind of wealth it is. As long as the money is rich, the parents themselves are gnawing on the old people, and they are lazy. I don’t believe that children from this kind of family generally do better. There are many kinds of wealthy families. First, let’s talk about my own home. My dad is a self-made businessman. How can I say, our family is not rich, so I can’t talk about the rich second generation, but it’s okay. Since I was young, there was a babysitter and a driver at home. Several of our siblings attended the so-called “noble” schools at the time. My parents were busy with business at the time, but every weekend night they would take time to sit down with a few of us. Now I think it’s a bit like a regular company meeting. We are not good at communicating with them, especially my dad. He is always very serious. Look, we listened to everything. My sister and I have good grades, because as long as the parents ask for good grades, the parents will be at ease with us, trust us very much, and respect our suggestions and ideas when there are things. My brother belongs to the kind of tutoring for his homework, and his grades are very poor. My sister and I have always felt that we both inherited our father’s good brains, so we can do well without too much effort in our studies. But why is my younger brother poor in study? What we analyzed later was that because our parents had never helped or influenced us in our studies, our family did not have a good learning environment and atmosphere. My sister and I were born with strong self-discipline and flexible brains, so we were not delayed. But the younger brother had no guidance in this regard, he was delayed from the beginning of preschool, and then failed to catch up all the way. Therefore, it is not common for affluent families to learn well. It also depends on the parents’ genes and acquired influence. In the second case, my husband’s family situation is that my father is a leader of a large state-owned enterprise, my mother is a teacher, and the family situation is considered wealthy. In this type of family, the parents themselves are the kind who love to learn every day. My mother-in-law can sit and study quietly for several hours a day. Naturally, both of their children graduated from prestigious schools in China. This kind of school-dominant family, the children’s grades are naturally inferior, the parents’ influence is too great, and their children are not studying for the first place in the exam, but really like learning. The third kind, cocoa cousin’s house. Knowing friends who have watched my video or my answers before know that my cousin is a high school student, and she has received academic scholarships from private schools since she was a child, all the way to university now. The family conditions are very good, the parents are old immigrants, Chinese who really rely on hard work to gain a foothold abroad. Although this kind of family is rich, they are very low-key. The children are also very sensible and independent, and their parents have also paid great attention to all aspects of education, music, sports, and learning from an early age. In addition to being deeply influenced by their parents since childhood, children who grow up in this kind of family also have parental education methods, letting go but not indulging, respecting the children’s ideas and having their own principles and foresight. This kind of wealthy family, they have more of a kind of accomplishment. Fourth, let’s talk about the international students around me. Those who are able to study abroad are not rich in the second generation at home, but also those whose family conditions are still OK. I can’t finish it for three days and three nights, so let’s give an example. There are some international students here. Many of them are said to be unable to spend their money at home in a few lifetimes, but they never know what a good study habit is, and they don’t care much about their academic performance. , I can’t speak English clearly after graduation. (I hope not to be scolded to death, but there are indeed many such overseas students.) Are these people not rich enough in their families? In such a wealthy family, children generally do not learn well. So, why do children with more affluent families generally have better academic performance? In addition to having a lot of money and being able to focus on learning, it is more that their parents themselves are not ordinary people. This is why many children from poor families can learn well because they have hard-working and good-quality parents.

7 months ago

Many friends think that the reason why children from wealthy families learn well is that they have ample material foundation. This is a secondary reason, far from the main reason. The most important reason why children from affluent families can learn well is from the attention and cultivation of their parents. When I was in elementary school, I had two very close friends. Our test scores were similar, both of them were in the top of the class, and even I was close. But as soon as the winter and summer vacations, my parents let me go to extracurricular classes, basketball, swimming, English, and the library. Even if I cried and didn’t want to go, they would even force me to do it. And what are my good friends doing? Play games, or stay at home bored, go shopping with your parents, and watch TV. For most ordinary people, there is little difference in the factors of intelligence, and more of it lies in acquired cultivation and education. What does a kid know? What a child can develop into, as long as there is no intellectual or other defect, 99% depends on the vision and pattern of the parents. There are also many children from wealthy families who only go to a junior college or drop out of high school and go home to take over the family business. Whether a child learns well or not depends on the strength of the parents’ cultivation of the child, the second on the resources and platforms that the parents can provide, and the third on the child’s IQ and talents, and finally the material factor. After going to university, this phenomenon is actually more obvious. The group of students with excellent family conditions can often achieve higher academic achievements. I once talked with a few friends who have mines at home and got the national awards. They all mentioned one thing: there are requirements at home. It is the family who cares about his test scores, and this kind of expectation made him dare not slacken his efforts. As for most ordinary students, their parents feel liberated as soon as they arrive at the university. The quality of parents is another huge watershed at this moment. Some friends may ask: “The importance of parents is emphasized throughout the article. Does the child never know what to do?” It is not denied that children have their own personalities and ideas, but since the child is born in this world, parents It’s his eyes. A good family education will benefit a person for a lifetime, and a defective family education will also affect this person’s life. I personally believe that, with the exception of very rare cases, the behavioral pattern of a child in the latter half of his life is just a projection of the parent’s pre-education. During this period, the child may encounter some new people and things that will make him change some views, but that’s all for later. In the stage of learning and growth, the influence of parents is the key factor at that time.

7 months ago

It didn’t talk about the fundamentals, but basically, the simpler to do something, the easier it is to stick to it. For example, in bilibili, I collected 1,400 videos. According to my previous classification of files of this magnitude, it must be several days. As a result, these videos of station B can be moved, and various operations have been well considered for me. As a result, they were finished in one morning. Now I only need to see the ones I like, simply collect them, and arrange them regularly. The same is true for learning. Take the notebook, no. Paper, no. Good information, no. Your interest in learning and motivation will be greatly reduced. And you play King of Glory, turn on your phone, open the app, well, let’s start playing. Much easier. So learning needs a good environment, like me, a pervert who has grown up and has no retreat, can build an environment by himself. Because the salary is only 2500 per month, there is only one ordinary version of ipad and macbook air until now. I sincerely thank Apple for reducing my learning costs. Notion is almost finished. There is a printer and 4k32 inch screen, as well as a lifting table. Here is a special reminder, don’t buy a large HP printer, the lesson of blood, 24 issues of 8000, only paid at the end of last year. If the family is affluent, these things will soon be available in a very reliable way. Studying is extremely refreshing and smooth. As Luo Fatty said, the addictive mechanism of the game can also be used for learning. When I open the book now, I can write, study, work, test, and classify each subject clearly and simply. Once the underlying logic is built, I can get started with any work faster than others, and I just add a detailed classification to the big section. Congratulations to the classmates here, and passed my test. The plain text without any pictures in the front is used to exclude many people who lack the ability to read for a long time. Another important point is that the more money they have, the fewer chores they have to deal with. The easier it is to concentrate. I guess that many middle-class people in society have reached a consensus recently that they will not let children be exposed to Douyin. After all, the House Price Protection Alliance has been established. Really, is it so difficult for ordinary people to ask their children to force themselves to study for four hours a day? Also, protecting your intelligence is the only thing you can rely on and compete with the rich.

7 months ago

Before seeing reliable evidence, the subject was in doubt. Of course, if you are talking about it, is it true that the more affluent children are, the more they can get together in the key classes in the school district, and thus have a greater chance of being admitted to a good school? Then you revised the question to: Under the same subjective conditions and good objective economic conditions, is it easier to go to university? This is nonsense. But many parents who have never gone to college or have a hard-working mind in junior high school come to the conclusion that “as long as they are willing to spend money, their children will learn better”? Then I can’t persuade you. Sufficiency is not necessarily necessary, the premise dependent variable is not necessarily the same (the child’s subjective factors remain the same at the same time the money is thrown), and the unification of statistical phenomena and individual examples, no one wants to listen to the explanation. In one sentence, everything is ready, and money is of course useful when you owe Dongfeng. In other cases, not necessarily. Stop. In fact, when I saw the topic, I directly thought of a pedagogical study in the United States. The conclusion is more rigorous, but it is also funny to say: the richer the family, the more successful the children. It does not only refer to academic qualifications and academic achievements. In fact, thumbs can understand, this is also nonsense. Moreover, with American characteristics, it is impossible to go to private schools, and the chances of good children being ruined. Finally, one more thing. The topic is actually pretty poor thinking. Rich people in the family, just as hard as you are working as a worker, only care about your children’s grades? Let me be cold, really rich people are either self-willed, they don’t care about education, and they don’t demand grades—not that they don’t look at grades, but they don’t just look at grades. Let me explain with an example. The poor (me too) have no platform resources. If they don’t understand education, how can they evaluate their children’s English proficiency? Either “My child got 100 points in the exam!” Or “My child has memorized five thousand words!” Or it is, “My child speaks English very fast, although I don’t understand…” Right? You can see that reliability can only be grades, and a little bit of reference. And the rich? For those who don’t understand English, they can afford to hire a better teacher, and the teacher will tell them, “Your child is very smart… Just pay attention to a few vowels in pronunciation. It doesn’t matter if you write, you will gradually correct it automatically. Words are only passed every day. Just read some living words. Recently, the conversation has become more proactive. Next, I think I can practice the situational expression of specific opinions…” The good teacher will say, “Oh, today I got 100 points on the test. Your child is a genius.” ? This kind of teacher declined within a few days. The wealthy have better conditions, and if the education conditions are better, they will not stare at their academic performance. Because they are not like us, they can’t catch anything except looking at the results. If they don’t understand education, they don’t want to know about it. The wealthy people have good conditions and are often very humbly accepting professional advice. They are also willing to spend a few minutes to study. If the poor only believe in the advertisements of the leek vendors and the seven aunts and eight aunts… what is a cross-dimensional attack?

7 months ago

A wealthy family solves other things and allows children to learn without distraction. [Everything is ready, I only owe learning]
The children of the poor have so many messy things to think about:
Should I go to work to earn money?
I can’t see the blackboard without glasses
Someone bullying me
Cost of living gone
It’s a long way home
Brother wants me to take it
I want to buy a book but I don’t have money
No clothes, no pants, no shoes today

7 months ago

It’s almost as if the race is different. It’s all nonsense, because wealthy families can afford tutoring fees. It’s as simple as that. No matter whether they have money or not, those who don’t want to learn or give up on themselves will not be cured, but anyone who wants to learn is nothing. There are ways. The knowledge points in primary and secondary schools also need to be understood, but they lack corresponding guidance. It takes a lot of energy to rely on students to understand by themselves. It is different if you have a good teacher. You can find out that you are right through a few questions. What’s wrong with the mastery of knowledge? We can strengthen or explain these areas more thoroughly and get twice the result with half the effort. Once some of the knowledge points are smashed, if you can’t figure it out thoroughly, you may not be able to get out of it in the entire high school.

7 months ago

Seeing this question, I suddenly thought of a joke, I don’t remember the source. The reporter interviewed a teenager who was herding sheep on a hillside. Reporter: “What do you do for herding sheep?” Sheep baby: “Make money.” Reporter: “What do you do for money? Sheep baby: “Marry a wife. Reporter: “What do you do to marry a wife?” “Sheep baby: “Have a baby. Reporter: “What does the baby do?” “Sheep baby: “Sheep. “Although this is a joke, it can be felt that the non-rich families do not pay much attention to education. When I was a child, I always thought that the rich children and the non-rich children lacked only money. When I grew up, I discovered that in addition to money, there is also I have vision and knowledge. I remember hearing a friend talk about this question before: When a person can’t even have enough food and clothing, there is no other way to think about anything else. So it’s not that you can’t get out of a poor family, but it’s more difficult. Family conditions Good children, parents provide them with not only superior living conditions, but also a high-level circle of friends, and a better starting line. Children with affluent families around them pay attention to their children’s abilities other than homework, and some are extreme I can’t wait to let my children go to various interest classes all year round. We have a parent in the neighbouring community who spent 400,000 yuan on tutoring for their children during the summer vacation. The children’s academic performance is getting better and better. Their financial contribution is not ordinary. What the family can afford. There are many cases of this kind, which is why parents want to buy a school district room for their children, and they have to buy it if they squeeze their heads. Although there is no school district room, the children’s grades will be better, and the school district room is also for the purpose of learning. Environment. Generally, the parents who are willing to spend a lot of money on the whole family. Parents who buy school district houses attach great importance to the education of their children. It is naturally good for children to study in an environment where their classmates work hard and attentively. And children with poor family conditions, so The resources he owns are less than others, and only one’s own hard work can barely catch up. The distribution of resources itself is uneven. Before college, children with rich families will have better education and living resources. When they met in college, I met one A girl with a very good personality and high emotional intelligence. She is always present in every school activity. I chat with her by chance and realize that her family is in very good family conditions. When she was a child, her mother often forced her to learn all kinds of things. All kinds of talents, she also invited a foreign teacher to teach her English one-on-one, so she is very grateful to her mother now, the hard work as a child has the present results. Newton once said that the reason why I look farther is because I Standing on the shoulders of giants. The end that some people barely reach is probably just the starting point of others. This sentence looks like this, but the reality is like this. The gap between the rich and the poor has always existed. If we can’t change this, Let your children work hard. Parents lead by example, create a good learning atmosphere, attach importance to their children’s education, and they can also teach cows~

7 months ago

First of all, the ignorant is fearless, and the desireless has no demand! Ignorance can probably also be passed on. How terrible it can be. People who have not experienced it are unimaginable. I often hear the old people in the village say, “What can you do in reading, and you can count on the money if you can read it?” What’s the use of books? Because of ignorance, so incompetence, because of incompetence, so there is no demand, but it is very happy and easy to be satisfied. It is not a big deal for children to learn or not, but whether they can hug their grandson as soon as possible is a big deal! They don’t know the meaning of learning! Secondly, the children of the poor start at a low starting point and take charge early! Poor people’s children don’t study hard, they are mostly unscrupulous. Without that condition, they are also unable to change anything. The harder they work, the more painful they are. Slowly they will be broken, and when they grow up, they can start a family and succeed as a labor force. Someone can do it. As I said before, it is easy to be satisfied, and the sense of happiness is actually very high! Poor children with high education are actually suffering! Most of the poor are in the countryside. What can 200,000 do in the city? Maybe it’s a happy family in the countryside. They can’t find a way out of learning! Furthermore, the children of the rich have a bright start! The children of the rich have enough power to support their take-off. The investment of the rich in the children of the children of the poor will only be better and not worse. Moreover, the children of the rich have been exposed to the problems since they were young. In the same world, one’s horizons are naturally much broader, and the circle of contacts is also at the same level. The end of a child from a poor family is not even as good as the starting point of a child from a rich family. A master’s degree may be a high degree of education for the children of the poor, but it may be so-so for the children of the rich! For example, I’m not surprised that a child from a rich family can play the piano. I have never seen a child from a poor family who can play the piano. Some people might say that even if you know the piano, you are rich? I want to say, yes, I am the child of the poor, and I don’t even dare to touch other people’s piano, for fear that I can’t afford it if I break it. They know the importance of learning!

7 months ago

Because the family is wealthy, parents have more energy to pay attention to the education of their children. They will spend time to study family education, spend money to buy good school district housing, and even spend a lot of money to go to cram school. Therefore, on the surface, the family environment is good Children, there is a high probability that their grades will be better. However, this is not absolute, because good grades do not mean everything in the future. If wealthy families adopt the wrong way to educate their children, even if the grades seem to be good in the short term, they will be bad for the children’s future. influences. Therefore, I think it should be said: families that value family education, no matter the family is rich or average, the children’s grades will not be bad, and the future is relatively promising.

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