Will it change some of the current “stereotypes” of the elderly? For example, the regularity of life, more health preservation, like square dancing, playing chess, low awareness of anti-fraud, slow to accept new things, like to save money, and so on.

After zero and zero get old, will the portraits of the elderly become: like to play with mobile phones, stay up late, eat snacks every day, go shopping everyday, like to share life in the circle of friends, like to accept new things?

After zero and zero get old, the portraits of the elderly will become: like to play with mobile phones, stay up late, eat snacks every day, go shopping daily, like to share life in the circle of friends, but don’t like to accept new things. Those above are completely old things for Zero Zero. It is human nature not to accept new things after getting older, and it cannot be changed by a single generation. When people born in the 50s and 60s were young, dancing in public places was a new thing, and they accepted it very well. But today, they still give us the impression that they do not accept new things. For this phenomenon, there are three classic laws: All things invented before birth are taken for granted; all things invented between 15-35 years old are destined to change the world; all inventions after 35 years old They are all anti-human. Many post-90s are passing the threshold of 30. We can see that many post-90s are unwilling to accept some popular languages ​​and some new entertainment methods. As age increases, this nature will only get heavier. In addition, we always think that the previous generation of anti-fraud awareness is not strong, but in fact, each generation has the deception method of each generation. Deceive 50, 60, you can use some old Chinese medicine, ancestral secret recipes, they believe in metaphysics; 70, 80 may have to say that foreign moons are round, the United States is free, and their area is known and popular; as for 90, 00, bold guesses, some Boiling patriotic kidnapping can be very helpful. For example, uc’s “U.S. scare urine body”, the post articles of the cool play laboratory, etc., have been scammed by some 90s and 00s, and the goods of the cool play belt have been exposed. Many people still bought it at this time. . Each of these generations can easily identify and deal with the fraud of another generation, but each generation itself is mostly a fan of the authorities.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

One day in 2070. Youth A: “My grandfather doesn’t do business all day long. He lays down on the couch every day and uses his mobile phone to play King Glory.” Youth B: “Then you are not bad. My grandpa uses his mobile phone to brush the vibrato every day. The old BGM is really bursting. “Youth A: “Hahaha, then you are really miserable. A few days ago, my parents invited my grandparents to make a Nebula car to go to the moon. Guess what? The two old men firmly refused the invitation, and what did they say to us?’ It’s too dangerous to go to outer space. It’s easy to be a Nebula car. It’s easy to explode. I told them that the Nebula car is the vehicle with the lowest accident rate. They don’t believe it.” Several people use elderly smartphones. The stereo projector I gave them was left at home and never used it. It must be said that it caused cancer.” Youth A: “I don’t know how they came here when they were young. Now they know every day. Playing with mobile phones and staying up late.” Youth B: “I didn’t eat the snacks I bought, saying it was because of my bad teeth. I couldn’t walk far when I went out, and my legs and feet were not good. But I didn’t go anywhere, but my grandma liked to look for me. I want a lot of photos to post to Moments, as if I have gone with me.” Youth A: “Your grandma is like that? Hahaha, my grandma is even better. I go to an ancient forum called Zhihu to read articles every day. Yes. Once I quietly glanced at it, it was the overbearing president Xiao Tianwen, I couldn’t bear to look straight! In other words, when we get old, will the stereotype of the elderly get better? For example, accepting new things and like playing somatosensory VR games. , I like to travel to the moon and so on.” Youth B: “It should be. Forget what they are doing, let’s play the new somatosensory VR game. I was awarded gold yesterday, and I will take you to fly today.” A: “Okay, okay.” In the Chaoyang, two young people walked to the VR Somatosensory on the corner of the street.

8 months ago

No, old is old, it makes no difference that you can’t sleep at night, except because of your old age, there are also disc herniation caused by working overtime when you are young. You can’t go out casually, because your legs and feet are inconvenient, and you have severe osteoporosis. You will break a bone if you just hit it. You don’t want to talk to people because your hearing loss is severe. What do you take every day as much medicine as you eat. You no longer receive information from all kinds of media, because your eyesight is severely reduced, you can’t see clearly, and you can’t understand. Those things are all prepared for the post 2050. You want to say a few more words with your child. The child is annoyed by overtime work and the child’s child cares nothing about your wanting to get along with the third generation. The child is worried that you will spread the concept of life after 00 to the post 2070. Finally, you will find that from your lover , To relatives, to close friends, to enemies, everyone around you is dying one after another. You don’t know what to live for, but you don’t have the courage to die. If you are old, you are old, it makes no difference.

8 months ago

It is impossible to accept new things. I can’t accept a lot of things on the Internet now, including but not limited to: short videos, live broadcasts, comics, etc… I only play minesweeper, match-3, and solitaire. I don’t like drawing card games. I can’t react to action games. I feel dizzy after playing the plot games for a long time. Can’t learn. Werewolves always laugh at the scene. Doudizhu always loses, and he’s not interested. Three Kingdoms will not be able to kill learning. My dad likes board games very much. He bought a bunch of boxes and boxes, all of which have question cards. I generally don’t know how to do it… There are some elegant classmates who like bridge, and I can’t remember the rules. … During the Spring Festival, I usually play Lao Niu pull cart vigil with my mother (learned at the age of 5, I feel very handy) Web articles: do not look at reasoning, entertainment, fast travel, infinite flow, fantasy, sign-in flow, system flow , Childbirth, pets…Recently, I have begun to ignore the end times, rebirth, crossing, presenting, comrades… (Huh? What am I watching?) Not chasing stars, shopping with my mother is just for bag + rice. Can’t escape from the room, hide in the corner and read novels. I like watching Tianya forums everyday, but I never speak, just watch. That kind of shocking body (Shan Hai Jing textual research or something) won my heart. By the way, I am sophomore in high school (so I feel like I am entering old age early)

8 months ago

Will not. Smart phones can become popular, and everyone can use it, but it’s only the past 10 years. In 2010, smartphones, batteries, and small screens were removed. Iphone6plus came out in 2014, and it was discussed, but it was too big. It is less than 7 years to this day. Notebook computers were not popular at all before 2000. It is impossible to have one manpower. At that time, those born in the 60s did not expect to have at least one laptop at home. Not to mention that notebooks have been replaced by pads. As for the post-00, 40 years later, let alone 40 years later. 20 years later, what will happen to social life, industrial development, and personal living habits? do not know.

8 months ago

“Grandpa, I teach you to use vr eyes. Bring this. The eyeball moves upwards to turn upwards. Blinking is to confirm.” “What the hell, I don’t have the ability to type on the keyboard.” “Open the dial on the left and right sides of the eyes, and then select the number to dial. I can make a call.” “I don’t have a mobile phone.” “Grandpa, stop ordering takeaways. Buy a rice cooking robot. Those takeaways are all made by robots.” “There are red envelopes for takeaways. What do you know, kid boy.” “–“A total of 117.8. Is the card or virtual cash?” “WeChat Pay.” “Sorry, WeChat Alipay was disabled a year ago.” “Then swiping.” “Sorry, there is no physical card in the store. With the credit card machine, you can go to the bank to change your virtual credit card.” The comments are saying that you are very adaptable, so I will write another one that you can’t adapt. When Xiao Ming came home, he brought back a red frame about one square meter, and said, “Grandpa, this is a new means of transportation that can travel all over the world in a few seconds.” “Oh? How amazing?” “Yes.” Yes, this is a four-dimensional space entrance. It uses four-dimensional debris space to jump to various four-dimensional space exits. It is hundreds of times safer than an airplane high-speed rail.” With that, Xiao Ming set up a destination: Sanya Tourism Distribution Center. Jump into the box. Grandpa saw that Xiao Ming’s body gradually became transparent, and the internal organs were clearly visible. After a few seconds, the blood turned green and became more and more transparent. He was so scared that he sat on the ground. After a while, the holographic controller at home rang. It should have been a call. Grandpa met several times and failed to unlock the holographic controller to answer the phone. As soon as the ringing of the holographic controller stopped, Grandpa’s cell phone rang, and he answered the call skillfully. Xiao Ming said on the phone, “I’m in Sanya, come and play.” “You can play by yourself, your vehicle can scare me to death.”

8 months ago

probably not. My grandmother is from the 20th century, the last century. She has undergone two major social changes, liberation and reform. My father is born after 40 and I am born after 70. According to my communication with him, we feel similar. We all feel that after the change, we have gradually changed from not having enough food (not eating well) to being extremely rich, especially after 2000, the whole society has become rich. My father has some memories of being hungry at the beginning of liberation and political movements 78 years ago. I don’t have any. I don’t think that old people can’t accept new things. My dad played WeChat, and my mom searched for pirated TV series on the Internet. They were all slippery than me. I play LOL and watch professional live broadcasts every night. My son, the King of Glory, is still taught by me. My wife is chasing Fan. I remember that I only found out that she was chasing Fan after we got married, the rebellious Lelouch. My son is born after zero. Since 2000, the economy has doubled several times, and China has progressed from a poor country to a rich country. On the one hand, mobile communications and computers, and the three major technologies of the Internet have too much influence on the social form. I don’t think there will be much changes in society in the future. The state of society after zero and zero may last for many years. The next big social change, politically, may be the establishment of a new world order led by China, and epoch-making progress in science and technology, such as strong artificial intelligence, nuclear fusion, etc., can easily overturn the world’s productivity.

8 months ago

It is said that after zero and zero, the elderly will stay up late to play mobile games, play games and send them to Moments. We can stay up late to play with mobile phones because 1. Our eyes have not yet begun to age and can withstand the light stimulation of the screen; 2. Our bodies can withstand staying up all night. 3. Our brains also have the strain and stress capacity needed to play games. Can you imagine an old man born after 00 is like an old man reading a newspaper with a magnifying glass in his left hand holding a magnifying glass in his right hand holding a mouse and hitting the king? Discussing things when you are old, how can you not take aging into consideration.

8 months ago

Yuan Zhigang Former Dean of the School of Economics of Fudan University. The pension insurance system of more than a hundred years ago, whether it was in earlier Germany or the United Kingdom, they assumed that they would live for ten years after retirement. Now if this is the case, all pay-as-you-go systems will go bankrupt. Up. As everyone knows, it is not a question of living for ten years. Chinese female workers retire at the age of 50 and exercise every day. The goal is to live to 90, which is 40 years of retirement. Recently, an old professor in our college proposed to redefine old age. He felt that if the age from 65 to 75 is defined as young and old, 75 to 85 are middle-aged and older than 85. Another problem in China is that it is too early to retire. It is too early to retire at the age of 55 or 60. Therefore, the waste of human resources in China is now very serious. This question leads to another question. If we do not allow him to retire at the age of 50, 55, and 60, can we raise the retirement age to 60? Then employment becomes a problem. I think in connection with the first question, what do you want to retire for 50-year-olds? And these people are willing to do it, so they raise the third generation, liberate the post-80s and post-90s, and increase labor productivity to serve the society. If we learn from Japan and do a good job in finance and financial management, especially allowing funds to be invested overseas and integrating with countries with relatively young overseas populations, such as India and Vietnam, this is a very good way for China in the future. Otherwise, there is no good way.

8 months ago

No, the characteristics you mentioned are all natural phenomena after people get old. It has nothing to do with the time this person experienced when he was young. Elderly people like to maintain their health because their health is dysfunctional. If they want to live for a few more years, they have to maintain their health. I like square dancing and playing chess because I am old and the only social circle around me is the old man and grandmother. The deception awareness is not strong, and they are slow to accept new things because their minds are degraded and slow. I like saving money because my children are older, have their own families and careers, and cannot wait for them all the time. Only money is the most powerful support. Zero Zero likes to play with mobile phones afterwards, stay up late, eat snacks every day, go shopping everyday, like to share life in the circle of friends, and like to accept new things. That’s because they are young, in good health, and stay up all night. The stomach is good, and no matter how much snacks I eat, I can digest it. You have plenty of energy, you are not tired from shopping, you are not burdened by your children, and you have no pressure to support your family, and you have leisure and fun to share your life and get in touch with new things. This has nothing to do with the fart of Empress Zero itself. Nowadays, those born in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, who are dull, are so energetic when they are young. It’s just a fucking life that turns them into bulls that have been hammered. Needless to say, the future generations of zero and zero will grow into depressed elderly people as they grow old. At that time, there will be people born in the 20s and 30s who will taunt them.

8 months ago

When the post-00s are old, it will be at least 2060. At least, vehicles rely on autonomous driving, games are all VR, you can work while lying at home, and the operation interface is all artificial intelligence. Until then, it will be a question whether there is still WeChat Moments. It was impossible to stay up late at that time. I definitely didn’t have the energy to stay up late when I was 60 years old. In addition, it is the patent of young people to accept new things. Nowadays, when old people are young, they are also progressive youth.

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