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People who don’t have much wealth always cling to what’s on their hands. This is one of the reasons why life is so desperate-Sherwood Anderson’s “Egg” looks back on my life. When I am the most possessive of a person, it is when I have nothing. After graduation, when my life expanded to roles other than students, I found that many things gave me more feedback than falling in love. I began to focus more on my work and hobbies. The more I give, the better feedback I get. I suddenly discovered that possessiveness (controlling desire) can be transferred or replaced. After gaining a full sense of control from my work, my possessiveness towards others diminished. I no longer care about when you go to bed, what you ate, no longer care about who you went out with yesterday… I no longer care about this, it does not mean that I no longer care about you, but just because of you and me As adults, we all have our own things to do. What’s interesting is that after living our lives well, I found that our relationship is much easier than before. For each other, we are no longer sending charcoal in snow, but icing on the cake. In fact, when you are very possessive of your partner, you need to be vigilant. Of course you can boast affectionately. But abstract expression cannot conceal the simple fact: a high level of possessiveness necessarily reflects your high dependence on him to a certain extent; sometimes, it more or less indicates your life state-you are empty of. This is especially obvious to those who are still messy with their ex: the entanglement with their ex for several years is mostly just a manifestation of emptiness. They do not have the ability to find a better partner, and they do not have a career that they can devote themselves to. In order to fill the emptiness, he can only maintain close contacts with his predecessor under the guise of affection.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Strong, very strong. As far as I am now, I have been in love for almost two years. This possessiveness is getting stronger and stronger. I never noticed such a strong possessiveness before, but for a while, I have been in love with my girlfriend. The possessiveness is really strong to the extreme. The news slows down a bit and I am uncomfortable. This time is the Chinese New Year again. I don’t know if I am too idle. These days because she is out to play with her family, day and night. Replying to the news was very slow. After I got home at night, it was very late. I dozed off again and waited for her, but after returning, the reply was very slow. I knew she was talking to her parents, but I was still uneasy. Two nights, after she sent the message, I saw no reply (we have to say good night to each other every night), and this state lasted for three days (one day holding back the breath and returning the news), the fourth day It’s the same. I lost my temper at night. I thought she understood, but she still quarreled with me. The more I wanted to get mad, I ignored her the next day. She didn’t look for me, nor did I. Looking for her, at about twelve o’clock in the evening, I saw that he still didn’t look for me, so I sent some words, she was still arguing with me, I really wanted to get more and more angry, I felt that I was ignored, She clearly knew that she was with her family. Later, she still didn’t understand what I was angry with. But as a boy, I couldn’t say it clearly. It was like a little girl. Later she said that she broke up, and I also knew it was her. She still talked about her anger, but she still divided. I haven’t talked that night until today, but she still doesn’t know why I’m angry. The most important thing is that I have a conflict with her. In the past two days, her friend, a girl, whom I have never met, was introducing her boyfriend. Her friend knew that I was in conflict with her. Although she did not agree, I was still very uneasy. As a boy, I really don’t understand this behavior, and it’s still the same today. The response is still slow. I don’t know if this possessiveness is too strong. I don’t know how to describe some things. Sometimes I wonder if I’m a bit perverted. I just want to know what she is doing and why she didn’t reply to my news. Of course, it’s more than that. I really feel that my possessiveness is too strong, but because of my lack of literary talent, I don’t know how to express it.

8 months ago

1. Not graduated from a bachelor’s degree, a monthly consumption of 1,500 yuan, a 20-year-old woman 2. Graduated from a bachelor’s degree, a job with an annual salary of 100,000, a 25-year-old woman 3. Graduated from a bachelor’s degree, a job with an annual salary of 300,000, a 30 Year-old woman 4. Graduated with a master’s degree, a job with an annual salary of 400,000, a 35-year-old woman, a 25-year-old concubine 5. Graduated with a doctoral degree, a job with an annual salary of 600,000, a 40-year-old woman, and a 30-year-old Concubine, a 25-year-old concubine 6, unknown education, assets of 100 million, a 45-year-old woman, a 35-year-old concubine, and a 20-year-old concubine. In the above combination, it is obvious that 1 has the strongest possessive desire for girlfriends. Because he is a boy, he has almost nothing in this world. Women are everything to him, and everything to him is a woman. Very real and very sad. As for me, form is emptiness, and emptiness is form. Women and men are both humans, not humans. Everyone has a woman, which means that everyone has no woman. No one has a woman, it means I have a woman.

8 months ago

I think this issue does not distinguish between genders and does not discriminate. People have emotional possessiveness, but the individual level is different, and then the human heart is different in different ways of expressing it, that’s it. Not absolutely. Men’s manifestations of possessiveness towards women often have social traces, that is, more or less feudalistic—restricting women’s freedom of physical behavior, controlling their actions, and even wishing to lock themselves in the boudoir and monopolize them to enjoy themselves. Are you perverted? A little. Is it normal? In fact, everyone has a little mood. Women’s possessiveness towards men often manifests in different forms. To put it bluntly, male possessiveness is “why don’t you let you do it”, while women are often “what do you want you to do”. A sense of security at the place. Let’s not quarrel. There are so many movies, TV dramas and literature. Say it again. Both possessive desires have different degrees of performance. Male possessiveness is often “what don’t you let you do.” Female possessiveness is often “why do you have to do it.”

8 months ago

I don’t know if this is considered possessive. Take chat as an example. I don’t like talking about nonsense, such as have you eaten or got up. I don’t like to check in and complete chat as a daily task. Let’s talk about heterosexual relationships. I think it’s normal to have a few friends of the opposite sex, as long as they love me. Boys and girlfriends are not each other’s parents, they are all adults, so why bother with each other. I think that keeping some private life can keep a long-term freshness in love. Some people say that this is a friendship-style love, mostly not long. Love is together, if you don’t love, leave, why bother to pursue a result. I believe that many friends with a high degree of self-awareness will not regard marriage as a goal in life.

8 months ago

Divide people, really divide. My boyfriend is the kind of cough, cough, cough, and you go out to play with friends for a day without paying attention to you. You asked him why he didn’t call, and he said I was afraid of affecting your interest in going out. Then if you match up with a little brother in the game and talk to others, he will not say anything. Instead, when I ask “Why don’t you tell me not to let me play”, he will reply “What are you doing, anyway.” That food can only be a hindrance!” I…I’m a product with a very peculiar mind, and often teases me that Miss Sister is looking for me. My backhand is a backflip!

8 months ago

Strong when I don’t want to understand. I feel that my girlfriend will be unhappy when she goes out to eat. It will make her feel uncomfortable to watch her chat with other boys. It seems that if you don’t do this, you don’t like it. Such a controlled love has not survived half a year. After an epiphany one day, “cherish the present, get my luck, and lose my life” is the correct concept of love. Believe that you look at others and give your girlfriend trust. No longer blindly ask the other half, the other half gets more sense of security. The desire to control is lower, but the control over feelings is enhanced. We got married after two years of getting along, and now we have been married for more than two years, and the child is almost one year old.

8 months ago

I don’t know if boys have strong possessiveness towards girls. Anyway, my possessiveness is too strong. If a girl looks at my boyfriend, I’m jealous, and he learns tattoos, so I don’t need to say more. There are a lot of girls on his phone, all of them are his customers, but if I see him chatting with a girl who is very happy, I will be very annoyed, I am afraid that he will run away with that girl, and sometimes sleep. Sticking to him, going out shopping, you can either pull him by your hand or pull his wrist. Sometimes I want to grab him and hold him by my side. I want him to accompany him for everything, but it’s amazing to see him inexplicably annoying. I went to his shop once, and he happened to be giving a tattoo to a woman. Although it was only tattooed on the arm, I admit that I am still jealous. I know my possessiveness I know that the combination feels quite absolute.

8 months ago

I think I am a very possessive person. If she doesn’t reply to the message, I will be thinking about what she is doing now. Why hasn’t been replying to me for so long? Are you chatting with others? This behavior alone makes me feel very insecure. I must hold her hand when I go out, keep her within my line of sight at all times, and don’t like her having too much contact with the opposite sex. But I know in my heart that even if she is my girlfriend, I shouldn’t selfishly occupy all of her. She should also have her own lifestyle and her friends, and the sense of security is given to each other. If a person has you in his heart, I can feel it, so I need to adjust my mentality, think about problems from her perspective, and understand her more, so that the two people can get along easily.

8 months ago

Extremely selfish! Such extremely selfish people in the relationship are all because of their extreme inferiority. I remember that in Chai Jing’s “News Investigation” program, there was an interview with a female prisoner who was murdered by domestic violence. The husband of one of the female prisoners was particularly possessive and asked his wife not to talk to or meet with any man. The wife felt this It’s just the husband’s performance that makes him obey. Who knows that the man’s possessiveness has become stronger and stronger, and it has evolved into not allowing his wife to meet with any friends or even his family, and completely imprisoned his wife in the name of possessiveness. Such a possessive man has extreme words and deeds. After his wife blindly obeyed him, he began to commit domestic violence against his wife. Possessiveness is strong enough to control others. This kind of performance shows that emotions have gone to extremes. When desire comes, you can’t control yourself. You can only control others through desire as a vent. This kind of person is terrible, because he can’t even control his own emotions. Today he can’t control his possessiveness. Then tomorrow it is very likely that he will not be able to control his words and deeds. It is very likely that he will suffer from domestic violence, because he​​ I can’t control myself at all. Of course, women are soft-hearted and like to deceive themselves, but the more tolerant they are, the more they are equal to harming the person, because desire is unlimited, and a person’s lack of self-control is equal to destruction. Women, you think you love him for tolerating him, but you actually harmed him and caught up with yourself, so stay away from this kind of person as early as possible.

8 months ago

This matter mainly depends on girls. For people like me, a possessive man has no chance to be my boyfriend at all, because if the matter of possessiveness is serious, it is basically equivalent to invading each other’s privacy, disrespecting each other’s opinions, and not thinking about empathy. Insecure, too idle, like crazy thinking, immature or distrustful, objectify women…Does this kind of person find themselves to add to their obstacles? Being wary of possessiveness can also help filter out the scumbag men and women who play PUA. Because in major media reports, I found that people in PUA would secretly change their concepts: “I love you only to control you”, “If you love me, you will prove to me how much you obey me” thinking carefully…hopefully Young kids who are too possessive, let’s take a taxi!

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