Behind the existence of any currency, there will be strong support, such as national credit or precious metals.

Now threatening to invest in Bitcoin is anti-inflationary because of the openness of decentralization? Bitcoin, like gold, does not generate cash flow and has no equivalent conversion. How to measure its true value?

Every country is developing its own encrypted digital currency

I really don’t understand why big investment institutions invest in such assets?

Ask God to explain the future development and application scenarios of Bitcoin

To be honest, the US stock market’s four-fuse-breaking + operation of printing money to rescue the market and breaking new highs for 34 times has made me full of awe of all financial trends. Regarding Bitcoin, I really dare not say how it will end in the future, but one thing is certain. An irreplaceable role of Bitcoin is to evade government supervision. Tulips do not have this function! Therefore, I can only boldly make a hypothesis based on my current insights, which is merely an hypothesis based on the current situation. The more chaotic the world, the more popular Bitcoin is. The more international conflicts, the higher the barriers, the fewer dialogues, and the more prejudices, the more valuable Bitcoin is. The big changes unseen in a century are precisely a period of violent turbulence, so there is a high probability that Bitcoin will follow this trend and become more and more valuable during the turbulence. Because those unseen trading needs will increase in the international turmoil. Various currencies are fighting each other, and the result of countries vying to print money may just make Bitcoin, a currency that can maintain its value, become stronger and stronger. Conversely, if the international situation becomes more stable. Everyone trades under the dominance of a certain country. Then there is a high probability that Bitcoin will remain at a low value forever. Some people say that Bitcoin has no physical counterpart. Correct! In other words, if a large-scale war really breaks out in the world, it will be worthless. Because the outbreak of war will lead to a shortage of supplies. And the lack of materials will clear the value of everything that has no connection with actual materials. In ancient China, it was said that gold in troubled times is jade in prosperous times. In troubled times, the priceless jade is not always better than gold, or even worse than a bag of rice. Bitcoin corresponds to the “jade” in this old saying. And in troubled times, I’m afraid it’s worthless. But the real state of the current world is overproduction. There is overproduction all over the world! American agricultural products can feed the entire world and are cheaper than any country’s own production. China’s infrastructure capacity can renovate all roads in the world and is cheaper than any country’s own infrastructure, similar in all walks of life. Therefore, physical correspondence is not so important. At the same time, all countries are increasing the money supply, the essential reason is also “overproduction.” Therefore, the value of Bitcoin is precisely a manifestation of the unhealthy structure of the entire international economy. In other words, if countries have a healthy economy, stable currencies, and matching production with demand, then Bitcoin will not have much room for appreciation. In other words, there is no room for Bitcoin to appreciate in war and unification. Without “fighting without breaking”, “overproduction”, “increasing uncertainty”, and “radical monetary policy”, there is room for Bitcoin to appreciate. And this may be a new normal in the coming decades between China and the United States. I am afraid that many demon things will happen in the future. Bitcoin is one of them. The so-called country will die, there must be evildoers. Bitcoin is a demon coin, and it cannot be judged by common sense. It is nothing more than a projection of the chaos of the world. Someone made a suggestion ten years ago to buy a few bitcoins and put them there when it doesn’t exist. A person with the same ability as I think is still to get a wallet and spend a small amount of money to buy 0.0001, and leave it there without touching it, just as if it doesn’t exist. Maybe for decades, maybe your most valuable legacy is these bitcoins. We can’t afford to invest tens of thousands of dollars. It is not difficult to make a few hundred dollars. Otherwise, in ten years, will we feel that we don’t spend a few hundred dollars to get a little bit of it?


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

For a takeaway, whether btc is like a tulip or a red rose is of little significance. For a senior code farmer with an annual salary of 1.9 million, it doesn’t make much sense. Well, a girlfriend is even more meaningful. btc is of course meaningful to Musk, 1btc=1 Tesla. btc is a concept and a symbol. People give it meaning, such as decentralization, resistance to financial hegemony, wealth redistribution, and so on. If we ignore this concept, life remains the same, if we are attracted, then we must be careful of the huge volatility and leverage. Anything with big leverage is worthy of people’s vigilance. Without exception, people cannot resist leverage at this stage. The generation of leverage not only surpassed Newtonian physics, but also surpassed Einstein’s theory of relativity.

7 months ago

The meaning of this sentence is to ask: When did btc crash like a tulip? No matter what, as a modern person facing a developed capital market, risk awareness should always be put first. No matter how good or bad what others say, you have to be determined and have your own principles, such as: 1) Do not borrow money to invest 2) Use wealthy funds to invest 3) No leverage 4) Learn related knowledge every day, take a look at zhihu It’s also true that many things don’t have essence. This violates the nature of human metaphysics. It is especially undesirable to seek the essence of financial products. Although it is difficult for people to control their desires or hearts, they can control themselves in terms of behavior. Implement unity, go first, as long as you do it, you will know. Although I don’t know when btc will crash, as long as I stick to my code of conduct, there will be no big problems. On the contrary, some people know a lot and have a thorough understanding of btc and tulip. He even thinks that he can clear the btc before the tulip collapses. This is actually not knowing, it is too difficult to operate, and your perception is false.

7 months ago

Tulips can be planted and regenerated. The number of Bitcoins is limited and cannot be increased. The tulip bubble mainly occurred in the Netherlands, with a small area and few people. Bitcoin participates globally, with a large scale and a large number of people. During the tulip bubble, the Dutch people did not have airdropped support. During the Bitcoin era, there was an “unlimited” USD airdrop. I think if you give 100 guilders per person to the Dutch people in the 17th century, the tulip bubble will be even more crazy. Therefore, I love this world, a crazy world.

7 months ago

Let me talk about decentralization. In fact, gold is also decentralized, and it does not have an issuer. It also relies on mining to increase its stock, and it also digs less. Besides, blockchain technology and Bitcoin are two different things. Don’t be noble just because it uses blockchain technology. Probability theory is a science derived from gambling. Many Internet technologies, payment technologies, and virtual reality were first applied to the porn industry. The value of Bitcoin comes from it being unregulated, it is anonymous, and it can be used for money laundering and underground transactions. Whether it will burst like a tulip, it’s not good to say. At present, governments of various countries have not yet dealt with Bitcoin, and pornography, gambling and drugs have been living in the cracks. But I think it is difficult for Bitcoin to flourish in the sun. Talking about its currency properties and collection value is a bit too much.

7 months ago

Although I don’t speculate coins, I don’t think Bitcoin is really worth so much money. But it is impossible for Bitcoin to collapse like a tulip. In principle, it is impossible. Tulips are agricultural products, not to mention the short shelf life, you can grow them if you have land. A big price plunge is inevitable. The total number of bitcoins is limited, and mining costs are also rising. This determines that its value must be gradually improved. As for how high the price can be, I can’t guess and don’t want to guess. I can only say that Bitcoin will have its place before the next information revolution.

7 months ago

I am a programmer, and at first in 2009, I was quite resistant to this stuff. At that time, I laughed. Someone bought a hamburger with 300,000 coins. Because at that time, I was an ordinary person, studying and working every day, and I didn’t know how dangerous the world was. But the news of the Internet began to spread the information of these blockchains. Gradually, I continued to see in the media that the various credit vouchers stored in bank x safes were replaced with newspapers. . I just understand that guarding the existence of self-pirate. Gradually, there was less resistance. Later, various asic mining machines appeared to replace the cpu. Various young Bitcoin miners appeared in the media, and I even became disgusted. Later, it was heard that relevant units restricted hydropower stations in certain areas from mining. Later, there was an explicit restriction that did not allow blockchain transactions. The Internet and financial industry leaders in the world have begun to call for the price of these blockchains to be too high to be sold. Then this year, world-class technology and financial tycoons will join the game and participate in the rake. At this moment, I already understand that the general trend is complete. Why is this so? Bitcoin is essentially an electronic ledger. Every participant remembers every transaction. In this case, the more people involved, the lower the possibility of fraud. So why are so many people flocking to it? In fact, it depends on whether it is useful. Its design concept is to provide credit certificates for everyone passing by, and then collect tolls. According to the universal gameplay, only the strongest 2 blockchains are allowed to cut the cake, and the others are spare tires. From these perspectives, Tulip is a low-level routine played in the age of asymmetric information. And Bitcoin, if it is essentially said, will gradually tend to its due value. As far as the monopoly of lithography machines is concerned, the rise and fall of Bitcoin is tied to it. The fpga chip is too expensive, the design talent is scarce, and the artificial intelligence industry is grabbing TSMC’s production capacity. All lead to a lack of competitors. In fact, in the final analysis, if you find that major programming languages ​​are building supporting environments around the industrial chain with blockchain exchanges and mining pools as the core, we will have a more secure strategy, that is, when Blockchain programmers, buy shares through technology. Moreover, the rise and fall can also be judged according to the status of the company and the status of the industry, so that the spring river plumbing duck prophet. Get out early.

7 months ago

This kind of thing is bound to collapse, just ignore all kinds of brainwashing texts. Bitcoin needs to have a receiver to pick it up all the time in order to keep rising. When Bitcoin is only worth 100 yuan, 10 million Bitcoins can only be bought for 1 billion. When Bitcoin is worth 1,000, 10 billion can be bought and it is acceptable. When Bitcoin is worth 10,000, it will take a total of 100 billion to buy it, and big companies will have to worry about it. When Bitcoin is worth 100,000, the entire market value needs three and a half days without eating or drinking for the whole country to lift him up. Can Bitcoin still rise? Maybe it can go up, but it won’t go anywhere. Now the entire market value of Bitcoin is 7 trillion, which is equivalent to 5,000 yuan per person in the country to buy it. How much do you think he can increase? Of course, the value of Bitcoin fluctuates, and the market value is only the market value, not the actual value. This makes it easier to cause a crash. For example, when Bitcoin is sold at the beginning of 10,000, another person buys 11,000, each time more than 1,000 yuan, only 50 coins can raise the price to 50,000. This value does not affect everyone. Some people start selling when they get here. You will be cheaper by 1,000, and I will be cheaper by 1,000. After 50 coins, it will return to 10,000. After this set of procedures, those who held it at the beginning did not lose and did not make a profit, those who sold 50,000 made a profit, and those who bought halfway lost. One problem can be found. When it rises, no one wants to sell, but after it rises to some people’s psychological expectations, some people will start to sell. At this time, I was scrambling to run out, for fear that I would not be able to sell at a high point. The people who bought it were not stupid. They all knew that it was down, so no one bought it. When the price rises, no one sells it, and when it falls, no one buys it. When Bitcoin is so expensive that no one buys it, the bubble naturally collapses. To add, believers who are optimistic about Bitcoin for a long time can consider the marginal effect. When the market value of Bitcoin is 700 billion, it can rise a lot with 1 billion operations. How much can 1 billion rise when Bitcoin is 70 billion? We must understand that society’s wealth is limited. If we want to continue to grow, someone has to keep investing money in it. When the believers’ money is all invested and no new players enter the market, it will be an economic miracle that it does not collapse. Before you reply, please tell me how many bitcoins you bought, how much money you made, and whose money can you make? Someone will have to lose, right? Otherwise, everyone’s assets have swelled, where does the extra value come from?

7 months ago

It depends on which bitcoin you are talking about. If you are talking about the isolated and certified small block version of Bitcoin BTC, you are right, and its result is no different from the ending of the tulip bubble. Now, BTC transaction fees exceed $10 each, and must wait for at least one confirmation (10 minutes is an average confirmation time, sometimes as long as 1 hour) before it can be received, except for speculative value and some suspected illegal application value (and must It has no practical value except for being banned. It has been unable to perform the basic functions of digital currency, so the terms “digital gold” and “store of value” are already castles in the air, and prices will collapse sooner or later. Satoshi Nakamoto Vision Edition Bitcoin BSV unlimited expansion block size has no upper limit, so the transaction fee is low and does not increase with the price of the currency, supports zero-confirmation transactions, and the Bitcoin operation code is Turing complete, which can handle massive transactions (including transfers, smart Contracts, data storage, etc.) will become the only public chain in the world. This is the value foundation of BSV. Data services and currency services are two sides of Bitcoin. At the same time, Bitcoin transactions are open and traceable, which complies with the financial regulations of various countries. Therefore, countries cannot act in a unified way to ban Bitcoin, but can only allow it to develop within the legal framework, thus becoming a global “robust currency” and replacing the untrustworthy “credit currency” legal currency system. Attach the history of the return of Bitcoin technology to awaken the deceived majority.

7 months ago

After reading the answers, I found that many people don’t actually understand cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. As a former cryptocurrency exchange practitioner, I would like to give everyone a popular science: 1. Virtual currency is not absolutely decentralized. On the contrary, the lack of trading methods leads to transactions. All are basically centralized, and the concentration of computing power in the hands of large mine owners has led to a high concentration of computing power (described in detail below). 2. Bitcoin is not completely anonymized. The same centralized exchange will retain personal information, and even private personal transactions can follow the transaction hash to query the original transaction. Of course, some cryptocurrencies with better anonymous letters appeared later, but the liquidity was not high. 3. Bitcoin’s transaction mechanism is not perfect. Reference 1 The mining farm’s main computing power is sufficient to carry out 51% attacks at will. This is as serious as the country’s over-issued currency, which is equivalent to opening a gold finger. 4. Bitcoin is not without loopholes. Bitcoin has been maintained by a core team since Satoshi Nakamoto uploaded the network. Let alone the team itself will regularly update and fix the code. As long as someone participates, it is not decentralized, and there is also the risk of human operation. , Referring to the development team rolling back all data after Ethereum was hacked, which in itself violates the nature of cryptocurrency. 5. Bitcoin transactions all rely on miners to keep accounts. The current mining rewards are getting fewer and fewer Bitcoins. In the later stage, miners can only be attracted by miners’ fees (collecting transaction fees), but Bitcoin is not suitable for large-scale transactions, and the larger the transaction volume The more crowded the network is, a transaction may not be confirmed until a few days, and the price of Bitcoin changes rapidly, which is inherently unsuitable for many transaction scenarios. Insufficient transaction volume will lead to a decrease in miners’ fees and reduce the attractiveness of absenteeism. Nowadays, the high price of coins is all about attracting miners to mine, and the more miners are driving up the cost of mining. 6. The cost of mining in the mine is very high, which leads to the fact that the owner of the mine is born short, and has to keep mining and then selling coins to alleviate the operational pressure. There is no mine owner who only digs but does not sell and hoards, unless there is a real gold mine at home. The price of the currency has been pushing up, which must always require capital to eat into the miners’ selling orders. The higher the price, the greater the cost. When a certain degree of risk is reached, the capitalists will find that doing other things has higher returns and lower risks, they will definitely cash out. Leave. 7. The total number of bitcoins in spot and futures transactions on major exchanges around the world is definitely more than the actual number of bitcoins. To put it bluntly, exchanges can modify data at no cost. As long as users do not mention the currency, the exchange can have 100 million bitcoins. . If the exchanges have done this, it can indeed reduce the cost of raising the price of Bitcoin, 6 can be ignored. But this also confirms that the high price of Bitcoin is not really worth so much, but the capital is used to cut the leeks. 8. Bitcoin is the first to eat crabs, but it is not the most perfect, most potential, and most application-scenario cryptocurrency. The current price of Bitcoin is the highest, so trying to explain with high value does not make sense It can only be said that Bitcoin has a higher reputation and a more special meaning. 9. Bitcoin’s popularity is based on consensus, which is the same as cx believers can become popular. The big guys in the currency circle said early on that the consensus of a fool is also a consensus, although what the fool said is wrong, as long as it does not affect the cutting of leeks from the fool.

7 months ago

The experience of using large funds and small funds is completely different. There is only 10,000 yuan in my account. I don’t have to think about how to allocate, how to transfer, how to use, because I can do whatever I want, the difference is not much different, even if I don’t use it in the account, it will only take a few meals. It’s money for meals. But two days ago, when I planned a financing plan of 10 million yuan for a company, I had to consider how to use this money to meet regulatory requirements? How to use the highest return? How to transfer the lowest cost? Am I looking for some low-tax “channels” to settle accounts? If you don’t pay attention, it’s just a few points, and hundreds of thousands will be lost. And it’s impossible for this money to be kept in the account forever. The cost of hundreds of thousands a year is there. If there are 1 billion in my account, I must be more cautious in my every move. I want to transfer money out and use it, it is not so easy. I must very much hope that there is a way that allows me to use “my funds” freely. I have always believed that Bitcoin cannot become a “fiat currency” due to its decentralized and natural deflationary characteristics. But Bitcoin does have its uses, but to achieve this purpose requires sufficient “consensus”, and Bitcoin has completed the premise of “consensus” after so many years. Why do you say that it is Bitcoin, why not another currency or something? I can cite many reasons, such as its ancestor and so on. But in fact, this is a random event, and the market ultimately recognizes it. Just like diamond marketing, why are diamonds “lasting and passing on”? Not agate emerald garnet? Diamonds can tell a lot of advantages, but other gems can’t tell? It’s just a random event. But in any case, the consensus around Bitcoin is now large enough to have this influence and status. And the more countries engage in digital currency, the more important the use of Bitcoin becomes. To give an example: For example, when watching police movies, I often see gangsters carrying a few boxes of money to trade. Why don’t they use bank transfers? Nonsense, who dares? Isn’t this sent to the government for investigation? But what if the currency becomes digitized and there is no cash anymore? Of course, you can also carry two boxes of gold to trade, but that thing is heavy and dangerous to carry. Bitcoin will do. I’m not saying that the application of Bitcoin will definitely be “illegal and criminal”, but the demand for “regulatory gray areas” of big funds is that there must be a market that never tells whether a demand is right, it only depends on whether the demand exists, and it is enough. not big enough. I have to admit that although I have always known the existence of this demand, I still underestimated the size of this demand. At this point, there is a huge gap between Bitcoin and Tulips. The biggest difference is that Bitcoin is online, intangible, and easy to save, while tulips are offline, physical, and easy to damage. So once a consensus is formed, Bitcoin can play the role of “currency that is free from government supervision.” For example, instant noodles in university dormitories; for example, cigarettes in prison on TV; this use lays the foundation for its value, and then the entry of capital drives its price. If you want to invest in Bitcoin, I am optimistic about it in the long-term, and it is worth investing in a callback. But don’t play contracts, don’t add leverage.

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