Wang Shipeng said in the program that when he mentioned that game again, he was actually sprinkling salt on our wounds. I wonder when football players can judge the quality of our basketball. People who watched it all thought it was funny. In fact, Guo Ailun and Zhou Qi are quite embarrassed. As a basketball player, I was sad and angry after watching it.

Fan Zhiyi commented that there is nothing wrong with Guo Ailun and Zhou Qi. You made the lore in Slovenia, so no one is allowed to captain Crystal Palace, the core of the defense line that played in the World Cup, what about the strongest central defender in the history of Chinese football? In a variety show, if Guo Ailun and Zhou Qi do not accept the invitation, can Fan Zhiyi have this opportunity to talk about it? Fan Zhiyi said that regardless of the football basketball team, he was not in that double standard. He made it clear on the program, “When is the Chinese football’s turn to comment?”, people said that the shot was not there because of the variety show. Short of two pounds, the last minute of the World Cup vs Poland at the door of the house, and 1:5 at the door of Thailand, is almost the same level as a matter of congestion for the people of the whole country. I think it’s better to just watch the media’s generalized and eye-catching reports instead of just looking at the situation and hearing what’s said. With the so-called superiority, the Chinese football is used as a spittoon. Just a few words. I can’t stand it. What is reflected in the details is not a good thing, an inexplicable sense of superiority and a glass heart. The program is called the Tucao Conference, which inevitably determines that “poisonous tongue” is its inevitable attribute. I think the whole program will awaken the pain of some people, but it is correct to let this pain be remembered, because “pain is inspiring.” This program is not useless. I think the positive side is that Zhou Qi and Guo Ailun can sit there and listen, and Guo Ailun can respond with 30+ points and assists in the game the next day after the show is broadcast. This is what we expect to see. The response. The pain is not terrible. I hope that Zhou Qi and Guo Ailun will continue to remember this pain for a longer time after licking the wound this time, and show a better performance on the court. I am not a blind fan. Since the Polish war, Zhou Qi’s arm has been thicker for two laps, and Guo Ailun’s assists and play style have changed. A generation of athletes has the objective environment of a generation of athletes. Different athletes have their own personalities and ways of doing things, but the constant is that athletes rely on their core, most essential, and most basic court competitiveness to speak. I look forward to Zhou Qi and Guo Ailun’s continued efforts. I also hope that Wang Shipeng will say less such things, and do more practical things from what he can do, just like Fan Zhiyi has done in youth training in recent years. Life is always going on. I know what you lost in that battle in the long run, but the reality is that you will still rely on Guo Ailun and Zhou Qi to fight in the next five years. It is better for them to grow up than not to grow. There is a high probability that the World Series will be absent for a long time, and it is better to keep this project hot than people no longer pay attention to. The Chinese footballers and basketball players have no sense of arguing and spitting on each other. It is the right way to urge and encourage each other more.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Yi Lijing can say it, Hulan can say it, Wang Shipeng can say it himself, why can’t Fan Zhiyi say it? No matter how Chinese football is at the low end of the sports contempt chain, General Fan is also a person who has played in the World Cup. What is the problem with you two who did not make it to the Olympics? This logic means that the children of their own family can beat and scold them anyway, and others can’t say a word. Isn’t this how bear children are used to it?

7 months ago

I think it’s time to spray Wang Shipeng’s point, I think many replies have sprayed it. The old football dog said a few words: You Wang Shipeng really don’t understand football! Fan Zhiyi complained about your basketball baggage from the interview he sprayed Chinese football at the time, “I don’t have my face anymore”, “What kind of person Camacho brought to Real Madrid before, what kind of person do you bring to him now?” , “Can Zhao Peng play?”…These old football jokes are all familiar. Do you think that General Fan is talking about basketball? Nai clothes, he took off the Chinese football panties and smoked the Chinese men’s basketball team.

7 months ago

Well, don’t be angry, it’s not normal to play badly. Director Fan did not say: “How big is the basketball court? You should go to the football field to listen to how those people scolded, how loud is the scolding, they really scolded…” Director Fan basically stabbed himself first. Sprinkle salt and cumin on a cold hole, and choke Zhou Qi and Guo Ailun with some oil fume. However, hundreds of thousands of people on the football stadium scolded uninterruptedly in 360-degree non-dead-angle stereo surrounds. All kinds of foul language made people want to join in and release their emotions. To be honest, following the scolding all night is quite depressing hahaha …Come on, microphone for you, let’s have fun together hahaha

7 months ago

Competitive sports has no blood and tears and self-moving hard work. Competitive sports only has results! With so much money in a year, it turns out to be shit, why don’t people say anything? Xinhua News Agency is right, and the rookies peck each other. Don’t reflect on why it has fallen to the point it is today. If the men’s basketball team wins the world championship, I won’t even play for ten days. If you lose, you lose. I lost at the door of my house. I lost the expectations of 1.4 billion people. I’m not allowed to talk about it. Are men’s basketball salaries cheap?

7 months ago

At what time is it fine? At this time, look at the current men’s basketball team, can’t you really say it? Fan Zhiyi is a feat of breaking out of Asia. What’s the point of commenting on the men’s basketball team that failed to make it into the Olympics? Fan Zhiyi also has to face, and did not comment on the golden generation of men’s basketball during the four major centers. After all, the men’s basketball has indeed been brilliant, but now this men’s basketball team, without the Arab League, what is left? I really thought that Fan Zhiyi likes to spray. He knows best the pain of being scolded for bad grades. There are so many adults on the football field. But if you don’t play well, you have to say it, is it to coax, if you dare to come to a variety show, of course you have to be criticized, human nature. I want to tell Teacher Wang that if the men’s basketball team does not work hard, they may be embarrassed to comment on the men’s football.

7 months ago

Fan Zhiyi, deputy chairman of the Shanghai Football Association, is serious about 800 football youth training, and is dedicated to making contributions to Chinese football. In terms of personal honour, First A was also an athlete who overturned 55 undefeated Dalian, the Chinese Footballer, the Asian Footballer, the captain of the League One team and was seen by Liverpool. Translated into basketball is to temporarily serve as the vice chairman of the Guangdong Basketball Association, dedicated to the training of youth basketball. In terms of personal honor, the CBA regular season scoring champion, regular season most valuable player, Asia’s No. 1 shooting guard, the captain of a certain NBA Development League team, was invited by the NBA championship level team to join. Ask your current commentator, Wang Shipeng, what did you do? Senior people say you can’t stand it? Besides, are people wrong? Football may never work, but as a sportsman, what is even more heartbreaking may be that what used to do is slowly dying. Is General Fan hoping that men’s basketball will not follow the old path of men’s football? Once in 2002/04, we felt that football had hope. What happened? He doesn’t want to watch it again in another project, right? Football players may not be able to comment on the quality of your professional direction in the game, but you are now a non-professional problem that laymen can see. The seniors in the sports circle say you two things, what’s wrong.

7 months ago

Wang Shipeng is purely glass-hearted and unknowing. Fan Zhiyi took Zhou Qi and the others incidentally after the black football and then entertained everyone. Fan Zhiyi has been the only representative of Chinese football for about 10 years. He has been an Asian footballer, played in England, was a team captain, and played in the World Cup. (Of course, we have played referees and drivers. We don’t avoid this.) Basketball doesn’t know much about it. Without Yao Ming, it would be difficult for players like Wang Shipeng to play in Asia, right? The operation of football and basketball in our country is essentially the same, all of which are pseudo-professional and pseudo-market. Only two NBA players in basketball can be invincible in Asia, and in football, even if there are three players who can play in the five major leagues, they may not be able to do Japan and South Korea. It is undeniable that football in our country is worse than basketball and earns more. But the difference is not big, wake up. General Wang.

7 months ago

After reading what Wang Shipeng said, I found it very funny. When can football players evaluate how good your basketball is? Then I work as a lawyer. As a basketball spectator, can’t I judge the quality of your basketball? After all, “when can lawyers evaluate the quality of our basketball?” and so on. Guo Ailun and Zhou Qi are very embarrassed to sit there, so why don’t you go to this show if you are embarrassed? If you don’t go to this show, there won’t be such a show, and you won’t be told. how? If you don’t want to say it, you can only praise it? Can only be nice? Besides, it is an objective fact that one’s own performance is not good, so why not let people say it? Fan Zhiyi didn’t say how good Chinese football is. He doesn’t have double standards.

7 months ago

You said that the president of the Basketball Association has been changed every term. How many of them have been changed, and have they changed? Don’t change the soup or the medicine. Yao Ming also has reason to say, what team I’m on, the Houston Rockets I’m on, who are you asking me to take? What is the current level of Chinese basketball? There are just a few people, Wang Shipeng, who is playing defender, can he play? Can’t fight, don’t you know if you don’t have this ability! I urge you to clarify the concept of basketball. You were reversed by Poland at the door of your house, but would you tell me how to explain it? The face is gone.

7 months ago

Football players can evaluate basketball players at any time. In the same way, basketball players can also evaluate football players anytime. I am a football fan. I have watched football since 14 years. I have not watched it for a long time, but it has been 7 years. Of course, I have accompanied countless national football matches, Lippi’s era, Gao Hongbo’s era… . These are my memories of the national football team over the years. I will also watch the basketball national team games, especially when I knew that Zhou Qi went to the NBA at the time. I was still very excited. I was very happy that China had another player with good talent. But the next thing is to slap the face. Zhou Qi’s performance is really getting worse and worse, until after returning to CBA, he occasionally highlights a few games. I was also very happy at the time. Until that game in Poland. But what makes me most desperate is that Zhou Qi’s reaction to these things, the indifferent expression, is most easily chilling. Let’s talk about this response again. It’s clear to everyone by looking at the responses of netizens on Weibo. I don’t want to say more, these words are very bad character. In fact, no matter what kind of sports fans in China, they are very tolerant of players participating in the war for the country. I scolded the national football team for 7 years, but I still watch it every time there is a game. I have experienced the team led by Gao Hongbo and won in adversity and reached the top 12. I have also experienced all kinds of nonsensical interventions by the Chinese Football Association in the Chinese Super League. . The future of Chinese football is getting more and more confused. This is what I have felt over the past two years. Various indicators have commanded each other, which is confusing. Did I give up? As a fan, I don’t have one. I am still very serious. Therefore, I also hope that these players are serious. No matter which field athletes they are, they should not put themselves too high and win glory for the country.

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