I think my spirit is a huge black whale, beast spirit, power-type war spirit master, and its spirit skills are the black giant wave, the black boulder, the black ice, the black ice storm, the black whirlpool, and the black sea churning.

With the luck of my African chieftain, I guess my martial soul is a hoe when I go to the Douluo Continent. After being consecrated by the Wuhun Hall, he said that I could barely practice. It took me several years to finally reach the tenth level. I brought my savings to the Spirit Hall and asked for a spirit ring. My first spirit ring was a ten-year wood spirit ring, which can make my hoe stronger and sharper. With this white spirit ring, I immediately became a big man in the village, because I can grow more crops, and I can fight better when I grab water from other villages. With this ability, I soon had my own land and became a small landlord. Later, after more than ten years of hard work, I reached level 20, but I never had a chance to get a new spirit ring. Later, I ran out of wealth and asked Wuhundian to give me a century-old spirit ring. This spirit ring came from a pangolin, so I was pretty bad. I closed the mountain and opened the road to meet the water to build a bridge. The flood came to build dams and dig wells in drought. I became a big man in the town. After all, I am a real great soul master. I became the boss of the engineering team, and then I made a fortune again. But after all, I didn’t cultivate to level 30 for the rest of my life. I looked at Shrek Academy’s teenagers with three spirit rings in their teens. I was envious, but I knew I didn’t have that qualification. After all, they are all descendants of great nobles, and even have them. The direct line of the last three cases. I can have two spirit rings, which is the limit of countless poor people’s imagination. I became the big landlord in the town, and I just waited to see if there were any offspring who could cultivate soul power, then I could cultivate a soul master or even a great soul master again. But then the Martial Soul Palace was destroyed. I heard that it was destroyed by the gods in the sky, but the gods in the sky didn’t send any new soul-inspiring people before I died. It can be seen that gods are not a good thing!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The Douluo Continent has many spirits that resemble angels and the sword of judgment. There are pope’s settings. Since this is the case, I have too much to say in Greater China. There are immortal spirits, such as Xingtian spirits, Tathagata spirits, and Jade Emperor. Wuhun, Guanyin Wuhun, do not blast a small angel (dog head). I won’t talk about the martial arts spirits, the golden cudgel martial arts spirits, and the Zhuxian sword martial arts spirits. The Qinglong Yanyue Sword, the Heavenly Sword, the Dragon Slaying Sword, the Golden Snake Sword, etc. are not too much. Beast spirit, what five-claw golden dragon spirit, golden winged roc spirit, basalt spirit, and Suzaku martial spirit can’t be overstated. what? You say my martial arts spirit is too outrageous? I have already crossed over to have a martial arts spirit, and still care if the martial arts spirit is outrageous enough?

7 months ago

Character: Double Mark Douluo Zhang San Identity: Evil Soul Master Wuhun: Dead Wife First Soul Ability: yy. Launch a mental attack, making the enemy trapped in yy and unable to extricate itself. The second spirit ability: yellow buff. With the use of the first spirit ability, the content of the recruiter yy has some indescribable changes. The third spirit ability: high h. Those who make yy are not limited to yy, but take actual actions. The fourth soul skill: Merry. A yy player will fall in love with the caster as soon as he is hit, and his attack power will be greatly reduced. Fifth Soul Skill: Dedication. With the use of the first few spirit abilities, even if the enemy is willing to do anything for the caster after being hit. Sixth Soul Skill: Human Set. No matter what you do to the caster, everyone will feel normal and will not object. Seventh Soul Ability: The real body of the dead wife. This is a special spirit ring, everyone knows how it came. Eighth soul skill: affectionate. It can only be used after the seventh spirit ability is displayed, and a large amount of spirit power is obtained in an instant and the combat power is increased. Ninth Soul Skill: Net Net. Anyone who has ever been in contact with the yellow buff will suffer tons of damage, and the spirit will be blocked. Tenth Soul Ability: The world is clear. Can be forced to whitewash, the recruits can only be forced to accept the contract after being washed. In addition, Zhang San has a full set of spirit bones: Douluo series. Soul bone skills: fried cold rice.

7 months ago

Auxiliary system Wuhun mobile phone, the first soul skill, camera, camera selfie, protection. The camera shoots other people’s short-term imprisonment, the second spirit ability, telephone, and marks the target with numbers, and transfers to the target position at any time. The third spirit ability, browser, passive, touches the object and thinks things have special insight, active, mental attack , Condense a certain amount of spiritual power and soul power, forcibly attack the enemy’s sea of ​​spirit, the closer you are to the target, the greater the damage. The fourth spirit ability, application store, re-engraving spirit ability, unlimited use. The fifth spirit ability, Bluetooth, wifi, within the range of increase, 10% of all stats of the allies, every 1 second of maintenance consumes 2% of the spirit power, and every step higher than one’s rank, the consumption is doubled. If it is low, the cost is the same. Reason, the minimum consumption of 1% spirit ability per second, the sixth spirit ability, the glory of the king, the powerful attack spirit ability, random summon heroes, the hero level is the personal level multiplied by 15/100, the spirit power is similar, the seventh spirit ability, martial arts Soul body, cell phone data field, suppression, damage, mental influence, amplifying all soul ability effects, 8th soul ability, reset, reset the life state of the single target, except for the soul power, release the control, and clear the use of the soul ability CD, body toxins, etc., the greater the impact caused by the use, the longer the casting time, the ninth spirit ability, 1, the mobile phone software implants a virus, and freezes the spirit ability. 2. Insufficient memory, state skills, single body multi-body, throwing multiple spirit rings multiple times, increasing the consumption of the opponent’s spirit skills, lasting a certain period of time, two stages, detonating the spirit ring, causing powerful damage and debuffing effect. Book,, the first spirit ability, language work, release characters, connect teammates, share spirit skills, connect enemies, impose debuffs. The second spirit ability, math homework, releases numbers, forms a shield, and blocks at least one attack. The third soul skill, English homework, instantly releases English characters, causing mental damage to the enemy. Because English is difficult to learn, it will silence the opponent while causing damage. The fourth spirit ability, physical work, 1, universal gravitation, instantly zooms in or away from the target, and immune control during this process. 2. Physical work, light nature, invisible fifth spirit ability, chemical work, decompose all things, form a powerful decomposition force, and cause damage to targets in the area. The sixth soul skill, biological work, summon soul beasts randomly.

7 months ago

As far as Douluo Continent’s bloodline determines the world, most people used to be afraid that they didn’t even have spirit power. Where could a commoner get so many bells and whistles of martial arts? There is a fart pig dog beast of Yu Xiaogang, even if the ancestral tomb is smoked. Of course, people nowadays are very knowledgeable. Unlike most people in Douluo Continent who spend their entire lives digging in the ground, it is estimated that they will not awaken the spirit of farm tools. They often talk about the spirit of the sword and hammer on the Internet. In fact, the current situation How many people have actually touched the hammer and sickle? Let me say that the most likely martial spirit for modern people to awaken should be a mobile phone, but considering that there is no such thing in Douluo Mainland, it may be martial spirits such as books. If you are lucky, the benign variation of martial spirits may be able to find a treasure of martial arts. soul.

7 months ago

Wuhun: the protagonist First spirit ability: mediocre (can make his own spirit and talents mediocre or even very trash, convenient for future fights) Second spirit ability: perseverance (some very powerful perseverance can survive all kinds of Suffering) The third spirit ability: Shock the four (cooperate with the first spirit ability to turn on the Wushuang mode, the talent is good enough to sling everything) The fourth spirit ability: childhood sweetheart (you can make the opposite sex who grew up together like you when you were a child, but you can only be careful Can be used by one person, and can’t get rid of it) Fifth Spirit Ability: I’ve been in the tens of thousands of flowers without touching my body. (There are always all kinds of opposite sexes who like me for various reasons. Logically speaking, it can be explained. The only strange thing is that they After knowing that there is no hope, why not find another new love, this kind of adhering to “I love you, people who have nothing to do with you” should be rare.) The sixth spirit ability: kill the enemy by the higher order (this spirit ability is an explosive spirit ability, It can defeat the enemy in a short period of time. The difference from other similar spirit abilities is that it does not rely on burning spirit power, but affects fate. It is completed through various logical coincidences.) The seventh spirit ability: Heaven’s Fate (Encounter You can use it when you are in danger. It can bless you through catastrophes and get immeasurable benefits; or you can use it when you want to get something in your heart. You can get that thing after suffering a disaster from the backlash of fate. ) Eighth Soul Ability: Sacrifice to Heaven (When the realm is stagnant, you can sacrifice something to get the improvement of the realm, so that things must be something you care about very much, for example, your teacher) The Ninth Soul Ability: Suffering and willing to come ( My regrets are made up for, and my tragic life experience turns into a life experience that is so powerful that it breaks the sky, and the gods take the initiative to send it to the door to prepare for the next step)

7 months ago

I used the Douluo continent system to answer what would happen if the heroes of the Water Margin can fit their own nicknames: Timely Rain: Auxiliary Elemental Spirit (the talent field greatly heals teammates and reduces the enemy’s fighting spirit) Jade Qilin: The top beast spirit of the assault system . (Poseidon Pavilion Master, decent top combat power) Zhiduoxing: Control Elemental Martial Spirit. (Drop down the stars to curse the enemy, and lead the enemy into one’s own direction. Evil Soul Master) Into the Cloud Dragon: Spell Assault Beast Soul Boom: Assault Device Soul Leopard Head: Sensitive Attack System Beast Soul ‌Thunderbolt of Fire: Power Attack Elemental Martial Spirit. (Fire attribute mutation spirit, benign mutation, with lightning attribute, explosion damage, and evil) Double whip: Defensive weapon spirit, Xiao Li Guang: Long-range assault system summons the spirit, summons the archer legion, and increases the legion as the level increases. All attributes and quantity have been improved. ‌Small Tornado: Control Elemental Martial Soul (Wind attribute mutant Martial Soul, viciously mutated, greatly weakened) ‌Falling Eagle: Sensitive Attack System Beast Martial Soul ‌Princess Meiran: Beard, Body Martial Soul (no second awakening)‌ Monk Flower: whole body, body spirit (sovereign master, golden awakening) ‌Walker: Summon Wuhun of the power attack system ‌Dual spear general: agile attack weapon spirit ‌No feather arrow: weapon spirit (bow and arrow mutant spirit, normal mutation, Reduced power, reduced consumption of soul power, and almost unlimited release) Green Face Beast: Assault Beast Soul, Golden Gunner: Assault weapon Soul (Scythe mutated soul, benign mutation, increased power) Pioneer: Power Attack System Summon Martial Spirit ‌Shen Xing Taibao: Legs, Main Spirit Martial Spirit Red-Haired Ghost: Hair, Body Martial Spirit (Hair Mutation Martial Spirit, Hair Vampire, Evil Soul Master) Black Whirlwind: Power Attack Elemental Martial Spirit ( Wind attribute mutant spirit, with dark attribute, murder upgrade, evil spirit master) ‌Nine-patterned dragon: Power attack type beast spirit ‌Unblocked: Control type evil spirit spirit (the enemy’s defense in the domain is invalid, control the mind of others, and spy on secrets. Evil Soul Master) Winged Tiger: Agile Attack Beast Spirit Hunjiang Dragon: Agile Attack Beast Martial Soul Land Tai Sui: Control System Summon Martial Soul Ship Huoer: Auxiliary Device Martial Soul Short-lived Erlang: Power Attack Summon Wuhun (Site Tai Sui mutant Wuhun, normal mutation, greatly increased power, greatly shortened duration) ‌Langli White Bar: Power Attack Elemental Wuhun (water attribute mutant Wuhun, benign mutation, the power of the huge waves greatly increased) Living Yan Luo: Summon Wuhun from the control system of the storm (Summon Wuhun of the site Tai Sui mutant, benign mutation, summon Yan Luo Yin soldiers, control kill and absorb the enemy, evil spirit master) Disease link: Summon Wuhun from the attack system (top summon “Wu Sheng” “Mutated martial soul, viciously mutated, greatly reduced in power): Desperate Saburo: Control the evil martial soul (forcibly make three enemies desperately, the two dead are absorbed, and the one alive becomes a puppet. Evil soul master) Two-headed snake : Poisonous Beast Soul (Snake Mutated Soul, Benign Mutation, Power Doubled) ‌Two-Tailed Scorpion: Poisonous Beast Soul (Scorpion Mutated Soul, Benign Mutation, Power Doubled) ‌Prodigal Son: Whole Body, Body Martial Soul (Mutated spirit of the body, normal mutation, zero combat power, but can be used to charm the opposite sex, great power) ‌Squad Master: Brain, Ontology Wuhun (Silver Awakening) ‌Zhen Sanshan: Defense Element Wuhun ‌Sick Wei Chi: Defense system summons Wuhun (summons “door god” mutant Wuhun, vicious mutation, duration reduced) Ugly Junma: face, body Wuhun (Black Iron Awakening) Jingmu pole: assault type beast Wuhunyuyum general : Auxiliary Martial Spirit (add incentive buff for allies) ‌Tianmu General: Eyes, Body Martial Spirit (Silver Awakening) ‌Holy Water General: Control Elemental Martial Spirit ‌Shenhuo General: Assault Elemental Martial Spirit ‌Holy Hand Scholar: Hand, Body Wuhun (Bronze Awakening) ‌Iron Faces: Face, Eyes, Twin Body Wuhun (Black Iron Awakening) ‌Moyun Golden Wings: Sensitive Attack Type Top Beast Wuhun (“Eagle” mutant Wuhun, benign mutation, with gold Winged Dapeng Bird Bloodline) Fire Eyes: Power Attack System Top Beast Spirit (“Lion” mutant spirit, benign mutation, with blood of three generations of Dragon Clan) Jin Mao Tiger: Power Attack System Beast Soul Jin Leopard: Min Attacking Beast Spirit ‌Sky Thunder: Strong Attacking Element Su Wuhun Shen Fortune: Control Device Wuhun (Abacus) Xiao Wenhou: Summon Wuhun of the Strong Attack System ‌Sai Rengui: Summon Wuhun of the Strong Attack System ‌Genius Doctor: Auxiliary Top Wuhun Zi Yan Uncle: Beard, Ontology Martial Spirit (Evil Spirit Master mutates, similar to “Red Haired Ghost”). Short-footed Tiger: Assault Beast Spirit (“Tiger” mutated Martial Spirit, viciously mutated, sharply weakened in agility) One zhangqing: Hair, body Wuhun (Bronze Awakening) ‌Mao Touxing: Waste Wuhun. ‌Mars-only Mars: Destroy Wuhun. (The two changed after meeting Zhi Duo Xing) ‌Eight Armed Nezha: Summon Martial Soul from the Power Attack System ‌Flying Great Sage: Summon Martial Soul in the Power Attack System ‌Jade Armmaster: Arm, Body Martial Soul (Bronze Awakening) ‌Iron Flute Immortal: Control Device Martial Soul: Out of Hole Dragon: Sensitive Attack System Beast Soul, Fanjiang Mirage: Power Attack System Beast Soul, Jade Banner Rod: Auxiliary System Device Martial Soul (for Water Soul Master and Ship Huoer, God Great speed increase, such as Xingtaibao) ‌Gibbon: Power Attack System Beast Soul** Jumping Tiger: Power Attack System Beast Soul ‌White Flower Snake: Sensitive Attack System Beast Soul ‌White Face Langjun: Face, Body Soul (Silver Awakening, majoring in charm) ‌Nine-tailed Turtle: Top defense system beast spirit (“Turtle” mutant spirit, defense power is increased by nine times)‌Iron Fan: Waste Wuhun‌Iron Beggar: Waste Wuhun‌Huaxianghu :Strong Attack Type Beast Spirit ‌Middle Arrow Tiger: Destroyed Wuhun (Vicious Mutation of Tiger Spirit) ‌Small Block: Control Evil Martial Spirit (No Shield Mutation, Evil Soul Master) ‌Swordsman: Strong Attack Type Tool Martial Spirit (Evil Soul Master) Yunli King Kong: Attacking the top elemental martial soul (cloud element mutant spirit, benign mutant). Disease bug: Waste martial arts (tiger vicious mutant).Golden Eyebiao: attacking beast martial soul. Tiger Fighter: Summon Martial Soul of the Power Attack System ‌Small Overlord: Summon Martial Soul of the Power Attack System ‌ Golden Leopard: Beast Soul of the Agile Attack System ‌Ghost: Face, Body Martial Soul (without secondary awakening) Wuhun Unicorn: Strong Attacking Beast Spirit, Dry Land Hulu: Strong Attacking Beast Spirit, Smiling Tiger: Controlling Beast Spirit, Iron Arm: Arm, Body Wuhun (Black Iron Awakening) One Flower: Waste Wu Soul urging judge: control evil spirit martial arts (evil soul master).Blue-eyed tiger: waste Wuhun (tiger mutant spirit, vicious mutation, extremely poor vision). No face: control evil spirit martial arts (major in intimidation, Evil Soul Master) General Shi: Defense Elemental Wuhun (earth attribute mutant Wuhun, benign mutation, similar to Douyi Flame Lord Yan) Xiaoweichi: Defense Department summons Wuhun (summons “door god” vicious mutation, weakened strength ) Mother Big Worm: Poisonous Beast Spirit. Cai Yuanzi: Auxiliary Food Wuhun (Various Vegetables). Mother Yasha: Sensitive Attack Type Evil Spirit (Evil Soul Master). Living Flash: Sensitive Attack Elemental Wuhun ‌Danger God: Summon Martial Spirit of the Strong Attack System.Day Rat: Beast Spirit of the Agile Attack System.Drum Flea: Beast Spirit of the Agile Attack System.Golden Retriever: Beast Spirit of the Attack System

7 months ago

Power attack type beast martial soul, blood of ancient god beasts, blood soul fantasy unicorn’s first soul ability, unicorn blood light armor, strengthens its own defense and resistance, taken from the second soul ability of the 400-year-old soul beast Scarlet Turtle, Qilin Blood Refining Ammunition , A single long-range attack, taken from the third spirit ability of the 650-year soul beast Single wolf, the Qilin blood slaughtered, and all its attributes were strengthened when it entered the frenzy state, taken from the 1570-year soul beast enthusiasm The fourth spirit ability of the demon lizard, the blood explosion of the unicorn, the group long-range attack, taken from the fifth spirit ability of the five thousand-year-old spirit beast, the ghost phosphorus, the ghost butterfly, the blood shadow flash of the unicorn, according to the soul power clone, strengthens the resistance to attack In case of a thousand-year spirit beast flashing tail, the sixth spirit ability of the spirit leopard, a unicorn blood cut, a powerful single attack, taken from the seventh spirit ability of a 18th-year spirit beast sword and horn beast, the real body of a blood unicorn becomes Blood Qilin, all attributes have been increased exponentially, soul ability cooling time has been reduced, immune control and negative effects, and it has flight ability for a certain period of time. It is taken from the forty-nine thousand three-hundred-year-old Ziyi Tianhong’s eighth soul ability, Qilin Blood God Moon, group gain, immunity to negatives, heal soul masters, increase soul power, weaken the opponent’s all attributes / lifesteal recovery, strengthen all of your own attributes, temporarily cause time and space imprisonment, taken from the ninety-six thousand three hundred years of the colorful moon god deer The ninth soul skill, blood unicorn domain, domain skill…; Blood Shura descends, simulating the power and power of the god of Shura, taken from the 100,000-year blood sea narwhal king

7 months ago

When I watched Dou Yi in elementary school, I imagined my martial soul. I didn’t have much ambition, so I liked Jian Chenxin’s Seven Kills Sword (only watched Dou Yi and part of Dou Two) Seven Kills Sword, Dou Yili One of the top martial arts spirits. As a weapon spirit, it takes two completely different routes from the Clear Sky Hammer. The Clear Sky Hammer is as light as it is. The Seven Kill Swords are unmatched. Single Martial Soul Seven Kill Swords are simply the first spirit ring. Yellow (saber-toothed tiger) spirit ability: the second spirit ring yellow (ghost wolf) spirit ability: anxious third spirit ring purple (auspicious star rui beast. Ruyi auspicious cloud beast) spirit ability: auspicious wish (air luck bonus, good luck superimposed, The affinity between humans and beasts becomes stronger, and soul bones will be exploded after absorbing the spirit ring, and the body is transformed.) Auspicious beasts are a special category of soul beasts. Auspicious beasts are a kind of incarnation of planetary luck. Ruyi Xiangyun beasts are special soul beasts that appear every 300 years. They are gentle and kind. They are not strong but are extremely difficult to trace. Moreover, auspicious beasts cannot reproduce. There will not be two Ruyi Xiangyun Beasts at the same time. Under existing conditions, the Ruyi Xiangyun Beast can shed a layer of “cloud tires” every three hundred years. The cloud tires are the discarded skin epidermis of the Ruyi Xiangyun beasts, but because they are attached to “Auspicious Lucky Energy” is a super training accelerator for any creature. The fourth spirit ring black (twin-headed snapping turtle) spirit ability: pliers (comes with an external soul bone and a left arm bone, snapping turtle kiss dagger) the fifth spirit ring black (black-backed golden falcon) spirit ability: Tianyu Tu Dragon Dance (attached soul bone wings and head soul bone, enhances eagle eye ability and gains flying ability) sixth soul ring red (mountain crocodile) soul skill: Mountain Slash and its counterattack. Mountain Slash can lock the target and then ignoring the rules, teleport and flash directly to the target for slashing. The second ability of the 100,000-year spirit ring counterattack is a passive skill. It can block any damage immediately after being severely injured or fatally injured, and immediately counterattack the opponent with 100% of the opponent’s damage, consuming 1/3 of the spirit power) Soul Bone: Crocodile King Right leg, concealment and its rage ability, seventh spirit ring red (swordfish) martial soul body, right hand of soul bone, and attached soul bone fish bone sword, whale bone opens double crit damage (that is, fish bone sword can cover On the body of the Seven Kills Sword, it can also be used as the third sword alone. At this time, the quality of the Seven Kills Sword has far surpassed that of the same type of Seven Kills Swords, but only better than the “Extreme Attribute” Wuhun.) The Eighth Spirit Ring Red (Ghost Dragon ) Soul bone torso bone and left leg bone. Spirit Ability: Thunder, the breath of death surrounds the sword, removes all its debuffs and superimposes the “Thunder Thunder” buff. The second spirit ability, dominated by ghosts, can gradually change the venue into a ghostly environment. In ghosts, the opponent is equivalent to Poisoned, and ghosts do not belong to the domain. It is a spatial ability. The opponent cannot tear the space and leave the ninth spirit ring. Red (God bestowed spirit ring) is the ultimate gold. The Seven Kills Sword comes with ultimate metallicity. Each hit damage is equivalent to dark gold. The damage caused by the Deinonyx Bear to Emperor Tian. The Seven Kill Sword evolved into the “Sword of Heaven” and the appearance of the “Han Bafang Ancient Sword”. The rank was promoted close to the “Seraph”, and the first generation of angel gods was promoted to the “Seraph” by using the “Angel” martial spirit. “Finally, the path of becoming a god of self-reliance on the angelic god position. Became a god, jumped out of the bondage of the members of the God Realm, but was still left with the title of God: the god of killing and war, which is different from the punishment and killing of the god Shura and the malicious killing intent of the god Raksha. The so-called “The wrath of the king shed millions of blood”. After becoming a god, travel in the vast universe

7 months ago

Double spirit ring, sickle hammer head and one spirit ring: There is only one spirit ability: sweep away everything. Effect: All extraordinary powers are forbidden within a specific range. Upgrade Effect: The range is expanded, respectively, 1 meter, 10 meters, 100 meters, kilometers, 10,000 meters, 100 kilometers, 1,000 kilometers, 10,000 kilometers, standard plane, god level : Any place I know. Priority: Creatures whose level is not higher than my level 30 are completely banned. Creatures whose level is higher than my level 60 get rid of the influence. The closer you are to me, the greater the influence. The upper limit of the influence level increases by 10 for each order of magnitude closer to me. level. For example: I am level 50, then within 100 kilometers, creatures below level 80 will be completely banned, within 10 kilometers and below level 90 will be completely banned, and within 1 km if it is a god, it will be completely banned, and gods within 100 meters will lose everything. extraordinary. Two spirit ring: There is only one spirit ability, summon the people’s army, the equipment is based on PLA, and the summoned army will be resurrected repeatedly, bring its own corresponding equipment, and obey the command and leadership. Therefore, it can be transferred to the Construction Corps. Level promotion: platoon, company, battalion, regiment, division, group army, theater, all powers of the five constants, stepping into the interstellar human alliance, god level: all powers of the Doraemon world. Remarks: the way to obtain the spirit ring is to read and learn related knowledge , After passing the corresponding test, he learned a test paper with a wave of his hand, and he will automatically get the spirit ring of the level after passing it, all of which are red. NOT One Hundred Thousand Years Soul Ring, but the flame of revolution.

7 months ago

My spirit is wine. Wine Douluo. Opening a pub can attract masters from all over the world. I can drink and practice spiritually. After all, this wine is filled with spirit power, which is equivalent to an auxiliary spirit master. It’s just that it’s not very practical to go to the battlefield. I’m from the logistics department. The kind where the enemy is going to die in battle. Just think about it.

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