The recent Keli figure reservations are as hot as ever. Just as the earlier Bombing Bomb Cup was out of stock and then out of stock, it can be seen that although Keli’s character has gradually fallen behind the new characters such as Gan Yu, Mandrill and Walnut, it has always been Players are worried, even the Internet is insulting Lu, but it is rare to insult Li. I think that the popularity of this role is not just about strength. How can I further evaluate the role of Keli now?

In fact, Keli’s intensity is very high, although almost no one takes Keli to show harm. Keli’s biggest problem is that the attack frequency is too high, the single damage is not high, and it is difficult to hit super high response damage (four-life Keli can kill people, but it is more difficult to fight Melt and Evaporate), but Keli’s own The damage is still very high. I am Keli, who is a trash holy relic. The bomb exploded more than 10,000, and a bomb exploded three times. Initially, I can throw two bombs in a row, and then a ghost can blow two or three thousand. You count. How much does this hurt? If there are sparks on Kelly, a heavy blow can hit almost 20,000. With this set, there are not many strangers who can stand. Keli usually uses Xingqiu to fight evaporation, but I like to use the emperor to fight overload. I left the shield king girl and hung the bird on the double rock bell, and then Keli exploded twice. Basically, a QQ rock helmet king is almost the same. If I am not dead, I will get a heavy blow. Keli has two serious problems. One is her thin skin and short legs, which makes her intolerable. The other is a parabolic attack, which makes it easy to miss people. The first problem can be solved by the open shield role, and the second problem can be solved by the burst output method. I have Zhongli on the one hand, and the wandering movement of Jing4 on the other. The explosive power of 10 seconds is terrible, and it is simple and rude. My Keli attribute is still rubbish, and the Keli of the great gods is much better than mine. Keli’s intensity has always been ignored, mainly because it was too early. At that time, the player level was generally not too high, the number of players was not as good as it is now, and the trend of showing damage has not yet risen. After the son came out, the trend of showing hurt began, and it became a trend after Gan Yu.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

In general, Keli naturally stood in a position of “cannot be criticized”. She is not like Gan Yu, who would be scolded at Mei Zhai. Unlike Qiqi, she would be said to have a knife. She is not like Amber, not easy to forget. As a “child”, it seems that she is “naughty”, “trick-or-treating”, “pretentious” or “bear child”. It looks like a “badminton” costume and a backpack like a “little genius”. Of course, as a player who missed the Keli up pool, it is really a pity. (It is said that it will be reproduced soon) Keli is like the original curiosity about the world in our hearts, a special kind of “desire for destruction”. Under the trend of curiosity, we think about all the principles, destroy and reconstruct, and think about everything. Explode… Everyone has a bear child in his heart. Under the constraints of the rules, he has become a “law-abiding” person and an “honest” person, but… whether it is in the original god or in other games For example, MC…destroy is really an innate desire of human beings. And Keli is like the realization of this “desire for destruction”. The combination of cuteness makes this destruction impossible to blame…Many people are often beaten in their childhood, but Keli will not, but will also be confined, which makes this “desire for destruction” seem to have a certain degree. constraint. Kelly is a seemingly real existence. Although it is impossible for such a person to exist in reality, such a personality… is actually something that each of us has from the beginning, but over time, it has changed to others. I don’t think that showing the charm of a woman should be called “Mei Zhai”. I don’t think that showing a male’s muscles or strength is called “Meifu”. I don’t even think that adding “children” to the game is heavy industry. This society is sensitive, and any yearning for beauty in the end seems to turn into a kind of “hobby”, a kind of “negative” thing. (The beauty here is the beauty that really meets the normal definition of beauty, not the beauty that meets the personal definition. For example, being beautiful is a kind of beauty, cute is a kind of beauty, kindness is a kind of beauty, etc…) You like nice little ones Something, others will say you are fetish. If you like beautiful girls, others will call you a second dimension. You think Kelly is very cute, and others will call you Lolicon. You think Gan Yu is very beautiful, and others will call you lsp. You think Zhongli is very handsome, and others will call you gay. (Or rotten girl) The world imagined should have been a beautiful yearning for mankind. When will one attack another by attacking a “fantasy creature”?

7 months ago

Kelly is “the daughter of someone else’s family.” Say hello to Kelly in Mond, she will greet you warmly, “Take Kelly out to play, let’s take an adventure together”, or “Would you like to go fishing with Kelly?” Tell her about other people, she She would say “Brother Kaiya is a good person” and “Sister Sugar is a good person”. In short, they are all good people. Diluk is a strange adult in her eyes, “Why don’t you like to laugh?” An image of a little girl petted by an adult. And when she made a mistake, she would also beg the traveler, “Can you conceal what I did this time?” She would try to make compensation if something was blown up, claiming that she was “good at handwork” and when she was locked up. She is troubled with “you are a good person, I am a bad boy”. She is curious about the world. She will catch “strange patterned lizards”. She also knows that “the pattern of each lizard is different.” When we saw her, I think she is lively, cute, and innocent. When the head of Qin sees her, his brain hurts.

7 months ago

The situation at the time was very delicate: I didn’t want to smoke Keli at first, because the public opinion at the time generally said that Keli was not as good as Grandpa Lu, and I also didn’t mean to smoke because Grandpa Lu was not short of fire. Later, I wanted to take another life to go autumn, thinking that I was less than 80 rounds. How could I be so lucky (the permanent guarantee is a lot of rounds)… When the golden light came out, I prayed that I would be crooked. Be crooked! In the end, what I was afraid of: When that cute little figure appeared on the screen, my heart collapsed instead. After several weeks in Keli’s custody, I found that my team was full of big han. I think I want to pursue such a high level of intensity. Isn’t playing games just for enjoyment? Of course, the intensity is not mainly discussed here. It is the story of me and Keli. The sunrise in the mountains. When Keli is released by me, because of the special effects of the wandering movement, a small little girl will appear on her head. Note. Although it is a bonus effect, it always makes me feel that this lively little girl is singing happily. Sprint and run? Da Da Da ~ la la la ~

7 months ago

Keli’s mechanism is relatively simple. Q can’t be released, so it can only output EQEAAAAAA on the field. Compared with other C, which can deal with single-shot high-magnification damage through quick-cut element reaction or exchange value with mechanism, it is unremarkable. And her own fragile body also limited her performance. But she can’t stand it. She is really cute and really happy. When running across the map, the small voices of “La la la~” “Da Da Da~” come and go, plus the PV and character demonstrations, voices and other people’s portrayals, all of them are not sensible. The image of the little red girl, who is curious, obedient but naughty, friendly, and very hot is vividly displayed. In her impression, the first sentence to most people is “be a good person”, and she is willing to share her experience with others, “Keli caught a lizard with a strange pattern again today…” The sadness, the loss that can’t be desired without the exhaustion of social animals (x) It is pure happiness to take her to run the map. Not hurt enough? The god of the backstage of Xingqiu; the body is too fragile? Master Zhong’s nanny god, let’s add another treatment. There is nothing to stop Xiao Keli from the Tiwat Continent except the leader of Qin.

7 months ago

[Nightmare of the Handicapped Party] I can say that Ke Li is the master C who has played so many roles and feels the most manipulation. It’s really hard for her to play well. In this game of the original god, the dodge that can be interrupted at any time after the attack is simply a magical skill. But for Keli, who needs frequent heavy blows, dodge can’t be released at will like other characters. Need to set aside physical strength for the heavy blow, if it is A+ heavy blow + sprint, A+ heavy blow + sprint, the basic three-two cycle is gone. Generally choose A+ jump, A+ heavy hit + jump. At this time, choosing to jump forward, backward, left, and right is very important. The most difficult thing is not to achieve this kind of operation, but to use jumps to move as you want, using as much dodge as possible as possible. (The picture above is a wrong demonstration of what I played myself), I am the kind of handicapped party that jumps wildly. Keli happens to be the role of the first phase of the ice physical debuff abyss up. In order to retain the energy as much as possible, the first batch of Keli players began to practice, and then got used to this kind of A-jumping operation. At this time, you will see that the Great God’s Keli is always jumping around to solve the battle, and even after jumping, she can still roll on the ground. The powerful suppression force of the heavy blow can make many monsters unable to get up. You can even roll over after the jump. However, my Keli often jumped in the air and was shot to death from a long distance. A was a mid-to-long range, and a heavy hit was caused by a mid-range (or even close range). A was hit, and the heavy hit was empty. It always happens. For this kind of character that has been developed by everyone to jump and jump attack mode, the original god is currently the only one of Keli. Even this is particularly in line with her personality.

7 months ago

I was fortunate to have my daughter out of ten in a row. I recently applied for a divorce certificate (doge). When I have a good impression, I change someone and the role is in the warehouse. But Keli is the only one I have a good impression and I have been using it to run the picture. Original. If it is an in-depth evaluation, she can be said to be the first big move of the original god, why do you say that? Before Keli appeared in October, Yuanshen’s rumors were the worst and worst time point under the attack of the major navy forces. Although Wendy had a human rights card, he was still a character that didn’t count, the poison pool. Liuxiong is even more unknown, and the appearance of Keli, assisted by the character PV, brought the first wave of new players after the server opened. You can hear a lot of comments about how bad the original god is, and you can see many videos criticizing how dark the original god is, but in the video you get to once, you see Keli, and then you will see everything about Keli. , Second Creation, Reorganization, etc. The elements of her body are really attractive when put together. As far as some people around me are in contact with the original gods, the motivation brought by Keli broke through the impression of dark games and made them eventually become regular players. Now think about it, I would always say that the original god officially pretends to be dead, but people really have the ability to make everyone shout the truth… The original god started testing in 19, but in fact I started the PC not to delete files on September 15 The test went into the pit, and I started to understand it at that time. I didn’t know how many Keli videos were before, but I knew Keli after playing and tried to search, and then countless videos made me fall in love instantly. It is a pity that Zhong Li, he is the best able to surpass Keli, these two characters are the most able to harvest a large number of players through their own charm. In fact, it can be seen from the data of running water that Keli’s running water is very high in China, while the proportion of other countries in the world in Zhongli running water is much higher. To a certain extent, we can also see that everyone’s preferences are slightly different. Finally, in general, Keli gave the original god the first hot opportunity. The role and influence of the little cutie is very far-reaching. At present, Wendy’s re-engraving has already shown signs of high water flow. Keli should still cause it on the day of the re-enactment. The peak of running water.

7 months ago

Undoubtedly, Keli is one of the most balanced character and strength among the many 5-star characters of the original god. Keli: Excellent person setting + excellent strength Zhongli: Top person setting + general strength (before revision) Gan Yu: Contradictory person setting + top strength compared to the latter two in terms of personality and strength The controversy brought about, Keli truly achieved “both fish and bear’s paw”, with her excellent personality and strength, she was unanimously favored by players. Both the Intensive Party and the True Love Party can find a place, and the two have settled down in front of Keli and achieved a harmonious unity.

7 months ago

You must know that Ke Li is a female, soft and cute little Lolita, and her voice is also cute. Grandpa, man, man, man. So no matter how you scold Grandpa, it won’t be the turn of Keli to be scolded. Now the new five stars have good output and explosive ability, and Grandpa Keli’s status has long been shaken. In terms of popularity, the most popular character is undoubtedly the new character (it has to be a c-bit, either a strong person or a girl). As the second up-pool role in the opening service, Keli’s heat has been overwhelmed by the waves. Every time a new girl comes out, everyone’s attention will shift, just like the emperor marries a wife. If you marry more, you will no longer love the former concubine. In terms of intensity, the reason is very simple. It can also be full of stars. I will definitely play a faster role, right?

7 months ago

Be fascinated in the later stage, but unfortunately I didn’t draw it! Waiting for the re-enactment, the old players of Yuanshen opened the service, and Wendy started out, as the only five-star drawn at the time, so the early opening pictures were all shot by Wendy and the emperor with two bows and arrows. Of course, I suffer from only two bows and arrows, and I feel desperate for the output feel. So the biggest regret came. When I came out of Keli Pond, I felt that the hand feels fine after trying it out, so I didn’t have the desire to smoke at all. At the same time, the pit was abandoned for more than half a month until the end of the UP pool. In the middle, there are still sons in the pool who haven’t drawn. Deeply fascinated, Zhongli Kuangtian, ,,, At that time, he was deeply fascinated by Yuanshen, even if he had nothing to do, he would hang up and listen to music. At the same time, XP quietly rose, and except for Zhong Li, began to quietly fall in love with Xiao Keli. . Suddenly I felt that I missed a hundred million, the lovely little daughter of my father. . I don’t know how long it will take to have it! ! ! At present, I have been saving the original stone and waiting for Keli to reproduce it. In the middle, I will pay attention to a wave of Miss Shenli. Others are not considered for the time being. . An Xin waits for the girl.

7 months ago

First of all, Ludick is considered to be the ceiling of the intensity of the game, so naturally every new character has to be compared with him as long as the output is. Secondly, you can see in various videos that it is said that if Master Lu finished the game early, maybe This is also one of the reasons for the current bedding. As for the strength of Kelly is not weak, but an explosive character hits EQZ hits E and hits E, it is relatively weak. When there is no E and big moves, the damage depends on the flower strengthened by the normal attack. However, because the normal attack is too random, the normal attack is usually selected for 3 times to receive the heavy attack. However, the physical strength may be lost when the attack is hit. In addition, the short-legged short-range suppression ability relies on only one E general attack, and long forward and backward swings require jumping and dodge interruption, which ultimately leads to poor hand feeling. Excluding the intensity problem, the Chinese dubbing is huge, and the appearance is very elementary, I think Keli grew up eating cute. The side missions were also very successful, and there was another wave of presence in the Mona mission, as well as guest appearances in various PVs. I once thought that Keli was the mascot of this game, and Paimeng was just an emergency food.

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