For the high-end mobile phone you think, Snapdragon 888 is a must, otherwise the experience of playing Yuanshen will be poor. (Some friends said that the experience of playing the original Snapdragon 888 is worse than that of the 870. What about this? I directly said that the poor experience of Snapdragon 888 will offend more people. Forget it, anyway, the actual experience of 888 this year is not Meet the expectations.) What is the price/performance ratio of the target user, how is the appearance, how is the photo taken, how is the display effect, how is the fast charge, and how is the battery life? You even talk to some users about the original god, what is the original god? Does the primordial spirit come out? What does it have to do with the phone? Of course, I am not washing the floor for OPPO. I just say that no matter what model is evaluated, what we should discuss is what kind of special it has and what kind of users it suits. This phone, users should pay more attention to the IMX766 dual main camera, and a 13 million portrait lens, these three lenses should be the most used daily. As for a microscope lens, it’s a bit unexpected. Maybe OPPO thinks that there is a 2x focal length lens, and there is no longer a need for a telephoto lens. And equipped with a macro lens, of course, for some users, it can better explore the micro-world, and may better meet the needs of young users. Most middle-aged users may not be so curious, like me Except, there are also 100-year-olds. Of course, the memory color research they are talking about here is worth thinking about. When we take photos, we need to record life faithfully, which is true, and we also need to satisfy our beautiful imagination. That is art, so many times we take photos. It does not necessarily need to be true, but it needs to express emotions better. In fact, Huawei (Honor) has long proposed AI photography, which is also a meaning in itself, and it seems to have gone further, making more intelligent analysis of the picture, fine-tuning for different subjects and different colors, but the story does not Speaking well, I received a lot of negative comments, but this road is worth going on. Then there is a good screen, 3260*1440 pixels, 10bit color depth, E4 material, 120HZ refresh rate, this is nothing to say, the main interest is 5-120Hz adaptive refresh rate, how much power can be saved, this is worth paying attention to of. And how does the Q1 image quality engine perform? There is also a single hardware that does not fully realize all potentials, and the coordination between hardware is also important, so full-link color management is commendable. As for fast charging, it’s actually quite interesting. Previously, various companies introduced higher fast charging, but now they have introduced more than 60 watts. Juchang only introduced 66 watts. Do you think this is the most suitable one or why? , This is hard to say, but now friends and merchants are also pushing back more than 60 watts of fast charging on the flagship, which is worth thinking about. Although the Snapdragon 870 is not as good as the current Snapdragon 888, its performance is satisfactory for most applications. This may be because OPPO considers this to be the best differentiating point from the PRO version, using this configuration for users who are not too sensitive to performance. The PRO version is for users who are more affordable. In short, for other configurations of the entire mobile phone, the use of the Snapdragon 870 chip should not be a slot. However, it cannot be said to be perfect. If you compare Huawei’s MATE40 series, Huawei always has more pursuits, such as 3D face recognition, gesture control, and shadow follow-up functions. At present, several domestic friends are still There is no follow-up, which is also a bit surprising. Of course, don’t compare with Huawei. It’s like the three-body world. Others are still living in a world locked in technology by Sophon, and Huawei must break through Sophon’s blockade, which is different.


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6 months ago

The model positioning is different. The OPPO find series belongs to the first echelon of products in the green factory. The design and investment are also spent on products. Considering the cost of the whole machine and the profit of offline channels, such pricing is reasonable. The high-end model is not just another flagship chip, a customized good screen, not a simple stack of materials, if this is the case, every mobile phone manufacturer can do it, including the small factories that are not very good at present. others. Differentiation should also be made, especially in terms of user experience. For example, the highly recognizable appearance of the findx3 and the integrated molding of the back cover glass surface, everyone is scolding for “plagiarizing” apples, and the craftsmanship is not small. The yield rate of ordinary 3D glass back cover is about 70% and 80%. The OPPO back cover design has a very low yield rate at the beginning, so there is a cost gap of 3 to 5 times. The strategy of the four kings of HOVM is the same, enriching the types of product lines, taking into account both online and offline, so that there are products available for sale in every price range. Establishing sub-brands, online sales are relatively high compared to models; profits are relatively higher, focusing on offline audiences, low-end and mid-end phones with significant selling points; and flagship phones that represent the company’s brand image. Thanks to the huge sales of the reno5 series, OPPO’s Chinese market share reached 21% in January, ranking first among the three OVM companies. If you want to buy find x3 or Xiaomi Mi 11 at the price of K40 or realme GT, it’s impossible!

6 months ago

Hasn’t OPPO always been like this? If you have to say that this is an IQ tax, then, in front of the 2,899 yuan realme GT and 1999 yuan Redmi K40, Xiaomi 10s is also considered to be IQ tax? It’s just that Xiaomi 10s’s IQ tax is not as ruthless as OPPO Find X3. If you value SOC and are willing to spend more time on rushing and waiting, buy realme GT and Redmi K40. If you are willing to spend less time rushing to buy, just buy Mi 10s. If you don’t want to spend time buying, buy OPPO Find X3. Although the price difference between 2899 or 1999 and 4499 is relatively large, the Find X3 is obviously much better than the realme GT and Redmi K40 in terms of image and texture. Therefore, whether it is configuration or purchase method, each takes what it needs and spends its own money to buy what you like. Where can so many so-called IQ taxes come from? In addition, you still care about the sentence you said before, and others don’t necessarily care. You may not care what others care about. Just like the Huawei Mate X2, doesn’t the soc also use Kirin 9000? Isn’t it just an extra screen? Why buy and sell 17999? What’s the price/performance ratio of this broken gadget? I think it’s not worth it. However, it is still very popular. How many people who buy it care about its price-performance ratio?

6 months ago

As far as OPPO is concerned, this price is not outrageous, even if Realme has sold Snapdragon 888 to 2799. Deciding whether a mobile phone is worth so much money is not by its processor, but by what the bulk of its cost is. It is true that the processor is a very important parameter, but the three main cost factors of the mobile phone are the processor, the screen, and the camera. If the three parts of a mobile phone are not castrated, then this mobile phone is at least made with care. Not to mention the find x3 processor, Snapdragon 870. This is also the reason why many people think it is not worth it. In fact, I even think that the actual experience of the Snapdragon 870 may be better than the Snapdragon 888 on the find x3 Pro. Although the performance of the 888 is stronger, it is also accompanied by high heat. . On the screen, this is why I think it is worth 4499. Samsung QHD+120Hz screen has the same parameters as Xiaomi Mi 11, but the brightness is slightly lower. However, this screen of find x3 supports 1~120Hz adaptive adjustment, which makes it smooth and saves power. The main cost-effective Xiaomi Mi 11 has been 3999. So for OPPO, find x3 equipped with this screen is really not expensive at 4499. The main camera parameters of the camera are not strong, IMX766, 1/56″ photosensitive area, with optical image stabilization. But fortunately, the ultra-wide-angle is also IMX766, which is currently the top ultra-wide-angle among Android phones. And there is no telephoto lens. It’s just equivalent to 50mm, which is about 2x telephoto and supports 20x digital zoom. Last year, the telephoto macro of k30 Pro became a hit, and this time find x3 added a macro lens that supports 60x, which can be called Microscope. So on the basis of the above, the price of this phone is destined not to be low, but find x3 also has 65w wired fast charging, 30w wireless fast charging, and 10w reverse wireless charging, which can be regarded as making up for last year’s find x2 The flaws of the series. Of course, I only think that the price of find x3 is not bad, personally feel that find x3 Pro is not worth it.

6 months ago

The OPPO Find X3 mobile phone is in the wrong direction. Other products basically rely on external parameters to distinguish between the standard version and the Pro version. The OPPO Find X3 series chose to rely on the processor to distinguish different versions this time. This approach is unreasonable. As the core hardware of a mobile phone, the processor directly determines how long the mobile phone can be used. As a mid-to-high-end processor in 2021, Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 is 15% behind the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 888. This means that OPPO Find X3’s life cycle will be about 1 shorter than OPPO Find X3 Pro. year. In this case, even if OPPO Find X3 has dual main cameras, 2K120Hz high score and high brush LTPO screen and other top peripheral configurations, it is useless, or even a certain degree of waste. It will eventually be due to the shortcomings of Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 performance. , Let the mobile phone be eliminated in advance. Therefore, when choosing OPPO Find X3 series, it is recommended to buy OPPO Find X3 Pro, not because the processor performance limits the life cycle.

6 months ago

This is OPPO. First of all, you have to understand that the difference between findx3 and findx3pro lies in performance and waterproofing. Other aspects can be said to be exactly the same. The same screen, the same battery, the same charging, the same size and weight, and the same camera module. Performance? A Snapdragon 870+UFS3.1+LPDDR4x, a Snapdragon 888+UFS3.1+LPDDR5, is the gap really big? Indeed, Snapdragon 888 is still stronger in the long run, but at present there is not much difference between the two. Whether it’s Snapdragon 870 or Snapdragon 888, do you think people looking at findx3 phones care about performance? OPPO does not focus on cost performance. In fact, the price of the Snapdragon 865 last year is as low as 2k, such as Redmi k30s, and there are also as high as 5k, such as the Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition. And the Snapdragon 870 is better than the Snapdragon 865! From this point of view, do you feel like buying a findx3 blood to earn? Hahahaha. This year, the cheapest Snapdragon 870 sold for 1999 yuan, don’t you think OPPO is not too much to sell it for 4499 yuan. So it seems that the price/performance ratio of findx3 is higher than that of findx3Pro. The extra several hundred bucks were spent on improving performance and waterproofing. If you feel that these hundreds of dollars are not worth the price, then buy a findx3, and the money saved to buy ribs is not fragrant? In addition, a microscope is also given to the purchase of a mobile phone, and the needle is not pricked.

6 months ago

this problem. It reminds me of the fifteen years of flourishing vocabulary such as factory sister machines and IQ appraisal machines everywhere in the post bar. However, until a certain cc series came out, there were suddenly fewer such words on the Internet. Especially after the Kirin 980, to the Kirin 9000, the most important part of the mobile phone is gradually not the core, and the motor can be promoted for several months. Nowadays, Kirin is a well-known problem, so today is it coming again? The answer is worth and not worth. Don’t worry about selling 4499, don’t be jealous. In addition, some people think that after-sales and appearance are not costs, so just treat them as nonsense.

6 months ago

Regarding this issue, Suke believes that OPPO Find X3 is a little bit high-priced and low-priced. The low profile here is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor. This processor is actually a product that can deal with the two mid-range processors of Samsung Exynos 1080 and Dimensity 1200, although it has the title of 8 series. , But it is not a flagship processor, but a mid-to-high-end processor. Such a processor is not worth it for a mobile phone with a price of up to 4499 yuan. However, compared to OPPO Find X3 Pro, OPPO Find X3 cut this knife. The processor was cut from Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 to Qualcomm Snapdragon 870, while the 2K120Hz LTPO screen and dual IMX766 main camera were retained, which is very rare of. However, the processor is the core experience of the mobile phone, and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 is replaced by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870. Not only is the performance reduced, but the ISP used for taking pictures will also have a certain drop, thereby reducing the camera performance to a certain extent.

6 months ago

This time, the X3’s knife method is different from the previous game method of the entire industry, and it is directly cut to the chip. I personally think this is a very thoughtful idea. The challenge is in software development. Two completely different chips mean completely different projects. The benefits are also obvious. The main selling points are fully integrated, and the most invested screen molds and camera modules can also be shared. Then talk about sales estimates and purchase recommendations. Judging from the current pre-sales on, this time X3 is likely to be popular but not particularly popular. The X60 series next door has also begun to adjust prices significantly. The battle on the flagship machine is a long and long way. If you move forward with this momentum, I believe that the Green Factory will eventually happen. If I bought it, I would buy the 256 version of the 870. The performance is enough. The image and screen experience are the same as the PRO. There is no need to spend more money to touch the pit of 888 Fire Dragon. After the release of OPPO Find X3 series, the popularity has not diminished. At the same time, the highly difficult-processed hot-bent glass back cover is also controversial for beauty or ugliness, but there is no doubt that this is a popular mobile phone at the moment, with good shooting experience and screen standards. However, many players are entangled in the choice between the normal version and the pro version of the OPPO Find X3 series. The following analyzes the cost-effectiveness of the OPPO Find X3 of the Snapdragon 870 version. Processor: Snapdragon 870 vs. Snapdragon 888; Snapdragon 888 is Samsung’s flagship 5nm process flagship processor promoted by Qualcomm. It represents the strongest performance of current Android, but when the Snapdragon 888 was first launched, the power consumption has been frequently overturned and heat dissipation. Can’t hold back that’s why the later Snapdragon 870 came into being. Although it is TSMC’s 7nm process, the overall performance is not as good as Snapdragon 888, but the power consumption is balanced, and it is also the top processor of the Snapdragon 8 series. Even the Snapdragon 865 is the current one. Popular games can run smoothly, so the performance of OPPO Find X3 with Snapdragon 870 is sufficient. Memory: LPDDR4x, LPDDR5 Compared with LPDDR4X, the data transfer rate of LPDDR5 has been increased from 4266Mbps to 5500Mbps, the transmission bandwidth has been increased from 34GB/s to 44GB/s, and the power consumption has been reduced by 30%. It is okay from the parameters, but the actual experience The gap will not be very large, because the current application is also difficult to achieve the highest rate of transmission. Waterproof rating: life waterproof, IP68 OPPO Find X3 is IP53 waterproof, OPPO Find X3 Pro is IP68 waterproof and dustproof, it can last for 30 minutes under half a meter of water without water, this is the icing on the cake, indicating the airtightness of the phone The requirements are stricter, but it is rarely used in actual use, just for emergency. The storage version is different. OPPO Find X3 has 8G+128G/8G+256G version, OPPO Find X3 Pro has only 12+256G version; the rest of the core configuration is the same, OPPO Find X3 series flagship color and audiovisual flagship in OPPO Find X3 normal version It is all reflected in the above, but the starting price of OPPO Find X3 is 1500 lower, the appearance including the heat-curved glass back cover is exactly the same, the full link is 10bit, the 6.7-inch 1440P resolution, the 120Hz E4 screen is exactly the same, and the rear four-camera The dual IMX766 is also the same, the difference in experience is subtle, so I think the 128G Snapdragon 870 version of OPPO Find X3 is more cost-effective. If you need more storage space and there is a demand for 256G space, then it is better to choose if there is a difference of 500 OPPO Find X3 Pro with upgraded Snapdragon 888 and 12G storage will be better.

6 months ago

First of all, you get what you pay for. It is impossible for manufacturers to sell you expensive for no reason, especially the device selection, appearance design and process realization in OPPO, which has suffered from low configuration and high price in the past, are all made of real gold and silver. , And the user experience that you can’t see, but you may praise after using it. The manufacturer has spent a lot of manpower and material resources to carefully polish it. Secondly, the innovations and highlights in the manufacturer’s conference are very professional and can be felt. This kind of innovation and highlights will bring about changes in the user experience. If you still only look at the 870 point after watching the press conference, then I think the Redmi K40 is the most suitable for you at the moment, but the more helpless thing is, Redmi K40 can’t get it

6 months ago

You should invest all the money in the publicity costs and invite the spokespersons. Not to mention other platforms, you can see how many naval forces have been invited. Objectively speaking, I think this new machine is quite good in terms of design, especially the back cover. But in addition to the appearance, everything else is very general, or mediocre is more appropriate, firmly wear the low-cost and high-priced hat. As for the so-called microscope lens, in my opinion, it is flashy and not comparable to Huawei’s algorithm or Xiaomi’s pixels. If you can’t shoot far away, just shoot closer. However, think about it rationally, this function is in the end What’s the use? Professionals can’t use it (others have professional microscopes). Do you need to use a mobile phone as a microscope? Ordinary users can’t use it. Microscopic photography. I haven’t seen anyone who can microscopically achieve that. I didn’t think how strong his microscopic is. By the way, here is a comparison of two microphotographs I took in an office with a domestic machine.

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