Let me talk about a common phenomenon: the ratings of western horror/thriller films in the 10s are generally low by domestic audiences. This phenomenon has been mentioned by BtoZMovie, a Weibo user who specializes in horror films that I am concerned about. Give a few horror movies Douban score: It Follows (“It’s Behind”), 6.4. The 2015 National Critics Association Awards Top Ten Independent Films. Grave (“Raw Eat”), 7.1. Nomination for Best Director, Best New Actress, Best Original Screenplay, Best Debut, Best Original Music, Best Director at the 2018 French Caesars Film Awards Nominated for the Sound Effects Award. The VVitch (“Witch”), 7.0. Nominated for the 2015 Sundance Film Festival Jury Awards. American Independent Spirit Award for best debut and best debut screenplay. Hereditary (“Had Fortune”), 7.2. Best Actress Award at the 2018 Gotham Independent Film Awards, nominated for the Best Breakthrough Director Award. Nominated for the Best Debut of the American Independent Spirit Awards in 2019, and nominated for the Best Actress in a leading role. Received nominations for the protagonist award. The Lighthouse (“Lighthouse”), 7.2. Fabici Award for Director’s Biweekly Unit at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival. Nominated for the 2020 Academy Award for Best Photography. Received a lot of nominations for photography awards. Midsommar (“Midsummer Nightmare”), 6.6. The 2019 National Critics Association Awards Top Ten Independent Films. The Endless (“Endless”), 7.0. As you can see, many of the above-mentioned films have won awards for independent films, which are by no means bad films in the eyes of the public. Even when many of them were screened at the film festival, they “exploded” a little, so that fans of horror films rushed to tell each other. There are also high-scoring horror/thriller films, such as “Horror Cruise”. However, people mentioned it mostly because of “brain burn” rather than “horror”. “Escape from Deadly Town” and “House in the Woods” are not low, but they are not “pure” horror/thrillers. They are mostly spoofs and distractions. The domestic scores for these horror films are not high, and the reason is often that they are “not scary enough.” In fact, many horror films in the 10s no longer pursued flesh and blood or Jump Scare. “It’s Behind” is a metaphor for the spread of disease, and “raw” is a metaphor for adolescent sexual consciousness awakening. “The Witch”, “Inheritance of Doom” and “Midsummer Night Terror” revolve around religious/cult themes, and domestic audiences are not able to get it. Another point is that these films are not so much horror/thriller films as independent films, with outstanding audio-visual style characteristics that do not conform to the public’s stereotype of “horror films”. The most talked about is “Quiet Place”, which is a business thriller that is formal and does not require the audience to understand any metaphors. As a result, domestic audiences are entangled in “this situation is that the protagonist and the couple are having children.” , And then all kinds of “reproductive criticism”, logical error correction, bad reviews all the way, it is simply! Other underestimated movies, “Journey to the Shore” only scored 6.8, which made me quite unfair: it was the top ten of the “Film Weekly” at any rate, and how was it worse than “The Diary of the Sea Street”? Kurosawa Kiyoshi is a director who is seriously underestimated in China. “Standing in the Yuan” is also low at 7.2 points. An overrated movie…it’s too hateful to talk about, not to mention it.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

I think there are only two cases of distortion, that is, buying a navy, or being controlled by some other factors, which leads to moisture in the score. Others are not distortions, because the scoring is no matter what the reason is (for the likes and dislikes of the movie itself, right The likes and dislikes of film producers, cultural closeness, etc.) are all voters’ freedom, and are also calculated based on weights (for example, to eliminate some deliberate scoring). Do you think imdb also has audience scoring and media expert scoring. Well, the scoring of media experts is actually the scoring of a specific group of “audience”. What’s more, Douban is only a website used by a group of people with certain characteristics, and it does not represent any authority. No matter what, it is only for reference. It should not simply become a role model or target. Although I think that from the point of view of film production quality alone, there are many films whose scores are not directly proportional to their quality, but this is my personal opinion, as long as there is no evidence of which film has obvious navy or Other factors control the suspicion. I don’t think the scoring of a film can be defined as “distortion.” As for whether there are naval forces and control, it is not the scope of this answer.

7 months ago

“Langya Bang” first-class production, first-class actors, infamous script. In the eleventh episode of the court debate, at least the so-called Confucian scholars had to argue a few words, and then the invited Mr. Zhou turned the tide to explain his awesomeness. He only gave a montage shot, and Mr. Zhou went up and even fart. Crush the audience without letting go. There was also the rebellion of the King Yu, who almost killed the emperor and Mei Changsu. What happens when the rescuers come? The crisis has been resolved without the help of soldiers? ? The crisis is lifted lightly? ?

7 months ago

“Hero” a real domestic blockbuster

“One Step Away” talented Jiang Wen

No matter how advanced the special effects of “Alita” are, the lack of visual imagination is useless. Such a borderless plot would be a bad movie if it is a domestic film.

“War of the Gods” and “Wrath of the Gods” are the real Hollywood special effects cool movies, the first choice for watching movies without thinking

The movie “Fast and Furious 5” used an explosion to awaken me from a movie theater chair

7 months ago

I personally feel that the fairness of Douban Movies’ ratings is the most distorted in that Douban has become an important position for the marketing of film and television works: domestic movie distribution interests often buy Douban’s ratings competitors to discredit their opponents for the purpose of word-of-mouth marketing. There are often malicious negative reviews and some people who vent their emotions. The user’s rating benchmarks for different movies are inconsistent: personal perception, domestic movies are considered as high-quality products with a score of 7 or more, and 8 or more are extremely excellent; animation movies can be considered as high-quality products with 8 or more points. No matter how bad Hollywood movies are, there can be a basic disc. It may have something to do with the audience. Users are more inclined to bad reviews: I don’t know if I am the only one who feels this way. Except for the excellent works, most of the short reviews are bad reviews. Tai Chun Baixue’s incomprehensibility, and the flat narrative is too low-level, probably because of certain emotions on the Internet. All in all, from the above analysis, there should be no problem with the ratings of movies that have been released for many years. However, the movies that have recently been released with a lot of money should all be inflated. My personal opinion does not represent anyone. In my mind, “Nezha” is good, but it is still inferior to “The Return of the Great Sage”… It may be that it was still small back then and had a greater impact. Not to mention that this score is similar to your name, and it is almost approaching the Hayao Miyazaki series… I don’t feel like knowing the wind direction. Although “Shanghai Fortress” is really bad, it is still different from “Dream Entertainment Circle”. Right. . . And “Men in Black” is pretty bad, but the basic plate is still held, so the three points are mainly due to Lu Han and Brother Hammer? There may be hatred brought by Jiangnan old thief. However, from some perspectives, Douban Movies can still reflect certain social phenomena, such as film and television marketing, such as bitter traffic for a long time.

7 months ago

The first time there are so many praises, I’m a little happy hahaha The ratings are too high: Nezha may have seen too many good reviews in the early stage, leading to too high expectations. After watching it, I feel that the taste is not good. Green Book is a good movie, but it’s a bit Forcing the political correctness to be too low: the history of romantic demise, a movie that I love very much, I watched it three or four times, the actors on the plot screen are all OK, why is it less than 8 points, the first half of my girl was picked up by Xiao Liu The main reason why the film’s rating is slightly lower is that the overall tone of the film’s style is too poke me. It may have been a long time since I have forgotten most of the plot, but I can still remember some of the beautiful pictures in it, but this is my personal very subjective aesthetic. If you pay more attention to the plot, this rating may be OK

7 months ago

Isn’t it good to talk about Journey to the West? It’s a good comedy, but everyone evaluates with a deconstructed plot that the director himself did not plan to show? Is it too high?

If a new generation of movie fans who have not seen any deconstruction of the Westward Journey will be confused by such a rating, and after watching the movie, he will be confused and comment: “This is it?”

7 months ago

First of all, there is a problem with this topic. Popular rating websites like Douban rely on massive amounts of data. The results they get are mediocre or satisfactory at best, but they are unlikely to be “distorted.” The distortion in the eyes of many respondents is nothing more than Douban scores that do not satisfy them. For film and television works, the so-called “true” refers to the audience’s reasonable perception and judgment of the quality of the work. In this sense, the Douban score, which has the advantage of big data, most intuitively reflects the public perception and judgment of the quality (works Too unpopular, except for the cases where there are too few users rating or fans scoring points). If you have to redefine “true”, it is not impossible. After all, in addition to ordinary audiences, there are also professional groups of critics and film and television practitioners. Due to the different artistic perception and appreciation angles of the two, there are often huge differences between the public ratings and professional ratings, which is quite worthy of discussion.

7 months ago

The movie cast is full of famous heroes and Infernal Affairs 3 (I feel that the Douban score is a bit low) Qin Song’s Douban score should be above 8 points. Personally, I feel that October Siege is also good. After all, the cast has a strong lineup and I starred Feng Xiaogang. It’s not bad for your dad. The score is a bit low. The Grand Budapest Hotel doesn’t understand what I’m talking about. Why Douban scores 8. 8 is so high. I really don’t understand the personal feelings of the great master at least 8. 5 points or more.

7 months ago

“Wandering Earth” is considered low, and the scores of domestic movies on Douban are always low. To be honest, I rarely watch domestic movies. Everyone’s scoring points are different. When I watched “Walking in Space 2001”, the technology is not so good when I look at it now, but it was a science fiction film in the 1960s, and people could shoot such things in the 1960s. So “The Wandering Earth” is really a milestone in Chinese science fiction movies. If “Interstellar Crossing” is 10 points, then “Wandering Earth” can be 8 points.

7 months ago

Crazy alien, I think at least it should be a work with more than 7 points, although it is worth more than 8 points in my mind. Crazy aliens are by no means simple and vulgar, on the contrary, they have a series of wonderful ideas and profound thoughts. Director Ning Hao uses absurd comedy and black humor so well that many viewers only see the appearance but not the inside. It’s a bit sad. I hope that after the precipitation of time, crazy aliens can be recognized and interpreted by more people. Let me analyze why I think this film is worth 8 points in my mind. 1. First of all, the sci-fi of this movie is truly a native sci-fi that only China can make. It cannot be made by foreigners. This is first of all a new attempt by Ning Hao. 2. China’s copycat culture, the ubiquitous Chinese copy, satirizes many copycat cultures in China, and it is this kind of copycat culture that makes foreigners play around in movies. 3. It is the cottage architecture that turns the foreigners around, and the wine table culture defeats the aliens. This also shows the assimilation of Chinese culture. In fact, Chinese culture is a very powerful culture. An important point is the assimilation of culture. For example, many foreign invasions in Chinese history. It seems that they have won, but China has won. Now, because they were assimilated by Chinese culture at the same time they invaded, they began to learn the Chinese way of life, etiquette culture and so on. 4. The use of the mystery stems, including “I raise you”, “Those who violate my earth will be punishable even if they are far away”, etc., are very delicate. 5. In the film, Huang Bo and Shen Teng also show the two most typical Chinese people, Shen Teng’s sleek and shrewd; Huang Bo’s perseverance and perseverance. 6. Crazy chain of contempt. The chain of contempt in the film is very obvious, aliens>foreigners>Chinese>monkeys. The interesting thing is that this chain of contempt will be overthrown in the film, just like our modern society. Contempt chains are everywhere, 985 despises 211, 211 despises ordinary books; of course, just like the evaluation of this film, some people think that this film is vulgar and despise people who like this film… Such things are not rare. . In and out of play, this is reality. 7. Of course, the monkeys in the film are a mockery of the monkeys in the Spring Festival file every year. 8. Some people will say that this movie has nothing to do with Liu Cixin’s rural teachers. This is exactly Ning Hao’s ingenuity, deconstructing the story to show the core of the story and bring it to the fullest. In short, Ning Hao stuffed a lot in the movie, it was really good. At the beginning of the film that many people complain about, the plot of aliens taking pictures and causing aliens to fall to the earth is also setting the tone for the absurdity of the film. Isn’t this the characteristic of Ning Hao?

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