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Around 2012, I had 400,000 cash and a 200,000 Qashqai without any debts. I was 28 years old that year. Maybe this little money is scumbag, but I am a pure little boy. Zhen Diaosi, compared to my peers around my hometown, I am the most powerful one. At that time, I drove 200,000 Qashqai in the town, and I was the most beautiful boy in the town. What a joke, there are very few cars on the road in 2012. At the peak of the business, I made one million a year, but I was spending a lot of money, and I didn’t suffer from being deceived. I think this day will only get better and better… When the company has a maximum of 8 people, the annual expenses are associated with taxes, a gross of 400,000 to 500,000, and a little inventory, bad debts, there is not much money in the year, but I don’t worry about it. My wife and I spent money on things that weren’t necessary. For example, when my friends went out to sing and dance, and bought some unused things, we two accumulated at least 30,000 to 40,000 in a year, and there were still some available items. No, the money that can be saved, such as changing mobile phones, installing stereos in the car, members of the foot washing shop and massage shop, clothes and shoes, eating and drinking, we have at least 30,000-40,000 a year. At that time, the monthly flow of water was tens of millions, and it was only a few thousand yuan a month. They didn’t think it was a big deal. This year, 60,000 to 70,000 yuan is down, and the money that can be completely saved has been spent for so many years. The intestines are really green. The latter business lost nearly 600,000 yuan, which directly made me passive. Although I lost so much, it is not completely unbearable. The problem is that the subsequent foreign trade business has not worked since 2018, and several customers suddenly abandoned their orders. , No deposit is required. In 19 years it was almost cut in half, and in 20 years it was directly belched. All the money earned over the years has been turned into inventory. I’m pretty good, I’m a tie. A few friends around me ran away and disappeared. They do more business than mine. Because of the breach of contract by foreign trade customers and their own greed, they are not allowed to grab orders at low prices. Customers either do not pay the balance or simply do not pick up the goods, leaving your container at the port. If you can’t advance or retreat, if you pull it back, you will have to pay for the freight, storage fee, and customs duties, which is basically a waste of toss. Some are slightly better with insurance. In the end, this matter can basically only be handled by contacting other local customers or affiliated companies at a very low price. A place of chicken feathers, the loss is really in the unit of million. Laughing at Fengyun for so many years, I really share my views on the rich. A person under the age of 35 has money, especially the million-dollar person, especially the person under 30, has a little money, which is very, very unstable. Most of this kind of money is brought about by sudden opportunities, and then there is not enough experience at this age, and suddenly I think I can do it. It happens to be at this age that I also like to consume and like to stimulate. The surrounding cows, ghosts and snakes see that you have some money. All of a sudden, you feel like you can do it again. Your precarious men, women, and children are fighting fiercely, and there are countless youths who have been abolished in this way. Going further, those who have millions of assets in their 40s and 50s are relatively reliable and have enough experience, even if they have windfalls, they are good in all aspects. Even if someone ventures to increase investment, generally speaking, the result is It’s not too bad. If you say that your destiny is favored, so that you can make a lot of money when you are young, and cherish this money, but to be honest, all I talk about is nonsense. If you can listen to what I say, I can understand it without saying it. For those who can’t listen, what I said was actually for nothing. In other words, no matter what you do, there are actually pros and cons. You choose to be cautious, there are advantages and disadvantages, and you choose to spend too much, in fact, there are also advantages and disadvantages. For example, I was careful, diligent and thrifty back then. I don’t say too much now. I definitely have a million deposits. Small days are delicious. It’s so simple and plain. My life may be gone. I don’t want to do anything you tell me. Will do it, I am sure, I will do my small business, which is very good. You ask me to tell you my sentiment, and I will give you my feathered sentiment. Where do I have multiple thinking now. It is precisely because of my slackness that I get into trouble, exhausted in the trouble, thinking day and night, I have depth and thickness in my thinking, and if the opportunities come later, I can take over. If I now switch to the domestic sales of clothing, I have seized the opportunity, and I have made millions and tens of millions of dollars. At this time, I can carry this wealth, because the pain caused by the previous squandering made me unable to Forgetting, if there is no such pain, if I am so rich, I will definitely be abandoned. Based on my urinary sex, I estimate that my family will be destroyed. Do not believe? I told you that when you have money, it doesn’t mean that you can carry it if you think you can carry it. You have millions and tens of millions. All kinds of beauties are throwing in their arms, all kinds of friends are coming, all kinds of flattery promises to serve you ecstasy, what about three days in Macau, going to KTV is definitely the best The pretty girl sits on you, and a friend next to you asks you to try this, white powder, a wonder on earth, telling you that this is not addictive, and it is like this every day…you can’t hold it. So, people’s fate is really strange sometimes, and it’s really beyond your control.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

A few points to declare. First, I am not saying that the rich second generation inherits the family business, takes the family resources, or is not independent and depends on “others” to give it. I personally think that development is a relay race. I also took the stick and continued to run. The premise is that we have to run, instead of standing still and waiting for others to carry us, let alone expecting to have a good relationship with the car. Cheng. Core resources are very important, but people who give you don’t need you to be a pug on their knees, and people who don’t give you a pug are useless. Second, my grandmother’s two children were both college students in the 1980s. They were assigned to a good unit after graduation. They should have a bright future. In the middle and late 1990s, probably when I was in elementary school, my grandfather said that he would take them to do business and give them mineral properties and ask them to resign with their spouse. Grandma strongly opposed it. However, the two children resigned when they saw the money, and they wanted to become one step by step. The rich. As a result, after their resignation, their grandfather didn’t fulfill his promise, not to mention the mineral real estate, he didn’t even provide a good job position. He flicked the two college students to unemployment + no income, and circled him around. He used this to educate the children behind: Look, reading is useless, so what about college students? Isn’t he coming to beg me? I hate this old man because of this. No one would like to treat his parents like this. Of course, there is no way for parents to be upset. I love them very much. Whether it is my parents or my cousin’s parents, they treat me very much. Great. The elders in our family love the younger ones. Third, our grandma is the original wife. She was divorced in the 1980s. She is not a big wife, and we are not grandfather’s descendants. To be precise, she is the grandfather’s ex-wife, and we are the descendants of the ex-wife. It was a family for a long time. If he hadn’t deliberately set up a trap to deceive our parents’ resignation, they would be relatives who are blood-related and can drop by. They really are not a family. Grandma has lived with Grandpa Ji for more than 20 years, and we have a very good relationship. We are a family with Grandpa Ji and his children. The two aunts he brought are very good. We gave them to our sisters during their studies and entrepreneurship. We help a lot. If you don’t understand, you can ask them. Their child is also called our cousin. Every New Year’s Eve, our parents ran to our grandfather. Grandma spent time with his grandfather and aunts. Usually we are all in the same city. Our parents live with grandma all these years and also live with his grandfather. The aunts work abroad and take turns to go home every year to visit the grandfather and grandma, so grandma does not have the mentality of resenting his wife. She is a kind of uncomfortable psychology to her ex-husband. She feels that his acting style is anti-intellectual, and she hates iron and steel for her two children, and attaches great importance to spiritual and personality education to our sisters (and aunt’s children). I am afraid that the case of our parents will repeat itself in our generation. PS: Following my grandfather as a university professor, my sister was able to make progress in her studies and won two master’s degrees and a doctorate degree. I also barely got a master’s degree, and I was very influenced by him. Because of his presence, I have always considered my family to be an intellectual family, not a merchant family.

8 months ago

My grandfather didn’t teach me any truth, he only reminded me: To make a lot of money, you must be ruthless and have no moral burden in your heart. Of course he is very rich. He has married five wives in his life. Our grandmother is the original wife and we separated and divorced very early. It was my grandmother who taught me the truth. When I was young, my parents took me to my grandfather’s house for the New Year. The two children that my grandmother raised on her own labor never accompany her on New Year’s Eve. Every time before departure, my grandma called me and my sister around and told us how many pugs were counted tonight. There are all dogs in the room, and you have to be individuals. Grandpa doesn’t like grandma, because she has an upright temperament. Unlike the other women behind, she doesn’t flatter him at all. She also mentioned the divorce herself. Grandma has never bowed her head to him in her life, no matter how developed he is, her grandma has never asked him for money to raise two children. She opened her own restaurant. Grandma opened the earliest Japanese food store in our city. Later, Korean restaurant, Turkish restaurant, French restaurant… More than 30 years ago, grandma had opened three milk tea shops in the city, half of which sold Taiwanese pearls. Milk tea, half of the stores sell Hong Kong-style milk tea. Although grandma is not as rich as her grandfather, she herself does a good job. But she doesn’t want us to open restaurants and make clothes. She thinks that women’s business should not be limited to catering and clothes. She wants us to contact heavy industry. Now it is the place where men who contact the Internet get together. The regret in her life was that she was not involved in mining. At that time, friends approached her, but she couldn’t let go of her young children, could not walk around the mine for a long time, and took the initiative to give up the opportunity. But Grandpa was very positive, he won the opportunity and never returned. In the words of grandma, it is a pity that she didn’t fight with the man head-on. If she had also gone, she might not be worse than her grandfather now. After graduation, I entered an industry with a very high proportion of men. At the beginning, there were only two female seniors who were squeezed out by the original company, and a few young female graduates who were about my age who could not find a job. We formed a small company. , Just work hard in the market like this. The sisters are very helpful. Although I am the boss, they brought it out. My peers at the time have also become the core backbone of their own, and the company has developed. It is not easy for us to compete with people and grab market share. During the whole process, I did not use any personal connections at home, and of course my parents did not have any personal connections. What grandma said, our parents are not good. If you have been a dog for a long time, you won’t be able to be a human. But what is the end of being a dog? Grandpa occasionally gave a bone. We are human beings, so people should compete head-on and don’t rely on others for charity. Grandpa is a real rich man, he doesn’t wait to see me, because I never flatter him, what to say, will not be as flattering as my parents. The women around him, his children, and even the employees under his hands all reveal a truth: people who lose their dignity and forget that they can create wealth will always be chained by other people. Be a dog for a lifetime. His several wives, apart from being far away from his grandmother early, all fell into endless competitions, desperately to have children, but only got some petty gains. He didn’t like women in business, so they waited for him one by one. The cost of living becomes a subsidiary completely. During the New Year, it was a few big pugs of them who took the little pugs to please the owner and bit other pugs by the way. My parents are also mediocre. They are not outstanding in terms of competition or ability. I looked at the master through them, the so-called rich man, looked at him as a human being, and saw his contempt for dogs, and his dissatisfaction and anger towards me. Grandma said, he doesn’t see people a few times a year, I let him get in touch with the popularity, remind him that he is not the only person, don’t he have to be angry? The older and more stubborn he is, the more he loves to lock himself in his original position, and he is unwilling to go out and accept new changes, so he will only become more and more angry with me. His family business is not as good as before, and he can only guard a group of dogs around him and eat his money. Even my parents privately said that he has become more and more stingy in recent years. Last year’s New Year’s greetings, he almost lifted the table when he saw me, scolding me in the same eyes as my grandmother, my parents have been apologizing, only I saw his fear and helplessness when he was aging. Work harder this year and continue to be a man in front of him vigorously.

8 months ago

I said that a wealthy person with a net worth of one billion, said it in sections, and summarized a truth in each section. Let me talk about my background. I used to be my boss. I worked with him for a long time and knew him better. Character profile: Taiwanese, it should be almost 80 now. When I was my boss, I was more than 50. Aboriginal in Taiwan, I can’t write my name. My father is a fisherman and lives in the northernmost part of Taiwan. Specific deeds: Taiwan’s land reforms divided his family into a large tidal flat, where there was no grass, and it was not useful at all. However, in the 1950s and 1960s, investment was introduced and a large number of foreign factories were introduced. Many fishermen from the different land sold their land into the city at very low prices. Now, his family only rents, not sells, and leases it to a European machinery company as a workshop. This is called long-term vision. After building the factory, he immediately became a fisherman and asked to work as a small worker in the factory. He studied technology very hard. This is hard work. After the ten-year lease expired, the rent increased by several times to force people away, and he bought machinery and equipment with very little money, and became the factory manager himself. This is cruel. After he started his own factory, he immediately localized the parts and components, the unit price of the machine dropped sharply, and the quality also dropped. The Germans were usually sold in Europe and the United States, and he moved to Southeast Asia and Africa. This is called checking the time and weighing the situation. More than 20 years ago, the Southeast Asian financial crisis, the domestic investment promotion conditions were extremely favorable, so I went to build a factory in China. One of the details was that the village head where the land was located was invited to be the factory director. I won’t talk about the specifics. This is a deep understanding of human nature. After the establishment of the factory, we hired a group of people with low academic qualifications, but extremely hard-working people, and used extremely high bonuses to stimulate us to spend the past three years in Tibet and some parts of Xinjiang. Arrived, tens of thousands of detailed customer information has been accumulated. This is called being willing to pay. After more than three years, I sent a product catalog with detailed price information to tens of thousands of customers, and then hired very cheap college students to call one by one, telling them the low prices, and telling them that they can directly contact the company’s customer service to purchase. All of a sudden, those of us who had previously ate high price differences were left in a situation where they could no longer stay in the industry. This is called eternal trouble. Once when he went to South Africa to auction a huge pink diamond, he immediately bought it with the purchase price and made a ring. I don’t remember the specific amount. When he showed it to me, he said that it had increased several times. This is called a good investment. He went to Shenzhen with his wife and saw a hotel opening a big bargain. The Australian lobster special price. I don’t remember the specific price. It is about a quarter of the usual price. The hotel is intended to attract people to banquets. Yes, the two of them pretended not to know each other. One of them ordered a lobster and went out to join each other after eating. This is called stingy. Many people say that rich people rely on opportunities. That’s for sure, but the same opportunity given to two people will end up with different results. Is the rich man I wrote different from the ones on TV or various successful biographies?

8 months ago

1. It is really exhausting to chat without knowing it at one level. It’s really right to gather things together and divide people into groups. I am now more and more convinced that after more than ten years of good friends get along, why will they become more and more of the same kind of people. At least knowledge, information, resources, ideas, and cognition are all on one level, and their views and behavior styles are basically the same. There are no good friends with a particularly big gap. If there are, then you have misunderstood other people as your good friends. 2. Financial knowledge, it is still necessary to learn a little, no matter what the industry. It is a tool like a foreign language. No matter what you do in your main business or your sideline, and you make money, if you want to be as safe as possible, you still have to learn something about finance. Over the years, if you think about it, is your money diluted by the floods still less? ! No matter how much money you make, there is always an invisible hand to dig out your pocket. 3. If you want to make money, you must first solve your own thinking problem. Although thinking is a virtual thing, if you don’t solve this problem, it will be difficult to do anything. You don’t have to care about what others will say when you are doing business, you just need to Compete with yourself. In this day and age, nothing is impossible. 4. Whether in the past or in reality, most businessmen who can make money have gangsters on their bodies, and there is a cold part in their blood. Even if he is gentle and polite on the surface, he still has the means to surpass ordinary people behind him. Commercial society is the law of the jungle, where the weak eat the strong, you die and you live without any mercy. The big guys who started from nothing, all crawled out of the dead, with murderous eyes in their eyes. 5. I would say something bad, in modern society, or in China, very few people die simply because of poverty. The reason why many poor people go to the end is precisely because they lack knowledge. The lack of knowledge prevents them from knowing how to survive in the society, and they move into the abyss one step at a time. If a person has knowledge, he can understand how to survive in society. When a person has knowledge, he can find ways to gain interpersonal relationships. With the basic ability to survive independently and social relations, this person can get help from the society even if he is in a difficult situation, and then slowly recover with his own ability after the difficulties are overcome. So if you pay attention to the social news, you will find that few intellectuals die simply because they have no money to eat. Never doubt the power of knowledge. Knowledge is definitely the most effective way for ordinary people to change their destiny.

8 months ago

Don’t listen to the poor education given to you by your parents. I talked to a few young people around me who have achieved “cross-class” and found that their parents are very “enlightened.” Intervention, on the contrary, cultivated the habit of independent thinking. Because for parents of this kind of family, it is difficult for them to keep up with your growth rate, so when you encounter problems in choosing a major, finding a job, or getting married, don’t listen to your parents’ decisions without thinking. They may not have your understanding yet. many.

8 months ago

People who really make a lot of money tend to take their feelings very lightly. In their eyes, money is more important than feelings. After all, feelings really affect a person’s choice in many cases. Many friends who started a business together made money unevenly because of their relationship. There were also many small shops that couples opened together. Seeing the business getting better and better, the two began to divorce because of the money. On the way a person becomes rich, he always has to be cruel and abandon some things, most of whom choose to abandon feelings.

8 months ago

It is difficult for the poor and the rich to become friends. Once you suddenly have money, the relationship with your friends will fade. The gap in your consumption views is too great. If you want to go shopping together, if you want to go to a Michelin restaurant, your friends can only accept the small restaurants on the street. The mutual accommodation and maintenance of the relationship will only make each other uncomfortable. And his vision is different. He doesn’t understand what you say, and you look down on what he says. After a long time, he thinks you pretend, you think he is low, and you can’t play together.

8 months ago

Never focus on the method of making money, or be mentally clean. Don’t think that success requires a particularly novel idea. Start over from the beginning little by little. In fact, repeating the path of others’ success is the fastest way to start from scratch. When someone else finds a way, breaks it out, and succeeds, you repeat his method. This is nothing. Only when you stand on the shoulders of giants can you get out of your own way, and even go further than the giants.

8 months ago

Being poor really limits the development of a person. You never know how inferior a child from a poor native family is, without money, makes them timid, dare not try anything, and have no confidence in talking to powerful people. Wu Jing dared to sell the house, overwhelming all his wealth, and go to make a movie without knowing the box office. Do ordinary hitters dare to withstand the pressure of mortgage and car loans to quit their job and start a business? They are just like being barefoot. They put on straw sandals and walk cautiously. They are afraid that they will be worn out. It would be good if they can maintain the status quo. Change to a better pair of shoes? I can’t even think about it.

8 months ago

Always be clear about what you want, even if you give up a part of your dignity for it. If you want to make money, everything you do has to make money as the ultimate goal. Just like Douyin, those Internet celebrities in Kuaishou, whether it is grandstanding or being scolded by others, people are able to get traffic, and in this era, traffic is money. They are acting on the screen, you laugh on the phone, they make money, how about you? Open one eye on small money and close one eye on big money. Poor people generally like to bargain. They also need to wipe out a small amount when buying a vegetable. Online shopping must make up the order, but when a friend borrows money, he dare not even 500,000. Loan the IOU. Wealthy people are often unconscious on small money, and are extra cautious in investment, legal aid, financial risk assessment, and cooperation with guaranteed projects.

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