On March 12, the Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention successfully found the B.1.525 Nigerian mutant strain for the first time in nasopharyngeal swabs from two imported cases of new coronary pneumonia. The virus isolation work is still in progress. This is the Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention found the B.1.1.7 mutant in a throat swab sample of a confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia imported from the United Kingdom on January 2 and a South African case of new coronary pneumonia imported from abroad on January 6. Since the South African mutant strain of 501Y.V2 was isolated from the throat swab, the new coronavirus mutant strain has been found again.

   The two cases were asymptomatic infections imported from abroad. They were found in closed-loop management. They were reported as asymptomatic infections on February 21 and February 22 respectively. They are still undergoing intensive medical observation in the hospital. On March 5, the Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention received nasopharyngeal swab samples from two cases sent by the Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and immediately began virus isolation and genome sequencing analysis. On the morning of March 12, 2021, the original sample was sequenced and analyzed, and the results showed that it was B.1.525 subtype, a Nigerian mutant.

   Currently, the Nigerian mutant of the new coronavirus has spread in 26 countries around the world. Research reports have found that the Nigerian mutant strain enhances the spread of the virus, which can easily lead to the appearance of antibody neutralization and escape, which may lead to re-infection in cases of new coronary pneumonia.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The two cases were asymptomatic infections imported from abroad. They were found in closed-loop management. They were reported as asymptomatic infections on February 21 and February 22 respectively. They are still undergoing intensive medical observation in the hospital. On the morning of March 12, 2021, the original sample was sequenced and analyzed, and the results showed that it was B.1.525 subtype, a Nigerian mutant. This kind of mutant strain is more difficult to deal with, and we should continue to strictly control the import pathways in some areas and be in place in every detail. Of course, this mutant strain has little impact on us, but it has a greater impact on countries and regions that are otherwise poorly controlled, making it even worse. Coupled with today’s news that many countries have stopped some batches of vaccines produced in the UK, it seems that these leading countries still have a long way to go in the fight against the epidemic.

7 months ago

First, whether it is South Africa, Brazil, the United Kingdom or the new strains of Nigeria discovered this time, most of their mutation directions are rushing to increase their transmission ability and escape immunity. This is a general trend of virus evolution, and we may find more similar situations in the next 1-2 years. Second, according to the domestic epidemic prevention and control situation, the transmission capacity of this mutant strain will not change. For example, our Beijing epidemic is a mutant strain of the United Kingdom. The mutant strains are equally effective. It can even be said that this is a general virus prevention and control measure. Third, the pressure of external input has always existed. Looking at Guangdong, it is like collecting Dragon Balls. It is about to collect all the new mutations in the world, so we still cannot relax our vigilance. Especially in cases with an extremely long incubation period, they are likely to escape the coverage of the immigration quarantine, so they should not be taken lightly. Finally, we can talk a little more about the mutation of the Nigerian strain of the virus itself. There are roughly several types of virus mutations that we are currently concerned about: increased transmission capacity; increased lethality; escaped from the plasma antibodies of recovered patients; escaped from vaccine antibodies; escaped from existing tests. We can tell from the number of the strain found in Nigeria, B.1.525, the most recent is the well-known B 1.1.7, and from the sequencing results, some of its mutation types are also familiar E484K, Q677H, F888L, Especially E484K, I said earlier that this mutation may be found in more and more new strains, and now it seems that this prediction is very spectral. The Nigerian strain has already appeared in many countries including Europe and Asia in the GISAID database, so there is nothing special about it being detected in Guangdong this time. Only some time ago, there were reports that the Nigerian mutation may completely escape the coverage of existing vaccines. At that time, a bunch of people asked me what I thought, but I didn’t answer. The reason is that I don’t believe in this result. This is not in line with the law of virus mutation. Unless there is a large-scale recombination that has jumped mutations, it is impossible for a virus to suddenly escape the scope of the vaccine completely, partially escape or be in the middle. The required concentration of antibody and antibody gradually increases, which is in line with the objective law. This time China also has a virus strain, so we can test the protective ability of the neutralizing antibody cultivated by our domestic vaccine against this virus strain. Anyway, after the injection this year, there is a high probability that the injection will be given next year. It depends on whether it is an enhanced injection or a multi-price injection.

7 months ago

Research reports have found that Nigerian mutant strains enhance the spread of the virus. Therefore, we still have to maintain the existing epidemic prevention measures for entry personnel, and the epidemic prevention and control measures in major cities and port cities cannot be relaxed. Citizens of various places, especially those in the port cities that accept entry, must maintain good personal hygiene habits, and maintain a four-piece anti-epidemic set of frequent hand washing, wearing masks, one-meter distance, and frequent ventilation. Some studies claim that Nigerian mutations can easily lead to antibody neutralization and escape, which may lead to re-infection in cases of new coronary pneumonia that have been infected and cause the vaccine to fail. At present, none of these studies have used Chinese vaccines, and the impact of this mutation on my country’s vaccines is not yet known. However, no matter which vaccine it is, it cannot prevent the spread of the virus 100%. Epidemic prevention and control measures and personal hygiene habits for epidemic prevention and control still need to be maintained for a long time.

7 months ago

1. COVID-19 is an RNA virus with natural properties of mutation. 2. There are many reasons for the mutation of the virus. It may be to resist the human immune system, or it may be the drug in the treatment process. 3. In fact, many COVID-19 patients who have been treated for a long time in the hospital may have numerous variants. Research in the United States shows that there are currently 7 variants of the new coronavirus in the United States-Chinanews.com Popularization of Science: How to look at the endless mutated new coronavirus-Xinhuanet 4. Under normal circumstances, the virus variants in patients rarely have the opportunity to spread to the outside world. Either cause the patient to die for a long time, or be eliminated by the patient under the treatment of the immune system and drugs. 5. However, because the test cannot be 100% accurate, a small number of patients are allowed to contact the outside world without real recovery, and then the virus has the opportunity to spread out. It is also possible that some patients have passed the variant virus to others before entering the hospital. 6. With so many variants, it is hard to imagine that all variants will be suppressed by existing vaccines. In other words, with so many variants, there will always be one or two variants that break through the suppression of existing vaccines. Conclusion: It’s still too early to end, let’s just wait and see!

7 months ago

If the virus mutation makes the vaccine useless, it means that the speed of vaccine development cannot keep up with the speed of virus mutation. Although it has caused some trouble to China, it is a disaster for Europe and the United States, because we did not rely on vaccines to control the epidemic. , And Europe and the United States are unable to use our experience so far, which means that the gap between China and Europe and the United States will further widen. It is often said that every time there is a national fortune in China’s development over the past few decades, in fact, there is no national fortune, but we have seized the opportunity to withstand the pressure. Crisis and crisis, through the past is an opportunity, if not, is a crisis. This year, China’s GDP is 70% to the United States, and the time to catch up with the United States may have to be advanced again, and the crisis in the United States has just begun, and the world pattern will undergo a qualitative change.

7 months ago

Regarding the current domestic awareness of prevention and control and epidemic prevention measures, to be honest, the new crown virus is actually a headache. Finally, I crossed thousands of mountains and rivers to come to China. I was preparing to show off my ambitions. As a result, I was dragged to quarantine as soon as I entered the country. If the new crown virus could speak, it would have been “Zuan-style” greetings long ago. Therefore, it should not be us who are worried, but viruses-after all, their living environment has become worse and worse. Come back to this mutant strain. At present, the new coronavirus mutant strains mainly have two mutation directions: one is the spike protein (S), especially the key receptor binding domain (RBD), which has mutations or accumulation of mutations, which may strengthen the new coronavirus spike protein and the receptor ACE2. The binding capacity increases the transmission or pathogenicity of the virus; the second is that mutations may change the key epitopes of the antigen, so that the affinity of the neutralizing antibody that has been screened decreases, immune escape occurs, and the protective effect of the vaccine and the neutralizing antibody is reduced.

7 months ago

I just asked it casually. It’s not very much related to the original question, and the official media I saw didn’t care much about it… I searched a bit, and I didn’t find any WHO naming the mutant strain. specification. So as far as I know, the way we express mutant strains seems to be nothing (?) But when we don’t have detailed rules, please try not to be inconsistent or double-labeled. This will cause other disputes, and it will make the problem of managing illegal immigrants in accordance with the law, which is difficult to balance, more complicated and deep nationalism, which is not good.

7 months ago

my country’s epidemic prevention policy is now relatively mature. Just like the experience of mutants around the world in China, what impact can isolation and isolation have?

It’s on some that some gangsters who are full of superiority have the opportunity to talk again.
In fact, it doesn’t matter. If the vaccine fails, then Europe and the United States will be bigger. The domestic epidemic control depends on physical isolation. I don’t believe that this virus can mutate into a spatial transition? If the plot of 20 years is really repeated, then some countries can really watch it.

7 months ago

As long as the new coronavirus does not mutate into airborne transmission, the country can guarantee our safety. Trust the party and the government! The mutant discovered in Guangdong this time was discovered from overseas personnel and has little effect on ordinary people. Immigration management staff remain vigilant, strengthening protection should not cause problems. It is recommended to continue to strengthen the anti-epidemic measures at entry, and entry-prevention measures must not be relaxed. The relevant staff have worked hard, thank you for your burden! Finally, in the new year, I wish everyone good health and good fortune!

7 months ago

It is not because the name “British mutant” has been occupied by B.1.1.7, and the name “Denmark mutant” has also been occupied by Cluster 5. Call it a “Nigerian mutant”…
This is too embarrassing.

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