The old rules, first ask if it is right, and then why you checked the hot February pay strong insurance: Tesla: 18155 Xiaopeng + Weilai + BYD: 14992, even if you get Roewe + Geely (3000+), you can’t win the special Sla. Then try to find the reason from several aspects. 1. The Q1 deep V delivery curve is the traditional operation of domestic car companies to dig graves and look at the data (the curve will be added later): 2019 Q1 sales: BYD (pure electricity): 23979/3381/20569; Weilai: 1897/695/ 1418 Xiaopeng: 906/56/266 Q1 sales in 2020: BYD (pure electricity) 4535/1230/5381; Weilai: 1599/653/1564 Xiaopeng: 1073/164/1093. It is similar to look at data such as Roewe and Geely. result. Looking back at January 2021, Xiaopeng Weilai and BYD performed equally strong: 5753/6937/14153. Because of the customary and subtle influence of Chinese Spring Festival culture, domestic car companies will leave enough margin for any cross-Spring Festival plans. There is a huge slowdown and restart process from upstream suppliers to downstream marketing, which will inevitably lead to the entire schedule and delivery. The advance and overdraft. I don’t know the situation of the Tesla factory, and there are different opinions about whether it is “blood and sweat”. However, from the gambling agreement with the Shanghai government and the urgency of the epidemic to resume work in early 2020, one can estimate the extent of the impact of the Chinese New Year on it. Looking back, Xiaopeng’s Zhaoqing plant and Weilai’s Hefei plant have production capacities of around 10W, and new plants are still under construction. And BYD’s main force, Han EV, has also been stuck by the mysterious blade battery capacity. On the other hand, Tesla’s Shanghai factory will have a substantial increase in production capacity this year, and Model Y now appears to be a product with a strong sales blasting force. With the vigorous development of the electric market, there may be subtle changes in the situation of fixed production by sales in the past, and it remains to be seen. 2. The different tolerance of corporate staff to negative word-of-mouth Several giants mentioned the causal relationship between word-of-mouth and sales as well as the time difference. I would like to add one point to the relationship between corporate human setting and negative word-of-mouth. Turning on the search engine, Tesla’s negative word of mouth has been uninterrupted from six or seven years ago to today. Ma Yilong has always been at the forefront of the industry as an explorer. “Trial and error” seems to have become the default operation of its products and users. In addition, many negative events are linked to fast-developing and far-unexplored new technologies such as autopilot. It is difficult to make a conclusive conclusion for the time being. Over the years, a considerable amount of iron powder has been accumulated with huge volume. Tesla’s tolerance for such negative aspects and anti-interference ability are higher than that of most traditional enterprises. 3. Is there an information cocoon room? In particular, this is just a hypothesis, derived from a small event during the weekend. I charged the P7 downstairs and passed by a young couple to experience it. Draw the key words of the characters: Guangzhou native, with high education/income, clearly accept electric vehicles, and live 4KM away from Xiaopeng headquarters. The focus is on Model 3 and P7. In addition to experiencing the shape and space by myself, the main questions I asked me were price, battery life, general configuration, voice function and intelligent driving level. In line with the willingness to make a small contribution to the independent new forces (I have always been upset with Tesla’s arrogance), I shared the latest Model Y truck crash incident, and also introduced the general difference between the two sensing system routes. The boys did not understand, and the girls gave a good evaluation of the voice function, but they also missed the Tesla brand. It can be seen that they neither understand the negative information, nor are they likely to be influenced by their purchasing decisions. The final decisive factor may still be the balance of several traditional indicators such as shape, space, and cost-effectiveness. When the user pool of a certain level has accumulated to the order of 30,000 to 40,000 per month, there are already not so many early geek car owners who are in the electric car forum every day. How many potential customers are actually affected by this information? And those who really try to study and distinguish those negative news are also trapped in their own information cocoon? It’s like the so-called stinking rice ring culture, why don’t I hear my ears grow callous. But asking me to comment a few words, except for the names of a few fresh meats, it is also at a loss.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

In addition to the fact that sales are lagging behind word of mouth, there is another possibility that potential customers really don’t care.
When the reputation of Apple’s mobile phone was the worst, it was the early days. Many problems have not been changed until now, such as itunes which is difficult to use. However, there is no way to stop the hot sale of the product.
So that even people who are anti-Apple don’t bother to mention these problems now. You are sour if you mention them.

7 months ago

When Tesla started to go into a wild state last year, don’t forget that the domestic three little dragons were still on the verge of “possibly going bankrupt at any time.” Not to mention anything else, without the Hefei government taking over, maybe Weilai has closed. Therefore, Tesla’s goal is to “consolidate the leading position in the market.” The three little dragons emphasized “survival.” When a brand has a large enough volume, even a small percentage increase will be a huge number. The three little dragons started from a low starting point, that is, it was only a few months ago that they got rid of the state of “selling one for one”. This will make many potential consumers have concerns when buying cars-if they suddenly run away, we How to do? As mentioned earlier, Tesla is an “international brand” at any rate, and there is such a big Shanghai factory. Despite the recent strange incidents of Tesla, data surveys show that, in fact, the word-of-mouth of car owners is not as bad as public opinion.

7 months ago

The recent news about Tesla’s frequent incidents actually has a lot of impact on Tesla’s sales, especially safety incidents. Many people around me who are planning to buy Tesla began to hesitate. Can they still buy it? Can safety be guaranteed? Weilai and Xiaopeng are relatively new brands. Sales climb and market accumulation requires a process. Tesla’s achievements today are only after more than 10 years of accumulation. Compared to Tesla’s initial development, they are still a lot faster. In fact, BYD already has the position to compete with Tesla for market share in China, especially in January, it has surpassed Tesla. The response speed of domestic companies is much faster than that of foreign companies. I believe that with BYD’s continuous adjustments, it will be a matter of time before Tesla surpasses Tesla in the domestic market. Tesla’s market strategy is different from Weilai and Xiaopeng. He is doing dimensionality reduction, that is, penetrating from the high-end market to the mid-end, with technology + low cost as the core to do dimensionality reduction attacks, so in terms of volume, Weilai , Xiaopeng should be difficult to surpass Tesla. Because the direction of pursuit is completely different.

7 months ago

There are two logical loopholes 1. The first one: survivor deviation. Because you are on the train home, all you see is that everyone has bought a ticket. Because only accidents will be in the news, you mistakenly think that Tesla has been in accidents all the time. So you don’t know the difference between Tesla and other brands without an accident, and whether those without news are accident-free or not on the news. Just like some brands that only appeared in the news at 315. 2. The second one: the unreasonable comparison data. Using the wrong data will make a joke, just like a certain media trying to explain that male drivers are the most dangerous by the gender difference in accident rates, as if it can be suspected that men are secretly hiding some kind of treatment because men do not suffer from cervical cancer. Good medicine. When talking about Tesla’s accident rate, we must not only look at Tesla’s sales, but also look at driving experience, mileage, and so on. Tesla is often in the news, maybe this car does have a problem, but because of that, I think Tesla pills, I think too much.

7 months ago

The impact of word of mouth has a relatively large lag. The performance of a typical Ford brand in China has followed a perfect curve of rapid rise and fall. Ford began to make efforts in China in 11 and 12, and sales rose rapidly, but various problems broke out one after another, such as broken horns, Mondeo stinking, etc., and even the brand slogan was changed by netizens to “Unstoppable”. Although the reputation is getting worse and worse, Ford’s sales are getting better and better, reaching its peak annual sales of 950,000 vehicles in 2016, and then falling all the way to only 250,000 vehicles in 20 years. Tesla is now in a period of brand rise, and some negative news (such as braking events) will not affect its sales in the short term, but if the manufacturer still treats consumers very arrogantly, does not improve the quality, or even swells to dare to beat the State Grid, bad reputation Will slowly form. Once a bad reputation is formed, it will be difficult to reverse the brand image in China, and it will end up just like Ford. The worst case of the Passat crash test did not affect the sales of Passat until a few months later, and the Volkswagen brand has been in decline in recent years. Tesla is now in a period of brand rise, and some negative news cannot affect its sales in the short term. Regarding the future situation of Tesla, it depends on Tesla’s ability to operate its brand, but looking at the current arrogant attitude of Tesla and Musk, I am not optimistic.

7 months ago

It’s very simple. First of all, I know that most people are cloud car owners, and some people are talking about it, but in fact they don’t even have a driver’s license. Second, the real car owners don’t care about these so-called bad reputations, they care more about OTA push or new useful in-car gadgets to communicate with each other, change the color film and paste the car jacket. Third, most Tesla owners basically have two cars in their families. The so-called word of mouth does not affect daily use, not to mention that some petrol cars are more excessive than Tesla. Fourth, many news reports are out of control frequently, and none of them have a real hammer. Instead, most of them have reversed in the end, including the Hainan incident. Fifth, real car owners spend their own money to buy what they like instead of buying a car that others like. You buy me recommend, I buy Tesla, not to mention Xiaopeng BYD is benchmarking, because there is only excellent In order to be a benchmark in the industry, just as Apple entered China back then, so the sales volume is naturally the biggest.

7 months ago

The result of China’s continuous inferiority complex education for more than two decades. I’m a post-80s, I’ve been from junior high school to high school. There are two of those composition materials. All, all Chinese, they are backward, and there is still a long way to go. All foreign countries are very advanced and they are all required by China. educational. With this kind of education, foreign countries are better than Chinese things and have been implanted in the bones of everyone when their outlook on life is formed. It takes at least ten times that foreign things are worse than China’s face to change. It is difficult. The post-80s or post-70s who do not have this kind of thinking may only account for 20%. The 20% of the people who come to buy BYD’s Xiaopeng and the like are definitely smaller than the 80%. Fortunately, Tesla’s poor quality persuaded 10/20 of the 80%. Otherwise, the gap between the two will be even greater.

7 months ago

With all the information seen so far, no authoritative organization has reported that Tesla has serious quality problems. Many vehicles have experienced small-scale recalls, which are not serious quality problems. All the negative news that I have seen are the judgments made by various media and self-media without endorsement by authoritative institutions. Whether it is true word-of-mouth collapse, different people have different opinions. In the end, whether Tesla is safe enough, I hope that the authority can make an assessment in time.

7 months ago

People who buy Tesla are mainly for electric vehicles. It is different from buying petrol vehicles in the underlying logic, so first we exclude petrol vehicles. In electric vehicles, Tesla’s brand awareness is undoubtedly a detached existence. When a thing is famous, there will always be various negative news, such as Apple mobile phones. The collection of these negative news will make you feel that its reputation is broken. So, “Word of mouth continues to collapse” may just be the feeling of Zhihu. Online and offline are originally two worlds, but Zhihu is a more special school online. For example, in the previous Huolala case, everyone knows the mainstream views on Zhihu, but other online platforms are not at all like this; another example is housing prices. I don’t know other places. Mordu housing prices have been launched since the middle of last year. Zhihushang has been bearish until January of this year…Even this year it finally admitted that real housing prices have risen sharply this year, the posts of all kinds of magic capital housing prices are still full of various “hypothesis” and “crash theories.” So Zhihu can be used to acquire knowledge, find fellows, and exercise thinking, but it can’t be used to find reality. The biggest evidence is that Zhihu’s ability to realize the author is very poor. Is it because you know the author’s ability is not good? Obviously not. It can only be because the environment on Zhihu is too unearthed. To put it nicely, it is called “out of silt but not stained.” But making money is a very down-to-earth thing. Take buying a car as an example. I will go to the 4S point, visit the car home, and ask my relatives and friends. How many people will go to see Zhihu? How much help can it be even if you look at it? Moreover, from word of mouth to market, there will be a significant lag effect. To speed up this progress, it must be the official media. Only the “brand” of the official media can compete with super manufacturers such as Tesla, and make everyone question that “Tesla may be really problematic.” If you know anything, when it comes to buying a car, whether it is in terms of the scope of influence or the credibility of the brand, compared with Tesla, it is simply a ephemeral. But in the case of Tesla, the Chinese and foreign official media have made no sound.

7 months ago

1. The continued collapse of Tesla’s reputation is a false proposition; 2. Tesla S and X are good cars, and the dual-motor model 3 and Y are very cost-effective under the epoch-making cost control strategy; 3. As prices continue to fall Exploring, Tesla will further erode the market space of traditional fuel vehicles. This is the dividend of the electric vehicle revolution, and Tesla is the first to eat; 4. When the budget overlaps with BYD, Xiaopeng, and Weilai models, it is quite The mentality of some people is the same as the logic of buying an apple. This is the same thing I can afford and used by the rich. 5. BYD has its own complete industrial chain and design logic. It is only a matter of time before it becomes bigger. To become stronger, it needs to be more radical in strategy, such as replacing the fuel vehicle product line with DMi completely, such as high-end brands, such as re-promoting the 543 strategy. 6. Xiaopeng’s price-performance ratio is good, but now facing the impact of Tesla’s lack of military ethics, self-driving technology is not optimistic at this stage, but this is the only moat currently available for Xiaopeng, if any~ 7. Weilai’s future It is bright. The pattern from products to services is very large. Tesla’s price cuts have won a broader market but have weakened its appeal at the price of 300,000 traditional luxury cars. Weilai needs to refine its efforts before other new brands enter the game. Points to achieve book profit. 8. The upper level hopes that Tesla will inspire the vitality of other new energy brands like a catfish, but they did not expect that this shark wants to swallow the larger piece of fuel-fueled vehicles. Fortunately, BYD and San Xiaoqiang have shown enough Resilience, good fortune and bad fortune are about to come to a conclusion~

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