The needle has a considerable static mass, which means that it takes infinite energy to accelerate it to the speed of light, so the destructive power of this needle depends on how close it is to the speed of light. According to Gao Zan’s calculation, the upper limit of the destructive power of this needle is enough to restart the universe. In order to give the subject a chance to see the charm of the light-speed needle, you might as well reduce the needle’s speed slightly. The following is a personal guess of the respondent. There is no sufficient data to support it. Please take a look. Suppose that the subject of the subject refreshed a light-speed needle at 8 light divisions perpendicular to the earth’s orbit perpendicular to the ecliptic plane, and the direction of motion points to the earth. The dynamic mass of this needle is about half the earth. Due to the gravitational effect, the needle collapsed into a miniature black hole due to its extremely high density when it was formed, and people in high latitudes will feel that the gravity is reduced before the destruction, and the sense of weightlessness becomes stronger.

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When the needle, actually a miniature black hole, reaches the earth, it will pass through the atmosphere at a very high speed. At such a high speed, the air molecules are as static, and the high heat generated by the collision makes the air instantly turn into extremely high temperature plasma. . The high temperature causes the air molecules to fuse, and the released secondary and even secondary rays still have quite high energy. Their passing can also cause the air molecules to fuse. The atmosphere in contact with the light speed needle will instantly become a sea of ​​fire, just like the surface of a star. . The huge energy of subsequent fusion will push the earth’s atmosphere, produce strong shock waves that spread across the globe, and destroy everything on the surface. At the same time, the light speed needle still has a very high dynamic mass, and its gravitational effect will attract more matter, making its mass continue to increase. The speed of light needle passes through the atmosphere in a very short time and penetrates the formation effortlessly. The ultra-high temperature and high-energy radiation caused by it cause nuclear reactions and violent explosions in all places it passes. Since the speed of this needle is very small from the speed of light, the time it takes to pass through the earth will be very short, but its strong gravitational field will still penetrate the earth out of a hole, and the absorbed mass will make the needle formed The small black hole is slightly larger than before. And such a strong gravitational pull will slightly deflect the Earth’s orbit.

Before people can react, this tiny black hole close to the speed of light is far away from the earth, leaving behind a series of nuclear explosions and shock waves caused by fusion and fission. They will destroy the earth’s atmosphere, and underground shock waves will also cause unprecedented earthquakes and tsunamis, and profoundly affect the internal structure of the earth. After the explosion, the biosphere was destroyed under strong radiation and high temperature. The ocean may not evaporate clean but it will become hot salt water. Geological movement may be as active as Io, as if the planet was born. If the energy of the light-speed needle is a little bit larger, the tiny black hole it forms may directly tear the earth. If the energy of the light-speed needle is large enough, the gravitational force it produces may attract part of the sun’s material and affect the internal structure of the sun, just like the light particles that destroy the trisolaris in “The Three-Body”.


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8 months ago

We use the simplest kinetic energy formula to calculate the kinetic energy of this needle, kinetic energy = speed square * mass * 0.5, that is: Ek=mv²/2, mass is 0.001Kg, and the speed is constant c=299792458m/s, regardless of other The influence of medium or gravitational system (relativistic effect) on the speed of light. It is concluded that kinetic energy Ek=44937758936840.882 joules (J) ≈ 44.9378 megajoules (note that here are two megajoules, someone in the comment area pointed out that it can be written as too joule) 1 megajoule (MJ) = 1000 kilojoules (KJ) = 1000000 Since Jiao (J) wants to judge the power, he directly compares it with explosives commonly used by humans.

8 months ago

The energy released when 1 kg of TNT explosive explodes is about 4.19 MJ, and the energy released when 10,000 tons of TNT explosive explodes is about 41.9 MJ. In addition, taking nuclear weapons as a comparison, the energy released when 1 kilogram of U235 is completely fissioned is about 81.9 megajoules, which is close to 20,000 tons of TNT equivalent. So a needle with a mass of 1g hits the earth at the speed of light, and the energy it brings is about 11,000 tons of TNT explosives. Another piece of information is added: the “little boy” that exploded in Hiroshima, Japan was about 15,000 tons of TNT equivalent. The “fat man” that exploded in Nagasaki, Japan was about 21,000 tons. From this we can know that the U235 that was fully fissioned by the “little boy” in Hiroshima was about 0.767 kg. , Nagasaki “Fatty” fully fissioned U235 is about 1.074 kg. Of course, here is an assumption, assuming that U235 is used as a fission raw material and is fully fissioned.

8 months ago

An object with a mass close to infinity, then the kinetic energy it possesses is close to infinity. You can say that it can destroy the earth, or that it can destroy the universe. Anyway, infinity, ﹢∞As for what will happen, no one knows if I know, I’m like Einstein and Newton. In order to have a simple calculation result, we need to modify it, for example, the speed is calculated with the standard 99.99% of 24k gold: a needle runs at 99.99% of the speed of light c, then its relative mass m=m0/√ (1-0.9999²)=m0/√(0.00019999)≈m0/0.01414178206592082934295141371637 Here we take 6 digits after the decimal point to calculate m≈m0/0.014142 (choose the final number to round up to five to make even)

8 months ago

It is concluded that a needle with a static mass of 1g, when moving at 99.99% of the speed of light c, has a relative mass of ≈70.711356g (6 digits after the decimal point, and the final number is rounded to five to make even). The speed of light c is a constant c=299792458m/s 99.99% speed of light is 299762478.7542m/s, the relative mass of this needle is brought into the above kinetic energy calculation formula, and the kinetic energy of this needle is ≈3177.612774 megajoules, which is about 758,380,140 tons of TNT. The equivalent is approximately equal to 51 Hiroshima “little boys” approximately equal to 36 Nagasaki “fat guys”

8 months ago

Approximately 0.015168 tsar bombs (here is another supplementary knowledge, tsar bombs refer to AN602, also known as “Tsar bombs” (Russian: Царь-бомба), hydrogen bombs manufactured by the Soviet Union during the Cold War, a total of two, one of which was made in 1961 It was tested and exploded on Xindi Island on October 30, 2010, and the other was used as a research and backup. It is the most powerful bomb among all types of bombs that have been detonated by humans so far. Its size, weight and power are the most powerful bombs. Its explosive equivalent It was originally equivalent to 100 million tons of TNT explosives, but the Soviet authorities were worried about the serious impact of nuclear dust after the test explosion on the environment, which would cause internal political problems and diplomatic disturbances, so the nuclear bomb was halved to 50 million tons of explosive power.)

8 months ago

Suddenly I found that another respondent had already answered a series of questions about destroying the earth with a 0.3g needle, and by the way, calculated a series of questions such as destroying the solar system, destroying the universe, and creating another 100 million universes. I suggest that those interested students go to that person. Check the detailed conclusion under the main answer. The 1g needle used in my answer is an estimate, which is a bit rough compared to the content of the respondent. Here, I would like to greet the respondent who answered seriously. Now that the problems of destroying the earth and even destroying the universe and recreating the universe have been solved, we will find another angle to discuss other possibilities of a needle hitting the earth at the speed of light. First of all, it is a premise that an object (needle) with static mass reaches the speed of light and does not exist under the physical system known to man. (The meaning of this non-existence does not mean that it will never appear, but that-I don’t know, I can’t imagine, I cannot calculate. That is to say, this situation is beyond human’s current understanding of the laws of physics, just as humans are looking for a An absolutely smooth and frictionless plane is the same to prove Newton’s laws of mechanics, which can’t be found.)

8 months ago

Therefore, the following about the possibility of a needle moving at the speed of light is based on personal conjectures. Everyone regards it as a science fiction novel: the speed of light in a vacuum is the currently known limit speed of the universe. There are good things that can be transmitted at the speed of light. There are several kinds, such as photons, gravity, time, etc., but there are many explanations for why the speed of light cannot be surpassed; the currently widely recognized view comes from the special theory of relativity, among which there are two important inferences about the concept of the speed of light, 1. The maximum speed is limited : No physical object, information or field lines can travel faster than the speed of light in a vacuum. 2. The effect of gravity can only travel in space at the speed of light, not faster or immediately than the speed of light. Seeing this, some students must find a key point in the description, “faster”, that is, only less than or equal to.

8 months ago

When the speed v of any object, information or field line is equal to the speed of light c in vacuum, the kinetic energy formula of special relativity is meaningless. As for people’s belief that when an object with static mass reaches the speed of light, its kinetic energy will be infinite. This is just a conjecture in mathematical calculations. It does not rule out that the kinetic energy formula given by Einstein is also an approximate value. After all, human physics Learning knowledge has not yet reached the point where it can explain all problems. Here you can try to introduce two corollaries of general relativity, 1. The metric expansion of space: The universe is expanding, and its distance is far away from us faster than the speed of light. 2. Gravitational time dilation: In deeper gravity wells, the clock runs more slowly. In general relativity, we have discovered the existence of something that can exceed the speed of light in the description, space.

8 months ago

Space does not belong to objects, information or field lines. Space has only one attribute, containing. Space can contain objects, information or field lines. So if we let go of our thinking and guess, what happens if a needle reaches the speed of light c and continues to accelerate? Here we don’t care where the energy comes from to make the needle have the speed of light, just like we don’t care about whether there is an absolutely smooth and frictionless plane. Okay, the show begins. There is a needle here, running at the speed of light c. Now students pay attention, it will accelerate! Speed up! Speed up! When it accelerates arbitrarily to exceed the speed of light c, no one knows what happened, but after it accelerates, the speed v is still equal to the speed of light c. Why?

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