I haven’t passed Level 6 twice. Some students relied on their hearing to be so confused that nearly two hundred points changed their fate. I am really envious. I was shocked and lost the confidence to work hard, fearing that my efforts would not be as good as others’ luck in the end.

You try to think about life like this: remember that there is only “more” in life, not “most”, reflect on life, you will know a lot-life is short, there are many destinies in one’s life, family, classmates, colleagues, lovers , Lovers, couples, comrades-in-arms, nobles, villains, enemies, benefactors…First adjust your mentality; there are many important moments in a person’s life, the troubles of growth, the confusion of going to school, the emotional blurring, the hardship of job hunting, the joy of success, The lessons of failure, the first-time parent (mother), the growth of the child, the last wish before the hospital bed, the expectation after the world… So people have to adjust their mentality. Think about why people live? No matter why people live, they have their own truths. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and each has its own needs. Over time, the needs are self-evident. Right or wrong, there is no absolute. Right and wrong at this time and then. Some are right or wrong, comment on later generations. When facing life, take reality. Go with the flow and go with the flow. For example, love-there are three reasons for love, one is the material basis; the other is the spiritual basis; the third is the sexual relationship. If you have one of these three, you can have love. The role of material life provides you with protection; the role of spiritual life provides you with support; the role of sex life provides you with happiness. Similarly, when one of the three is seriously missing, then love will also be lost. The above reason is also true in marriage and family. However, marriage and love are not exactly the same after all. When there is no money as a basis, marriage will soon appear crisis and even die, and love may continue for a while, but there will be cracks and non-uniqueness. If it cannot be changed, it will eventually die. This can find its objective basis both philosophically and on the basis of reality. People do not need to deceive themselves, they must be objective and face reality. This is the helplessness of life. There are as many choices as you travel in life; as many choices as you experience in life; this is life. Follow the trend and be yourself; let the wind and rain, not be others. You are yourself. There is only “more” in life, not “most”. Try to be perfect as you think. People have to work hard to fulfill all kinds of wishes in their lives. Their own, parents, lovers, friends, bosses, colleagues… fulfilling their wishes and their own wishes constitute the path of life. Keep your mind, indifferent and quiet. No desire, no desire, enjoy yourself. No desire, no desire, how to understand? Take advantage of the trend, naturally happy. Go against the trend and lose more with less success. To be smart, restrain desire. Just enough is enough, the only one is superior. If you talk about scandals, everyone has them. If it is successful, it is rare. Competing in the world, survival of the fittest. Things outside the body are short-lived. For long-term, self-cultivation. The truth of Buddhism warns sentient beings: the source of pain, the beginning of desire. It is really difficult to have no desires and no demands. If it is easy, how can one be superior? There is a lot of helplessness in a person’s life. Facing helplessness, believe it or not? Belief is a sign of weakness, not believing in self-deception. There is little nectar in the drought for a long time, and the other country knows for no reason. There is so much helplessness in life, and I am always grateful. I rushed around, not knowing where to go. Life has to go, how can we not be melancholy? If you can enter the empty door, you may be melancholy. A person’s life is unpredictable; joys, sorrows, sorrows and joys are always indefinite; juvenile abandonment, middle-aged betrayal, old loneliness, this is the three sorrows; life is alive, suffering from gains and losses; just came to life, crying and seeking; childhood joy, comparison You are worried; young people are brave and frustrated when they encounter setbacks; young people are confused and emotionally confused; even if they get married, they will pay for themselves; middle-aged careers are exhausted and run around; ;Is about to die, the wish is not there; I have gone through a whole life, but there is a lot of helplessness; if you ask what to fear, you have everything; if you ask what is afraid, you are always afraid; if you are in the red dust, there is no fear; if you want to get out of the dust, there is nothing in your heart. Maintaining an attitude is essential. Think about others and learn to be content. Go with the flow, and do whatever it takes. People have sorrows and joys. Choosing the pursuit is more important to the process. Peace of mind, watch the changes. Don’t ask for it, just ask for peace of mind. People are not better than others, and care about themselves. Be kind to others, and Buddha repays cause and effect. Facing helplessness, cheer up. Get out of the circle and examine yourself. Controlling desires, the gods are helpless. It’s luck to do so. If so, feel comfortable. Always so, destiny knows itself. Every key point in life, that is, the charm of each person, constitutes the fleeting year. Whenever you reach a critical moment, you must grasp your own advantages and grasp your charm, so that you are a smart person. ——When the world comes to the world, when parents are happy, when children are happy for the first time, when they have achieved their academic success, when they enter society, when they are in love with their lover, when they are in love with their love, when they are in love, when they are married, when they are in the arms of the first time, children When you grow up worry-free, when you get married and start your career, when you are greeted in your hometown, when you are greeted in your hometown, people line up in front of the bed, children and grandchildren continue to report victory, there is support when you are dead, handwritten wills and filial piety, you go west without regrets, and your children and grandchildren worship on the wall , Incense sticks from generation to generation, this is the charm of life! Try to control yourself. Does my answer help you?


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The Book of Changes: The sky is healthy, and the gentleman keeps striving for self-improvement; If a person loses the confidence to work hard, he will end up doing nothing and accomplish nothing all his life. The golden mean: the destiny is sex. Human nature is endowed by nature, and it is difficult to change, so there is a saying that it is easy to change, but it is difficult to change its nature. He also said: One can do what one is capable of, and one can do a hundred for oneself; if one can have ten abilities, one can have a thousand. Lu Shichunqiu: Gentlemen are scholars, just to change their temperament. The husband uses the unbeautiful quality to seek change to be beautiful. It is not a hundred times more effective, and it is not enough. Today, he uses recklessness to destroy the study, either doing or dropping out, in order to seek its unbeautiful quality and unchangeable. It is said that the nature is not beautiful, and it cannot be changed by learning. It is the result of self-abandonment, which is unkind and unkind. Lv Mengzheng’s “Cold Kiln Fu”: A horse has a journey of thousands of miles and cannot go without a ride; a man has the aspiration to skyrocket, and he can’t get through without being transported. It also proves the importance of luck from the side. In summary. Although a person’s fate is fixed by nature, the hard work of the day after tomorrow can indeed achieve a satisfactory change for oneself. There is an element of luck in the exam, but it is impossible to rely on foolishness. You believe in the luck of others so much, it is better to believe in your own efforts. I haven’t done it twice. One is that you thought you worked hard, but you didn’t really work hard; the other is that your efforts have deviated from the direction and went completely different.

7 months ago

I think if you compare yourself with the wrong person, you can’t find a way out. This is because the business of a small food store is not good. The owner is worrying on his own, so he thinks: If you are a rich second generation, it will be fine. If you think about it by accident, it’s okay. But if you think about it seriously, the owner of a restaurant should check out other restaurants in the city, compare with them, study them, and know what areas he needs to improve.

7 months ago

Luck is indeed more important than hard work. 1 I play cards with my friends every week. I have worked hard for a year, and I have never been able to stand up after losing. No matter how bad luck is, I can get to the upper reaches of stealing chicken. This year a roommate’s classmate came to play with us, and the good guys started to fry chicken when they came up. I have been familiar with this stuff since I was a child, so I am naturally very good at it. But that night, all my cards were eaten by others. That roommate’s classmate was also evil, and the handle was so stuffy, and in the end it was either all the same or the tractor. There are always cards. I don’t believe you that there is no luck. 2Recently, I played Game of the Clouds, and I didn’t know how many chickens I had eaten with Magician and Jiu Scarlet. Basically, I can get a lot of Samsung. There are also three or so. Yesterday I had a black game with a friend, he didn’t know how to play. Will be a lucky star. Finally, the imperial city pk, a handful of Liufuxing Six Dragon Soul, and a handful of Liufuxing War God thorn. I took it all, I played Lucky Star and basically left at seventh. He is always lucky, whatever he wants. Sometimes your efforts are so trivial in the face of other people’s luck. 3 Some people graduated from junior high school, but they caught up with the trend, the rich side. Someone was stupid and became famous overnight after the video went viral. Your hard work may not be better than others’ luck. There is no need to be discouraged. Because hard work is not comparable to others. If you want to compare with others, you always lose. Because some people are born, it may be the goal of your life’s hard work. Your efforts only need to be compared with yourself. Better than in the past, better than yesterday, and more opportunities than before. This is where effort is greater than luck.

7 months ago

Behind good luck is hard work. Don’t let the word “luck” cloud the efforts behind it. As the questioner said, I did not pass Level 6 twice after preparing for the exam. Others’ hearing is over 200 points. I don’t deny that such a thing happened. When I was in college, I took the CET-4 test four times, and I finally passed the fourth time. And a classmate in our department, because of the fourth level of the exam spread throughout the school. He didn’t wear earphones for English listening, and he got more than 190 points in random selections, nearly two hundred points. Finally, I asked my classmates: “Then has he passed?” The classmate chuckled and said, “I haven’t done it.” I admit that he was lucky, but he also missed the best luck. Whenever he practiced reading, writing and translation, he would pass it in the end. I was 73 in English for the college entrance examination, and I was the one who was not qualified for CET-4 in the first year. I admit that my English is very poor. I memorized words three times a day, read two essays intensively every day, and translated one short essay every day. But the fourth level just can’t pass. In the first three defeats, my friends said to me: “You are not lucky. I passed it because of good luck. Sometimes things like level 4 and 6 are based on luck.” The more he said that, the more ashamed I felt. I will try harder and harder to pass the fourth level. I don’t believe in evil. Finally I passed. I was already in the first semester of my junior year when I passed the fourth grade. In the second semester of my junior year, I don’t plan to pass the sixth grade, because I have been reviewing the postgraduate entrance examination, and there is basically no time to read the sixth grade every day. Just a week before the CET-6 exam, I suddenly thought of practicing listening, just in case it’s a hell. After that, I easily entered the examination room. When I was listening, I didn’t know whether I was doing well or not. When I answered and read, I felt that reading was so simple, simpler than Level 4. After the exam, my friends and I went to dinner. On the way, they said: “It’s hard to read.” I dare not speak because their English is better than me. If I say it is simple, I will have a sore face in the end. After the meal, I got the answer right. I made two mistakes in my reading. I think I should be able to pass it this time. As a result, I passed the sixth grade. Crimped. I passed Level 6 the first time, and I always thought it was good luck this time. But behind luck is hard work. Although I haven’t read the sixth-level reading, what I have always done is the postgraduate entrance examination reading, which is much more difficult than the sixth-level reading. Every sentence I read for the postgraduate entrance examination is treated as a long and difficult sentence for structural analysis and translation. In addition to my previous preparation for Level 4, I also practiced the listening part before the exam. I hadn’t read writing and translation at all, so my score was relatively low. In short, this passing exam does have a certain element of luck, but you still need your own efforts to seize this good luck. I hope that the questioner can see my answer. I am also a person who has taken the Level 4 exam four times. Don’t give up. The result will always be good.

7 months ago

It’s not. If you don’t work hard, you don’t know if luck comes to your door. No matter what you do, please stay focused. Concentrate on reading when reading, and indulge in play when playing. Successful people often dig deep in a field and insist on going to the end. One hammer from the east to the west will only waste time and energy. Start well and end well. “There is no beginning but no end. People do things, and most have a good start, but not everyone can stick to the end. After three minutes of heat, there will be no more. OK. A hundred miles are half and ninety, most people fall before the end. Whenever you start to slack, remind yourself not to give up lightly. The more persistence, the less regret. Perseverance, hard work is very important!

7 months ago

Subject: Hello, I don’t think luck is more important than hard work. Judging from the example you gave, it was just that the classmate said that he passed the sixth level in a blindfold, so you think he passed the sixth level by luck, but in fact, people may have gone through hard preparations for the exam and did not say it. It is difficult to deduce from a single case that luck is more important than hard work. Next, let’s break it apart, and talk about this problem. First of all, what is luck? Luck is more like icing on the cake, rather than a gift in the snow. Good luck can help a person pass the level while rubbing the edges, but not when the person is still far away from the line. If the classmates in the case really passed the sixth level by luck, then it means that their own strength is similar to that of the sixth level. Second, what is effort? The so-called people work very hard and put in a lot of time and energy, but is this really a preferable way? For example, in college now, it is obvious that you can achieve excellent results in the exam through your own hard work and study very hard. You can also make good relationships with teachers and teaching assistants by brushing your face, and then you can score points in some flexible ways. It is a different way to get a higher score on occasion, so as to obtain a more satisfactory result at the end of the term. For example, in this exam, the usual grades accounted for 50% and the final exam grades only dropped to 50%. Then you just study hard to the end, without saying a sense of proactive contact with teachers [Of course I’m not saying Contact is more important than studying. I just said that there should be a flexible adjustment appropriately] In the end, you can see that their grades are discounted. It may be 345%. In addition, the other half of the grades are those students who have good skills. Maybe those who don’t have frequent exchanges and interactions with teachers and have a good relationship with teaching assistants have high grades. We don’t judge whether this behavior is reasonable, but just say that this is a different way of working hard. Many people choose the wrong way at the beginning, so it is difficult for him to achieve his ideal goal even if he puts the effort into feeding. There is also a misunderstanding when we judge people’s hard work from the perspective of a third person. How do you know when people work hard, or if they didn’t work hard, or whether they were working hard? Defining it as hard work, it sounds a bit unlike human words. However, you can think about it carefully. For example, when you think that sitting in the library and reading is a way of hard work, but people may think that reading is a way of leisure. In this case, people don’t feel that they are paying. How much effort. And when we talk about such a person in small talks, we often bring a kind of contempt, thinking that he has worked so hard, and that is not it in the end. The principle of sub-feeling fish is also applicable now

7 months ago

Luck is indeed more important than hard work in a certain way. For example, some people have the opportunity to enter a big company just after graduation, and you put all your energy into your resume, but luck is only accidental. Some people can’t wait for that once in a lifetime. If you say you are If you want to wait for this low probability of luck, I can only say that you are either lazy or stupid. How to increase the probability of realizing luck is the question you have to consider. Do you think that those who find opportunities in large companies after graduation are really lucky ? They worked hard and won various awards in university, and you skipped classes without exception. In the end, they humbly said that they were just lucky, and you stupidly believed in the poisonous chicken soup of others. Still not knowing that they are still waiting for yourself stupidly. luck. Or some people say that I have worked hard, but my luck is still bad. Have you ever heard a word that quantitative changes can cause qualitative changes. Is it because you still have bad luck because you haven’t worked hard enough? Those who are lucky never talk about their efforts because this is the basic nature, the more they work harder, the luckier they are. Those who want to cut corners and try to rely on luck that they can’t wait for a lifetime will continue to be muddled and complain that their efforts have failed. Finally, there is a sentence that hard work is very important, but how to grasp it when luck comes is also a very important thing. This not only requires you to exercise your rational thinking ability, logical ability, planning ability, etc. in the process of hard work, but also requires your right Have certain knowledge and plans for their future

7 months ago

No, hard work is always more important than luck. A beggar who is lucky is just asking for two more steamed buns every day, and a billionaire who is not lucky is only making 20 million. Which one do you think is better? Therefore, the key is no longer luck, but the foundation. Luck is nothing more than ups and downs on the foundation, and this foundation is achieved by hard work. It’s not luck that your classmates can pass the sixth grade. People have always had the foundation, at least they can take the exam with you. If a primary school student passes the sixth grade, it is called a change of fate. They are all based on the same foundation. What’s against the sky is not against the sky. Besides, luck is also transformative. Think about it this way, you regrouped and worked hard and finally passed the sixth level. The level must be higher than that of your classmates in the past. More importantly, you also understand the truth that only hard work can be successful, and your classmates got the convenience this time. After that, if you don’t speak your English proficiency, you may also rely on luck in everything in the future, and luck is like a sinusoidal curve with ups and downs. Then in the future work and study, you can work hard to improve your foundation when you have bad luck. If you are lucky, “good wind will use strength to send me to Qingyun”, and your classmates may not be able to improve because of luck. Go, who is lucky if you look at it this way? Do you think that the two exams were not compliant but God’s favor? Let’s put that wise quote here. Therefore, the heavens will give great responsibility to humans, and they must first suffer their minds, work their muscles and bones, hungry their bodies, empty their bodies, and disturb their actions. Therefore, they are tempted to endure, and they have been unable to benefit.

7 months ago

When people are frustrated, they often think that luck is more important than hard work, because in this way they can throw the pot to luck instead of not trying hard enough. People tend to ignore the existence of luck when they are proud, because in this way, the credit can be attributed to their own efforts instead of luck. Is luck more important than hard work? The answer to this question depends on the state you are in at the time. There will be different answers if you are happy or frustrated.

7 months ago

Leaving the single event of CET-6, in most cases, I personally think that luck (or choice) is indeed more important than hard work, but it does not mean that hard work is useless. First of all, the social structure has always been a pyramid type. There are many people who work hard. They either have unique visions and strong intentions, or they still live and work hard although they are not lawful. However, a small number of people are always able to make a class transition. Moving forward with heavy burdens but still spinning in place, this is the sad social reality. Sometimes low-efficiency efforts in a certain industry or something are far from the best choice that suits the current environment. It is more practical, but most people do not have a lot of choice, which will greatly increase their luck. The importance of it. Secondly, the right time and place on the road to success are all due to choice and luck. The accumulation of the first pot of gold for most successful people is mostly accidental luck or profiteering income in a dark area. It’s not that they stand in the air with unique vision, or get the trust of capital because of luck, or they may rely on the Dongfeng that cannot be reconciled with social system and economic development to achieve their current achievements. However, with the improvement of the current social system, the status quo of class consolidation has become more and more intense. Even the best way to break class in the past, education, has become more and more inclined to the middle class and the elite class with the uneven development of educational resources. Relying on my own hard work, I went to a higher school to get a higher degree. It is also generally because I have developed existing cognitive values ​​and better family resources from an early age, which leads to less free and easy success than others. It is often said on the Internet that the probability of buying a lottery ticket of 10 million is higher than the probability of earning 10 million for a lifetime. This is ironic and sad. So do you think luck is more important than hard work? Finally, although the above has been chanting the importance of hard work, which is also the idea of ​​most current youths, this does not mean that hard work is useless. We exclude those who are the end of your life at birth and the lucky ones who won the lottery jackpot. In most cases, luck is more important than hard work, but the same luck is also positively related to hard work. In many cases, when life throws you an olive branch, when you discover and confirm your own entrepreneurial path, when you get some opportunities that can directly cross the class, etc., if you don’t have deep experience accumulation, capital accumulation, network accumulation or Even with the accumulation of literacy and knowledge, it is impossible to enjoy this hard-won luck. There are many people who have accumulated all of this, but there are also many people who have been forced to stay in a helpless life because of the opportunity bonus or the delay in choosing. At the end of writing, I still hope to be able to follow the popular values, but do good deeds, don’t ask about the future; I have worked hard in the world, and success or failure does not have to be mine. Because you have no other choice before opportunities or luck come. To give up yourself completely is also irresponsible for your own life.

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