According to news from Hong Kong’s “Dian News” on March 15th, after the completion of mandatory testing in an area in the Central and Western District of Hong Kong, the two initial confirmed cases were all employees of the US Consulate General in Hong Kong and Macau, but the two used diplomatic immunity as Refuse to accept the quarantine arrangement.

According to the report, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government announced that since 7 o’clock last night (14th), “closed area” compulsory inspection will be carried out on Pokfulam Road and Old Peak Road in Central and Western District. Residents in the two designated “restricted areas” must conduct overnight inspections. Mandatory testing, the subject must wait at his premises.

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government announced today (15th) that the mandatory inspection operation for the first to fifth towers of the Royal View Garden at No. 23, Old Peak Road, which designated a “restricted area” in the Central and Western District last night, was about 8:40 this morning. Probably completed. As of midnight on the 15th, about 960 residents have been tested, of which 2 were initially confirmed cases, and the test results of another sample are still being verified.

A source from the Hong Kong government revealed to “Dian News” that the two initial confirmed cases discovered by Dijingyuan were all from the staff of the US Consulate in Hong Kong and Macau. According to the report, both of them refused to accept the isolation arrangement on the grounds of diplomatic immunity. They are still wandering in the community and going to the US consulate as usual, bringing huge hidden dangers to the epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic work.

According to the report, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government previously stated that foreign consulates and institutional personnel who come to Hong Kong to perform government-related operations are subject to their exempt status and itinerary regulated by their public official status and the nature of their official duties to ensure the normal operation of government affairs. So far, the US Consulate General in Hong Kong and Macau has not responded to this matter.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Suspected spy. If it’s just to play a prestige in the psychological colony, it seems logically a little bit unreasonable. I personally think that these two people have a ghost in their hearts, so they react so much to the word “isolation”. You may remember that some time ago, the “family” of an American diplomat escaped back to the United States after hitting a person to death in the United Kingdom, causing a wave of public opinion between Britain and the United States, and finally revealed that the lady had a special identity. I think the situation is similar this time. As we all know, the number of American consulates in Hong Kong is incredible, and the identities are even more diverse. Although it is common knowledge in international politics that embassies and consulates of various countries have both intelligence functions, it is really rare to get Americans so outrageous. In a word: There is only one truth!

7 months ago

Simple, it can be expelled. Staying in Hong Kong also wastes medical resources. Wouldn’t it be good to pack them away? The United States does not believe in evil, then you can let him understand who is the father in Hong Kong. Considering that we are going to Alaska for a meeting soon, it is not bad to give the US a clear signal in advance. Lest we come up like the one in Hawaii and ask us when we are going to surrender. Like the United States, you can’t get used to it. Anyway, it seems that it’s really a big profit to close the Chengdu consulate in the first place.

7 months ago

Meishi: As long as my face is thick enough, you can’t isolate me. Carrie Lam: What about dreaming? Treat equally! Reference News [Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor: All cases are treated equally, the confirmed cases of the US Consulate General have been admitted to the hospital for quarantine] # US Consulate General in Hong Kong confirmed staff a daughter confirmed # According to the website of Radio Hong Kong, two staff members of the US Consulate General in Hong Kong and Macau were exposed to the initial diagnosis of the new crown After the Consulate General was included in the mandatory test announcement, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Carrie Lam said that Hong Kong’s quarantine measures are strictly in accordance with the law and are treated equally. Two confirmed cases have been admitted to the hospital for isolation, and the two young daughters of the relevant confirmed cases have Arranged to be admitted to the hospital, one of them was diagnosed on the morning of the 16th. According to the report, Carrie Lam emphasized that it will do a good job in tracking the two confirmed cases of the Consulate General, and said that the Consulate General has issued a press release stating that it will cooperate with the quarantine arrangements of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government.

7 months ago

The two latest statements of the consulate general stated that the operation of the consulate will be temporarily closed, and the two staff have been sent to the hospital for isolation. Then the conversation turned around, and insinuatingly found an excuse to say that the consulate general is concerned that the Hong Kong government’s isolation procedures may cause parent-child isolation? ? ? Due to privacy reasons, it is unlikely that both parties will release more personal information about the two employees, so we can’t tell if the two people refused to be isolated because of their children. But this excuse is really good. There is a possibility of backhanding you with a poop similar to the deportation of illegal immigrants in the Trump era that caused parent-child isolation. Hhh teaches barbarians to develop skills to control barbarians, so we have to learn more about the ability to make excuses.

7 months ago

The so-called diplomatic immunity can simply be understood as the embassy and consulate protected by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, and can be regarded as the country’s territory in another country. The resulting behavior of personal freedom is limited to a certain degree to be applicable in the host country. So here comes the problem. Can we isolate them only at the embassies and consulates, because they will not be required to quarantine them in the United States under the same conditions. Therefore, if they do not comply with China’s quarantine requirements, their actions are limited to the embassies and consulates. However, this requires a note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which should be very troublesome. Even in isolation, what if they, as diplomats, request to return to the embassy or consulate?

7 months ago

Friends in Hong Kong, take a look at Kazakhstan. Those Americans who claim to bring democracy and freedom to Hong Kong are bringing a virus of democracy and freedom, which is mutated. These two Americans won the new crown and did not accept isolation. Why do you think they are? Ask for freedom? This is just a pretense. They just want to pull all the people of Hong Kong into the water to accompany the two of them. They cannot be the only ones who are unlucky. They are just here to poison the drugs. As consulate staff, they are already considered a decent job. Nevertheless, they have to use themselves as a source of infection to attack all Hong Kong citizens. Don’t you panic? Don’t you think this is a suicide attack by terrorists or militarists? To achieve this position, we still use this kamikaze method, not to mention whether they will be reluctant, even if they are not reluctant, their medical resources are better than the general public in Hong Kong, right? Your lives are more valuable than theirs. They are just two human bombs, and they are all used up. Don’t these two Americans need to be sterilized by high temperature? Americans in Hong Kong may not want to make Hong Kong as wealthy as the United States before, but want to make Hong Kong like the United States now… Hong Kong is a special zone, but there are no weekends. It’s a single break. Moreover, there are no pensions in Hong Kong, and many people work until after the age of 75. It just so happens that the average life expectancy of Hong Kong people is also long, because the medical conditions are good, you only have to queue for two weeks to see a doctor, don’t think about it privately, it’s expensive, you can’t afford it.

7 months ago

They may be worried about the collection of genetic information by China, or they may want to convey such information to the outside world: This is the United States. According to reports, they refused to accept the quarantine arrangement on the grounds of diplomatic immunity, and worked in the community and went to the consulate as usual. The US consulate declared that the work of these two men would not reach the public. According to the provisions of diplomatic immunity, it is true that they cannot be required to enter a specific area to accept isolation, but it is absolutely unacceptable to run around in the community. Even after their former president was diagnosed, they quarantined themselves. Fortunately, according to the latest news, they have been admitted to the hospital for isolation and treatment. It turns out that there is no hospital in the embassy, ​​and the US government has no plans to return to the United States for treatment. And the US embassy is also closed. According to international law or related agreements, diplomatic immunity includes immunity from jurisdiction, immunity from litigation, and immunity from enforcement. The specific reasons are as follows: 1. The embassy’s property and archives are not infringed, and the personnel stationed in the country are not allowed to enter the embassy to take action or implement legal procedures; 2. Freedom of communication, diplomatic bags shall not be opened or detained; 3. The embassy is exempted Payment of various taxes, customs duty-free entry for the official articles of the embassy; 4. The diplomatic representative shall not be violated, and shall not be arrested or detained. The judicial organ in the country where the diplomatic representative is stationed shall not conduct litigation, trial, or enforcement against the diplomatic representative; 5. Diplomatic representative The private goods of China are allowed to be imported and are exempt from customs duties.

7 months ago

This is not a primitive society. Communication and information are underdeveloped, and they are increasingly conservative in the use of their own power. This is the general environment. People cannot always live in the past, and the present is different from the Middle Ages. Of course, it’s okay if you have to go your own way, but this will anger most countries and put yourself in a relatively isolated position. Is a country prepared to face the whole world? If so, that’s okay. If not, then put away your own reasons.

7 months ago

The imperialism will never die. These Americans are very bad. Knowing that he was diagnosed with the new crown, he still walked everywhere. Isn’t this the intentional spread of infectious diseases? Not only is it suspected of hindering the prevention and control of infectious diseases, but also suspected of endangering public safety by dangerous methods. Sure enough, it is the capitalist system, so they should be given a taste of the iron fist of socialism. American freedom and democracy means that I have the freedom to spread the virus at will, or give me death. The diplomatic immunity demanded by the Americans is the power to exempt everything. School is abolished, school is abolished (dog head)

7 months ago

He has been sent to hospital for quarantine, and the Hong Kong government has issued a compulsory quarantine order against the US consulate. Isn’t this the consistent style of United Shits of America? They are not the first day of shame. The United States often detains diplomats from other countries and opens diplomatic bags privately. What kind of diplomatic immunity does not exist in the United States. So why are you so polite, isn’t it good to slap it over? It was a very big failure that the Hong Kong government did not detain these two people on the spot. If the Hong Kong government is unsure about diplomatic matters, it can ask the Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hong Kong for assistance. If you find any more secrets, you can directly be a bargaining chip in Alaska in two days. In addition, if you are interested, you can check out the homepage of the US Consulate General in Hong Kong and Macau, which contains all kinds of rumors and smears about our country. In contrast, the website of the Chinese embassy in the United States is really peaceful. Should we also consider following the example of the United States and exposing the dark facts of the United States to the American people on the website of the embassy or consulate? The genocide and anti-human gangs of slave owners in North America (and the lackeys) must be wiped out!

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