In One Piece, I felt that the strong swordsmen who can fight against Hawkeye include Fujitora, Auntie, Redhead and others. Hawkeye has not defeated all of them or clearly stated that their reputation is stronger than them, so why can they be called? Can you become the world’s number one swordsman?

Before the plot of Hawkeye comes out, I do not recommend that everyone question his personality. After all, even though Oda was only a manga artist, after reading more than 900 words, the thing he couldn’t reach was a broken arm—he even gave it to the editor. When Sauron met Hawkeye for the first time, he had not yet set off in the East China Sea. At that time, Hawkeye was sitting in a small boat and was bored and chopped over the fleet of the No. 1 Pirate in the East China Sea. His eyes made people daunted. Dare to look straight. He took a knife to make Sauron’s three-sword style seem like a child’s play. He recognized Sauron by using his famous knife to leave an indelible scar on Sauron. Then he left unrestrainedly. At that time, we knew that Hawkeye was very strong, but we didn’t know how strong he was, let alone what this number one swordsman meant. Later, we learned that Hawkeye and Redhead had a big battle, and saw Hawkeye’s slash on the top, as well as the confrontation with Diamond Joz and Foil Vista. As a result, people continue to discuss who is more powerful than Eagle Eye, the four emperors who use Western swords, and how big is the gap between this so-called world’s number one swordsman and others, or whether it’s as long as the conditions are sufficient. , Anyone can be the number one XXX in the world… But the situation is different now: Before entering the new world, Sauron learned the tricks of the Hawkeye. By the time Dresrosa, Sauron’s way of using the knife began to be “different”. (Introduction, let me spit, I will always circle myself like a Tiehanhan every time about the statement that the swordsman uses a knife.) The operation of domineering attached to a knife is not a new way to play, after all, Nine Snakes per capita Arrows are wrapped around domineering, but changing the material of the knife with domineering gives us another room for imagination. That is: In addition to the swordsman itself, weapons also have room for growth. In Wano Country, this idea has been strengthened and confirmed, and even the sword will be good at regenerating its own character and desires (three generations of Oni Toru: I’m a big seller again?). You can even think that the sword is no longer a weapon, but the closest comrade-in-arms around the swordsman. According to this line of thinking, the title of No. 1 Swordsman is no longer the result of a simple screening based on the condition of fighting style. It symbolizes the structure of combat power in which people and swords grow simultaneously. The ultimate can be done under. When we were still wondering whether Sauron had the overlord color, or whether the difference between the black knife and the armed color was bad, Oda was already using the explanation that he didn’t know when the number was used to tell (hu) v. (you) you : Don’t think Jianhao is so simple.


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7 months ago

However, first, you haven’t seen an eagle eye that goes all out. Do you think the eagle eye on the top is slashing diamonds with all its strength, or is it slashing Sauron with all its strength? However, there is only one proof, that is, the two-handed version of the red hair and the eagle eye are tied. That is one of the four emperors in full bloom! The world’s first echelon of combat power, if you go all out, it will be a super strong against anyone in the world. The record of being able to tie with the Four Emperors is enough to be called the first swordsman. Second, only those who use swords, and those who only use swords, are called Jianhao. Red hair is an excellent domineering user, you have never seen him use any swordsmanship, and the conflict with the white beard is just a weapon interaction-you have never heard that the white beard is the world’s best naginata hand pair Right? Even if the thing the aunt used is a sword, she is not a swordsman. She is just used to hit people. Do you think she has any sword skills? Weiguo is obviously just a sword aura inspired by a sharp blade, and a green ghost or a red ghost can also use an axe to unleash the power. Fujitora is even more important. You can’t see his sword moves in all the confrontations in Tokushima. Almost all his skills are gravity or meteorite. In addition, Huang Yuan uses fruit, and there is no sword move; Lei Li uses a sword, but it is more like a red-haired style of play. The sword is only an auxiliary, and the core is still strong and domineering. Only Hawkeye and Sauron are the only ones. All of their tactics can only be played with swords. Long swords and short swords are good, but they must be swords. You can’t make moves with an axe. As the world’s number one swordsman, that means the strongest swordsman, not the strongest creature, don’t get confused.

7 months ago

Liu Suolong, a fledgling pirate hunter, said when he saw Eagle Eye, every swordsman would like to compare how the strongest man (among swordsmen) got the title of the sword. He didn’t discuss the title of Eagle Eye, not only the author appointed it. , It is also recognized in the Pirate World, and no one doubts. As for the red-haired Aunt Fujitora that you said can’t be regarded as a pure swordsman, I even think that the red-haired was asked by the eagle eye to ask the sword and lost the sword, but the red The swordsmanship after the broken arm, Hawkeye has fallen short of the speed of the red hair, and the domineering is top-notch. In addition to the sword, the swordsmanship is good, but it is more dependent on the fruit and domineering aunt, let alone the prestige. It’s a long-range attack. I’m fighting with Kaido’s weapon and suddenly smashing my fist.

7 months ago

White beard was sick, defeated and died. Why is it called the strongest man in the world? What the author said. The great waterway beauty is like a cloud, so why is Hancock the first beauty? What the author said. Similarly, why is Hawkeye the number one swordsman in the world? What the author said. Why did the author let Hawkeye come on stage early and make his identity clear: the world’s number one swordsman (sword)? Because the author wants to set specific goals for Zorro, the first combatant around One Piece in the future. If Hawkeye is not the strongest swordsman, then what is Zorro’s oath at the sea restaurant? Zorro has learned from his teacher, so he doesn’t need to supplement his apprenticeship. If Hawkeye is not the strongest swordsman, what is the point of repeating between Hawkeye and Zorro? Hawkeye is inconspicuous because he didn’t pursue it. If you don’t pursue it, you won’t build up power, don’t do things, and you have nothing to do with the government. Of course, you will not receive the attention it deserves. It’s not normal to hide alone in a tomb of the living dead every day, drink tea and read the newspaper to coax the girl to tease the monkey, and condescend to be a Qiwuhai. Hawkeye hunted down the Klick fleet for thousands of miles, and explained the reason for himself afterwards: boring. At that time, I was mainly shocked by the strength and coolness of Hawkeye. Later, I think about it again, in the turbulent great waterway, a big man would be free to play with eggs, this thing itself is not normal. The author didn’t say why Hawkeye was eating and waiting to die like this. A higher probability may be to wait patiently. What is he waiting for? What’s the black history? What abilities are still hidden? Will it be connected to the line of the Celestial Dragon? There are few parts of the eagle eye that surfaced, and there is a lot of room for play. In any case, Hawkeye is a heavyweight toolman in the Straw Hat Friends Group. Don’t even think about passersby or getting lunch. I am interested in the performance of Hawkeye (suspected high-energy response) in the recent hunting of Qiwuhai. Another possibility is more crude. For example, after weighing time and energy, Oda decided to cut off the branches and push the main line. That would be much more boring, and can only be forced into the same invincible loneliness as Dugu seeks defeat. The swordsman seeks the way with the sword, and peers of the same weight are a must, and there is no opponent that can’t talk about going forward. Hawkeye was originally an opponent, Retire Retire (Pluto Raleigh), Can Retire (red hair), the juniors have not been able to stand high enough to challenge him. There is no way to go, isn’t there just boring left? The pure swordsman pursues the battle itself, fighting life and death in the peak duel, rather than holding the world’s number one tablet for hundreds of years. If you explain it from this perspective, Eagle Eye carefully cultivated Zorro, a future rival, which means to fulfill himself.

7 months ago

Just rely on binding! Bind the red-haired Qi Four Emperors. Bind the One Piece of Sauronzi. Sauron’s goal is to surpass Hawkeye, so Hawkeye is very strong. Sauron is the second force of the One Piece Pirates, so Sauron will be very strong in the future. Sauron’s goal is to surpass Hawkeye, so Hawkeye is very strong, otherwise it would be meaningless to surpass him. Because Hawkeye was very strong but was surpassed by Sauron in the end, Sauron was also super strong in the future. Two people bind to each other, stepping on the right foot with their left foot, and the fighting power goes directly to the sky. The strongest swordsman is just a title. Come out from the rivers and lakes, thanks to the nickname of your love. Kaido was the strongest creature, and he was tied for a day and night with his aunt, but it did not affect his title of the strongest creature. The white beard’s strongest man made another man half the head with a punch, but it didn’t affect the title of the strongest man. Hawkeye was blocked by a diamond with a knife, and there was a backlash with the foil. There was nothing wrong with the black knife cutting the natural Krokdal, and being blocked by Mr1 would not affect his title of the strongest swordsman. But don’t take it too seriously.

7 months ago

The question of why Eagle Eye is the world’s largest swordsman was unsolvable until the plot advanced to the country of Wano. Whether Oda himself wants to understand is a question. But in Wano Country, Oda must have figured it out. Yu Oda added a setting “Refining Black Sword”. Strictly speaking, this setting is not an addition to the country of Wano. When Dresrosa, Sauron recalled Hawkeye’s teaching “All knives can be black knives”, but at the time he just mentioned that most of them People didn’t think much about the meaning of this. But after Yan Mo appeared on the stage, the big tengu’s words were a bit strange. The big tengu said that Yan Mo was not a black sword, and hoped that Sauron could make it into a black sword. Combining the words of Hawkeye and Big Tengu, all knives should be black knives, right? All knives can be made into black knives. As long as you practice hard, your knives should become black knives. So the question is, Mi Tian was 18 years old when he played, and in his forties when he died. Yan Mo and Mi Tian hadn’t made a black sword for most of his life. Why would Sauron be able to make it in the next few years? In addition, Dad’s Cong Yunqi, the red-haired Western sword, and the famous swords that appeared in all comics, except for Hawkeye’s “Black Dao Ye” and Ma Long’s “Qiu Shui”, are not black knives. Both Hawkeye and Big Tengu call Sauron Lian Black Knife, but there are only two black knives in the world. Isn’t this setting contradictory? Later I wanted to understand what the “black knife” really meant. Before we saw Eagle Eye’s “World No. 1 Swordsman” and combined with the plot of the red-haired and Eagle Eye duel many years ago, there should be a “World No. 1 Budokai” in One Piece’s world that only belongs to swordsmen. , Held once every few years, and Hawkeye defeated the crowd in the conference, won the championship, and has been reelected, so Hawkeye is “the world’s number one swordsman.” So we wondered, this old man, red-haired, aunt, three of the four four emperors are swordsmen, why is the world’s number one swordsman Hawkeye? Why? But Oda’s setting should be like this: Ryoma was a legendary swordsman a hundred years ago. It can be said that he is synonymous with swordsman in the world of One Piece. “Black sword” is his symbol of swordsmanship and passed down to later generations. But in the following hundreds of years, no one has ever made a black sword again, so the “black sword” has always been bound to the great swordsman Ryoma. Ryoma is the black sword, and the black sword is the Ryoma. Until Hawkeye made the second black sword “Ye”. Ryoma is the strongest swordsman in the legend that everyone knows. After Eagle Eye made the second black sword, everyone will say “Eagle Eye, like the strongest swordsman Ryoma” when spreading the story of Eagle Eye. . “Dragon Horse” is an adjective. Just like Daniel Wu, it represents handsome, and Dragon Horse represents the strongest swordsman. Therefore, it is passed on. “Like Dragon Horse” is omitted, leaving “Eagle Eyes Strongest Swordsman”. Naturally It is “the world’s number one swordsman”. There is a precedent for this kind of thing in One Piece. It is the origin of “One Piece”. The origin of “One Piece” is that Roger reached the end and dominated the great route. Many people say that Roger is “just like the king of Pirates.” , Passing and passing will be omitted, “One Piece” has become a fixed title. The origin of the “Four Emperors” is also the same. “Like the four kings, they will reign in the new world.” If they say too much, they will be referred to as the “Four Emperors”. So, as long as you reach the end and complete the voyage, you don’t need to defeat all the pirates, it is better than any pirate, and it is the same as the “One Piece”. He made a black sword, and he was the “No. 1 Swordsman in the World.” Hawkeye has made the second black sword after Ryoma and became the “world’s number one swordsman.” Sauron made the black sword and defeated him. Sauron was the world’s number one swordsman. The “World’s No. 1 Swordsman”, like the “One Piece” and the “Four Emperors” belong to folklore and have been passed down to a fixed usage. It is not really an institution. Like the swordsman Olympics, Hawkeye has been the champion. “The World’s No. 1 Swordsman” does not have official attributes and authority.

7 months ago

To share a reasonable guess, I forgot the background that I saw: a certain businessman is engaged in a competition of the world’s number one swordsman, with a generous bonus, and the reputation of the world’s number one swordsman. Although Baibeard and Aunt also use swords, they did not participate because they were not interested in themselves, or they already had a large turf, and were reluctant to go easily (for fear of leaving the territory and being attacked by other maritime overlords). Competition process: The Swordsman Competition is a grand event, with a lot of attention from people. In the end, Shanks and Hawkeye reached the finals. The entire island was destroyed in the battle for 3 days and 3 nights. Shared the reputation of the world’s number one swordsman. Follow-up development①: Shanks lost his arm in the East China Sea. For this reason, public opinion agreed that Shanks was no longer an opponent of Hawkeye, and Hawkeye officially became the world’s number one swordsman. Development ②: Although they are said to be No. 1 in the world, there are people in the world who questioned that Baibeard and Aunt also use swords. They are not considered swordsmen, but with the passage of time. White beard, and the aunt didn’t care about the reputation of being the best swordsman in the world. Their own name is far more resounding than the name of the world’s number one swordsman. And Eagle Eye, bearing the title of the world’s number one swordsman, accepted the challenge of countless swordsmen, and won undefeated for more than ten years, and the fact that he is the world’s number one swordsman is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Until one day, the world no longer questioned this.

7 months ago

Do you still remember how Foil Bistar commented on Hawkeye during the war? I’ve long wanted to meet him. As long as it is a swordsman, he will think that he is the strongest man and want to fight him once. This is the so-called swordsman instinct!! Isn’t it clear enough? As the captain of the White Beard Pirate Group, Foil Bistar’s knowledge is definitely broad enough. Such an evaluation is enough to show that in the swordsman circle, Hawkeye is the strongest. It can even be said that when a person is recognized as the strongest in the circle, it means that other people are at least somewhat different from him in this respect. As the aunt once said, Kaido, red hair, and even white beard… the title of the world’s strongest man with white beard can also explain the problem. Of course, the topic that cannot be avoided is always the duel between red hair and eagle eye. My personal tendency is that before the duel, eagle eye and red hair are considered to be one of the apexes of swordsmanship, and then under the witness of white beard , The duel between Hawkeye and Red Hair determined the title of the world’s strongest swordsman. Although Hawkeye has won the title of the strongest, Redhead is second only to Hawkeye in swordsmanship. The two still often learn from each other and make progress. Until Redhead loses a hand in the East China Sea, Hawkeye gets rid of it. Stop talking with red hair. Regarding the swordsman, I don’t think you can be called a swordsman by just holding a weapon. In addition to the main and good attack method is to use the sword, at least you have to have a certain degree of experience. For example, Karp usually hammers with his fist, known as Iron Fist Karp. He suddenly killed a few trash fish and pirates with a gun on a whim. Can he be called the Gun God Karp?

7 months ago

Doesn’t every crew member of the Straw Hat Group have a dream? What is Sauron’s dream? Become the world’s number one swordsman. What are the conditions for becoming the world’s number one swordsman? Defeat the current world’s number one swordsman. Who is the current world’s No. 1 swordsman? Eagle eye. Before Sauron defeated Hawkeye, would you be ashamed to let Hawkeye lose to someone in swordsmanship? Hawkeye is Zoro’s bottom boss, this is Oda’s setting. Therefore, the eagle eye is destined to be a lonely image, and will be defeated by Sauron in the end. Of course, Oda is not very easy to guess, maybe the last two duel ended in a tie, and the world’s best swordsman became an open ending. But Oda couldn’t come up with a plot that Zhang San defeated Hawkeye before Zoro, and then Zoro defeated Zhang San to become the world’s number one swordsman, right? Zhang San: Don’t forget that I am an extrajudicial fanatic!

7 months ago

The power system of One Piece, the various title settings are actually not contradictory. Speaking of the strongest swordsman in the world, it is actually very simple. In the world of One Piece, swordsmen do not eat fruits. If you eat fruits, you will not be considered a swordsman. This is an accepted view of the Pirate World. A swordsman’s battle is a pure sword fight of the fruitless. Even if you mainly use weapons, but you eat animal fruits such as Kaido, superman fruits such as Whitebeard, aunt, then you are not a swordsman. Only fighting, it doesn’t matter whether you have fruit or not. The pirates are divided into sword fighting and armed fighting, Sauron said personally in the Venetian hills. And the strongest man in the world, white beard, has the power of fruit, and the power of earthquake fruit can destroy the world (the Warring States period, not me). In addition, the white beard itself is a top monster-level existence, so it is said that the white beard is the strongest man. The strongest man>the strongest swordsman is no problem, because there is a fruit bonus. what? You ask if White Beard can beat Hawkeye without fruit? Sorry, unable to answer. Because the title of the strongest swordsman was produced by a duel of those with no fruit ability. Refer to the battle between Eagle Eye and Red Hair and White Beard. Those who have fruit and have the top level of physical swordsmanship cannot participate in this. This kind of duel, the strongest swordsman is the name given to the fruitless weapon user. Note that there is no fruit + weapon user, the swordsman in One Piece is not a sword, but a weapon. Iron rods, Qinglong Yanyue swords, Western swords, and Katanas are considered swordsmen. People like Kaido who eat animal fruits have their flesh and strength strengthened by the fruits, with thick blood, dragon scale defense, and strength. Whitebeard Superman, who can guarantee that the fruit power will not be accidentally activated in the battle? Huang Yuan these natural bodies are no longer humans. If you see that the color is better than the opponent, you don’t have to hide. Like these ones with devil fruit ability, whether you use skills or not, you yourself have been changed by devil fruit. The animal type strengthens the physical strength, the superhuman type has incredible power, and the natural type allows your body to form a direct flow state. This can only be a fight, so Luffy, White Beard, General, Kaido, Aunt, etc. are all considered fighting. Fighting with fists without fruit, such as Karp and Zefa. Hong found that it was hard to say whether he was a swordsman or not, considering that after the redhead had broken his arm, Hawkeye hadn’t tried him with him, and he didn’t know if he had eaten Devil Fruit now, the amount of information was too little. The big fat man Lu on the red-haired boat eats chicken legs all day long. His appetite is comparable to that of Luffy. It’s a bit strange. I guess there may be some ability, such as sour fruit, too much stomach acid, too fast digestion, and can release super corrosive liquid. The strongest creature Kaido, first figure out the concept of the strongest creature. In Chapter 998, Sasaki said that dinosaurs are the strongest creatures, and Frankie must give up. It can be seen from this that the strongest creature refers to thick blood, vitality, and strength. It means that you can’t defeat me at all. I have the meaning of several times the blood of Brother Ming, so it’s most suitable for singles. You can take a look at Germany. Lake, was seriously injured by Quinn and whoswho, and didn’t need bandaging. After escaping, he continued to jump around until now, and Drake said a word, he said to Quinn that you think this will kill me? This sentence has a lot of information! It is suspected that Oda used Drake’s mouth to explain that the ancient species had thick skin and thick flesh, and its physical resilience and strength were the strongest creatures. The fruit of the strongest creature Kaido does not have the power of the Whitebeard Earthquake Fruit, what? Draw off Mita Castle and lift off the island? I think it’s all bells and whistles. White beard can sink an island and split the sea. Can Kaido? The principle of Kaido Floating Island is the cloud, which belongs to the ability of the Dragon Fruit of the Eudemons Dragon. This ability is to make oneself fly and is used by Kaido on the floating island. It is not clear whether it is the cloud temporarily summoned by Kaido or is produced in advance. Cloud. It was just a fancy to tie Mita Castle, and Jinweimen could cut Kaido’s breath. Say it again, the biggest effect of Kaido’s fruit is blood thickness, dragon scale defense (Luffy 4th gear does not need to dodge), and strength (thunder and gossip has the attribute bonus of dragon and dragon fruit in all likelihood). Therefore, Oda does not say that Kaido is the strongest man, but the strongest creature. When singled out, it is difficult to defeat Kaido because of his thick blood. Whitebeard may not be able to defeat Kaido. But I dare say that Kaido can’t beat White Beard either, refer to Kaido vs Auntie for a few days and there is no result. Kaido really wants to win the match with White Beard. Maybe it’s been ten days and a half months. White Beard has eaten enough to fight with you for so long? The strongest man, the strongest creature, to put it bluntly, it is 55. Your Kaido can’t beat me, and my white beard can’t defeat you Kaido, who has n times the normal blood volume. And between the strongest man, the strongest creature, and the strongest swordsman, I personally think that in a real one-on-one duel that cannot escape without time limit, I think the strongest creature will win, considering its rough-skinned physical fitness. And endurance, resilience. And the strongest man is a little bit later, the strongest swordsman may shine in the beginning, can hurt the strongest man and creatures, but over time, once injured, his expressive power will begin to decline. Regarding the performance of Hawkeye during the top war: 1. The knife cut when challenging Whitebeard is just to test whether Whitebeard will respond to his challenge statement. It cannot be a knife that went all out to injure Whitebeard. 2. The main purpose of Hawkeye’s participation in the top war is to challenge the white beard. Why? I can’t fight redhead with a broken arm with my base friend. It is a shame to win without fighting. However, if red hair and white beard pk have passed, then I should also play with white beard pk, and judge the strength gap between himself and redhead according to the parallel rule. 3. Diamonds can block the eagle eye’s cut, thanks to a long-range attack. 4. Hawkeye and the foil fight are inseparable, because the traditional swordsman is so close, unless it is a duel, he has no reason to fight with the foil with all his strength. 5. Hawkeye owns the world’s strongest supreme knife with 12 knives, and it is suspected to be the strongest among the 12. 6. Hawkeye level a> Sauron’s ultimate ultimate in the theater version of the frenetic action. 7. Hawkeye is in the prime of life.

7 months ago

To put it simply, you must first admit that you are a swordsman. In other words, the sword is the main output skill. The addition of points is basically on the sword. Even if you don’t use the ability and rely on technology, you can play it. The main output is obviously melee. . . Fujitora, you can change his chopsticks. After all, the main output is still the fruit ability. Huang Yuan cut off the light fruit. I think Hawkeye can chase him and cut it. . . Redhead and Hawkeye singled out, let’s not talk about Raleigh’s words. I think it’s because Raleigh has been missing for too long and he died by default. Then Raleigh’s era has passed. The new era needs a new world number one. What’s more, don’t you think Will Raleigh swim in the sea with the first swordsman and look for Hawkeyes, why not bet on a few more rounds and lose himself?

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