Because it is really delicious, I can understand his operation and learn a lot from it. My level is about 5 stars, and I may be able to get 20 stars if I work hard, but I am tired and lazy to qualify. I have watched some people’s live broadcasts, such as Gu Ying, such as the recent hot gods such as Han Bing. Their operations are really show-stopping. I think the same hero in their hands and in my hands are two. Hero, watching their live broadcast, I only shouted 666 and won without understanding anything. But watching Zhang Daxian’s live broadcast, one is because he often talks about operations while playing, and the other is because his operations are so simple that I can understand them. I can know why he went up, why he withdrew, why he gave it away, why he died again, and why he could carry it after he died. This is what I can understand at my level. Both of us are playing the same game, and I feel that the operations are similar. Why can someone beat me? Then I looked at it and found that it was this way and then this way, and then I can do it too. So Zhang Daxian is very good, even an ordinary king can understand his operations, but he is really good at “cooking”. He can use the operations that ordinary people can play, and he can use ordinary people. I can play the operation with some consciousness, and he can also teach this operation and consciousness to ordinary people so that I can also benefit from it. Therefore, Zhang Daxian’s dishes are not technical dishes, but “talent” dishes. I think players like Guying are game geniuses and are born to be superior; Lai Shenhanbing is a game talent who reaches the peak through the tempering and understanding of specific heroes, thereby improving his rank; Zhang Daxian belongs to game players. Except for the previous Moon Under the Infinite Lian, he doesn’t seem to have any natal heroes, but he has a certain level of understanding of each hero, and he also has the necessary operations. It can be said that Zhang Daxian represents what most game players should have. Apparently, there is no talent or special talent, and it is not just to concentrate on one person, but to work hard to train all the heroes. And Zhang Daxian’s advantage in playing games is that it’s basically not dirty lines and wild. This is also the attitude that ordinary players or ordinary passers-by should have. Sometimes watching other people’s live broadcasts, they will always rub a large wave of lines and half of the wild area. They all rely on squeezing the economy of their teammates to overflow their economy and then hurt them. Ordinary people can’t learn this kind of operation, and I am not so embarrassed to dirty other people’s things all day long. But Zhang Daxian basically eats what he should eat, and does his own job well. He can carry as much as possible, and he can’t carry the shrinkage and development. He has done everything that an ordinary game player should have. When assisting, you can honestly open a group of anti-injury insurers. When you are a tool, you can quietly let the economy work, and when you are C, you can earnestly develop and find opportunities to destroy each other. So people can score and win, but I can’t. The supplementary answer is that I was shrewd, and there are still a lot of people paying attention, so I can only explain it. Please don’t panic and take a mouthful. Listening to my sophistry, I don’t really think that Daxiancai is stubborn. I have higher requirements and standards for him. After all, Daxian can be regarded as a face value (×) Eating Broadcasting (×) Technical anchor is not. Technical anchors must have strong enough skills. Compared with other technical anchors, Daxian’s level is indeed inferior. Of course, there are two purposes, or even three purposes, because you have to take care of the audience and you have to play games. It is difficult to be distracted and difficult to operate. The big immortal who opened his mouth and hung up was indeed invincible. However, in order to take care of the live broadcast effect, he can’t always open and close his mouth, so the technique embodied is worse. In order to be able to distract from playing games, Daxian has been mixed in the low-star king’s game all the year round. He is indeed able to play with ease, but everyone understands the reason that playing chess with the stinky chess basket tends to get more and more stinky. Daxian can easily adapt to the rank after a long time. Daxian is a technology anchor! The demands on him should be higher, isn’t it! You can’t say that I can’t comment on him if I haven’t been to Glory. Then I can’t act or scold some actors for facial paralysis! Last season, or last season, I have also seen Daxian play a high-ranking peak game, 1800 points or 2000 points, he can indeed play, and almost still use the ordinary ones that seem to be able to operate with hands. At this point, I am convinced that he really played the simplest game to the extreme. Can you improve your reading comprehension? I didn’t mean to belittle Daxian. But let’s compare and look at other anchors. There are various high-end operations, such as changing the operation mode, right-hand production, and three-finger operation to pull the screen. But on the other hand, Daxian, the most common mode of operation, almost never three fingers, just pull the screen to take a look, the fill button is forced to open after playing for many seasons and is really sweet, so Daxian compares other anchors. There are indeed a lot of dishes, but it is much closer to us, with the same operating mode and operating habits as ours. It is more suitable for learning as a teaching video. Some time ago, I watched Hanbing learn from Yang Jian, how he moved, how to grab the second and second level single kill, and even the details of the position are learning, I feel that I have learned it, and practice the second level single kill. One is that the level of consciousness is definitely not as good as others, and the other is that his three-finger operation is always inaccessible, and there is not so much time to practice that technique, which leads to a low hit rate of a skill dog and dissatisfaction with damage. But once I watched the live broadcast by Zhao Yun teaching, he said that he first pulled the screen and felt that the first and third skills were not enough, and then I could use it. I tried this operation and found that I can learn it well. In fact, it is normal to drag the screen to see the field of view, but In the past, Zhao Yun didn’t drag much before he wanted to go. Later, I learned to drag the screen to predict the distance every time, and it turned out that Zhao Yun’s hit rate was much higher. So Daxian uses almost the same operation mode and not much higher level of operation as ours, but he can play easily in high-end rounds. This is where his strength lies. He is inferior to other anchors in terms of operational ability, but his consciousness and on-the-spot decision-making ability is absolutely outstanding. It is something that we can only have a deep enough understanding of the game, and this is something we can’t learn. I hope some friends in the comment area can be more sensible, my friends! It’s not shameful to admit a person’s shortcomings, not to mention that I also admitted his excellence at the same time. A classmate in the comment area questioned me, “How does the jungler develop without a dirty line?” This question really asked me. I admit that my main career is not a jungler. The main player is the Sagittarius Master, but later because of his busyness, he didn’t bother to spend too much time on the auxiliary tank. Because it doesn’t have dirty lines and does not develop, the jungler really can’t play the effect. This is where I have always been a headache. If someone can teach me, I would be very grateful. But having said that, the jungler can’t go on a hunger strike like the host’s dirty line of teammates. It’s understandable to eat together. It’s fine if the mid laner supports one or two waves. Some hosts really dare to eat and can hit Just eat as an auxiliary, this dirty line is really too much. Although I am not a jungler, some time ago I played a game with a wild king in the fifth row of my classmates. He can develop without dirty lines. This is where I admire him. I am an orphan in Tanbian and he almost never comes. The middle road is his girlfriend, he doesn’t dare to dirty the line. What he does is to assist against the wild, and he often fights against failure to send a blood, and then clears the wild to catch people and fight against the wild to take the dragon. After catching people, he walks and rarely eats. Line, and then the economy can still be very high, this he is really powerful. Later, I analyzed that when he is basically not idle, he can eat 3 wild areas and dragons in a tailwind or draw, and the economy of most heads and assists, resulting in his economy not too bad, although he will not take the initiative to dirty the line but in When arresting people, they will occasionally get some economic benefits, which is also part of the economic source. So I admire this classmate’s jungler level. The jungler development is not based on squeezing the financial resources of his teammates but by plundering the opponent’s financial resources. You can’t get rich and lose your teammates, so even if you win your teammates, there is no game experience. What’s the point?


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7 months ago

I don’t think it is necessary to say too much. In one sentence, Daxian can perfectly fit into every rank. He can hang the opponent in the golden game, or use the top 20 number of Drunken Horse Peak to hit the opponent ADC in the peak game. To put it bluntly, Daxian’s technique may have regressed, but the lack of consciousness will not regress. For a while, his food was so good that I would like to watch Beisheng. Later, I got his top 20 in the Drunken Horse Summit at Station B, and Sun Shangxiang, the opposite of Cao Cao’s hand, exploded directly. I began to think about whether Zhang Daxian can be great when he is serious, but he doesn’t need to be so serious because of the effect of the show and his personal character. How can I put it, Daxian is very successful. There are not many anchors who can be like him, even if the technology has regressed, they are still not angry, because his own personality is really good, and people love it is not his operation anymore. It’s him. I don’t think Daxian will play any games too badly in the future, because everyone is not looking at Daxian for the glory of the king. I sincerely wish Daxian a life-saving, happy life.

7 months ago

First of all, Daxian was a technology anchor in the distant past, and his Luna was really good at the time. But now, Daxian takes care of the emotions of so many people in the live broadcast room who want to watch different heroes. Almost every hero of Daxian will play, and the game is pretty good. However, more but not refined, the more you know, the more you don’t. Daxian can show the audience not only heroes such as Ma Chao Luna Guan Yujing, who are difficult and highly maneuverable, but also simple heroes like Lu Bandaji Arthur. It is decided that Daxian is an entertainment anchor. As you said, the Great Immortal King has more than 70 stars and 1,900 points in the top game. In fact, Daxian used to score a maximum of 2200 points when he was earnestly scoring, and his strength is considered the top level among entertainment anchors. But the problem is that the truly top technical anchors, the big players in the peak games, basically scored 2200 points casually, and at the end of the season, they basically scored more than 2500 points, even reaching the top ten. In addition to the peak game, the average national server is basically per capita, and there are more than a few. Such a high-level anchor can truly be called a technical anchor. Compared with such people, Daxian is old after all, and he has started a company and has a team. There are still many things, and it is basically impossible to reach their level. Therefore, compared with such top-notch technical anchors, it is indeed a little bit more delicious. However, I still want to say that most of the immortal friends say that Daxiancai is not an attack or contempt, but a ridicule. Everyone understands that the objective conditions of Daxian are there, and it is necessary to take care of the emotions of hundreds of thousands or even millions of viewers in the live broadcast room to create viewing effects. It is impossible to play well with live broadcast effects. It is almost impossible for the professional players to play the peak game seriously to interact with the audience, and they are busy communicating with their teammates. If Daxian was completely immersed in the game, either without saying a word, or only communicating with his teammates, the fairy friends in the live broadcast room would not agree.

7 months ago

Zhang Daxian is indeed very good, too weak chicken, my pig is better than him in random scratching on the screen. but……! Zhang Bingxin is not necessarily anymore! We all know that when Daxian and Bingxin are united, there will be a strange physiology between them, ah…no…I mean a chemical reaction. So Zhang Daxian sublimated! ! ! Unless the opposite is the pure boss, Hua Xiaoyu, and the poisonous son. This is the incarnation of Daxianhui as a “two gouzi”. Or being led by LED… I mean… when he is sanctioned by the ELO system, he will be transformed into “One Ye Shisan Lang”, this night Shisan Lang, how is the name of the wave~? When he is very strong, you should never play Sagittarius, because he is really the president of the Sagittarius Protection Association, and he will really show Bingxin…a man who used to be a king and a hundred stars, never looked back at the explosion A man, a man who is a commentator on the KPL arena, a man of COS Nacorlulu, a man who develops unlimited connections under the moon, the king of Baixing is still a good thing? Forgive me for not seeing the world.

7 months ago

I have been to Daxian twice. Once on the other side, Daxian punched Han Xin. I didn’t know that this person was Daxian until I was halfway through the fight. The response was not fast, but I had everything that I should have. Then I lost–In the last wave, I was cut by the famous sword and hid two key skills. My head hurt. The second time I was on the same side. Daxian played a mark and was taken to lie down, very comfortable. The overall feeling is that the Daxian hero pool is very deep, and the operation actually looks mediocre, but if you can reach this level of proficiency, you will be very comfortable in qualifying, and you can always take the counter pick in the back hand. Daxian also took some weird things for the live broadcast effect, and also watched the barrage to talk about it. Do you think that if he plays slowly by himself and plays a utilitarian point, the last 101 is very hard-

7 months ago

To tell the truth, Daxian’s technology is indeed inferior to Menglei, Guying, Lai Shen and others, and they will not engage in some operations to charge Baixing. I remember that Daxian was also a generation of Luna legends. He himself responded to this and remembered him. It seems to say: “I think back then, I was famous for Luna with one hand. That was where I went to kill. There was no place in the Canyon of Kings that I couldn’t reach. But one day I saw the barrage saying, “Brother, can you?” I can’t stop being so cold, so I started watching the barrage and changed from a technical anchor to an entertainment anchor.” Although Daxian’s technology is not very strong now, his super popularity is definitely not the result of technology. Look at Daxian’s. Isn’t it just the humorous atmosphere of Tu Daxian? In the messy live broadcast world, there are really not many anchors like Daxian who don’t speak swear words. I also saw a lot of troublesome friends saying that they depend on their appearance, um… It’s true or false. This should be when Daxian was the fattest. Now Yangshengxian is already a lot thinner. If you haven’t seen Daxian, I strongly recommend you to take a look. Daxian’s hero pool is definitely the largest in the entire network. Just play it and you can play anything. , Don’t get tired of it, and there are everything, such as poo talk, life philosophy, chicken soup, etc. Oh, he is still a singer, NetEase Cloud Music 10w+ reviews love Daxian!

7 months ago

Some heroes of Zhang Daxian can even say that some heroes are better than me. I can even give him pointers on this wave of operations. I have a friend who is a gold medal Ma Chao. You compare Daxian’s Ma Chao to him. The same conclusion is that Daxian is better than others, but Daxian heroes are deep in the pool and every hero can play out the door. When I am a little chicken, I only play the middle road and watch Daxian’s video. I gradually understand each road. Afterwards, I didn’t know how to play and the small details. I also found the video of Daxian playing Zhao Yun to learn. What impressed me the most was this section: Daxian caught the contract and explained “Let’s see our skills go up and a.” He must pull it away with a big move, and we will step on it with one foot.” The result was just as he said. Isn’t it simple? Yes, it can’t be simpler. But for me, who has never been in contact with Zhao Yun, this is the Bible. I can play all positions now and act as a supplement in the black team. Daxian’s teaching is the main reason. Daxian’s video is for people to get started. His operations and explanations are for you to learn, not just deduct 666. Compared with a host of immortal anchors in national costumes, Daxian is indeed a dish. But this does not affect me watching his videos every day and following his updates every day. This enthusiasm is absolutely absent when watching other anchors. Are you interested in seeing Gong Dou? Most boys don’t have it, but Daxian’s game of Gongdou can make hundreds of thousands of people watch it with gusto. Therefore, although Daxian is a dish, he is still the idol of fans. He is the first brother of Huya and the greatest anchor of the king’s glory. No one can shake his status.

7 months ago

In the early days of “King of Glory”, Zhang Daxian was definitely a technology stream anchor, and most players more or less saw the various teaching and hero explanation videos he recorded. However, starting from the first half of 2018, “Glory of the King” has gradually moved from a mature period or even a peak period to a period of stability and decline. During this period of time, most of Zhang Daxian’s live broadcast content was mainly various kinds of funny or teaching, and he rarely saw him specifically playing high-end rounds or even high-segment peak matches. And one thing to say is that Zhang Daxian’s skills are more general than most anchors now, and the operation is not that strong. This is even acknowledged by Zhang Daxian and his fans. Recently, Man Yu saw that some netizens published such a post. He asked the big guys, why is Zhang Daxian so hot? Why is the popularity so high? Because this post is not a quotation, but a question raised by a netizen who does not know the truth. Therefore, many fans of Zhang Daxian explained the reasons patiently, and talked about why they like Zhang Daxian. But don’t you know if you guys remember? In fact, when Zhang Daxian turned to Huya’s live broadcast for his first show, he happened to have responded to this question positively, and the answer to this question was undoubtedly high in EQ. How did Zhang Daxian answer this question? Don’t worry, let’s look down!
At that time, Man Yu happened to watch Zhang Daxian’s premiere, so he still knew what was going on. Zhang Daxian said at the time that it was actually not that I changed my dishes, I have not changed, it’s just that you have become stronger. Indeed, Zhang Daxian has always been in that state, and we, as spectators, were actually very unfamiliar with this game from the very beginning. Many people have scored dozens of stars in various kings, and even scored a thousand or two thousand points in the top event. Most people Have grown up. But Zhang Daxian has always been teaching in the low-end games or live broadcast content based on funny, naturally, we have kept up with us, or even surpassed it. What he said is indeed the truth. I have to say that Zhang Daxian’s answer is quite pertinent and reasonable. It answered this question very well, raised the audience and friends, and at the same time resolved his embarrassment. In fact, there are no newcomers to the King of Glory now. Many people watching live broadcasts may not simply learn any technology or the like, but may be more to find a little joy. In addition, if a novice really wants to learn and improve, Zhang Daxian’s live broadcast content is indeed helpful. After all, Zhang Daxian is a super “big talk” when he plays the game. Apart from all kinds of “bragging B”, he has not forgotten to explain some of the hero’s operation details and various walking details and skills connection, etc., novices can really learn To something.

7 months ago

Zhang Daxian had 90 stars and 2000 points last season. The anchor should be at the middle level. If Zhang Daxian didn’t speak, shut up and hung up, I guess you wouldn’t feel that he is very disheveled. In fact, the host needs entertainment and technology to complement each other, and the two are indispensable. Entertainment anchors can’t entertain without technology, and technical anchors are not entertaining. It is estimated that no one will watch it. This is a dialectical question, and it is not difficult to draw a conclusion after thinking about it. Zhang Daxian still has the skills, but he is not a top technical anchor. The lack of technology in the perception is because of the following points: ten thousand years of solo queue, follow the audience’s opinions to play the hero all-around replenishment, do not fight the orphans and dirty three-way wild core routines, go to the contrary, watch the barrage, the live broadcast effect is full of old age, I was 30 years old in 1991, and the golden age was before 22. An actor (if you want to know, you can ask questions in the comments)

7 months ago

As a three-year old fan watching Daxian’s video, I do not invite Daxian to live broadcast for five hours every night. After the live broadcast, I may stay up late to practice heroes, play the peak game by myself, and update Daxian’s family bucket every three to five at station b. Glory Fortune Express and other videos, even if there are editors to help, can’t Daxian dub it? Does Daxian not review it? The production of the video is much longer than you watched. There is too little free time to calculate in one day, and he has a negative heart. Emotions, but every time I watch him live, what I feel is happiness. It is his magical mouth medicine, his never-say-fail attitude, and his angry but unspoken speech. In short, Daxian is also a human being. I can’t stand overwork. It’s normal for the operation level to drop slightly. I want to say that the reason why I love Daxian is never how exciting his operation is, but his open-minded and open-minded game attitude.

7 months ago

If you don’t have food, you can only say that you don’t want to be a professional hero. I remember that for a while, Zhang Daxian played a few more Shangguan Wan’er, not to mention those who are not marked, and the operation is smooth and flowing, it seems to be pleasing to the eye, very detailed, I will say a little less, the gold standard is completely irrelevant (Is there a gold standard or that one? I can’t remember if the number is his.) For a while, he played more tigers. I don’t want to say what the standard is. Everyone has seen what level. In fact, the more you play, the better the cooperation with your teammates. His operation is very detailed, really not. Difficult to get a mark (I am not surprised to see that he has a mark). For a while, he played a few more Xuan Ce, I won’t say anymore, ah. He is too complicated to play. I watched his live broadcast for a few years, and I also learned a lot of his operations. It can be said that some consciousness of my game thinking is learned from him. I don’t want to say whether the mark is not, and I don’t want to play it. I have only paid attention to it after the first hero got the mark and sent me an email. Why don’t I care about it? Because I play with all-around refills and it is too complicated. Basically, there are very few heroes that I play repeatedly in a day. I like not to choose Almighty, and then help to grab on the top, ban the hero below, look at the opposite side and hold it in hand. If I’m not too annoyed (I like solo), some of my heroes can get a gold medal. As for the village standard… it would be too easy. Because I didn’t count the mages, I can’t usually get them, mages, shooters, I basically can’t touch them. People). Therefore, it is not a big problem to make a village mark at around 3,000. In fact, I don’t want to play with the same hero all the time, and I don’t have such a heavy addiction to the game. I have to fight all day long. I basically played until almost I was too lazy to play that season, except for some friends who wanted to score. Pull me to play. Do I have any special heroes? Yes, not many, but there are several heroes in each position that I dare to take out in the rankings. Heroes who don’t have any operations, ah, strong and happy are all done), not to mention that I can take them all out, but they will never break down unless they feel bad, or the opposite is really a great god, and they can’t be more thin. Fine, of course, generally I only lose once with the same hero in the hands of the same hero. The second time I meet me, I can fight back and suppress it, and the last time it will not be as tragic as the first time. Except for some heroes who are more manoeuvrable, I really rarely spend time on training, but it’s not impossible. Occasionally, I will come out in qualifying. It’s still the same sentence. I can’t take the flight but I won’t be overwhelmed. If it really breaks down, then I really can’t help it. It’s not detailed enough. If the teammates can’t cooperate well…Of course, I usually choose the lineup just because of the teammates. I hope they can play it? It’s better to see if there is any miracle if the hero with a higher upper limit is brought out. Maybe the economy is suppressed. After all, normal operation can be done, and the jungler can be, and there is nothing wrong with the mentality (ah, yes, I’m talking about the jungler here). To be honest, if I hadn’t gotten up early during the day, I would really like the atmosphere of the middle of the night, and I want to play with three mages (what Daji Zhenji). Then you might encounter a backhand who wants to play as a hero, Han Xin, Li Bai Xuance or something, and chooses a shooter or a wizard. The backhand of a fighter will come to Daji. Leave a field position for me of the three wizards. I ask that everyone doesn’t want it. Everyone can’t play wild. Hey, me too, I also want to play Daji, this group of teammates is really inhuman. Especially, that teammate, you play more with Daji than mine. I occasionally watch other people’s national service Daji’s operations. If I didn’t take the explosive assassin, I couldn’t move it, brother, it’s mostly in the middle of the night—give me this. I chose three masters and Daji’s friends to leave Daji for fun! ! ! ! Coming back to the topic, Zhang Daxian is not a vegetable. I just want to say that he has a high ceiling. If I can rank with a teammate like him, I will feel a lot more comfortable. After all, if there is a teammate who can play this game, don’t want to win too easily. Are those national service anchors strong? Strong. Is it better than Zhang Daxian? I’m worried that the fat guy will be done before he hits his teammates in a single row. However, this comparison is not interesting. There are thousands of strong anchors. I occasionally follow a few national service anchors, but when Fatty starts broadcasting, I can’t watch other anchors on the same platform. This is the charm of Fatty. Of course, he is more than enough to hang me, as long as he doesn’t do it himself. What if some people call Zhang Daxiancai again? They weren’t hung up and beaten when they met. Some passers-by were typing in the game when they got fatter, and they seemed to be very awesome when typing in the game. Seriously, that operation… and there really is no such thing. Very strong. Talk about his food, let him try a few more heroes with a high ceiling. However, everyone prefers to watch him eat and cheat every day in the live broadcast room.

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