On the evening of March 15th, a blogger said that he would post a 30 million top-rated love melon the next day. As a result, on the morning of the 16th, Liu Haoran x Wen Qi (I have refuted the rumor), Li Yifeng x Fang Anna (I have refuted the rumor) ), He Jiong holding hands, Wang Yibo x Li Zixuan (I have refuted the rumors).

I can’t help but make people curious. There are so many melons in a day, but without a righteous master, does it prove that this melon is true? Reasonable analysis, who is this true melon master?

Everyone says that the ones that burst out are all blocking the knife, but I don’t think it’s all blocking the knife, and the truth may be hidden quietly in these. The truth is true. The truth is true. I have three guesses about this matter only. Refer to the first one: The heat of pressure is 3.15 and the layout and preheating have been started from the previous 20 million traffic. If the guess is established, it is obvious that the goal has been successfully reached the second: there is indeed a 30 million top-rated melon now. Disturbing hot searches are indeed used to block melons. If you can come to a few more hot searches and then by the way, you can naturally explode your original melons, and then a wave of declarations will be OK. Of course, it is also possible to choose to hide completely instead of exploding. If the guess is established, the goal seems to have not been achieved yet, it still needs to see the follow-up development.The third one: there may be several people who want to take advantage of this wave of hot searches to launch their own melons and naturally survive the crisis. Anyway, everyone has now burst out. I am more than a few netizens. The invisible impact and loss will be much smaller. If the guess is true, then this wave may be the purpose of multiple people promoting it. Now it seems that there may be a high probability that the final entertainment industry and even the event will be realized. Who can tell if things in this world are true or false? There is only one WikiLeaks in this world, but Assange is no longer there.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The first person to be released today is Mr. He. In view of the special ecology of internal entertainment, if the pre-stage artists are really hammered LGB (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual), they will be blocked, especially for the “star” ( Trans has a very active Venus teacher, and for a while it was also said that it is difficult to “go up to the stars”), so the entertainment reporters talk about it, and seldom put this kind of hammer to death. So, this time it’s strange.

7 months ago

Existence does not exist, anyway, the effect that caused an uproar is definitely there. I don’t know what a blog is. I know that the top ten of the hot list, occupy three or four. This scene, I can hardly not be shocked. Is this the thrust behind the legend? I can’t help but sigh, the distance and the crowd can really be related to me, that is a wave of rumors, talk about everything in a certain blog, you can’t read it or not, do you want to see something else? Have you eaten a certain melon? What haven’t you eaten yet? That won’t work, you must just click! why! Because it’s hot enough! I make melons, you can do melons. This is in line with your coming and going, I make melons, you are not right. Is that successful? That won’t work! Is that fair? That’s not ridiculous! Today, it is destined to be an extraordinary day for the light of a certain blog to enter the thread, and the Internet is showing enthusiasm. I took a look at the lively stars, the news that broke the news, the brand-new appearance, and the unseen hot list. Things that change in the distance, the endless distance, and countless people are all related to me. It’s all related to this hot hot list.

7 months ago

The event that the whistleblower warms up is A. Hypothesis 1: A exists. At present, these hot searchers are targets for blocking guns. Pull a list of the corners who meet the requirements and use the elimination method to do it. Hypothesis 2: A does not exist. It is a smoke bomb. When the people who eat melons pay attention to keywords such as 30 million, the real news is mixed in today’s hot search. Hypothesis 3: A does not exist, but because someone has a guilty conscience, he accidentally fished out a bunch of true and false melons. Hypothesis 4: A exists, but the whistleblower wrote the protagonist of the actual 3 million fans as 30 million for the sake of a gimmick, and then used mistakes to cover it up.

7 months ago

Let’s talk about the ins and outs and guesses.

At the beginning, it was revealed in February that 20 million fans of the male talent show had a baby, and then all the posts were deleted (it should be the public relations team came forward). Then someone broke the news again that he should be a male artist with 30 million fans.

Later, the photographer Liu Dahui suddenly issued a notice yesterday that it was 30 million + male top-flow love. In line with the previous guess.

7 months ago

Just watching Weibo, it seemed that Hua Chenyu was pulled out again, which also verified that “Wang Yibo is not today’s 30 million melons.” But more and more I feel that Lehua has the suspicion of avoiding the most important thing ~ how can the rumored love affair not be written in the announcement? Confusing! It clarifies that fans are more powerful to clarify! If you take the current version, it’s not convincing. Hey, I’d like to say, the only one on the hot search 30 million, the hot search tag is “denial of romance”, but the body of the statement only says “Wang Yibo is today’s 30 million melons.” It’s a rumor,” and did not respond positively that the romance is a rumor. For the same scandal, Li Yifeng’s hot search tag is “Li Yifeng Studio Statement”, and the statement issued in black and white says “Love is a rumor.” How do I feel that Wang Yibo’s studio is not for lack of skill, or for avoiding the importance and neglecting it? Is Leroy at this level?

7 months ago

There may be a wave of bold guesses, and there may not be many people paying attention. Today, the Zheng* incident has opened. Zhang* presented new evidence. There is no hot search on Weibo, and there is no news about Zheng Shuang if the word is not searched. The attention of the matter is really abnormal, and the surging news reported that Zheng*’s salary was 160 million. During the salary limit period, public opinion will definitely explode. Capital is estimated to be unable to sit still, so I want to use this method. Come to fish in troubled waters.

7 months ago

No matter how big the entertainment industry is, there is no need to eat melons. They use entertainment gossip to cover up certain things. Once those things are known, many people still have the mind to entertain them. The superficial 3.15 is not big news at all, but unfortunately I am worried about being banned, and I don’t know the exact truth. I only know the bits and pieces.

Too many melons means that the matter is big, so many people need to be used to divert attention.

7 months ago

Looking at the 30 million male stars sorted out, I personally think that wyb is the most likely (although the rumors have been dismissed) and I hope it is true, haha, because I personally think that girls are also very good, and they are all people with the best business ability.

7 months ago

There is no 3000w at all. It’s just that the blogger was trying to grab attention. Hj happened to be exposed, while wybhcy was caused by public gossip and public opinion. (This is the simplest case, it is unlikely to be so coincidental.) 3000w has been exposed. Just on rs, the public relations team used everyone to be exposed to false psychological cleansing (if this is the case, I have to say public relations The team is really good, and if they blew themselves to divert their attention, it means that the melon itself may be more serious, such as not only tla but also cheating or having a baby, or like zs, which can directly die to prevent bigger melons from exploding. There was a wave of self-loading guns, but I personally feel that such a big melon is unlikely to be obtained by a paparazzi marketing account.) 3000w is still watching “behind the scenes” one by one top-notch blocking guns for itself. (For this situation, there are several conclusions)

7 months ago

I don’t care about the existence of the so-called 3000W storage, and I don’t care who it is. I just want to know when the country is taking care of these bad stars, taking care of these bad hot searches, and ruining the entertainment industry at every turn. If you take out the things in the sun, you will occupy the hot search at every turn, feed the people to eat at every turn, and ask the people whether it is fragrant. Isn’t it afraid of creating a bad example for the vast number of young people? Zhihu can launch a function to block a certain type of hot list?

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