That’s pretty good, because the news of Wu Song’s fight against tigers only reached Yanggu County. What rank is the magistrate of Yanggu County? How much power is in his hand? To the director of the county public security bureau is the best. If the news reached the emperor’s ears, it would be different. Gao Li has a book to play, Huizong waved his hand, let Gao Li recite directly. Gao Yu said that a few days ago, I heard from Yanggu County News that a man of God came to the world, but he killed the tiger with his bare hands. The officials thought that this was the man who bestowed his majesty from the heavens, and he has been sent outside the palace, waiting for his majesty’s review. Huizong asked: Who is this person’s last name and what is his origin? Gao Qiu: Wu Song, a native of Qinghe County, went to Shaolin Temple in his early years to learn some martial arts. Huizong: Not seen. Gao Qi hurriedly changed his tune: Shan Cuju! Huizong: Oh? Let me see his skills in the Cuju game on the school grounds tomorrow. Going back, Gao Li called Wu Song and said: You are now a member of the Da Song Men’s Football Team. Tomorrow the coach will be assessed, and you can take care of the housekeeping skills! Wu Song was taken aback: I can’t do anything, how can I kick it? 352, 442, or 4321? Gao Qi: It’s getting smaller, and the structure is getting smaller. I will say hello to everyone on the court tomorrow, and you can just kick the ball in. Wu Song looked at the small hole in Cuju, and it was not easy to score a goal! Gao Qi: Practice tonight, just kick the ball in the air, even if you only score once! Laozi is in charge of the Bianlian League and the Song Dynasty Super League for ten consecutive championships. If you don’t believe that you are a good guy, you can’t get it! Wu Song: I feel I am suitable for WWE. Gao Qi: The current emperor doesn’t love that, he likes Cuju. What kind of status are you still provoked, why don’t you help you become the emperor tomorrow? Wu Song: It won’t be too bad, can’t I practice? There was nothing to say all night, Wu Song practiced all night, until the fifth shift, Gao Qi came to check. Ten sparring partners bowed their hands to Gao Qi and said: Wu Dutou can already kick in, he is a genius. Gao Yan smiled and said: The old man has been in this business for many years, and his skill is not bad. This Wu Song killed a tiger with his bare hands. He must have excellent physical strength and reflexes. Looking at this physique, this is just the case in Ronaldo’s peak era. It will be included in the future. For the national team, a power forward is more than enough. Wu Song shook his head and said: I still want to be a general and serve the country. Gao Qi: Smaller, the structure is smaller. In the Song Dynasty, when you are a military commander, how can you have a future? Wu Song: But don’t you always have to be a soldier to defend your home and country? Gao Qiu: Ignorant Zhuzi, you mean, we civil servants can’t defend our home and our country? We persuaded the Liao and Jin Dynasties to stop the war with our three-inch tongue. We only used less than half of the military expenditure to save the lives of the people and keep the borders peaceful. Do you dare to say that it was not the credit? Wu Song: Is that true? Gao Li: Your ideal should be to be a football diplomat! Wu Song: Please also let the Taiwei show me. Gao Qi: Every 4 years, we will organize an East Asian Cup Cuju Tournament. Liao, Jin, Xixia, Dali, North Korea, Japan, Siam, Annan, and the Song Dynasty will all send the national football team to participate. If in the game, the style of the game can impress many spectators, they will feed back to the upper levels of their country the sincerity of Da Song, which indirectly draws the diplomatic relations between the two countries and promotes exchanges between countries, sometimes because of the performance of the stadium. , The people of the two countries can share the same hatred and hatred, so that the two warring two countries can unite in the outside world. South Korea did just that in the 2002 World Cup, uniting the whole of Europe with the power of one country. Wu Song: So the doorway of Cuju is so deep! Gao Yu: Young man, you still have a lot to learn. But these are all things to say. On the school field today, you still have to come up with means to make His Majesty the Emperor look upon you. His Majesty then came in person, Wu Song settled his mind, only to hear a whistle, Wu Song saw the ball sent out, the midfielder made a strong shot, straight and bend the ball! The opposing player looked dumbfounded and the goal was scored! Wu Song cheered happily. But Huizong looked upset and played well, don’t fix the angel wings. Gao Qi quickly winked at Wu Song, he had to keep a little bit of effort, and slowly shake the baggage out to have an effect. How can it be exploded at the beginning, scaring your majesty, I will chop you tonight! Wu Song hurriedly gave Gao Yu a wink. After a while, I made some difficulty before scoring a goal. Gao Yao nodded slightly. Re-started the ball, Wu Song dodged, and passed the ball with his teammates. In the bottom pass, Wu Song deliberately sold a slip. When he was fighting for a header with the opponent, he was not accurate. He knocked back to his teammates in the rear, and the teammates crossed to the midfield. , The midfielder took a high ball, Wu Song hooked upside down, the goal was scored! Huizong’s eyes lit up, and then San Fat applauded. Gao Yu looked happy and gave Wu Song a thumbs up. After that, Wu Song dribbled the ball in the frontcourt, and the opposing player dashed to intercept. Wu Song had to pick the ball. It was too late. Wu Song thought to himself, why don’t I show my free kick skills? I saw that Wu Song didn’t move away, but stumbled directly on the opponent’s defender’s foot. Then Wu Song fell with a Neymar and rolled all the way from the school field to the edge of the stands. Upon seeing this, Huizong stood up and applauded, with a smile on his face. Gao Liu quickly said hello, Wu Song’s fall was enough to win the referee and give the opponent a yellow card! Keep working hard! For a free kick, Wu Song discussed with his teammates and made a fake move. The teammates ran from left to right, and Wu Song ran from right to left. Just when the two crossed, Wu Song made a curve ball and bypassed the wall. Into the hole! Wu Song and his teammates high-five, and Huizong is not very satisfied with a glance at the stands. Gao Liu shook his head and gave a wink, don’t make the bells and whistles. Wu Song wondered, why is the emperor unhappy when he scored a goal? Back on the court, Wu Song scrambled, saw the ball in the air, Wu Song jumped up, stretched out his leg to reach, not wanting the opposing player to jump up and intend to use his head to catch it, was kicked by Wu Song, on the spot fainted. Upon seeing this, Huizong stood up and pointed at Wu Song and shouted to Gao Qi: I just love this! Compared with your severed sons and grandchildren back then, this is different in the same way! He can enter the national team! Gao Yu knelt down and said: Thank you, Your Majesty! Wu Song, but thank you! Wu Song trot, and one slipped and knelt in front of Huizong to thank you. Huizong asked with satisfaction: Do you have a name for the move just now? Wu Song thought for a while and said: Extinguish the sun’s legs. Huizong nodded with satisfaction and said: OK, next year’s East Asian Cup, I see your performance! Train well and pay according to the third product! As a result, Wu Song was selected as the third-tier power forward of the Song Dynasty Men’s National Team. The folks all know that the national football team has recruited a new fighter. That is really a character who kicked the Nanshan Tigers and punched the Beihai Jiaolong. Wu Song announced that the performance of a tiger-style shot that kicked a tiger to death in front of a national audience was nothing short of the limelight. The piece of turf that was scraped off by Wu Song’s shot was set up as a national 4A-level scenic spot. A year later, the East Asian Cup Cuju Contest was held in Seoul, Korea, and the Song Dynasty draws lots. The points are based on the group stage. The opponents are Siam, Annan, and Khmer. The first game against Siam.
Commentator pre-game commentary: Da Song Cuju is a team with a long history. Its predecessor can be traced back to Dahan Cuju. This team has won many World Cup titles during the Tang Dynasty season. The coach is football veteran Gao Qi. Gao Gui once led his team to achieve ten consecutive championships in the Da Song domestic league. The goal of leading the team is said to be the group qualifying for the East Asian Cup! The goal is really big, and the ambition is big. The high-level director revealed before the game that Da Song has cultivated a peerless genius this year, which is the secret weapon for winning. Now let’s take a look at the situation in Siam. It’s not easy for the Siamese national team to come to the game. They are now playing against Khmer. In the list of players they provided, the gender column does not seem to be all males, but the competition committee The argument will be that people of different genders are encouraged to participate in Cuju. This seems to be a very powerful team. Siam’s previous record was not very good. Under our investigation, there was not even something to brag about. In this comparison, it seems that the Da Song team has encountered a strong team. . I irresponsibly predict that the Da Song team should not lose more than 3 goals in this game, otherwise I will eat shit on the live broadcast! Okay, now the camera comes to the arena, the two sides have finished warming up and are ready to start the game. After the game began, Gao Liu told the starting players that we intend to hide our ugliness in this game. Let’s relax and feel the atmosphere of the game. Protect yourself and don’t get hurt. Because it is the first game, it doesn’t matter whether we win or not. The goal is to draw. Alas, it is said that the Khmer is launching a war against Siam. It is not easy for Siam to gather the participating players. The sneakers are bought on the knife. When we play against them, we must fully take care of their feelings. If we can make them win a game, I believe it will be a great encouragement to the people of Siam. Wu Song, don’t come on first. In the next 90 minutes of the game, there was no overtime at all, and the game was played by civilization damn bringing civilization into the house, civilization was home, Da Song 1 beat Siam 5. The Siamese team accumulated 3 points and got 4 goal difference. Da Song accumulated 0 points because the Khmer drew with Annan in another match, and the Da Song team was at the bottom. Gao Qi gave a high evaluation to the players after the game. In this game, we sent warmth to Siam very beautifully. There was no PS trace at all, showing the big-nation mind. At the same time, we also made a zero breakthrough. We are in the game. Got also scored a goal! That ball is enough to be one of the ten best football balls in the world this month, and it has to be in the top three. I announce that, in the name of Tai Wei Da Song, I personally give 10,000 consistent material rewards to the team members who scored. When I look back, I will play your majesty and give a reward! But guard against arrogance and rashness! In the next game against Khmer, we have to continue to play style. Gao Yao turned around and said to Wu Song, don’t be envious, you have to play next game, don’t go to the bar with them, you have a good rest, your majesty specially ordered me, you have to perform well in this game! After a round of rest, the first place in the group stage is Liao, Jin, Siam, and Japan. The bottom ones are Da Song, Dali, Champa, and Maldives. At the beginning of the second round, Da Song played against Khmer. Before the Khmer game, they performed a war dance and won cheers. Da Song’s team members walked and fluttered. It is said that they drank too much at a Seoul bar the night before. Because Wu Song didn’t go to the bar, he was the only starting player in spirit. Wu Song was under great pressure. The whistle sounded, kick-off, Wu Song broke through with the ball, and even five people in a row, although he was intercepted by Khmer layers, Wu Song was helplessly skilled. After more than a year of training, Wu Song has already been trained from the Auto Mechanic Team, the Shemale Club, and the University. Song Sanda Amateur United and other domestic strong teams have won victories and gained a lot of game experience. In his eyes, the Khmer team’s style of playing with spears and axes in their hands is not worth mentioning. After passing the last defender, Wu Song saw that there was no teammate around to keep up, so he had to shoot hard, hitting the beam and bounced into the hole. Da Song 1 to 0! The Da Song fans who arrived at the scene suddenly came to their spirits, the gongs and drums were noisy, and firecrackers were even set off outside the stadium. The narrator was so shocked that his mouth was scooped: Oh, this ball actually… actually scored? Me, me, am I right? In the end, Wu Song hit 11 people alone. Before the end of the whistle, he held the score of 1 to 0. Da Song won a game! The reports after the game are crazy! Da Song won, and the opponent is still Khmer, the rising star of the East Asian Cup. The Khmer is rushing for the championship this time! The gutter capsized in the group stage. In order to prove that there was no shady scene, the competition committee watched the video of the game eleven times and confirmed that the Khmer was not waterproof, and Da Song’s defense did its best. In order to ensure the fairness of the game, the competition committee also arranged for Wu Song to have a urine test, but it turned out that there was no doping. Everyone can only accept this result. In the other game, Siam defeated Annan 2-1. Siam won 2 wins and scored 6 points and continued to lead the group, basically qualifying ahead of schedule. Da Song had one win and one loss, with 3 points, and ranked second in the group. Khmer scored one draw and one loss, and ranked third in the group. Annan lost and tied, with 1 point, basically missed the group qualifying. Gao Qi concluded after the game that this game was a bit inexplicable, but everyone worked hard, especially the goalkeeper. After three alcoholic drinks last night, he was able to stand back to his dormitory. It is worthy of commendation. There is also midfielder No. 10. Didn’t fall, kind of interesting. I especially criticize striker Wu Song. Although he scored a goal, what was the pre-match formation arrangement? When a striker returns to the penalty area to defend, are you a little nosy? You go back to the penalty area, and you clear the ball with Bigfoot. Can you catch it yourself? Delayed the attack, you know? I am not satisfied with your performance. I hope you will work harder in the next game. But everyone also got 3 points, as long as we are unbeaten in the next game, we will qualify for the group. Come on, after qualifying, my great Song Guowei will show up, when the border negotiations, Cai Xiang’s speech will be full of air. Don’t say anything, in order to celebrate the victory, put wine and wine, don’t say anything, chase after D! Da Song team drank the start of the third round. Da Song vs. Annan. Because it was Group C, the results of the previous Liaoning and Jin teams were passed over first. Gao Qi got the result, crazy, and quickly adjusted the pre-match layout. Wu Song was removed and replaced, all on the bench. Wu Song didn’t understand, and asked Gao Li. Gao Li said that the Liao country overturned and the group did not qualify! Lost two games to Xixia and North Korea, and now their team is ranked first in North Korea. If my Da Song qualify, it will be their team. If my Da Song is second to their first North Korea, we can’t afford to lose that person. If I win, the Liao Congress will be angry! If we lose, we have no face to return to China! Therefore, we are going to lose to Annan! Wu Song said, is there a possibility, that is, Siam and Khmer game, Siam lost, I beat Annan in this big Song, got 6 goals difference, guaranteed to be better than Siam’s 5 goals. One more win, so that we can still be the first in the group against their Xixia! Annan turned out to be his own, anyway, their bottom line is slim, why don’t they sell their personal affection? Gao Qi: It’s okay for Xixia, but 8 goal difference? Wu Song, I think you don’t understand my Da Song’s Jinliang! Wu Song said: Look at my ability! Gao Li shook his head and said: It’s too dangerous. What if Siam wins the game between Siam and Khmer? Don’t talk about it, let’s decide the big thing. We can’t win this game. After that, Da Song lost to Annan 0-3 in the final round of the group stage. The game between Siam and Khmer was affected by war factors. Siam was extremely brave on the field. In the end, Siam defeated Khmer by a score of 3 to 2, and the group won by 9 points. Annan had one win, one draw and one loss, with 4 points in second place, Song with one win and two losses, 3 points in third place, and Khmer one point in the bottom. After the game, Gao Qi held a celebration banquet and had dinner with the Liao State National Team. During the dinner, the two countries praised each other about the wonderful moments of the Cuju game. At the banquet, Song Dynasty and Liao State signed a few more years of treaties. , Da Song added another 10% of the tribute to the Liao State every year, ceding a city, and Gao Qi got the biggest victory of this event. Gao Qi was happy in his heart, and he bragged back to the DPRK. If it weren’t for the teamwork of our national football warriors and the style of the game, could the Liao country want this? Wu Song took a look at the joy of everyone inside, and sighed and said, I should go back to Qinghe County to find my brother! Don’t wait for this national team!


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7 months ago

Dutou is the largest position that the county magistrate can appoint by himself. No matter how old he is, he is not an official. After entering the official system, the power of appointment is in the court, not in the locality. Regarding why the army didn’t recruit Wusong specially, this should be related to the current communications and officialdom. First of all, one person became famous in the county, but people in the other county didn’t know much about it (so Wusong’s fame is only among friends in the rivers and lakes). The screaming in the middle), not to mention the estrangement between the civilians and the officials, the administration and the military; secondly, the local military attache doesn’t pay much attention to whether his soldiers can fight. The big soldiers don’t care very much. Besides, they are already all heads. If you ask him to be a small soldier, you will definitely not do it. Give Lieutenant Yuhou or something. He hasn’t done anything and there is no excuse for promotion. The officialdom is corrupt, but the procedures must always be correct. Otherwise, the opponent will participate. Encourage one by one, catch one by one.

7 months ago

If there is a historical prototype for this, that is, Shi Nai’an has really heard of someone killing a tiger with bare hands, then this should be an old or injured South China tiger. The food source is relatively fixed (large and medium-sized herbivores such as Artiodactyla). ), unlike wolves, bears, and wild boars who are opportunists who catch everything and eat what they eat, so they are often sick and old, unable to catch up with their prey, so they take risks and attack slow runners. In theory, a tiger that is old enough or seriously ill can be killed with bare hands. Therefore, although the historical prototype of this man killed a tiger with his bare hands, the tiger is not in a healthy state of adulthood. It is also suitable for a small official. “History of Lie Nv” actually records that a tiger heroine, Peng Lienv, was born in a farm in Hongzhou Fenning. From the father Tai to the mountain to cut the salary, the father met the tiger, will not get off, the woman drew the sword and grabbed the tiger, took her father back. When the matter heard, the edict gave Subo and asked questions in Chizhou County.

7 months ago

You don’t know who Wu Er was promoted to the head of the infantry capital? It’s just a street gangster. Fighting bravely and fiercely, fighting with people, breaking them, causing his brother Wu Da to go to jail. What did his brother Wu Da expect of him from the beginning? Wu Da desperately sold cooking cakes for the second child of the Wu family to study. I only hope that he will not be blinded in the future. I will not say that he will be successful in the future. At least he is literate and hyphenated. Working hard for a living is also good. What is Wu Er again? Not interested in reading, so I had no choice but to fist. In ancient times, you were exquisite, poor culture and rich martial arts. You can only practice martial arts if you have those conditions in your family. For example, Shi Dalang, the first prodigal son of the Water Margin universe, the son of the richest man in Shijia Village, is a well-known martial artist, and the family has that condition. Don’t believe it, martial arts practice is extremely expensive. Simply speaking, the food standards during martial arts practice are different. To put it bluntly, you have to manage your fullness. How can you practice martial arts if you don’t have enough food? Three meals a day, you said you want to learn eighteen weapons? Who are you kidding? Wu University, instead of taking advantage of the mine, it was a small merchant and hawker. How much hardship did Wu Er fulfill his wish? I am afraid it is more than the intensity of 996! How did Wu Er repay his brother again? Practice martial arts, keep your body healthy, protect your family and your country. One day you will take a martial arts exam and become an official. Let your adult eldest brother have a few days of comfort. Isn’t it fragrant? Hey, no! Fighting fiercely in the street, injured people, stabbed Louzi, and ran away! Isn’t this just a bear kid from the Northern Song Dynasty? It was just like this. One day the armed force broke out, killing tigers for the people, and was promoted by the county magistrate to the captain of the county armed police (the criminal police captain of the county public security bureau). Although he was not a formal civil servant, he was still squeezed in. “Officials” are in this class, and after eating public meals, Wu Er, who was born as a bear kid, street gangster, and runner, should also be content, and he is indeed quite content. It is conceivable that if it were not for Ximen Qing and Pan Jinlian to hook up and cause Wu Da to kill Wu Da and cause a life lawsuit, Wu Er’s life would most likely be contributed to Yamen. After all, if the infantry is the head, the social status is always better than that of street gangsters and small merchants.

7 months ago

In the Song Dynasty, there were only four officials in a county, and there may be only three in a small county. The county magistrate, county prince, master book, and classic history all need to be decided by the central government. The most important thing that the county grandfather needs to be able to fight is the infantry, and this is also the largest official the county grandfather can make. Killing a tiger is not enough to alarm a higher level. After all, no one stipulates that you must hit with a fist. You can also hit a tiger with a bow like Jiezhen Jiebao. This kind of auspicious is not like auspicious, the credit is not a big credit, and there is no qualification to report it.

7 months ago

Before Wu Song debuted, in Jianghu, someone sent a message to Qinghe Takejiro in Douyin. It happened that Chai Jin and Song Jiang had both brushed this video. Still thinking about this in my heart, I am embarrassed to send it up. So after Song Jiang met Wu Song at Chaijinzhuang, Xiaoxuanfeng, Henghai County, Cangzhou, he was only known as Qinghe Wujilang. But what did Wu Song do? He has to show off his hero affairs like Li Kui. Before that, Wu Song hadn’t even had a hot search. There are not many forwardings. After he hit the big tiger with his bare hands, it was considered that there was light in his eyes. Later, the magistrate of Yanggu County offered to love Wusong, and there were no capable people in their county. Compared with other counties, there are talented people like Lei Heng, Zhu Ren, and Li Yun. Yanggu County seems to be weak. It is estimated that Yang Chun and others will have to cry. This county is just a fat sheep. Moreover, Wu Song’s fight against the tiger is also a starting point. With the escort to the county official, Ximen officials and others honored things. Wu Song has become the county magistrate’s own person, and he will definitely lift him up if he has a chance in the future. There is another. Everyone knows after watching the Water Margin for so long that there are almost no senior officers who can fight in the Water Margin. Such means as Guan Sheng and Hu Yanzhuo are nothing but a local security officer. Like Lin Chong, Lu Da, and Xu Ning, their official positions are even lower. They don’t look like they can use people.

7 months ago

Because the prefect can promote him to the maximum extent, if Wu Song is lucky, the prefect sends him to Liang Zhongshu’s house to give gifts, and then Wu Song and Suo Chao fight, and someone tells Liang Zhongshu that this is a tiger fighting hero. Then Wu Song could immediately start with the same treatment as Yang Zhi’s treatment. Then Liang Zhongshu sent Wu Song to escort the birthday card to success. Cai Jing heard that this was a tiger fighting hero, so maybe he could be promoted to the head of the 800,000 imperial army. Then he recommended it to the emperor. The emperor heard that this is a tiger-slaying hero…. Then there is great hope for being a royal squad or a palace inspection. If Wu Song still plays a good Cuju kick, then military attaches below Taiwei can all think about it. In fact, Wu Song’s identity as a tiger-slaying hero gives him a high prestige bonus. A fierce man who can kill a tiger with his bare hands, plus a handsome appearance, is a god-like idol wherever he goes. That is why Zhang Dujian does not know the goods, and has the help of tiger fighting heroes, and what else is Jiang Menshen.

7 months ago

It reminds me of another storytelling. You can find and listen to the “Three Thieves Nine Dragons Cup”. It starts with Huang Santai’s golden darts fighting the tiger to help him. The version I listened to Wang Yuebo, the tiger is still Huang Santai bought and put it from the northeast. In the paddock, just to claim credit in front of the emperor, he was finally sealed by the emperor: “Four-way Flying Tiger Hall, Golden Head Royal Horse Fast.” I wonder if this position is much better than infantry heads? This shows that it is very important who fights the tiger in front of him. If Wu Song fights the tiger in front of Song Huizong, it is estimated that he will be given the title of imperial gift like Zhan Zhao. But let’s take a look at Wu Song’s Yanggu County Infantry Head. This position looks like a small official. Compared with today’s head of the County Public Security Bureau, what was Wu Song before? The poppi rascals on the street, how many people can become the head of the county public security bureau today from street gangsters. This is exactly the difference between “Water Margin” and ordinary Shuangwen. It is exactly this, “Water Margin” is the four great masterpieces. When Yang Zhi was forced to sell his ancestral sword, the “Three Thieves Nine Dragons Cup” Huang Santai only needs gold darts to borrow silver. Now that the Internet is cool, who still takes tigers seriously? As for the commander of the military region, in that era without internet, there were thousands of heroes fighting tigers, otherwise there would be no nicknames of fighting tiger generals. As military commanders who only heard the rumors, the tiger fighting general Li Zhong and the walker Wu Song , You believe who can fight tigers more.

7 months ago

Several people killed tigers with their bare hands. From the book, Wu Song killed tigers, Li Kui killed tigers, and brothers Jiezhen Jiebao captured tigers alive. From the results, the tigers were all killed. As for how, everyone I don’t care very much, and the local reward is just to give some money. Second, the infantry is headed, which is probably equal to the current criminal police captain. Although the criminal police captain of a county is not a big official position, it is also considered a big local. Third, don’t you know the local military commander, you definitely know, but which one is better between a criminal police captain and an advancing unit? This is another matter, let alone making Wu Song the criminal police captain on the spot, even if he enters the army, There must also be a first-come-first-served, and the county magistrate must release talents. The Song Dynasty emphasized civility over military affairs. If the county magistrate did not give it, I guess the troops would not be able to get a fourth place. At that time, the transportation and communications were not as good as they are now. In the same place, Wu Yong didn’t even know Chao Gai…When this news spreads, Wu Song may have already gone to Liangshan.

7 months ago

If one day Song Huizong accidentally fell into the Liger Mountain in the zoo, he would be killed.
At this time, the breeder Wu Song, desperately, acted boldly, and acted decisively to save the emperor who had no power to bind the chicken. Maybe he would be the next “Lieutenant Wu”.
Send the one who knows how to play and become the head of Qin Du.
So, the same is fighting tigers, it depends on where to fight! Who do you call~

7 months ago

Killing a tiger with bare hands can become the head of the criminal police of the county public security bureau or the head of the county’s armed forces. Why? Too small!

Lei Heng and Zhu Ren are also people of this level. Lei Heng beat a Miss Bai who sang drums and detained the county magistrate on the spot, because this lady is a good old friend of the county magistrate.

Wu Song has enough face. A stunned boy who fights and fights has become a member of the system. He can wake up with a smile in his dreams, and he will not be too small.

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