This question may be that the person concerned is unwilling to share his own experience. If there are students who have dropped out of the doctors around you, you may wish to tell their stories.

Ph.D. dropped out and is working. I want to say: 1. If you choose a PhD supervisor and then reincarnate, everything goes smoothly if you choose a good one, and it’s like me if you don’t choose a good one. 2. A large-scale discussion on the Internet about what students should be recruited by teachers and what qualities students need to have. It is rare for anyone to summarize what kind of tutors to avoid and what qualities a tutor possesses to be a “teacher”. I feel that many “teachers” are not worthy of being teachers. Teacher, teach and educate people, and you will ruin people if you don’t teach. 3. Be cautious when drawing cakes for “teacher”. Don’t sign an agreement with the “teacher”. There is such a thing as an agreement. Sorry, it is not legal! 4. Disharmony between teachers and families, choose carefully, emotions may be brought to work, especially female teachers. 5. Don’t choose teachers who are suspected of fraud! 6. Thesis is always the teacher who is the first author, don’t choose, just fight for the interests of the students, this is the most rubbish! 7. Teachers who can’t complete tasks are often assigned to students. Don’t choose. Such teachers don’t know if they are whimsical or blame you for you. Of course, you can do it superbly or you are a M, no problem. 8. Don’t choose a teacher who has more than two students dropped out! 9. The teacher who deducts the student scholarship, just the student’s little money, still thinks about being greedy, and is reputed to be placed in the laboratory, and will give you so much after he performs well, don’t choose! 10. Teachers who disrespect students and insult students, don’t choose! 11. Teachers who are emotionally unstable in their daily lives are suddenly happy and angry. Such teachers need to see a doctor. Don’t choose! 12. Don’t choose academically unsupervised teachers. Of course, if you only want to mix academic qualifications, and the teachers don’t have any high requirements, it’s good to choose one, do your own experiments, post and graduate. 13. To those teachers who all say “strict” and “hard”, choose carefully. Don’t think that strict teachers produce high-quality students, or that “strict teachers” themselves are mentally unhealthy and produce “depressed” students. Reading a book and getting depression is not worth the loss. 14. Don’t choose a teacher with misconduct! 15. It is contrary to the original student’s purpose, so don’t choose more than two. There is no love and hate for no reason. 16. Like to set graduation barriers, don’t choose if you postpone if you don’t agree.


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7 months ago

Alas, as soon as this question was searched, I was invited to answer immediately by someone from the background of Zhihu, and the old Zhihu fan directly sent a private message and asked me to answer it. A few days ago, some people even joked to me, saying what I am, I know the excellent answerer of the Ph.D. dropout category.

You are really too much, I think you are deliberate, want to see me this stupid dropout doctor’s joke. Really!

7 months ago

I am a Ph.D. majoring in transportation and enrolled in 2009. Simply sitting in an unstable office, I like to ride my broken Merida bike, cycling all over the world, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Tibet, Nepal, Southeast Asia, as long as the scholarship is enough to save three or four thousand, I will ride for a month. The day I went to school, I knew that I would definitely not finish reading, and my heart would not be on academics. Other brothers wrote papers in the office. Even if I go occasionally, I still read classic books on literature, history and philosophy, which have nothing to do with our major. Can’t graduate. The tutor is fairly small and well-known in his field, and he is also old-school, but because of the many subjects and the number of students he takes, there is not much time to care about me. I have never complained about the teacher. On the contrary, I am very grateful. Why, because when I left, I had a deep talk with each other. I showed him the map of what I was talking about from Xi’an, to Xinjiang, to Tibet, to Nepal, and said that I was safe. I can’t read it anymore if I bought it. The teacher may feel that I can’t answer my persuasion, and offer a message: “Everyone has his own ambitions, choose what he loves, and make progress every day.” The calmness, self-cultivation, and pride of old-school intellectuals, accompanied by these few words, have been in my heart ever since. It took me a year to ride nearly 20,000 kilometers. Originally, I was preparing for the new Tibet line 219 to enter Lhasa from Kashgar and go to Nepal to do volunteer work. However, I ran into a few Swedish guys in Kashgar who lived in a dormitory and chatted for a while. They said they were collecting donations for the Phuket Cycling in Thailand. I felt that what they did was more meaningful than me. (I have a chance to write about those in the orphanage. Let’s do it, built by a great mother who lost her two daughters in the Indonesian tsunami) followed. In the end, I remember that a total of 210,000 donations were raised. Of course, they were all donated by the Swedes through the foundation. There were 10,000. On the day when I went to the orphanage, my friend named me and said that I donated more because I joined. I was so happy to die!

7 months ago

First express your attitude: I feel that the postgraduate and even the doctoral stage after the undergraduate is more like a job rather than just studying. So quit is just like changing work and changing environment, and it cannot be regarded as a failure. The first example is like a legend. The story of that girl is passed down by word of mouth. Because of TA’s affairs, the department was warned. Originally the boss begged for mercy, but he left decisively when he felt unhappy. A year before I left, I told my friends that I would start a business in the future, and they all smiled and thought she was joking. I don’t know if I go back to start a company and start a business. Two days ago, I saw a report about her entrepreneurial story on a well-known WeChat platform. She said that she had achieved a small success and took tens of thousands of national entrepreneurial funds. Many of the little friends who laughed at her at the beginning have not yet graduated with a doctorate degree. If you look at it again, you can’t help but sigh, maybe she will be the richest in the future. The second one is also very legendary. The boy fell in love with vodka after he came to the United States, and fell in love with the simple patriotism of “hello comrade” in the Soviet era. Note: After coming to the United States, I found that this place can really push people to two extremes. One is becoming very patriotic, and it wants to change China. One kind looks down on the domestic, all kinds of kneeling and licking America. That boy obviously belongs to the former. So after staying here for two years, I don’t want to put the PHD of the Ivy League school. I returned to my country and re-taken the postgraduate entrance examination, saying that I would study the ammunition orbit to contribute to national defense. The ones above belong to those who pursued the initiative to quit, and others were a bit miserable. They belonged to those who were kicked away without meeting the requirements of the school. This is also very common. There is no other way but to bite the bullet and go out to find a job. Of course, it is not difficult to find a food and clothing job. In this way, think of writing again.

7 months ago

One of my middle school classmates, a girl, is very smart and beautiful. Every time he takes the exam, he is the first and second place in the class. The top ten in the class are properly obtained, and his math scores are especially good. At her level, it was easy to take a 985 exam, but when the college entrance examination score came out, her math score was much lower than expected. It is speculated that it was a mistake in scoring. She is not the kind of person with unstable mental quality and abnormal performance. Later, she went to an Imperial Capital 211 majoring in communications. She still performed well in all aspects of the school. After finishing her undergraduate studies, she received a master’s degree and studied for a doctorate for another year. Then she voluntarily dropped out and worked. The tutor tried to stay when she dropped out, but she declined. After leaving school, she went to the domestic communications giant *Tong, and later married, married her husband and taught her children. From the circle of friends, she can see her happy and peaceful life. She dropped out of school voluntarily. I believe it was not because of the pressure or because of her inability. Later, at a small gathering, she told me that she didn’t like scientific research life, busy with experiments, and making papers, and it was better to live her own little life happily. The path of life is made up of many choices. Everyone has a future he yearns for and a life he wants. After weighing the pros and cons, it is good to make a choice that will not regret in the future.

7 months ago

Write it myself. Don’t talk about those who recognize it. Bachelor degree, a 985 chemical industry major. I won’t persuade me to retire here. Just say that I am not interested in this major. Without thinking clearly about the purpose, he went to graduate school in a muddle-headed manner. In short, I still have to love my business for the same thing. The content of my master’s degree is not bad, mixed with a national award, and also won some other honors… The article is also improvised. But really not interested. In addition, the subject had no foundation in the group. I went up as a mountain axe by myself, which was very difficult in various senses. Because I wanted to enter a university, I continued to apply for a Ph.D. The subject of the doctoral stage is even less interesting… mainly because there is a certain gap between the laboratory conditions and the subject content. The conditions for doing things are relatively harsh, and it is difficult to control the conditions and characterization. I contacted a foreign exchange project myself for a year and found it very interesting. Later, I decided to drop out and apply for a new school. It’s already the sixth year of scientific research since the beginning of graduate school… I feel a lot of time was wasted, and it can be regarded as a lesson for everyone. Having said this, I want to tell everyone that we must make a good career plan. Don’t follow the trend, don’t think that a master’s degree is more useful than a bachelor’s degree, and don’t hang it from a tree. For Ph.D., you must be passionate about what you do to make you stick to this difficult stage.

7 months ago

Three years ago, I was faced with almost the same problem as you. C9 colleges and universities have a direct post, and the major is the one who knows to persuade you to get out of the hottest. In fact, I realized this problem when I started my Ph.D for two or three years, but adhering to the innocent thoughts of “finally recommended” and “read all through it”, I have been gritted my teeth and I don’t know how many days I have been crying and falling asleep. , Also includes a person who went to the doctor to diagnose depression. At that time, I didn’t dare to suspend school because I didn’t have the results required for graduation; I kept encouraging myself to work harder intellectually. In fact, my mind was full of all kinds of thinking (most of them are the terrible consequences that I will face in the future). I can only stiffen in my seat and can’t move. Part of me urged myself to work, and the other part kept screaming “I don’t want it!” I finally reached the last year, but I couldn’t keep going anyway. I made the decision suddenly overnight, in March three years ago. In fact, I figured it out a few years ago. I don’t like this. I don’t want to do this in the future. If it is not for the pressure of reality, I will run away like a rabbit. But for me at the time, the pressure of reality was overwhelming. All my thinking and methods all pointed to a dead end—without a degree, there would be no job, and without a job, there would be no future. Then that night I decided not to go ahead, and I wanted to go home to chew the old. As a direct Ph.D student, I don’t know what the main school policy is. Anyway, our school does not have a master’s degree. I also know that I don’t want to bear to write another dissertation, so I graduated with a Ph.D. Why go back to the 18th line hometown and not stay in the cosmopolitan city where the school is located? Because as long as I think that I might run into the boss in a certain corner of the city, I feel flustered, short of breath and unable to breathe. I feel that it is better to die. You can’t just lie down and start gnawing, at least try to find a wave of work. My family is in an 18th-tier city, and the per capita income is absolutely lower in the country. The family is also an ordinary family without any personal connections. I have no internship experience in studying all the year round, and I know almost nothing about what kind of job and what skills are needed. In addition, I am still an older, unmarried and unborn young woman. I am mentally prepared to find it for two years. Then I started to learn to write resumes, go to major recruitment websites, and vote cautiously for interviews. I don’t know if the subject has tried to look at the recruitment website? Anyway, the skills involved are counted, no matter if he wants to be an undergraduate or a master student, he should try it. Anyway, there are more jobs on the sidelines in our city than I thought. What do you say during the interview? Let’s be honest, I put the pot on the tutor and postgraduate system (I did break my face with my tutor), not to mention the depression. In short, I don’t want to read it anymore, and I plan to change the path and start again. There are a lot of companies that look down on me. There are also some who laugh at me for being naive during the interview, and there are some that we don’t want to say that you are a major. Later, I invested in a small company. I applied for a laboratories job. After reading my resume, the person in charge asked me to give a presentation on the subject of my study. At that time, my heart was tense, and when it was over, I finally sorted out and talked about my problems that were in the middle of the road. The other party was actually very satisfied? Then I was admitted to the R&D department. The company didn’t say anything about my academic qualifications. All my documents clearly said “Doctoral graduate”. Subject, are you still off semester now? Maybe you can study the recruitment website first, and vote for an internship or something? It may not be so smooth, but at least can you find out the wind direction of the industry first? After several interviews, what kind of person the other party wants and what kind of position is suitable for him will gradually become clear? The biggest insight I got is that the phrase “no job without a degree” is totally untrue. For many people in the industry, what you will do may be more useful than a degree, especially for small companies. Large companies need to be more flexible, but not necessarily bad. Those basic skills that you think are not important to everyone are likely to be your advantage. In addition, compared to abandoning the original major and starting from scratch, people like us are more likely to be accepted within the scope of the profession, because everyone has experienced a painful graduate career, and they will understand how much they can’t go on, but they don’t. Those who have graduated tend to think that “cannot read” = “being problematic”. Moreover, it is easier to be respected if you have professional skills to work in a professional scope. In fact, graduation did not solve all my problems. I’m still a little procrastinating, and I’m still anxious from time to time. My current project seems to be a negative result. The work and life circle is too small, I still can’t get married… However, I have a salary, and I can happily buy and buy within a certain range; I have the technology to help solve many colleagues’ problems; I am not afraid to leave the company , I have work experience, and I know I can find another job. In the worst case, it starts to chew on the old…

7 months ago

A brother of mine, a PhD in electromagnetic field and microwave technology, estimated that he will not continue after a Ph.D. I started a junior and high school cram school by myself. According to the time, I am about to graduate, but I have seen it two or three times in the laboratory in the past few years. .
The brother is now married, has a car and a house, and already has a child of his own. It is said that the annual salary is not less than 20W…
It’s so capricious!

7 months ago

A certain 985 undergraduate and master degree in Zhejiang Province (the top 5 majors undergraduate and graduate school), a certain Zhihu persuades to retire majors. Phd is pit U. The reason for withdrawing from school is that the tutor is a big chicken soup, the master of cheating (the application season learned that I want to apply for other tutors, and I quickly mobilized the students to do my work, all kinds of cakes), the king of PUA (every meeting all kinds of belittling you, all aspects are not as good This undergraduate is not as good as that undergraduate), Paper is pressing (no articles are submitted to the students during the study period), the fellows in the research group pit each other, throwing the pot seriously (a scene where a pot is thrown on one’s head for no reason), not to be seen by others Great. All of the above, although the research topic is quite meaningful, but because the goodwill of his tutor and the research group has reached zero, he chose withdraw (the last time he met with the tutor, he said that he must withdraw by himself, now think about maybe If the student withdraws, it will have the least impact on his reputation, after all, he will continue to attract other students to apply for him).

7 months ago

I thought for a long time, whether to answer this question, and for a long time, whether to use my real name. Now that everyone has seen it, I want to answer this question. First, I was the worst straight doctor, and I had nothing after dropping out of school. Second, there is no need to mention the reason for dropping out, because you have already dropped out, these are not important. Based on the above two points, let me share my personal experience. First of all, when you drop out of school, you must communicate with the people closest to you, and gain understanding and trust no matter what. I see the experience of answering with the highest votes, and I am very sympathetic. But sometimes life is not just love, family affection is also very important, and your parents will also forgive you. In any case, you must establish a safe space, at least in this psychological area, you are not threatened. Even if there is no human body to forgive you, you must find this circle, and I believe there will always be someone who can understand you. Secondly, take advantage of the connections you have gained in the laboratory in the past and don’t be afraid to admit that you have failed. No one is going smoothly. Standing up today is a hundred times better than falling down forever. As the saying goes, it is not too late to make up for it. After all, during the Ph.D. period, at least a certain amount of professional skills and scientific training have been accumulated, and you can engage in related professional work. Finally, set your mind and put your body down. This does not mean giving up self-esteem, but to believe that one’s own internalization skills are sufficient, but that he has failed on the path of Ph.D. It doesn’t matter, everything is too late, our bodies are healthy, our minds are in place, there is nothing we can do, we just start from scratch. There are too many roads in this world. You can change lanes at any time. The frustration is not terrible. The important thing is to stand up, start again, and face the terrible life. As long as you are still working hard, you are a warrior, and no one can defeat you! Welcome classmates who have related ideas and experiences to send me a private message, let’s talk together, we have passed this hurdle together, it’s okay, really, life is much longer than you think.

7 months ago

It’s me, and while I was waiting in line for the vaccine, I gave an answer to the undergraduate Tongji. At that time, I had the opportunity to get a direct Ph. I applied to a bunch of schools and only won one, Virginia Tech. I just went there in 16 years of spirits and hard work. Every day I went to the early morning and then rode home, rain or shine. Later, the subject did not go well, the instructor pushed, and he also had a personality problem, and gradually stopped working so hard, felt ashamed of everyone, inferiority complex, and depressed for a period of time. I sincerely thank my parents for coming to accompany me when I was in the most difficult time, and also thank the tutor for not giving up on me, and for giving me a way of life and transfer to master’s degree. Finished a master’s thesis, successfully defended it, and graduated in the summer of 19th. The instructor even intentionally kept me to continue my Ph.D., but I really didn’t want to mess with the lab anymore, and I was not young enough, so I returned to China. At present, when I return to China to do research and development work in a pharmaceutical company, my life and work are satisfactory. I feel that life is too precious every day. I have to live seriously once in my life, and I am still working hard to get out of the list.

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