The program is recorded and broadcasted on March 14 (Sunday). It is reported that the recording time is February 8th, the second stage of the CBA regular season has just ended, and during the Chinese men’s basketball sub-preliminaries (later cancelled) training period, the training location and recording location are the same in Shanghai.

Sports entertainment is a trend that has existed in the past, present and future. To develop the sports economy and sports industry, we must put sports in the big entertainment and return to entertainment. Of course, it is also very important to stick gold and win glory internationally. There is no contradiction; 2. Football and basketball are the only sports in China that are professionally and commercialized well, but entering variety shows is not as good as many Olympic events. This aspect is determined by the market, and on the other hand, it is also related to the entertainment industry. Planning is related to the cognition of commercial brands. People used to think that Olympic stars are traffic. Basketball is better. No one dares to touch football. This change is conducive to the continued professionalization and commercialization of the two, but it is still It’s far from enough, especially for our national football team. The burden on our shoulders is too large. 3. When it comes to the Tucao conference, the fine product is indeed a very suitable point for the combination of these two projects and entertainment. Because of the expectation of high scores and poor results, there are many slots. In fact, Tucao The national football and men’s basketball have long been a way of entertainment that people all over the country love to hear after dinner. There is nothing wrong with making them bigger and stronger on the stage. I remember there were several issues before. Sports should have been a particularly good topic for chatting. We China People talk too much gossip! Let Tucao Sports come harder! 4. Fans are actually used to the international team’s own complaints. Many international players have left classic complaints in some occasions and interviews, but no one has regarded it as a very relaxing entertainment before, but as a serious and serious one. Accusation and anger, compared to the two, I think it’s better to have a more relaxed attitude, which is better for fans and players; 5. Football and basketball were not difficult brothers and sisters before in China, and they also formed a confrontation between fans inexplicably. , I even have to argue about who is the number one sport. Maybe online quarrels are used as a pastime and vent. After the 19th Basketball World Cup, it seems a bit hard to be a brother. I personally think that many of the episodes in the show are just like a lot of fun. There is no logic. Fans who really care about the two events and the development of Chinese sports can only smile bitterly. My answer is to comfort myself and these people. It is also a kind of success that can bring happiness to the people of the whole country in this way. Well, to put it bluntly, as long as there is attention, there is a chance.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Feng Xiaoting was there once, and in the final summary, he said that being a national football player is under great pressure. Maybe he is not as skilled as others, but as long as he wears a national team jersey, he must go all out! Good guy, the sensational index broke out at the time, and I almost broke the defense. Then the Asian Cup was just a few months after the show ended. Feng Xiaoting started walking again… Don’t say anything, these two basketball players are so self-contained. Bar

7 months ago

Don’t guess, Yao Ming nodded. The training camp is in Shanghai, the program is recorded in Shanghai, and Yao Ming is from Shanghai. Of course, this is not an excuse, but it is indeed an opportunity. The 2019 Men’s Basketball World Cup is the direct cause of Zhou Qi, but as a whole men’s basketball team, he can’t let him carry it all by himself. Serve errors are just a fuse and a primer. It’s okay, but the skills are still inferior to humans, and the hard power is not enough! It was Yao Ming who carried it down after the game. But that was in front of the camera, in front of the national fans. I believe that Yang Ming and the three of them will not engage in this privately during the training camp. It should be that the program party directly approached Yao Ming with public relations. Tell him that although 19 years have passed, many people still remember it. There should be an opportunity for people to vent their emotions. Wake up the men’s basketball players through spitting. Wake up! It’s also considered a report on work. As a professional men’s basketball team, it is impossible to apologize through the official press conference, and that would be meaningless. It would be better to have a hearty satire and scolding to let the national fans release their emotions. At the same time, this pot can’t always be carried by Yao Ming! Besides, it doesn’t take much time to record the program, and it won’t delay two people much. Just like working overtime, a work that can’t be done for eight hours on a working day can be completed by overtime? The same, the level was originally placed there, it will not be sublimated because of the training for two more days, and it will not be abolished because of one or two days, but through a complaint, it is possible to pay more attention to the attitude! By being scolded and complained, one is to let the fans vent, the other is to make the players sober, and the third is to release Yao Ming’s pressure. Why not do it? !

7 months ago

Maybe we really can’t keep up with the times. After watching this Tucao conference, I was really upset and couldn’t laugh at all. In any case, the performance of the men’s basketball team in the World Cup from the result to the process should be a painful memory… right. Therefore, it is hard for me to imagine that, as witnesses, they could take out this shameful memory so frivolously (regardless of whether it was the agent’s idea) to cooperate with others before they had wiped out this shameful memory with their actions. It is difficult for me to accept such an attitude, and it is also difficult for me to accept such a view of victory and defeat. I think that people should always have something that must be taken absolutely seriously. These things are not qualified to be taken out and laughed by people. Sports is not an entertainment circle, and it depends on real results. No matter how many times you have been hacked, and how funny you are, you can’t turn a lost game into a win, right?

7 months ago

In the first half of the two-hour episode, Yayiwei and Yayifeng showed strong resistance to pressure, and Yang Ming’s guidance not only output the outstanding appearance, but also the talk show skills that have never been discovered. From the perspective of variety shows, this is a very exciting show, especially General Fan Da, who did not expect that the talk show would be so passionate. Borrowing the topic, let’s go downstairs, play and make trouble, but the 2019 men’s basketball team fell in the World Cup. For professionals who love Chinese basketball or are engaged in Chinese men’s basketball, this is a period of laughter. With a smile, I feel that the talk show is getting more and more sad, because the reality that we may miss the World Series in the past ten years is too heavy. It is said that no matter how strong the men’s basketball team is, it is only breaking out of the Asian level. In the world arena, it is to be a younger brother. Not not go to the bar if you really love basketball, but please excuse to give up this early, we have been beaten to lie down there, and sit and watch a million times stronger than at home, because of his experience gap is already a very A precious opportunity. We need to reconcile the pain of the past, but don’t forget it

7 months ago

Sports stars in variety shows are either to win glory for the country and achieve fame, or they have outstanding personal abilities. They have worked hard to improve the overall strength of the collective within a period of time, and have achieved respectable results. They are invited to the variety show and promote it by the way. Wave sports, pull a wave of traffic, increase visibility, but also make some money, or lay the foundation for retiring in the future and transforming the mixed entertainment industry. But the active sports star’s “lost honor and disgrace, entertaining to death” have lost their face, and deliberately ran to the variety show in public and laughed happily with others and national audiences to tease their previous “shame”. This should be the first time. Chafan is indeed very shameless. . Is it not ashamed to be proud instead? As long as you are serious about training, your strength has improved, or you have become ashamed, you still have the qualifications to ridicule. But actually? When I watched it, the people involved all laughed, and Zhou Qi made a ghostly supplement and used his feet to declare a violation. After losing the game, when Zhou Qi interviewed the next day, he also laughed. After losing the game, he didn’t have a correct attitude at all. When we watched Tucao, we were all laughing, because we really felt that Tucao was very real and funny, but after laughing, I think that more people actually feel sad after laughing. Behind the comedy, these are tragic facts. Is the comedy funny? Funny, then, is the tragedy funny? I don’t think any of us can make it funny. I just saw another respondent saying that Xinhua News Agency wrote that the men’s football and the men’s basketball should not be pecked and stepped on each other. The key is, do men’s football and men’s basketball think they are a rookie? I guess they all feel that they are tall among the short ones and are satisfied.

7 months ago

Fortunately, it actually includes this field of basketball and football. In fact, they are under very heavy pressure. Sometimes the performance of players on the court is indeed not satisfactory. It may be that the fans can’t understand it, and this is justified. So in fact, the variety of sports on this kind of show will not actually bring about any changes. What can really bring changes is what they can really bring to the country on the field. Zhou Qi and Guo Ailun may be the leading figures in this new generation of basketball. Therefore, if you really want to change the Chinese people’s view of basketball, or their personal views, it must be to show their true strength in the game. Variety shows are still variety shows, you can’t just laugh it off. Therefore, we are not talking about giving up basketball or giving up support for men’s basketball. However, what we hope is that they can step out of this shadow, and then be able to face the following games, and be able to re-position Chinese basketball in the international arena.

7 months ago

Maybe Zhou Qi really doesn’t like basketball very much. When someone says that, he can still laugh. This is impossible to imagine for James, Kobe, or even any All-Star star. Of course, it is unfair to compare these people with Zhou Qi, and Zhou Qi is far from being compared with them. I remember that in the first year of the formation of James, he was overturned by the driver and screamed on the Internet. However, the subsequent two consecutive championships, the mvp+fmvp Grand Slam, laid the foundation for the top five in history. After O’Neal left the team, Kobe led the lottery all the year round and the Eagle County incident. There was also a wave of criticism on the Internet, but the consecutive championships that led the team later proved the strength of the league’s first man at the time. Failure is not terrible, but the terrible thing is that one is not ashamed but proud to fail again and again. The most frightening thing is that Zhou Qi also said that I created the stalk and vote for me. Of course, the selection system of Chinese athletes is inherently deformed. If Zhou Qi does not have this height condition, he might not think of coming to play basketball. The passive choice of basketball can only be a job, and he doesn’t love it. How can you achieve good results? Ask yourself, I won’t be enthusiastic about the job I don’t like right now. In front of the screen, everyone who is thinking about paid shit, actually has no face to scold Zhou Qi for not working hard. At least as an athlete, he has now achieved results far beyond the industry average. In the Chinese basketball world, he has even reached the top, and he can’t do this without hard work. When will Chinese basketball and football pick up? Only when the next Yao Ming, or the next batch of Yao Ming, has outstanding talents, perfect system, and fans who love the sport, and the belief that “recasting China’s glory, my generation is obligatory” can really wait until spring.

7 months ago

The scale of the Tucao conference is already very small. All manuscripts written by the screenwriter and memorized according to them. It’s all serious, it’s too naive. Don’t get tiger butts everywhere, everyone shut up and didn’t talk. If you don’t go to the original American Tucao conference, or a lot of stand-up jokes, is it just going to turn the sky? Many people, if you ask him to say something serious, he can’t say a word with his tongue. Watching an entertainment show, he suddenly became serious. In fact, he has neither real skills nor seen the world, all that is left is to be careful.

7 months ago

I’ve been a bit busy recently. I’ve seen a few clips. To be honest, some passages are a little bit harsh. They were originally not facts, but there was a reason. As a result, all the complaints seemed to have become facts, and they were all their fault. , Especially the point that the life-and-death battle is worth one point. It’s really strange. Why is the life-and-death battle the last one? Fighting in South Korea is also a life and death battle. If you lose, you are gone? Wasn’t it the key three-pointer of the obedient round that was able to survive? There are a few more points. I was aggrieved, but when I read the comments down, hey, I’m happy. Why did Zhou Qi catch up after the World Cup? Because they have a lot of traffic, they have money to make, they have endorsements to take, kill them and you can divide the cake, and some fan groups think that the doomed Hei Zhouqi will be able to step on them and replace them with their own family members. It’s a pity, it’s a pity that people still have traffic when they are hacked, they still have endorsements, they still have exposure, and they still have variety shows, so out of breath? How about you blowing your family into a flower? All-star voting, stepping on Sun Hu to cast all his garlic cloves for the All-Star starter, so why not let people say what about the rice circle? If there is no traffic, there is no traffic, and there is no money to make. What is there to be ashamed to continue cursing underneath? In the shameless heart, can you compare to those who laugh at your own door? Comparable to the main eldest brother of the provincial team? So, now the more you scold me, the happier I will be. I can’t fight the angry old monkey, la la la!

7 months ago

When Guo Ailun and Zhou Qi are serious, netizens can use it as a joke, and the media can make money by laughing at them. Now they lie flat, just treat themselves as a joke, laugh at themselves for making traffic. What can everyone say? Zhou Qi and Guo Ailun were not wrong, but chose a more comfortable path. The sad thing is that Chinese basketball, which has since embarked on the path of Chinese football, has never been associated with dignity and dignity.

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